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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  February 3, 2016 7:30pm-7:54pm EST

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it's a nightmare. it's killing all over again. people versuso.j. backlash. >> it hurt so much to watch it. >> we break down the series with the two key players, marsha clark. >> make me look like a stoner. >> find out what they really thought as t show digs deep into marsha's personal life. do you regret being a part of the trial? >> jennife gardner stopped by cops in new york. we'll explain what happened. >> powerful ac together and serve up some drinks. >> it's amazing. >> elizabeth and reese unguarded. >> i don't want to e see reese do drugs. >> celine dion's new song released on the same day as her late husband's las vegas tribute.
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>> little women,drama. reach out to the star in the middle of the bra brawl. is this a new low for reality tv? tz hard to watch. >> february 3rd, 2016, this is entertainment tonight. >> the o.j. mini series finally hits t5.1 million total viewers deliverin the highest series premier s2002. >> people were tweeting like crazy. >> can retrust what we saw. >> we talked to the man who played o.j. the two of them watching the series wasemotional. >> it's killing me all over again. the way everything went so wrong. >> he got away with beating her. he's not going to get away killing her.
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>> watching it it happen again is pain >> even 20 years later? >> ohyeah. >> hay that hit that right on the head. >> there were inaccuracieinaccu. even with a documentary, and this is not a documentary, there's going to be inaccura inaccuracies. >> in every scene, he is smoking. is that true? >> yes. >> former prosecutor has since quit smoking and we wondered about -- >> who? >> jeff clark clueless about the famous defendant. >> i have no idea who you're talking about. >> marcia, oj, the >> i never followed sports. >> so that scene with sarah is exactly right. that is what happened. >> clark had questions about the details portrayed in the bronco chase. >> never talked to anybody about what happened in there and simpson did not either.
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>> cuba gooding jr was owl celebrating with fans in new york last night after the premier. "e.t." asked him about the chase scene this morning at the men's fashion week. >> there was actual audio from oj talking to the negotiator. and the rest is my job as an actor to do what i do. >> what about this scene with oj arguing with robert kardashian in kim's bedroom? >> come on, oj, please, do not kill yourself in k bedroom. >> did producers really replicate it? down to the joey lawrence posters? >> exactly to a t. every detail. >> next, kato kaelin's role. >> the betrayal in the series made you look maybe like a bit of a stoner. >> i agreeewith you how it made me look. >> what? >> i think they made the choice of, we're going to make kato garth from wayne's world. can i do anything about it? absolute i start thinking and g would i really say, i think he said something like i'm not an official human or something
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like -- >> i'm not official. >> that went crazy on twitter. >> i'm not like an official person -- >> i would never say that. and it is just an embellishment of so many things. >> kato is giving weekly reviews. and he hosts an on-line sports show called sports haters. marcia was such a target during the trial, her hair, her clothes. we talked to her about all of that and what did she say to sarah paulson the first they met. that's coming up. >> right now, the bill cosby decision goes into overtime. the court extended their session today as they struggle to reach a ruling over his sexual assault case. >> cosby put on a brave face on day two of his preliminary hearing in philadelphia. smiling and waving to onlookers. cosby wore what appeared to be a navy service pin which wasn't that yesterday.
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he had served in the navy in the 50s. was the promise by the former d.a. not to prosecute cosby in the andrea assault case years ago ever binding? in court cosby's lawyer claiming that i >> if the judge finds that the promise ton prosecute is binding then the case may be over. >> if the judge rules it isn't binding then the say all the case, first against cosby, could go to trial. >> the new evidence could be used against him. he could be convicted of this crime. >> celebrating an "e.t." birthday today -- >> keeping an eye on cosby's court case, there is also a lot of news coming out of the new york. jennifer garner stopped by -- >> in the east village another star, hugh jackman, hitting up a screenman of "eddie the eagle" out february 26th.
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april 11th, his 20th anniversary, he is ready? >> i'm not telling you, man. which could be my way of saying i haven't quite finalized plans yet. >> meantime, debbie, your husband gives us early valentine's day relationship goals. >> i was a very happy single man when i met my wife. the moment i met her is ten times better than my own life. >> family is also on the mind of kristin spotted on the lower east side and giving us first sit down since her brother's shocking death and her scary car accident. >> getting in a car accident and everything else going on in my life the last few months, i have such an appreciation for life. >> her brother michael went missing and in december found dead in the utah des one month later, she dislocated her elbow in a car crash. >> did you completely black out? >> i didn't black out. but i definitely think i went into shock a little bit. i couldn't move my arm, it was dangling in my lap. i thought for sure i broke it. >> she is healed and helping
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others. joining boys and girls club to promote the fitness routin helped her stay trim ten weeks after daughter, sailor's, birth. >> trying to teach them to have a healthy lifestyle. >> her husband, quarterback for the bears, you can bet they will be watching the super bowl on high above super bowl city, kevin, you know what, i know there's a lot more than football going on >> that's right, nancy. coldplay is busy putting on the final touches for their halftime performance. we will take you behind the scene of the big commercial that will air right before they take the stage. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> a little madonna throw back for the ad starring singer janell. >> we go from the 60s to '80s and the present.
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and the present for me is the future. >> and coldplay's latest rehearsal video for the halftime show is up on and football newbie took a road trip with chris martin. >> did you know the rules of the american football? >> right and two balls right, so the picture, you tee up -- >> maybe chris could learn a little more about the game by watching the rich eisen show which airs on nbc and nfl now. and will air on super bowl tonight. >> all of my kids were born to coldplay music in the hospital room. getting a chance to meet chris martin and the guys will be a thrill for me this week. >> nfl network asked kevin for a scoop. >> we heard rumors that vanity fair will have a party. >> and lady gaga singing and marlee matlin signing. >> lots of movie stars expected to hit town this week. we will talk to a bunch of them
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including olivia munn and ryan reynolds. we will talk to ryan about his movie "dead pool" and we will take you behind the scenes of this very different but very cool superhero movie. >> thank you, kevin. it is girl night. >> i love we celebrate each other and we are doing this. >> which one of these ladi wants to be the next james bond? >> as celine mourns her husband. only we have her emotional new song. >> plus, inside the reality tv fight of the year. >> she hit me in the [ bleep ]. >> little women l.a. star in the middle is here, that is coming up. >> closed captioning provided by --
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amy schumer is having a great time shooting a tv series on the streets of new york. >> this special effects will make it look like her head is detached from her bo won't notice.
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>> they did. >> yeah, they did. >> the only woman in a court full of marcia saying it was used against her. talking about her hair, suites, skirts, attitude. >> we certainly aren't going yell at your honor and become his iter cal. >> to make that sexist remark. >> it is extremely painful. >> by episode six, american e crimstory dives into marcia's life. a topless photo sold to tabloids. >> a photo said to tabloids. no w oneould have said that to a man can be too tough, ag woman. >> where is your client? >> sarah paulson wasn't al to contact marcia until she was almost done. the street shut down for a private dinner and two talked for hours. >> first thing i said is sorry about the hair. >> first thing i said was oh, my


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