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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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george's county. by 5:30 in the morning on saturday, 14 inches downtown, and 18 in leesburg and 16 in manassas are. you sitting down? by 5:30 on saturday, two feet in leesburg and hagerstown and cumberland could get 23-inches with this storm. that's the european model. oftentimes the european model battles the gfs. not this time. again, 11:00 friday morning, 1, 2, 3 inches west of town. 5:30, 3, 4, 5, 6 inches. same time frame. same area. by 5:30 in the morning on saturday, 13, 14, 5, 18 in leesburg and 16 in minneapolis. and by 5:30 on saturday, the bull's eye wilt be east and north of i-95, where it is up to two feet that could fall. even down into southern maryland. this gfs model is colder and you folks in la platta and andrew have a little more snow. but generally i don't think it will be a pure snow east of 95. if it is a pure snow, west of 95, some of these numbers could
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come to pass. we will come back and talk about how long the cold, cold air lasts and looking ahead to the possibility of a little bit of snow wednesday night. >> you can stay on top of this with the wusa 9 news app. it is a free download for your android and apple devices. other news tonight, from our prince george's county bureau, a family in clinton is preparing to rebuild after a strong series of winds sent a tree crashing into their kitchen. allison barber joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: the sun hadn't even risen when the bell family woke up to a bang. >> 5:30 this morning. my son came running up stairs, and after almost being trapped in the basement, with his wife and his daughter, which is nine months old. he came and got me. i mean i heard the thump. but i didn't pay no attention to it. we thought maybe somebody was
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breaking into the house. we jumped up. but we didn't know. >> look at the house. >> reporter: glenn bell and his son didn't find any burglars. instead, they found an oak tree. >> i put my clothes on and came out into the kitchen and saw that half of my kitchen was gone. all we could see was skylights. >> bell heard wind throughout the night and he never expected something like this. >> the wind was gusting up pretty much but due pay too much attention to the wind. you know what i'm saying? especially the size of that tree, i would have never thought that would fall. >> reporter: they say it is a wakeup call. >> it could happen to you. just evacuation, just get rid of all trees that are around your home, so this wouldn't happen to you all. >> but somehow, even with all of this damage, the house is not consuming their thoughts. >> i'm fine. as long as my family is good, i don't need no house, man, as long as i got my family, i'm good. >> reporter: the red cross was here assisting the family, the bell family tells us this have
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somewhere to stay tonight, but -- they have somewhere to stay tonight, but guys, this is something you don't want to wake up to. clive in clinton, maryland, wusa 9. >> glad the family is safe. thank you, allison. a solemn salute to the reverend martin luther king jr. >> fbi director participated in a wreath laying ceremony in the memorial to the slain civil rights leader. he was joined by the district mayor and members of the dc city council for the event at the tidal basin this morning. >> thousands turning out in the southeast for the parade and walk. and today, the 30th anniversary of the federal holiday to honor the slain civil rights leader. people who spoke with wusa9 say it is important to celebrate progress and inspire others. >> just to honor and remember the sacrifices that the folks made for us to have, the privileges that we do have now. >> the city has hosted the parade for the last 10 years.
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hundreds of people braved the frigid temperatures to spread that message of peace in prince george's county. >> a rally took place near fed ex field. stephanie ramirez live tonight at the nearby church where it ended. stephanie. >> from fed ex field to the family ministries here, an anti- violence forum went on afterwards, both church and county leaders say this is the start of a year-long awareness campaign. >> reporter: cell phone video caught the action this martin luther king jr. day. the prince george's county stop the violence march, including not just adult, but several children, braving the blistering cold, in the fight to reclaim their community. >> i feel bad for this family each though it is not us. >> that's what 9-year-old jared says he experiences every time he hears of a murder.
