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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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saying how. the cause of death size not been revealed, but we do know a gun was not involved. meanwhile, there are reports now that the victim, nicole level, had been active on social media sites that promoted teen dating and flirting. in columbia, maryland, we have photographs from wildlife high school, that show a goal-driven young man. david eisenhower. eisenhower graduated in june, after running second, scott, in the state cross country championships. >> reporter: that's right. and two words really to describe reaction here. shock and surprise. david eisenhower is now accused of killing his 13-year-old girl in blacksburg, virginia. under extremely mysterious circumstances. he was well known here at wildlife for all the right reasons. >> i think anybody is capable of killing. but a 13-year-old? that's crazy. >> reporter: students here at wildlife highschool, mystified. >> new yearbook photos from wild lake reveal a cross
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country star and kids who fit in with everyone else. he had moved in, according to principal james lamont. >> it was surprise and shock. >> reporter: who took an interest in eisenhower because of his past as a track coach. >> very pleasant young man. but very goal-driven. focused on academics. but he was also focused on running. he was an outstanding runner. >> i know he wanted to be an engineer. so he was very focused on his academics here. he did very well here. he fit in like any other normal student at wild lake. >> reporter: eisenhower is accused of abducting and murdering 13-year-old natalie level, a liver transplant survivor. the 18-year-old college athlete and engineering student knew the little girl and, quote, used the relationship to his advantage, to abducted her. but they won't elabiate. her bedroom in a house near virginia tech, was fod near a door barricaded by a dresser and window open. her body was found sunday, near a road south of blacksburg, just over the north carolina line. this tragic reaction for
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blacksburg. natalie's mother told reporters her daughter loved pandas. but her mother was unaware of her daughter's exact ties to this dating and flurrying teen website, which has been linked to exploitations of teens. that site has since been taken down. just a few moments ago, i got a text message from one of eisenhower's teammates. he said, quote, he was a great guy. and everyone i have talked to about it is very surprised i would call it unreal. it's crazy, that from one of ike eye's teammates. -- eisenhower's teammates. and what about a teammate, accused of helpings dump that teen's body? that's where my colleague, stephanie ramirez picks up the reporting now. >> turns out, 19-year-old natalie keefers was just as known at her high school, that's hammond, high school in columbia, maryland. in fact, today, their principal also came out to speak with us on camera. saying she knew her well. >> a very valued member of our
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school community. very strong academic student. >> reporter: charging documents released monday saying 19-year- old natalie keefers was a freshman at virginia tech. and engineering student according to authorities. she graduated last year and photos on her facebook page show her very active in the school's theater group. we also found photos of her smiling with family members. still no answer at her laurel home today. at the school, principal marcy leonard. >> stunned. just very, very surprised. >> i'm sure a lot of people are shocked about s9it. >> howard county students, this is no way what we're like or what we have to offer. ask my fought thoughts are just with the family at this time and how horrible this must be for them. >> reporter: authorities say keefer held a nasa internship among others. the virginia tech student is now facing improper disposal of a dead body and accessory charges that is a felony and misdemeanor respectively. howard county tonight, stephanie ramirez, wusa 9.
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>> police say they have received 300 tips so far in connection with this case. a d.c. police officer, kills a suspect who was allegedly reaching for his gun. it turns out, that gun was a bb gun. wusa 9, stephanie gayle hart is live outside the d.c. police headquarters, with the latest on this investigation. stephanie, what do you know? >> lesli, investigators are still going through evidence inside the police department here. but what we do know is the police officer had been a metropolitan police officer for the last two years. and we learned that he recently graduated the police academy. >> all i heard was a shot. i was up cleaning up. and i heard a shot. >> reporter: the mother of 6 is so rattled, she didn't want us to show her face on camera. the shooting happened a few feet from her front door. in the area of 53rd street and clay terrace. shortly after 2:00 a.m. police say an officer tried to stop a suspicious suspect. and there was a struggle.
