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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  January 18, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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right now at 7:00, brutally cold temperatures could be the start of a major winter wake-up call. we are tracking the possibility of a big snow storm by the end of the week. thanks for joining us, i am bruce johnson. still too early to know what we will get but chief meteorologist topper shutt said this will be a really dig storm, he has been sorting through the models. >> computer models so in agreement on a storm so far out, that is one reason we are confident we will see a storm. a major to historic storm friday to saturday. accumulating snow friday morning so stay off the roads friday. heaviest between 4:00 p.m. friday and 1:00 p.m. saturday. it will mix or change to rain, east of i-95 late friday and friday night and back to snow. get your prescriptions filled, batteries checked in your flash lights because power out nls are
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possible. -- outages are possible. european model has some snow 10:30 or 11:00 friday morning west of town. 1-2 inches. remember, this is a straight mathematical equation of liquid precipitation and converting to 10 to 1 rags eo of snow. -- ratio of snow. maybe 5 inches downtown, maybe 7 winchester, 4 hagerstown. snowfall accumulations of 10 inches possible. 5:30, 2 feet possible. this will be a north and west storm that will be the bulls eye, the reason is you folks south and east will get snow in st. mary's county but will have the mix cutting down thon total. that is the-- on the total. that is the european model. we will show you the american model. the usa app is free, live radar, 3-degree extended forecast and you can track the storm with us.
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>> wow, not waiting to react to the forecast, especially with the cold gripping us right now. here is scott broom in prince george's county where folks are getting an early start on snow prep. >> reporter: before we talk for potential of snow, we are looking at wind chill advisories in part of the region that might make it feel like it is 10 below zero tonight. >> just brutal. we will hibernate. >> freezing out here. >> a home depot in laurel. >> for the morning, i am not liking it. >> early birdvise been watching the-- birds have been waufrping the forecast and this-- watching the forecast and what this store can provide. >> we waited and weren't able to get the ice melted. i figured i would stock up for it. >> idle today after spreading the mechanicals. he say is the eastern shore, a gentle wake up call for a
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developing forecast that has some potential to dump the most significant snow since our snowmugeden season. today the first day of the season where the temperatures did not get above freezing. in buoy, maryland. >> north and west of washington, some areas could see wind chills up to 10 below. chain saws are fired up in clinton, maryland, after a tree sliced into a home. the owner, glen bell told us the winds were whipping early this morning when he thought he heard a thump. at first he thought sebody was breaking into his house until he got a better look at things. >> we didn't know what was happening until i actually put my clothes on and came into the kitchen and saw half of my kitchen was gone. all we could see was sky light. >> the tree hitting the house, i am fine as long as my family good, i don't need a house as
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long as i have my family. >> that was mr. bell's son who lives in the house with their 9 month old baby. you can see the tree crash into the dining area of the kitchen, luckily nobody was hurt. police are investigating a shooting that left 3 people injured outside the state theater early this morning after a love, peace, and unity concert. police were collecting evidence a few hours ago and believe upwards of 20 shots were fired. oifshs already were at the club re-- officers were already at a club responding to a fight which may have spilled outside. >> luckily nobody was killed. >> we are fortunate nobody was killed. from what i understand from the officers there was at least a hundred people out on the street during this time period. >> several bullets hit an office building across the state. police are asking anyone with information to please give them a call, we have the number posted on the free wusa 9 app. dr. martin luther king, jr.
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is on inminds of millions today-- on the minds of millions, scores made the trip to the national mall where they paused to reflect on his legacy. the crowd of people watched as fbi director james comey placed a wreath at the base of dr. king's memorial. this is the 30th year america has celebrated the civil rights leader with an official federal holiday. southeast dc it was a joyful celebration of dr. king's life. thousands marched in or watched the mlk peace walk and parade despite the temperatures being in the 20s. most took place on the avenue named in behalf of dr. king. several said the energy they felt warmed their hearts. >> just coming out here, feeling the energy, i am already warming up. >> yes, and the hospitality of everyone in dc, it was worth freezing in the cold. >> dc mayor bowser participated,
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shook hands, and handed out beats. in honor of martin luther king, jr. day, residents came together for the stop the violence march. police tweeted this photo of interim chief at the front of the group. stephanie ramirez was there when hundreds hit the streets starting at fed ex field. >> reporter: cell phone video caught the stop the violence march, including not just adults but several children braving the blistering cold. >> i feel bad for the families and the person that it is. >> that is what 9-year-old jered experiences every time he hears of a murder. >> last year, 2015, 79 homicides. we don't want to repeat that again. >> stop the violence! >> one family said they are marching to stop what they say is violence between communities and police.
