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tv   Wusa 9 News Saturday at 7am  CBS  January 16, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EST

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as sweet. . off the top at 7:00, 22 people are dead, 126 others freed from a terror seige in west africa. the day has come to see washington, d.c.'s giant panda cub here in the district. i'm surae chinn with a live report coming up. it's a chilly start. a live look outside. patchy fog and temperatures overall in the 30s and 40s but a big arctic plunge arrives next week. more on that coming up. just a taste of how we're starting saturday. i'm nick giovanni. looks like a foggy start of the day. a little bit of a foggy start. rains out of here for the most part. maybe a lingering shower or to
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but overall the sun is going to come back this afternoon and we could get close to 50 degrees. don't get used to it. it's january. a big arctic blast arrives next week. right now we're in the 40s. 43 at reagan national. look at the real feel. 39 degrees. the winds are a bit breezy out of the south, southwest but the winds eventually will begin to shift and usher in some very cold air next week. 37 in manassas. colder in the southwest suburbs. culpeper 37. winchester at 41 degrees. again windchills just a few degrees colder than the actual temperature. the rainfall is getting out of here. an area of low pressure continues to rotate towards new england. behind it we'll start to see clearing skies in our forecast today. starting with some clouds here and there and some patchy fog by 9:00. then it burns off to sunshine. we could get to 50 by the noon hour, but another arctic front will be moving through decreasing our temperatures. 50 today, breezy winds. the winds calm down a bit tomorrow. maybe a snow shower or flurry.
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much colder, 41. here we go. the arctic plunge. windchills between 5 and 15. that's what it's going to feel like come monday. nick? we've got two words for you this morning. panda watch. today is all about it at the national zoo. bei bei set to make his debut to the public. surae chinn is there at the scene. i'm sure anticipation is just mounting right now. >> reporter: it is. two more words, bei bei. and we have six avaid fans here -- avid fans here, big, big fans of bei bei. they want to be the first to see the little kick. we have barbara baron. you're the first in line. >> yes. >> reporter: what time did you wake up? >> i got here at 4:00 a.m. >> reporter: why did you do that? >> well, when they said there was going to be a line and last year i was the third person in line and got here at 4:30 a.m. i was surprised the gate wasn't
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open. i thought they probably aren't going to open till 8:00 but i'm here and i'm excited. i'm going to beijing china in march so i will get to hold a panda and feed him. >> reporter: barbara's from the district but we have people who have come across-country literally. we talked to lisa last night. you're from ohio. we have someone from l.a., west virginia. >> yes, second time. came for bao bao. here for bei bei. >> reporter: why did you do that? >> it started off watching the cams. it was a little bit of here and there and now it's a full on -- >> looks like we lost surae there. this is a huge moment. now to a developmenting story out of western africa.
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a terror siege has come to an end but 126 people were freed as many as 22 killed. this all began last night when militants set ofexplosives and took over a tourist hotel there. security forces along with french soldiers from neighboring mali traded gunfire with the attackers. witnesses reported seeing bodies lying in the street. the search continues this morning off the hawaiian island of ohau for the remains of two missing marine helicopters. they went down during a training mission thursday night with 12 crew members on board. investigators still haven't identified what caused the crash and haven't said if any of the service members survived the crash. news we are looking out for this morning. from our prince george's county bureau, a child is dead allegedly at the ands of her mother's -- hands of her mother's boyfriend. kareen bryant is charged. it happened in a landover apartment last week. cause of death blunt force
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injuries to the baby's head and chest. we learned bryant was just released from prison last october after serving time for amped robbery. -- armed robbery. angela alsobrooks will discuss this case and others like it. >> i have to say we as parents have got to do a better job of being careful about who we bring around our children. >> this is the fifth time in the past two years alone a boyfriend has been charged in a child's death. keep in mind that's just in prince george's county alone. two students at a dpk charter -- d.c. charter school have been expelled for sending a fake bomb threat. they used the e-mail account of a muslim student to sent it. it went out to 600 former and current students at the washington latin public charter school. two seniors were behind this who were on track to graduate. the head of the school says they didn't hack an account. the students actually attempted -- or the student they attempted victimized forgot to log out of his e-mail on a
