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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  January 27, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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the lanes are much narrower, because of the snow on the side of the road, along with higher-than-usual volume, because of a late morning rush, it turned into a recipe for disaster for commuters who had
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to get to work today. thanks for joining us. for the news at noon. i'm mike hydek. before we get to time saver traffic, we learned that prince william county schools are closed for the rest of the week. now let's get to larry miller with time saver traffic and a look at how bad things are now. larry? >> reporter: unfortunately, mike, it is still slow in many areas right now. again, we have the disabled tractor trailer, and that is expecting traffic on the outer loop of the beltway, the dulles toll road. a lot of look from the traffic land cam, it shows the delays associated with that disabled tractor trailer. and you can see here at seven locks road, this delay is extending for a while. commuters that have been traveling on the outer loop, have been stuck in traffic, for more than a half an hour. in which you can imagine, it is pretty frustrating. back to the maps right now, we are still keeping a close eye on how things are shaping up along a. again, snow removal projects going on throughout much of the dmv. and snow removal on new york avenue. the westbound side and bladensburg road. and again, to get some of the snow and ice off the lane, so you can get the full use of the
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lane. taking you down to some of the towns in maryland right now, a quick note. i want you to watch out for bridges and overpasses, again, a lot of them, still have snow, and still have ice. we still have that snow removal going on, in the 2200 block of pennsylvania avenue. and that is going to be going on for a while. and we are doing really well out in brandy wine. akcokeek. and the northbound side on the capital beltway. it is free and clear. you guys are good to go there. as you can imagine, folks have been sounding off on twitter talking about frustration. we got this tweet from a producer, stephanie wilson, morning hash tag drive crawl to a one lane creep on nebraska avenue from fox hall to wisconsin avenue. you can see how bumper to bumper the traffic is this morning. keep those tweets coming in. we appreciate them. mike, would will send it over to you. >> thank you, larry. a smooth ride for some. others had to exercise a little more patience this morning. on their way to work. federal government employees, the federal government reopened offices three hours late today.
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that shifted the morning rush, a little later than usual. mikia turner was in prince george's county talking to commuters as they made their way into the district. >> reporter: i'm here along route 50 near bladensburg road. this is also new york avenue. where the morning commute appears to be running smoothly. besides much of the snow left behind. the roads were a bit slick this morning. a little drizzle and melting snow. but nothing these drivers couldn't handle. >> no trouble this morning for you? >> no. >> no trouble. >> the mounds of snow still lined the side of the streets, curtis cherry, who works off of route 50, says the roads are much better than before. >> it was pretty bad. pretty bad. the lanes was going in the one lane, and you could not really turn here. so you had just had to be careful. >> so we are driving along new york avenue. >> and wusa 9 joined the morning rush hour to check out the progress. [ station audio trouble ]
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>> reporter: on our trip, we saw the snowplow, laying down salt as the driver tried to push more of the snow out of the way. some drivers say it is working. >> it was pretty clear. i mean the roads were wet. but the snow was prelly well cleared off. >> reporter: before the journey ended we stopped by this neighborhood in cheverley. it was evident the plow trucks came through but snow swept to the side of the streets creating a pathway for drivers to maneuver. back on the roads, drivers are happy to see progress. >> if they are telling you they are late, they ain't telling you the truth up-to-the-minute. >> traffic conditions and accident reports and local airport delay, all available, just download the wusa 9 app and it is the weather that 's to be there, too. the weather made an impact on everybody's commute this week and many cases cancelling the commute all together. things are improving mr.