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brenda young lost her 34-year-old son last may. she tells us he was shot and killed in an incident involving the prince george's county sheriff's office. >> we don't know anything. >> young's mother-- >> love one another. >> antiviolence forum took place after the march. family and church leaders say this is the start of a year-long antiviolence campaign with more workshops and classes to come. in prince george's county, stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. we did reach out to the sheriff's office to see if there is an update in young's investigation but were unable to get anybody on the phone because of the mlk holiday. >> united! we will not be defeated! >> on this king holiday, airport workers in dc and several other cities marched for higher wages and better benefits. we are talking about the people who fuel the planes, clean the cabins and handle luggage, many earn less than $4 an hour, they are demanding $15 an hour and the right to join a union. david tucker makes $3.77 an hour
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and relies on tips to pay bills. >> martin luther king supported the sanitation workers and i am sure if he was here today he would be here supporting the airport workers. >> during the march, protesters staged a brief citizen near the mall blocking traffic on 14th and independence avenue. these workers are not employee of reagan national airport but individual airlines and private contractors. presidential candidates chanled king's legacy, all remember the leader on the steps of the south carolina state house no longer flying the confederate flag. jeb bush tweeted a picture of dr. king saying he changed the nation for the better. donald trump called him a great name while speaking at liberty university in virginia. it is all smiles in the family photo from the washington
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post. reporter jason rezaian released from iran after 18 months in prison posing with his wife, mother sh and brother, he is a-- and brother, he is getting rest and a hutch-needed check up. he said he is feeling good physically but needs to process what he has been through. we can understand that. jason rezaian was released over the weekend, as part of a prisoner swap linked to the nuclear deal with iran. talk about a crash landing. find out what caused the rocket to burst into flames. that is coming up later. 4 days and still snow sign of a missing toddler. we will explain why hope is quickenedly dwindling away. -- quickly dwindling away. >> ♪ i remember many a day and many a loany night.♪ >> the music world is
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one of the top stories on the wusa 9 app, a lot of concern for this 2-year-old boy missing in the tennessee woods, noa chamberlain last seen thursday afternoon walking with his 4-year-old sister and grandmother when she lost sight of him. police and hundreds of volunteers have searched around the clock, even in frigid temperatures but so far they have not found any sign of noah. police do not suspect fall play. crews found the raft searching for 12 marines missing after their helicopter crashed. the rafts were carried on board choppers and some inflated but it is not clear how they inflated. the 2 helicopters crashed thursday night during a training mission. one of the missing marines is the brother of miss district of columbus, corporal jardis from
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fort myers florida, crews are still searching for them. we have lost another rock and roll icon tonight, glenn frey, the founding member of the eagles died in new york, he was 67 years old. the band said he passed due to complications from several ailments and he co-wrote several hits including "hotel california, life in the fast lane, and desperado." they bowed out of their award because of frey's poor health. one of the most iconic songs of the 20th century will tell you what landed don mcclain behind bars. here is current wind chills. 3 degrees in gaithersburg, 3 downtown, and 2 degrees in manassas, how low it will go tonight and more about the storm coming on friday and saturday. we have you cover said with the 4 things you need to know ahead of the potential snow
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of stroke better than warfarin and has a specific reversal treatment. talk to your doctor about pradaxa today. space x launched the falcon 9 rocket to send a satellite into orbit. however, it is the landing that needs work thchlt rock failed to
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land on-- work. the rocket failed to land on the ocean. it failed to lock and touch down, causing it to topple a hard landing and burst into flames, it is believed ice was part of the problem. don mcclain is out on bail after arrested for domestic violence, he posted $78 million. mcclain's notes to american pie sold at auction for $1.2 million back in april. the 1971 hit was about the deaths of buddy holly, richy valance, and the big bopper in a plane crash in february. back in 1959, that is the day the music died. at least 2 a-listers will not grace the red carpet at this year's academy awards, spike lee and actress jayda pinkt smith are skipping the ceremony because of lack of diversity,