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school computer. a student bus aide in fairfax county is in jail charged with soliciting a minor. 24-year-old morrice stephenson was arrested. the student claims stephenson sent at least two inappropriate pictures of himself the last couple of months. he's being held without bond. the supreme court has agreed to hear the case of former virginia governor bob mcdonnell. the justices will review lower court rulings which upheld his corruption conviction. a jury convicted he and his wife for accepting loans in exchange for help from the governor's office. mcdonnell responded to the decision with an e-mail in it saying he inmained his innocence and asked the court to reverse the convictions. turning to wall street now, it's still off to its worst start in a new year on record. the trend continued yesterday. the dow closed out the workweek down nearly 400 points. the loss for the year now stands at more than a thousand. investigators -- investors took
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their cue from the oil market after prices slumped below $40 a barrel, the lowest level in 12 years. back in the district mayor muriel bowser said she's blood bad over walmart's decision to pull out of to planned developments east of the anacostia river. it's part of the plan to close 269 stores nationwide. the sites at capital gateway and skyland promised to bring jobs and retail options to ward 7. >> it's an outrage that walmart would cavalierly simply walk away from this. >> the hill crest community has been working on this project for over 25 years and we will continue to push forward with it. >> just to keep in mind, this move does not affect d.c.'s other three walmarts but the company says based on their experience, they have a fully view on building and operating stores in the district. the city is now weighing its legal options against the company. still to come an 80-year- old man actually spent 30 years of his life trying to prevent people from repeating his
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mistake. >> plus, federal doctors release new guidelines for breast cancer screening. >> it's breezy and a little chilly out here. you can see it's a little foggy too in the district. however, this is nothing compared to what we're going to feel next week. i'll come back after the break with all the details. (woman) you want to eat... want to eat, who wants to eat... (dog) do i want to eat? yes, i want to eat. (woman) do you want to eat? (dog) do i want to eat, yes. that's like nine times you've asked...yes. i mean it's beneful. i can actually see the meaty chunks and carrots right there...look at it. it's beautiful. mmmmmmm, thank you so much... but you know tomorrow night... 'bout we just assume i do want to eat... know speed things up a little. (vo) beneful chopped blends, a healthy blend... ...your dog will love. made with real beef. plus carrots and barley that you can see.
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. welcome back to wake up washington. we have one question for you. why are you up at this hour? we want to talk about it, hear if you have any outdoor plans for one. tweet us. we'll see if we can custom ietz the forecast for you. -- customize the forecast for you. how are we looking? >> not too bad this morning and this afternoon but big changes for the second half of the weekend and next week. ready for 20s for highs? very cold outside. we'll get to the numbers in a
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few minutes. let's look outside and see what's going on in the district. a beautiful view outside. yes, a little foggy but still not bad for january. look at that. we love seeing those beautiful views in d.c. now, weather headline, breezy and pleasant as we head through the day. cloudy early with some fog. gi the afternoon the sun is back -- by the afternoon the sun is back. maybe a few flurries and snow showers, especially southeast of town tomorrow. most of us staying dry and a bitterly cold air mass arrives as we head into next week. we're talking windchills in the single digits, especially monday morning. i wouldn't be surprised there are a few performs below zero when you wake up momedz. that's a -- monday. that's a holiday. there's a spin in the atmosphere. rain heading out to sea. it was very heavy rain overall and overnight last night in several areas. this guy over here in oklahoma, that's our next weather maker that could bring us a few snow showers and flurries come tomorrow.
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here's a look at today's forecast starting with this morning. 35 to 46. partly cloudy. maybe some patchy fog here and there. those wind speeds pigging up, especially -- picking up especially this afternoon between 10 and 15 miles per hour. but pleasant for january. highs approaching 50 with just a few clouds here and there. temperature wise, we get to 50 by noon. skies clear out. we're talking about some nice sunshine. so sunshine will be coming out as we head into the afternoon today. then an arctic front approaches while at the same time an area of low pressure develops to our south. clouds will increase tonight because of that system. watch the snow showers here on our rpm model. looks like a few snow showers are possible just southeast of town, especially east of the bay bridge if you're heading towards delmarva. some light snow showers there. maybe a dusting of snow possible over on the eastern shore. for us, though, just a few flurries possible by sunday. here's the arctic air mass from martin luther king day. remember, these are forecast for the district. so if it's 17 in d.c., it's
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probably going to be around 10 in the suburbs. 30 on tuesday. very cold. we could be dealing with another scattered flurry as we head into wednesday evening. then we warm up a little bit, close to 40 by thursday. you're watching wake up washington.
