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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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35 tomorrow. 38 monday. a few clouds late monday some showers tuesday but don't panic. not a rainstorm. next 7 days, wednesday seasonable low 40s, a little colder thursday and friday. another storm passing to our east thursday and friday. then back to the low 50s next saturday with sunshine. >> i'm with you topper let's get that stuff out of there. we are so ready for this right now. yeah we keep telling you to stay off the roads. this is the reason why. we can't stress enough how
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dangerous it is to drive or walk out there. . as we give you a live look on the road in prince george's county. the great news is people are heeding the warnings and staying off the roads. >> the plow trucks are moving quickly when they can. you might be able to see the driver but there is a good chance he can't see you. make his job easier for him for all of us. stay off the roads if you can. we caught up with one driver who should not have been on the roads. no one should be on the roads. but also caught you be up with a good samaritan who came to this driver's's rescue. >> reporter: this is the sort of stuff we are seeing. not many cars out on the roads.
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this guy robert hughes has been bailing people out, unsafe conditions to be out here. again if you downpour have to be the majority have been plows. we see trucks the plow over in the distance just beyond the truck. you see plows salt trucks work crews, some national guard folks out here. so really the majority of citizens the majority of people are listening to the advice and staying off these roads. but the few people who are not are getting stuck in these sort of situations. it could be worse but they have been working on it for a few minutes to get them out and it looks like they finally are. yesterday virginia saw nearly 1000 crashes on area roads or on state roads, i should say, and almost 800 disabled vehicles. so we are not sure what the numbers are quite yet. certainly not as many people out on the roads today but conditions are a lot worse.
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in manassas for wusa9. let's take the mayor's lead. starting tomorrow, first thing in the morning we assess and then we have major clean up. what do you think? >> i'm not looking forward to that bruce. >> none of us are. >> you did say you would come shovel at house. >> is your husband going to be there? tell him not to wait for me but to go ahead and start. >> we always wait for you bruce. that is the rule at our house. wait for bruce. a polar plunge right in a lowdon county front yard. what in the world? >> okay. oh my goodness. >> a man and young girl in their bathing suits. this is in lowdon county. >> the polar bear plunge you know? >> then they come running back in. oh my goodness. i guess they proved they can jump in the snow in their bathing suits. are they challenging you bruce? is that a challenge to you? >> i hope not.
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i hope not. >> i can never unsee this guy. >> if you have something that tops this, feel free to accepted it. >> this is the ultimate i have cabin fever and im's losing my mind. >> only day two. >> i love this video. it is so cute. >> take a look at this video posted on the facebook and twitter pages this morning. the 18-year-old rolling around in the snow the panda appears to be making a snow angel. by noon today the video had more than 1.7 million views on facebook and had been retweeted 156,000 times. >> this is heaven for him. >> and you said, you said his coat is waterproof? >> yes. i was doing some research on this. they have two different kinds of fur for the undercoat and the top coat. they have a short layer of hair and longer layer of hair and it is all waterproof. i never knew that before.
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>> where is bay at? what is he doing? >> inside sleeping, enjoying the warmth maybe. you can watch this video by using the wusa app. we have a photo gallery full of all kinds of animals and the snow. how do you pass the time of day like today? we've seen some examples, allison barber spoke with a group of kids who had some advice. >> reporter: here in vienna, virginia snow plows are busy trying to keep the streets clean. they seem to be doing a pretty good job of it. lots of people are out in vienna, very little is open here. but we did catch up with a group of kids who had advice on exactly how adults should be spending today. >> it is fun yeah it is fun. >> reporter: what is your favorite thing about the snow? >> my favorite thing about the snow is, is making stuff like
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snowmans and throwing snowballs at people. >> reporter: what is your advice you would give to all the adults who are complaining that it is cold and everybody should stay inside. >> get dressed and go outside. >> get dressed and make hot chocolate. >> reporter: if you want to play there is more than enough snow out here. in vienna, i'm allison barber wusa 9. you know what you could do? kids knock on my door and ask if they can shovel my sidewalk. i say absolutely go right ahead. >> for free? >> they don't do anything for free. you know that. but here's the thing, i'm helping the economy and kids too get jobs in the neighborhood. >> absolutely. if you have traveled up 16th street, you see small groups of guys with shovels. i mean small entrepreneurs up and down you know, and they will negotiate though. there are no set fees.
