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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  January 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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30 minutes, frostbite, hypothermia will be possible. feels beloin a lot of spots. highs not getting out of the 20s but the feels like temperature in the teens. we'll talk about the big storm for the end of the week coming up. sky 9 is over an accident right now at 6:00 where we had a person, at least according to initial reports, trapped in the car as a result of an accident. this is on the bw parkway northbound it 193 and the goddard space flight center. here's a live look from sky 9. you can see police on the scene as well as fire crews. the car associated in that crash is right here. you can see it flipped over on its side. all lanes of the northbound side of the bw parkway are closed. backup at this point now at 3 miles. we'll send it over to you. right now on wake up washington at 6:00 a.m., tragedy in prince george's county. you are looking live at the scene of a fatal house fire. among the dead two children. we'll get you right to the scene. plus, a weather alert this morning. dangerous windchills and temperatures struggling to get anywhere near freezing. what you need to know before
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you head out the door this morning. developing news. super bowl 50 under threat as an f.b.i. document reveals they're covering their bases ahead of football's biggest game. wake-up washington at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. gldz good morning. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. we start with breaking news out of prince george's county. >> mikea turner is on the scene of a fatal fire. what more do we know about the fire and the lives its claimed? >> reporter: good morning, guys. the more i learn about this story, the more heartbreaking this story becomes. i'm told that the four people who passed away from this fire involved two toddler twins, one boy, one girl. both of them were 2 years old, a set of twins, both of them were 2 years old, a boy and a girl and their grand parents passed away in this fire. when fire crews arrived to the
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scene here in the 6700 block of knollbrook drive here in chillum, they found flames spewing out of the windows here. i'm told that the grandparents and their grand children, they were all trapped inside. three people did make it out. one person jumped from a second- story window and i'm told that the person that did jump was the mother of the twins. she's in the hospital right now. she has non-life-threatening injuries. the other two people including the child's father, they are okay. fire crews, they got the call about 2:00 this morning. they got out here, took about 30 minutes to put the fire out. as we learn more about the victims and the people involved in this tragedy, we'll bring you the latest. reporting live from prince george's county, mikea turner, wusa9. >> a sat story out of prince george's county this morning. thank you. coming up on 6:03. right now our other big story tracking dangerously cold conditions. this is a live look this tuesday morninimg at the skyline
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of washington, d.c. if you are heads outside, layers are very, very important. >> delia goncalves drew the short straw. she is braving the frigid temperatures in dupont circle and we'll join her in just a moment. but first meteorologist allyson rae with a look at the cold weather that has many schools on a delay this morning. >> that's right. we are going to see temperatures stay into the 20s today, feeling into the teens. it will be dangerously cold for several more hours, especially north and west. hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester, frederick. the temperatures there are feeling below zero. a quick snapshot, though, of the big storm for friday and into saturday and we're going to get more computer models coming on in and a better idea but things are starting to agree. accumulating snow starting friday morning. then comes the heavy stuff for areas west of 95. all snow all the time. it's areas south and east where you have some rain mixed in. that is problematic. that could cause some power outages. that will cause even more ice to build on top of the snow. so that's why we're really
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concerned and snowfall totals will be hard to predict until we determine where the the warm air will be because the rain will squash some of the snowfall totals being predicted right now. farther north and west near hagerstown, that looks to be the bull's eye with snowfall totals. you won't see much changeover to rain. other areas will see rain mixed in there. so it's not an all snow event. still a lot of moving parts. we're still several days away but you want to start thinking about making your plans on thursday because thursday looks really nice before the storm arrives. we'll get you more details on the storm and we have another chance for snow come wednesday night. we'll detail that out as well coming up. delia, over to you. >> reporter: guess what? there is some silver lining. it is not as windy. the wind is not as fierce as it was last couple of days. yesterday in fact. but don't underestimate the cold. certainly you can tell by the way i'm bundled up here in