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this is the second year in a row where all slots in the 4 major categories went to white actors. in a lengthy instagram post which included a picture of dr. martin luther king, jr. lee said he can't support the lily white actors. and jayda with a video message. >> thanking for acknowledge or even asking diminishes dignity. and diminishes power. and we are a dignified people. and we are powerful. lets not forget. >> smith followed that by saying let the academy do them and let us do us. differently. her husband, will smith didn't get a nomination for "concussion." gas less than $2, but look at this sign in michigan, no mistake, gas selling $0.78 a
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gallon. at one point yesterday, it fell to $0.47, all part of a crazy price war with the local competition, last check that crazy price war is over. gas there now selling $1.50 a gallon. i thought a 4-wheel drive would be okay, you are say ing put a plow in front. >> yeah, a locking rear axle. here is the thing, this is not a lock, it is not in stone, but we are trying to give you an idea of some of the models and they are in close agreement, kind of unusual for a storm so far out. that said, we have to track it across california, deep south, and lock in on it. going to show you this model, the american model. the point here is it is possible to have accumulating snow before noon friez friday. get your-- friday, get your errands done. 1-2 inches west of town, but by
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6:00, 4-5 inches. just a possibility, 6:00 a.m., 18, maybe in leesburg and one thing that does seem sort of for sure, we will see a storm. and we are all going to see the bulls eye north and west of town, lacking a little cold air with the system, not snow in southern maryland, you will have less snow. 5:30 in the evening saturday, look at the snowfall totals, over 20 inches north and west of town, close to 23 inches downtown. you know, national is never going to measure 23. in 2010 it didn't measure that much. national had 17. a big to historic storm is coming our way. 19 right now, not a wind chill. no, winds are gusting 30 taking the wind chill to around zero. wind chill advisory in effect until noon tomorrow, very cold tonight. clear, temperatures holding in the teens, bus stop temperatures, 10-22. wind chill around zero. winter storm friday into saturday, accumulating snow by
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friday morning. get your prescriptions filled by thursday and pick them up. if you are trying to get in or out of town, tomorrow is the day to make adjustments for the airlines and car travel and that sort of thing. okay, 9:30 tonight, taechs in the teens, gaen-- temperatures in the teens, 15 gaithersburg, 12 silver spring, 12 buoy. 9:00 a.m., teens still. this was full sun, too. 1:00 back to low to mid 20s. 24 la plata, 21 hagerstown and tomorrow night still only 20s and hat is with clear skies. so, day planner looks like this, teens to start, 21 by 11:00 and 24 with full sun by 1:00 p.m. now, wednesday clouds come in, we have a little flake here, yes, snow showers possible wednesday night, not a huge deal. very nice thursday, calm before the storm. highs 40s. friday and saturday, there are the 2 stormy days, we are looking at temperatures in the
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40s on sunday and monday of next week. the coaching changes began, we wondered if and when this would happen. the maryland terrapins get
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get fios. we have breaking news out of san francisco, lets take a live look as protesters block traffic on the bay bridge, demonstrators from occupy oakland and other organizations have been marching on this martin luther king, jr. holiday to call attention to police misconduct. when randy was fired as maryland's football coach and mike loxly wasn't retained it put of team's top commitments in the air. the biggest recruit, duane haskins, jr. made this statement last october regarding his status. >> million questions before this article came out. if i was going to stay committed, or if something happened to etsel, i told reporters i would be committed.
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>> well, couple months latether 4-star recruit has changed his mind. he wrote in a blog post he will become an ohio state buckeye, the group he grew up a fan of. the turks were one of the west quarterback teams and haskins was supposed to be the solution to the problem. 2 big losss for the program. kevin durant had a lot to like this season, solid starting quarterback, division title and playoff birth. on the flip side, despite the loss to green bay, there is something durant doesn't like very much, he doesn't look happy wearing the green and gold. he was so confident in had red skins he made a bet with a packers and fan and this was the result, having to wear the other team's colors, not a pretty face there. super bowl 50 is 20 days away, this weekend is conference
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championship weekend. you can see new england and danver battle it out here on wusa 9. forecast hasn't changed. we will have new information at 11:00, though. >> be here
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hi, ben. >> amy schumer's live tv pda with her new man. our critics choice award takeover. >> the couple of the oscar nominees and the growing academy award controversy. >> we can no longer beg. >> jada pinkett-smith calling for an oscar boycott. who is joining her as stars take sides? >> i understand where she's coming from. >> and the critics choice


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