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>> the subject attempted to flee. but lost his footing and fell. as the suspect fell to the ground. a gun dislodged. from somewhere in the suspect's clothing onto the ground. >> metropolitan police say the suspect tried to grab his gun. that's when the officer fired one round and killed the suspectful as it turned out, the suspect's gun was a bb gun that looks like a real firearm. this is one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in d.c. there have been four police- involved shootings in the last 11 months. three of them, deadly. >> you can't walk around the neighborhood, fearing that your kids are going to get shot or you're going to get shot and you're not involved in anything. and it's constantly. >> reporter: police say they have officers patrolling this neighborhood, 24/7. and they are aware that pcp is extremely prevalent in the community. >> it's sad that our community is resulting to death, every time you turn around, death is at the door.
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>> reporter: the police officer is on administrative leave for 72 hours. reporting live tonight, in d.c., i'm stephanie gayle hart, wusa 9. >> and the officer apparently was not wearing a body camera. police are on the scene of a possible barricade situation at fairfax county. it started when officers received the trespassing call, along the 10,300 block of appalachian circle. that's in oakton, virginia. police are not releasing a lot of information about this incident. but we are continuing to follow it. and we'll bring that information to you as soon as it becomes available. in just a few hours from now. the voting will finally begin in the 2016 presidential race. the iowa caucuses, kicking off at 8:00 tonight. both the republican and democratic races, expected to be extremely tight. and record turnout it is possible. wusa 9 eric headache is live for us in des moines, with the
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republican race. >> reporter: feels like someone has pressed pause on this incredible chaotic race right now. none of the candidates are campaigning in iowa at this point. they have done all they can to get out the vote tonight. now there's not much left to do but wait and see what iowa decides. >> reporter: finishing his campaign through all 99 iowa counties in his trust ted buzz, texas senator ted cruz, hoping to finish strong in the hawk eye state. today, at his campaign headquarters in urban dale, an army of volunteers picked up where the candidate left off. >> you're one of the us man. >> closing of the deal is over. now, it's time to get the people out that have said yes little we're not undecided. we're coming out for ted, getting them there. and making sure they get the right spot is a big deal. >> i'm okay now. >> reporter: polls show cruz in a neck-and-neck race with donald trump in iowa.
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>> new jersey governor chris christie told me last night, he defines victory here as beating the other governors left in the race. is jeb bush and john kasich. >> people going good to me. we're going to work hard and have a good vote. >> thank you for being here. this is it, right? it's crunch time, right? >> the question on everyona minds. how many of those real people will vote for the race's compicated front runner, donald trump? who rallied supporters in east iowa today. and how many will show up at all. >> the magic number they're saying here in des moines is 135,000 people. if more than 135,000 people show up to caucus, it's probably good news for donald trump. because bringing new voters. if less than that, probably good news for ted cruz. >> there's a debate about what it takes to win in iowa. is it the old-fashioned politicking? or will donald trump's enormous celebrity be enough to carry
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this race almost on its own. we'll find out later tonight. but we'll have a much close look coming up at 6:00. reporting live, garrett hage, wusa 9. >> we have an easy-to-follow explanation on how the iowa caucuses work. it's a free download for your apple and android devices. back here at home, d.c. police say they're going to close a popular nightclub that was the site of a deadly stabbing. >> two men were stabbed around 11:30 last night, at the bar code nightclub at 17th and l streets northwest. one of the victims died later at the hospital. police say the stabbing started with a fight inside the club. the other man with injuries, does not have issues that are considered life-threatening. what do you think about that ordeal here? >> pretty hideous. and also, to be happening downtown. yeah, it's something to be concerned about. >> this is a terrible situation. a tragedy. yeah. >> reporter: the man who died is identified as 29-year-old
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robinson powell of riverdale, maryland. police say the emergency closure of the bar code club will be in effect for 96 hours. police are looking for the driver behind a hit-and-run accident that happened in montgomery county. sky 9 here over the scene, where a 54-year-old woman got hit on monroe place in rockville. now, police say it was just a glancing blow. but the woman fell down and hit her head on the pavement. she is expected to survive. rockville police say they're looking for a dark-colored, or black midsized suf. >> the wssc said it could be midday before repairs are made. that 88-year-old ruptured pipe has been replaced. but workers are still repairing university boulevard. you may want to avoid that area. only one of the three eastbound lanes are open to traffic. we're just getting started here on wusa 9news at 5:00. the parents of fallen montgomery county police officer, noah liotta are calling for change. what they want to see happen,
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after their son was killed in the line of duty. new details on the first case of zika virus, in virginia, as the disease is declared a global emergency. topper is back with more on tonight's yellow alert. and another for later this week. >> plus, right after the break, this 15-year-old was killed nearly 20 years ago. tonight, her family may timely have some closure. >> and something we can all relate to here. our quickly melting snow is leaving car-shaking craters, all over the roads. right now on our wusa 9news app. how you can submit a claim for pothole damage to your vehicle. we're back after this. i do everything on the internet but, it's kind of slow.
