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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past. get fios. the blizzard of 2016 and the pictures we have seen are definitely worth thousands of words. >> progress is being made digging ourselves out, but we can't forget the massive storm is taking its toll. i'm adam longo. thank you for joining us tonight. >> and i'm lesli foster. a complete list of school closures on the bottom of your screen. >> one of the more serious discussions of the night, the
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death toll. nine area deaths have been blamed on the storm. more in a minute. all metro lines will reopen tomorrow morning at 5. >> we just got word that dc area federal government offices will be closed again. we have a team of reporters out in your community with the latest on the road conditions. >> and how neighbors are helping neighbors. >> now to the latest with the chance of rain tomorrow and what it could mean for driving conditions. >> reporter: right now to topper shutt. hey, top. >> reporter: we have a wide range of temperatures adam and lesli. a wide range. we are worried about black ice. it's 36 downtown, and it's 30 in gaithersburg, and 19 in frederick. temperatures are all over the place, clouds have come in. the areas that are clear have radiated, and they are much, much colder. don't let that fool you in your car you can have black ice. what is it? the road looks wet, but it's actually frozen.
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a sheet of ice, and that's what we have to be careful of. walking and driving as well. let's talk about the future cast tomorrow morning, some areas at 5:30 or 6:00 will be at the freezing mark, and there will be some black ice here and there, patchy black ice. 33 in gaithersburg, and 32 in frederick, and 31 at hagerstown. it's not going to be bitterly cold tonight. we will advance the futurecast again. 10:00, we are making progress. 37 downtown, and 36 in bowie, and 36 also in fairfax, and by lunchtime, up to 40 in the beltway, and 40 for leesburg. we will come back with showers on the doorstep. we will track those through the afternoon, and we will let you know if the chatter in the social media has any meat to it about the storm on friday. >> i'm garrett haake at rfk stadium where all that snow is piling up. >> i'm ellison barber in prince
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george's county where a teenager went above and beyond to help a woman with cancer. >> i'm mola lenghi, and things are getting back to normal on the runways but not in the parking lots. first, at least nine people in the dmv have died as a result of the blizzard. >> an 82-year-old man died shoveling snow in maryland, two men died shoveling snow, a man in his 60s on saturday, and a 40-year-old man in abington. virginia state police report six deaths. five were due to hypothermia. >> look what we spotted on a traffic camera in bethesda. a long, long line of empty dump trucks along i-87 and arlington road. that could be part of the big, massive snow removal process, and more help is on the way. >> this big boy here, a snow
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melter from indianapolis should arrive in the district any minute now, and it could be rolling right through garrett haake's live shot. he's at rfk where that so- called snow dragon will have a lot of work to do. hi, garrett. >> hi, guys. you think you have a lot of snow piled up on your block? look at this. crews have been hauling snow to the rfk parking lot from all over the district. they are literally lining up to bring it in by the truck full, and heaping it in mountains. now they are waiting for the snow melter machine to arrive to make the mountains disappear. >> reporter: on every street in the district today, people digging out by the shovelful. >> from walking around t seems like there's a -- it seems like there's a lot of stuff that is untouched. it's hard to get out. >> reporter: in the hard-hit northwest, neighbors praised the efforts to get the side
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streets cleared. >> they were extraordinary. >> the city was great. individual neighbors great. >> reporter: the work of shoveling out the sidewalks and cars, tedious and tiring for some, but a boom for some of those like gerald munson charging for his labor. >> that's money falling, falling on the ground. i have to go scoop it up! >> reporter: in other corners, we heard frustration over neighborhood roads still untouched by plows on monday evening. >> reporter: have you seen a plow since the snow started on friday? >> not on this block, no. >> reporter: on q street between 5th and new jersey, neighbors shoveled the sidewalks and paths across the street, and the closest plow? stuck in the snow a block away, left for hours awaiting a tow. >> if there was an emergency with an ambulance that needed to get through, i'm concerned what would happen. >> reporter: dc got moving on monday including the wizards' game, the first big event not
