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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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operation ever built by a republican in iowa. in a few hours, you'll find out which one matters more. >> i promise, you'll be happy with him, not disappointed. >> reporter: a rag tag army of ted cruz supporters gets their final marching orders. >> i can't stress enough how important it is to call today. calling is more important than walking today. >> reporter: and call, they will. hundreds of volunteers, from all over the country, dialing a carefully cultivated list of iowans, who the cruz campaign needs tonight. >> reporter: chip baird from arlington, virginia, got here from last week. >> first when i handed, i think -- landed, i think i got about loopy after five or six hours. >> reporter: crews stay in dorms nearby of -- nearby. >> everybody has been so welcoming. and so caring and it's been a blessing. >> trump's iowa headquarters sits just a few miles down the road. maybe the biggest mystery in iowa today is what is going on
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inside this building. trump's iowa campaign headquarters. it's locked down to reporters and the campaign isn't talking about their ground campaign. we showed up to ask to go at one time. >> looking for trump's supporters, we stoped this man from coming outside. >> came by just to get a trump button. we're actually hillary clinton supporters. [ laughter ] >> reporter: trump's campaign has used social media, including posting this facebook video, with trump's daughter, explaining the process. >> on february 1st... >> reporter: and trump held one last large, rally today, in waterloo. >> first of all, iowa is a great place. it's a great state, with just the most fantastic people. >> reporter: and the campaign will have one more chance to reach those people tonight. before the caucuses start. supporters of candidates can speak directly to supporters at the websites. all three of donald trump's
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children will be appearing at different caucus citings around the area -- caucus sightings around the area. >> thank fist thar, gar -- thanks for that, garrett. looking forward to your reports tonight. trump and democrat bernie sanders stand to benefit the most. sanders now in a dead let's with hillary clinton in the iowa polls. first votes are cast at 8:00 tonight. nearly 1700 precincts will use an app to report their results. it's been a wet commute for many across our area. >> chief meteorologist topper shutt, with first doppler radar. >> we see showers pushing through. weather is going to cooperate in iowa tonight. light snow in western part of iowa. tomorrow, they're going to get hammered with the blizzard. so they're lucky. nothing heavy. just enough for a yellow weather alert to show -- slow you down. showers down one and also 95, toward the elcity.
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and upper marlboro, prince george's county, and waldorf and la plata. everything pushing off to the north and east. this is going to slow you down, 301 between clinton and waldorf. these showers are going essentially between fedex field. i think most of the showers are about 7:00, 8:00 tonight. we'll talk about how cold it's going to be behind this cold front. while we had issue, another yellow weather alert for wednesday. >> got it. no signs of trouble. that's for two people who claim to know two virginia techs from from -- students from maryland. >> scott bloom is live outside wild lake high school in columbia, where accused killer, david eisenhower graduated last june. what have you learned, scott? >> reporter: well, you're about to hear from a bunch of people who are completely blown away by this. 18-year-old eisenhower charged this morning in the death of nicole level in blacksburg this morning. >> reporter: here at wildlake,
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kiss belief. here's principal -- disbelief. here's principal james lemonwho knew eisenhower well. >> very driven man, focused on his academics. but he was also focused on running. he was a runner. i knew he wanted to be an engineer. he was very focused on his academics and did very well here. >> natalie keefers, accused of helping dispose of level's body. >> stunned. just very, very surprised. >> i'm sure a lot of people were shocked about it. >> a very valued member of our school community. very strong academic student. >> reporter: before her graduation in june, keefers was well known in ham ongd's dram -- hammond's drama program. >> keefer's father was there and said he went to find answers and found none. so you have two high achieving, high school students charged in this case. and may many more mysteries to
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unravel. for instance, what is the relationship between these two student, that is unknown at this time. they say eisenhower knew the victim, who was a liver transplant. and he, quote, exploited that relationship to abduct and kill her. but officials have not elaborated on that at all. they also say the teen was active on an exploit ative teen flirting and dating website that has since been taken down. lots of hints but no firm answers. >> a lot of questions there, scott. thank you so much. investigators say a d.c. police officer shot and killed a man who showed them a gun. later, they found out it was a bb gun. the shooting happened this morning. police chief kathy lanier said the officer tried to stop a man who was acting suspiciously, around 2:00 aimg -- 2:00 a.m. >> the subject attempted to flee. but lost his footing ask fell. as -- and fell.
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as the suspect fell to the ground, a gun dislodged from somewhere in the suspect's clothing. >> chief lanier went on to say the man weeched for the gun -- reached federal gun. and -- reached for the gun. he has been placed on administrative leave, pending an internal investigation of that incident, which is per protocol. federal investigators have released new information about a deadly amtrak derailment. it jumped the track last october. you'll recall this. 8 passengers die. more than 200 others were injured. seconds before that accident, the engineer pushed the throttle to full. the train was speeding 106 miles an hour, as it hit a sharp curve. the ntsb says the engineer has been extremely cooperative. though he says he cannot remember anything leading up to that accident. investigators have found no evidence of failure, involving the locomotive, tracks or signals. they plan to release a final report, this coming spring.