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the mayor says the prince george's county homicide right spiked last year. >> 79 homicides. but we don't want to repeat that again. >> stop the violence. >> stop the violence. >> it makes me sad. we need to stop all of the violence. >> being from here, i have seen it from fights in middle school, elementary school, and high school. >> reporter: in schools where 25-year-old jeffrey lee says the violence often starts, it is the reason why he decided to film today's march, telling us he wanted to add something positive to what young adults and kids are saying. >> they see a rap song, or they are loving hip-hop, or these rowdy shows where people are acting out of character, without there being any real consequence, so they may feel as though that it is okay. >> reporter: and lee tells me he knows the consequences firsthand. his friend is dealing with a loved one lost, died, killed in a shooting. and those who organized the
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march say there is no better way to start this effort than on a day we honor martin luther king jr.'s message of peace. >> and how to identify and address violence in prince george's county, there are organizations right now taking place, and we will have the dates for you when we get them. the washington post reporter jason rezaian was reunited with his family today. the picture you're looking at right now was taken at the u.s. military hospital in germany. he spent nearly 18 months in a notorious tehran prison. in addition to his wife, mother and brother, he also met with editors at the post. they all said that the bureau chief looked good during the two-hour visit. right now, three people are recovering after being shot in falls church early this morning. it happened outside the state theater as the concert was wrapping up. peggy fox joins frus falls church where the shooting happened -- us from falls church where the shooting happened. peg? >> reporter: shootings are rare in the city of falls church, but this one could have been
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deadly. because the concert was letting out. and there were about 100 people outside when the shooting started. late this afternoon, police came back and found more evidence. >> one shot right there. that came in last night. >> several bullets hit the office building, across the street from the state theater. around 1:30 a.m. >> go go band southeast groupers, and rapper scar face, had been playing an event, billed as the love, peace and unity concert. >> it is crazy to wake up to bullet holes in your building. >> reporter: one bullet came through the window of government contractor polo chi services. >> it came in from across the way here. of course, nobody was here this morning. thankfully. and then it went through that door. >> so if somebody had been standing here -- >> would have been wiped out. and it kept going. that's the thing. it was a hollow point. >> reporter: police say the gun
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or guns were fired from the street on park place adjacent to the club. falls church city police officers were actually inside the club at the time. they had been called for a fight inside which may have spilled outside. >> they went to go inside and they heard 15 to 20 shots on the outside, as people were exiting the venue. >> police chief gaven says he did not see the suspects who fled and the people hit outside all have minor injuries. >> we are very fortunate nobody was killed. >> you don't want something like this happening so close to hope. >> reporter: shootings are uncommon at the state theater, which is well known for hosting the 80s band the leg warmers. fall city police thought they only had one victim at first, because they found a person suffering from a gunshot wound to his shoulder. he was transferred to the hospital. then police in frederick maryland called them to say they had two victims at their hospital. they had apparently driven themselves to frederick
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maryland for treatment. all victims are expected to be okay. police still searching for a motive tonight. reporting live in falls church, peggy fox, wusa 9. >> peg, thank you. >> that's not all police are looking for, they are asking for the public assistance as well. if anyone has information about the fight at the state theater or the shooting afterwards, they are asking to you give them a call. the number is 703-241-5050. that number also with the news story on our app. a prince george's county woman still fighting for her life after being rescued by firefighters with flames breaking out in a house yesterday on bell brook court in temple hill. and a woman in her 20s was trapped in the basement. the firefighters were able to reach her and pull her to safety. six other people in the house did make it out safely. the firefighters say the home does not have a working smoke detector. they went door to door and found that only half of the homes in the neighborhood had one safety device. a police officer was shot and killed today, in ohio. >> that suspect, a gunman, who
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cops say was on the hunt to kill a member of the law enforcement. officer thomas cottrell was found dead on the ground behind the danville municipal building. his service weapon and cruiser were also mines. danville is about 60-mile -- were also missing. >> danville is northwest of the area, in ohio. >> hershall you don't knows was captured after a short chase. a navy ship equipped with sonar has joined the search for two marine corps helicopters that crashed off oahu hawaii. there were six marines aboard each chopper when they collided. rescuers have covered 150 miles looking for debris. a mother of one of the missing marines, major shawn campbell is holding out hope that she will in fact see her son again. >> he loves his family. and he took great pride in his marine corps and in the
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privilege of serving. >> corporal thomas yardis, the brother of miss district of columbia haily jardis is also missing. we are just getting started on wusa 9 at 5:00. >> i can't even get my own apartment or nothing. >> airport workers at reagan national, making less than $4 an hour, protesting for higher wages. donald trump on the campaign trail in virginia. what he is saying about the deal with iran. >> and topper is coming back to tell us no, it is not a bad dream. it is for real. more on the big time snowstorm that we are expecting later this week. >> and then right after the break, we talked to residents dealing with tonight's frigid temperatures, and getting ready for friday snow.
