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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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now issued, snow expected in dc, prince george's county and carlson, and it could impact your morning commute. >> let's get right to our chief meteorologist with a look at how much snow we are talking about. where will it fall? >> mainly east of i-95. if you don't stay up late tonight you won't see much but there is a winter weather advisory along i-95 including arlington, prince george's county -- and the northern neck that goes until 10 am. here's the thing -- kind of a near miss, most of the light snow will fall between 1 am and 7 am. the big news -- temperatures above freezing, but when surface temperatures are above freezing they are just kind of a nuisance.
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-- the snow is just kind of a nuisance. the accumulation will be on the grassy services. -- services. you see a little bit of snow right around i-95. hey, a reminder -- just download our app. you can get live weather radar and track the snow with it and of course the 7-day outlook. >> and tonight we have learned there are three cases of the zika virus right here in the district. >> among men a pregnant woman and officials say all three were infected after traveling outside of the us. you just talked to one of the world's top health experts. what did he share with you? >> reporter: the cdc and the nih are keeping a close eye on the virus, but they stretched --
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stress that to the average american there's no threat, especially if you are not traveling abroad. no need to panic. the zika virus has made it to the district -- three confirmed cases. >> they are what we call imported case. >> officials say people were infected outside the state and brought it back into the us. he says if you are not traveling to a country with the virus, you probably don't have to worry. >> but you have to wyatt -- worry about locally acquired cases where people get infected abroad, come back and get it locally, in turn infecting that missy -- mosquito who then infects others. but the doctor says if clusters occur, they will likely happen around the us gulf coast were the climate and mosquitoes are right for
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the viruses. the have 29 countries listed that they recommend avoiding traveling to . >> now that it's in florida, how far will it spread and what does that mean for everyone not traveling? >> knowing if you have sica is tricky since 80 person of people with the virus show no symptoms. >> first of all there are no locally transmitted cases. >> he said even if us cases grow , he's confident the us has the ability to contain an outbreak. >> and the doctor says we can expect to probably see an uptick in some of the infections as the weather gets warmer but he says he's confident in the us medical infrastructure. he says we have the ability to properly fight and protect against the virus, so there is
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no need to panic. just be aware and be smart. >> thank you, good information. to prince george's county, a judge denied bond for a man accused of killing his former girlfriend and their two-year- old daughter. he says he has contrast -- confessed. he confronted her on tuesday morning in a parking lot outside of her home in fort washington. they argued about child support and then he shot both davis and her daughter chloe. after the hearing angela addressed the group. >> this is a permanent decision made on very temporary emotions. we cannot continue to stand at this microphone to talk about babies who have been executed. we are learning more about the murder of a 13-year-old girl in blacksburg virginia who was killed.
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virginia tech student natalie keepers confessed to her role in the crime. she said she helped pick out the spot where the girl was killed and helped dispose of the body. she has been charged as an accessory. at the hearing today a judge denied bail. another student, david eisenhower is charged with kidnapping and murdering nicole. her funeral was today. tonight democratic candidates faced off in the first democratic debate of the year. >> they pulled no punches but both campaigns are already looking ahead to super tuesday, and virginia in particular. >> more delegates will be at stake on march 1 than any other single day of this long -- campaign and of the 12 states voting only texas and georgia will award morse -- more dedicated -- delegates.
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that tiny bell is the sound of a presidential campaign quietly firing up in the suburbs of northern virginia, ringing once for every hillary clinton supporter contacted by a group of volunteers in fairfax. the volunteers work as part of the clinton campaign day of action across the state, mobilizing now to help her take the prize that went to barack obama in 2008. >> i want to do what i can do to make sure that she gets in. >> reporter: they are currently playing from behind -- but sanders campaign says they have three offices working with two more opening next week. he counts 15 paid staffers in the old dominion and 7000 registered volunteers. clinton's campaign has yet to open an office here but plans to open several soon. the campaign won't this -- disclose the exact number or how many paid staff they have. >> enough is enough. >> sanders himself has
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campaigned here three times. >> i am running for my first term. >> she has stopped her just once so far. >> let's talk about what we would do to make the progress continue. >> reporter: after a fallen -- after the high-stakes in iowa the volunteers know the stakes keep rising. >> if i can even convince two or three or four people took -- to please come out and vote in the primary, that makes a difference. >> clinton will have plenty of help, both the senator and the governor have already endorsed -- both of the senators and the governor have already endorsed her. the charles county sheriff's office are says one of their deputies shot a man who tried to pull a gun on him. the man was taken to a hospital for treatment and his injuries are considered non life threatening. he is on -- administratively four the shooting is
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investigated. new developments in the controversial arrest caught on camera. it shows officers using batons to arrest a man last october. police say he appeared to be high on pcp. today he was found not guilty of assaulting a police officer but guilty of destruction of property. the eight investigation details have not yet been released. maryland state superintendent has been named the new head of montgomery county schools, the board voted unanimously tonight to hire jack smith. his formal hiring is contingent upon him being able to negotiate a four-year contract. he takes over for joshua starr, who resigned one year ago. new information on the water crisis in flint, michigan. a new timeline shows they knew the surge in legionnaires disease back in march well before the governors -- the governor said he got the information.
