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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  January 20, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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let's call this the calm before the storm. light snow falling across the dmv. this a live look outside the wusa 9 terrace. this could be nothing compared to what we're projecting to see this weekend. thanks for joining us, i'm bruce johnson >> and i'm jan jeffcoat. most of the area under a blizzard watch for this weekend's potentially record storm. chief meteorologist topper shutt is projecting the latest projections. >> let's show you where the blizzard watch it. it covers the immediately area, it covers our friends in cal very county and you will a the way down to southern charles county but i got to tell you, i think la plate have a better
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chance. so historic storm on friday, saturday. trying to break it down for you. it will start from southwest to northeast on friday, so culpepper gets snow before manassas, 1 to 4 inches by 7 p.m. on friday. it will come in slowly but start to pick up pretty quickly. overnight until 7 a.m. on saturday an additional 8 to 12 inches and then during the day saturday, an additional 8 to 12 inches. you do have until friday morning to finish your errands. less south and east so into southern maryland, i think you're only going to see 4 to 12 inches because of the mix of snow and rain. southern maryland, maybe 6 to 10 inches. so here is our latest band. again, two feet possible, winchester, leesburg. we might have to extend this
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further across i 270 around frederick. 18 to 24 inches good frederick and gaithersburg. when you get down to it, there's not much difference between this band and that band. further south, we're still looking at 12 to 24 inches possible even as far as silver spring and northwest d.c. 12 to 18 on the other side of i-95 and there's your 6 to 12 into southern maryland. so, again, heaviest snow will be overnight friday and into early saturday afternoon. well, this is the perfect time if you haven't done it, download our app. it's free. constant updates, closing and delays and something changes, you'll be the first to know. the national guard is on stand by in d.c. as district leaders gear up are to the epic snowstorms. >> reporter: the city is stocked with plenty of salt, and 20 new trucks to plow the roads. but as far as the sidewalks,
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well, that's where they need your help. >> i like to help people. i've always been a helper. >> reporter: eric williams and about 2,000 volunteers have already signed up with d.c. serve to shovel elderly and disabled neighbors out. for you, this is more than helping your neighbor? >> a lot more than. it's me surviving. >> we can move the snow and we will move the snow, and -- but that will be my biggest concern is that we're able to get to people who are vulnerable. >> you fill out applications, come pick up the shovel to help. >> reporter: the city 311 call center will pair up needy residents with able-bodied volunteers who take a shovel and return it after the snow season. clearing sidewalks is a law in d.c. but helping your neighbor in need is the right thing to do and for cory, it can save her life. >> really got to return those
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shovels? anybody needing help to shovel out call 311. we also want to tell you about a website called, it has volunteers for folks that need free help shovelling snow. the site is operated here in d.c. by jeef percelli. >> it means they can't get to the foot store, the pharmacy, a doctor's appointment or work or the mailbox and perhaps in the mailbox there's a social security check to pay their rent or mortgage. >> they expect about 150 people to sign up as volunteers. that's and learn more about it on our wusa 9 app. there's plenty of salt and road crews already have pretreated many of the roads in prince george's county. officials will do all they can
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to keep the roads clear but they're going to need your help. >> please keep in mind, when it does show, you should park on the even sides of the street to allow our trucks the opportunity to come in and plow the residential neighborhoods. >> also, remember, you've got 48 hours to remove snow from sidewalks once the storm is over, or you may face a $100 fine. and as we showed you, we started seeing the first snowflakes. already the university of maryland has called off classes for friday. it's also closing down the college park campus saturday and sunday. but some staff will be there to help students move back in. some students have been taking winter semester classes the last couple of weeks. in fairfax county, school officials are hoping to make a decision tomorrow night about whether to hold classes on friday. in prince george's county, police are going door to door in hope of finding leads on a
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deadly shooting. franklin young, junior, was killed in his apartment last night. police are back at the scene now handing out crime solvers flyers to the victim's neighbors. a mother is asking everybody to write to congress after a man was sentenced to probation after a hit-and-run that killed her son. rick warwick was a 35-year-old father of five. he was hit and killed while changing a tire last year. family members told us they received no justice today. >> it's a sad day. justice just wasn't served fair. >> sometimes i think how that you've ruined more than just one person's life. >> but the lawyer for the 73-year-old earl teeter argues that he would stop had he known he would hit somebody. the judge said he took teeter's
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history into consideration. he has a clean driving record up until this incident. tonight a prince george's county husband broken hearted over the hit-and-run death of his wife. she was behind the wheel of this pickup truck when it crashed into a pole and was killed yesterday morning as she pulled off the belt way on to pennsylvania avenue. investigators say it's possible the trash truck driver who collided with ahmed did not know they were in an accident, however that theory is not flying with the victim's husband. >> i don't know where this guy is from or what he's made out of to continue on with his journey to whatever he was doing not to stop. >> if you witnessed the crash, prince george's county police want you to call them. d.c. police are hoping somebody recognizes the man who pulled off a smash and grab at a popular southeast d.c. restaurant. this video posted on their
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youtube page shows the suspects using a rock to break into the uniontown bar and grill. it's located on martin luther king avenue. then he runs behind the bar and loads up on liquor. he got away but the security camera got a good look at his face. d.c. police are offering up to $1,000 in reward money. we are hearing from the "washington post" reporter he would by iran. he issued a statement saying he feels fine and is getting terrific care. he plans to continue writing at some point, but for now, he wants privacy. he said he wants to catch up with what's been going on in the world, watch a warriors game and watch the "star wars" movie. class is called off in detroit, but there's no snow involved here. why teachers forced schools to close down after the break.
