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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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primary, new hampshire. republican ted cruz, looking to build off of his victory last night at the iowa caucuses. this while, senator marco rubio, trying to use his third place finish to position himself as a mainstream republican candidate. >> it's going to be decided by the grass roots. it's going to be decided by the men and women here in this room. >> reporter: need to con -- bring the party together. >> hillary clinton narrowly defeated senator bernie sanders in the closest iowa caucus in that state's history. sanders called iowa a political revolution and says he expects to do even better in new hampshire. this evening, the result of last night's iowa caucuses is casting light on exactly how strong the gop front runner, donald trump really is. he lays second, only 1 point
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behind -- ahead of marco rubio. >> reporter: when cnn called the race last night for ted cruz, the crowd inside donald trump's victory party booed loudly. but the rest of the time, they were mostly quiet. they didn't really cheer. they didn't really chant. they listened respectfully to marco rubio. and they cheered their candidate. but the energy that has propelled donald trump so far in this race, wasn't here. and turns out, neither were the votes. >> i love you people. i love you people, i love you people. >> conceding defeat, donald trump had nothing but good to say about the state that handedded him a second place -- handed him a second place. promising to return. >> iowa, we love you. we thank you. you're special. we will be back many, many times. in fact, i think i might come here and buy a farm. i love it. >> reporter: but as another big crowd of apparent supporters drained out into the night, we discovered when it came time to actually cast ballots, trump's
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crowds didn't translate into the votes he needed. we met bret ridge. >> i went tote caucuses to -- to the caucuses to make my decision and came here to see what he had to say. >> his decision? >> i vote for rubio tonight. >> pram r pam voted for dr. carson, who finished fourth. then came to see trump, who she thought would be interesting. >> i like ben. i like that he's quiet and smart. and he's very logical. >> reporter: trump supporters had their own theories about others defecting. >> i think people got frustrated because he didn't show up to the last debate. >> you think that turned people away for him? >> yes. >> reporter: to borrow a phrase, voters may have decided to dance with donald, but marry marco or another traditional candidate. >> he says a lot of the things we all think. but when you're trying to think who you need to lead the country, you have to go with what seems to be more logical. >> pulling in new hampshire
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shows donald trump with a much larger lead in that state. the field has eight days to learn whatever lessons they can from here in iowa. reporting in des moines, garrett haake, wusa 9. donald trump claims he is not getting enough for his performance. today, trump said the media is not covering his second place finish properly. ask that he came in a strong second in iowa. even though the experts said he couldn't do well there. both republican mike huckabee and democrat martin o'malley announced they are suspending their campaigns after a poor showing in iowa. check out the politics section on the wusa 9 app. and spring-like temperatures on the way. topper shut tracking their arrival. >> this going to be a crazy day tomorrow. more like april than february. in fact, we have a flood watch in effect for our northern counties, fredericks county, and also -- frederick county. and also our friends in the
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west virginia panhandle. flooding is possible, wednesday afternoon to thursday afternoon. combination of rain and snow melt and ice on the rivers. here is future cast. tomorrow morning, just prepare for light showers. this is 6:00. 45 downtown. 42 in manassas. 43 in fairfax. all light showers. but you will need an umbrella at the bus stop. by 9:00, 53 in fredericksburg. and 51 in dale city. again with light showers. and 1:00, a line of showers and storms develop along i-81. and this tracks through the metro area during the afternoon and evening. prepare for wet commutes, to and from work. and perhaps heavy downpours on the way as well. we'll come back and talk about how cold it's going to be behind this front and a look ahead to the weekend. the search is on tonight for the suspect who murdered a teacher and her toddler in prince george's county. >> wusa 9 stephanie gail hard -- gayle hard has the latest.
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>> tonight, police are trying to figure out who would do something so gruesome. meantime, family, friends and colleagues are heartbroken and they're taking comfort in memories. >> nashante davis loved her daughter chloe and loved being a teacher. she taught second grade at brad bury heights in fort washington. >> her students miss her. her teachers are missing her. she was very well-liked. very collegial. a great colleague. >> reporter: but she won't everybody teach again. her life ended tragically this morning. the 26-year-old and her 2-year- old daughter were shot and killed outside the pine wood hills condos. chloe was sitting in her car seat. >> i'm stunned. really stunned. really stunned. breaks my heart. she's like a daughter to me. the whole family is. >> reporter: the family attends services at bishop robert pitt's church. >> beautiful lady. she used to run around the church. beautiful little baby.
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it's so sad. >> reporter: neighbors say davis was in a custody dispute over chloe. >> it doesn't concern this. >> grief counselors were on standby at the school, all day today. helping students cope with this enormous loss. and police, they need your help tonight. if you know anything about this double murder, you're asked to call the prince george's county police department. live tonight in fort washington, stephanie gayle hard, -- gail hard, wusa 9. >> i can't imagine such a thing. there will be a prayer vigil at community temple bible way church in cheverly. police have filed a new charge against natalie keepers. she is one of two virginia tech students arrested in the murder of 13-year-old 13-year-old lovell.
