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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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right now at 11, a solid soaking for just about everybody in the dsv, but some people are getting drenched with the really heavy stuff. thank you for joining us. i'm lesli foster. >> and i'm adam longo. rain is making its way out of the area, but it's chevy enough for a yellow weather alert. topper shutt is tracking how much longer it will last. >> to the west a couple more hours. to 395, a few more hours.
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we have rain back to culpepper and winchester. the red, we will zoom in a bit. heavy activity from 95 down to dc to fredericksburg, and heavy activity across the bay across easton it will head to the north, and the yellow indicates modern to heavy rain. that's headed out at 11:59, and just before midnight, the batch of rain will push to the north and east, essentially up i-95. heavy rain east of i-95. by 3:00 or 4:00, most of the rain is gone. maybe a leftover shower from gaithersburg, and a reminder, you can track this with us, it's free. go to the app store and search for wusa9, and you can follow along with the 3-degree guarantee and the extended forecast. we will talk about when the
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flakes could fly on sunday and the coldest day of the year is on the way. >> it will be around for awhile. an e-mailed bomb threat at one of dc's most highly regarded charter schools on wednesday. it was a hoax. >> now the two students who sent it using a muslim student's e-mail account, they have been expelled. garrett haake spoke to the head of the schools about the disturbing incident. >> reporter: administrators dealt with the threat and the punishment for the students who did it on wednesday, but they hope this is is a lesson for other students for a long time to come. the subject line read simply, bomb. the body of the e-mail contained more details a date, friday, there will be big boom it said. that message was in the inboxes of 600 students and alumni of
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the prestigious school on wednesday. >> their safety is my highest priority. >> reporter: the school informed police and conducted their own investigation. the muslim student had not sent the message after all. he left his e-mail open on a shared laptop. two other students sent the threat under his name. on wednesday night, both seniors set to graduate this summer were expelled, and then they e-mailed parents. >> parents were very supportive for the most part, and they all know that it is a difficult situation, and they realize that they don't all have all the facts. >> reporter: the threat never seemed credible, but in this day and age, there's no room for guesswork. the school is ready to move on but not forget the lesson. >> we have had a lot of conversation in the last 2
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days, and we use that term, teachable home about the use of technology and respect for one another, and one of the things we say is that words matter. >> reporter: she said the muslim student has received an enormous outpouring of support from his fellow students since the incident, no word from the p.d. if the expelled students are facing any criminal charges for this incident. garrett haake, wusa9. >> no laughing matter. that's for sure. a student bus aide in fairfax county is charged with solis illing a minor. -- soliciting a minor. morris stevenson was arrested today. a student says stevenson sent her two inappropriate pictures of himself. the teen said they were
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acquaintances. he is being held without bond. a company-wide shakeup for wal-mart. the plans to close hundreds of stores around the world. it's been one of the most viewed stories on today. they are walking out of two plans to develop in our area. wusa's mola lenghi has more on why the decision has infuriated city leaders and residents. we will come back to mola with the story in a moment. former mayor, vincent gray says $100 million has been invented in the skyland project. moving on to prince george's county, one ticked off state's attorney? why? yet another child has been killed at the hands of a mother's boyfriend. listen. >> i have to say we as parents have to do a better job to be careful about who we bring around our children.
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>> 23-year-old kareem bryant is charged with killing his girlfriend's 6-month-old daughter. it happened in a landover apartment last week. the cause of death? blunt force injury to the baby's head and chest, and bryant was just released from prison last october after serving time for armed robbery. this is the fifth time in the last 2 years that a boyfriend has been charged in a child's death in prince george's county. we are monitoring a developing story out of west africa. a hospital reports at least 20 people are dead in an attack in the capital city. militants tied to al qaeda set off explosives and then took over a hotel popular with foreign visitors, and they are holding hostages. security forces are trading fire with militants, and witnesses reported bodies flying in the streets. the united states has carried out military exercises in the area with a military base in
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the area. it's been roughly 12 hours since the two military helicopters collided off the coast of hawaii. they collided during a nighttime training mission, and they were from the marine corp based in hawaii. the names of those involved have not been released. >> the values in new york city are socially liberal or proabortion or progay marriage are focused around money and the media. >> reporter: he was attacking donald trump and his hometown values, and the nydia i will news responded with this front page headline, drop dead ted, go back to canada. referring to his birthplace this evening cbs news asked if he regretted what he said. >> i apologize to the millions of new yorkers who have been
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let down by liberal politicians in that state. >> reporter: john dickerson believes the comments were meant not for new yorkers but for evangelical voters in iowa. never before has wall street started a year on such a bad foot. the loss is now at 1,000. the oil market led the market, and prices slumped to the lowest level in 12 years. do you know who has big money to invest? the powerball winners. the first to come forward may be the most well adjusted millionaires on the planet. >> the couple from tennessee got $528 million. they are taking the lump sum cash payout. guess what their plans are for monday? they are headed back to work. >> why are you going back to
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work? >> why not? >> that's what we have done all our lives. it's work. >> he is is a warehouse supervisor, and she works in a dermatologist's office. they plan to pay off their daughter's student loans and their mortgage, but they will stay in their small one-story home they have, john said big houses are nice, but you have to clean them. >> you could pay for someone else to clean it. no word on who has the other binning ticket -- winning tickets sold in california and florida. prepare to have this song stuck in your head again. the local free range parents doing their own version of "let it go." >> a step away from ending his life, now one man is helping others take a
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back to one of our most popular stories on wal-mart is backing out of plans to build two stores in dc. mola lenghi with more on why city leaders and residents are so mad. >> reporter: this is the skyland construction site where wal-mart was supposed to. go construction on the mixed use development will go, but it will do so without the big box store. the retail giant pulled the plug on the giant. the neighborhood was looking forward to jobs and cheap goods. wal-mart blind sided the district. >> it's an outrage that wal- mart would walk away from this.