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we've got a second night of potentially dangerous cold weather ahead and tracking the forecast for the possibility of some very significant snow at the end of this week. >> possibly even historic. watching the weather in prince george's county, top, bring us up to speed to how people are reacting to this fantastic news. [ laughter ] >> well, not really excited. we will be talking to topper shortly to get even more details. but people are thinking about things like road salt behind me. there is plenty of it. since very little has been spread this year. and with the cold air in place, there are warnings today, with everything from space heater safety, to a run on ice melt at the home depot store. it is already where winter is back. >> it is just brutal. you know what? we will just hibernate. >> it is freezing out here. >> home depot in laurel. >> this is my first time in morning, and i am not liking
5:15 pm
it. >> reporter: early birds have been watching the forecast. and where this store is stocked and ready to provide. >> we came out too late last year and weren't able to get the ice melt so i got out here early and figured i would stock up. >> reporter: they spread the first ice melting chemicals of the week. this is the eastern shore, the light snow in the region, a gentle wakeup call, for a developing forecast that has some potential to dump the most significant snow, since the sonoma geddon season of 2010. and today is the first day where temperature did not get above freezing. dangerous weather for those enduring this, a hidden homeless camp near the patuxent river, today it appears that the residents had evacuated for safer shelter. eight warming centers are open in prince george's county alone. but the tweets from the fire chief mark bashore warmed of the open flame of space heaters
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and among reminders, don't use extension cords or power bars which can overload and always keep furnishing and other items at least three feet from the heaters, because cold can be dangerous, even before snow develops. >> we are getting what we asked for. we had all of the warm weather. and now we get what we deserve. >> reporter: so we get a little bit of snow over the weekend. we have this bitter cold weather today, tonight and tomorrow. this is the wakeup call, to topper's forecast, winter is coming, by the end of the week, and tonight, there is a wind chill advisory for some parts of the region north and west of it. it could be blowing up to 30 miles an hour in some of the gusts and that means the wind chill on the skin tonight, they could feel like it is below zero. >> more good news for you. reporting live in bowie, on u.s. 301. wusa 9. >> scott, thanks. i think it is not just winter that is coming, it sounds like hell itself is coming. >> it looks very interesting, i must say. and this is sort of different from some of the other storms that we track, that actually has to develop off the north
5:17 pm
carolina coast, and we will follow this one from california, all the way across the country. so it will be on the map early on. look at the cold and the three degree guarantee. we had to play the game last night. we were at 32. and why in the world will you go 32? i am pretty sure it will be a midnight high with the temperatures in the 20s all day. we will let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. download our app and check it out. and probably download the app before the storm hits on friday. that would be my suggestion. it is free. a live look outside. it is only 21 right now. dew points below zero. that is a dry air mass. good for having a good hair day. bad for the skin and just very little moisture in the air, in the house. i mean the humidity outside is 36%. humidity inside about 12%. so headlines. very cold tonight. but clear. and lows in the teens. and as scott mentioned, the wind chill advisory north and west of town, wind chills could go down to 10 below. bus stop temperatures 10 to 22 and some kids back in school and the wind chill around zero. winter storm friday into
5:18 pm
saturday. accumulating snow by friday morning. it may not be heavy enough but hopefully enough to get people off the roads friday morning to get it all cleared out. 99:30 tonight, only 19 -- 9:30 tonight, only 19 in manassas. 20 downtown. and 16 in gaithersburg and 18 in silver spring. these are not wind chills. actual temperatures. 5:30 in the morning, low teens. 12 in hagerstown. maybe 9 in martinsburg. each 12 in fredericksburg. and 13 in la plata and 12 in bowie. a cold air mass. setting the stage for what could be a pretty big storm friday and saturday. 9:00, in the mid teens and temperatures don't skyrocket tomorrow either. by 1:00, 24 downtown and mid- 20s in manassas and leesburg and 25 in fredericksburg and 26 in dale city. /o by 6:00 p.m., we are hovering in the upper teens, around 20. maybe 21 in hagerstown. and maybe 20 in martinsburg and out of the south, 23 in fredericksburg. and 8:00 tomorrow night, back in the upper teens and low 20s. now we will talk about wind
5:19 pm
chills, okay? 10:00 tonight, want to walk the dog? it will feel like zero in gaithersburg and 1 below in martinsburg. by 1 below, it feels like zero to 10 blow. and maybe as cold as 7 below in martinsburg and zero in la plata, one degree wind chill in fredericksburg. and by noon, not much better. a little bit better. the plus side of zero. and now it feels like the upper single digits to low teens. maybe 11 in manassas and 10 in silver spring. a beauty cold day. clear sky, breezy, very cold, and temperatures, wind chills below zero and lows in the teens. day planner looks like this. remember, these are downtown temperatures. and the start. 21 at 11:00, and 24 at 1:00 p.m. full sun, yes. and some kind of cold. and breezy winds all day tomorrow. the next three days, clouds come at us wednesday. flakes wednesday night. not a huge deal. and kind of a harbinger of what may be in our future. pretty quiet on thursday. highs near 40.