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bernstein. >> more melting. highs in the low 50s yesterday. we never got below freezing in most areas last night. today, we are starting to see a little more sunshine. after the morning showers are now pulling away. and the clouds are thinning. so we will be partly to mostly sunny this afternoon. and it is kind of brazen. some of gusts over 20 miles an hour. as this pulls away, the winds will relax and with the light winds, it will get cold. temperatures drop big time into the teens and 20 s and the 24- hour temperature change tells us the trend. a little bit colder here. but look to the west in pittsburgh and charleston. 15 to 20 degrees colder. the bigger drop in temperatures is what i expect to move in toward the evening hours. while our temperatures are up to 42, cumberland, 378. and still in the up -- 37. and still in the upper 20s and low 30s west of the continental divide. we will have the colder air move in. a little bit of a cooldown tomorrow. and more so friday. and it will be mild again, over the weekend. so for the afternoon, it looks like sun and clouds mixed. temperatures should be dropping off in the next couple of hours
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in the low to mid-40s and the 30s and tonight, teens an 20s. please be careful tomorrow morning. i think anything untreated, certainly will be slick. mike? >> thank you, howard. kids who rely on prince george's county's frequent lunch program were able to get food, because even though school was out, it stayed up and running. the free lunches are available to prince george's county students until 1:00 today. that means we only have about 45 minutes left, if you need to get there. they are served at northwestern and suitland high schools. and paka and langley park mccormick elementary schools. dc kids went back to school today on time, even though many of the roads and the sidewalks are still pretty messy and hard to navigate. nikki burdine was at the plumber elementary school in southeast to check on the walk to school. >> reporter: most of the sidewalks around plummer elementary are just fine for kids to walk on. here is where they get v-a problem. when they get to the cross walk, they have giant mounds of snow to climb over. the only other option is to walk in the street.
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>> that looks like a mountain. >> the jine -- the giant mounds of snow. the smaller classmates had a lot of trouble this morning. >> it is hard. >> reporter: the usual walk to school, more like an obstacle course. >> it is so big. and so dirty. >> reporter: mayor bowser made the announcement yesterday that schools would be open on wednesday. >> the sidewalks are not clear. so we had to walk the children in the street and we are all like stay right here, stay right here. >> reporter: dequan cannon and list brother had to walk on texas avenue during rush hour. >> it is kind of dangerous. a lot of cars flying past. >> reporter: officials with dc public schools say parents should use discretion when sending their kids to class, because of the conditions, and the absences or tardies, they are excused today. mom shawn smith tried to walk marlin to school but decided to turn around. >> the roads are messy. it is dangerous. we tried to cross down east capital street. and it is like real messy. it is traffic, cars are still going. they don't care about us. they are still going. >> why even open schools at
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all? i posed this question on twitter. some parents need to go to work and can't stay at home. and sometimes we don't realize not every child has a hot dinner and a warm bed like ours do. good point. in southeast, nikki burdine, wusa 9. now, nick giovanni was in northwest to see students making their way to class on that side of the city. >> reporter: trekking through the snow. students in northwest dc went back to school wednesday. some were w-snow balls in hand. -- some with snow balls in hand. >> going back to school. >> it is all right, but not too great, because i kind of want another snow day. >> you want another snow day. like everybody else. >> reporter: journey back from the blizzard of 2016, smooth sailing for some. but others, the trip was a little more treacherous. >> fell in the snow. trying to walk down the hill. that was fun. then it was kind of okay walking in the street, because there is so much snow on the
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sidewalks and stuff. >> reporter: piles of snow made for slippery sidewalks in some areas. so one parent took it upon himself to clear a path to merch elementary. >> there is a tremendous amount of work to be done in terms of clearing the streets. >> reporter: august impulse did just that. dedicating nearly an hour to shoveling snow drifts and concerned over the student's safety. >> if you have the point where you have to rely on parent volunteers to take it upon themselves to create a clear walkway to school, that is a problem. >> every other school district is closed in the region. i don't think it would have hurt to have the kids stay home again today. >> reporter: since all absences were excused, the students who did show up brought their thinking caps along with their winter coats. >> i was a little disappointed that we had to back but then again, we need to learn. >> that's the spirit. >> reporter: nick giovanni, wusa 9. >> how are the roads in your neighborhood? we would love for you to post your photos and tweets with the