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welcome back to wake up washington. taking a live look outside at the nation's capital. as the rain ends up making its way through the region. keep in mind, looming on the
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horizon, an arctic blast coming our way here in just a matter of days now. in the meantime there's an 80- year-old man in arlington showing no signs of slowing down. james jenkins just celebrated 25 years on the job as a custodian for dorchester apartments. it's what he does after work that's something to celebrate. >> reporter: from his brink steps -- brisk steps to his tireless determination to do his best. >> everything there look good? >> reporter: james jenkins known around town as jimmy make it is a point to give everything he has to his work and most importantly to others. >> everything i have, in order to keep i must give it away to someone else. >> reporter: for the last 31 years he clocks out and rushes to d.c. helping men and women struggling with alcohol
7:17 am
addiction. >> when i hit rock bottom i started hemorrhaging. i ran to the hospital through the grace of god. i feel good about myself. this sharing with somebody my experience. >> reporter: jenkins' impact as been felt all over. many of the clients didn't want to go on camera but one man off camera called jenkins a blessing. his work was also recognized by the d.c. city council where they named july 15 mr. jimmy day. >> it's very rare. there's not very many people like him anymore. >> reporter: while jenkins appreciates the acclimates, he's more concerned about making sure people who need help get it. >> if i help one person, i'm grateful. >> reporter: larry miller, wusa9. we're starting with patchy fog. as we can see the low level cloudiness. as we pan across the district, you can see the clouds and fog across the region. the fog will disappear as we head into the afternoon the sunshine comes back and that will help us warm up.
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close to 50 degrees. it's going to be feel very nice for january. but we have to get through the low-level clouds in the form of fog. visibility down to half a mile in manassas. that's where it's a little dense here. a quarter mile in culpeper and orange so be very safe if you're in our southern suburbs and heading out early this morning. the good news, the rain is heading out of here. we had heavier rain last night and now the skies will begin to clear out very slowly but we will see good sunshine this afternoon with temperatures approaching 50. it will be a bit breezy so it might feel cooler than 50. tomorrow an arctic front arrives. we see a few snow showers with the front. at the same time an area of low pressure to give us a few snow showers as well. then the arctic air mass arrives as we head into monday. temperatures struggling to get out of the 20s but feeling like the single digits. procrastinators even though you may not deserve a break, you're getting one. the final enrollment dead line
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for 2016 coverage through is now january 31. if you miss this deadline, you'll likely have to wait another year to sign up for health insurance and you may be required to pay a fee when you file your federal income taxes so get on it. on monday the u.s. preventative services task force issued its final recommendations on breast cancer screening for women between the ages of 50 and 75. to arrive at their recommendations, the panel considered the science on the benefits and harms of screening mammography and a detailed review of input received from the public and health care professionals. the panel concluded that women should begin screening mammography at age 50 and continue every other year unless there is a family history or genetic component. check out our website at and our mobile app for more information on both of these stories. i'm andrea roane. have a great weekend. >> thank you. checking some other health headlines right now, remember how the world health organization just declared an end to the ebola outbreak?
