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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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republican side. garet headache joins -- garrett haake joins us from donald trump's election night campaign headquarters. >> donald trump has held a lead. and he invested a little more to help him hold onto it. but all across the state, the men battling for second place scrambled for votes. >> reporter: supporters were outside a national polling place this morning. where the ohio governor joked about his three votes votes to two win over donald trump in the tiny town of dixville notch. where they vote at midnight. >> you win dixville notch, i mean, there's nowhere to go but up from there. what a great win. it was really great. i saw trump, by the way, i said, i crushed you. he said, yeah, you killed me. >> but anecdotal good news for the trump campaign. dozens of new voters registering throughout the day.
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as well as former romney supporters. casting their ballots. >> i'm angry about what's going on. and i don't feel safe. and i feel that mr. trump is going to do something about it. >> the anti-trump cent imhere remain -- trump sentiment here remains powerful but retracted. >> i don't want to replace one moreon with another one. -- moron with another one. >> true troit patriot. >> nearby, the floridians, marco rubio and jeb bush, also hoping to stake their claim to the trump alternative vote. >> you get valentine's day the insults and all the divisiveness. ultimately, elect a president. >> purely anecdotal buzz. but they seem to be selecting john kasich for a surprising second place finish. we hopefully won't have to wait to find out.
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>> bernie sanders is expected to bin -- win the primary, but hillary clinton won in 2008 and she is looking to do so again tonight. you can watch returns as they come in on the politics section of our wusa 9 app. as you know, today's snow didn't amount to much in our area. back black ice could be a problem on the roads tomorrow morning. topper shutt, tracking the falling temps. >> i want to emphasize, we don't want a flash freeze tonight. if it looks wet, it is more likelying likely going to be frozen black ice. snow showers to the north of us. snow showers to the south of us. i don't think we're quite done with the snow showers just yet. in fact, we'll show you future cast. 10:00, temperatures below freezing in most spots. these numbers are high. 32 in manassas. 31 in fairfax. and 31 also in silver spring. to put this back into motion. look what happens at 2:00 a.m., a line of snow showers tries to
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develop again. into manassas, south of i-66. ask that is going to roll into maryland. if that happens, we may have to extend our weather yellow alert. 31 in andrews. that could actually put down a coating, which is not what you need in time for the rush hour in the morning. we'll talk about the coldest air of the season rolling in over the weekend. some people are somewhat surprised tonight that there's little neighborhood opposition to mayor muriel bowser's plan to close the troubled d.c. general homeless shelter. and scatter struggling people. the mayor announces from all eight wards. and in the southwest, they plan to build one of those shelters. bruce? >> yeah, bruce. the plan here is to rehab this old church. and then build a larger structure behind it, here on delaware avenue. to house about 50 families. now, the mayor has kept all the
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locations pretty quiet, up until now, in hopes of dampening neighborhood opposition. but we have yet to find much opsig so far. -- opposition so far. >> you hadn't heard about this at all? >> no. >> in wealthy cathedral heights in northwest d.c.,. >> i think that's exciting. >> exactly the opposite of opposition. >> you think of young kids in the neighborhood. absolutely. you want to give them a home, a place that is safe. >> and in woodson heights, neighbors of a planned family shelter at 5004d.c. street, seem to feel the same way. >> i wouldn't care if they put it in every ward in the sea. there's somewhere they gotta go. >> reporter: but one place the mayors plan to close is in trouble. d.c. general. a rurn down -- rundown hospital. converted families. >> i've been here for three
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years. >> i think it's wrong. >> the 8-year-old disappeared from the facility. and police suspect she was abducted and murdered by a janitor there. >> i think she would have been safer with people watching. because in this area, we watch everybody. >> residents hate d.c. general. they say it is infested with pests. >> they will be like, all in the ceiling. >> reporter: the mayor hopes it will be much easier for families to escape homelessness in smaller shelters. like ones she plans to build at 2916 wisconsin in northwest. and for single mom, ashley early and her 3-month-old son, that is a dream. >> well, the city expects that it is going to cost about $22 million a year to run all of these shelters. that is about $five million more than -- $5 million more
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than d.c. general. but when they are finished, the mayor finally plans to shut down that notorious, decrepid, old hospital shelter. live, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> i'm sure mayor bowser is glad to hear that positive reaction she got to her plan. they plan community meetings if all of the city's eight wards thursday night to talk about the plan. president obama's 8th and final budget is now in the hands of congress. a $4.1 trillion spending plan includes money for combatting cancer, global warming and icist terrorists. as it stands, the budget faces little chances of passing, the republican controlled congress. especially in light of the increases coming over the next decade. >> and the president's budget also includes extra spending on cyber security to address short- and long-term cyber security
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challenges. >> with this plan we intend to modernize federal i.t. by replacing and retiring outdated systems that are vunlerable to attack. >> the president says one of the biggest gaps is information technology. and that makes everyone's information, vulnerable. speaking of which, right now, the justice department is investigating how someone hacked into the database of the fbi and the department of homeland security. the hacker reportedly posted online, names, e-mail addresses and job descriptions of 20,000 fbi employees and 9,000 homeland security employees. the hacker claims to have obtained information after gaining access to an e-mail account, belonging to a justice department employee. >> could we be heading for another cold war? director of national intelligence, james clapper says russia seesinate gnato -- sees nato as a missile defense. >> a lot of these things that russia is doing for a number of
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reasons. great power status. to create the image of being coequal with the united states, et cetera. i think could probably -- could possibly go on, and we could be into another cold war like spiral here. >> during his annual assessment of the top dangers facing the u.s. clapper said this country is facing the most global threat to the environment that he's seen in more than 50 years of government service. new revelation today in the revelation of a school volunteer who is arrested for child porn and child sex abuse. they say the students knew these disturbing things were happening, since 2014. when deontae caraway was tired at the elementary school in glen arden. she said it was all the buzz in the hallways and school administrators should have known. i know it's been around the school that this guy was doing
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this. and it didn't dawn on the principal to look into it. >> school officials say caraway went through a background check and it came clean. there are at least 10 victims ranging in age from 9 to 13. the child patriotation -- exploitation task force is looking into whether there are other victims out thrment. coming up, the death toll climbs in th i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow.