5:20 pm
it is almost seasonable. calm before the storm so to speak. next search day, snowy and rain. and 34. and snow on friday. 32. and not a pure snow. probably a mix or change into rain, east of i-95 and then in the wake of the storm right now, it looks fairly comfortable, with highs back in the 40s. >> topper will be a busy man this week. thanks. breaking news into the wusa 9 newsroom. glenn frey of the eagles rock group has passed away. he had been battling intestinal issues for months and had surgery in november. his illness in fact forced eagles to pull out of their kennedy center honors appearance in december. along with don henley, a founding member of the group. we turn to the presidential campaign race and republican front-runner donald trump went in front of the evangelical group in virginia. >> at liberty university, trump planned the recent prisoner swap with iran. >> we are getting four back.
5:21 pm
they are getting seven. they are getting 14 off of the interpol watch list. these are real bad customers. they are getting all sorts of advantages, including free market oil. they are getting unbelievable advantages. >> also today members of the british parliament got into a heated discussion of all things about whether or not to keep donald trump from entering the u.k. it wasn't an official vote but it was started because online petitioners called for a ban. more than 500,000 people had signed. it the debate was sparked by a ban from muslims from entering the u.s. and he said london had become so radicalized, the city police force are afraid for their own lives and no go zones there. ted cruz is a tough battle with trump in eye iowa, the senator is barn storming new hampshire. and as an easy crowd pleaser, the texas republican began the appearance at the diner by praising tom brady and the new england patriots. remember the guy is from texas.
5:22 pm
>> cruz is on a five-day 17 event bus tour that will take him to all 10 counties in the granite state. >> it is great to be with ya'll this morning. we are out here this morning, because our country is divided. because we are bankrupting our kids and grand kids. because our constitutional rights are under assault each and every day. >> cruz also held a town hall meeting today in kean, new hampshire, one of five events in the state. just days after iran released five americans from the prisons it was hit by new sanctions from the white house. >> it prevent s 11 individuals and companies linked to iran from using the u.s. banking system. however with the lifting of the over sanctions, iran now has access to billions of dollars in cash and is free to buy and sell oil and other goods. its ships can sail in foreign ports and iranian people can access global markets. new numbers point to a
5:23 pm
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after two years in a row, all white actor nominee, spike lee and jada pink et-smith announced on instagram they are skipping this year's oscars. lee wrote he can't support the awards because of the lack of diversity and wondered how all 20 contenders in the actor category are all white. >> and tonight's consumer alert, retailers did not ring up the expected sales during the holiday shopping season. according to the national retail federation, sales rose only 3% in november and december, below the 3.7% originally projected. it was different results with online sales. which grew 9 new percentage points exceeding expectations. >> fiat chrysler is recalling suvs for the second time with a wiring defect and the vehicle sun visors that can cause a fire. it affects 2011-2013 jeep grand
5:27 pm
cherokees and dodge durango models. apparently the remedy did not fix the problems when the suvs were originally recalled two years ago. wells fargo has gotten past city bank with the most assets. $1.8trillion was posted by the end of last year. the reverend jesse jackson calls it a crime scene. the latest on the flint michigan water crisis on the way. >> and some new information tonight on a 2-year-old who shvanied during a walk in the woods with his family. >> and right after the break, why these airport workers chose mlk day to protest for higher wages.