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>> reporter: they are walking away from the skyland development in southeast, slated once to be the center store. >> they have three stores in the city, and they were obligated to build more on the east end. >> there's nothing east of the river. we need someone coming in east of the river to provide jobs and accessibility to, you know, shopping. >> reporter: former dc mayor, vincent gray says he worked for years tirelessly with the retail giant to help the specifically economically challenged area. >> i vetoed the wage bill so it would not go forward. i want people to get a living wage, but i didn't want to see the loss of job. >> reporter: wal-mart says it was a restructuring effort that would close hundreds of stores. they said "our experience over the last 3 years operating our current stores in dc has given
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us a fuller view on building and operating stores in the district." they said more stores are not viable. on georgia avenue northwest -- >> it's always busy this time. [audio difficulties]. >> reporter: -- says she is "blood bad." gray questions if enough has been done to fight for the district. >> the major needs to get on the plane and go down to arkansas and take you guys with her and say we are not leaving until you fulfill the commitment you have made for the people of skyland. >> reporter: wal-mart said the decision not to build the final two stores here will not affect their existing three stores already in the district. in southeast, i'm mola lenghi. >> 87 years ago dr. martin luther king jr. was born in atlanta, georgia. his life and vision became a beacon of home for millions of
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people spanning the generations. tonight ellison barber introduces us to a man who says thanks to dr. king he found the will to live. >> in 1985, thomas brown tried to stay out of sight on this bridge, so he could jump. >>if i get behind that, i want to leave it all. >> reporter: he saw sirens. >> the officer started to approach, and i'm thinking you have to get up there. one officer just stepped up and said, sir, i don't know you, but god told me to tell you, my life isn't done yet. i hesitated enough the officers grabbed me and took me into custody, and i found myself in a straight jacket. >> reporter: that person is almost impossible to find in the brown you see today. 22 years later, he's alive and celebrating the 11th
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anniversary of a successful nonprofit called training ground. >> youth and problems, and helping adults find some kind of career path. >> reporter: through seminars, training and support services, brown says they have helped more than 1,000 people get jobs in the dc area. >> i wanted to help people absorb the pain that maybe they have experienced and translated into opportunity for success. >> reporter: he couldn't do it without the memory of the man who famously had a dream. >> i think this can happen. >> reporter: the man brown lost sight of when he stepped on the 14th street bridge. >> i had to do some soul searching, and then when i looked at who was that someone who influenced and mattered? when i thought about training the grounds, the actual start was on his birthday. >> reporter: every year brown uses the anniversary as a reminder to keep going for himself and the legacy of dr. king. >> with my little small piece of the world, i started to
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trying to find myself emulating his work. >> reporter: i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> brown and his nonprofit operate four centers in dc and one in prince george's county, and he will open a sixth center in thes next 2 months. who saw this cocoming? montgomery county's so-called free range parents, they have released a music video. ♪ let it go, let it go >> that's cute. they have to get the auto tune going on. last year child protective services investigated danielleand alexander macey after they let their children walk home from the park itself. they were cleared of neglect, but they have since created an advocacy group called empower
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kids maryland. if you would like to hear the entire music video, it's on wusa9 news app. a sweet moment with a bride and one of her best friends is touching hearts across the globe. >> it's been viewed and shared millions of times. valerie harris could not celebrate her big day without the help of her service dog bell louisiana she is seen kneeling down cradling her head, and her dog is in a pink tutu. she says it shows how much they rely on each other, even on her wedding day. prepare yourself for pandamonium tomorrow. bei bei will be on display tomorrow for the general public. doors open at 9:00, and you can bet there's going to be a long line of people to see the bamboo chewer. remember when he was born in snag he weigh -- in june?
