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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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nothing crazy heavy yet. but they are intensifying, between hagerstown and win chester. and to where 66 moves to i-81. look carefully. see a little brighter white there. that's the heavy activity. moving to the south and east, essential scially head -- essentially headed down toward the river. future cast has them in frederick, leesburg, manassas. 24 gaithers burg, 27 downtown. if the roads are untreated, they will become slippery, very, very quickly. by 9:00, right through the heart, all the way down through fredericksburg, and all of you folks are under yellow weather alert. and most of the area is under winter weather advisory because of these snow showers will 26 in manassas. 27 in fairfax. and by 10:00, most of the activity, crossing over i-95. the critical hours between 7:30 p.m. and 10:30. when we come back, we'll talk about dangerous wind chills for tomorrow and the more prospect of snow
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three more alleged victims of child porn by a teacher's aide in prince george's county, bringing the total victims to 14. >> and the allegation that the schools could have could have protected -- could have protected them, if they had done a more rigorous background check. >> reporter: jan and bruce, the biggest new detail that we're getting is that, duh, this teacher's aide, had a history, a record of abusing children, that he was convicted as a teenager, of abusing a child. and that if the schools had used the most rigorous sort of criminal background check, it would have detected those risks before they ever hired him. >> parents say the strange behavior of deontae caraway, was well known at the school. that parents and teachers reported their concerns to the principal. and that they were ignored. e'
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he's my son. walking along with little kids. >> i have my concerns as a parent. driving by him every day. but who am i? >> but now, we are learning that caraway had a juvenile record of juvenile sex abuse. a source close to the investigation says details are too graphic to report. but they say caraway was 13. and nay say if the schools had -- they say if the school his employed a law enforcement officer to conduct background checks or asked caraway to sign a waiver, they would have known about his criminal history before they hired him. >> they didn't follow up with those. they are responsible as well. >> so you're saying the county doesn't have one? because there's no way he could have -- they could have missed that. >> police say caraway videoed the children performing sex acts on him and on each other. at the school and at four
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locations, including his church, where they have found one other victim and suspect there may be more. >> all of our clients are devastated. this is one of a parent's worst nightmares. they had placed their trust in the school system and to imagine something like this happened happen during school hours. it's very hard to believe. >> i pray nothing like this ever happens again. >> reporter: tim maloney is an attorney for some of those victims. now, i just talked to the phone to maryland attorney general brian frosh. turns out, in maryland, a judge can order the continued supervision of a juvenile sex offender, if there is a likelihood that that juvenile will offend again as an adult. but it turns out, that that law was passed after caraway was convicted. and it is not retroactive. live in prince george's county, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> it's information like that that makes people shake their head, bruce. and police are trying to talk to
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releaseit name of -- release the name of exaira -- caraway's church. but they want any possibility victims to contact them. 47-year-old luis rulensco was three times over the legal limit. liotta's dad described the restaurant that served the booze as accomplices. >> you're drunk. you're over the limit. you disoants drive drunk. that puts everybody at risk. my son is dead because of that. >> liotta called for a boycott of hooter's restaurant. and he's asking people to swamp legislators with phone calls in favor of a bill that would require interlock devices on the ignitions of convicted drunk drivers. we're streaming his entire comments at today's news conference on
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and by the way, he is being held on a quarter million bail tonight. criticism tonight from one of the members of the fairfax police review commission. that's the panel that was set out following the county's apparent cover-up, after the fatal shooting of john gear. peggy fox joins us live from the government center with that story. peggy? >> reporter: jeff stewart witnessed the fatal shooting of his best friend at the hands of a police officer. he was on that commission that was set up and spent seven months identifying necessary reforms. now he's worried, the most important recommending as will never be -- recommendations will never be made. >> police are going to shoot people. >> reporter: jeff stewart was there, when fairfax officer adam tory shot and killed his best friend, john gear, who was standing in his own doorway, with his hands up. >> real question is, what do we do when it happens? do we hide the information from the public? >> reporter: the police department refused to release any information about the shooting