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all right, a live look outside now, where we are right in the thick of the coldest stretch of days so far this season. not a really good day out there but one to spend the day indoors. topper has more on the warmer temperatures, but then talking about the snow that we are expecting later this week. it is on the way in a few moments. on this martin luther king jr. day, airport workers from across the country are calling for an end to inequality to economic justice. >> they want a wage increase to $15 an hour. they also want the right to unionize. >> united. >> reporter: in 1962, david tucker started his job as a sky cap, at reagan national airport. he made $1.75 an hour.
5:31 pm
plus paid sick leave and benefits. >> today, 53 years later, it is only $3.77 an hour. >> he still relies on tips. but now, he receives no benefits at all. >> all of the benefits are gone. it is not like i need a whole lot of money, but $15 an hour is not a whole lot of money. >> we are union. >> it ain't right. it just ain't right. >> valentin hough works 36 hours a week, cleaning airports overnight. her pay is $8.50 an hour. >> that is not enough for anybody to live on. she still has to rely on food stamps. and live with her adult son. airport workers and union members from service employees international marched side by side to call for change. >> without an union, we can't make it. we don't have health care benefits. we get paid less than $6, $88
5:32 pm
an hour, no sick leave -- $8 an hour. no sick leave, no nothing. >> and this demonstration is part of a large scale national civil disobedience action in 10 major cities, including dc, boston, and new york. >> martin luther king, sanitation worker, and i am sure if he were here today, he would be here, supporting our airport workers. >> when the protest reached the intersection of independence avenue and 14th street, demonstrators staged a brief sit-in. and promised to be back. in northwest washington, andrea mccarron, wusa 9. >> now these workers are not employees of reagan national but individual airliners and contractors. an mlk celebration in rockville today, the mayor and the city council organized the event, at richard montgomery high school that included interactive and multi-cultural performances and community members who have carried out
5:33 pm
dr. king's legacy were honored as well. part of the martin luther king jr. celebration. and king shares the day with civil war general robert e. lee in three southern state, arkansas, mississippi and alabama. the governor of arkansas is pushing for a separate day for lee who could soon be honored in november. in an earlier interview this month asa hutchinson says both men need to be distinguished and separated. right now springfield residents are concerned about a peeping tom who is apparently on the prowl. the incidents began back on december 29, and most recently, it was actually one reported just this past friday. the prowler has been spotted a few times in the area of gloucester avenue and zyls place. in each of incidents, the creeper looks into occupied homes and then took off. the suspect is in his late teens or early 20s. about 5'6", 150 pounds, and call crime solvers with the number on the screen, if you have any information that can lead police to make an arrest. no foul play is suspected in the disappearance of a 2- year-old boy in tennessee.
5:34 pm
>> noah chamberlain went missing while on a walk in the woods with his grandmother and his sister. crews are searching a 1,000 fair foot area in chester county, between memphis and nashville. investigators say the biggest challenges are the terrain and the plubging temperatures. tonight low temperatures are in the teens. anger and frustration tonight over the water crisis playing out in flint, michigan. the reverend jesse jackson called the city a crime scene. and during last night's democratic debate, the presidential candidates blasted governor rick schneider for his poor handling of the crisis. the response teams handed out thousands of bottles of water over the weekend and president obama signed an emergency declaration. but liberal activist michael moore, who grew up in flint, says it is not enough. >> it is not just a water crisis. it is a racial crisis. it is a poverty crisis. >> that's right. >> to save money in 2014, flint stopped buying water from detroit, and tapped into its own river instead.