7:20 am
not so fast. a woman who died in sierra leone has tested positive for the ebola virus. the virus has killed more than 11,000 people, mostly in west africa. meanwhile researchers in australia say regular exercise may reduce lower back pain by about 35%. doctors looked at more than 30,000 people and they found patients who exercised and also added back pain prevention education had even better results. still to come this morning, flint michigan residents voice their anger at the conditions of their water system. who they're calling on to step down now from that position. >> and some students at one d.c. high school are working on a potentially life saving phone app. we'll tell you all about it we'll tell you all about it wh
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welcome back. the water contamination crisis in flint michigan, the governor is asking for a federal disaster declaration. flint residents are calling for
7:23 am
the governor's resignation. the problem with the city's drinking water began after the city switched its water supply to the flint river in spring 2014. since then corrosive water stripped lead from the pipes and kids in the city were found with high lefts of lead in their blood. health officials are investigating a spike in legionnaire's disease. there have been # 7 cases -- 87 cases of the pneumonia-like disease since the switch and ten people have died. >> indeed it is true that this can be linked to the water system. there's a pretty strong likelihood. yes, unfortunately people will have died from this disease. >> fema says they'll respond to the governor's request as early as this weekend. the move would unlock federal funds to repair flint's water system and help residents. the national guard began distributing bottled water to residents earlier this week. a botched clinical drug trial in france has left one man brain dead. five others are in the
7:24 am
hospital. neurosurgeons say three of them could have irreversible brain damage. france's health minister say the men were among 90 research volunteers who had taken an oral painkiller in the first phase of testing in a french health clinic. they have launched an investigation into this. they want your smartphone to become a life saver as they win a national competition. some d.c. students could get their way, a real life tragedy spurred their idea for an app called g-fire. mike hydeck explains. >> i went in my cousin's room. they didn't know till they got -- till it got big. >> reporter: a scary situation for kenneth's family is leading a group of mckinley tech students to create a high-tech solution they believe will save lives. >> whether everyone heard kenneth's story, they thought this would be a great idea. >> reporter: they're designing an app called g-fire. your smoke alarms connect to your phone through blu tooth
7:25 am
and when there's a fire. >> it's going to tell you that you're going to have to exit your house in a certain manner and how to get out, like which exits are blocked off by fire based on the smoke alarm data and then which exits are safe to exit from. >> reporter: their project is part of the verizon app challenge. their team has already won for d.c. and now they take on the rest of the nation. if they win, students from m.i.t. will come to mckinley and build the app for them. the big boost for their education but their goal is even bigger. >> i still have my family but a lot of other families lose a family member to fires. >> reporter: they need your help to win the challenge. text gfire 2 to the number -- [ inaudible ] stem is cool in school. mike hydeck, wusa9. >> how sweet is that.
7:26 am
that's worth repeating. text gfire 2 to 22333. if you have a cool stem story of your own, contact mike hydeck on his facebook page. studts at cw harris elementary on 53rd street in southeast d.c. got their pick of new double layer coats this week all thanks to care first, the nonprofit agency partnering with harris elementary is part of the adopt a school program. some of the winter's coldest temperatures right around the corner. these coats could not have arrived at a better time. new this morning, iranian and u.s. leaders focus on completing an internationally approved nuclear deal. the maker of a popular action camera is facing an uphill battle. we'll explain. it's a bit of a chilly start and also low visibilities due to fog in some areas. current temperatures into the 40s here in the district. i'm already noticing sunshine and blue skies in northwest d.c. after the break, i'll come back with a look at your detailed forecast, including an arctic blast next week. happy saturday, everybody.
