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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  February 9, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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right now at 7:00, parents say they were not surprised a teacher was arrested on child porn charges. >> and a preview of what could happen after voters came out in record breaking amounts. >> we're trying to get her out of the water. incredible, a teenager is alive thanks to the eagle eye of a chopper pilot. >> and a sweet victory, the sea that amazon just named the most romantic. >> but first, wetness on the roads could cause problems through the night. >> and it's sticking to the roads but not for much longer.
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chief meteorologist topper shutt is tracking the left over snow showers. topper? >> temperatures around freezing in the 'burbs and these will say south of us. they rolled in overnight and laid down a dusting which is not good with temperatures in the 20s. 31 in martinsburg, the areas that saw most of the snow. coming back, we'll tell you the best chance of freezing liquid making black ice. take it easy in the morning. take a look at futurecast. this his has abated since we last saw you. 30 and 31 in silver spring. clouds roll in, and the rpm has taken out the overnight snow
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showers. i'll keep them in and we'll come back and talk about the coldest air of the season. >> and you can track the weather on the wurks usa 9 app. turning to the race for the house, polls closed a few minutes ago in new hampshire, site of the first primary. donald trump and bernie sanders heavily favored in voters' surveyed in the gop race, john kasic, marco rubio, and jeb bush and ted cruise in a virtual tie for second. >> this is all about who comes in second on the republican side in new hampshire. >> and we'll have the results on our free wusa 9 p apand we'll bring you the latest numbers on our news tonight at
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11:00. closer to home, new revelations in the case of a prince george's school volunteer charged with child porn and sex abuse. parents told wusa 9, disturbing things have been happening since 2014 when deonte caraway was hired. it was all the buzz in the hallways and she said that school administrators should have listened. >> i call this the responsibility of the principal and the administration. they should have followed up on this. it shouldn't even came to this point. >> officials say that carraway passed a criminal pal background check. police have received about 20 tips in the case so far. he is accused of using an app to send pictures. >> reporter: i loaded the app, no cell phone number needs,
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need -- kneed, and knee -- needed, and that's a problem for authorities. the app and several more are used by carraway. >> check his phone. check him. >> reporter: the app is back in the spotlight know again. police say that carraway shared pornographic images and where david eisenhauer met nicole lovell in a murder case. an f.b.i. agent tells our arizona sister station kpnx, and this is one of many acts he warns parents about. >> cyberbullying to expectation all the way to overseas terrorist recruiting is happening on applications like this. >> i don't trust anybody anymore. >> if you feel your children
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have important information, please contact authorities right away. i'm stephanie ramirez. and a spokesperson for the app told our sister station they are working actively for investigators, and the phone number that stephanie mention side on our wusa 9 app. two ann arundel county women are facing jail ti after they were accused of beating a child. crystal evans and javonie harper each face 15 years in prison. they are accused of beating a 9- year-old boy after he took candy without their permission. the punishment left the child with severe physical and emotional scars. released felons have the right to vote in maryland we a 29-18 vote, overriding the governor's veto meaning that felons can vote while on probation or parole.
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supporters argue that it would help them to transition into society more easily, and governor ho -- -- hogan felt that it might bring back rights they have not yet earned back. and the ribbon will be cut on a women's shelter. the mayor has kept the exact address secret until now in hopes of dampening neighborhood opposition. >> we could all be homeless at one point or another. we need a support system. >> i couldn't care if they put it in every ward in the city. it's somewhere they gotta go. >> the disappearance and d.spected murder of a girl from c. general almost two years ago helped to convince leaders that that facility had to
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close. and imagine opening a door , a brand new condo to this beer bottles, just the start of what 1 family founded in. >> and why did hundreds of strangers ask the d.c. attorney for free burritos? blame it on chipotle and the tex-mex mixup. >> this is one of the most popular stories on the wusa 9 app. you know what these social media codes mean? we'll unveil them
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you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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caught on camera, riveting video of fairfax county police posted on youtube of a water
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rescue. this is thermal imaging of the chopper over west view last week. they were looking for a missing juvenile and the pilot spotted the girl in the water and directed search crews on the ground to her location. they are credited with saving that child's life. >> that's incredible. >> yeah, the. for you non-cajuns, this is let the good times roll. fat today, and revelers are partying it up. this happens of people will line st. charles avenue and canal street for one many parade ms. and out of the city. thousands of floats and bands dotted the 47 -- french quarter, tomorrow marking the start of lent. released the list of the 20 most romantic cities in the country, and alexandria is number one. the list is based on the sales
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of romance novels and relationship books and movies and music. >> oh, that's different. >> you thinking something else? >> i was thinking a great place to go for valentine's day. >> buy a book. [laughter ] just ahead, the bottom line on your next water bill. >> we're tracking temperatures tonight that will go below freezing even downtown, and looking at 29 in gaithersburg -- 27 in gaithersburg, 31 in downtown
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a family from fairfax about to close on a half a million dollar condo found it was trashed on sunday. you can see it here. there was a red substance and cigarette burns on the carpet and someone's clothes littered the bedroom and someone got sick in the bathroom. the buyers said they signed up for a new contract and this clearly is used and want out of their contract which was set to be finalized tomorrow. >> i don't know how many people there were, and there was clothing left behind. i don't want to know what happened. it was -- it's not. you don't feel comfortable coming here and calling it
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home. >> no kidding. ed condo is in the new metro west complex. the company is working with the customer. fewer people are using metro to get around. according to the website, ridership is at the same level as in 2004. rider ship is down 6% in december. ridership on buses and trains is down more than 5% from the previous year. the metro said that the drop was pervasive. frequent and unpredictable delays led to the decline. simply put, the riders don't feel the service is reliable. okay. we're going to the next story.
