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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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a dangerous drive home tonight, and this isn't even the big storm. the snow we have already seen has caused countless crashes, 150 of them just in virginia, and traffic tieups all across the area. slick roads, spinouts, and a whole lot of people going nowhere fast. >> thank you for joining us. we hope you are joining us from home. i'm lesli foster. >> and a lot of people are still stuck tonight.
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i'm adam longo. mola lenghi show us the roads, and ellison barber has what you need to know before you get behind the wheel, and garrett haake has how the stores are stocking up. topper, this is not the storm we were preparing for, but it feels just as bad? >> not a good dress rehearsal it reminds me of the january storm we had had .4 of an inch, and it paralyzed the city at rush hour this radar is showing the snow moving away from the erin suburbs, and again, about an inch. temperatures in the upper 20s, and cars in place, the tail end of the rush hour. good snow though, still in parts of upper arboro and bowie. and germantown, rockhill, just a few flurries. moving across the bay in the next hour. you will be completely done with it.
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new models are in. based on one model, and i'm digesting the other model. here's what we are thinking. we extended the 2-foot band farther north. we do not say that very often. extended the 2-foot band farther north. northwest dc, down into fairfax county into manassas. you go to i-95 west, still a big storm, into southern maryland, we are looking at 6- 12 or 3-6 because it will mix with sleet or rain from time to time. there's a blizzard watch for southern maryland. i think it will taper off to the north, and it's for a good reason. friday through saturday night, and okay, let's break it down for you a little bit. historic storm, and you can get your errands done by friday at noon. 1-7inches on friday, and 8-12 overnight on friday, and an additional 8-14 on saturday. finish your errands saturday
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morning, less to the south and east. we will come back and check about the other model and if it's going to be a prop when it finally melts. blizzard 2016 coverage is just getting started continue. >> we have school delays running at the bottom of the screen. the mayor's office has already tweeted out a warning, and the mayor of dc, we should be clear about that, asking people to avoid travel and reminding people crews will work throughout the night before tomorrow's commute. live to mola lenghi for more on the dangerous drive. for some folks, they are stuck out there right now. >> reporter: lesli, this is an area that is used to heavy traffic, and we are used to rush hour haakes, and today is something else. it's not even over yet this is wisconsin avenue. 11:00on a wednesday, and you
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can hear people honking, bumper- to-bumper traffic. today was a mess, and it's not over yet. >> reporter: this is what it sounded like. this is what it looked like to drive around the dmv. to call it a mess is an understatement. there were pileups, flipped suvs, and the slightest hill, left tires spinning, and rush hour overflowing into the late- night hours, bumper-to-bumper all night long. it was worse than a mess. a mess would have been nice. >> reporter: you know, one thing that a lot of folks were complaining about, a lot of folks were concerned about what they were describing as a lack of salt trucks and plows on the roads. we were out on the road, and it took us 3.5 hours to get from alexandria to northwest dc, and it took us 3.5 hours in bumper- to-bumper traffic, and we saw
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one plow out there. that's not to say they were not out there, but it didn't seem like it. until then, live in the northwest, i'm mola lenghi. >> we are waiting for the right people to get on the phone right now to ask about the plows and the pretreatment situation. >> this is live. if friends and family are not home tonight this is one of the reasons why. this is 395, crystal city, and it's nuts, in both directions, and this camera shot? it has not changed for the past several hours, just raw gridlock right there. 395, crystal city, in both directions. you have plenty on your mind right now. it's easy to overlook the essentials you should have for right now. a pair of gloves, food like peanuts. make sure you have the food where you can reach it, just in case you can't get to your
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trunk. in fairfax county, public schools will open 2 hours late tomorrow. officials made the call 2 hours ago, and they anticipate a decision tomorrow afternoon whether to open schools on friday. fairfax county transports 130,000 children every day, and safety is the top priority. the national guard is on stand by for the district as the city snowplows are being gassed up. >> the fleet, the personnel geared up, and it's happening, in addition to making sure that if we need to enhance our fleet, we have the about to do that through any means that is necessary. >> bowser says her snow team is in contact with neighboring jurisdictions, and the mayor also pointed out district public schools are already scheduled to dismiss students
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on friday because it's a record- keeping day. the dc council will issue fines if you don't clear your sidewalks it's been the law for some time, but after a meeting last october. councilwoman mary jay says they will enforce the winter sidewalk safety amendment act, giving you 24 hours to clear a path after the storm. warnings will be issued first, but after that, you have to pay. the dc snow team will fine residents $25, and businesses $150, and the department of public works will assign volunteers to people who need help. metro says it will do all it can to keep trains and buses running. 600 pieces of equipment are available, but it warns heavy snow will lead to disruptions for buses and above-ground rail stations. metro encouraging travelers to
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follow them on twitter. ddot says by midnight they expect 150 trucks on the road to fake care of the mess that is out there now. as they prepare for friday's storm, everyone was at the grocery store that could be part of the group of people that are now stuck. >> garrett, i bet you had a lot of company tonight. >> reporter: a lot of company, and a lot of people still here now at this 24-hour grocery store. the first few flakes jolted people into the realization that winter has arrived, and the time to get prepared for the winter storm is right now. >> reporter: from the bread aisle to the produce section, dc shoppers tomatod lists of essentials as diverse as the district itself. >> reporter: what is on your prestorm shopping list? >> steak! and ice cream. [ laughter ] >> reporter: not to be served