5:35 pm
but that river water stripped lead from pipes. since the move, the number of children with high lead levels has doubled. and 10 people have died from legionnaire's disease. now, the city has since reversed the switch but the water is still unsafe. a grandmother and grandfather are dead after a tornado leveled parts of florida. it happened outside tampa this weekend. two young girls and a plan who is their father -- and a plan man who is their father, and an uncle were rescued and the grandmother later died of a heart attack. a story getting a lot of clicks on facebook today. the 62 richest people in the world. they have the same amount of wealth as 3.5 billion people who represent the poorest around the globe. the 2015 study was published by the power fighting group ox fam. a spokesperson says rising inequality is a problem for all of us. trening now, kanye west's
5:36 pm
new song has blown up on social media. >> fallout over a book over george washington and a slave. >> and a father's priceless response to his son's request for an advance on his allowance. top? >> wind chill advisory in effect until noon tomorrow. north and west of town. from montgomery county, north to fairfax county north and here are the current wind chill values, 8 in manassas and 2 in gaithersburg and 7 downtown. leadless to say, they will go lower overnight. we will talk more about that and
5:37 pm
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tracking what is trepidding -- trending tonight, a overall book about our first president, a birthday cake for george washington, telling about a slave hercules and his daughter, excitedly making a cake for the president. amazon reviewers call it disgustingly inaccurate. one reader even questioning how the book made it into publication. from another reader, quote, i can't believe people are celebrating this children's story that depicts happy joyful slaves. well, publisher scholastic is stopping distribution saying quote, the book may give a false impression of the reality of the lives of slaves. and mlk day present from
5:40 pm
kanye west, teaming up with kenrick lamar with a throw backtrack called "no more parties in l.a." >> get your raybans. with a spray tan. >> for the gay man. she remember my friend. and say i was in a great band. ♪ >> mrs. west, aka kim kardashian, tweeted this is the first song ever with kanye and kendrick lamar, and just landed and headed straight to the studio to finish it. a father is making national headlines for his method of rejecting his son's $20 allowance advance request. >> a 6-year-old needed an extra 20 to buy a new toy sot st. louis father typed up a corporate rejection letter, and in it, dad cited a history of not doing your chores and $80 in discretionary entertainment expenses since christmas. and called this an unsustainable amount of expenditure and goes on to thank his son for choosing dafd savings and loan.
5:41 pm
meantime the kid's reaction was this. >> i don't understand any of it. mom got a kick of the whole thing and bought the kid eventually the toy anyway. >> i like that. because our generation seems to entitled. start them young. >> use language they can understand. talk about discretionary expenses. and entertaining? >> that is exact will what i'm saying. >> my kid would say i don't get it. >> it gives new movie to the word baby bump. the fist bumping the toddler at half time over the win over the pacers last night. check that out. adorable. give it to him. yes. she does it again. bethesda's own gold medalist, expected to win more this summer. the 18-year-old is leaving competitors in her wake. we will have the latest record- breaking feat on the way. but, right after the break, a warning about chemicals from nail polish, ending up in women's bodies.
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the average woman pains her nails once a week. nail polish contains several chemicals and new research discovered one chemical not only on women's nails, but also
5:45 pm
inside their bodies. >> reporter: from the nursery, to the nail salon, polish is popular with girls of all ages. but a joint study by duke university and the environmental working group finds chemicals in some polishes can get inside your body. ewg's tasha soyber says researchers tested women for signs of a flame retardant try- phenyl phosphate and each had elevated levels after they painted their nails. >> nail polish is the only product that has this chemical listed as an ingredient. >> about half of all nail polishes has it, which is used as a flame retardant in some foam furniture like couches and while the group says more research is needed on the effects of the chemical in human, animal studies indicate it is linked to reproductive and developmental issues. that is surprising to jenna hye who leds her kids play with nail polish often. >> i was shocked.
5:46 pm
i am pretty conscious with ma what my kids do and nail polish is something i never worried about. >> and in a statement, a group that represents nail polish manufacturers calls the research speculative and misleading and it is used across many industries including electrical and automobile and furniture fire prevention. >> i think i will continue to let my kids use nail polish every once in a while and it is a fun thing that they enjoy doing but i will be more cautious julie watts. >> cbs news, san francisco. >> i don't know if i want to get my nails done. >> i know. me either. [ laughter ] austin versus bowie. someone put a sticker up over the name jim, over this bowie sign and jim bowie is a texas hero who fought at the alamo and austin said they would leave up the david sticker until tomorrow. and now some fans want to make