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dupont circle. 13 degrees. washington is waking up to some very bitterly cold temperatures. we've been seeing some folks heading out to work bundled up, heeding the advice to wear several layers. i talk add short time ago to a construction -- talked a short time ago to a construction worker alejandro. he was working nine hours overnight from 8:00 p.m. till early this morning all out in the cold, a construction workers for ten years. he has advice on how folks should layer up for the cold. >> first thing you got to take care of your toes. put on some good thermal socks. usually i can put for each and have good thermal boots. then the long johns for underneath and thermal pants. >> reporter: and he says he's been out here for ten years as a construction worker so he's a pro. he was bundled up from head to toe. throw the fashion advice out the window. it's all about bunling up and -- bundling up and staying warm. coming up in the next half-
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hour, i'll have some tips and signs of hypothermia and tips to avoid it. i'll see you back here live in a half-hour. mike, back to you. >> bundled up. delia still looks fabulous. for a full list of school closures and latest weather, head to the wusa9 app. 6:06 now. two virginia men charged with supporting isis will be in court today. 28-year-old joseph hassan farrokh and 25-year-old mahmoud amin elhassan of woodbridge were charged after farrokh attempted to travel to syria to join the terror group. both men were arrested over the weekend. they'll go before a federal judge in alexandria coming up this afternoon. a d.c. murder suspect has been found hiding in a closet in south carolina. ten-year-old william lee lewis iv was arrested in charleston, north of charleston. he's wanted for committing an execution-style murder in southeast d.c. last november. sadly this morning marks day five for that toddler who is missing in a wooded area
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near memphis good a thousand volunteers have taken part in the 600-acre search for 2-year- old noah chamberlain who went missing thursday while out on a walk with his grandmother. police believe noah will be rescued even though there are several unfavorable factors in the case such as his young age and below freezing temperatures. >> people have just been praying and praying and praying that this child will miraculously be okay, that he'll be warm somehow. >> police do not believe noah is the victim of foul play. still ahead this morning, a jilted bride turns her heartbreak into a night of joy for some needy families. >> plus, under pressure. hundreds get set to protest michigan governor's response to the flint water crisis. we have continuing coverage ahead. allyson? >> let's take a quick snapshot of how cold it is outside right now. remember, you can always use your wusa9 app to find out how cold it is in your neighborhood. coldest spot on the map is martinsburg at 6 below zero.
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d.c., you're at 1 degree for the feels like temperature. we're not going to be above freezing till tomorrow. we're also tracking a quick chance of snow before the big storm. lots to cover. keep it right here to wake up washington. >> we've issued a travel alert for northbound 295 after 193 for an accident right now that has much of the lane blocked. looks like they're allowing one lane of traffic to squeeze on by but we still have a three- mile backup associated with that crash. stay off of the bw parkway. we'll get you
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we're talking about dangerously cold temperatures this morning. the windchills below zero. it's not going to get out of the teens today for the windchill. this is our futurecast for our temperatures when you factor in the wind. this morning the coldest spots on the map will be through hagerstown, frederick and martinsburg and down through winchester. areas south and east, it feels minus one this morning. as we head into the the afternoon, we'll get into the single digits for the feels like temperature. tomorrow morning still cold. single digits feels like temperatures but we will be above zero. we're talking about some improvements here. by tomorrow afternoon we may get above freezing. the feels like temperature gets above the 20-degree mark and getting warmer but that is ahead of a chance for snow wednesday night. i'll time it out now, how much we're expecting and then we'll talk about the storm as well on friday into saturday. larry, over to you. your fast five report slow going on the bw parkway. again this is just northbound after 193 because of an
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accident. moderate conditions on the beltway, 50, 95 both on the maryland and virginia side and i-66. let's take you to the accident on the bw parkway. we had a person that was trapped in an overturned vehicle that was transported to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. some good news there. also good news. looks like we have a lane open and i would imagine from what we're seeing there in materials of the progress, looks -- in terms of the progress, looks like they're getting things under control. we could have both lanes opened shortly but right now just one lane. if heading northbound i suggest you take route 1 or 95 will be your best bet. we'll send it over to you. 6:12 now. still to come how far would you go to return a car? we'll tell but a couple's efforts to tell volkswagen they do not want their emission cheating wheels. >> plus, previewing the new look as the original e-mail service
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welcome back. 6:15. we want to get back to our breaking news this morning. welcome back. mikea turner is on the scene of a very sad story in chillum, a fatal fire there. mikea, take it away. >> reporter: good morning, mike. it still seeps to be a pretty busy scene here. i'm in the 6700 block of knollbrook drive in chillum.