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amtrak says a mysterious object hit an acela train last night. the train was heading from d.c. to new york city, when the unknown object cracked a window. nobody was injured. the train stopped at metro park in new jersey. the virginia house of delegates has passed a bill that would allow public schools to start before labor day. the measure removes a requirement that schools start after labor day and allows local school boards to set their own calendars. however, it would require those who choose to start early, to close for that long-labor day weekend. coming up, a billion-dollar price tag. >> up next, the world health organization declares a global emergency over the
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the world health organization is declaring the zika virus, a global problem. it is suspected of causing severe birth defects in thousands of baby. it is linked to 4100 cases in which babes have been born with abnormally small head. pregnant women there are taking extra precautions. >> i hope to finish my pregnancy well. and i hope a healthy baby. >> reporter: brazil is attacking the mow squitos --
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mosquitoes that spread zika. health officials are attacking areas that have breeding grounds and they are using troops to spray insecticide. the president is asking congress for $755 million for research for cancer. >> it would mean a $1 billion investment in the fight against cancer. the money would pay for new research to develop vaccine to study tumors. president obama named vice head a cancer task force. a suicide bombing killed at least one person and wounded 16 others in afghanistan. the bomber targeted the police headquarters in a busy part of the capital, near the kabul zoo. the it would went on twitter to take responsibility for this attack. a 50-vehicle pileup in slovenia this morning. the chain-reaction crash shut down a major highway in both directions.
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dash cam video showed people escaping to the hillside, as cars that continue to crash all around them. four people eventually killed. several others were injured. coming up, new information on how three california prison inmates recaptured over the weekend, made their escape. up next, how a former judge pleads guilty to violating the rights of a
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a dramatic turnaround today for former top judge in charles county. >> judge robert nally was in a federal courtroom. this time, as a defendant, pleading guilty to depriving a man of his civil rights. >> the judge betrayed not a hint of emotion, as plea pleaded guilty -- as he pleaded guilty to ordering a sheriff's deputy to send 50,000 volts of electricity, coursing through a defendant, who was representing himself and refused to be quiet. >> 32 -- is there anything you want to say? >> no. >> judge robert nally declined comment after pleading guilty of a single count of deprivation of rights.
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victim delvin king was there to see what he hoped would be justice. >> this is a court of law. >> king was in charles county courtroom in july 2014. representing himself on gun charges. he had tried to escape before. so sheriff's deputies attached what is called a stun cuff to his ankle. king was representing himself. and he kept talking after the judge twice told him to be quiet. so judge nally told the deputy, mr. sheriff, do it. use it. at that point, the court transcript simply says, defendant screams. >> excruciating pain. then it seemed like it burned the rest of the day. but i believe it really messed me up mentally. >> and it knocked you to the ground. >> yes. i don't even remember that part. i just know next thing i'm on the ground. >> the u.s. attorney says judge naily's conviction should send a loud and clear message, that no one, not even a judge, sitting in his own courtroom,
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is above the law. >> it's not about race in this case. it's about power. it's about a judge who abused the power that of was vested in him, and ordering that a defendant be punished, essentially before he was convicted of any crime. >> reporter: now, the defendant that actually pulled the trigger and delivered that painful jolt to delvon king has not been disciplined, but he has been retrained, as have other deputies, and it is now clear in the sheriff's office policies that the only person that can decide to deliver a painful jolt to a defendant is the deputy. not the judge. live at green belt federal court, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> and judge nally's nally's lawyer and prosecutors have agreed that one year probation isab appropriate sentence. -- is an appropriate sentence. but it will ultimately be up to a former magistrate judge to decide whether the -- judge
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should go to jail. they want a national database to track repeat offenders. rich and marcy lion thea are -- liotta are the parents of 24- year-old noah liotta. the officer was killed by a drunk driver in december. they spoke with our andrea mccarren. >> when you get behind the wheel. you have a in your hands and you're drunk, you have a bullet and you're playing russian roulette in everybody's life. >> he wanted to do right. he wanted to make a difference in this world. i think that's why he was a good police officer. >> the national data base would alert people when someone has a previous drunk driving conviction. in maryland, many are already supporting noah's law, which would require drunk drivers to install interlock ignition devices in their car for at least six months.
