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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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right now at 11, we are learning more about the dramatic rescue of a couple from a burning building in prince george's county. sky 9 shows the firefighters inching the couple down a ladder, 4 stories up, as their building burns behind them. thank you for joining us. i'm adam longo. >> and i'm lesli foster. as the details unfold, we are learning how challenging it was to put out the flames and save the lives. garrett haake spoke to the hero
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firefighters who were the first on the scene. take us through it. >> reporter: they credited their training and each other for making a difficult and dangerous rescue in the building behind me that was completely engulfed in flames last night, look almost routine, when we know it was anything but. firefighter tommy rhodes spotted the couple on their balcony, trapped, four floors up as they arrived on the scene. >> i didn't see anything at that point, just those people, making sure they would be safe, and i didn't want anything to happen to them. >> reporter: with 26 years on the job, rhodes knew exactly what to do. he and another firefighters helped the older couple inch their way back down. miguel has been a firefighter for just 2 years, and he had only ever done this in training. >> it was exciting and different but it was serious. we had a job to do. >> reporter: moments after the
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rescue, the firefighters inside of the building were ordered out as the flames spread. >> 9205 new hampshire avenue, evacuate the building. >> reporter: rhodes remembers specific details of the rescue today. >> he had flip-flops on, and we took those off. >> reporter: still wearing the flip-flops, samuel cape told wusa 9 he's just happy to have his feet on the ground again, he and his wife both safe. >> i was so thankful to hear. america, you do the job, and it's so wonderful. >> reporter: the thanks received today with a smile. >> it's a great feeling. i originally wanted to come on the job to make a difference. i know i made a difference. >> reporter: two other residents injure in the blaze remain hospitalized tonight. the building has been deemed unsafe by firefighters, and investigators think the cause of the accidental, but they have not narrowed it down beyond that just yet.
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garrett haake, wusa 9. a couple of things are certain tonight, there's a lot more litter than there was this time yesterday, and i'm not a powerball billionaire. >> you didn't even look at the one from saturday. you could have been a contender. i didn't win either. who did win? we are waiting for the lucky folks to come forward. if you have close relatives in california, florida, or tennessee, you may want to give them a call. that's where the three winning tickets were sold. a 7-eleven in chino hills in california. a publix in melbourne, florida, and a food mart in mumford, tennessee. those three tickets will split $1,586,000,000. >> reporter: check out this celebration that erupted outside of the 7-eleven when people heard one of the tickets
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was sold there the own certainly had reason to celebrate. for selling one of the winning ticket, he got a $1 million check from the california lottery commission. people were back inside of the store buying tickets for the next powerball drawing. all are hoping in chino hills that lightning will strike twice. >> i bought a ticket. maybe it's a lucky one. >> i wanted to get in on the action. >> next drawing is saturday, and the current jackpot is a meager $40 million. to campaign 2016 tonight, debate number 6 for the gop. it was the smallest number on the main stage, and with the first contest in ajuste weeks away, it got personal. >> reporter: front runner donald trump brought his birth argument against his closest rival. trump says ted cruz is not
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qualified to run because he was born to a u.s. citizen on canadien soil. >> why are you raising this issue? >> he's doing better. >> i will tell you, i'm not going to be taking legal advice from donald trump. >> you don't have to. >> reporter: trump rebuffed the criticism from the gop and nikki haley. >> i'm angry because our country is a mess. >> reporter: cruz also took heat for failing to disclose a $1 million loan from goldman sachs he used to finance his campaign in 2012. >> i made a paperwork error, disclosing on one piece and not the other. >> someone who lied to the families of those four victims in benghazi cannot be elected. >> she may be going back and forth between the white house
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and the courthouse if she's elected. >> reporter: rand paul did not meet the network's polling requirements and was bumped to the undercard section, and he turned it down. instead he invited viewers to watch his national town hall online. more on the horrific crash in largo that left one woman dead. we know more about the background of the driver that police believe is responsible for the maihem. allison barber has the latest from prince george's county. >> reporter: so far no charges have been filed, but police say they are pending against one man, and he has a history of dui. >> reporter: juan sanchez was arrested in 2014 for driving under the influence in prince george's county, and today he was back in police custody. just before 9:00 a.m., police say sanchez was driving down route 202 when his blue chevy silverado collided with this suv. the crash was so bad, the accident spread. in all, nine cars were
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involved. maryland state police say sanchez was driving without a license and had an outstanding arrest warrant. a spokesperson for the prince george's state attorney told wusa sanchez was wanted because he failed to appear for a hearing related to that 2014 dui. how and why today's crash happened is still under investigation, but this accident left 53-year-old angela jefferson dead and sent at least three others to the hospital, including sanchez. as he was treated for injuries a security detail stood outside of his door, watching. there's still shattered glass on the sidewalk from what happened here this morning. sources say sanchez was booked in the county jail around 4:00 p.m. he was detained for something unrelated to the accident, but we expect to see charges related to this very soon.