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the federal of aig -- aviation administration has issued new rules on flying drones. under certain conditions, hobbyists and fly drones that weigh less than 55 pounds in the area, between 15 and 30 miles of d.c. the drones must be registered and marked. and must fly no higher than 400 feet above the ground. to put that into perspective, 400 feet would be higher than the district's tallest building but still lower than the washington monument. the mayor of flint, michigan says the plan is to remove and replace all of the city's water pipes. the work is expected to cost some $65 million. households deemed to be high risk would be given high priority. the city's water would become contaminated. you know the story. and they will flip from water from the flint river two years
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ago. >> rescuers say at least two people were killed when trains collided head-on. drivers of both trains are believed to be among those killed. investigators have recovered the black boxes, which should help explain why the trains were on the same track. two people are recovering from minor injury tonight, after a freight train carrying cargo boxes collided with a freight station. it happened in marysville, ohio. both of the people injured were cssx employees. nine cars jumped the tracks and overturned that railroad crossing. coming up, d. c.'s popular 9:30 club is about to get much due national exposure. plus, a
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caught on camera. cell phone video posted on youtube of a columbian woman, after she caught her husband with another woman. the scorned wife, as you can see here, jumped onto the hood of her husband's car and kicked in the windshield, all while these witnesses egged her on. the husband was eventually able to drive away. we're not sure what happened after that. all right. here's a video that has gone viral, during a high school pep
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rally in lancing, michigan. a singer asked her -- seniora asked her friend ben to the prom. ben said yes. he has a rare condition that causes damage to the nerve cells and the brain. but since it posted last friday, this video has been viewed more than 2.7 million times. wow. >> sweet. d.c.'s popular 930 club and all of that great music. they're going to be on tv. posted today. the club has recorded about 40 performances for a music variety show. it's going to empriere on pbs in april. the show is called live at 9:30. each one-hour episode will include concert exerts -- excerpts from several bands and short film segments. looking forward to that. it's mardi gras, and new orleans is one big party town. thousands are roaming the french quarter. an annual parade is our river of bright colors and crazy costumes. let the good times roll while
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you can, because it all ends tomorrow, the start of lent. >> have you been before? >> no. never been to new orleans. >> no? we'll have to talk about that. and change that. plummeting temperatures could create icy spots in our area overnight. >> that's right. they should have quite a few places that could freeze by morning. one of those places is damascus in upper montgomery county. that's where our scott broom is monitoring conditions for us. scott, what are you seeing? >> here's the number 1 condition. it's already below freezing here. it's pretty chilly outside. here in montgomery county, they started school two hours late because of the morning snow. and school officials undo you recollected -- undoubtedly will have to keep an eye on officials because of this refreezing and the potential for more snow tonight. three inches of wet snow today in upper montgomery county. the smart one, scraping the slush away, before it freezes in place tonight. damascus high school tonight, starting two hours late and dismissing this afternoon, with heavy, wet snow still falling.