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it's a big, big college basketball saturday. maryland looks to rebound from its loss at michigan when they host ohio state at the xfinity center. georgetown could use a quality win and villanova would be that. the cats come a calling to the verizon center. and west virginia fresh off its upset win over kansas, they've got to travel to oklahoma. we'll have highlights of all acose and n.f.l. tionelas wl. we'll have it fo
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taking a live look outside at reagan national. the rain has passed the area but fog still seems to be hanging out to start our saturday as we welcome you into wake up washington. the saturday edition. again alongside daniel johnson. i'm nick giovanni. we're on panda watch. there are all right people outside. >> a lot of people. we saw that with surae's live shot. >> if you're going to be joining the line, bundle up. >> bundle up for sure to at least start the day but by this afternoon, take the jacket off. temperatures getting close to 50 degrees but it doesn't last. we're talking about a major arctic blast, the coldest air we've had to deal with all winter. panning across the sky at
7:31 am
reagan national. low-level clouds in the form of fog. if there is fog in your area, be advised. add extra time to your commute. be safe. 42 in springfield. and 41 on the east side of 495 at andrews. so overall not that bad of a start for january. it does feel a little bit cooler when you factor in the winds. feels like 39 in d.c. 42 in college park and 35 at andrews. here's the rain. it's heading out to sea. we're going to see clearing skies as we head into the afternoon. so our planner calls for cloudy skies early and then sunshine as we head into the afternoon and highs topping right around 50 degrees. a little breezy today. tomorrow colder, 41 with a few snow showers and flurries. then the arctic blast arrives by monday. highs in the 20s. i don't know what uf' been doing the last -- you've been
7:32 am
doing the last five months but we've been watching the national zoo's panda cam because that's been the closest we could see bei bei till today. they're about to unlock the doors to the panda house. surae, you're thought alone. people have come across the country for this moment. >> reporter: that's right. we have about a dozen people in line and people are obsessed with the panda cub. all of these folks have woken up really, really early. we left off with nicole who traveled 3,000 miles to see bei bei. why did you do this? >> actually i came in 3,000 mice to see bao bao so this is my second panda experience here. i just love them. they're cute. they're fun. they're just happy. >> reporter: you have a few pandas on your side of the country. >> it's a baby cub. the adults are absolutely adorable but the cubs are so cute. they just make me happy. i check in on them daily. it's the first thing i do when i wake up in the morning is check to see if they're up and playing around. >> reporter: obsession here. and you're not the only one,
7:33 am
right? >> my friends think i'm crazy and i'm totally okay with that after a couple of years now. >> reporter: we have people from ohio. we've got people from west virginia. have you been looking forward to this day? >> yes, i have this time. nicole is staying with us. she's my god daughter. and it's -- i'm going oh, my god, i hope it's not raining but they are beautiful. >> reporter: they are. cuteness off the charts. gates open in about half an hour. the panda house in an hour and a half. live here at the national zoo, surae chinn, wusa9. >> the countdown is on. much appreciated. also happening today secretary of state john kerry is scheduled to meet with iran's foreign minister in the austrian capital of vienna. they plan to discuss the implementation of the iran nuclear deal and will be joined by fishes from the european union. before the deal can formally be implemented the international atomic energy agency has to verify iran has complied with
7:34 am
terms of the agreement. that should happen over the next few days. so once that does happen, the u.s. would start the process of lifting economic sanctions against iran. a 25-year-old has been arrested for stalking women on quiet resident streets, grabbing them from behind, hitting them in the head and then sexually assaulting and robbing them. he attacked five women over five weeks. investigators say it all began the same day he walked away from a halfway house where he was under supervision from a previous crime. >> violent offenders who are on this sort of community placement being part of our problem. >> d.c. police say they have surveillance video from four of the five attacks. montgomery county police believe the same person may be responsible for three burglaries in montgomery montgomery village. the first happened december 14. a few days later the a1 mailbox on contour was hit. then the beer and wine store
7:35 am
was burglarized a second time. in all three burglaries, the suspect took cash and property. if you have any information, you're asked to call police. montgomery county police are also searching for an elderly silver spring man. 82-year-old innocent camille was last seen thursday night near broadway road and east randolph area. police are asking people to take a look in their yards, sheds, vehicles, anywhere for any signs of camille. the manual suspected in a deadly nine-car pileup in largo is free this morning. juan sanchez of laurel was released on bond yesterday. sanchez was driving on a suspended license thursday we've learned when police say he caused a crash which killed angela jefferson of springdale. a spokesperson for the state's attorney says they want to take their time investigating sanchez so they can charge him with a more serious offense if needed. anne arundel county police trying to figure out who put a puppy in a trash bag this morning and left it to die. the terrier mix was found on a vacant property.