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new information now on a case, stemming all the way back to 1996. 52-year-old lloyd harris, is now charged with the murder of a teenager in frederick, maryland. 50-year-old stacy lynn hofmaster was reported missing on october 2, 1996. her body was found months later in some woods near where harris was living. she had been strangled. harris is currently awaiting extradition where she was living. a student at william mary college, is the first confirmed zika virus in maryland. >> also, health officials have declared the explosive spread of the zika virus as a global health emergency. peggy fox tells us what this first case in virginia means for all of us. >> well, william and mary college says it believes the stienlt contracted the zika virus, while traveling over winter break.
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the student is expected to fully recover. and health experts don't believe there is any threat from this case. >> the babies born with extremely small heads. the lifelong disabilities are believed to be caused by the zeka zika virus. which has spread fast. the first case in virginia is what is called an imported case. the person apparently contracted the disease in central america, where he or she was apparently bitten by an infected mosquito. it does not spread from human- to-human contact, except apparently in utero. >> this association that we're talking about with pregnant women, suggests that there might be some transmission from the woman to her fetus. but other human-to-human transmission is nothing we're worried about at this time. >> the world health organization estimates there may be up to 4 million cases of
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zika in the next year. >> 80% of individuals who might have been bitten by mosquitoes that were carrying the zika virus, may show no infection at all. and about one in five might show a very mild illness. that might be fever, rash. joint pains, or arthrallingias, pink eyes or conjunct vites. that's very short lived. that illness doesn't last a long time. >> reporter: now, the global emergency declaration is expected to trigger increased funding and coordinated efforts to help stop the outbreak. >> peg, thank you. it has been more than a week now, since our historic blizzard reminders of the storm can be found everywhere. especially -- especially here. that's where dumps -- trucks are dumping the snow collecting in the city. huge mounds of it. filling up the parking lot. that's where you can also find the famed snow dragon.
5:17 pm
a massive device on lone from indianapolis, that can melt up to four dumpsters of snow, pretty quickly, actually. >> even though all of this snow was starting to melt this weekend, i could see lots of trucks out there, in neighborhoods on main street. >> yep. >> doing all they can to clean this up. this is going to take a while. >> i actually saw folks on the road, cleaning the sidewalks. but we have been very, very lucky in the melt. >> yeah, we have. >> it's been gradual. >> gradual, no heavy rain. melting nicely. let's talk about this. we're having trouble with the snow pack on the ground. you would think it would be cooler than what guidance was going. we're at 56 today, which i think may be okay. maybe a midnight high. we'll let you know tonight at 11:00, just how we did. live look outside. down to 47. winds out of the north at 7. so the front is just about through most of the metro area. in fact, here is the showers. kind of widen the radar out, though. over the last hour on first
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alert doppler. and again, nothing heavy. see a few flecks now towards charlotteville. and in the immediate methrow area, -- metro area. snow pack will go ahead and absorb this rainfall. not a huge deal. right now, we're looking at the heaviest activity. d.c. south and west. fairfax, down 95. towards fredericksburg. and also southern maryland. upper prince george's county. everything is pushing off to the north and east. it's going to go right through town. and go through college park at about 5:40, and up toward laurel at about 6:02. but again, it's going to fortunately slow the commute down. by the time you get home, the showers will be gone. roads will be wet. bus stop temperatures. 28 to 44. there will be a few slick spots tomorrow. in some of the suburbs. you will make it below freezing. i think downtown, inside the beltway, probably not. but you will in the bushes -- burbs. not as mild. but still a terrific tuesday. great tuesday. then another yellow weather alert on wednesday. and this is for rain and for
5:19 pm
