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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  January 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. does it feel like winter now? just a few days ago, we were enjoying weather in the 50s, now, we are in a deep freeze and a major storm is
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threatening the region. i'm andrea roane. thank you for joining us. up to two feet of snow could dump over our region. >> we are getting updated computer models here. we'll see the bull's eye. 6:00 friday morning, still no problem. the snow is moving from southwest up to the northeast. it will start to accumulate mid day on friday, right through saturday the what's new? what's different? new model runs coming in talking about the possibility of warm air, causing some areas to see some rain. well, new model runs are showing things are a little colder, that means more snow. with that said, however, still going to see some rain with some snow mixed in there, especially for areas east of 95. it's still going to happen. but some areas will see all snow. that's where the pull's pull
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-- bull's eye will be, north and west of the beltway. we'll be able to pinpoint that. our points are really similar. we are not seeing a lot of crazy variances between each run. we'll go through this point by point and go through the rest of the week on the future cast coming up in just a little bit. >> as you heard allison, the weather team will be fine tuning the forecast to tell you what the weather will bring. download our free app and you can use the track to track any storm. could a working smoke alarm have made a difference? residents in one prince george's county community are mourning the loss of their neighbors. an early morning fire has claimed the lives of two twin children and their grand
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parents. multiple fire crews rushed to the scene to helpknock down the fire. seven people lived in the home. only three made it out. >> it was a narrow escape including the mother of the two children who passed away. she leaped to safety from a second story window. this was the tragic scene early tuesday morning. an eyewitness captured video on their cell phones as fire crews used a ladder. the children made it out alive but didn't survive for long. they later died at children's hospital. >> it makes me feel sad, very sad. >> reporter: glen ya harrison has lived on this block for 46 years. she knew the family and saw the fiery scene unfold. >> i could see the flames. it was almost all engulfed by then. you knew immediately if anybody was in that house, they were
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gone >> reporter: the fire chief says that the children's grandparents died at the sceefnlt loss of the children and the grandparents breaks her heart. >> they were happy children. >> reporter: the mother his the hospital recovering from injuries. two remaining relatives are safe. an early morning conference will reveal the cause of the fire. >> i'm sorry to say that there was no working smoke alarm in the home. >> the cause of the fire is unknown. >> reporter: firefighters are going through the homes in the area to to make sure that there are working smoke detectors many. maryland state police are
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investigating this deadly hit- and-run crash in forestville. the driver of this vehicle struck a pole along route 4 southbound at the beltway and was killed. the collision caused major backups for most of the morning. the scene is clear now. police do not have any information on the other vehicle involved in the crash and so they are askingwitnesses to contact them if they saw what happened u.s. park police shut down part of the park lanes from of the baltimore washington washing way in greenbelt after this truck overturned. first responders had to truck -- to cut the truck open to get the driver out. all lanes are now open. working >> these frigid temperatures, that's challenging but it's even challenging for commutessers rushing to work. >> when it rains, it pours. when it's this cold, there is bound to be a cracked rail on
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metro. >> cracked rail. >> again. >> i guess it's something that you have to deal with it. and on top of it, it's freezing. >> yeah, can't feel it in my legs or my feet. >> reporter: a long commute for those forced to wait out in the element at east falls church metro. thankfully a quick fix and trains were back up and running in a half hour. >> cracked rails, broken trains, not functioning every day, you have to get to work. >> reporter: to make matters worse, a medical emergency, just as rearrived. emts rushed to the aid of a woman who had fainted in the plat foam, comforting and getting her warm while they got her help. >> it's too cold. >> reporter: in dupont circle, commuters agreed, the on thing hot were the krispy kreme. >> i put on thermal socks, two pairs and thermal boots and long johns. >> i'm hoping we miss the
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snowstorm. >> keep your fingers crossed. >> i will, i will. stay on top of the latest weather-related closings. it may be cold on outside but the campaign trail is heating up on both sides of the aisle leading up to the iowa caucuses. donald trump enjoys a 17 point lead over his nearest rival ted cruz. meanwhile, cruz has accused trump are not being a trustworthy con versaative. and clinton has accused bernie sanders of flip flopping on gun control and sanders has accused clinton of beintoo cozy with wall street. prosecutors want the affluenza teen case to be moved to adult court.