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hash tag snow day 9. put your street name and who knows we may be able to get help your way. you can share on the wusa 9 facebook page. we are 11 days away from the super bowl. you can watch it right here, sunday, february 7. the 50th. on wusa 9. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. dozens of holocaust survivors around the world lit candles today. to mark international holocaust remembrance today. and today is the day the u.n. has chosen to honor the victims of the holocaust. the ceremony marked the 71st anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz. this evening, the president will head over to the israeli embassy for a special holocaust remembrance event. secretary of state john kerry deliver delivered a stern message to chinese leaders today. take action mow to curb north korea's nuclear capacity or the united states will take action
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on its own. kerry said the action could include deploying defense systems to protect american allies in asia. kerry's words come after nearly five hours of talking with china's foreign minister, when ye. this vintage mitsubishi a6- m0 fighter plane flew over japan for the first time since the war. it was considered the best fighter jet of the period and japanese military considered it a technical prowess and used in come cozy attacks in the final -- kamikaze attacks in the final phases of the war. the waterproof gear will still be needed. >> we may have a setback on friday but a warm weekend ahead. right now, well above freezing. temperatures in the upper 30s. 42 now at noon. but it is a cold night coming up. we will talk about tonight's re-
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welcome back. now to campaign 2016. donald trump is out of the next g.o.p. presidential debate. fox news is hosting it. and he is stepping away because meghan kelly will be one of the moderators once again. kelly held his feet to the fire on some controversial staples he had hade in the past and -- statements he had made in the past and at that time trump believed he was treated unfairly in the last debate. his decision comes days before the iowa caucuses. trump actually tried to get kelly removed from the panel of journalists, and fox news is backing kelly, and they say they will not budge. on the democratic side, president obama is set to meet at the oval office with the man
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who wants to succeed him. senator bernie sanders. there is no set agenda for that private meeting. it is happening a day after the president praised sander's rifle, democratic front-runner hillary clinton in a recent interview. a deadly shootout in oregon overnight could help end the occupation of a federal wildlife refuge by armed men. officers shot and killed the group's spokesperson after a traffic stop. this is carter evans reporting, the leader, amon bundy is among the five people arrested. >> reporter: this video shows fbi agents and police intercepting amon bundy and several militia members on an oregon highway not far from where they occupied federal land since the start of the year. shots were fired. bundy was arrested and his brother ryan was shot and has nonlife-threatening injuries. >> this is your freedom to move about this country. >> la voy finkum, a spokesman for the protester was killed in the shootout. according to amon bundy's
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father clivon who spoke with the station coin. >> brian bundy had been shot in the arm. and finkum was murdered. cold blooded murder. >> they stood outside the hospital, believed to be holding a militia member. at least eight people connected to the armed prott were arrested tuesday on federal felony charges on a conspiracy to impede officers. >> we are up here for the constitution. >> on january 2, bundy and armed followers took control of the national wildlife refuge and claim the federal government is forcing ranchers to sell their land. oregon governor kate brown, stepped up pressure on federal authorities to end the occupation. >> the situation is absolutely intolerable. and it must be resolved immediately. >> it sun clear how many people are still oc -- it is unclear how many people are still occupying buildings inside the refuge. law enforcement officers have
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established road block around the perimeter and only allowing property owners inside. carter evans, cbs news, bern, oregon. >> for weeks, the authority had taken a hands off approach to the occupation but that changed on tuesday and bundy and his followers were heading to a town meeting where they were stopped by police. it sun clear who fired first in this. and -- it is unclear who fired first in this. investigators in california have learned that the three men escaped from an orange county prison had a head start, gone for 16 hours before anyone noticed. they are considered armed and dangerous. police believe at least two of them may be hiding somewhere within orange county. authorities are offering a $50,000 reward for their capture. police in seattle are hunting for the gun plan who shot up a homeless -- a gunman who shot up a homeless encampment this morning. three men were killed and three women were shot in what investigators call a targeted hit. police are trying to figure out what triggered this shooting. it appears that a tornado