showers and for thunderstorms. yep. talked about this last week. thunderstorms are going to materialize on wednesday. 10:00 tonight, though, we've gone back to partly cloudy skies. all the showers now pushing south. and temps falling a little bit. not crazy cold, behind this front. but 38 in leesburg. this is 10:00 tonight. 37 in gaightders burg. -- gaithersburg. going to go out and walk the dog. and 43 downtown. and by morning, see what i mean? 40, gailgters -- burg -- gaithersburg. some going to be right around freeding. could be a few slick spots. and by midmorning, we're back in the mid- to upper 30s with sunshine. and by 1:00, we're back to near 50. 49 downtown. 47 in leesburg. and 43 in hagerstown. i'm going to advance this now to 6:00 tomorrow. we're still in the mid-40s, with sunshine. and then advancing all the way into wednesday. and just kind of -- this is why we issued the yellow weather alert. i think wednesday, we're going to have light showers in the metro area, with temperatures
5:20 pm
in the 40s. and by afternoon, we'll have rain showers and thunderstorms in the metro area with temps in the 60s. so for the day, planned tuesday. sunshine. 49. almost 50, by 1:00 p.m. wednesday, there's your yellow alert day. but even behind the cold front. still 50 on thursday. that's a pretty nice day, actually. next 7 days. friday, colder. low 40s. mid-40s on saturday. near 50 on sunday. you're driving around for a party at the super bowl, which is right here until 9:00. no problems driving around. and upper 40s monday. maybe some showers. groundhog day is tomorrow. let's g it -- go to our website. not bad for february. tanks, topp, members of the radical group boko haram. reports say as many as 86 people were killed in an attack saturday night. it happened in the largest camp for those displaced by the violent militant group. federal investigators are releasing their findings into
5:21 pm
last year's deadly anthrax derailment in philadelphia. the engineer says the last thing he remembers, was pubbing the throttle -- pushing the throttle to pick up speed and breaking when he felt the train was going too fast. the train's data recorder shows it was going 106 miles per hour. before it entered a sharp curve and derailed. the speed limit for that curve is 50 miles per hour. eight people were killed and nearly 200 others injured in the crash. the report does not come to any conclusions on the cause of the crash. but it offers a glimpse into what investigators have learned so far. a retiring officer wants to bring his k-9 with him. that's easier said than done. and why a similar one is playing a role. iconic soft drink gets a new design. and the food-borne illness crisis may be over for chipotle. details next.
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with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. the driver of a semi truck, may not have been paying attention to the height restriction today on the rock creek parkway, or he clearly wasn't. his rig got struck under the bridge at the k street overpass. the right southbound lane was
5:25 pm
blocked. the accident cause of the accident major delays this morning, before crews could get that truck free. let's get to our consumer news tonight. and chipotle's long nightmare may be over. the centers for disease control and prevention just closed its investigation into an e. coli outbreak, linked to the chain. that outbreak started last october. and it spread to nine states, including maryland. the cdc did not pinpoint the cause of the illnesses that made more than 50 people sick. but chipotle executives promised to put new safety standards in place, to try to prevent this from happening in the future. >> here's a warning from taxpayers. scammers are sending out this bogus e-mail, asking you to verify that your account is secure. it is a scam. so don't click on the links. because if you do, you'll be directed to a russian website that is made to look like turbo tax. and coke has teamed up with hewlett packard to print one of a kind designs for the 12-ounce
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diet coke bottles. it is a marketing compain, being called -- campaign, being called "mine." you can make sure those will make the store shelves a lot more colorful. a retiring police officer just wanted to keep his k-9. >> it's a story that was getting a lot of buzz on social media. marietta law enforcement officer, hickie. apparently for selling it had time for $3500, the city was going to auction it off to the highest bidder. after a campaign raised $65,000, the city has come up with a plan for hickie to get his dog. >> there's so much good out there. and so many people that want to see a long ride. >> don't you love when common sense prevails? a petition
5:27 pm
nearly got 25,000 signatures so far. it even cited a similar case in montgomery county, where k-9 chip was able to live out his life with his retired handler. another case this week. >> a new battle over recreational marijuana. and right after the break, the emotional interview with the parents of fallen montgomery county police montgomery county police offi (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service.
