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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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tonight, digging out as the district of columbia prepares to get back to business tomorrow. one big question is unanswered. are we ready? a lot of communities, sidewalks still are not clear, and streets are still not plowed. >> now people are starting to panic. >> if an emergency vehicle had to get down here, several times i would have to call for an ambulance for my husband or a fire truck had to come down, they wouldn't get down the road. >> right now new development in
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the what tomorrow's commute is really going to look like. thank you for joining us. i'm lesli foster. >> andadam longo. >> the federal offices in the region will have a 3-hour delay tomorrow. mt. row bus will begin services on 360 regional routes, and metro rail will open on all lines except the silver line that is still shut down. we received word that a baltimore area girl has been killed in a sledding accident. >> and also tonight, a yellow weather alert. tomorrow's commute is not looking so hot. >> topper shutt with how to prepare. >> i didn't want to do it but it's prudent, to issue the yellow weather alert tomorrow. a couple of leftover showers out to the east, and it's essentially the first day everyone is trying to get back to,. with it's going to be a mess, and here's the radar over the
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last hour. showers back west of winchester, and showers back to ronoake and the frontal boundary has yet to go through us this is pushing into the frederick and east of i-270. nothing heavy. thankfully nothing heavy is coming our way overnight. this is into rockville and over to norbeck and rockville, and now, let's talk about the future cast. at 5:30 in the morning, leftover showers are possible in southern maryland. that's good enough for a yellow weather alert, and wet snow makes are possible. temperatures 32 in frederick, and also 32 in haggerstown, and that's just cold enough to cause problems. 8:00, we are at 31 in gaithersburg. primarily above freezing south and west of i-95, and we are clearing out south and east of town. we will come back and track the
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temperatures in the evening, and colder air is moving, and you know what that means. >> we do, thank you,top. regardless of the weather counties tonight, tomorrow morning's commute into dc is looking like it's going to be hell. the transportation options into the district will still be limited. >> the snow emergency will be in place. garrett haake has been tracking the travel situation all day, and it's join from the tenley town metro station. hi, garrett. >> reporter: if you're a commuter coming in tomorrow, you have not very good options. on the one hand you could take metro or you could drive and struggle to find parking. >> reporter: some dedicated metro riders have enjoyed the day on the rails without the pesky commuters. >> i went to the doctor, and it was like clockwork. it was perfect. >> reporter: we heard concerns
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that tomorrow's rush hour, the first with federal employees and dc school students back in the mix could be a big test that metro will not pass. >> it will probably be really rough because everyone is just trying to get out all at once. >> reporter: the trains will run every 8 minutes with every station expected to be open except the last 5 silver line stops. commuters who take the silver line in from virginia should expect to see scenes like this, empty platforms and no trains. metro is trying to get the last five stops of the silver line up and running tonight, but commuters who use the route should make other plans. that means more cars on the major highway, and the most popular routes into the district. >> reporter: what do you think this will look like tomorrow morning? >> it will be rough. >> reporter: riverroad measuring two and a quarter lanes tonight. tommy myrick and his wife have no other way to get to work. >> i will drive north, and she will go south. we will check it out both ways. we don't have a choice.
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we have to take it. >> reporter: those arriving in the district by car will discover a problem bus riders have already faced, giant mounds of snow blocking many parking spaces and metro bus stops. now remember the snow emergency will be in effect until 6:30 p.m., and it will further limit the number of available parking spots on district streets, and if you're coming into dc tomorrow morning, leave early and be patient. live in northwest dc, garrett haake. >> garrett, thank you. neighbors have complained that aid street -- side streets and crosswalks have not been cleared yet. many parents are concerned their kids will be walking in the street. >> can you feel safe with your kids walking right there? no! i can't. >> this is the bus stop! there's no way that we can say,
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you're going to let someone off safely, to get on or off the bus. >> and the neighbors in the southeast area say they may keep their kids home over the concerns of the trip to and from the schools. a vacant row of houses collapsed in the national zoo. it's been empty for a year while it's being renovated. the roof fell on to the second floor which pancaked down to the first floor. crews evacuated people on both sides of the home. ellison barber is in temple hill with the wait continuing for any sign of a snowplow. >> reporter: i'm in the middle of a residential road, and it's covered in snow and almost impossible for any car to pass through. >> this is not going to be easy for maryland or the district. >> reporter: this part of