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you're looking at the home where fire officials confirmed four people dead this morning. i'm talking about a set of twins, a little boy, a little girl. they were 2 years old and their grandparents. all four of them are now gone. the mother of the twins i'm told is in the hospital after she leaped from a second-story window trying to get away from flames. two other people are okay. i'm told they may be at a neighbor's house close by. no calls or any word on where this fire started just yet, but as we learn more details, i'll certainly bring them you to. reporting live this morning out of prince george's county, mikea turner, wusa9. taking a loot look at some of the stories we're tracking. >> hundreds of people today will be add michigan governor rick snyder's state of the state address to protest his handling of the flint water crisis. not a surprise. monday police and the national guard were handing out water rations to residents.
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in 2014 flint tapped into its own river for water. unfortunately it wasn't properly treated for lead pipes. residents are concerned that even the water issue when it's fixed, the lead won't be fixed. >> what happens after the water and filters are gone? we're still going to have the lead. we're still going to have the pipes. we're still going to have the poison. we're still going to have the disease. >> ten people have died from legionnaires disease since the switch. breaking overnight, a bomb targeting a police check point in northwestern pakistan has killed 11 people, another 17 people were wounded in the early morning blast which took place on a road leading to neighboring afghanistan. the dead include police, civilians and at least one child. the suicide bomber struck as a local police chief arrived at the check point. that's the latest from the live desk. i'm nikki burdine. andrea, back to you. >> thanks, nikki. it's a long way to go to return a car. marcus and elizabeth expected
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to arrive at volkswagen of america headquarters in herndon today after driving across the country from denver. they wanted to return their 2011jetta sport wagon diesel car in the wake of the volkswagen emission scandal. the couple also wants the company to fully compensate consumers impacted by the scandal. a press conference is planned for 2:00 this afternoon. time for a look at your money this morning. if you think a gallon of gas is cheap now, even lower prices are on the horizon. oil prices have reached a 13- year low after the united states lifted sanctions against iran with more oil now available prices have fallen to $28 a barrel. >> you've got mail. >> familiar, right? perhaps not recently. in an effort to boost membership, a.o.l. could be getting an image overall. the chief marketing officer told business insider they're considering a name change. that comes after verizon recently bought a.o.l.
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for $4.4 billion. >> wow. i'm an a.o.l. customer. going to be used to that. china looked a little better today but markets across asia are basically flat this morning. that's after the world's second largest economy, china, nowpsed it has -- announced it has grown at its lowest rate in 25 years. china's economy grew by 6.9% in 2015 compared with 7.3% a year earlier. this is the slowest growth for the far east powerhouse in a quarter century. we're streaming live on facebook so you can talk to us online while we're doing this. we just had a parent e-mail us in that fairfax county schools had a teacher work day today so they're off. that's why they're not in the northern virginia schools having delays this morning so we appreciate that. >> here's allyson rae. >> hi, guys. >> who are the people who are
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going -- for the people who are going to school, layers are important and don't try to be at the bus stop too long. >> try to stay inside and run out to the bus stop or have the kids in the car. we're talking frostbite possible for any areas exposed. and then the big storm friday into saturday. things are brewing. the storm hasn't formed yet so we're still tracking computer models. as we get to wednesday to thursday, we see the storm head our way. we're really going to nail down how much snow each area is expected. right now looks like farther north and west you go toward the mason-dixon line and over in the higher elevations, that's where the bull's eye is going to be because it's going to be snowing there all the time. it's that little bit of rain that will mix in that's really throwing things off. so stay tuned. we'll keep you up to date. no worries there. windchill advisory till noon. it's cold this morning. snow showers will be poss ahead of the storm. this is nothing to do with the