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our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan.
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only on 9 tonight, the grief-districten -- grief- stricken parents are demanding change. >> in december, the 24-year-old officer was hit-and-killed by a suspected drunk driver. wusa 9's andrea mccarren is live. >> adam and lesli, the suspected drunk driver, who hit noah liotta had been arrested for drunk driving before. tonight, the officer's parents are calling for a national database to track repeat offenders. >> i can't tell you how much i love noah. everything is different. the first thing i think about in the morning is my son is gone. >> reporter: the street where noah liotta grew up is now dotted with ribbons, hung with honor. >> noah was the right person for the job. >> reporter: inside his son's home, noah's father, wears his
5:31 pm
son's badge. >> it's hard to take it off. it was on him when he was struck. it's a part of him. it's a part of me. >> reporter: noah was a tireless, compassionate police officer. after his death, rich and marcy liotta donated their son's organs, so he could continue to save lives. now, they want to save even more. >> we have national databases on many, many things in this country. guns and so forth. we need to do it with drunk driving. and make everybody's life safer. we haven't all be put at risk. >> a national database with noah's name would allow others to know when a drunk driver has previous out-of-state convictions. >> just like child molesters. i think everybody deserves to know who are the repeat you have offenders. >> the national database and much tougher laws to honor the man who was a shy and timid child, who picked a profession, where he needed to be fearless. >> he was so scared of so many
5:32 pm
things. and he just, you know, became such a brave, wonderful, sensitive man. and i'm so proud of him. noah's parents don't know specifically who received their son's organs. but they do know, at least two of them were young children. reporting live, andrea mccarren, wusa 9. >> a compelling story. thank you, andrea. a bill dubbed noah's law, would require all convicted drunk drivers to install ignition interlock devices in their car for at least six months. a move is under way in the district that could open the way to more public use of marijuana. councilmember vincents orange says he will introduce legislation this week, authorizing one pot club in eve of the district's eight wards. mayor mariel bowser opposes that move. she asked them to shut down businesses where there is
5:33 pm
public cobsumption of weed. it also remains to be seen how strongly congress will react to the legislation that would relax the city's marijuana laws. right now, a man is being held for a stabbing death of his brother. police first learned of the violence when a woman ran into the headquarters this morning as she led officers to that home on plaza street northeast, where they found a man suffering from stab wounds to the chest. he was rushed to the hospital. but doctors were unable to save him. police say this is the first homicide in the town of leesburg this year. to prince george's county now, where we now know the identity of a homicide victim in capitol heights, maryland. 45-year-old gilbert hall of northeast washington was shot saturday, near the addison road metro station. he was rushed to the hospital. that's where he died. we do not know about a suspect or even a motive for this shooting. prince george's county police foe offering a $25,000 reward r information that leads to the killer. and a grim milestone in
5:34 pm
chicago. the nation's third largest city recorded 51 homicides in january. that is the highest death toll for the month since 2000. police blame gang violence for the death. chicago police are also coming under increased scrutiny, after release of a video, showing a white officer, shooting a black teenager, 16 times. new developments this week for the young man convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend in baltimore county. more than 15 years ago. >> it's a case made famous in the serial mod cast. podcast -- podcast. annette sad. back in november, a judge granted sad's request to introduce evidence by a witness and cell phone gatta. saed is serving life in prison for death of hayman lee. high winds ravaged the state. one driver in san diego was killed sunday when a tree toppled onto her car.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: high winds uprooted an 8-foot wide oak tree in san diego. killing a woman driving this honda. three other cars were also damaged. trees fell all across southern california because the ground is soaked by recent storms. and winds were howling at up to 70 miles per hour. gusts topped 115 miles per hour in some areas. and some trees stood no chance. >> heard a pop. slow motion. it was down. >> the winds also down pour lines, leading to widespread outages. late sunday, 41,000 people still had no power. >> i have been here 15 years. and never seen the wind blow this hard. >> reporter: in scaffolding was reduced to a pile of metal. a worker was trying to reduce the wind resistance when it collapsed. thankfully, he wasn't hurt. >> he was just walking back, like this. and all of a sudden, everything fell down around him. >> this car slid off an embankerment, and rolled over -- embankerment and rolled over
5:36 pm
four times. but the driver walked away. >> i was pretty stable in the vehicle. had my hand on the roof of the vehicle. and i kind of just went with the car as it rolled over. >> despite the damage, california desperately needs the rain. after four years of punishing drought, el nino-fueled storms are expected to last through spring. ben tracy, los angeles. let's get out now to first alert, chief meteorologist topper shutt with the rain out there. we have got rain. fortunately nothing like they're seeing on the west coast. but it is slowing things down on the ride home. >> yeah, we have the yellow weather alert going on. we'll track showers running through maryland. we'll tell you where that storm hit california's head and how it will affect us in a different way. >>a scam involving a grocery store and the bogus facebook post. how more and more women are getting in on the super bowl fun.