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>> that rule is gone like a snowball on a hot july law. why capital shredders have laum -- sledders have
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taking another live look outside, snow is starting to fall across the metro area, but this is not connected with the blizzard we could see this weekend. in just a few minutes, topper will break down how much snow is expected to fall and when. one year from today the road to the white house will lead to the steps of the u.s. capitol. here's a live look at the u.s. capitol building, where one year from today the 45th president of
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the united states will take office. there is still a whole lot of campaigning to do between then and now. donald trump and sarah palin stumped together. on the democratic side, this may be a stunner to some, a new poll prosecute cnn shows bernie sanders ahead of hillary clinton by 27 points in new hampshire. voters in that state are three weeks away from going to the polls. [ bell ringing ] it was still a down day on wall street. at one point the dow sank today 565 points. at the end of the day, it was down 249. falling oil price are to blame. today, hundreds of detroit teachers skipped school, most public schools were forced to close as teachers staged a massive sick-out in order to hold protests. they say classes are overcrowded, school buildings are crumbling and teacher pay is low. the school system is still more
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than a laugh billion dollars in debt. weather models are calling for one, maybe two feet of snow this weekend. next, we take a look at how the models are developed. >> i don't know why i got this pool brush but it's pretty good for clearing snow. this is a light snow, less than an inch, but it's covering more of the metro area. we'll come back and tell you how much we're going to get and break down the blizzard for you. >> the possibly historic storm continues on the free wusa 9 weather app. you can get closings and delays and allow
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get your sleds, snow boots and about five layers of clothing ready because it's now legal to snow town capitol hill. congress signed the bill. the new rule points to the capitol's family-style neighborhood and asks police to let sledders to have fun. have fun. >> yeah, i was out there, i remember the parents showed up with the kids and sleds, we're not going anywhere. >> the police just sat there and watched them. >> a lot of talk about the
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weather models that all agree we're going to get hit. >> what are the weather models and why do they agree? they are incredibly complicated programs but they use slightly different starting data and different formulas and they sometimes come up with different forecasts. like for hurricane sandy which the european model had smacking into the east coast but the american gfs model still had it heading out to sea. >> in my career, what i have seen is that we have produced models that have progressively gotten better and better and we've all kind of floated up on that boat. >> they invested millions in new computers near -- that kind of computing power should make forecasts faster and far more accurate. >> which one do you prefer? >> that's unbelievable, in the olds days, we prayed for one
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model run to come in. now they come in every six hours. the european did a big job on sandy. remember the big blizzard that didn't hit new york last year? they beat the european meteorologists. i like the european and i like the north american model. >> i got to ask you about this. we've covered all the big storms for the last 20 plus years. we've had those storms and the thing that most people are afraid of, losing power. you know, the ice, the snow coming down, bringing the lines and trees down, what does it look like this time? is this going to be the heavy snow that sits on the wires and trees? >> if you're east of 95, that could be a mixture of rain to wet the snow down a little bit but unlike 2010, when it started as a very wet snow, but '09 which was a wet blizzard did not bring power outages. >> what about the wind gusts?