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inmates planned their escape for at least six j.months. an accomplice picked them up shortly after the break. and during the week on the run, the men kidnapped a taxi driver and forced him to drive to san francisco. one escapee returned to the cabbie. police had to capture the other two men saturday, in san francisco. snow and ice shut down a major interstate, leading in and out of los angeles county this morning. powerful winds continue to cause damage in southern california today. on the heels of this weekend's winter storm. one person was killed when the tree fell on his car yesterday in san diego county. heavy rain has mostly moved out, but it's still snowing in higher elevations. here in our area, i thought it was quite balmy today. >> it was. it was. and that storm, we're going to be oat warm side of that storm. that means rain and thunderstorms. that's why woo have yellow -- we have yellow weather alert. >> pretty slow. prety steady. i'm not worried about flooding at this point.
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worried about big thunderstorms, though. let's take a look at the 3- degree guarantee. going to be a tough one, really was. went for a high today of 56. now, we're fine now of the cold front has gone through. we'll let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. you can download our app and track us that way. it's up to 49. winds are west/northwest at 8. light rain at the airport. mainly light rain and showers across parts of the metro area. you folks to the west, wons get past manassas, your showers are pretty much over. essentially, along i-81, you're also done with the showers. we'll zoom in. notice everything is in shades of green. so it's all light activity. a little darker shade up toward upper marlboro, down toward dunkirk. moderate showers. out toward silver spring in d.c. and oldtown. light showers at this point. further north, you get on the east side of 270, out to georgia avenue, toward albany. again, a quick moderate shower. and you jumped over into portions of howard county. just a moderate shower.
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west of 270. you're in pretty good shape. maybe just a spritz. and that's about it. showers are going to slow us down. even though they are not icy, they are still slick. bus stop temperatures, 28 to 34. there will be slick showers north and west of town. not as mild as tomorrow. but terrific tuesday really. rain, showers and thunderstorms. 10:00 tonight, we're already in the 30s. 38 in leesburg. 40 in manassas. by morning, here we are around freezing. in leesburg, and gaithersburg and manassas. again, slick spots are possible. by 9:00, we're back in the 30s. and by lunchtime, we're back again near 50 degrees. day planner looks like this. starting at 34 downtown. 59. sunshine. rain and thunderstorms on wednesday. 62, though. and then 50 on thursday. even behind that cold front. it's still nice. next seven days, colder on friday, back in the 40s. chilly on saturday. nice on sunday, if you're planning a party for the super
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bowl, which you can watch right here. and upper 40s, with showers next monday. >> thank you, topp. >> when are we going to hear from the players? they're there, right? >> they're in their hotels. we'll hear from them tonight. you never whang will happen -- what will happen media day. super bowl 50 is inching closer. john elway gives us his thoughts and what it will take
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we have finally reached super bowl week. the teams have arrived in california. finished up their first day of practice. they're now preparing for what is now called opening night. this year, the infamous media day is moving to a monday on prime time. going big. first super bowl 50. but things have already gotten interesting for the denver broncos. as they were headed back from practice today at sanford stadium, two of the team's buses were involved in a minor accident. thankfully, no one was injured. the team made it safely back to e thhotel. but i'm sure they will be asked about it plenty tonight. it was just a helmet and pads kind of day. to us category on the -- focusing on the game. avoiding the noise, coming off a big win. probably no surprise that it is the carol the carolina panthers that are heavily favored in the big game. with the majority of experts picking them in the big game. john elway understands why his team ised the under -- saturday
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underdog. >> you look at it, carolina is a tremendous team with a great year. they play great defense. you know, they deserve that. obviously, when you look at how we've played, we've had a lot of close football games, run with a the loof grit this year, played great defense and made enough plays offensively to get where we are. hopefully we've saved our best for last. but were knows we're going up against a great football team. we'll have to give it our best to win. now is the time to take advantage of the spotlight and stand out. everyone is watching you. cam newton has had no trouble doing that this season. now he's got folks talking again. he's got folks talking, not because of his dancing, but because of his choice of fashion. cam was photographed yesterday on the way to california. wearing a pair of tight, zebra print trousers. 849 dollar versace pants.
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you have to be very confident to don these. could these pants be mvthe p of the week? let's see what fashions get brought out tonight. and it wouldn't be a special game without a special edition of game on. join us this saturday night, at 7:00 p.m., for a preview of super bowl 50. other football news real quick. former maryland head coaches randy edsel has a few job in the nfl. new director of football research and special projects. the cool part here, the story is that lions' general manager bob quin was once a graduate assistant. he was at yukon. now, -- u-conn. now, mentee is giving back to mentor. >> great work. >> s
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>> pelley: the last push for the first votes. >> if you're in bed if you're sick, if you can't walk, if the doctor says you cannot leave, i don't care. >> i hope you will fight for me. >> stand for us. >> let's go get 'em. >> pelley: it's caucus night in iowa. also tonight we're at ground zero of the zika outbreak, now an international health emergency. the last thing the engineer remembers before the fatal philadelphia amtrak wreck. and peyton manning on the super bowl and hgh. >> i welcome that investigation. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: tonight iowans will gather in churches, schools and homes to reason, to argue and to


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