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they will negotiate. they are not cheap but they will negotiate. >> you sound like you have done this a time or two. a man who has organized snow removal efforts is hard at work today. matt says how you can help. >> reporter: i'm out here with a guy who started a website for people who need help shoveling out. how do you sign up? how can you help folks? tell us more about it. >> snow is a website people who need help shoveling because they are older, have a disability maybe you have fallen and broken your leg, people who live nearby can go as well and see who needs help by them and dig them out. >> reporter: he was telling me earlier whiteout conditions here, close to a blizzard. so he isn't asking people to shovel right now. but this hasn't stopped him. what are you doing today? >> today i'm shoveling out the fire hydrants on the streets. it is important to dig out the
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fire hydrants. i'll do it again tomorrow. that will enable the fire department if there is a fire to quickly get the hoses hooked up and the fire out. >> reporter: he has told me before this type of shoveling can save people's lives. a difference in getting medicine, getting to the mailbox to get a rent check. how many volunteers do you think you'll need to keep people safe in the days to come? >> there is a lot of requests out there. if you look at the map you'll see the dots everywhere. i'm just going to say a whole lot. >> reporter: what is the website again? >> snow >> reporter: he is looking to help people. don't take to for granted your neighbors are okay. especially the elderly and some of those that can be a bit younger. check on them and make sure they are safe and can stay warm. back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you matt. we have just checked on power outages. let's run down these numbers we just got in. dominion, virginia reports 748 customers without power in
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northern virginia. pep coat 434. bg&e 915, and novak is working to restore power to 7 customers. most people say these are very small numbers given the magnitude of the storm. if you don't have power it is a big deal. but we expected thousands pop thousands jazz this is the difference between an ice storm and a snowstorm. in the carolinas, 100,000 people plus were without power for a few days because they got our system but more rain more freezing rain than they did snow. it can always be worse. we could have freezing rain, and then all these power outages. at least we have that to look forward to. this is very small. >> and i'm slur pepco imsure pepco would tell you they have cut back a lot of trees, cut down, with a lot of controversy and debate, cut down a lot of trees near power lines and a lot of limbs also. we've seen them very busy on the roadways cutting down limbs
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near power lines. wusa9 photojournalist greg geiss has been checking the roads all day from winchester. hey greg. >> reporter: they got hit pretty good everywhere. and checking the roads, it's been a white knuckler today. i've traveled from washington via i-66 to toms brooke virginia and now northbound on i want state 81. you can see a number of cars have pulled over. these truckers haven't been here for the whole duration of the storm. they may have been at the truck stop at toms brooke, whatever, may have had an iced upwind shield, which is a problem for everybody driving out here. the blowing snow makes the windshield tough to see through it you know your wipers just can't handle it. they ice up and pretty soon your visibility goes. we are going to explore together and i can't tell what you we are going to see. this is the exit ramp from
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northbound interstate 81 to virginia route 7, one of the major roads of course, it leads to leesburg. and really it is passible in a four wheel drive vehicle. i wouldn't dry more than that. i 81 has been cleared and certainly is drivable with a few number of cars that are out there. you can see a front end loader, a contractor off to the left of your screen, as the fire and police radios continually tone out information. looks like route 7 has been plowed. probably 30 inches of snow up here. i can tell you it was a real mess coming out on interstate 66 and i believe it continues that way. and there is based on listening to crews on the radio, listening to police calls. it still appears that large portions of interstate 66, particularly between marshall and the top of linden mountain are very, very difficult to
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navigate. when i drove through there several hours ago, it was one lane in each direction. and that was with your fingers crossed and the wind at your back. the wind was coming from the north. but it will be a tough go over there. virginia route 7 is not, is not plowed down to the surface. and frankly, in daylight, you could see some areas of i 81, both northbound and southbound between winchester and toms brooke. that actually there was pavement visible. that is good news. because tomorrow crews will be able to go out there, treat it with chemicals, widen it with road graders and front end lifts and should be able to have that highway in pretty good shape. it is going to take a little more than that here, as we head back toward the washington area on route 7. jan, any questions?