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david eisenhower also reveal today. nicole's mother, tammy weeks did speak at that news conference. >> nicole was very lovable person. nicole touched many people throughout her short life. >> police have not yet discussed a motive for the killing. but tammy weeks said police told her nicole and david eisenhower met online and that eisenhower used that relationship to abduct nicole. bill cosby appeared before a judge today, in connection with the sexual assault charges filed against him in december. an dra constad, a former employee at temple university said cosby drugged her and assaulted her at her suburban home 12 years ago. cosby's attorneys now saying the charges should be dismissed. they say cosby and a former prosecutor had reached a no- prosecution deal back in 2005, when cosby testify -- agreed to testify in a civil case brought
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against him by constand. that suit was sealed. charged with child pornography. he's michael sweeney. he taught for years at walt whitman middle school. police say they found him in the car. and the two had an inappropriate relationship for some three years. police say these new child porn charges all involve that same teenager. coming up, a scary and dangerous new development about the transmission of the zika virus. first, leaders from a dozen nations come up
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with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. the u.s. is warning foreign leaders that isis is pex -- expanding its reach. kerry told members of the u.s.- led collision that isis has lost 40%. and 20% in iraq and syria. now redirecting iraq and syria. >> last thing you want is a false cal fate. with access to millions more in revenue. >> they -- kerry said they need to do more to train security forces. north korea announced plans to launch a long-range rocket.
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it would launch counter to warnings by the u.n. the u.s. and many allies say a launch of that kind could be a cover for north korea for developing an intercontinental ballistics missile that could deliver a bomb. the first case of sexual transmission of the zika virus, here in the u.s. authorities in dallas say the patient contracted the virus from the sexual partner who was ill with zeka. that -- zika. that sexual partner became ill while traveling. the white house is proposing a significant boost in federal spending to battle the nation's heroin problem. president barack obama's 2017 budget proposal calls for over $1 billion to expand treatment for openium and heroin a -- openium -- opium and heroin abuse. coming up, some high school families plan a controversial spring break trip to mexico.
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only on 9 tonight, the wooten high school is scrambling to distance itself from a senior class trip to
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mexico. >> they sent a letter home that the principal only learned about when wusa 9's andrea mccarren started asking questions. >> this letter to the parents of high school seniors would be unusual at any school. but the fact it's unfolding at wooten, at the center of a recent tragedy, involving teenagers and alcohol, makes it extraordinary. the acting principal writes, i want to make it abundantly clear that this trip is in no way affiliated with wooten high school. she said she's deeply saddened and frustrated that materials associated with this trip do not strongly discourage underaged drinking. her outrage follows the distribution of this mexico trip agreement. obtained by wusa 9. it clearly states the legal age to drink in mexico is 18. all travelers who choose to drink alcohol agree to do so responsibly.
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acting principal, kimberly bolton wrote, allowing underaged drinking here or in another country is irresponsible, dangerous and places our students in harm's way. wusa 9 has further learned that one of the two organizers of this trip is tracy salzman. >> do you have anything to say? >> she's the wife of kenneth salzman. convicted in december of alouting underaged -- allowing underaged drinking last june. minutes after leaving the party, four teens were involved in a devastating crash that killed alex mirk and calvin lee. off camera, multiple sources tell us, they were extremely upset in plz salz -- mrs. salzman's role in planning this trip. while it is not illegal, they believe it is highly inappropriate, given her husband's involvement in the case. >> they heard from tracy
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salzman. she said, quote, we do not condone drinking under age 21, and included mexican drinking age. and made families aware of the law. we posted it in its entirety on our wusa 9news app. trending today. lady gaga will perform a tribute today at next month's grammy awards. it was announced that the performance will be by niles rogers. the grammy there live from los angeles, february 15th. right here on wusa 9. >> late, late show host, james cordin is on the talk show today. they will host the 2016 tony awards. the show honoring broadway's best, airs june 12th. not a single restaurant in d.c. or maryland, made the romantic list of 100 in the u.s. the unranked list was generated from more than 5 million reviews.
