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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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. right now at 11:00, drivers still recovering from a rough ride home tonight face problems in the morning tonight a look at what's clear, what not, what you need to do to prepare. thank you for joining us. tomorrow is friday, of course, a lot of schools are still closed but not d.c. >> almost there. check the bottom of your screen for the complete list, we have received word the federal government is open tomorrow. but as we continue to dig out
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and make some progress, tonight we face another freeze. that means another tough commute in the morning so straight out to our chief meteorologist about what we should be looking out for. enough icy patches, generally above freezing but you don't need temps 32 to be freezing on the roads. 32 in frederick, and in hagerstown, martinsburg, and on the future cast, like this. 5:30, 6:00. , just about everywhere, 33 downtown, and 28. now by 8:00, we're still either side of freezing, so still about 8 or 9:00 you have to be careful walking around and also driving, could last until 9:00 before they start to fall out a little bit. kind of blustery, winds will
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turn northwesterly, still only in the mid-30s, 36 downtown, 5 in fairfax also in dale city. we'll come back take you through the day also take you through the day with the wind chills, might be surprised how cold it is going to be tomorrow but might be surprised how warm it is going to be over the weekend. tomorrow may be the end of the week, for many it is just the beginning of what could be yet another tough commute. with more and more schools and businesses staying open more of you will be it hitting the road and riding the metro, is the district live for that. we're live along river road to see if things were any better than they were 24 hours ago. we have fingers and toes crossed here. >> somewhat better i'm going to show you all of it later things do seem to be improving here across d.c. things seem to be back to operating on normal hours to the metro to d.c., that doesn't mean the commute
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is back to normal. >> how do you get to work? >> i typically drive. >> i take the bus. >> i walk. >> driving, riding or walking this week's daily commutes are anything but normal. >> absolutely atrocious. >> things seem to be improving on the metro riders say today is better than yesterday. >> pretty crowded, a lot more people, otherwise, i took it in stride, it was okay but it was all right. >> bus riders say the same thing. >> and people can't get out. you have people you see right here. >> so do drivers. >> get to another lane on mass av, going downtown. >> and walkers.
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>> a lot of the snow has melted now, at least it is clear so you can find work around, it is a lot easier than it has been in the last couple of days. with temperatures expected to drop over night some are worried about whatever improvements they saw today would disappear in the morning. >> i'm a little worried about the ice on the tracks and if it continues to stay this cold there could be more water bursts. some just aren't going to risk it. >> if i have a vacation day i'm going to take a vacation day. i do not want to be stuck not knowing when i'm going to get home. >> most of the major roads in d.c. seem to be a lot better in the evening but one road is river road, and until a couple of hours ago this side was open. plows have been out here working but both lanes are open you can see at my feet where the plows came through they didn't leave behind a lot of
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slush and ice which certainly could make things difficult for tomorrow's commute. reporting tonight, wusa9. thank you. the mayor of d.c. has made a decision that's going to cost the city about 700 grand. but also going to ke thousands of drivers pretty happy. voiding all of the tickets who left their cars on snow emergency routes last friday. if you already paid the $250 fine, you're going to get a refund. drivers who got ticketed saturday, sunday or monday, still going to have to pay and anyone who got towed still out for that. the issued tickets, most on friday. to montgomery county tonight, schools back in session on monday. the snow removal crews will
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be rushing to clear the sidewalks and we are live at with a look how parents, are going stir crazy. >> here in montgomery, the case in most of the areas of the school districts in our area the continued snow removal efforts is causing schools to be canceled tomorrow and that's causing some students and most parents to get stir crazy. >> we need a little alone time for the children that we love so dearly. >> helen laughs but admits the parents are close to the edge. >> all of the moms stuck together, all right. everybody is taking care of everybody else's kids, tomorrow she is going to go to after care because mommy can't take it anymore. >> how do you handle this last week? >> awesome.
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>> too much together time. >> juggling work and motherhood at the same time in the same place. >> the office is a disaster. >> food, toys, doggy treats, paper,ipad makes you wonder what home looks like. >> now is the snow that's melting. >> i am living on advil. even their diets are a disaster. >> pop tarts, like i've given up. her hope is that schools reopen and reclaim students that depends on progress made on still unplowed neighborhoods, hazardous conditions for students walking and riding buses to school. says she understands the school district is in a tough spot, could have met better planning. >> every day is a question are they going to school? not going to school?