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>> yeah you know. >> reporter: any info you might want? >> bruce and i were talking about this earlier today. when you look at some of the snow banks and how massive those mounds are, you've got to wonder what they are going to do, are they going to be able to remove some banks out of there? in some instances those might not melt for a week, maybe two weeks. >> reporter: well exactly. just give me a second. i want to drive safely. there was a contracting plow that was clearing one of the cross streets near the bank just east of winchester. i don't know what is going to happen. my sense is they are going to be able to push most of the snow on the major highways to an area where it doesn't really encumber driving. i was at linden, the top of the mountain between front royal and markham. i measured 31 inches. guy had a yardstick and i took a couple of measurements on what looked to be flat areas that hadn't drifted.
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and this was in the 2:00 hour, well 1:00 hour. they are 31 inches. there are going to be drifts out here that are certainly going to exceed six feet. i would think in many of the areas. in fact the snow plow to the side of the vehicle, as you can see on the right side of your screen, really is about mid window level on there ford slowerrer. so that gives you an idea here. and you can see, by looking at the roadway, that there is, we'll kick up the high beams and maybe you can see a bit better, there is a lot of snow left to plow from this area and route 7, which is two lanes in each direction. certainly not two lanes in each direction right now. so we'll keep our hands on the wheel, drive safely, urge people to stay off the road. if you have to go out, i mean, if you absolutely have to go out, got to have a 4 wheel drive, you have got to take it real, real easy. you bring up a good point. what do you do with all this
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snow? >> there is no cars. think about when there is an intersection and you saw the big snow mound dead center right there in the intersection and someone is trying to make a left or right and you can't see around the big mound of snow there. what do you do? >> that's got to be part of the assessment. they are going to use they have said the parking lot or the recreation. but that is one school. one time in moscow, they just dumped it in the river. you wouldn't dare consider doing that here, dumping all that snow in the potomac river. >> remember when this happened in buffalo and they had to carry it out of the stadium? they trucked it out. i recall they had like 6 feet of snow. very quickly, so many people have been sending e-mails to news tips at sherry says please recognize the healthcare staff sleeping in their facilities toen slur patient care. a shout out to shade grove and
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all the medical centers. a lot of doctors and nurses right now making sure they are at the hospital in case there are emergencies. not just our firefighters and police officers and all the emergency responders but all the people at the hospitals right now caring for patients for those emergencies. a big shout out to them. they did not get to take a day off. bruce leshan is in montgomery county all day long. >> reporter: a big shoutout to the plow operators including mike beam. check it out. mike has been in the parking lot here in downtown silver spring all night. and all day. he was here all day yesterday. and he has been working all night. absolutely trying to keep things cleared out and trying to make a little college tuition money as well. mike, for your son, trying to make a little extra cash. and you have been working how much? >> i have been here about 30
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hours. >> reporter: 30 hours. so you do the lot here in downtown silver spring and then what do you do? >> i have the whole, most of the complex here. i do the snyder's parking lot, a couple of loading docks, alleyways. >> reporter: and downtown silver spring? >> yes. >> reporter: and how would you describe this snowstorm? >> the biggest one can remember. >> reporter: bigger than snowmaggedon? >> yes. >> reporter: the snow seemed kind of light and nice at first and now? >> getting heavy again. >> reporter: what is the technique to blast through? >> just got to keep going. don't stop. >> reporter: what kind of truck does it take to power through this? >> i have a three quarterton pickup. >> reporter: it will do it? >> it will do it. >> reporter: tell me about your
