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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  January 27, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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refreezing remains. tolerance is quickly melting away for thousands dealing with unplowed streets as self imposed deadlens declare them quickly approached. a man nearly loses his life trying to save his dog, a story you will only see on wusa 9. thanks for joining us, i am bruce johnson. >> i am jan jeffcoat. all the snow could refreeze tonight. first alert meteorologist allison rae is tracking dropping temperatures sdp who could see slick spots. >> good evening, we are going to be watching areas refreeze tonight. especially those slushy areas, they will come to ice first thing tomorrow morning, temperatures below freezing for many hours, in fact, we are already seeing the temperatures dip below freezing, dath dath, frederick, winchester, i told you temperatures would plummet
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after the sun sets. it is still at 38 for dc but watch how the temperatures are going to dip down to 20s and stay in the 20s all overnight right through 9:00 in the morning, even after we see a good bit of sunshine we are still below freezing. watch out for areas that don't get a lot of sunshine. those are going to be icy too. it will be pretty slick trying to walk to your car or even on the roads. we will see a very nice afternoon, but we are still going to be concerned about icy conditions tomorrow night and the night after that. pretty nice weekend is in store, though, so we have those details on the 7-day coming up later. >> thank you, a live look on the roads drivers on the beltway seem to be getting by without issue so far but as allison mentioned, there is worry of refreezing for the morning. no word on ifhe federal government will open with delay or on time. a little stop and go downtown
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dc. curt brooks took this video of the ride around making their way back to the office. you can see snow, snow piles partially covering roadways where there used to be 3 lanes was funneled to 2. >> you can figure the best route to work or school with the free wusa 9 app, it has live traffic conditions and crash reports. the app is available for free for apple and android devices. on metro, we got 2 reactions from riders, it was a mess or it was great. >> metro is running on all rail lines now but stephanie ramirez says some commutes were just as bad as the dmv's roads. >> it all depends what line you are on, stations here are busy but not as crowded as they normally are where some people looking for forward to warm commute home. if you were on the red line this morning you may have gotten a cold welcome back. upset riders posted the photos to twitter showing a patch train
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that had to be let out at du pont due to a break issue, caused a ripple of delays, the rider sent this video. >> they had 2 days with limited track service in order to fix all of these problems and unprecedentedly shut down metro for the entire weekend, i mean, what exactly were they doing with their time? >> reporter: issues like this is why some riders drove in today. on just about every other line, though, even the silver line, several people reported smooth sailing. >> 6-minute wait. that is it. i was pretty lucky. >> it worked today, i am thankful. >> a spokesperson said they had 30,000 less riders today because of all closures and delays and are looking over the numbers to see what type of financial impact a blizzard will have on the system overall. stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> thank you. in a couple hours-- a couple hours ago, metro tweeted trains will run every 8 minutes on all lines.
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prince george's county police believe a woman with alzheimers died after wandering out of her home and upwards of 2 feet of snow. family members reported nelson missing monday night. a neighbor found her in her back yard the next day, she is the third weather related death in prince george's county. area schools are having another day to dry out. charles county is a 2-hour delay and virginia, fairfax, loudoun, prince george's closed rest of the week, arlington and alexandria are closed tomorrow morning. we have a list at the bottom of the screen and on the wusa 9 app and on you can join us tomorrow morning for an extended edition of wake-up washington, the morning team will bring closures, traffic problems a half hour earlier at 4:00 a.m. school superintendent in prince george's county said schools are a hundred percent
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dug out and ready to go but the sidewalks are not. he is pleading with residents to clear walk ways so schools can open. scott broom spoke with people who are thankful their kids stayed at home one more day. >> a lack of safe sidewalks a serious problem in st. jornl's county. -- st. george's county. >> should be cleaned but they are not so people have to walk in the streets to get by. >> parents and grandparents are terrified kids will be doing this when schools eventually open. >> i don't think they should go back in this situation. >> where does she stand for the bus stop? >> this school is cleared out and ready for students and teachers but the surrounding streets and sidewalks are not. even now, 5 days after the first flakes flew, there are some streets that are only partially plowed out. here on broadwater street in temple hills-- >> don't look like no help is coming, i do it myself. >> reporter: residents teamed up to hand shovel the entire street
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this morning. >> i thank our neighbors. >> with no confidence after 5 days a county truck would come. just as the job was almost finished, the plow showed up. >> you could take care of the rest. >> i think school needs to be shut down for the week until these streets are cleaned then we will be finished with the storm for 2016. >> reporter: in prince george's county, scott broom, wusa 9. >> we love the sound of the plows, the clock is ticking, just 24 hours ago, county executive promised residential roads would be passable by 9:00 tonight. garrett haake is checking conditions and will have a progress report. fairfax county students will be off from school all week, 180,000 students will be catching up on sleep, sleeding, homework-- sledding, homework, or studying, it canceled the
