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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  February 2, 2016 7:30pm-7:59pm EST

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all hail to clooney. george and amal take "e.t" inside their old hollywood date night. arriving in style, amal's recycled wedding look. plus co-star's channing tatum's next role, dirty dancing live? >> i'll totally play you don't put channing in a corner. and rob kardashian, the star out ofhiding, the exclusive new photo health concerns. hear how kloe turns two bedrooms into a closet for her shoes. and bill cosby in court today, what happened when he tried to get his sexual assault case throw >> mr. cosby is somber. >> he's walking with a cane, held up by body guards, is he blind? >> cosby's frail appearance doesn't matter. >> and "e.t's" super bowl team
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with the players at media day. our kevin frazier with destiny's child michelle williams and cassidy gifford. >> i just didn't want to get that call from your mom. >> you still might get it. now in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." bill cosby in cour pleading to get the felony rape charges against him thrown out. >> he looks frail, but is his condition being exaggerated as a strategy to keep him out of jail? we have cosby today and legal analysis straight ahead. >> but first we to start our show with this, with george and amal clooney, it was chilly in l.a., but the clooneys know how to heat up the red carp >> how much more fun is it to have amal at these events and be able to walk the and have that company? >> it's fun for me, i don't know how much fun it is for her. >> it's freezing right now. >> victim of fashion.
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>> who are you wearing? >> ralph and russo couture. >> george and amal, channing and jenna, which couple is hotter? well, jenna, i mean with those pockets and the guy, but amal can drop the fa mike. she copied the look she wore in italy after the wedding. with this red custom version of the green run way dress. and can we talk about her hair? tucked under and into a bob on one si >> we take the transition very gracefully from work to hollywood. >> she does very well with that. it's hard to do. >> but do have breaking news that channi will start in "dirty dancing" liv >> like they just did "grease"? >> she wants me to do it live.
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anything live, i'm not sure. i'm good on second take, third take kind of guy, but i would do anything with you because i'm a fan. >> there's an online campaign for channing tatum to be in the live production of "dirty dancing". >> not as the johnny role, but as the jennifer gray role. because nobody puts channing in the corner. >> oh, my god, please play it. >> i'll play baby. i'll totally play baby. i'm so ticklish right here. >> okay, we need to >> go on, jenna. >> yeah. that happens. that's going on out in the world now. >> yep, and we even made it into a gift. sorry, s notorry. anything to help promote the stars cohen brothers comedy, "hail caesar" which opened on friday, and then sunday is the super bowl and the tatums want a second chance at this with halftime performer, beyonce.
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>> we still can't wait to her, aside of being on stage looking like her. >> if i'm going to meet her, i have to dress up like her just to make it normal, hey, just so it's not weird. >> beyonce missed out on a whole bunch of craziness last night at the site of the super bowl. we have that in a few minutes. but first let's get to some news. bill cosby was back in court today. >> it was to the pretrial hearing for his sexual assault case. >> and we were all so shocked by his appearance. >> find out what all this means and we turn to a legal analyst tanya acker. >> how are you feeling this morning? >> what the judge is deciding today is whether or not to dismiss the criminal case against cosby. >> cosby looked frail outside court, inside he sat quietly. philadelphia criminal defense attorney david walker was inside the co >> mr. cosby is somber, he's attentive. >> two assistants held the
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comedian's arms for support and at times he walked with a cane. he has filed court documents saying that he's legally and functionally blind. but is it real or a strategy? >> i don't think that cosby's frail appearance is all an act. i think he's old, i think a has some health problems. i think he's dressed more like a criminal defendant. last time he was dressed like dr. huxtable. i also think that those issues are relevant to what's at issue in the case. >> the real andrea constance' claims of sexual assault and this former district attorney who took the stand today, did he agree years ago ne to prosecute the comedian? >> so what the prosecutors want to do is get the testimo that da as to the terms of that prior agreement. >> this is not over, cosby is expected back in court tomorrow. right now we move on to super bowl 50 and the spectacle that was media day. i mean it was bannanas as kevin frazier likes to say. and he was in the middle of all the madness with our special correspondent.