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>> i think that it was a waste of my time. >> we shouldn't have gone to school. i had to walk. >> it wasn't too bad. the roads were a little slipper. but not too bad. >> comes down and it melts. >> i'll be glad when everything is over and i can go back to fishing. >> now, plummeting temperatures and more possible snow showers overnight. threatened to make for another challenge. they will have to assess for the potential for black ice on the roads and frozen slush on uncleared sidewalks tomorrow morning in outer sidewalks like damascus. >> you inside the beltway, may not have seen much snow. but out here, there is still plenty of it. in frederick county, maryland. they called for a two-hour delay and ended up closing school altogether. it's just another example of the challenges that school officials have to deal with, when they have to try to make decisions with weather events like this one, and with refreezing tonight and snow
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showers, it's apparently not over for them. so stay tuned for us. reporting live in damascus, scott broom, wusa 9. >> it's a big area. >> you could have microclimate. microclimate. microclimate. >> schools can close. but in the county, you're stuck with it. nothing in chevy chase, or bethesda. these little storms are the tricky ones. and we'll have to see if we see these snow showers develop overnight. if we do, we'll have to extend our yellow weather alert. we talked about how temperatures would be above freezing at the surface, which is critical. 7/10ths. only a trace at national. gaithersburg, almost 2 inches. reston under an inch. and charlestown, not even half an inch. live look outside. our live michael and son weather cam. dew points keep falling. winds north/northwest at . winds will help dry the roads off a little bit.
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first, we have to be wary of slick spots tomorrow. big picture. look at snow showers all the way down into kentucky, tennessee. even north georgia hills. deep, what we call trough on the west coast. that's degree to produce cold, cold air here in the next few days. temperatures in the 20s. all right. well, zoom back down to us. we still have showers to the south of us. snow showers to the south. they're going to continue to move across the bay. but later tonight, another batch of snow showers could develop. because of that, and because temps are going to be below freezing shortly. some slick spots are possible. bus stop temps, 26 to 34. and some slick spots wednesday morning, until 9:00. and arctic air arrives on thursday. sets up camp. we'll be below freezing, probably wednesday night through monday morning. 10:00 tonight. no real problems. temperatures 35 downtown. 30 in gaithersburg. 31 in fairfax. and we're looking at 32 in dum frees.
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-- dun frees. -- dumfries. and snow showers. that will cause problems. we'll keep a very, very close eye on that. on the day planner, 36 by 11:00. 39 by 1:00 p.m. thursday, here comes the arctic air. maybe a flurry. 29. 30. very, very cold on friday. but with sunshine. next seven days, only in the 20s saturday and sunday. maybe more snow showers saturday. we're watching the possibility of something monday into tuesday.
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(elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan.
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well, the broncos were parading down the streets. panthers were back in charlotte, cleaning out their lockers. and for the first time, quarterback cam newton addressed all the criticism surrounding has abrupt exit during the post-game interview. newton has been called a loser and immature because of those actions. and today, he said he didn't want to talk to the media. and frankly, he still doesn't. >> who are you to say that your way is right. that's what i don't understand. we have all of these people condemning and saying, he should have done this in third. what makes your way right? i heen, i have been on record to say, i'm a sore loser. who likes to lose? you show me a good loser, special i'm going to show you a loser. >> no apologies really. i bet topper loves that. despite the snow on the ground. and it's time to turn our attention to the lacrosse. maryland terrapins open this saturday.
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head coach john tilmon says he is a bit worried because the midshipmen already have two games under their belt. but the terps are a perennial post-game team. and the success keeps the recruits coming and the program on top. you know, that's part of the selling and recruiting. hey, we are playing in final fours. a lot of people say they're going to get there. we have been there. then it's incumbents upon us to say, what is going to get you there? and a lot of that is what you do all year. it's the culture you have, the process. to be successful in the final four. i think that a little bit of a by-product of what you've done all year, nowht at you do that weekend. on the hardwood right now, number 2 maryland, hosting division 2, bowie state. opening minutes. jake laman finds diamond stone. the bulldogs trying to hang in there, down 19-7 in the first half. we'll have highlights for you
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tonight. finally tonight, in basketball, you can draw up as many crazy plays. but more often than not, they're not going to work. especially missing a freethrow, with hopes of a last-second shot. but in this game, between universities of chicago and rochester. they miss the freethrow. watch as it comes back to his teammate. finds the play ner the corner and swish. that is your game winner. that is how that game ends. just like they drew it up. there's all of these people saying, why are you intentionally missing the freethrow. but that's exactly why they do that. >> you can't be a role model for kids and say there's no room for losers. >> and not man up. >> still a great quote. [ laughter ] sorry. >> topper would thin
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>> pelley: high hopes in new hampshire. >> it's very exciting. >> we feel great. >> i am so happy to be here. >> i think we're going to do very well. >> i feel good. >> i'm feeling great. >> pelley: also tonight, cbs news investigates -- can a blood test detect cancer before there are symptoms? the eight-minute mortgage-- is it the wave of the future or a throw-back to an ugly past? and look out, major. here come the minors. >> why should young voters vote for you, trump? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. pelley: the voting continues at this hour in the first presidential primary of 2016. this is a live picture from nashua, new hampshire. some candidates tonight are looking for their first win, ot,


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