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two restaurants from northern virginia did make the list. they are cafe renaissance in vienna. and labergery in alexandria. heavy snow and strong winds have forced officials to close miles of interstate 80. officials are recommending folks hold off on any long distance travel. and some dangerous -- >> sounds familiar, doesn't it? >> something we've heard of once or twice. >> they've had winds up to 57 miles an hour. and thank goodness it hit there today and not yesterday with the caucuses. we're on the warm side of the storm. which means we could have record highs tomorrow. live look outside. we're down to 46. dew point still around 30. but everybody is going to hold above freezing tonight. a lot of slick spots this morning. not going to be a problem tomorrow. and winds, east/southeast at 7. they will increase a little bit. clouds increase tonight. but we stay dry. and everybody is above 32. bus stop temps, 36 to 52. there will be showers in the
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morning for the bus stop light. and it will be a deluge when you pick the kids up. morning showers, afternoon rain and thunderstorms. time frame for the heaviest downpours, 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. that's from shenandoah valley. 10:30 tonight. clouds coming in pretty fast. 43 downtown. 41 in manassas. 42 in dale city. and 41 in bowie. by morning, light showers. nothing heavy. all shades of green. mid-40s. 45 downtown. 45 in culpepper. 45 in fredericksburg. by midmorning, looking at temperatures 52 downtown. 50 in silver spring. and 51 already in fairfax. that's with clouds and showers. and a line of showers and storms try to develop. i think we'll hear the rumble of thunder tomorrow. temps in the 50s now ahead of it. in the 60s already. this is 4:00 p.m. look at all of the orange and yellow. very unusual for february. this is more like april. 64 downtown. 66 in manassas and fairfax.
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and in leesburg. by 5:30. heaviest activity, southern maryland into the northern. big thunderstorm there. and temperatures are still mild. 64, behind the front, tomorrow evening. and by late tomorrow night. temperatures are not going to fall very fast. temperatures still in the 50s. all right. so day planner looks like this. showers across the board. light in the morning. heavier in the afternoon and evening. temperature about 62. by 1:00 p.m. so in the wake of this, still pleasant on thursday. 53, perhaps some lingering clouds, east of town. chilly on friday. 44. but sunny. short-lived really. 50 on saturday. 53 sunday. still watching a storm off the coast. i think it stays south of us. monday and tuesday, a little more unsettled. 43 monday. snow showers possible. better chance of snow showers and colder on tuesday. highs in the upper 30s. >> everybody behaving themselves out there? >> they're trying to. it's still a bit early. super bowl 50. parties are only getting started. but there are so many cool storylines to follow during this golden anniversary.
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coming up, this connection right here. got the broncos in the super bowl. you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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maryland terrapins big upset win over iowa. mark turnin's team is back on. and when you look at this team, we know much lays on the shoulders of mellow tremble.
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the birthday boy is having a breakout season. really thanks to the talented around him. he can help his team, even when he has an off night. they're focused on limiting those slumps. we want, you know, mellow shooting the ball. if he had been hot the other day, we had 30, we all know that. but he missed a few. but he's human, which is normal. but he'll continue to shoot. he'll continue to make better decisions. he'll try to get to the foul line. we'll keep talking about that. but you know, he made just a huge 3 in that game. it's really the difference in that game. >> they take on nebraska tomorrow. now, much is being made about the quarterback matchup for super bowl 50. that's just one of the many back stories surrounding this year's team. denver head coach, gary kubiak is the first person to go to the super bowl as the player, coach and assistant coach. and as for john elway. it's helped him get there. spans the test of time.
6:26 pm
elway and kubiak, drafted in 1993. this is video of the first pass elway through. -- threw. it's a relationship that stood the test of time. and one that elway trusts and values. now, obviously, we talk a lot. and i think the key thing about a great relationship between the d m and coach is the communication side of it. and to be able to talk about things. and that's what we have been able to do. and that's why this year has been great. and look forward to , manymany more. because of the fact that we're able to communicate. >> all right. with just five days away from the big game. kubiak could become the fourth coach to hoist the lombardi trophy. in his fourth year at the helm. don't know where they come up with this stuff. but this year's edition features a small smipet of -- snipet of curt cousins. >> please don't cry. why can't you be smooth? >> they keep taking the ball. >> no.
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you ain't smooth while you're all crying and emotional. right? you have to know that at your age. [ laughter ] >> that was great. >> i love that. >> there's some good ones in there. >> that's when they do the anchors. when you guys have done that. we'll do that -- >> that was pretty good. >> oh, my gosh. yellow weather alert tomorrow. you need the umbrella in the morning. heavy stuff comes in the afternoon. you'll hear the rumble of thunder tomorrow afternoon. and maybe winds up to 35 miles an hour. gusting. pretty good. thursday, friday and look at the weekend. sunshine and 50. 53 sunday. we are watching a storm sunday. but i think it stays south of us. wusa 9 at 6:00. and cbs evening news is next. >> we'll be back with your only local news at 7:00. see you then. >> i am smooth. >> you are smooth.
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>> pelley: iowa shakes up the deck. >> so what a victory last night. >> pelley: for the republicans it's now a three-way race. hillary clinton barely escaped. >> i've won and i have lost there. it's a lot better to win. >> pelley: also tonight, terror in the sky. first a bang, and then a fire as a jetliner rips over in flight. for the first time in this country, the zika virus is spread through sexual contact. and betting on the super bowl. even small advertisers are hoping to score big. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: hillary clinton made history today, though not the way she hoped. she was


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