7:36 am
it didn't have any obvious signs of injury. the vet tried to save the puppy but it died while being treated. anyone who recognizes the dog or has any information should call anne arundel county police. alexandria residents, you can now submit absentee ballots ahead of the march 1 primary. accepted reasons to vote absentee including being out of town for work, school, military duty. working and commuting for more than 11 hours on election day also qualifies. we have a list of other acceptable reasons on our wusa9 mobile app. there is also a list of places where you can vote ake or in -- absentee or in person. chocolate lovers beware. we could be headed for a word wide cocoa shortage. good morning. good morning to the rowers here. we've got some rowers on the water this morning. the weather is not too bad to go out for any activities. a little cloudy to start. temperatures in the 40s. we warm up to 50 by the
7:37 am
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good saturday morning to you. i'm larry miller. if you'll be hopping on metro, we have a few system adjustments. the rail line trains will be running the weekend schedule. you can expect trains every 9 to 10 minutes. buss will replace trains on the orange line between van ness and friendship heights. the blue line will have adjustments with buses replacing trains primarily between stadium armory and benning road. regular weekend service on the green and yellow line with some slight adjustments around
7:40 am
huntington. so just be mindful of that as you head out this weekend. if you see something we don't, you can hit us up on twitter. i'll see you bright and early monday morning starting at 4:25. when you drop terms like arctic blast, they're a little intimidating. >> florida's arctic blast is typically 50, maybe? >> probably. what are we talking this weekend? >> we're talking this weekend not that bad of weather. 50 today. 40 tomorrow but then monday, that's the big thing. we're down to the 20s. let's get right to the morning. we're even talking a little bit of snow for tomorrow. not a big deal at all. 37 in manassas this morning. so temperatures have been dropping. now that the sun is up, this is actually the coldest time of the day right when the sun comes up. these are our lows for the most part. 30s out to the south and west. 43 in the district and 43 out in annapolis. so here's a look at our weather
7:41 am
headlines. it's going to be a breezy day today but pleasant. the sunshine will come back. temperatures near 50. turning much colder tomorrow. about 10 degrees coppedder with a few -- colder with a few scattered snow showers. here comes the arctic blast. it sticks with us through the majority of next week. that's one thing we haven't seen this winter. usually when we see an arctic blast, it lasts like a day or two. this is going to last several days with single digit windchills come monday and tuesday because wind speeds are going to be quite strong. look at the rotation in the atmosphere. that's the low pressure that brought us the rain. it continues to exit and head towards new england. it's a coastal system that brought us heavy rain last night. then system number two down in the south near oklahoma and texas. that will become another coastal system but this one looks to stay a little farther to the south which means it's just going to barely graze us as it goes by so just a few snow flurries tomorrow with
7:42 am
that system. this morning partly cloudy to mostly cloudy with a few areas of patchy fog. visibilities are quite low, especially out near culpeper and orange this morning so be safe. 47 to 52 this afternoon. a breezy day. west winds between 10 and 15 but, hey, the sunshine is out. just a few scattered clouds here and there. the sun comes out by noon. temperatures approaching 50. then after that, temperatures start to drop off a little bit. still a good amount of sunshine. then as we head into tonight, the clouds increase from the south as the low pressure begins to move in. look at this. some snow, light snow just west and south of our area. could be looking at just a little bit of flurries and snow showers. we'll keep watching that system for you. the big story will be the dangerous cold early next week. nick? on the consumer front this saturday, if you chose not to shop till you drop over the holidays, turns out that move may actually have paid off for you. the new year brings new deals. >> reporter: january is a great time to stock up on holiday decorations for later in the
7:43 am
year, but that's not all. now is also the time to get ready for valentine's day. so look out for flower and chocolate sales toward the end of this month. now, you can also get a discounted 4k tv right now. while none of us really look forward to filing taxes, there are deals on tax filing software and service deals starting later this month. also if you're traveling to any of the country's national parks this sunday, you will get in free in honor of the dr. martin luther king holiday. lesli foster, wusa9. >> i tell you what, you can get pretty good deals on go pros but that's not the story making news. poor sales led to go pro to cut hundreds of jobs. they dropped 30% compared to the same period the year before. go pro acknowledges sales were weak, even though it did cut the price of its latest camera
7:44 am