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storm wednesday night. no accumulations are expected. then the storm comes and snow will start on friday morning. then turn to rain and back to snow and some areas just snow. 15 degrees. feels only one degree out there. we'll stay into the 20s today but the feels like temperature will be into the teens. the winds will still be pretty gusty. here is a quick look at the snow possible for wednesday night. as early as 7:00 lasting till about 12:00. a dusting possible. not much accumulation. it's out of here in time for the morning rush on thursday. and thursday looks really nice. temperatures near 40 and some sunshine. so if you're trying to prepare for friday into saturday, thursday is your day. no problem. 34 for tomorrow. getting above that freezing mark. 40 for thursday. friday into saturday we're tracking this system. it's still all coming together. lots of moving parts. stay tuned. larry, over to you. 6:21 is your time. marc train riders everything continues to run on schedule for you this morning. vre, you're on schedule as well. traveling northbound on 295, i just want you to be mindful
6:22 am
again of the accident we talked about just after 193. starting at benning road in northeast working your way northbound toward laurel bowie road, you're looking at now a 21-minute commute. again that accounts for the delay you will see once you get close to 193. again one lane of traffic open as you travel northbound. route 1, also 95 i think going to be your best bet this morning. northbound on 95 on the virginia side from dale boulevard up to i-395 now a 14- minute commute this morning. eastbound on i-66, you'll see delays as you get closer to fairfax. that's where the bulk of the volume is at this point. from lee highway traveling eastbound toward fairfax drive now a 31-minute commute. and southbound on i-270 starting at old hundred road making your way down toward the capital beltway in bethesda, now a 26-minute commute. trafficland camera shows us how things are shaping up. i believe this is 50 here just east of the beltway. things flowing freely as you travel from areas like crofton, bowie, mitchellville making your way in toward the capital
6:23 am
beltway. weather and traffic returns again on the 9s. for now over to you. >> thank you, larry. still to come as parliament debate as trump ban, we'll tell you who else isn't allowed to visit the british isles. >> a
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welcome back. seattle bride's heartbreak has led to a night of joy for a local homeless shelter. >> when the groom broke off
6:26 am
their engagement it was too late to get a refund on the reception so the bride donated their venue, the band and food to 150 homeless families for a great night out. >> she just wanted to marry the guy that she loved and that's not happening and if she can't have that, then she's very happy to be able to share it with someone else. >> the bride's kindness prompted others to donate hair and make yun services and we wish her luck in having somebody who loves her walk her down the aisle. >> a way to take an awful situation and turn it into a positive. topping our news at 6:30, we have breaking news on a really sad fightal house fire at -- out of prince george's county. >> the fbi is
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a live look coming up on 6:30 at a very cold washington, d.c. if you're heading out this morning, stick around. we'll have your bone chilling forecast and some cold weather survival tips. good morning. i'm andrea roane. welcome back to wake up washington. glad you're with us this tuesday. i'm mike hydeck. we start with a check of weather and traffic. larry miller has the morning commute. first alert meteorologist allyson rae has the details on why you should be bundling up
6:30 am