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18-year-old ethan couch was originally prosecuted in the juvenile court system in 2015. his lawyer used the affluenza defense at the trial, arguing that his parents' wealth left the teen unable to decide right from wrong. prosecutors argued that couch's blatant disregard for the law means that he is more than qualified to be tried as an adult. he is currently in a mexican jail fighting extradition to the united states. coming up, anxiety over antibiotics. why some are cautioning doctors to weigh all possible options before prescribing antibiotics. and first,
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ten people were killed and then another 20 were hurt when
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a suicide bomber at a motorcycle struck at a crowded police checkpoint in northern pakistan. the blast went off as the local police chief arrived in peshawar. five of the people killed were police officers. a local taliban commander is claiming responsible for the attack. he says that's in retaliation with the killing of a taliban fighter by pakistan. and michigan governor delivered his state-of-the- union address, as anger is building over the response. national guard troops are handing out bottled water, lead test kits and filters to residents in flint. many say that the slow response to flint's response to
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contaminated water is criminal. >> he should have switched it over to detroit water. >> what happens after the water filters on? we still are going to have the poison, still going to have the disease. >> the governor says as soon as he found out that the lead was coming from the water, he told people to stop drinking it. president obama is expected to visit the north american auto show. it's unclear if he will visit residents in flint. >> with the storm coming now would be a great time to download the wusa 9 weather app to keep track of the storms, the latest delays and closings. allison will be up next. >> that's right. when we are not on the air, we are constantly update what we know with a better forecast coming our way. here is a first look at the future cast at 6:00. 6:00 in the morning.
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snow still farther to i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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in day'tohealth alert, should physicians give antibiotics for common illnesses like cold and bronchitis? a new report urges doctors to think twice before doing so. they say that nearly half of the antibiotics prescriptions for those common winter illnesses are is unnecessaryjoining us is dr. west from the inova group. >> the number 1 reason for doctor visits for this time of the year is acute respiratory
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tract infection. unfortunately, a lot of people would like to have a quick fix for those symptoms that they are having. but the antibiotics are not the answer. >> the antibiotics is an issue now. there are some serious health conferences for overprescribing the antibiotics. >> we have seen quite a rise in antibiotics resistance overtime which is very concerning for public health officials. also, antibiotics lead commonly to a number of different side effects and adverse drug reactions. >> we have been hearing that, sometimes, it can even lead to e owe koa lie infections in the drug stream and the super bug phenomenon that we can't kill the bacteria. >> it can be a real problem overtime there has been a significant increase in the prescription of much stronger antibiotics. >> patients want the quick fix. but are there any times when antibiotics are helpful with the cold, with bronchitis, with
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those sinus infections? >> if your symptoms go on for ten days or longer, then it's usually a good idea to go ahead and get checked to see if antibiotics might be indicated. the other situation would be if you have a fever of 102 degrees or higher, along with facial pain or sore throat for three consecutive days or longer and also anyone who might be significantly immunecompromised. >> dr. west, thank you. sound like good advice and talk to your physician first before anything is done. >> thank you. imagine living to the age of 112. a japanese man yaimed yasutoro kuaibi died just a few days before his 1103rd birthday. he says that the secret to long life is live healthy, nor drink, nor smoke.