5:47 pm
it permanent. >> i believe for austin, david bowie probably represents a lot more to us. >> opponents of the idea say jim bowie is a fixture in the lone star state and david bowie is a foreigner with no ties to texas. daytime celebrations in baltimore tomorrow to mark edgar allen poe's birthday. over the weekend an old tradition was rekindled. for more than 50 years. and mystery man honored the late poet at his grave. and the man stopped showing up and another person was hired to keep the tradition alive. >> how do you spell doom? s-n-o-w. >> snow blanketing the roads outside of erie, pennsylvania. making travel very difficult. a car here stuck in a ditch. and the lake effect snow, take my word for it, car stuck in the ditch. lake effect snow, with some parts of the area, seeing 11 inches so far, and what you're
5:48 pm
talking about, topper, could double that. >> and what i think is interesting, we ask you this, could this change, by friday, obviously, it could. and these are just predictions at this point. however, one thing you did say that is kind of curious is all of the models, a lot of them are showing the same exact thing. >> not very often. and one is going in this direction and one is going in this direction and they are really close. and almost a tenth of an inch, how much they will fall. i think we are looking at a major historic storm here friday, into saturday. and let's start with the numbers outside. a live look outside. it is only 21. the dew points are in the single digits, but below zero. that is some kind of cold. and winds are still gusting to 26. good enough for the wind chill advisory north and west of town. expect wind chills as much as 10 below until noon tomorrow. and very cold tonight. and clear. and wind chills minus 10 but the temperatures themselves in the teens. and bus stop temperature, 10 to 22, and it feels around zero. and winter storm friday into saturday. and accumulating snow by friday
5:49 pm
morning, and about to put something on the facebook page, so i will tell you what we do know now and things that we know, looking at accumulating snow on friday, that means get all of your aarons done by thursday, prescription -- errands done by thursday, prescription, batteries, that sort of thing. if you're expecting to fly out of town or coming in, try to get flights changed before it becomes a real mess. >> 20 tonight. the temperature on the future cast. in the teens elsewhere. 19 in minneapolis. and 18 in leesburg and then by morning, we are talking low teens. even single digits. 9 in martinsburg. real temperatures, they are not wind chills. and 10 in manassas. and 11 in silver spring. and then by 9:00, we are at 60 in culpepper and 13 in hagerstown. this is with full sun. but by 1:00, in the low to mid- 20s. and below freezing again tomorrow. and then by 6:00 p.m., we are back in the low to mid-20s. and temperatures will not fall quite as far, quite as fast tomorrow night. but still, a pretty cold night by our standards in terms of
5:50 pm
averages. let's talk about the wind chills, this is the forecast, 10:00 tonight, kind of feel like it is 1 below in martinsburg and zero in gaithersburg. by morning, below zero, minus 6, in bowie, and minus 4 in leesburg and minus 2 in manassas. by lunchtime, nothing to write home about, and still feels like essentially in the single digits. cold as 5 in hagerstown. 12 in fredericksburg. and we go through the afternoon, this time tomorrow night, wind chills are still in the single digits, and north and west of town, an even 12 in manassas and only 15 in fredericksburg. but tomorrow, it is going to be another very, very brutally cold day. tonight, clear, breezy very cold and wind chills 10 below to zero. and lows themselves, in the teens. and the winds are doing us a favor. and they are driving the wind chill below zero, and if we didn't have the winds, we would be around zero. tomorrow morning, teens and 20s. mostly sunny and bitterly cold and the temperatures again, with the wind, 10 below.
5:51 pm
to about 5 above. and some kids are going back to school tomorrow. day planner, teens to start. these are downtown temperatures. 21 at 11:00. and 24 with sunshine. by 1:00 p.m. wednesday, clouds come in late, and maybe a snow shower at night. and then very nice on thursday, the calm before the storm. upper 30s to near 40. okay, friday, snow and/or rain. saturday, mainly snow. and 30s, low 30s at that. and then we are looking at sunday and monday with temperature with sunshine in the 40s. olympic swimmer katie ladeki began her international swimming career in 2012, and wow, how her life has changed the last four years. beginning with winning the gold at the olympics in london and since then, she continues to break world records. seemingly every time she gets in the pool. even her own records. 18-year-old stone ridge graduate did it again this weekend at the pro swim series in austin.