for the whole day. good morning. good morning. we're not going to get out of the teens. when you factor in the windchills, feels below zero, especially south of hagerstown. that's where you could get frostbite if you're out for more than 30 minutes. temperatures are the coldest there. martinsburg 6 below. hagerstown 3 below. in washington we're all of 1 degree for the feels like temperature. you got to bundle up today. lots of sunshine and blustery again, into the 20s but i know, everyone wants to know about the storm by the end of the week. we'll get to all the details of what you need to know coming up in just a bit. larry, over to you. looks like we have several lanes closed on i-270. this is southbound near montrose road between montrose and the i-270 spur. from our terrificland cam we can see the closures as well as those delays. that's the southbound side
6:31 am
here. that is the accident. and you can see traffic brought to a halt at this point. so folks will need to stay off i-270. you might want to consider 355 as an alternate at this point. also know rockville pike also sees its own fair share of volume so you need to be mindful there this morning. want to take you back to the maps where we have another issue on the bw parkway. this is northbound just after 193. the three-mile delay starting to ease up a bit but you might want to consider route 1 or 95 as an alternate. weather and traffic returns again on the 9s. for now over to you. breaking news this morning out of prince george's county. mikea turner is on the scene of a fatal fire in chillum, maryland. mikea, what do we know about this fire that's claimed so many lives? >> reporter: good morning to you, andrea. it's still a busy scene out here. would we know so far is that four people in this fire as you mentioned are dead. i'm talking about a set of twins and their grand parents. the twins, boy and girl, they were just 2 years old and their
6:32 am
grandparents again who did not make it out of this home safely. when fire crews arrived to the scene, i'm actually in the 6700 block of knollbrook drive in chillum, maryland, in prince george's county. four people were trapped inside. the twins were trapped inside and their grand parents, as i mentioned. they did not make it out. but three people did. a total of seven people lived in this home. a really big family here. fire officials say that the mother of the twins jumped from a window on the second floor and she sustained some non-life- threatening injuries. she is recovering in a hospital right now. the children's father and another person inside of that home, they are okay. i'm told they may be at a neighbor's house close by. earlier this morning, you could just really feel the impact of this fire in the neighborhood. i heard a person screaming out, shouting. i checked with fire officials who said that was indeed a relative here. again seven people in this home. four people dead, including a set of twins, their
6:33 am
grandparents. the mother in the hospital, two survivors. at this point we don't know what caused the fire or where it started but there will be a media briefing at 7:00 a.m. so we will have the latest for you in just a bit. reporting live this morning out of prince george's county, mikea turner, wusa9. >> thank you, mikea. 6:33 now. we're following developing super bowl news. >> the f.b.i. and homeland security are concerned about possible terror threats against super bowl 50. nikki burdine is at the live desk with what we've learned so far. >> reporter: the information came to light in a leaked eight- page intelligence bulletin. the fbi is staying tight lipped about the potential security warnings inside. the threat could come in the shape of a drone or the cutting of fiber optic cables to the stadium in santa clara, california. the retired f.b.i. agent jeffrey harp says the biggest security threat is a repeat of something we saw in san bernardino. >> it's the lone wolf, the individual who is self- radicalized, that creates a
6:34 am
problem, that you can't detect. >> reporter: super bowl officials have yet to respond to the f.b.i. memo. that's the latest at the live desk, i'm nikki burdine. back to you. >> thank you, nikki. several americans released from prison in iran have been reunited with their families. among them "washington post" reporter jason rezaian. after a year enough he was finally reunited with his family. he was arrested in iran on what the u.s. says trumped up spying charges. he was jailed in the notorious evan prison. rezaian and two other prisoners are at a u.s. base in germany. 6:34. right now dangerous windchills and temperatures struggling to get above freezing. >> delia goncalves live this morning in dupont circle with what you need to know about the bone chilling day ahead, including the layers. furry hat included. >> reporter: right. layers, layers, layers. that is the word to remember today from your head down to your toes. if you've got them, grab some hand warmers or toe warmers.
