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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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iranian prison. >> donald trump picks up his highest profile endorsement to date. i'm bruce johnson. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. you have heard the warnings. there is plenty of time to prepare for a major winter storm headed our way. chief meteorologist topper shutt is tracking the potential snowfall totals. top? >> okay, here we go. we are looking at a major to historic storm that is still on the table so to speak. friday into saturday. i think we are going to see morning snow on friday develop from southwest to northeast. and become heavier steadier by evening. heaviest snow 4:00 p.m. friday into 1:00 p.m. saturday. yes. there could be a mix south and east of i-95. try to finish your errands thursday. and power outages are possible. as i said on facebook and twitter if it ends up being historic, you may want to prepare to be house bound two or three days. yes, this is the europe model.
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you can see the snow beginning from southwest to northeast. by early morning on saturday. several inches south and west of town. in fact, it actually has a bulls eye now south and west of town takeing the storm a little further south. plenty of snow still. we are looking at snowfall totals over a foot inside the beltway. the gfs model is still on board for a big, big storm. this is again going to be the bulls eye. we will advance this all the way through. the bulls eye right through the metro area with amounts more than 20 inches. that is not our forecast. that is just the model that gives you an idea of how to get prepared. reminder. perfect time to download our app. it is free. you can track it along with us. go to the app store and search for wusa9. constant updates, closings and delays and alerts. if we change our forecast, you will get it right away as well. >> thank you topper shutt. an emotional appearance for the families of two woodbridge
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men charge with terrorist activity. >> farook attempted to travel to syria. 25-year-old el hassan is accused of trying to help him. family members got emotional in court. >> reporter: we learned both men attend northern virginia commune college and the same mosque in woodbridge. their family and friends say they are innocent being framed by an overzealous government. >> my client is innocent. the issue is the way the government goes about these cases. >> reporter: the devastated brothers and sisters of al- hassan looked on as his lawyer blasted the federal investigation leading to his arrest. >> they had three informants in this case looking for people that they can get in trouble. >> reporter: this cell phone picture captured the arrest of
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him. >> it is unfortunate one would want to sympathize with such terrorism activities when you have america, you have is a good country full of good people. >> reporter: hassan had just returned from driving his friend to richmond international airport. now, federal investigators say that friend, farook, was planning to fly to syria to join isil. >> they come and pray together with us. it is very shocking. i never even had an inkling this was going to happen. never could have imagined the brothers would do this. but i don't know what they did. >> reporter: elhassan is charged with aiding and abetting farook's attempts to go to a terrorist organization. >> that is literally in my front yard. i walked by his house three or four times a week. >> reporter: farook has a
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detention hearing thursday, elhassan's tuesday. both will be held until then. andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> both men will be back in court february 1. if convicted they face a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. isis says jihadi john is dead. jihadi john was the nickname given to terrorist who beheaded hostages in several isis videos. his real name was mohammed emwazi. he was killed in a drone strike in syria. president obama welcomed malcolm turnbull to the white house for the first day. he says australia has been a consistent partner in the fight against isis and australia is critical to the security of southeast asia in the week of recent security attacks in jakarta, indonesia. we have new video of jason
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rezaian being released from iran. iran called rezaian a spy and held him for 545 day ins prison. often in solitary confinement. we are hearing from the other americans released last weekend as part of a prisoner swap with the u.s. his name is amir aqmadi. he was held four-and-a-half years on spy charges. he says training as a marine helped him to get through the ordeal. >> i tried my best to keep my head up and withstand all the pressures put upon me. some of which were very inhumane and unjust. >> he told reporters he is in good spirit and he can't wait to get home to michigan. we have less than two weeks before the first primary ballots are cast. the two leading republican presidential candidates are penning a lot of time in the early voting states of iowa and new hampshire. we want to give you a live look
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at a donald trump rally in iowa where he is picking up the endorsement of former alaska governor sarah palin. also today, iowa's governor weighed in on the race. craig boswell has the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: sarah palin is throwing her support behind donald trump. palin, the 2008 vice presidential nominee says i'm proud to endorse donald j. trump for president. mr. trump was honored and says she is a friend and a high quality person whom i have great respect for. i am proud to have her support. the news comes on trump's busiest day in iowa to date including three stops in the hawk eye state where he is not easing up on his rifle ted cruz. >> ted has a rough temperament. you can't call people liars on the senate floor. >> reporter: cruz said trump is just worry about his poll numbers. >> last couple of days he has