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everybody know they probably weren't going to have school all week. >> at least they know in montgomery county monday it is back to school. time to go back to school. >> no it's not. >> it is. >> no it's not. fortunately for parents, this decision is not up to the kids. >> glad to see that you can keep a sense of humor. according to montgomery county the remaining snow still on the ground, as far as who has to clean that up, that falls on a combination of state and county crews as well as individual neighborhoods. live in montgomery county, wusa 9. we are almost there, we'll be right here for you as long as it takes to recover from the blizzard of 2016, let us know what you are seeing and feeling out there? download our wusa 9 app to get closings and delays and push
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alerts if you want them. to campaign republicans making their final pitch before the iowa caucuses tonight. in des moines a leading candidate taking the stage to take aim at one another. but first they had to address what they call the elephant not in the room. donald trump staged his own show in drake university. >> when you are treated badly, you have to stick up. trump's full capacity event of 700 people was billed as an event for veterans. >> i would have dug for a snow tunnel if i had to. >> i like his ability to gethings done. >> trump's decision could alien ate voters who expected him to debate. >> felt like he was running away from fox news. the foundation raised $5
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million, but absence didn't no unnoticed. >> i'm a maniac everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. and ben, you're a terrible surgery. now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way. i kind of miss donald trump, he was a teddy bear to me. they mocked him on the fox news channel. i know securing our borders is not antiimmigrant. we should have a path for the people here. craig boswell. fox refused trump's demand that the network donate $5 million to his charity, mick hukabee and rick also attended an event. and a retreat in baltimore that democrats will wind in november. president says the country is doing a lot better than when he
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took office. >> tonight i have an announcement to make about the presidential race, democrats will win in november and we will have a democratic president, just in case there is any confusion about that. and the reason i can say that with confidence is because we focus on the things that matter in the lives of the american people. >> in a reference to donald trump, the president said the u.s. will not strengthen itself by allowing politicians to insult muslims or have americans against each other. joe biden is comparing the race what he called a gift from the lord for democrats trying to win back the house and the senate. speaking at the same event, he doesn't know which republican he'd pick to win.
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>> challenge your opponent are they for the budget? for what's being said? by the way we may be given a gift from the lord in the presidential race here. i don't know who to root for more. cruz or what's that guy's name? >> the vice president urges democrats to run on the accomplishment of the obama administration siting the improvement and gains against islamic state. journals gathering in northwest washington to mark the opening of the new washington post headquarters. it was a celebration not just of journalism but the release, freed from an iranian prison 10 days ago, he spent 545 days in a cell. he offered thanks for those who fought for his freedom. >> for much of the 18 months,
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my interrogators that the washington post did not exist. that no one new of my plight. that the united states government would not lift a finger for my release. >> among those secretary of state john kerry helped negotiate his release. a metro melee that's how the day started out for people trying to get to work. new tonight word of yet another. and check out this saint bernard pulled from icy waters. new details about the fairfax county heroes who will be rewarded for this rescue. remember this family's troublesome tree
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. in the district of columbia six wilson high school students face charges for assault for attacking a man as he tried to board a train at gallery place during the morning rush. security cameras capturing the beat down after the assault, the students jumped back on the train but got caught at the park metro, they
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identified the six attackers. >> one of my best friends in the truck. hoping he got out safe. >> the six students arrested 5 boys in one girl ages 16 and 17. >> there was more trouble at metro during the evening rush hour. another group of kids pelted a man with snowball and assaulted him police caught up with the kids at gallery place, investigators are still working the case. to montgomery county, police want you to take a good look on the pictures on the screen. wanted in the series of townhouse break ins, these burglars hit 7 town homes in the past month and a half, hit communities around randolph road and randolph and new hampshire avenue. from our prince george's county bureau tonight, the search is on for a hit-and-run driver who critically injured a
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man walking in the streets but there is plenty of blame to go around for this accident. the victim was struck about 8:30, in the industry because the sidewalk hadn't been shoveled. this despite a county law that requires sidewalk to be cleared within 48 hours of a storm. also in prince george's county, more leads on a story you first saw here at 11:00, blizzard bandits, the robberies stretch from friday all the way into sunday, the most serious crime came friday night when they marketed a shopping center, they shot the store owner, his injuries life threatening friends have since told us his condition is improving. and fairfax county some time lapse video you just got to see. this is tucker lane, neighbors got tired of waiting for a snow
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how to plow the streets, they estimated they moved more than 2 football fields of snow, using one snow blower and a whole lot of determination. tomorrow a happy reunion between man and man's best friend. you might remember this during our coverage of 2016. a saint bernard wandered out on woodland lake. firefighters waited out and pulled milo into safety. tomorrow those firefighters are going to receive an award. new tonight, bad news for a family that built a tree house in their capitol hill neighborhood the commissioner says the committee has denied the family's request to let their tree house extend into public space, the family built the tree house five months ago and about 20 inches passed the
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property line into a public ally on the walk. it should come down or have to be altered a little bit. 20 inches. so a matter of about that much. might have to take it down. i assume it is high enough they don't boink their head. >> i think it is an aesthetic thing. we have something to be happy about. >> let's get through tomorrow, tomorrow is going to be a little blustery, then we're in pretty good shape, let's talk about the three degree guarantee. thank you. >> we went for i-43 and highway 40, we did it. we're going to go for a high of 41 tomorrow. thinking 42, lower to 41. hope i don't regret that. mild look outside, we'll see how they do tomorrow. 36, dew points below freezing winds out of the south at 5.