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this comes on the heels of the can -- heated congressional hearing where lawmakers criticized local officials for failing to address the crisis. >> and as all that was unfolding a group of activists traveled to and from flint, determined to make a difference on their own. those activists drove over 19 hours to deliver thousands of water bottles to the people of flint. >> if i was in flint, i couldn't do this. >> you can't wash your clothes. >> you can't wash your face. you can't wash your body. >> reporter: they are problems people started dealing with in 2014 when the city changed its water supply from lake huron to the flint river. >> we called this young woman,
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and her story just broke our heart. >> they put together a benefit concert and put together social media to help out. by sunday night they say they raised over $2000 and nearly 11,000 bottles of water. the next morning they woke up at 3 am and the -- and drove to flint, strapping -- stopping at donation spots in between . >> people would come off the streets and ask if we had water and we would give it to them too . >> a few hours later they left, tired, planning another trip. >> it seems unbelievable that the water could be that bad that long. >> reporter: and hoping this one would inspire others. >> you don't have to wait for me to vote -- load my truck up. you can make a donation online. you can send a. package -- a care package.
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>> this group is already planning another event for march 19 and they say they will promote the next one on social media as well using the hashtag hip hop for flint. i am allison barber, did you usa nine. -- w u a -- s a 9. >> white died this morning after a long battle with parkinson's disease. earth wind and fire rose to prominence in the 70s with hits like september, after the love is gone and shining star. maurice white was 74 years old. he talks about how he advanced -- he talked about how he advanced in new york. he talked about how he had a big house with a swimming pool. >> all that from a little boy. tonight meet the local doctor researching children who say they remember past lives.
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of violent at otacka n local jewelry store, can you help find the man who robbed the owner and then took off? >>and another big moment -- panda moment
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a psychiatrist researching cases of children who say they can remember past lives. >> he's looking for scientific proof that reincarnation is real. peggy fox introduces us to the doctor looking for answers. >> reporter: the children are usually around two or three years old when they start talking about another person. in the strongest of cases the details have turned out to match the life of someone who died in the past. >> it doesn't involve hypnosis or anything like that. >> reporter: it might be surprising to learn that a psychiatrist at the esteemed
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historic university of virginia is investigating something that seems so out there. >> i think there's a lot we don't know about it. >> take the case of ryan. at four years old he started talking about wanting to go home to hollywood. >> he talked about how he had danced in new york and had gone to hollywood and bending movies and then he had worked for an agency. he talked about how he had seen the world from big bolts and he had a big house with a swimming pool. >> when his mom checked out this book about hollywood, she did not expect this . >> ryan stopped his mom and said hey mom, that's george, we did a picture together. >> it's from the 1932 movie -- second from the left. >> you understand english -- i am not selling. >> he says hey, that's me. >> that man on the far right was not named in the book. he was an extra with no lines. a hollywood archivist identified him as marty martin.