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together? >> no. >> we are big on jell-o. jell-o and pudding, that's a pretty big little move right there. >> reporter: adriana from elsalvador has never been through a blizzard. her shopping cart reflected her concern. >> warm food like comfort food and a lot of canned stuff. >> reporter: at the opposite sent of the spectrum, colorado transplant, patrick callahan laughing off the foot or more forecasted snow. as a know professional, what are you stocking up here? >> the essentials, hot sauce of course, and then wine. >> reporter: octavius is in charge of the georgetown store, and that is his real name and title. he can't recall a supermarket sweep like this in his 3 years working here. >> it's been crazy. the storm has not gotten here yet, and we are packed. >> reporter: they loaded up on
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bread, milk, and eggs along with the economy-sized toilet paper. >> reporter: the large quantities known only to those who buy them. >> not sure why, but they limit some of the items. >> reporter: aside from citrus fruit, everything else edible is well stocked here in short supply already, firewood and sidewalk salt, and if tonight is any indication, there will be a major need for both of those items. garrett haake, wusa 9. >> good thing they are stocked up there for sure. in prince george's county, the salt, snow shovels, batteries, all of it, flying off the shelves as people get ready for the snow this is fort lumber in fort washington. the owner there says
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wholesalers have a large supply because of the warm weather last month. on twitter you have been teeing off. we asked you how long it took to get home tonight, some on facebook are telling us you're not there yet. here's what some said on twitter. david said it took over 2 hours to go from dulles to montgomery county with #dccan'thandlesnowe. >> tonya said 2 hours from fairfax to springfield. barbara said she was stuck on i- 66 without moving at all for 2 hours, what the heck! #dctraffic. >> i'm looking at something from james here who said he's in his car with wifi watching us now. it's a good time to download the new wusa 9 app. if you haven't done it already, get your updates wherever you are, stuck in traffic or not, but we hope not stuck in
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traffic. wusa 9's blizzard 2016 coverage. now is the time to get it everything you need is right here. our special coverage of the dangerous drive continues, and topper shutt will be back with everything nature's promise is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant.
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our live coverage of the cripple storm continues, and a lot of you may be waiting for loved ones to get home tonight f you're stuck in this mess on 395 near crystal city, it may be longer. dc officials asking you to stay off the road if you don't need to drive. they are also increasing the number of plows spreading salt from 50 to over 150. >> now back out to mola lenghi. he has new information about what is being done to clear the roads tonight. a lot of people have been complain they haven't seen the trucks on the roads, and they wondered what happened. >> reporter: yeah, it's been a concern for a lot of folks, and i know like i mentioned earlier, we were on the roads all evening all night tonight, and we saw one plow in dc, and then, again, that's not to say they were not out there, but it
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did not seem in the several hours we were stuck in traffic like there were much in the way of plows, much in the way of salt trucks, but the district does say they are increasing their numbers overnight, anywhere from 50 to 150, and they are out reacting to the storm, and the ice, and that has really created a lot of problems for drivers and motorists. in virginia, crews will focus on the a.m. commute, beginning to treat the roads for the incoming storm, friday and saturday, and they said they will focus their attention after the a.m. rush hour, and maryland crews will also be out and about, and it does raise the question into something we have heard a lot from drivers, and we have heard a lot from our own crews who have been out and about, whether these actions they are taking with the municipalities and the district are reactive
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to the storms as opposed to being proactive before the storm. that's a question we will continue to ask and try to get answers and report back to you. live in northwest, i'm mola lenghi. >> mola, you have been at that spot for a couple of hours now, have you seen things improve or has it pretty much stayed the same? >> reporter: you know, i would say this stretch right here, it has improved slightly, but, you know, this is -- this is bumper- to-bumper here, and this is one of the better parts of northwest. if you go to mass avenue, it took us an hour and a half to go about a mile and a half, and that is still right now, still bumper to bumper. we were just on mass avenue, less than 30 minutes ago, and it is as bad as it has been. there are some parts that seem to be getting better, and some parts that don't seem to be improving. the problem is that a lot of
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the side roads or back roads, they still have ice and snow on the ground, and not a lot of traffic on there, and that's not melting, and a lot of folkses are not using the side and back roads, and everyone is focusing on the main roads, and you get, you know, bumper-to- bumper traffic at 11:15 at night, and it is still an ongoing problem here, you know, several hours after rush hour, adam. >> mola, thank you for that. >> all right, so, boy, i mean this was a very small system, but it caused, gosh -- i mean it could be worse than the blizzard in some ways. >> in some ways, but people will be off the roads. i was going a mile to get food, and i had to get out of my car. this woman was having a panic attack, and she wouldn't drive. i drove her car down on the side of the road, and it was crazy. >> a lot of spinouts and a lot of spinning wheels. >> and a lot of people who don't know what they are doing. when you're stuck, don't just
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floor it, it's not going to do it any good. not a good dress rehearsal. let's talk about the meter. something a little fun. >> your idea of fun is is a little off. >> this is the perfect meter this is the historical prospective of the storm. i did not do an impact meter tonight. i should have! well, in this case, we will just stick to the bread meter. it's it's a 10 on friday and saturday. i did see a another model run in the last 10 minutes, but i didn't see enough to change anything. one was dryer, and one was the same. i did extend into the mountains, and also gaithersburg, rockville, into
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manassas, we are talking 18-24 inches. 12-18 when you jump into i-95. this could bring the band down a little bit depending on the cold air, but right now, this is 6-12 to the south, and that's because you're not going to have a pure snow. it will not be a pure snow across the board it will be north and west, no doubt about that. let's talk about the historic storm friday into saturday. you can do things between now and storm. get your prescription filled, including epipens, aspirin, and stuff you need it may be too late to change your flights. storms will affect the entire corridor, but we are the bull's- eye. you tweet and facebook us before and after pictures. 3-degree guarantee. we have to show you this tonight. we went for the high of 32, and it was 31. we are 38 of the last 41, and we will go with 38 tomorrow. it's going to be a good day. 26, light snow in nashville.