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son. >> a senior at james madison. >> reporter: and now you will be able to afford the tuition bill? >> yes, sir. he has got four more months. >> reporter: then you are going to make him work a little bit. mike runs an automotive service in silver spring as well when he is not doing this. he is doing a yeoman's job and he has been polite enough, to kind of plow around us. what a great guy and what a great job. if you want to take a look around, we can show you a little bit about how things are progressing in silver spring. lots of people out on the street. i want to think we are going to show the tripod here for a second. take a look down toward the metro and look all these people walking around and having a blast and greg was talking about six foot snow drifts. check out this drift. oh my gosh. this is just one storm. i was through snowmaggedon. i don't know, i think i was a
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little more uncomfortable in snowmaggedon, so far i have been warm but that his partially the businesses have been so nice to us and let us in and use the restroom and brought us hot chocolate, actually. >> you know bruce we love that pose right there. that is quite a look. >> reporter: you like that? >> yeah i like it. >> reporter: somebody wanted me to make a snow angel on facebook. i'm not doing it. >> do it. oh. he will shovel people out all day long but won't make a snow angel. come on. >> thanks bruce oh there you go. do the arms. oh there you go. look at that. >> reporter: there, i've done it. >> you just made someone's day i'm sure. we have a follow-up on a story bruce had been following all day long. one horse has died in the collapse that have barn in
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maryland. >> and a horse stable has collapsed. one horse is trapped. rescuers managed to free other horses that were in that stable. apparently no emergency too small for some of the fire crews in the area. >> reporter: jennifer bellamy reports. >> reporter: we are still in gaithersburg and we wanted to give you an idea of how high the snow is out here. take a look at there. i'm no tommer than 5'2". if i try to get down all the way here in some areas, it is probably waist deep out here. so there is a lot of accumulation out here where many of the folks that are trying to get around as we mentioned earlier, we are hoping that most people stay home. but some people that we know have to be out on the roads. are the workers and the emergency responders that are responding to emergencies out here. during this storm.
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we ran across some firefighters in montgomery county who took timeout to help a woman who her car when she was trying to warm it up. >> i simply locked my keys in the car and don't have a key close by. i knew there were fire trucks and policemen out here most of the day and i walked out to try to find someone. and they were very helpful and very kind to help. >> reporter: and we are starting to lose some of the light out here. in gaithersburg. but we want to remind everybody to stay off the roads. looks clear right now but we are still seeing some of the plow trucks come through, hoping to clear the way for people that need to be on the roads like the emergency workers that we are so thankful for and those workers as well. jennifer bellamy, we are going to send it back to you. police officers are having a little bit of fun in the snow. listen to the music he was
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playing ♪ the cold never bothered me anyway. >> the frozen sound track the producer had to tell me, of course. >> did you know that? >> of course. >> of course you did. >> i have two daughters. >> he must have daughters as well. they are having a good time in there. this is washington post reporter aaron davis who caught up with officer perez. why not? >> he played the song. i want to know what his partner thought. did you see his partner? >> he was almost looking like. >> you can play it but don't roll down the windows. >> i don't know you. we have been asking you to send your blizzard pictures using the hashtag snow day and we have received thousands literally. >> reporter: so many pictures i
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can't even choose my favorites. let's get you right to the tag board. sean cooper, got married. snow didn't stop him. isn't that beautiful? congratulations to them. all the best and a long and happy marriage. beautiful bride. so happy for you guys. she looks stunning. congratulations. now a little bit complete opposite end of the spectrum. this guy is enjoying himself a little bit too much. enrique, thank you for sending that. go put some clothes on, bud. marry's go around. i think that is a camel or alpaca? camel, enjoying the snow. >> looks like a camel. >> oh the video is not working guides. this is a bulldog. there it goes. couple of bulldogs running slow motion through the snow. >> it is so funny to see dogs, especially with the short legs. they really cannot.