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plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. we got a call for action heads up for you now if you shop at wegman's. if you see a facebook claim that says that the grocery chain is giving out $200 gift
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coupons, don't fall for it. it is a fake. wegman's urges you not to click that link, not to share it or give out your personal and a and a halfition -- your personal information. and just a reminder, if you have a complaint you want to solve, any to the wusa 9 call for action link. it's almost time the denver broncos and panthers will make their first super bowl week appearance tonight at the usually unpredictable media event. >> there's always something silly coming out of there. this year's festivities are starting earlier than usual for players and fans. teri okita is up there tonight. and you went up with football enthusiasts, saying football is not just a man's game. >> reporter: no, it is not, adam. and actually, we moved down to san jose for that media event you are talking about. it has become so bananas on
5:41 pm
this media day, that the nfl has moved it to a day earlier, at night, and it is going to be live, in primetime on the nfl network. fans love it, they can't get enough of it, including all of those female fans who we've seen at the super bowl activities. >> reporter: now that the teams are in town, fans are ready for some football. super bowl 50 festivities, including the popular nfl experience, kicked off this weekend to the bay area. sophie and carlo mccarron arrived in l.a. just for this event. they're die-hard grid-iron gals. >> we will just be in the kitchen. and then, there's football everywhere. on three tvs that we have in our house. >> that's just what the nfl wants to hear. women account for as much as 45% of football viewership. the sport's fastest-growing demographic. think jersey, caps, tickets and more. >> nfl package, all games, all
5:42 pm
day. and we're there for it. every time. >> reporter: many nfl teams have launched booster clubs exclusively for women. cathkathy hughes attends every 49ers home game with her centerhood -- sisterhood of faithful followers. >> just as excited as men are. >> why do you think that? >> i think it's a different era and different time. >> reporter: 49ers stadium, the site of this year's super bowl. as more women hudsun to the -- huddle up to the game, football's long-time romans with the guys -- romans with the guys may be over. >> they expect people to participate in the events around the bay area. unfortunately, i have not seen any fellow redskins fans out here. but tonight's media spectacle is sold out. reporting live from san jose, i'm teri okita. back to you. >> so great to see you. it's been a while.
5:43 pm
we miss you around these parts. >> i miss you, too. >> this thing starts early. i was telling you, my daughter is a hard-core super bowl fan. she's charted out the years, who won, what the percentages are. >> more importantly,o whis she going for? >> panthers, definitely. we're just six days away from the big game. and join us every day leading up to the kickoff for a special behind the scenes look at what is expected to be a heck of a game. you can watch it right here on wusa 9. super bowl week is always a reminiscent time for redskins fans. a time to reminisce, a long, long time ago. talking to diane roberts about the memories that his super bowl rings invoke. and it's not what you think. >> trending now. one fast food company claims chicken nuggets are actually a health food. plus, a female driver turns the tables on a lead-footed
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a network that can move as fast as your business does. right now, upgrade to fios 50 meg or higher internet and phone and get $250 back. call or go online today. small business is better on a better network. so earlier, we told you about a barricade situation under way. where a manholed up at a home in oakton. police now tell us they have taken that man into custody.