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and puppy mayhem on a long beach, california, highway. the chase started when officers spotted the car on the shoulder. when officers approached, the driver took off. six dogs were in the car with her. when police caught up, three dogs jumped out and on to the freeway. the woman was arrested and the dogs were coralled. and there is now significant threat against super bowl l. the leak came from a document. one potential threat is a gadget thousands of americans got for christmas, the drone. >> if someone were to use a drone to disperse something, then it could be potentially a hazardous situation. >> the government report also warns of a vandal potentially cutting fiber optic cables, essentially shutting down the internet. the biggest security threat is a lone wolf type of attack
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similar to what we saw in san bernardino. the president of the academy of motion pictures of arts and sciences is promising changes and quickly but that may not be enough to quiet the storm over its all white nominations. >> the president of the academy of motion pictures arts and sciences says that change is coming. actress jada pinkett smith is join standing her grounds joined by director spike lee. they won't attend. >> begging for recognition. >> the president of the academy of motion pictures arts and sciences promises change. he released a statement saying chaim both heart broken and frustrated about the lack of inclusion. director alejandro russo whose
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film is up for an award spoke. >> i think a lot of things have to be improved. >> social media lit up with reaction. hashtag oscarsso white. and good for them for standing up for what they believe in. but not everyone was on the boycott bandwagon. >> the bottom line is that there are countless amazing actors and actresses not nominated. to make this a race issue is ignorant and janet hubbert best known for her role as aunt v i havev posted this rant. >> it's amazing that somebody who made millions and millions of dollars, is -- >> 893% of of the voters are
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white. in the newsroom. and you can stay on top of the oscar debate on our wusa 9 mobile app. remember last month, we were lamenting the fact that december was putting in some of the warmest temperatures on record? >> uh-huh. >> thought about that the other day. it was so nice. >> just a memory now. >> just a memory. not only are we tracking the first, you know, storm but it's really big one and it's so cold, leading up to that wind chill -- wind chill advisory is no longer in place but that does not mean that its' no longer cold. a lot of people keep asking us, let us know when it's going to snow, what it's going to happen. as we get closer to, we'll snow so much more tomorrow and here
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is why. we looked at these computer models all the time and they are coming into agreement. well, we neat data. once it gets on land, we get more accurate information, better information and that will make the model more accurate. disturbance makes its way across the country and we're going to have all the models come to a better consensus. but in the meantime, they are in pretty good consensus already. that's why the confidence level is pretty high that we are looking at major storm here. snowfall totals adding up. these have not changed much from yesterday. but that's a good thing when things agree from model run to model run. still talking about snow arriving as early as friday morning, mid-morning for areas in the district. if we were to change the timing
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of this, or slow the timing, that's going to be later in the afternoon. we won't speed up the timing. even though i mentioned earlier that some of the models may be colder, we not see as much rain as we once thought there will still be some areas that do see that rain and that's going to impact the snowfall totals. we could see a wide range of rainfall totals to a good shovellable flow. wednesday and thursday look beautiful. talking strong winds, cold, that will equal to snow power. here is friday, 6:00, each hour that goes by, we'll get another hour on the time frame and we'll continue to update you on the app as well. >> in the meantime, it's cold. we know that.
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bundle up. temperatures increase add little bit on thursday. blustery. tomorrow morning, we'll still fill pretty brutal. we won't have that wind chill advisory. temperatures in the single digits. 34 tomorrow. 40 degrees by thursday. snow showers friday and saturday. and winds pretty nice by sunday and monday. we'll be back after this.
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all right. we are getting ready for the swole. here is the seven-day forecast.
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stay tuned. i'll have anone date briefly after the show on wusa 9. >> that's it for us. we'll be back with the latest
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>> chelsea: i knew it was irrational. adam travels on business all the time. [ sighs ] but we'd just gotten home from the hospital and seeing billy and victoria and the abbotts, and there were so many tears, so many goodbyes. [ sighs ] so something just felt off about the timing. it just felt like it wasn't a good time for adam to leave town. and i had this really bad feeling driving home from the hospital. so i told him. i told him to stay, and he told me that i was worrying for nothing. and he kissed -- kissed me goodbye, and he left. >> sage: and that's the last time you heard from him? >> chelsea: yeah. >> sage: huh. >> chelsea: it's really unlike adam. he always reaches out to me when he's traveling, always. he'll -- he'll, you know, text me sweet messages. for him to leave when he knew i was really uneasy about it and then go radio silent...


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