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hit this morning near fort lauderdale. leaving a huge mess behind. at this point, there are no injuries reported. the storm toppled cars and ripped down power lines and apparently it is snot over yet. officials have issued a tornado warning for the areas west of fort lauderdale. and mike, i was checking some of the reports, it looks like in the everglades, that they did have a tornadoes. that one, the weather center will go out and do a survey. >> it seems like they made that determination quickly. first and foremost, you wonder with the winds if it is a micro burst or tornado. >> and they do a doppler look and then a survey to gauge the strength of the tornado. >> it looked like it, according to you. >> it is tough to tell from that but i know there was one reporter in the everglades actually. not enough video evidence for me to make a determination on that one. but i can say the sun is coming out. that is an easy one here. >> good. >> after the clouds from this morning. and some of the early rain showers, especially south. it looks like a pretty good day. and getting colder as we head through the afternoon. and the temperatures will be
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dropping off, through the 30s here, into the 20s, this evening, and it is going to be cold tonight, and a lot of melting going on today. if anything is not treated with some road salt or anything, yes, slick spots for sure. for thursday morning. and our weather headlines, re- freeze tonight. and the temperatures in some spots, i think they could get down into the teens and tomorrow, we will be in the 40s. and friday, in the 30s. and it is the upper 30s. and we might see a few flurries. and the best chance in the mountains west of the divide with the upslope wind. a few inches there. good for the ski areas. over the weekend, more melting. and particularly seeing temperatures at 50-plus both saturday and sunday. and maybe monday as well. now, it is a little gusty today. and cooler air is moving in. and some of the wind gusts, 20 to 25 miles an hour. that will relax later on but you can see the temperatures now, only in the low 40s. yesterday, we got to 52 believe it or not, even with the snow on the ground and the cloud cover. still topping 50. shen shenandoah valley, in the
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upper 50s. with a little bit of a wind chill. and the weather camera showing filtered sunshine. you can see the snow on the ground. life try tock get back to normal. -- trying to get back to normal. the wind out of the west northwest at 10 miles an hour. single digits in fairbanks. above average for alaska this time of the year. north central canada, hudson bay, 20s and 30s below zero and sometimes this stuff goes south and sometimes it doesn't. and this is one of the times the cold air can't make it south because of the scream. and we will take you out west to the pacific ocean. big storm. you can see the spinning at the gulf of alaska and forecasting winds over 100 miles an hour through mount class shasta and that pacific air is moving in here, rather mild for the next several days. with a little exception on friday. the showers this morning are pulling away. we are done with that. we will see some sun, and a few
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clouds this afternoon. not a bad afternoon. 30s and 40s. but getting colder this evening. and tomorrow morning, it starts out clear to partly cloudy. and stays that way. partly to mostly sunny. and highs tomorrow, again, 40 to 45. a colder shot of air, that won't be arriving here thursday night, to friday though. and those are the snow showers we are talking about through the ski areas. great news for them. for us, a chilly blustery friday which may see a couple of flurries in the morning but nothing appreciable. no big storms headed our way. 44 today. but turning colder this afternoon. and blustery. and 24 tonight. with teens with the cold spots and tomorrow, again, 44. and seasonable. and lighter winds than today. and 38 on friday. so there will be a few flurries in the morning. but no big deal. and as we head toward the weekend, here comes the warm stuff coming back, low to mid- 50s and monday, above 50 with a few showers and turning a little bit colder, tuesday, which is ground hog day. highs in the upper 40s. we will be back with more in just a moment.
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well, it is pretty clear. the commute this morning was a nightmare for many of you. coming up tonight on wusa 9 at 5:00, we are going to be tracking the evening rush this time. hearing from the frustrated drivers, plus an amazing rescue after a virginia man falls into some icy waters when he is trying to save his dog. and is prince george's county ready to send the kids back to school tomorrow? we are checking on the sidewalks and the roadways, and a lot more tonight on wusa 9 at 5:00. we are looking chilly tonight. the showers are gone from this morning's blustery conditions. 24 tonight. a re-freeze. and tomorrow, not bad. cold friday. and then a mild weekend. we will have more of the big meltdown saturday and sunday. and i think it is prince william who has canceled school
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for the rest of the week. some of the other jurisdictions are still debating about tomorrow and/or friday. >> that's right. so stay tuned. we will be on at 4:00 a.m. have a great day, everybody. back at 5:00. having lots of devices in your home can really slow your internet down. way down. so keep things moving with 100% fiber optic fios by verizon. with fios, you get the big capacity all your devices thrive on. it's the fastest internet and wi-fi available, with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. no wonder we're ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power.
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