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>> pretty significant. let's start with the map, everybody wants to see the map and you can see the map on our website and i tweeted out on facebook. winchester, culpepper, we might have to extend it up into frederick, 18 to 24 in frederick, which goes down into the northwestern part of d.c. extreme southern maryland much less, to 6 to 12 near the patuxent river and further south to the northern neck, 2 to 6. but the bulls eye is going to be right in the met are area -- metro area west of 95. not to say we can't scoot this a little further east as well, the 18 to 24 band. it going to be historic. the biggest snows for d.c. or downtown is the knickerbocker storm, january 22nd, we have to get over 16.6 to get in the top 5. i think we'll take it to the top 10. of course, different story in
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dulles, 32 #2.4 their record. make sure you have things like advil and tylenol for the kids. change your travel plans now in terms of the flights. got a facebook question, hey, can i fly in friday night. weather-wise, you could by friday night but they probably won't let you fly in. keep your devices charged. live look outside, it is snowing. 26 degrees right now. winds out of the south-southwest at 8. not going to snow for too much longer. it's eventually over in fairfax but you see this blue here, this is our live radar, heavier activity down south, 95 through old town and over toward waldorf, everything is pushing pretty quickly. again, it is accumulating very quickly and lowering visibility. if you're not home and you're driving down 50 or going down 301 or 5 down into maryland, take it easy, the roads are covered. heaviest snow 10 p.m. friday to
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3 p.m. on saturday. tweet and facebook your pics. totals west of i-95, 16 to 30 inches. stay off the roads if you can after 2 p.m. on friday. 10:00 tonight, most of the snow is across 95 into -- about ready to cross over the bay and we'll clear out overnight. we'll start in the 20s tomorrow. then mid-positive. good day to get everything done. red weather alert on friday, saturday. temperatures both days around 32. next seven days, nice on sunday. we're back in the 40s and a cold rain possible on tuesday with highs still back in the 40s. the nationals have a secret up their sleeves. they've tweeted this photo of a concert entitled big announcement tomorrow morning. we'll bring you the details then. >> i wonder who -- i have no
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clue. >> the outdoor concert maybe? >> taylor swift last year, i wonder what it would be this year. >> i don't know. we'll see. all right, speaking of the nationals, it's kind of that hot stove part of the year, all the trades and deals are being made. there's rumors surrounding the nats, are they willing to shell out the big bucks for another big bat? plus
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the only blood thinner that lowers your risk of stroke better than warfarin and has a specific reversal treatment. talk to your doctor about pradaxa today. last month the washington nationals showed everyone they're willing to spend the money needed to upgrade their roster signing daniel murphy to a $37.5 million deal for three years. now it appears they're eyeing another big bat from the big apple. the nationals are one of three teams reportedly interested in yoenis cispedes. the gold glove caliber outfielder finished 2015 with 35 home runs and 105 rbi, but of course, he is demanding big money, somewhere in the six-year, $150 million range. the nats were eyeing justin
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upton but have honed in on cispedes when upton designed with detroit. it's always fun to see athletes from the dmv that go on to great careers. stephen digs had a breakout rookie season and is now getting praise. he was named to the all rookie team. digs led the team with 52 catches for 720 yards in 2015 and he was second on the team with four receiving touchdowns. remember the vikings went 11-5. when asked about his impressive rookie season, he said it was okay. he plans to spend the offseason working with his quarterback, teddy bridgewater. there's your four teams remaining. you can see the chaionship here this weekend. >> the baseball, saving those dollars, makes your head spin.
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>> unbelievable. >> snow is making the head spin. red weather alert on friday and sunday, 12 to 24 inches across the board. >> we'll all be here for the weekend just are you guys.
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now on the campaign trail, could sarah palin a get shot at being vp again? >> her new family scands al awe hear from trump today. >> we need to be in it to win >> is she still talking? >> palin hits the road with the donald. >> the wild endors headlines a day after her son track's domestic violence arrest. was he wielding an assault rifle in sarah's home? >> my own son is going through ptsd. >> then jamie foxx breaks his silence about pulling a man from a burning car. the victim's dad is and why jamie's rescue was more daring than we knew. >> climbed in, cut the seat belt. flames come in. >> also we're with jillian michaels, why she's revealing her once hidden home life with her two kid >> did you have any doubts in doing this?


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