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temple hills is filled with single-family homes, homes that right now are filled with frustrated residents. >> i'm supposed to go to work tomorrow, but i'm going to have to take off because we have no way to get there my car is still stuck down the street. >> reporter: many of them are trapped. >> give it a little bit of gas. >> reporter: and walking miles to fill their pantries. >> we have been going to the store at first it was 2 hours to get to the 7-eleven and back. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the coun department of public works tells wusa50% of the roads in the area are plowed, and they plan to work on more tonight and tomorrow. the people who live here hope that's true. >> i called earlier, and i called on sunday, and they told me that probably by midnight monday, well that didn't happen. >> reporter: until there's a plow, most of them instead to
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stay inside. >> i would not chance it. it's not worth it. >> reporter: the ones who don't,. >> put it back in reverse. >> reporter: they are fighting their way out. >> reporter: it took those people about an hour and a half to get the toyota out of its spot and up the hill a bit. we are not sure if they made it out of the neighborhood and if a lot of people are incredibly frustrated. they are sick of being trapped inside and they want to get out and go to work. i'm ellison barber, wusa 9. >> and they apparently ran out of food, and she was suffering from hypothermia. a lot of you are still snowed in 3 days later. we asked you to share what your neighborhood looks like, and let us see what is outside of your window. >> this is from melissa in arlington, a ton of snow there, still just blocking the street, and it doesn't even look like there's tire tracks going through there. >> here's the view from angela
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in ashburn farms, and again t doesn't look like anything has gone through there either. >> shannon said this was taken a block off 14th street northwest in washington, and it's just piled high, the snow there. >> michelle shared this photo, another one from arlington. >> hard to get that out of the way. sunset and snow, and this is from silver springs. >> plus jen sent this one from leesburg, and oh, man, we are feeling for you! keep on sharing with us, and hopefully this will help with the effort to get a plow near you. you can use the hash tag #snowday9 or post to our facebook page. the national guard needed a humvee to rescue a woman who was snowed into her car. she had been trapped in her toyota camry since the snow started falling on friday. neighbor steve mackey said the woman was living in her car for awhile, and he called police on friday before the storm, but
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the woman refused help. >> monday afternoon, i was out here shoveling, and i still had not seen any movement from her all weekend, and i decided it was time to call again and do another welfare check, and that's when they decided to take her to the hospital. >> rescuers said the woman had apparently run out of food, and she was suffering from hypothermia. in fairfax county, help should be on the way to folks who have not seen a plow on their side streets. vdot said all neighborhood streets they are responsible for should be plowed by 7:00 tomorrow morning. in ashburn, we found a group of neighbors taking matters into their own hands. folks used snow shovels and snow blowers to dig out the street on their own. unless fairfax county, a so- year-old boy was flown to the hospital after a sledding accident at mercier lake damn. fire and rescue workers had to climb down to the remote area where the child had been
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sliding down the dam. the child is out of the hospital tonight. in montgomery county, public schools will remain closed tomorrow, and that will give crews more time to clear the snow off the school buses and give them time to clear the roads again. tonight ike legit is promising every single street in the county will get at least one pass from a snowplow by 7:00 tomorrow morning, and several residents tell us that they will believe it when they see it they say the county's snowplow map is out of touch with reality, and in many cases, they said the map shows plowing on their street is "in progress" but they have not seen any yet. >> we have been in progress for 2 days now. >> are you satisfied with that performance? >> i think we could have made it better. what it means, we are in progress of getting to the roads, not that we are there in
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that point in time. >> if your street in montgomery county is covered by snow by 7:30 tomorrow morning, call 311. one maryland community is in mourning after a 5-year-old girl was killed in a sledding accident. the carroll county sheriff's office said this little girl was sliding down a driveway and landed on heritage lane when she was struck by a woman driving an suv. the woman was not impaired in any way or speeding, and doctors tried but sadly they could not save the little girl. no charges have been filed against the driver at this time. several row houses went up in flames in baltimore overnight, and firefighters say the snow was a big factor, and they said the roads were untouched by plows, and their trucks could not get through. neighbors had to help the fire crews drag their hoses down the street, and by the time firefighters knocked down the flames, they had spread to five
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homes. fortunately, though, no one was hurt. we will be right here for you for the digout. let us know what you're seeing out there. you will get updates for schools and travel and push alerts if you want them. >> where's your general? i -- emergency? >> it's not an emergency. i want to know what i can do to get someone to clean our streets. >> what people are calling about, and it's no laughing matter. the snow may be melting, but a lot of hearts are staying cold when it stays to parking spaces. see what happens when things get ugly.
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we all know by now that 911 is for what? emergencies.