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s.a.t.. edge ed in springfield are seeing more students come in. >> after a week off, you want to make sure they are keeping solid on the skills, don't get out of the habit and studying and don't forget everything they have been learn ing. >> it has been rescheduled for february 20th. mongmry county executive-- montgomery county executive promised to get a plow out. it took a few extra hours but it looks like a promise fulfilled, finally. talking with a resident named jim morrow complaining about his street not getting plowed and suddenly 2 bob cats and 3 plows showed up. >> this is amazing. you show up, you guys show up and suddenly, these guys show up. >> hallelujah. >> you must have a gps. >> that is what happens when you call wusa 9. we have talked with upset
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residents on bethesda. half our after he left a snow plow showed up there as well. as your street plowed or unplowed? depend whose you ask, a snow plow driver cleared the way most of the neighbors except for those who live at the end of this dead-end street. wusa 9 viewer, williams, told us about the situation and said it takes 5 day to get a plow so she is thankful for what has been done so far. >> i know that we are cared about but it doesn't seem like they took the time to do complete customer service for us. >> we checked in with her again tonight and she tells us plows came through the street again and cleared the road. that is great news. dc residents can once again park on those snow emergency routes, all the streets marked with the red and white snow signs. the city's snow emergency ended 30 minutes ago along with a $15 added to every cab ride. trash pick up set to start again
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tomorrow in the district but on an altered schedule. the city does not plow those alleys. massive fire and daring rescues, we know what sparked the big flames at a prince george's county apartment building. the love of man's best friend on full display, hear from a virginia man who risked his life to save his dog. it is a story you will see ♪
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from our porjs's county bureau, in-- prince george's county bureau, the fire broke out 2 weeks ago tonight at the presidential court condos on new hampshire avenue, the fire was started by highly flammable spray adhesive that came into contract with fire on a stove. husband and wife did suffer burns and the husband has been released from the burn unit, the
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wife is still hospitalized. a 2-year-old boy has been flown to the hospital with a gun shot wound to the leg, expected to survive. sky 9 was over the scene in waldorf, charles county sheriff department said the boy's dad called 911, the father said he was asleep in the apartment when he heard a gunshot and found his son bleeding, it is referred to the state's attorney office for charges. washington post reporting, jason rezian got a standing ovation today, he spent more than 500 days in a prison in iran and the trumped up spy charges, he and 3 other americans were released this month in a prisoner swap. today he met with friends and colleagues. the blizzard gave birth to a new social media star and for the first time to date, ants can line up to see tntn in action. i can tell a big difference in the temperatures from a few
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hours ago, they are plummeting tonight. i will let you know how many mornings we are concerned about the refreeze. as we head into break, picture of a perfectly unplowed street in prince george's county, a resident on laurel treated this to us, we want to know if your street is passable. e mail
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one of those really good stories of survive out of stafford, virginia. >> rick martin is an experienced out doorsman, when his dog fell flow ice on a harbor he took out a canoe but when he grabbed the dog his collar came off tossing martin into the icy water. martin's 18-year-old son, zack, grabbed a second canoe to riskue-- rescue his dad. >> he started screaming help, i was like, this is bad. this is bad. >> when i got my hand on there and started to inch up on the ice, i figured i would be all right. like, so i didn't have a lot of strength but held on and he was fighting to get me out of there. >> zack went back to rescue that dog as well and both are doing fine tonight, an emotional moment. a stafford county detective helpd the boy pull out his dad. family is grateful and sharing the story to warn others about the dangers of going out on the
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ice without proper rescue gear, not frankly going out at all. >> lets hear it from that son. wow. for the first time since the blizzard started dropping snow on the dc area, the city's monuments and memorials have reopened, visitors could get a birds eye view of all the snow a top the washington monument. this is what it looked like on earth cam's online live stream. popular tourist spots have been closed since friday. back open today, the national zoo and new found social media star, tntn who did not disappoint, the panda munched on a snack while crowds lined up to get a peek there. >> he is a laid back guy so takes it in stride but all of a sudden goes rolling down the hill. >> she loves the zoo, every city we visit, she will go to the zoo first. >> 60 million people have seen this viral video of him rolling around the snow. it was fun for him but a lot of