5:47 pm
that man identified as the estranged husband of the woman living in the apartment. so let's get to what is trending tonight. shall we? is a chicken nugget diet part of the healthy lifestyle? >> um. well, now a lot of people are chiming in on facebook tonight. started with this message on chick-fil-a bags, suggesting this healthy tip. eat smaller meals like an 8- count pack of nuggets. they have 140 calories and three grams of fat per serving. "people" magazine did some math. that diet will cost you about $23 a day. or about $162 a week. >> but they are grilled nuggets. they're not fried. so that's one thing. >> okay. >> i think i could do it. >> you think so? would you spend $23 a day on this diet? i don't think so. >> go and buy three pounds of chicken and cook it up myself. have you seen this yet? a female civilian turns the tables on a police officer in
5:48 pm
miami-dade county. she pulled him over for speeding. haven't we all wanted to do that at one point in our lives? she started recording after she saw the officer going over 100 miles per hour. the officer finally pulled over after she had been following him for sometime. >> the reason i pulled you over today, i wanted to know the emergency. >> i don't know how fast i was going. but i can tell you, i'm on the way to work. and i apologize. >> those cell phone cameras making a difference. castillo says she is sure the officer is a nice guy. but no one is above the law. >> that could have gone so much worse for her. the hashtag, black history month is trending hard on twitter. here is a quote from the late maya angelou. if you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you could be.
5:49 pm
frederick douglas, featured on google's home page. click on the evidence and there is information about one of the most important men to champion human rights in this country. we do a far to the left and wide pivot here to topper. >> yellow alert. nothing heavy. a live look outside. down to 46. and winds out of the north at 6. which indicates the front is through, at least around 95. here's a wide look at the radar. showers back into loudoun county. ask also into prince william county. for the most part, if you are further than that, showers are pretty much over. we'll zoom in a little bit. again, nothing heavy. but just enough to slow you down on your way home. down route 1. and 95. dale city, quantico. out towards nasas -- towards manassas. going down 301 or 5 tonight, you're going to have wet roads into southern maryland. but nothing crazy heavy.
5:50 pm
showers will slow the evening commute in a couple of hours or so. bus stop temperatures. 28 to 44. there will be slick spots. fairfax, northand west -- north and west, you're going to make it to around freezing. not as mild. but still terrific tuesday around the front. then another yellow weather alert on wednesday, for showers, rain and thunderstorms. 10:00 tonight, we're in pretty good shape. upper 30s, low 40s. 37, gaithersburg. 40s in manassas. 25 in frederick. about 31, 32 in silver spring and fairfax. and by midmorning, we're above freezing, except maybe frederick and hagerstown and martinsburg. gaithersburg in manassas and dale city, about mid- to upper 30s. with a lot of sunshine. by 1:00, we're almost near 50 with sunshine. by this time tomorrow, we're back in the mid-40s. tonight, showers are going to roll through here. advance this all the way into
5:51 pm
wednesday, 7:00. showers by early morning on wednesday. will become heavy. rain or thunderstorms during the afternoon. so there's your yellow weather alert. same storm went through southern california last night. 38 in the morning. 49, though, with sunshine by 1:00. next three days, rain and thunderstorms are on the warm side of that storm. blizzards on parts of the plain. and behind that front, still pleasant, 50 with sunshine. that's pretty good. next seven days. a little colder on friday. back in the 40s on saturday. 50 on sunday, for the 50th anniversary of the super bowl. it's pretty good. and 48, with a few showers monday. yep, the big week is finally here. the excitement gets under way in santa clara tonight, with the spectacle that is affectionality -- affectionately known as media day. all week long, we will be taking a look back at some
5:52 pm
great memoryes in washington football -- memories in washington football history. charles mann on what his super bowl ring means to him. >> charles mann is number 71. >> number 71, defensive end charles mann. getting to the super bowl. three of his teams won it all. his rookie season, they did not. so his first is this nfc championship ring. a reminder of the 38-39 loss to the raiders. >> i wasn't that worried about losing it. but it was my first ring. and it was exciting to have that ring. very disappointing, though, to get there and to lose. >> reporter: but oh, those next three trips. >> what about the first ring from a super bowl win? >> so that was really neat. it was doug williams super bowl.
