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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  February 1, 2016 7:00pm-7:26pm EST

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the northwest d.c. nightclub where a man was stabbed to death will close for several days. no one is in custody from the double stabbing at the barcode that left a 29-year-old dead and another man with serious injuries. police believe an argument led to the stabbing. right now, leesburg, virginia police are investigating their first homicide of the year and involves members of the same family. after midnight, a person ran into the police lobby and reported a stabbing. a man later died at the
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hospital. a 34-year-old was charged with murder. the victim was his own step brother. montgomery county police are searching for the person responsible for a hit and run. a 54-year-old woman was struck by an suv at monroe place and monroe street 58 montgomery county circuit court building. the woman is expected to be okay. we're just an hour away from the official start of the presidential campaign as iowa voters make their choices for both party's nominations. we're speaking with the voters the big vote. >> reporter: tonight, we learned that iowa voters are just as confused about the race as we are. they don't trust the polls. they don't trust the media, and they are ready to weigh in on this case on their own. the race is narrowing between donald trump and senator ted cruz of texas. on the republican side, nearly all the remaining candidates
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have barn stormed across the state the last few days trying to keep of this race as tight as we can. we found people still seriously considering people last night and others traveling hundreds of miles to vote for their favorite. >> i really like rubio right now. i was a trump supporter before. >> i feel like ted cruz will really execute on what he says. >> reporter: the candidates will have surrogates speak at the campaign caucuses including all of donald trump's children speaking in the des moines area, guys. as close as they were last time, 34 votes separating first and second, the last nudges will make a big difference. >> and garrett will be back at 11:00 with the latest on the
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count and the latest speeches. you can follow along with all the latest results on our wusa 9 app for apple and android devices. new details about a deadly amtrak detrailment jumping the track in philadelphia. several people died. moments before the crash, the engineer pushed the throttle to full speed. the train was moving 106 miles per hour when it hit a sharp curve. the ntsb said that the engineer was, quote, extremely cooperative but cannot remember anything leading up to the accident. amtrak officials are trying to figure out what hit an amtrak train last year. the acela was headed to new york sea with 201 passengers on board. there is a cracked window right next to where a man was sitting. fortunately, no one was hurt. prosecutors hoping this goes out loud and clear: no one
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is above the law. a top maryland county judge pleaded guilty to violenting the civil rights of a man representing himself in court, ordering a deputy to send 50,000 volts coursing through delvin keen from what is culled a stun cuff attached to keen's ankle. keen's offense? he kept talking when the judge told him to be quiet. >> excruciating pain and it burned the rest of the day. >> and it knocked you to the ground? >> next think i know i'm on the ground. >> a sentence of a one-year probation has been imread upon, but it will be up to a magistrate judge to decide if he should go to jail. and a virus that is now declared a health emergency.
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the rapid spread of the zika virus now an international emergency. the world health organization made the declaration today calling it an extraordinary event. this comes days after the organization warned that 17 million people across the americas could become affected. several countries including the u.s. have confirmed cases. one is confirmed in the district attorney of columbia and another in northern
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virginia. >> there is a national response needed to minimize the threat in the countrys and reduce the spread. >> zika is linked to babies with mikey on cephal, why, or born with a small head. and here are some other account if as you may not know. back in 1947, scientists discovered it while studying yellow fever in the zika forest in uganda. it's not new to america. every year, there are fewer than 1000 cases across the country, and most of them last less than a week. there is no vaccine but two are in the works. doctors often recommend a lot of rest and fluids. the centers for disease control has given chipotle the all clear. the e. coli outbreak linked to
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the chain is over, they say but have not found the source of those illnesses. 50 people were sickened after eating at chipotle, most on the west coast t buthere is one confirmed case in maryland. the restaurant has changed how they prepare food. after the break, we'll tell you how much google paid to get a domain back. some folks will make it below freezing. 29 in gaithersburg and 28 in manassas. we'll tell you what that means in terms of black ice and another
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only on 9, grief stricken parents of a police officer want change. >> he was struck and killed while on a task force to get impaired drivers off the road. they say that their own son was shy and grew up to be a encourages cop, and now, they want a national database to track offenders like the one that killed their son. >> we have national databases on many things like guns and so forth, and we need to do it on
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drunk driving to make everyone's life safer. >> like a child molester, i think everyone deserves to know who is a repeat offensive. >> under the current system, a driver can have, for instance, six drunk driving convictions but authorities would never know. the leottas say that noah's law is already gaining support. users are sharing inspirational quotes for black history month, while some are pushing for harriet tubman to be on the $10 bill. officials are saying tubman deserves the honor because she pleaed hundreds of early slaves and was an early advocate for
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equal rights. she is one of several women considered to be on the face of the bill. google is celebrating black history month with the google doodle of frederick douglas. he was born into slavery in calvert county. a massachusetts grad student was looking for available domain names and saw was up for sale. he spent $12 for the most popular website in the world. but google quickly canceled and then offered to give him the
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$6,000.06 and they quickly doubled that when they heard he was going to donate to charity. and crews are sticking snow from streets of the nation's capitol and piling up in the parking lot at rfk. some of the mounds are 12 feet high. >> look at the water. it's all melting. >> but we've been lucky. it's been melting slowly but steadily. >> what about flooding? >> no flooding on wednesday. i think we'll be okay by the time wednesday rolls around. let's start with the third degree guarantee. went for a high of 56. temperatures actually fell during the afternoon when the cold front went through. you can find out how we did tonight at 11:00 or download our app. that's the easy way. and a live look outside, down to 46. and we are normal near that 56 today. the cold front is moving through, some colder air moving in tonight, nothing crazy cold. first alert doppler, most of
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the activity is in eastern sections of prince george's county and southern maryland and heaviest activity in the northern neck. you can see the yellows and oranges down there, a brief, heavy downpour, but that's it. and we have showers in ann arundel county and calvert county, and that will move out in the next hour, hour and a half. a shower in that area before 9:00 p.m. some areas north and west of town will see the possibility of black ice tomorrow. now, not as mild tomorrow but temperatures still above average and we catch our breath on tuesday and another yellow alert on wednesday, and this time for rain, showers and thunderstorms, the same storm that hammered southern california over the weekend and produced blizzard conditions. and lingering and residual clouds in southern-mile-an-hour-
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mile-an-ho ur. southern -- southern maryland, and temps are falling, and 40 in fairfax and silver spring and in the morning, 20s, 27, 28 in frederick and 28 in martinsburg, and right around freezing in gaithersburg, 30, 31, and that's good enough for a little bit of black ice. by 9:00, everybody is pretty much above freezing except for frederick north and west, but lots of sunshine and really a nice day. in the day planner, 30s to start and above freezing downtown. and 44 at 11:00 and 49, almost 50 at 1:00 p.m. wednesday, there is your rain and storms, windy, too, but warm, and 62, a yellow weather alert, and behind that, pleasant on thursday and 50 with sunshine. the next 7 days, colder on friday and chilly on saturday and nothing crazy on saturday. but nice on sunday for the big game and showers possible on
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