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work for zoo employees, staffers work aaround the clock to dig out from 22 inches of snow and 85 workers called the home pass 4 nights to take care of the animals. >> you forget about the workers who have to stay there to insure the safety of the animals. >> good stat. >> we couldn't figure if he was eating bamboo. >> i don't think-- >> right-- >> calories in that stuff. >> remind me never to eat bamboo. ever. right? all right, we are going to see, the next couple days into the weekend, we are concerned about everything refreezing, we will see so many hours of temperatures well below freezing, not only here in the district but eevenen more so-- even more in the suburbs, what about our 3-degree guarantee? 42 was the forecasted temperature. our temperatures were pretty
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steady. 11:00 we get you up to date if we got the 3-degree guarantee correct or not. what to expect. anything that is slushy out there, that is going to turn to ice. first thing tomorrow morning. if you do have to be on the roads or even just walking to your car, watch out for that. anything that doesn't get a lot of sun light is one of the areas you want to watch out for too. we will see temperatures stay well below freezing for tonight, tomorrow night, and through friday night. we will be concerned about this each night until saturday morning and then we will be in the clear saturday afternoon and through the rest of the weekend and, really, through next week, no problems at all. we will see a lot of melting next week. above average this weekend and more so, 50-degree temperatures by next weekend and a lot of building will occur then. single digits for some tonight, localized spots. teens for fredericks, gaithersburg, leesburg, winchester all teens. dc 22, tonight will be the coldest night we see in the next 7 and it will be below freezing
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for so long that is why we are going to be concerned about that big refreeze. even just walking around on that slush through the roads, you can tell it is slippery. add that to ace, it will be dangerous first thing tomorrow morning. tomorrow then:30, we are still below freezing but we get the sunshine out. doesn't last for long. we see the cloudinize crease by tomorrow afternoon. no chance of showers or any frozen stuff for thursday. tomorrow looks pretty nice despite the clouds coming in. temperatures will be seasonable tomorrow into the low 40s. things will change overnight, thursday into friday morning. we do have the chance for a couple snow showers west of the divide. that could bring a few flurries friday morning for areas far north and west but really most areas will be fine. a lot of sunshine, breezy and chilly. high temperatures near 40 degrees on friday. then the warm-up will begin on saturday. 43 degrees for tomorrow, those clouds will increase and watch out for icy spots right through
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saturday morning. here is that 7-day forecast, 53, gorgeous this weekend. our next chance for rain, a good chaung come wednesday. make sure you get our wusa 9 app. you can get the radar and the latest 7-day forecast right there. >> thank you, allison. loving the 50s. >> looks like nobody is-- nobody is sleeping, they are bringing their a-game. >> they are, we have seen them, they are figuring themselves out a little. they took a little hit this weekend after they lost on saturday, but they have a chance to gain some of the ground back, a look
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cousins is in the best position possible wheb it comes-- when it comes to contract negotiations, he could get upwards of $17 million a year, he said he would like to strike a long-term deal and avoid using the franchise tag if at all possible. the countdown continues to super bowl 50, we are 11 days away from the big game.
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remember, you can see carolina take on denver february 7th on wusa 9. the biggest college basketball game in the country is in our own back yard tomorrow night, 8th ranked maryland hosts number 3 iowa. dave owens spent the day in college mark as the turps prepareed for the hawk eyes. >> quietly prepping for iowa, how good does it feel to be home? ask the coach. >> a lot of things have gone well since sar day, especially getting home sunday, a minor miracle. >> trimble and company better be on p's and q's. the hawk eyes are ranked third nationally and right about now, casual hoop fans are saying, 3rd? >> they are am most skilled basketball team in the country. they are 90. >> and most of those 9 can shoot
7:27 pm
it from deep. >> utah from 3. >> they play like one, they really know how to dominate a game. >> old, as in 4 seniors in a starting line up. >> i will never say this early in the year it is a must-win. we will be fired up to play. >> so, here what the student section will be holding tomorrow, beat iowa, of course, it goes without saying, maryland hopeing for a large crowd here, they haven't lost a home game at the xfinity center in almost 14 munths and the head coachic knowledgeing that saying our crowd will be used and they are going to have to be. we shall see. in college park, dave owens, wusa 9 sports. >> they asked fans to come early because the snow has taken up a lot of the parking spaces but they will be there early and get more and more exciteed for the game. >> they are an old team, all seniors. >> but like you said, iowa is 3rd?
7:28 pm
>> iowa and oklahoma. embarrassing. >> weird year. very cold tonight, bundle up and watch out for anything turning to ice first thing tomorrow morning and a nice day after that into the 40s. >> looking forward to the
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george clooney and amal adding to their family. >> we'll explain as george gets confronted about his wife. >> is it true that she is having a baby? >> hear how george handled that question about pregnancy rumors. the new exclusive interview. >> plus, oprah cashing in on carbs. how she made $12 million by saying this. >> i have been eating bread every single day. >> breaking news that donald is not showing up? >> hear megyn kelly seconds after trump announced he is boycotting the fox news debate. >> megyn kelly is a lightweight. >> our tough questions for megyn. >> can you honestly say you could you have done a fair and neutral >> now outrage over the o.j. mini series. >> nobody has approached us. nobody consulted with us. >> from nicole brown simpson's sister to o.j. himself. did he just threaten to sue from jail


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