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officer's name, until a judge and u.s. senator became involved. >> we know our county supervisors condoned and participated in the cover-up of the facts for almost two years. that's unacceptable as an elected official. >> we didn't do it right. and we've got to get it right next time. >> superintendent pat what herty said -- haherty says some of the things have been implemented. >> have any changes been made? >> yes, there have been changes and in some of the most important issues like transparency. and those other changes that really matter. >> reporter: but stewart, who is a member of the commission, said the most important measures, which ensure transparency, have not been taken. and he is worried they never will be. >> i don't believe them. how do we rectify the fact that the people have seen that they can't be trusted to do this as it should be done? >> reporter: now, county officials say it
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-- $35 million to implement all 200 recommendations. and those include police body cameras. but jeff stewart says the most important recommendations, which have not been implemented are not expensive. and they include hiring an auditor and appointing a citizen review panel, which would ensure the timely and accurate release of information. and by the way, those recommendations were voted on unanimously, by that commission. i'm live in fairfax, peggy fox. wusa 9. >> adam torres, the officer who shot gear was charged with murder. he is currently behind bars, awaiting trial in april. we have a follow-up on a story on a family, facing illegal eviction. a judge had blocked next week's scheduled eviction for one of those families, the hernandez family. the mobile home owners plan to evicos
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social security numbers and are in this country illegally. >> he has a tax id number but no social security card. he argues that the tax id should be enough. >> today, they say oil samples matched fuel samples from a dominion power transformation station. and they said they would be happy to take responsibility if their own review showed the oil came from their substation. the machine spotted in the waternine days ago, could be seen eight miles from the stretch. and so far, 21 birds have died. mostly canada geese. another 32 have been rescued and rehabilitated. we haven't reviewed the materials yet. so it's really hard to say how long it will take for us to carefully review it ask and arrive at our conclusion. >> cleanup could take several weeks. the coast guard would not link the oil as leftover from a previous oil
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january. but they did confirm it was the same type. michigan's governor and the head of the e.p.a. will both testify before congress on that water crisis in flint. schneider has been heavily criticized for his handling of the lead water crisis. schneider said he requested the opportunity to testify before the household committee. he said levels of government have failed the city since the water supply was switched to the flint river two years ago, in order to save money. legislation slapping north korea, with more sanctions on the way. house republicans and democrats, overwhelmingly voted to further punish north korea. last weekend's rocket launch and a prior nuclear test. the bill passed the senate last week. the white house has agreed, tougher sanctions are needed. coming up, pope francis holds a historic meeting before coming t
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tonight, new information on the fast-spreading zika virus. a test diagnosing zika could be available within weeks. and u.s. health officials say testing for a potential vaccine could begin as early as this summer. >> when that vaccine will have been provennor not to be safe and effective, is something we can't predict. >> meanwhile, health experts have confirmed, there is evce
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and serious birth defects. the mosquito-born virus is spreading through brazil. in the u.s., nearly 80 cases have been reported across the country, including maryland, virginia and d.c. >> pope francis made a brief stop in cuba, on his way to mexico. he was in havana for the first- ever papal meeting. with the head of the russian orthodox church. where they find a joint decrease on religious unity. over his five-day visit, the pontiff will deliver his message on solidarity, violence and trafficking. gunshots ring out at a phoenix area high school. >> the remaining presidential presidential candidates hit the ground running in south carolina ahead of the gop debate. i'm craig boswell in south carolina. that's coming up. coming up tonight here at 11:00. pushing one button in your car could cost you your life. we expose the deadly
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keyless cars in the
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with just over a week to go with