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to be rescheduled by the blizzard. >> we have been walking everywhere the last few days, and it's good to get out of the neighborhood. >> reporter: the massive snow melter is expected to arrive at rfk within the hour. they say it can melt something like 60 tons of snow in an hour, and you can see with the trucks, they will have plenty of work to do. reporting live at rfk, garrett haake, wusa 9. right no ellison barber in prince george's county where the storm almost caused one woman to miss a critical doctor's appointment all the way in baltimore. >> reporter: right when a delphi woman needed to be in baltimore today for cancer treatment, like so many of us, she was snowed in, but an 18- year-old knocked on her door. >> that's my hero right there. >> that teenager! yesterday those teenagers we a blessing for me. >> reporter: maria argana is
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fighting stage iv stomach cancer. >> my chemo has to be done every 2 weeks. >> reporter: someone had scheduled to pick her up, but she had to make it outside first. >> yesterday when i saw the snow and everything, it was like oh my goodness, how am i going to get out of here? >> reporter: argana is too sick to shovel herself, so a stranger stepped up. >> she was confused at first. >> reporter: this is part of the police department's explorer's program, and that's how he knew. >> my mentor officer, he called me up around 5:00, and he asked me if i could come help out this lady who has cancer and needs to go to her chemotherapy tomorrow, and i was like yeah, i will go help her. >> reporter: the sun started to set, but cruz hurried to the house with backup. >> my dad met me, and he came to help and brought my brother. they wanted to help me. >> reporter: for an hour they scooped and lifted. >> it was only supposed to be a path, and he ended up doing a path and cleaning off the car. >> reporter: argana made it to the doctor, and cruz is a big
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reason why. >> it was a blessing for me, and i'm really -- anything i can do for them, i will. >> i was amazed. they don't even know me. thank you! thank you! >> what matters is what she thinks, and i just tried to help, that's all i try to do. as long as she is happy, i think i did good today. >> reporter: and cruz told me he is going to start college in the fall, and he hopes to one day become a police officer right here in prince george's, which is where he has grown up. reporting live, i'm ellison barber, wusa 9. to prince george's county tonight, families are digging out of their homes and cars, and many are waiting for a snowplow to come down their neighborhood streets. one resident was taking it all in stride. >> sometimes it takes time for them to get to the side streets, but, you know, eventually they will get to us, and earlier they did come with salt throughout the
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neighborhood. that was helpful. we definitely need them to come back through. >> this family had been shoveling out there since 1:00 in the afternoon, and we saw them at 7:00. to montgomery county now, the roof of a church collapsed under the weight of the snow this is the shillow christian fellowship. the fire department said one wall was left standing, and fortunately no one was inside at the time. flights resumed at the area's three major airports today after being shut down all weekend. >> mola lenghi is with us, and not a lot of people were happy with what they came home to find. >> reporter: that's right, adam. runways, flights at local airports including here at reagan national, things are getting back to normal after the blizzard turned everything on its head, but some are coming back to a not-so- welcomed sight. a lot of people are finding their cars buried in the
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outdoor parking lot. they may have been lucky enough or fortunate enough or smart enough to get out of town before the blizzard, but they are coming back into town, and they still have to deal with the aftermath. tons of vehicles are buried, and they have to be dug out before they can move. we found a bunch of people doing just that, digging out with help from the dca maintenance crews. >> i actually expected it to be covered in snow top to bottom, so i don't know, it's better than i expected. >> reporter: what do you do now? >> call people and dig out. if they don't show up, it's fine if i'm out. >> reporter: that's why your feet are soaked? >> yeah. >> reporter: and as i mentioned, as you saw, maintenance crews are plowing the parking lot, and they are helping individual people, individuals dig their specific cars out if they flagged them down, but it's certainly a small task. tonight there's one maintenance crew, and that one maintenance
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crew is made up of one man. there's one guy who is helping people dig out tonight. >> not like the folks who are arriving have shovels in their car. it will be a long night. mola, thank you. we know where you can find one giant patch of green amid the snow in dc. the white house lawn where air force 1 takes off. the president flew out to visit walter reid to see the wounded troops. the president there said i shoveled all this stuff. we are not buying it mr. president. >> he is from chicago, so i'm sure he has a shovel somewhere. we are here as the big dig continues. get updates on delays and closings for school and travel and push alerts if you want them. it's all free on our wusa 9 app. >> my baby is not breathing!