6:35 am
it is a bitterly cold day. washington waking up to here in dupont circle. you can see the thermometer here says it is about 13 degrees and you see some brave folks beginning their day heading off to work. so with temperatures like we have today, top concern is always hypothermia. if you're shivering, that's a good thing. doctors say that's the body's sign things are working. once you stop, hypothermia has likely set in. the biting cold can be dangerous for the young and old and anyone with exposed skin so cover up. hats, gloves, scarves, blankets and underneath, anything but cotton that absorbs the sweat. synthetic materials is best and will keep you warmest when worn close to the skin. >> usually my face. >> definitely the cold face. >> the cold face, the wind blowing in the face. >> it's the wind. the wind is terrible. >> reporter: all right. so we're seeing two seeds right now as i see -- speeds right now as i see folks walking to
6:36 am
work. it's either a brisk walk or they're kind of dazed and walking slowly. limit your exposure outside. dangerously cold temperatures. of course hypothermia. emergency shelters are in effect to take care of our homeless neighbors. back to you in the studio. >> for a full list of school closures and the latest weather, head to the wusa9 mobile app. still to come they are reality tv's newest stars. tommy mcfly meets the real house wives of potomac. >> calls for an oscar boycott are blowing over the lack of non-white nominees. we'll hear from one store who says she won't be there. >> right now you're getting a live look at how things are shaping up on i-270. significant delays as a result of an accident right now. at least the accident is on the shoulder. this is southbound close to montrose road between montrose road and the spur. commuters traveling on that
6:37 am
stretch will see a pretty significant delay of about 10 to 15 minutes. you might want to consider 355 as an alternate. much mor
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6:39 am
6:40 am
about. let's talk about what everyone wants to talk about. the storm by the end of the week. there are still a lot of moving parts. we'll start to see snow start to accumulate and move on in as early as friday morning. the heaviest stuff arrives friday afternoon into the evening overnight right through saturday morning. especially for areas west of 95 where it's going to be all snow all the time. here is the big dilemma. areas in d.c. and points south and east, we're going to have some rain mixed in. so it's not growing to be all snow all the time. that causes a huge problem as how much snow will fall when some of it will be rain and
6:41 am
then back to snow. so we have to figure those details out. what you do know is that's a mess regardless if it's worst- case scenario, regardless if we see 5 inches versus 12isms of snow. ity -- 12 inches of snow. it's going to be a big travel concern for friday into saturday. so get your prescriptions. get what you need to get done on thursday and with the rain factored in with snow on top of that, very heavy power outages will be possible. we're keeping our eyes on it. more details on the app. we'll talk about the cold weather and another chance of snow before the big storm arrives coming up in a few minutes. >> allyson, thanks. time for fast 5. want to let you know again still slow traffic on the bw parkway, i-66 at this point because of volume. the bw parkway because of an earlier accident. this is the northbound side just after 193. moderate conditions on the beptway, 50, as well -- beltway, 50, as well as 95 on
6:42 am
the virginia side. southbound 270 near montrose road, we have an accident that's now on the showedder. all lanes -- shoulder. all lanes of traffic are open. commuters traveling southbound will need to add 10 to 15 minutes to your morning commute to get to your destination on time. i think that will do you just fine if you add that additional time there. from our trafficland cam, this is the beltway north of braddock road. you can see how things are fairing on the inner and outer loop. smooth sailing but volume starting to pick up. weather and traffic continues on the 9s. for now over to you. 6:42. still to come, the g.o.p. dumps nbc. they'll be moving their next debate to more friendly territory they say. >> interesting. we continue to follow breaking news out of prince george's county where four people have been killed in a devastating fire, including
6:43 am
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wl come back -- welcome back. calls for a boycott of the oscars continues to grow and it's all because of a lack of diversity in the nominees. >> as it was e3last year. spike lee and jada pinkett- smith will not attend this year's ceremony. they posted this message.