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some folks are using it for routine questions and concerns. >> when they do that they tie up and waste public resources. >> mola this sounds like a complicated matter for first responders. >> since the blizzard, 911 and emergency departments throughout dc, virginia, and maryland have seen a rise in 911 calls, and they are not always emergencies. >> prince george's county 911, where's the location of the emergency. >> reporter: one person's idea of an emergency. >> no truck has come down our street yet. can you call someone so we can get out? >> reporter: plowing out your street may be pressing, but 911 operators stress it's not an emergency. 911 lines have been receiving the calls over the last few days, calls that don't quite
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cut it. >> what's going on is, there's a family with a baby with no milk, do you have an emergency phone number for them? >> the only problem, they have not been here to clean the snow. >> anyone need an ambulance out there? >> we don't need an ambulance. i'm just trying to get a number for someone i can call to get someone to unblock the street. >> reporter: got a question? complaint? need information? there's numbers for those, and it's not 911. that's reserved for immediate threats to life or property. >> what's the location to the property? >> it's not an emergency. i need to know who i can call to clean our streets, and i need access to get through, and our streets are blocked. >> reporter: in prince george's and montgomery county and dc, call 311. in fairfax county, 711. despite a few misguided 911 calls in prince george's county over the last few days, they
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have received 10, -- 10,000 311 calls. those are nonemergency calls that don't tie up the emergency resources. >> reporter: certainly no one is discouraging you from calling 911 in an emergency situation, but calling in a nonemergency situation ties up the valuable resources, and it could tie them up for someone who may really need a 911 call. live in the district, i'm mola lenghi. >> know the numbers to call, and 911 not it if it's not an emergency. we have done a lot of stories during the storm of 2016 about the storm bringing down the best in people. >> now as the digging out begins, not everyone is being so friendly, especially with parking space. check out the pictures on social media tonight. starting with this sign taped to the plastic lawn chair that says do not park in my spot,
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and if you do, the sign says things we cannot say on tv. >> we had to black it out as a matter of fact. how about this? this neighbor spent a lot of time reasoning why you shouldn't park in his space that tweet has gone viral over the last 24 hours, and he laminated the sign. remember bloomingdale, dc this is still illegal. kimberly said these ninjas saving parking spaces with dining room chairs , it cracks me up. in new york city the struggle is real. this sign says don't do it. if you park in the spot i shoveled, your windows will be broken. in philly, arthur says check out this subtle setup. >> no one parking in there.
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they mean business. >> they sure do. >> show us what you can see there. post your photos and your tweets using #snowday9. hopefully more parking spaces will open up tomorrow as the snow slows starts to go. >> we would not want to see beatdowns over the parking spots. >> tomorrow's commute may be reason enough to issue a yellow weather alert. they are trying to widen now, and it will be interesting. before i get to the 3-degree guarantee. great picture for you this is what i call making lemonade out of lemons. that's an igloo with a fire pit in it. that's a great shot. >> that is a great shot. >> debi, thank you for sending that in. that's pretty cool. i like that i like your thinking. live look outside, and it's our live weathercam. 45 right now. dew point is over freezing that
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means it won't go over freezing in the district, especially with the cloud cover, but colder and dryer air will move in i think the areas north and west will make it below freezing tomorrow, and the 3- degree guarantee, okay, here we go. 42, and the high was, no i went 43, and it was 52. how bad are you, top? >> the guidance was 47 and 40, and i split the guy -- guidance. they are not on the money at all, wrong with a distance of 9. going for 42 tomorrow. that will be a midnight high. early morning shower, wet flakes possible south and east of town. you folks will have a wet commute. bus stop temperatures, north and west of town a few icy spots, and you know what? refreezing again wednesday night, thursday night, and friday night. colder air is moving back in but hang on. 50s return over the weekend, and i think it will be dry over
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the weekend. the weekend is looking nice by march standards really. tomorrow morning, the showers, leftover rain into southern maryland, snow flakes are possible, and that's the temperatures in martinsburg, and we begin to clear out, and by 9:00, we are low to mid-30s, and most folks above freezing, and we are upper 30s to around 40, and 5:30, we are falling quickly. 31 in albany. we will have slick spots tomorrow evening before you get home. temperatures in the 30s to starts. 40 by 1:00 p.m. the next 3 days, typical. 40 on thursday, and 42 on friday, and a few more clouds, and again, each night we will have refreezing. the next 7 days this is just sweet. 50s on saturday and sunday, and a couple of showers possible on monday, and still in the 50s, and we will cool off into the upper 40s on tuesday. again, i repeat myself this is all we could ask for in terms of the melting after the blizzard. no big rain, and no upcoming
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snow. the upcoming temperatures looking good, but the wizards? not so much. >> tough start for them the second half of the season. we have the (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security,
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all right, donald trump's campaign manager says trump will definitely skip the thursday republican debate on the fox news channel. >> megyn kelly will be one of the moderators and they had a runin in august. trump says she is biased, and so instead of attending he will hold a campaign event in iowa and use it to raise funds for wounded veterans. >> the washington wizards have been looking for a jump start to the 2nd half of the season, but since returning from the blizzard layoff, it's only been bad news for them. bradley beal suffered a broken nose and concussion in last night's game. tonight's game north of the boarder in toronto. john wall, trying to keep this one a game with a 26-footer
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here, and washington only down by 2 in the 3rd, but when you get big plays from guys like this, kyle lowry, the highlight of the game, helping toronto to the clear cut 106-89 win. crayton with the big east showdown. johnson making the steal and driving for the dunk. the hoyas rally back from the 11-point deficit, and then daunte smith-rivera knocking down back-to-backbones, and georgetown clings on for the 74- 73 win. revenge for them. here's your daily super bowl countdown. we are just 12 days away from the big game. online, remember techmobile? they did a prediction of the super
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all right. yellow weather alert tomorrow. tomorrow morning it will freeze quickly, and refreeze wednesday, thursday, and friday night. hang on. we are in the 50s over the weekend. >> we can make it! >> you need a nice warm cup of coffee and something good to listen to in the morning it will take time to
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