5:52 pm
nobody is even close to her. she won the 800-meter free trial, resetting her own world record in the process. for the fourth time at this particular event. she now owns the top eight performances in history in the 800 free. she is the favorite of course to win gold at the olympic games, this summer, in rio. >> i mean i am always excited about it. i am always, you know -- every race is different. every world record has some sort of meaning. and i have had pretty good luck in texas with the 800. so i have my goals. and i just go ahead to each race trying to get closer to the goals and try to get into a good race, and get into my tempo and get into my good stroke and hold it as long as i can. >> one of the nicest young women. so exciting to watch her career. then there were four. after a thrilling divisional round of nfl playoffs, we are now into the conference championships. but it is what carolina quarterback cam newton did after his victory that had some people very unhappy. the panthers held off a furious
5:53 pm
second half rally from the seattle seahawks to advance in the nfc championship game this weekend but after the game, quarterback cam newton with a victory lap around the field, grabbed the 12th man flag and crumpled it up and said get out of here. he did it earlier this year in the green bay game. not making friends there. one seattle fan actually penned an open letter calling cam classless. heads up to arizona fans, don't put any signs near cam newton if you want to keep it. but it seems to be, at least he waited to the end of the game to do this one. >> and we know who will compete in super bowl-50 after next weekend you can see it right here on wusa 9. 45 million people watched that steelers game. that was incredible. this weekend, it was an incredible weekend for football. >> next weekend will be fun as well. coming up on wusa 9, gas prices fall below $30 a barrel. which means you spend more for your favorite bottle of
5:54 pm
sparkling water than oil companies do to purchase gasoline. >> and race for the white house. the debate goes across the pond, where they are talking about taking one of the presidential candidates and not allowing him into the country. >> and also coming up next, health officials with the cdc offer new guidelines for prescribing antibiotics during flu and cold season. wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm.
5:55 pm
i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past. get fios.
5:56 pm
it is the season for colds, coughs and sore throats. which means a lot of us will go
5:57 pm
to the doctor asking for antibiotics. but a new recommendation, reminding doctors to prescribe antibiotics only when absolutely necessary. kenneth craig has details from new york. >> congested? >> a little bit. >> mackenzie mier has a sore throat and a cough. >> it has persisted for five days, i decided to stop in, just to kind of make sure that it wasn't anything else. >> the doctor determined it was not strep throat, a bacterial infection, more likely a virus which is not treated with antibiotics. >> it seems like a lot of people think antibiotics are the answer for everything. >> kenneth, it is important to remember that most coughs, colds, runny noses, sore throats, are caused by viruses. >> the american college of physicians, together with the cdc, want to cut down on prescribing antibiotics for common respiratory infections. they say about 60% of antibiotic prescriptions may be unnecessary. >> the goal of this is to
5:58 pm
prevent antibiotic overuse, which would cause antibiotic resistance, which is literally killing people in this country. >> the recommendations include prescribing antibiotics only when strep is confirmed. >> for sinus infections that last more than 10 days or if severe symptoms last three days. mier was told to rest and take over-the-counter meds. >> i want to make sure when i am really sick, my body will be able to fight it off and the abs will be able to help. >> she -- antibiotics will be able to help. >> she was told to come back if her symptoms get weth. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> and people with sinus infections experience more side effects than benefits from taking antibiotics. right now, at 6:00, winter is finally arriving. and an arctic blast plummeting temperatures. temperatures in the single digits during the overnight hours. >> thousands across the country spent the day honoring the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. some do it with
5:59 pm
celebration and praise. while others perform acts of service. giving back to their communities. >> tonight, the family of a former fbi agent, missing in iran since 2007 wants to know why he was not among the americans freed this weekend. >> good evening, everybody. welcome to wusa 9 news at 6:00 i'm bruise johnson. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. winter has finally arrived in the district. >> topper shutt has more on how long the temperatures will be around. >> cold through wednesday. barely above freezing on wednesday. and then look ahead to friday and saturday, and we have a little longer story on the facebook page. major to historic storm friday into saturday. confident that a storm will develop, as we are tracking it across the country. accumulating snow friday morning. what can you do? heavy heaviest snow 4:00 p.m. friday to 1:00 p.m. saturday. it could change with a mix of
6:00 pm
rain east of i-95. not a pure snow for folks in southern maryland. but you could do some things. get prescriptions filled. pick them up by thursday. and check the batteries. because power outages are possible. the european model, we will go through friday, and by 5:30 in the morning on saturday, we have the possibility of 14-18 inches of snow across the metro area and let's to the south and east, because of the mix of some rain, but the bull's eye is north and west of town, no doubt about about that. we will show you a different model coming up in about 10 minutes. people are reacting to this forecast, many of them spurred on by today's bitter temperatures. >> this is the first day all season which stayed below the freezing mark. and home depot in bowie, the ice melting chemicals were a hot commodity. >> we waited too late last year and weren't able to get the ice melt so i got here a little early today and figured i would stock up for it. >> warming shelters are open for the homeless. chince george's county fire


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