6:46 am
>> begging for acknowledgement, even asking diminishes dignity. and diminishes power. we are a dignified people. >> the #askoscarsowhite was quickly -- [indiscernible] norah o'donnell is live in new york with a preview of cbs this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you, mike and andrea. michigan's governor admits the response to the flint water crisis is his hurricane katrina. we'll have that and more. and the former taco bell executive that is suing the driver that he attacked. we have more on whether he has a case. jpmorgan case's ceo will be here to talk about the economy and jan crawford meets up with hank williams, jr. on his alabama farm. the news is back in the
6:47 am
morning. we'll see you right at 7:00. >> thank you, norah. have a good show. 6:47. the g.o.p. has dumped nbc for their next debate. the republican national committee has awarded the february debate to cnn now. the move is seen as a retaliation for the performance of the moderatoon cnbc who were ridiculed by the g.o.p. candidate after that debate. donald trump is working hard to appeal to evangelical voters addresses students at liberty university monday. he accidentally botched an introduction to a biblical verse that's trending on twitter. he said a verse came from two corinthians instead of 2nd corinthians. his rival says cruz is accusing trump of displaying inconsistent conservatism. >> if he wants to engage in insuperintendents, that's his prerogatives. i like donald trump. i respect donald trump. i'm going to keep the focus of this campaign on substance and issues. >> but senator cruz did teet
6:48 am
out janet jackson's nasty video in response to using that word to describe him over the weekend. >> pretty clever. 6:4. britain's parliament was debating banning presidential candidate donald trump over his anti-muslim comments. several other famous americans, did you know, are banned from the u.k. because of criminal convictions? among them martha stewart, rapper snoop dog and mike tyson all are not allowed to enter the u. crchghts. did not know -- u.k. did not know that. british prime minister cameron is being criticized. he launched -- [ no audio ] critics say the policy is clumsy and simplistic. right now pretty simple. it is cold, brutally cold outside. coming up 06:49. we were looking at our
6:49 am
temperatures there. 16 degrees. and in trying to get the forecast under control, you say there are lots of moving parts. >> yeah. there always are with snow storms. you have to get the moisture in place. then you have to have the cold air in place. then it's just the timing. there are so many moving parts and this one is no different. now a little bit of warm air trying to work its way in. that would complicate things, make travel concerns worse for some areas. then some areas are going to see all snow for the entire duration of the storm. still a lot of moving parts but what we do know is a major storm is starting to come together. the pieces are looking a little bit more likely. now, just a few minutes ago i went over some of the main bullet points of what we're expecting for friday into saturday. if you missed them, you can find them in two places. probably a lot more than two places. my twitter page. my facebook page, topper's facebook page, his twitter and also of course on the wusa9 app. windchill advisory, here's a broad view of what's going up as we gear up for the big storm
6:50 am
friday into saturday. windchill advisory till noon. it is dangerously cold out there again. frostbite possible after 30 minutes of being outside. we have another chance for snow ahead of the storm. it has nothing to do with the storm wednesday night. not going to cause a big problem. dusting at best. you'll see it on the futurecast. by friday morning we're talking about snow moving on in. then the rain comes. then snow and for some people it's all snow all the time. here we go. 15 degrees. it is officially now our coldest morning so far of this winter season. we've only been down to 16 so far. congratulations. eight now 15. feels only 1 degree and the winds are still pretty breezy, gusting up to near 25 miles per hour. they'll stay breezy today and finally subside tomorrow. we'll get above the freezing mark tomorrow finally. temperatures stay into the 20s, lots of sunshine. very similar to yesterday. when the wind blows it's going to feel into the 30s. here's what we're expecting. this is wednesday, 2:00, cloud cover returns. headed to the 30s. the winds subside. here comes a little bit of snow. this is a brand new computer model that brings it farther
6:51 am
south. even less of a concern. should not impact your travels on thursday by any means. in fact thursday looks beautiful. temperatures near 40. sunshine. that's the day to get your preparations ready in case the kids are going to be home on friday. 27 degrees today. 34 as you head to wednesday. 40 for thursday. as we head through friday and saturday, yes, we're talking about a lot of moisture and that could create a lot of snow. the bull's eye right now looks to be farther north and west you go near hagerstown to the mason-dixon line and winchester could see a lot of snowfall from this. stay tuned. we'll keep you up to date. 6:51 is your time. only one lane getting by southbound 95 in virginia between dumfries and quantico. here's a live look from our terrificland cam. you can see the police presence right now as a result of the accident and the one lane of traffic that's being able to get by. the delay right now is 15 minutes. back to the maps. we're still keeping a close eye on i-270 southbound between montrose road and i-270 spur
6:52 am