in half. a sale that -- the biggest appliance maker on the planet is a little larger. haier is buying general electric. they have agreed to form a strategic part nearship. ge is shifting its brand to higher technology. talking supply and demand when it comes to cocoa. the world could be looking at a chocolate shortage. the demand appears to be through the roof especially in asia right now and cocoa growers, they're struggling to meet that demand. "the wall street journal" reports production is down because of factors like rough weather and a diseased crop. when you look at just the last three years alone, cocoa prices have jumped nearly 40%. the white house has announced a halt on -- [indiscernible] it wants to complete a comprehensive review of whether the fees charged to mining companies provide a fair return to taxpayers. for the time being companies will continue to mine the coal
7:45 am
reserves already under lease. also this morning, virginia's water control board approved a request from dominion virginia to dump coal ash water into quantico creek. the company's plan sparked widespread opposition from environmentalists and state officials in both maryland and virginia. dominion says they have strategic requirements and are monitoring this frequently to protect the environment. staying in the energy sector, duke power is in the process of trying to clean up its image after a coal ash spill in eden, north carolina. back in 2014 a broken storm water pipe sent millions of gallons of coal ash sludge spilling into the dan river, a river that supplies water to a number of communities in both north carolina and virginia. >> reporter: that's a lot of coal ash in a single scoop. more than 40,000 pounds of ash and dirt. one after another the dump trucks and loadsers dig away at the three million tons of coal
7:46 am
ash that has been stashed along the dan river. it's taken decades to accumulate. the waste product of this coal- fired plant that is now being dismantled. in february of 2014, a water drainage pipe beneath the coal ash basin broke sending 39,000 tons of ash into the river. here's take same basin now, all grown over with weeds. >> there's still a lot of variables. >> reporter: jeff brooks is a duke energy spokesman. >> we really wanted to give the public and the media a chance to see what has changed and all the work that's happening here. >> reporter: 66,000 tons of ash has been removed, still just a fraction ever the total heap. >> it's taken some time to begin the work here. that's because there's a lot of scientific engineering and ground water studies that had to take place in advance of work beginning. >> reporter: the utility company put in a to-mile railroad spur to ship out all the -- two-mile railroad spur to ship out all the ark. the coal ash in these cars has
7:47 am
been wrapped in a black protective tarp to be hauled to a landfill in virginia 150 miles away. it's a landfill that is fully lined to keep the coal ash from seeping into the soil and ground water. dan river is one of four high priority coal ash sites in north carolina that duke is mandated under state law to clean up by august 2019. >> this is priority one for duke energy right now. this is the most important thing that many of us have worked on for several years now and we have an army of engineers and technical staff that have developed the closure plans for these sites. >> duke energy says it's on target to have the site cleaned by the state mandated deadline of 2019. the company is also refuting claims by local residents their well water is contaminated. the state environmental regulators are still investigating. still to come this morning, we're going back to the national zoo for one final look at the district's new panda cub. >> and it was the clip seen around the word. now days after a heartbreaking
7:48 am
playoff loss, see how the vikings are finding solace in ♪ ♪ you're unpacking already? yeah, help me find some mugs. sure. (beep) hey... o.k. they'll do. wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ so, where do you want to start?
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you know it wasn't long ago when practically half the wizards bench was occupied by dudes in suits nursing injuries. now they've rested up and the conversation has shifted to the depth of that bench. it contributed 67 points last night against the pacers. john wall did the rest. dropped 28 points. bradley beal chipped in 22
7:51 am
coming off the bench. they win their fourth straight game 118-104. they're back on the job tonight hosting the celtics inside the phone booth. down a level to the top teams in a-10. george washington visiting dayton. the scale was tipped with four minutes to go. put away for the flyers with three of the 26 points. the colonials end up falling 77- 70. we're just about three weeks away from super bowl 50. it's game day on wusa today. moving on to the divisional round ever the playoffs. first up, the champs host the chiefs at 4:35 right here on wusa. the patriots quarterback tom brady 14-3 in playoff games at foxboro. the man knows how to protect his house. on the other side kansas city proved they can handle their business on the road. they blanked the texans in their own building for their 11th straight win. that shet o sets up -- that
7:52 am