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>> can you imagine? a mother calls 911 begging for help for her son. one whole family nearly died from carbon monoxide poisoning. the latest from fairfax county. #sno
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now to a story you will only see on 9. a story that will take your mind off the snow, at least we hope for awhile. >> mola lenghi with a boy who alive because of a class his brother took in school. what do you do when your child is dieing in front of you? >> i didn't know if he was going to be here or not be here. >> reporter: today he is all smiles, in the kitchen with his
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family, but when manieke woods' son jayden recently suffered an asthma attack she did what most people would do, panic. >> reporter: in that panic she called 911. >> blow two puffs of air into the lungs, one second each. >> my brain knew what to do, but my hands didn't know what to do. i looked at him and just started crying. >> hello! i need you to stay with me, okay? >> he comes out of nowhere. >> reporter: her 15-year-old son was sleeping when he heard the commotion. >> couldn't just sit there, and i was like i got this. it was all instinct. >> reporter: instinct and the right amount of training. just 3 days earlier he learned cpr in school thanks to a new maryland mandate, requiring students to learn cpr before graduating. when he stopped breathing he knew exactly what to do. >> he gets to see another birthday, chase him around the
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house, yell at him, and scream at him. >> reporter: the next time you get in an argument, will you remind her of this? >> probably not. >> reporter: notice that was not a definite no. mom gives at least some credit to his teacher who didn't wait for the law to take effect. it was one of her first orders of business when the school year began. >> he is the hero. he has something to hang over his head, but he doesn't really know how important it was that he paid attention that day. >> reporter: it was because he paid attention he could be a hero. >> like my teacher said you never know when something could happen. >> a 30 minute class for a lifetime is nothing. >> reporter: in this case a lifetime of brotherhood. >> kemar is your hero? >> reporter: mola lenghi. >> how fantastic. brianna's law is named for a student whose life was saved by cpr, and maryland is one of 22 states with the law on the books. this story is from fairfax
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county. firefighters calling a teenager a hero. 14-year-old roberto castillo rushing to the rescue when his family was overcome by carbon monoxide fumes. the gas seeped into their first- floor complex. everyone started to get sick with nausea and headaches and they felt tired and laid down, and he knew it was time to call 911. >> he saved his family, seven people, amazing. >> it came from a clothes dryer and a hot water heater in the baitment. snow blocked the outdoor vent causing the gas to back up in the building, and it floated up into their apartment. management has shoveled out the snow. we want to stress to you even though dc public schools are closed tomorrow, ten schools across the city will open their cafeterias for free breakfast and lunch from 10:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon. for a list of those ten schools, you can call 311 or
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also find it on our free wusa 9 app. and you have been sort of scouring to see all the snow day photos, and you found one very big image? >> we showed you earlier, a big, big snow in kensington, but i think i found a bigger one in manassas. this is a basketball hoop just underneath the head here 10 to 20 feet in the air. that's a huge structure! mark sent this in to us. it's going to take a long time to melt, even with the temperatures in the 50s this weekend, that's going to take awhile. hats off to the folks in manassas that built that. that was not done lightly, that's for sure. live look outside, it's our weather cam, 36 downtown, and some areas are above freezing, and again, i caution you, even at 36, the roadways can be at 32. keep that in mind in terms of black ice. okay, look at the 3-degree guarantee. now i'm so excited about this.