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been getting rattled. throwing some insults my way. i don't intend to respond in kind. >> reporter: but cruz hinted he would be willing to offer trump a job if he wins. >> we will build a wall and i have somebody in mind to build it. [ laughter ] >> reporter: cruz has a lead in some iowa polls but it is popular republican governor while not endorsing any candidates made it clear who he is not supporting. trump tweeted the highly respected governor of iowa said ted cruz must be defeated. big shocker. people do not like ted. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> and on facebook, people are talking about the republican national committee's decision late yesterday to cut ties with nbc for its upcoming debate in houston. the february 25 debate will now air on cnn. ben carson has canceled all campaign events today and tomorrow to travel to omaha and check on a badly injured
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campaign volunteer. he was in south carolina when a campaign van in iowa was involved in a crash. the van hit a patch of ice and flipped and another vehicle hit it. one volunteer suffered serious injuries and was taken to a trauma center in omaha. two other volunteers and a campaign staff worker were checked out as well. a brand new poll shows congressman chris van hollam with 30% of the vote. the winner of the general election will fill the seat of retiring senator bob rumagolski. the white house says it is confident that the supreme court will uphold president obama's executive actions on immigration. they will hear a challenge of his plan to let up to 5 million undocumented immigrants work here legally. a decision from the highest
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court is now expected by june. the congressional budget office says the deficit will rise to $544 billion. the increase is largely attributed to increase spending and tax cuts. they project the economy will grow by 2.7% which is slower than last summer's prediction of 3%. a long time union lyddane dc is stepping down. jocklin williams says he will not rerun. the aflcio. he has held the position since 1982. the council represents 150,000 union member ins the district and maryland. williams says he will remain active in the labor movement working on global issues. coming up, the pentagon considers taking
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>> we have a developing story out of michigan. governor rick snyder is expected to address flint michigan's water crisis in his state of the state address. he says he made big mistakes handleing the lead found in the city's water supply. the white house is weighing in. according to health and human services official to resolve the water crisis. two people are dead after a greyhound bus flipped on its
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side on a san jose highway in heavy rain. eight others were injuries. it was coming from los angeles. what caused the bus to flip over is under investigation tonight. the driver told police he was feeling fatigued before the crash. mexico's attorney general is looking into possible business dealings between drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman and actress kate del castillo. the attorney general involved possible money laundering involving a tequila business owned by the actress. trending on facebook, a daily beast reports that the pentagon is considering demoting david petraeus. he pleaded guilty to giving classified information to his biographer and mistress when he was in uniform. it rests with ash carter. if his rank is reduced he would lose hundreds of thousands of
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dollars from his pension. coming up to night, the run on snow supplies begins as the dc area braces for an approaching winter storm. >> but up next, a family tragedy in prince george's county. twin toddlers and their grandparents die
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>> from our prince george's county bureau, no working smoke detectors have been found at the scene of a house fire that killed four people. >> the dead are precious twins and their grandparents. >> reporter: from the fire scene here tonight, investigators have told us they don't believe this fire was suspicious. it started somewhere on the first floor, they can't pinpoint it. but it was a stunning tragedy. >> i can't believe it. >> the worst thing that could happen to anybody is to lose children. >> reporter: seen on their mother's facebook, anna and israel, age 2. they died along with their grandparents as this rental burned early this morning. their mother escaped from an upstairs window with serious injuries. the family gathered at the scene of the fire crying. their family headed by samson
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omogbo. an immigrant from nigeria who died with his wife caroline and the twins. >> she was walking barefoot. >> reporter: the twins are the children of elizabeth omogbo and her husband working in nigeria. a family shattered in two continents. in chillum, scott broom, wusa9. >> firefighters handed out free smoke connectors in the neighborhood. a man who just missed a highway light pole went to work today. he talked with us there saying that he is grateful to be alive. 60-year-old luis abrego was headed home when he saw a vehicle sideswiping multiple lanes and hit a light pole that came crashing into his car just as he let off the brake. >> by the time i moved, boom.