sets up quite the showdown... some fact oids for you here. arizona has never lost a playoff game at home. 4-0 all time but their quarterback carson palmer has never won a post-season game. he's the only quarterback still standing in this post-season who's still searching for that first "w ." staying in nfc, the seahawks drew a date with the carolina panthers this weekend. some might say they have blare walsh to thank for that, the vikings kicker who missed a 27- year-old chip shot in the final seconds of last week's wild card game. we might assume that made him public enemy number one in minnesota but not so, at least not to a group of students who helped console the kicker. don champion has that story. >> the snapper. and the kick is no good. >> reporter: for vikings fans, kicker blare walsh's missed field goal sunday still stings. >> i'll take the blame and i deserve every second of it. >> reporter: surely flashbacks of his season-ending blunder
7:53 am
have been painful but walsh has taken it all in stride. >> yesterday was -- it was -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: while he's still taking the heat, thursday he got some support from the youngest of fans. walsh visited first graders at north point elementary just outside of minneapolis. earlier this week after his missed kick, the students wrote walsh letters of sympathy and encouragement. >> dear blair, i feel bad for you. >> you're so-so good at football. >> don't give up. you're still number one. >> reporter: the kindness and empathy wornts lost on walsh and he said -- weren't lost on walsh and he said he had to return the favor. >> thank you very much for the letters you wrote and the card. it's very touching to me. it says a lot about you guys that you're willing to do that. >> i think it's pretty cool, a famous apt lead is in our school. >> reporter: before leaving walsh signed autographs and he left with a life lesson for us
7:54 am
all. >> keep on trying. we love you so much. >> reporter: don champion, cbs news. >> walsh says he plans to keep all those cards and letters the students sent him, something he says he'll cherish forever. following up on this morning's top stories, a terrorist siege in the west africa can nation of burkina faso has come to an end. over 20 people were killed. terrorists took over a tourist hotel. witnesses reported seeing bodies lying in the street. the search continues off the hawaiian island of ohau for the remains of two missing marine helicopters. they went down during a training mission thursday night with 12 crew members on board. investigators still haven't identified what caused the crash and they haven't said if any of the service members survived it. new this morning, the u.s. preventive services task force recommends women get a mammogram every other year
7:55 am
starting at the age of 50. the group says screening can be effective for women in their 40s but the group says women should make that decision with their doctors. the american cancer society recommends women start getting yearly mammograms at age 45. so back to bei bei we go. the countdown is on. t minus one hour and about five minutes till the doors to the panda house open to the public for the first time to see the young cub. let's check back with surae chinn. she has our v.i.p. access for this very important panda. >> reporter: i'm waiting like everybody else. the zoo gates open in five minutes and, yes, these panda lovers will be able to meet bei bei in person in about an hour and five minutes. you know, across the street, the bake shop is getting in on the panda love with these cake pops. we had people who have traveled very far, some here in the district, some from west virginia, ohio, even l.a., 3,000 miles just to see the
7:56 am
little cub. that was born in august just five ounces, about the size of a stick of butter and five months later, bei bei is a robust 25 pounds. the zoo opens again in about five minutes. the panda house is open from 9:00 to 4:00. you want to get here by 3:30. bei bei is most active in the morning and early afternoons so hopefully you'll catch him up and about if you're here today. so are you guys excited or what? can i get a cheer? can i get a panda dance? we'll take it for this early hour. very excited because today is the day they get to meet their panda cub. back to you guys. >> cannot wait to see that cute and ferocious little panda there. >> reporter: ferocious, that's right. >> appreciate that. for all of our friends that are making that trip to the national zoo today, it looks
7:57 am
like there are some light jackets. >> not too bad. light jackets but maybe they can do a panda dance to warm up. we are going to get a little bad in terms of next week. it could get a little dangerous. temperatures only in the 20s monday but windchills in the single digits near zero especially early monday morning. same story on tuesday. then maybe a few flurries again wednesday evening but not a big deal. this arctic air stays here all next week. >> so enjoy this weekend. before that arctic blast. we're going to leave it today for wake up washington. thanks for starting your day with us. >> see you again tomorrow at 7:00.
7:58 am
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♪ ♪ good morning, it is january 16, 2016, welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." nearly two dozen people are killed as terrorists storm a west african hotel frequent by whenne westerners. and the worst start of the year in stock market's history. what's causing it and when will it stop. >> and a inside the trial that may put fear into all telemarketers. and the first winners cash in on the


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