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>> maryland police are asking anyone who saw it happen to give them a call. police have made an arrest in the case of a woman found dead. marvin vazquez is in jail. catherine alvarado was found dead earlier this month. the suspect is being held without bond. it's feared 35-year-old juan figueroa what has fled the country. he is wanted for the murder of his girlfriend. she was found dead in her home in june 2014. days later figueroa what was seen in north carolina. it's believed he has since fled to honduras. staying in fairfax county, it appears a homeless man died from exposure to the cold. a resident spotted the man
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lying in a patch of woods yesterday, and officers made the discovery he was dead. a reminder from police, shelters are available. contact police if you spot someone who needs to get out of the cold. now turning to the district and what we know about young man springfield killed in southeast dc. sergio derasagi. his family believes he was dropped off in dc for what turned out to be a drug deal gone bad. >> we want to find out who has done such a vicious, cowardly act to shoot him in the back and leave him there. >> sergio was shot just before 6:00 in the evening last sunday on 2,000 block of 2nd place and southeast. there's a reward for any information that leads to an arrest. nine metro employees have been fired, facing misdemeanor
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theft charges involving smart trip cards. seven station managers and two custodians were caught collecting paper fare cards from riders who were turning them in because they had such a small balance on them. in one case the suspect combined them to get a $100 smart trip card and then resold it. the death of a montgomery county police officer could lead to a new law intended to save lives. state lawmakers in annapolis are lining up behind a bill spurred by the death of officer leotta. he was killed last month by a suspected drunk driver. the law is called noah's law, and it would require all drunken drivers to install ignition interlock devices for at least 6 months. police in montgomery county are hoping you will be able to find this woman.
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44-year-old anna gardado-pineda was last seen 6 days ago. she told her family she was going to a doctor's appointment, but she never made it. her family is concerned about her physical and emotional welfare. a man from edgewood, maryland has been charged with supporting isis. the 33-year-old recruited people to join isis and described himself as a soldier willing to die for the terror group and received thousands of dollars from the operatives overseas to carry out a terror attack. he was arrested before an attack could happen. a federal judge granted the release of a 2013 video that shows a white chicago police officer fatally shooting a black carjacking suspect. the judge lifted an order barring the release of the city after the city dropped its objection. it shows the officer shoot ceddrick chapman during a 2014- foot chase. the officer said he fired after
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watching chapman turn towards officers with a dark object in his hand. it was later determined it was an iphone box. 8 months after a gruesome quadruple murder, the mansion where it occurred may soon be gone. a warning every pet owner needs to hear. the latest on the dog flu and how you can fight it. let's talk about wakeup temperatures, not too bad. 6:00a.m., 32 in gaithersburg. we will come back talk about the yellow weather alert.
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it was the scene of gruesome murders last year, now it seems there's new plans for the mansion where a husband,
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wife, son, and housekeeper were killed. after the violent acts, the house was then set on fire. mola lenghi is live outside of that mansion with an update tonight. >> reporter: this was the scene of what came to be done as the dc mansion murders last year, but soon, all of this will be gone. the questions still stand, what happened here and why? but it seems the house will soon fall. according to the dc department of consumer and regulatory affairs, an application has been submitted requesting to level this mansion, the scene of the mansion murders last may. the home is boarded up from the fire that happened in the aftermath of the murder. the couple and their 10-year- old son and their housekeeper were held captive inside of the home for hours before they were beaten and stabbed to death,
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and darren wint is facing several charges for the murders. he demanded $40,000 in ransom before killing the four victims. 6 months later it went up for sale. according to wusa 9's editorial partners, less than a week after it hit the market, it sold for $3 million. >> reporter: no word on when the demolition process will begin or what will be built in the mansion's place. i'm mola lenghi. >> by law the realtor for the home has to disclose people were murdered there but only if asked. the information does not need to be volunteered. a world war ii hero was laid to rest today, 70 years after giving his life for his country. >> samuel was a fighter pilot. his plane collided midair with
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another pilot in 1945. his body was never recovered, but today four surviving sisters could finallied -- finally bid him a farewell. the women are fighting for rights for others lost during thr.e wa celine dion's husband has passed away. he was 73 and suffered from throat cancer. a post on her personal facebook page has confirmed the death. they were married in 1994. a heads up for you pet lovers. dog flu is spreading across the country. it first surfaced in chicago, and since then, it's infected 2,000 dogs in 24 states
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including maryland. the good news? vets say the condition is rarely fatal and a vaccine is available. owners should take their dog in right away if the dog shows symptoms. >> if your dog does not eat well for us, misses a meal, and we see coughing or being lethargic, call your local vet. they need special medication for it. >> you can't get dog flu from your pet, but you can spread it to your healthy dog after spending time with your sick pet. saturday morning at 9:00, you will the chance to see bei bei for the first time. weighing in at 25 pounds, the zoo keepers said he's tough with the attitude of a toddler.