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>> i was going to say did you have to slow down the bulldogs? don't they run in slow motion? >> they are already slow. thanks chandler. i'm going to play in the snow but first let me take a selfie. adorable guys. this guy, again put some clothes on bud, do you realize it is really-day-old out there? you could use a little bit of sun, not going to lie to you. >> we got him on tv. >> got you on tv mike. kudos to you. enjoy your little love bug there. >> and it is funny. it looks like that baby wants out very badly. as a parent, you kind of go well let's just watch from inside. it is so pretty from inside. because you know you are going to be out there for a long time too. >> it is about you not the child. >> that's right bruce. >> doing yoga there. >> a lot of people doing yoga in the snow right now. impresstive. keep sending more of your
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pictures. good snow. let's get a final check on our weather right now with topper's shot until 7:00. we are going to cbs network after this. you have said, all along, that you are happy about this snow? >> yes. >> and impressed? >> that is huge. >> topper is impressed by this. >> i'm impressed. he has done a good job. in fact just got new numbers. 26.5 at dulles, number two. number two. so it beats the storm. >> get it shirts made up. >> exactly. trademark that. middleburg 36 inches, ash burn 32. walkerville, maryland 4. i have to tell you we have had at least 20, 21 in northwest and we are not too far ufrom au park. top five storms, i did not have time to update this. it now surpasses number two. at 26.5. so it is only second to
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snowmaggedon in february of 2010. that is pretty impressive. talk about rarefied air. that is impressive. >> this is impressive too. this is why. it is not going away. it is still producing good bands down 95. the good news is, most of the heavy activity or steady activity is beginning to slip south of us bullet that is going to add snow to our friends in waldorf and la plata. reports of anywhere from 12 to 18 inches in parts of charles county, which is actually pretty good. that is about what we said it would be. you know what. >> good forecast, the storm has impressed me. look at this band move right down 99. the blue indicates the heaviest snow. the bright white is nothing to sneeze at so to speak. north and west of dale city and moving essentially down 95 toward stafford and toward fredericksburg, and a little heavy snow. you have 50 a patch of heavy snow toward front royal as
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well. we'll zoom in here. horton to dale city, good snow, about an inch per hour. darker blue, an inch, inch and a quarter per hour. things not getting any better out there certainly when it gets dark now you can't see things in terms of snow piles and it is a mess. we'll get out it have. but it is going to take awhile to move two feet of snow. 6:00 to want temperatures 27 downtown. 25 gaithersburg, 27 in manassas. temperatures uniform actually. wind gust tracker, winds gusting over 30 miles per hour and then we get into the, what does it feel like outside? feels like in the teens across- the-board. and it will be an historic blizzard and in fact dc awas probably going to get back in the top five. final numbers on that coming up at 7:00. it is going to drift all night and light snow until 10:00. keep that in mind. winds are going to gust to 40 miles per hour right across-the- board. in terms of the futurecast, it is hanging on to snow.
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7:00. by 9:00 beginning to move across 95 and clearing across the area of temperatures in the teens by morning. back to you guys. topper thank you so much. thank you for joining us for our special wusa9 blizzard 2016 coverage. we are going to take a break for the cbs evening news, we'll be back on the air at 7:00. have a great night, everybody. >> stay safe.
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>> axelrod: a monster blizzard slams the east. blinding snow brings the streets of new york to frozen standstill and shuts down broadway. washington baltimore philadelphia are all buried. full moon high tides flood the jersey shore with ice water. the deadly storm leaves hundreds stranded on highways. >> it's just been crazy just one after truck stuck. >> axelrod: thousands forced from their home in los angeles by a cloud of methane. tonight the gas company's c.e.o. gives his first interview. >> i've been out here almost every day since october 23. i feel totally safe. >> axelrod: and former new york city mayor michael bloomberg. is he going to make his own run for the white house?


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