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the u.s. supreme court -- >> yeah. the u.s. supreme court is putting the enforcement of president obama's plan to address climate change on hold. the move is a victory of a coalition of 27 mostly republican-led state that is filed suit. the plan would reduce carbon dioxide emissions about 1/3 over several years. one of the top stories on our app is about an attorney whose phone was finally cleaned out after hundreds of people texted him looking for a free burrito. >> it started when chipotle closed the stores for a few hours yesterday. to make up for it, chipotle offered a free burrito to anyone who texted rain check to 888-222. henry levine's number is one digit off and that made all the difference. >> and obviously, a lot of people in our area code thought it was a phone number and
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automatically added the last "2." i'm up to 300 texts. mostly are very nice and some not so nice really wanting their free burrito. >> hepry reach the out chipotle, but they did not take the numbers but offered him four free burritos. many water meters have been covered in snow, so many customers will be billed on an estimated use and receive a 45- day on making payments, weather permitting, and they will take an actual reading for the next billing cycle and reconcile the charges. >> okay. okay. >> they'll try and guess and get it ride. >> they'll guess high.
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>> that's exactly right. that's exactly right. we're looking at freezing tonight and maybe another round of snow showers. a look at how much fell, a trace at nashville and we talked about temperatures being above freezing. it can't snow fast enough. and it does in damascus, 4" there, and reston, not quite 1". and charlestown, .50". outside, down to 35 in downtown and winds out of the north at 14 and it will be breezy to windy the next couple days. the wind chill will be a factor at the bus stop tomorrow morning and it will feel like it's in the teens. here's the radar. the snow showers to the south will peel off and brush southern maryland, mainly calvert county and showers around hagerstown could roll through parts of the metro in the next couple hours. i-270 into frederick, and
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temperatures at freezing. freezing at 8:00, and we're looking at slick spots, and we talk about driving all the time, but black ice can cause problems walking to get the paper or the mail. be careful. the bus stop temperatures, 34 but dress for the teens with the wind. slick spots tomorrow morning and arctic air arrives on thursday and really sets up camp with the coldest air of the season, and possibly record cold. 10:00 tonight, a couple of snow showers in the northern neck and grazing southern st. mary's county. 4:30, earlier, 5:00, 6:00, the futurecast had snow showers along i-95. not giving up on those yet. we'll wait until 11:00 and get new data in and let you know if we'll see a batch of snow showers overnight. not much snow, but just enough to have cause problems for the morning commute on wednesday.
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6:00 a.m., 20s now. 29 in fairfax and about 30 bowie. by 9:00, everything's gone, mostly sunny skies and a brisk wind and temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s. in the day planner, 32 to start and 36 at 11:00 and 48 -- 38 at 1:00 p.m. 30 oned in and still very, very cold. the next seven days, check this out, in the 20s on saturday and snow showers possible and 20s on valentine's day and watching something next week. if the take air retreats, you might see a storm from the south. ands there is the oprah effect and the beyonce bounce. sales jumped after queen bee announced one of the red lobster in her lyrics.
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they embraced the extra exposure with the tweet cheddar bey. >> amazing what one mention can do. >> i didn't notice it. >> i didn't either. >> i am just saying she is heart healthy and very fit. she did, and something else people are talking about, can newton, and he issues no apologizes, and the broncos celebrated with thousands of their closest friends next.
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breaking news in montgomery count yes a pal driver was struck by an suv.
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sky9 is in and over the scene. the plow driver is said to have suffered life-threatening injuries. carolina panthers's quarterback cam newton spoke to the media for the first time since walking out of his post- super bowl press conference and newton is not offerring apologies. he iswidely criticizedar giving short answers and got up and walked out. he said he is not willing to conform how he wants him to be. >> who are you to say that your way is better than my way? that's what i don't understand.
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we have people condemning me, and what makes your way right? i'm on the record to say i'm a sore loser. show me a good loser and i'm going to show you a loser. meanwhile, a sea of orange. that was the governor of colorado there dabbing. the defense was the first float to greet the crowd. they were having a lot of fun celebrating the big win. all right. so one of the momenta that had people talking before the super bowl is that of the bronco's punter who shelled out $1800 for a ticket for his 2-week-old baby, a seat that sat empty but in the end, it was all worth it. britton colquitt sent out this weekend. his wife was nursing so if the baby couldn't come, neither could his wife and his wife got
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tonight two celebrity courts face off. >> gwyneth paltrow's alleged stalker, janet dickenson versus women bill cosby, the latest legal drama happening now. >> the frightening claims of this threatening message, now you must die. watch her tearful testimony, is it enough to put him behind bars? plus supermodel janice dickenson's new cosby what happened when she faced the judge today. >> i will not be silent. >> three, two, one. >> breaking down the oscar class photo. >> i'm behind the barricade. >> and find out what the nominees are wearing, what they only told us. >> if you like girly stuff, and you like fashion, it's a dream. then, no sex before marriage? tv star megan gooden and her producer husband on abstinence in hollywood.


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