where we have residual delays as a result of an accident that's now on the shoulder. sky 9 has been over that scene for the past half an hour or so. looks like traffic is starting to move. once you get kind of a wider scope of this image here, you can see just how significant the delay is. now at two miles. it was at three. so a bit of a downgrade soit' working in our favor -- so it's working in our favor that things are starting to move again. still going to be slow back to the maps. we have a delay for metro riders. it's a bit of a mess out there at this point. delays on the orange line because of single tracking going on between east falls church and ballston. you'll see delays in both directions. the blue line also seeing delays to largo town station. you need to add additional time to those commutes this morning if you're going to be traveling on either the orange, silver or blue line. traveling southbound on 295, no issues for you this morning as you make -- here we go -- make your way from benning road or traveling northbound from benning road to laurel bowie road now a 29-minute commute
6:53 am
with delays once you get outside of the beltway. over to you. lights, camera, action, you can bet tommy mcfly was in the middle of the premier night of the real house wives of potomac and he lived to tell you about it. >> this guy knows what he's doing. he joins us from the 94.7 fresh fm studios. >> good morning. we went deep inside the red carpet to find out what's going on on the real house wives of potomac. we talked to the ladies about their montgomery county community and about the new show. check it out [ inaudible ] >> you've gotten everything right. yes, yes. a lot of times, though, people think because we have all of that, that there's a lot of snootiness. you can identify with each and every one of us. >> reporter: what has been the biggest compliment and biggest criticism you've gotten? >> everybody's immediate reaction is oh, my god, why would you do something like that. drama doesn't have to be
6:54 am
negative. you hear the word "drama" and everyone thinks it's women pulling wigs. drama can be productive actually. >> my friends there from the show. now, it's gotten mixed reviews on social media, on the internet, especially from locals who say it's not quite real enough. we'll see next sunday when it comes back. this morning i want to make you aware 7:30 on the tommy show on 94.7 fresh fm, our very own allyson rae will take on one of our callers in can't beat kelly so we'll see how she does in trivia. >> go allyson. 6:54. a fallen service member will be laid to rest this morning at arrington national cemetery. major adriana vorderbruggen was one of six soldiers killed in afghanistan last month. she died after a taliban suicide bomber attacked her patrol. vorderbruggen lived in d.c. with her wife and her son. she was the first openly gay service woman to be killed in
6:55 am
action. virginia's governor terry mcawful live make as stop at an arlington neighborhood today known for its efforts to preserve affordable housing. he plans to visit arlington mill community center. his office says he'll make a housing and community development announcement at 11:45 this morning. i'm mikea turner reporting live this morning out of prince george's county live in the 6:00 block of knollbrook drive where four people, including two toddlers and two adults are dead after an early morning fire ripped through their home. three people managed to get out, including the children's mother who's now in the hospital recovering from nonlive threatening injury -- non-life-threatening injuries. the other two people are okay. no word on where the fire started inside the home. mikea turner, wusa9. >> reporter: wake up washington and bundle up, washington.
6:56 am
bitterly cold temperatures. we're out here live dupont circle. we've been chatting with folks, taking a look at folks and folks are heading to work. 13 degrees the thermometer reads. layer up. that is the advice of the day from head to toe. hypothermia a major concern so keep a lookout for your neighbors and limit your exposure outside. back to you. stay warm. thanks, delia. windchill advisory in place until noon staying into the 20s today but it will feel into the teens. as we head through the week, a quick snow shower possible wednesday evening. then the big storm friday and saturday. about mid-morning i will have an update on my facebook page because we'll have new commuter models. we'll see how things are aligning so stay tuned for that. still nursing a delay on the southbound side of 95 on the virginia side. again, this is close to dumfries between dumfries and quantico. so watch out for multiple lane closures there.
6:57 am
sky 9 still over i-270. looks like we might have yet another issue going on so this is going to be near montrose road. folks might want to consider 355 as an alternate i think will be the best bet. cbs this morning is next. they'll have more on the story we've been at thing you about. details on a travel warning for pregnant women in hopes of avoiding a virus that causes birth defects. >> don't fall victim to one of the frauds popping up as tax season gets under way. >> stay tuned. we'll update you on the current temperatures. use the wusa9 app and of course the
6:58 am
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>> good morning. it is tuesday, january 19th. welcome to "cbs this morning." protesters demand michigan's governor resign over a toxic war crisis. he admits it is his hurricane katrina. fireworks on the campaign trail. donald trump promises a surprise today. ted cruz says his counter is a counterfeit conservative. j.p. morgan ceo on chasing oil price, china and a few jobs initiative. which begin with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> with us being the


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