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i feel something on the top of the roof. i think what is going on here? i look. and i got the pole behind me. i said oh jesus christ. thank you. >> just pay attention o the road. and make sure you know what you are doing before you get behind a wheel. >> wow. >> hm. >> the driver who caused the crash faces several citations. the two oxen hill volunteer emts injured are still in the hospital tonight. >> amazing he is still alive. our bitter cold temperatures are keeping a lot of people busy. a lot of folks stocking up on cold weather essentials and sherry's plumbing is busy responding to calls about frozen pipes. new and old pipes can burst when you have temperatures as cold as they are today and those high winds. >> make sure you know where the main water shuts off to the house in case of an emergency. in case something breaks. you need to turn the water off.
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>> typically your main water valve is in the basement at the front of the house. if you had pipes burst in the past, you want to be especially aware on days like today. and i have experienced that at a home before. not good. >> here is the deal. you should have dealt with your pipes a long time ago. you are lulled into a false sense of security in december. you can leave it trickling. leave the cabinet doors open. all right, talk about what you can do before the storm. we are still looking at a major to historic storm. get prescriptions filled by thursday. we had this on my facebook page. change your flight plans now. if you are trying to drive out of town, it will follow you if you are going north. if you go south, it will be there first. keep your devices charged. a good time to download the
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movies for you and the kids in case we have power problems. three degree guarantee. we are in pretty good shape. we went for a high of 27. and, we will lot you know how we did tonight at 11:00. no one made it above freezing today. live look outside. it is only 25 right now. winds are northwest at 14. a little bit better. dew points around 2:00. it is a very dry air mass. we talked about this last week. we are 72 hours below freezing. very cold tonight. not as windy. winner storm friday into saturday. has not changed. saw some new data. there is a new run every six hours. not too much has changed. steady as she goes now. accumulating snow by noon friday. i think it will become heavy by friday evening so 10:00. nice walk after dinner, only 21 in la plata. clear, yes. and then by morning, 6:00 a.m., we are in the mid teens. 16 in silver spring and 15 in
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fairfax. by 9:00, low 20s . upper teens. clouds overspread the area as we go through the afternoon. a couple of snow showers possible south of town. that is not a huge deal. tomorrow and thursday is time to make some hay. do your errands. 31 with clouds by 1:00 p.m. so, thursday, there is your nice day. almost seasonal. 38. snow arrives friday. highs above 32. that was an easy call. we may have to make that red. more snow posted on saturday. friday night, early saturday morning. we are okay sunday back in the at wegmans we believe the best way to help you
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>> now, wusa9 game on sports with kristin berset brought to you by xfinity. >> in a season full of upsets, maryland has a bulls eye on its back as a lot of people hope to knock off the terps. earlier this month, maryland dismantled north western on their home court. the wildcats have gotten better since then. they are off to their best road start in 85 years. the terps don't let many opponents take away their home court adagvante having won 23 straight at the xfinity center. >> i think they are more comfortable on the road. they are 4-0 on the road. so, you know, our guys will be well aware of that. we are comfortable at home. it has been two weeks later. they improved as a team. they improved as a team. come out focused when the game
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starts. >> former washington and pittsburgh wide receiver antoine elle is talking about his mental state. randall elle who is just 36 years old says he regrets playing the sport now because he suffers from memory loss and can sometimes barely walk up and down the stairs. he says if he went back in time, he would have chosen the baseball path instead. the accolades have begun for the burgundy and gold. brandon sheriff has been named to the all-rookie team. he played all 16 games an missed just one play all season. we are getting closer now. just 19 days away from superbowl 50. this weekend, we will find out who will be the last two standing in santa clara. you can watch sunday's afc championship game right here on
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wusa9. you know, college football recruiting can be ruthless. we saw how maryland lost two top recruits to ohio state. well, it appears that some college football coaches will go to great length to get the guy they want. this is jim harbaugh climbing a tree. he was on an at-home visit with david long who is deciding between michigan and washington. talk about competitive. long's sister asked harbaugh if he could climb the tree. to show his commitment, he went for it. he didn't make it. but he went for it. >> another coach up the tree. [ laughter ] >> we are out of time. >> yes, we are. but new information at 7:00. >> all right. see you at 7:00. >> join us for the show after the show and we wil
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>> pelley: trump gets his biggest enforcement less than two weeks before the votes. a demand for the resignation of mish dwan's governor over the water crisis in flint. >> we are all affectd and infected by this, and they need to pay for this. >> pelley: a big winter storm is in the forecast for much of the east. and reinventing the car pool by adding soundtrack. soundtrack ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: 13 days before the first votes of the presidential election, donald trump has scored a victory over his closest rival ted cruz. tonight, trump won the endorsement of former vice


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