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he weighed just 5-ounces. he's like a stick of butter. now he's 25 pounds, but his mom still likes him to cuddle. go to our wusa news app for more. >> just the cutest. my goodness. >> i think bamboo would get him out. >> that would work for you? here's the good news. for january, i mean really nice day, and temperatures upper 30s and lower 40s. let's start with the 3-degree guarantee, and got a new streak going. 2 in a row wrong, and went 54. it was only 50, and 33 of the last 36. we are going with 51 tomorrow. getting back on the horse tomorrow. we still have rain, winds out of the east at 9. miserable night, and we said earlier in the show, earlier this evening, on this day 20 years ago, we had a big ice storm.
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it could be worse. here's the radar over the last hour. the heavy rain, working its way up 95. the darker green there, heavy downpours, and we have rain and showers back to leesburg and frederick. you folks will gather the rain first. there's the rain through dc, east-west highway, and connecticut avenue and the beltway, pushing to the north and east as well. it's not as heavy yet in college park, and some of this will graze you with the heavy downpour it will roll in aspen hill and kensington. it will be brooksville at 11:48. yellow weather alert for another hour or so. you know what? good news. breezy and pleasant tomorrow. the breeze will make it feel cooler, yes, but a pretty good day. dry and cold saturday night, and a vast improvement compared to tonight. colder on sunday, and maybe a snow shower, maybe a flurry, and we still have the forecast.
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it's possible. the headline here, arctic air is moving in next week, the coldest air of the season. it will sit around for the entire week. 7:00tomorrow. 36 in fairfax, and partly cloudy, and 10:00, in the 40s. remember the breezes make it feel cooler. 46 in fredericksburg. and still 39 in hagerstown. 9:30, back in the mid-30s. not crazy cold, but i will advance to sunday. see the blue? 11:30, 12:00, a couple of snow showers are possible. temperatures in the 30s, above freezing, and not a huge deal. day planner 48 by 11:00, and 50 by 1:00 p.m. sunday, there's your snow shower. best time now, late morning, early afternoon, and bitterly cold on monday. only 27. 30 on tuesday, mid-30s on wednesday. maybe a snow shower on wednesday night, and bitterly cold on thursday and friday.
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picture a team wandering aimlessly through a season, trying to play smaller and faster, but it's really not working, right? you would be describing the wizards if you did that. to be fair, they have not been healthy. that's changing, and so are the outcomes. there's good news on the front here with the wizards. look at john wall with the flex and the dab. everyone is doing the dab these days. >> what is that? the new dance, and school is in session, and he takes everyone to school. that would be called the i'm cooking, and then there's a flush at the end of the cooking class there. john wall with the dunk, and bradley beal didn't start. he had 22, and the bench clears for a season high 67 points,
11:26 pm
and the wizards win 118-104. a.d. matchup, gw atdayton. needing the stop. do they get it? no. tyshawn pierre with the jumper. tough loss for the colonials. 77-70, they lose tonight. don't forget super bowl l is 23 days away, you can can watch it here on wusa 9. february7th, the divisional round this weekend. the chiefs and patriots on saturday, and broncos on sunday. it's friday night, that will bring us to our high school hoops extravaganza, and tonight, we begin in prince george's county, with the bully on the block eleanor roosevelt, won the county tight al year ago, and tonight they get a push from bowie. the raiders are on a 10-game win streak. denton from outside, and the d.
11:27 pm
is for deez3s. [ laughter ] trent bishop, the raiders prevail, and the students take over the building. >> they are stoked. >> they should be. they get the big win tonight. and now gonzaga is in purple. you like that? i like that. cousins would agree. i like that! good council. the pushback there, and it was all goa nzagtonight. watch stewart on the layin here with the scoop to the hoop. gonzaga wins 76-63. all right, annapolis versus southern, and let me tell you, you want a head band in basketball, you have to be good, and brandon has the nice scoop shot here, and it was all about walter toliver on the attack. 75-69, and finally nationally
11:28 pm
ranked riverdale baptist taking on arch bishop spalding. charles in charge. lead together 20th win, knocking down back-to-back jumpers. baptist winn
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okay, 3-day, ready. 61 tomorrow, breezy, but not bad if you're at the zoo. snow flurries on sunday. for the girl scout meeting...
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