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>> super bowl media day has now given way to opening night. it's super bowl 50 and s have to do it big. i'm joined by my partner in crime, here at the super bowl, to the one and only michelle williams. and as this gets bigger, each and every year, we have to make our team bigger, that's why cassidy gifford is here to cover her first big media day. who was it l for you? >> it was crazy. >> cassidy, welcome to media day. >> well, it was my very first super bowl media day. let me countdown the crazi there was a guy in a dress. >> we're from germany and in german we say we only get interviews here if we look like you. >> there were puppets and i can't really understand why they were puppets, nor did they speak english. what doessthis have to do with the super bowl? [ speaking in native lan >> cassidy got a taste of the craziness and today her mom was
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emotional talking about her daughter's debut last night as an "e.t" corporate. >> they are doing so much better than i could. >> how swoot is casserole? >> forgive me for being a mom. so when these tweets start coming in about what a natural she is, so sweet. i was just so grateful. >> when the panthers cam newton entered, it was a spectacle and peyton manning faced a wall of cameras. super bowl 50 airs sunday on cbs. michelle and i played a little round of nfl newlywed game with their teammates with cutouts of their ladies. >> most romantic thing you've ever done. >> i proposed in the grand canyon. >> yay. >> where was your first kiss? >> first kiss was in philadelphia after we ate at a restaurant. on the way back in a cab. >> if you could be a famous who would you be? >> oh, lord.
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>> w did your wife say? >> kobe. >> kobe bryant? >> does your fiance prefer you in spandex, like your football uniform or your birthday suit? >> the birthda >> we gave xbox 1s to the players with the most correct answers, and then this happened. with what flower best describes your wife in the morning? >> a dead one, she's not a very morning person. who's going home? that is what we call just another superwild super bowl media day. >> a leprechaun getting down on one knee is definitely the craziest thing that has ever happened to me. >> he didn't are pose, did he? >> i don't know. >> i didn't either, i just didn't want to get that call from your mom, oh, my god, you married a leprechaun. how great were those guys talking about their wives? >> love is a wonderful thing, but it's time to get back to some footbal >> you know wha it's time to get back to hollywood. let's send it back to the studio. coming up, we're talking
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super bowl commercials as we reunite the stars of the best big game ad of all time. "mean" joe greene with the coca-cola kid all gr see what he looks like now. then we're with tv's miracle quadruplets how a facebook post landed them a reality she. >> two sets of identical twins, a 1 in 70 million chance. and a concession from superproducer l.a. reed. his biggest regret. >> it was something that i help
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how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health at cigna dot com slash take control. >> lady gaga stunned at the golden globes.
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she's headed to the oscars. it was just announced she will perform the national anthem at the super bowl. and the big news today, we can confirm that she will take center stage at the grammys on cbs on monday february 15th, performing a tribute to the late david bowie. and that is going to be amazing. >> no doubt about it. but watching it all, what could have been the legendary music producer, l.a. reid, musical mastermind. he worked with mariah, pink, usher, weaver, whitney, for him gaga is the one that got away . >> who would have thought that lady gaga would become lady gaga. >> when gaga f performed for reid, he told her she should change her but after hearing her demo tape, he passed. >> then it was gaga's world. and i shrunk about this big. >> today he's the ceo of epic records and he got there by finding unknown singers and turning them into pop icon.
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he signed 14-year-old justin bieber to his record label, l.a. or kes traut mariah's come back. ♪ l.a. told me you' be a pop star ♪ ♪ all you have to change is everything you are. >> and reid does take some of the blame for this. >> crack ask whack. >> i failed whitney, honestly. because it was something that i helped to arrange. >> in his new book, seems to me, discusses his role in whitney houston's now infamous 2002 interview with diane sawyer. >> let's get that straight, okay? >> sometimes i try to protect people and that was one of the times when i feel like i failed at it. >> and l.a. is also the guy who discovered megan trenor, she's up for a best new al
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grammy this year. and she's also up for a people's choice award for favorite singer. we'll see who wins march 12 on nickelodeon. coming up next, reality miracle quadruplets. >> the delivery room drama as we go inside thbye bals gir' utah home. then a rare rob kardashian sighting and new details about his controversial romance. plus only are taking you inside the home of rob's sisters. >> it's a single girl's house. >> the hollywood decorator is giving you his tips fo
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that is a rare sighting there. a couple of years back, rob virtually disappeared from the family spotlight as he battled weight gain. now hiads heline making romance has forced rob out of the shadows. stepping out of his brand-new black bentley is the first body shot we have seen of rob in nearly eight months. he was hospitalized just before the new year after b diabetes and he looks really
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different from his days on dancing. a source close rob tells "e.t" quote, lost weight actually. amid all theconcerns, rob just released th unintelligible snap chat video. rob posted that following his return to l.a. after allegedly driving more than 1,300 miles to texas to pick up blac chyna from jail. she was arrested for felony possession of a controlled substance. and the kardashians are worried about his new fiance. blac chyna is the baby mama of rapper tyga. last month she was looking after rob. >> rob is back at the house, my only hope is that maybe this health scare is a wakeup call. >> rob did instagram a workout photo thursday right arou the >> rob did instagram a workout photo thursday right arou the samemeard that.
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