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winds are dead calm, and relative humidity, high. here's the radar. it's about to cross prince george's county, and there's the snow for awhile. another 45 minutes. it's pretty much done off to the west, and it doesn't take much. it's been so cold, every little flake kind of counted so to speak, and then just enough heat making it an ice rink. we are looking at snow, and this is live. upper marlboro, and now it's east of 381, and it will continue to push over and across the bay, and so, future cast like this, cold tomorrow. 22 in gaithersburg to start. 9:00, now we are at 26 in fairfax and clear. lunchtime, low 30s, and that's not so bad. by 6:00, back to the low 30s, and upper 20s for the suburbs. advancing to show you the beginning of the storm this is friday at 3:00 p.m. good snow for manassas and
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leesburg, it will then snow in dc and then over to auburn. let's talk about the day planner, and nice day tomorrow, really. sunshine, and there will be slick spots to start. allow extra time tomorrow. 34 with sunshine by 1:00 p.m. no surprise here, friday and saturday, red weather alert day. 8 to 18 by evening on saturday, and the next 7 days, hammer time on saturday, yeah, back in the 40s on sunday, monday, tuesday, and wednesday. right now, looking like a chilly rain on tuesday. >> thank you, topper. right now on the phone we have mike zim a spokesperson for dc. before we start in, to be fair, the response across dc, maryland, and virginia, many people are criticizing it across the board, but to speak specifically about dc, did this storm catch the city offguard? >> yeah, i mean, thank you for having me on. i think with storms like this you're always working off the
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weather model and prediction, and the national weather service had us coming in at less than half an inch, and we are just shy of an inch and a half. the latest i heard was 1.3 inches, so it was more than expected, and we have done our best to reallocate resources to get the trucks on the road in a timely manner. >> were trues out there pretreating the roads? >> we had 50 trucks getting out at 4:00, to pretreat the roads, and that's up to 150 to treat the roads and clear the roads this evening, and so we are just -- we are just -- first of all we understand people's frustrations. too many people had really troubling commutes this afternoon and this evening. >> and they are still having that problem. some people have not gotten home. >> yeah, and so we are getting the trucks out there and trying to get things cleared up and back to as close to normal as we can as soon as possible.
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>> if this is the dress rehearsal for the blizzard, some people are talking to us on social media saying they don't have a lot of faith if you couldn't hand this will much snow how you handle potentially up to 2 feet of snow. what are you doing to reassure the city you can handwheel is -- handle what is coming this way. >> we have 39,000-tons of salt, which is at capacity for the salt dome, and we have acquired 16 more dump trucks and plows, and nearly a dozen smaller trucks to get on the residential streets, and we know it's coming, and we will do whatever we can to get the resources out there, and today, it was just, you know, nearly three times as much as was initially predicted by the national weather service. >> mike, we know it will be a long night for you and crews across the district. we appreciate you coming
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else, there's a way to drive smarter. >> reporter: experts say driving is all about the balance, but when there's snow or ice, you lose it. >> all the brakes, people use them and it destabilizes the vehicle because you're going too fast for the conditions. a big car, little car, 2 wheel drive, 4 wheel drive, driving fast leads to nasty wrecks. >> they don't manage their speed. >> reporter: tom picararo specializes in helping people prevent them. >> we don't want people to get in the habit of skid recovery. skid recovery injures and kills a lot of people. >> reporter: instead the key is to avoid it. skids like this happen when drivers overdrive. >> you want to drive with your eyes, and the second thing is, you never want to do something erratic behind the wheel.
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