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in my wisdom yesterday, i lowered the temperatures, i don't know why. miss it big or go home. 42 and it was 46. the forecast tomorrow of 43 for the high. some things to do, remember your sunglasses, even if we are talking about a mostly cloudy day. don't leave home without your sun glasses in the car. wipe your headlights, and watch out for black ice pretty much every morning, and keep your tail pipe clear of snow if you're idling and trying to dig out. temperatures hovering around freezing everywhere. 31 in gaithersburg, and 32 in fairfax. 9:00, clouds are rolling in, and some folks are above freezing. 37 in winchester, and still only 32 in hagerstown.
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a decent day. you saw a couple of showers going through, and 2:00 and 4:00, clouds at 6:00, with the temperatures in the low 40s, and 10:00, tomorrow night it may be one of the few nights we are above freezing in most of the metro area. even at 10:00 tomorrow night, we are at 41 downtown. 37 in manassas, and that said, the front that brings us the showers tomorrow afternoon, it will introduce colder air aloft, upstairs, and that could look at a couple of snow flakes south and east of town as we go into early wednesday morning, and you can see the activity into southern maryland that could turn into snow briefly. overnight, mostly cloudy, not as cold. fog possible, too. low temperatures, 26 to 32, and the day planner, mainly above freezing downtown, and these are the downtown temperatures. 38 by 11:00. 42 by 1:00, and a couple of showers or sprinkles possible, not a big system at all. no worries of flooding or anything tomorrow. the morning flakes possible south and east on wednesday. 43, and that may be high.
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still seasonal, and seasonal on thursday with the high in the low 40s, and check this out. on friday, we will keep an early flurry, and then boom! we are in the 50s on saturday, sunday, and monday, and a couple of showers sunday and monday, and you know what? the 50s are good as long as they don't come with an inch of rain, but good for the big melt we will call it. >> the slow melt? >> the slow melt. >> all right, it will feel nice. topper, thank you. during the blizzard, nasa provided amazing photos. >> scott kelly took this photo from the international space station, and it shows the snowstorm blanketing the coast, and this second photo is the rare thunder snow, and then the third is from a nasa satellite, and the white package are the lights from the major cities. that's cool from way up there. you saw earlier a lot of people found a cure for their cabin fever by heading out to
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the wizards' game. up next we will look at the highlights of the game and we will see if the fans felt warm and fuzzy about the team or not. yesterday you saw the giant panda at the national zoo rolling around in the snow, and today he was at it again. >> he spent his day rolling around, clearly happ
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prince george's county a baby and four other people suffered minor injuries when their house caught on fire. it was along 23rd place, and there was significant damage to the house. investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire. firefighters point out the house had no working smoke alarms. a grand jury in houston has indicted the leader of an antiabortion group that recorded videos of planned parenthood. the center for medical progress released the videos of the planned parenthood officials discussing the transfer of
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tissue from aborted fetuses to research labs. another snow day means a lot of #snowday9 pics on social media. >> check it out. this snow fire pit? pretty cool. this says cabin fever cures 101. >> this snowfall is great for making snow men. debbi tweeted a picture of her diva in the snow. >> good snowman making weather out there. kristie says -- are we going to get there? snow wars and jaba the hut. >> it would melt the snow if he had a light saber. >> that would do it. >> it's not a snowman, it's a snowpig. how did they get the colors in the snow? we want to know. thank you for sharing, stacey. >> and then there's my kind of snow sculpture here.
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ken says since it burr rid the tiki bar, had to build a new one. cheers to that for sure. a beautiful post blizzard sunset from hagerstown. >> the washington wizards had a 5-day layoff, and tonight they were back on the court hosting boston. can't find an answer for them, and perhaps the win is sluggish from all the time off. it was back and forth during the 1st half with bradley beal leaving the game after an elbow to the nose. now going through concussion protocol. boston took 28 points on 20 washington turnoversd , anhaas not going to do you any favors, the celtics win big, 116-91. the countdown is on, just 13 days until super bowl 50, and you can watch it right here
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on wusa 9. the panthers and the broncos this year's game is at levi's stadium outside of san fran
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are you ready? >> yeah. >> not bad. the next 6 or 7 days, not bad. 40s wednesday and thursday, and we are back into the 50s over the weekend. >> decent melting weather, and we
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