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>> if you want to make plans to see him, you want to download the wusa 9 app. you can plan your visit and make the most of the historic occasion, and you should definitely get on there and check it out. were we predicting long lines to get in and see him? >> probably. the showers will be out by 9:00, and not that cold. >> waiting weather? >> good waiting weather, exactly. let's talk about the 3-degree. we talked about this earlier, go big or go home. 33 of the last 35. i learned my lesson. going for 54 tomorrow. okay? a live look outside. this is the weather cam, and you can keep track by downloading the app. right now, dew points at 30. a much different air mass than the last two evenings, but it's been dry and cold. the winds are returning out of the south, and it will get
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milder. we issued a weather alert for friday night, some of the rain could be heavy, and it's 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. the bus stop temperatures, 28 to 42. you will be dry dropping the kids off in the morning. if they have afterschool activities, bring your umbrella. pleasant, but back in the 50s. snow showers, or perhaps a flurry is possible, but for the most part, actually a decent start to sunday, and just a couple of conversational flakes in the afternoon and evening. 32 gaithersburg, and it's not going to be that cold. 9:00, around 40 in fredericksburg, and also 40 in dale city. culpepper at 39. clouds are rolling in quickly at 12:30 or 1:00, but it's dry and really nice. 47 in winchester, and 44 in cumberland, and that's good. here comes the rain, boom, 6:00, some of you will have a
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wet commute home, especialh on 95, thus the yellow weather alert. the day planner looking like this. 30s and 45 by 11:00. saturday, morning showers, and it should be out of here by the 9:00 showing. 51, beautiful afternoon, and 41 on sunday. this afternoon, no flurries or snow showers possible. the next 7 days, upper 20s monday, tuesday, and freezing on thursday, and then upper 40s near thursday. you will be dry. >> thank you. >> rocking the red. >> what is this? >> rocking the red. the championship! i'm calling it right now. the caps are starting to remind me of the '95-'96 bulls team in the nba. another talented nice on
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adam and lesli, flawlessly bring you the news every night. [ laughter ] i can't remember the last time topper missed on a 3-degree guarantee. tonight notwithstanding. ovechkin is good for something too. he's made over 500 deposits over the years. paying tribute to him tonight with the golden stick. it was all about alex until the game started. him and his buddies got into it. i smell an ice dime coming, and demitri makes it 1-0. 6 minutes later, that's to carl, and that's 2-nil, and watch this pass in the 3rd period. that's a shoulder rock there to tom wilson, and i hope he didn't score. he didn't have to. the caps win it 4-1. on to some winning basketball, maryland women at michigan. the troopers are like this newscast, just too tough and
11:26 pm
too strong for the competition, and that's what i say. brianna jones, and look at the ball movement here, maryland improves to 15-2. 74-67 over michigan. nfl week send right here. we have the super bowl, too. you can see super bowl 50 right here on sunday, february 7th. speaking of football, the skins have to love what is going on in philly right now. coughlin says no thank you to the open job, and now reports say they are turning to doug peterson but cannot make it official until after kansas city is eliminated from the playoffs. speaking of chip kelly, new home. he is the new head coach of the 49ers. rubbing a lot of players the
11:27 pm
wrong way. moving on. news today that mark griffin's super bowl xlii game is being raffled off. the current owner decided the time is right to put it back on the market. earlier today we caught up with charles man who explained why he would never sell s. >> every year my wife was pregnant we went to the super bowl and won, so every one of my super bowls reminds me of one of my chenildr being born, so my rings go to my children. >> all right, sony open, first round today. big takeaway? look at that. gorgeous 80 degrees. that's beautiful. oh, yeah, golf to play, too. why are we showing you this, the eels are wide and shine a light on me! that's an eagle the there. after 10, the three guys are tied for the lead at 7 under. >> topper can lo
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all right, here we go. nice start tomorrow, and clouds by lunchtime, and rain and showers with the yellow weather alert for the evening and night. clearing saturday, and sunday, flakes could fly, just conversational, and then arctic monday, tuesday, and wednesday. >> temperatures go off the cliff. >> yeah, they do, literally. >> that's it for us tonight. >> thank everything nature's promise is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. wow, you changed my old bedroom. with a little help from a havertys designer. he helped us, uh...reinvent the whole space.
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