5:53 pm
you know? it was the comeback. >> reporter: touchdown. >> reporter: super bowl 22 was the first of three celebrations and three ring ceremonies. sort of. >> they set up a tent on the side of redskins park. this is old redskins park. and all the players came out from practice. and we went into this tent. and you know, there were some names called. and some congratulations. and then we walk up and we get this. shook mr. cook's hand. shook joe gibbs' hand and went and sat down. >> the ceremony was over in about 90 minutes. recently, the ring of a teammate and super bowl 26, mark ripin was put up for auction. >> could you imagine a circumstance where you would ever sell your super bowl ring? >> no. only people that would get my super bowl rings were my children. every year, my wife was pregnant, we went to a super bowl and won. so every one of my super bowls reminds me of my children being born. >> reporter: best memory ever for hanging on to sports
5:54 pm
hardware. di -- diane roberts, wusa 9 sports. >> not only have the super bowl rings gotten bigger. you heard what mann said,ine the ceremonies have gotten bigger. l we'lsee what happens and who will be wearing the ring this year. >> we'll see very soon. coming up at 6:00, with bruce and jan. first-time voters hold the keys to victories in tonight's iowa caucuses. we'll go live to des moines. >> also at 6:00, we're there as a former judge pleads guilty to violating the rights to a man he ordered shocked in the courtroom. parents are turning to technology, in order to spend
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
here's something interesting. more parents are playing video games with their children. >> after finding a recent survey that shows parents liked the ability to easily control what their kids are seeing. jill wagner reports. >> you can go this way. come. >> reporter: most saturday mornings, 6-year-old caitlin plays video games with her father. >> she looks forward to it on the weekends. it starts our week off. >> it's a common trend. they found if kids played video games, 92% of the parents played with them. >> so this is not just a poor device for hard core gamers. this is a family device.
5:58 pm
we like to think of it as the next new kitchen table in the family. >> reporter: the survey finds majority of parents prefer their kids play with consoles that are easy to monitor, rather than on computers, smart phones or tablets. >> reporter: the survey also found that three-quarters of parents say the prim pri marry reason they -- primary reason they play games is to spend time with their children. caitlin says everyone has a busy schedule. >> when we finally have time together, we like to do things she enjoys. she likes other things, too, but this is one of them. and we like to do it together. >> reporter: caitlin's parents also encourage her to play educational games, so she's learning while having fun. jill wagner, cbs news, new york. >> the same family gaming sir vay also found that more -- survey found that more women are playing video games. >> that number increased 3% from a survey in 2012. just two hours away from
5:59 pm
the first votes being cast in the 2016 presidential race. >> shocking two communities after a pair of students from virginia tech in maryland are charged with the murder of a 13- year-old girl. a d.c. police officer shoots and killed a man who the chief said reached for what turns out to be a bb gun. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm bruce johnson. >> i'm jeff jan coat -- jeff janne coat. >> on the republican side, donald trump has held on to his early lead in the iowa toast -- post. garrett haake has the latest on the candidates. garrett? >> reporter: first, when you think about it, donald trump has a 100 percent name recognition. a million dollar check book. but the candidate closest to tracking him in the polls has one of the most sophisticated campaign operation ever built
6:00 pm
by a republican in iowa. in a few hours, you'll find out which one matters more. >> i promise, you'll be happy with him, not disappointed. >> reporter: a rag tag army of ted cruz supporters gets their final marching orders. >> i can't stress enough how important it is to call today. calling is more important than walking today. >> reporter: and call, they will. hundreds of volunteers, from all over the country, dialing a carefully cultivated list of iowans, who the cruz campaign needs tonight. >> reporter: chip baird from arlington, virginia, got here from last week. >> first when i handed, i think -- landed, i think i got about loopy after five or six hours. >> reporter: crews stay in dorms nearby of -- nearby. >> everybody has been so welcoming. and so caring and it's been a blessing. >> trump's iowa headquarters sits just a few miles down the road. maybe the biggest mystery


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