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the little boy knew intimate details about his life which doctor tucker confirmed. >> he had danced on broadway and then hit gone to hollywood where he worked -- he worked in movies mostly in dancing movies and he started a successful talent agency. he and his wife went on the queen mary to europe and saw the world from big bolts. they did have a big house with a swimming pool . >> doctor tucker had been all over the world researching children's memories of past lives. he and his predecessor at uva have documented 2500 cases over the past 50 years. >> ultimately the physical world maybe really a creation of consciousness and not the other way around. >> little ryan knew all kinds of other details about actor marty martin, like the fact that he had two sisters and hated cats. peggy fox wusa 9 . doctor tucker says studies
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on the children showed them to be normal and intelligent. tucker believes it's helpful for children to validate their memories so they can understand that they are from the past and move on with their own lives. in the search for a mother and her baby boy. they disappeared this morning around six factory. both -- 6:30. tenisha is 24 years old but her family says she functions at the level of someone who is 14. if you have seen them, please contact police. and another missing person, 22-year-old sarah way, last seen around 340 yesterday afternoon -- 3:40. she was driving a black toyota yaris. she has brown hair dyed purple. if you have seen her you are asked to call her -- to call police. a robbery caught on camera and a warning some of you, may
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find this video disturbing. it shows two men walking around display cases and one guy pulls out a knife and grabs the owner and forces him into the back room. his buddy then heads for this and they grab some jewelry and take off. the owner has been treated for his injuries and now police are hoping someone recognizes the robbers in this video and calls in a tent. if you know anything, please call police. another milestone for panic have made a . >> yesterday we saw him eating solid food and today the national zoo released this video, showing him venturing outside for the first time ever with his mom. a little reluctant at first and then -- right up into that tree, he's just about six months old now. look how big he is. he is growing superfast. >> you can actually hear him now too. >> if you look at cute -- his
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face is right there. -- if you look at the word cute in the dictionary -- his face is right there. >> maybe a few flakes will fall for him tonight. >> he does like that. we are looking at a little bit of light snow primarily east of i-95. let's start with the 3-degree guarantee. go ahead and put a lock on it -- you never know. i left it at 53, when 254 and then jumped at -- jumped to 58 at 1:21 in the morning in february. okay. we will poll 45 tomorrow. i think that's a lock. live look outside -- down to 43 right now, winds at the northwest -- out of the northwest at 16. the atmosphere is able to support snow but temperatures are so way above freezing and here's a look at the radar.
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it's all rain right now, especially into southern maryland. you folks will have rain until late into the night. they quickly leaves as a light band of snow -- a little bit of activity in prince george's county, headed up toward annapolis. also more to the -- activity down toward mechanicsville. no issues for driving except for the nuisance. light snow ends by 9:00 and really by 7:00 if you are in the district. for you folks -- down in fredericksburg -- the yellow alert is not for you at all. temperatures in the 30s, windchills in the 20s has so -- 20s, so kind of a chilly day. make outdoor plans for the weekend because winter makes a real comeback by the end of next week. a band of light snow -- pins -- prince george's county, tent is
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the -- temperatures above freezing. by 1:00, wearing 43 downtown, and 42 in fairfax so really not a bad finished the week. saturday great -- temperatures in the 30s and to her son by 1:00. saturday just cool but a nice day. sunday pleasant, great day -- 50. next seven days though temperatures go downhill again, no showers possible monday and tuesday -- and generally staying in the 30s after next monday for a while. all right -- you know the best team in town e arthe capitals and they are looking to avoid a three-game skid. to avoid a three-game skid. can they do it?
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right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. sports brought to you by xfinity. >> at 6:00 i told you the capitals would not lose three games in a row. they give the islanders -- looking for their first win since january 9 -- stayed late
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third period, off the slapshot goal, 29th of the season gave the capitals the league lead, two minutes left in regulation. he shut the door with a couple great saves in the capitals win 3-2. they still have not lost three straight all season. many of you are all fired up for the super bowl 50, and we are also, blasting the big logo on the front of our building right here. in northwest dc, looking good. a lot of people think the super bowl is going to be a carolina blowout over denver. for good reason, there 17-1 record leading the way facing a denver team so far that is 14 and four, not too shabby but perhaps with the rubber band on the arm of peyton manning. those teams were practicing ahead of the big game.
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tempers got to get off to a good start and not like carolina get a big lead. carolina comes in -- as the -- denver has got to get off to a good start and not let carolina get a big lead. carolina comes in as the lead by seven. kickoff is at 6:30, but we have you covered the whole day here on wusa 9 . it's not just the game, it's like 24 hours of coverage all day. steph curry is changing the way basketball is being played, by doing it below the rim. it's a sport that for so long we talked about what players did above the rim. he put on a clinic last night with the warriors win over the wizards. he create -- he made seven threes in the first quarter and made 11 in all, no dunks. as golden state wins 134-121.
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they were honored today at the white house for their championship last year. obama giving love two young stefan. -- to young stephen curry. >> for those of you that watch the game last night, he was -- to you slayed, he was to use a slang term, he was clowning. [laughter] he was all jumping up and down. [laughter] just settle down. >> i happened to see that whole thing and the president just looked like he was having a blast. >> the best part is you get to know -- you get to have the jersey. >> you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years.
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we have snow headed this way, but not for everyone. >> if you get up early tomorrow morning, especially charles county and st. mary's county, a little bit of snow, and then a nice day actually, just breezy and the weekend -- stealing one from february. winter returns next week. and we talking about -- are we talking about more of us know bend? or just a nuisance? >> we will see. >> have a good night everybody. how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health
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