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the cold front is still to the west, we'll roll through here early tomorrow morning so wind chills in the 20s, all day friday there is a few kids in school bus stop temperatures, 26 to 34. icy spots be careful. 15 on sunday, we are tracking a pretty big storm with rain and even thunderstorms by next wednesday but stay mild to warm right on through wednesday of next week. so 6:00 tomorrow morning 32 leesburg, 34 downtown mainly upper 20s low 30s and by 9:00, 36 downtown but only 32 in frederick still 31 in hagerstown and still 32 in martinsburg. temps don't exactly skyrocket as they move in. that is the arrow. 1:00 upper 30s downtown, maybe 33 up in hagerstown, 35 in buoy and fairfax. by evening you're headed out tomorrow night it is friday night upper 20s low 30s by
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11:00 headed for the teens and 20s over night tomorrow. let's talk about the wind chill this is a forecast by 6:00 in the morning feels like it is going to be in the 20s everywhere by noon doesn't change much. 29 downtown by 6 p.m., feels like it is in the teens hagerstown, and dress for the 20s tomorrow, teens tomorrow night. lots of sunshine, 36 at 9:00 and 40 by 1:00 with a few clouds. the next three days pleasant on saturday, 48 and then, boom. 55 on sunday with sunshine. we stay warm. we're in pretty good shape actually as we get into the next week looking at temperatures back into the 50s monday and tuesday, probably see a shadow again on groundhog day, always does see his shadow and we're looking at, if he sees his shadow six more weeks of winter. and rain and thunderstorms on
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wednesday but still 60 on wednesday. groundhog. who does he think he is. number three iowa comes to town, you fear the turtle wherever you come to town. >> there have been big games in college park. many of them, one tonight in a cleaning center has a
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. now, wusa 9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. it has never happened before a pair of top 10 teams playing at 14-year-old xfinity center. hosting forth ranked iowa. something was going to give if the hawkeyes was going to win in the game while they hadn't lost a home game since joining the big 10 last season. they were pumped showing plenty of maryland's pride, midwestern opponent, start in the second half robert carter, knocks down the jumper there giving them a 3 point lead, finishes with 17 points. and on the attack, gets the hoop and the harm.
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he finishes 17 points. up 59-56. and gets the two-handed dunk. and less than a minute to go. with a strip on mike, and out running as jarod finishes. 74-68, the first win over a ranked team this season. >> a really, really good basketball team tonight, i don't know what the rank and all that kind of stuck, we beat maybe if not the best team we were able to beat them it is a good sign to us. move the ball, share the ball makes it tough on the defense they don't know who to guard. a late night match up for george washington hosting richmond, the colonials have a win streak, look at this, the regulation, are you kidding me? the rim is very, very kind,
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forces overtime lead in double overtime tied at 85. the inconsistent wizards played host to the nuggets, cool day and sugar bear throw back tonight called the bullet. where john wall was selected to the third game. taking on the nuggets second half, wall, wide open, we're going to see that here, 17 points for the wall star. i do see what we did there. sessions with the steal and the hoop and the harm game would be tied at 9 to 9, the guards couldn't get over the hump. and the loss. and ray lewis is on it the team celebrates the best of the best super bowl performances the 13 time pro-bowler ended its career in super bowl xlvii to
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