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pitches to voters. >> if candidates want to stay in the race, they may need a key constituent group to linum behind him. -- line up behind him. >> a lot more money is coming in. just like we expected would happen after new hampshire. our events are a lot bigger. people are a lot more interested. >> ted cruz is following the same game plan he used to win the iowa caucuses, by getting out a large get out the vote. cruz made his pitch to south carolina preachers from the brodie file on cnn news. >> the men and women have the ability to change the outcome of the south carolina primary. >> cruz is also pushing for evangelical vote. he spoke at bob jones university. >> marriage and family is, in essence, the single most
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in our society. >> jim welsh welsh studies the impact. >> how important saturday evange evangelical vote in south carolina. >> it's a large part of the republican electeddorrate. >> -- electorate. >> going after those votes -- >> you have to. >> the candidates will make their pitch to palmetto state voters in a cbs news debate saturday night. craig boswell, cbs news, south carolina. and former virginia governor, jim gilmore, who has struggled to gain any support, did suspend his campaign today. republican voters did go today. cbs news republican presidential debate in south carolina, airs right here on wusa 9 tomorrow night at 9:00. and we will have complete coverage in the politics section on our wusa 9 app. investigators are trying to determine the relationship between two 15-year-old girls, shot
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at a high school in glendale, arizona. police believe the shooting was either a murder and stiewdz or a -- suicide or double suicide. they're say -- they say they're not searching for a suspect. officers who are on the scene within minutes, say they know if other students were in danger. freak accident killed a woman this morning in boston. she was struck by a flying manhole cover in rush hour traffic on interstate 93. police say the manhole cover became dislodged and flew into the woman's windshield. president obama has granted national monument status to nearly 1.8 million acres was southern california desert. the proclamations cover the mojave national trails, castle mountain and sand to snow national monumenteds. all beautiful areas there. democratic dianne feinstein thanked for making sure it will remain pristine for years to
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>> one of my favorite places places to visit. good stuff. it ising goodbye to i chaily -- is going to be a chilly weekend. >> it is. won't last long. maybe 45 minutes to an hour and a half. but if the roads are untreated, they may become slippery. temperatures -- temperature, kind of holding steady. dew point is coming up a little bit. humidity, winds out of the south at 8. the front is still back to the west. as it is trying to front roll through. thus the yellow weather alert. and thus the winter weather advisory. doppler. this activity is about to exit southern maryland. area of low pressure. these are the growing areas of snow showers. hagerstown, winchester. notice, we get brighter shades of white and gray in here. heaviest activity, between hagerstown and winchester. and we'll zoom in a little bit. and you can see around martinsburg, pretty good snow shower. we have ground truth of snow showers now in hagerstown and
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move down to the south and to the east. so yellow weather alert tonight for snow showers. critical time, 7:00, to about 10:30. less than an inch. but it doesn't take much, as we know. dangerous wind chills tomorrow. even during the peak heating of the day. wind chills, 5 below zero. and snow monday. mainly rain tuesday. might change that. might make that a little more wintry on tuesday. but certainly accumulating snow on monday. 10:00 tonight, on future cast. there's your snow. right through 95. beltway, back up through 70. temperatures in the 20s. 26 in fairfax. 25 in silver spring. gets out of here quickly. and by morning, we're left in the teens, with wind chills, anywhere from 5 below to 5 above. the day planner kind of bears us out. temps don't go up much. 19 at 9:00. 20 at 11. and only 21 at 1:00 p.m. prepare for falling temperatures. sunny, valentine's, less wind. clouds come in sunday night. snow on monday. mp
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night. changing the snow to rain. could be pockets of freezing rain, north and west. back to 42. rain could end as snow again tuesday evening. snow showers wednesday. cold thursday. look what happens. pattern change. mid-50s, next friday. >> got some info on the best player in baseball now? >> there's a lot of talk about bryce harper, his earning potential in the future. we're talking half a billion dollars. it could happen. will it be here? three still -- still three years off. we got more on
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you know, maryland has never been number 1 in the country during the regular season in college basketball. right now, the terps number 2, with another big 10 game tomorrow, hosting the wisconsin badgers. now, maryland, of course, just edged the badgers last time. drama here down the wire. tremle, with the game winner, tied up at 60 no longer. he's a super sophomore. and that was just with a tick left. it was a game winner for maryland. >> i think they just get it. i didn't think the shot was that bad. of course i knew it was a great shot. i guess when it's going down, it's always best to get in the basket. down a level, there was a big game in inner high basketball last night. number 3hd woodson. taking on
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roosevelt. late going down 1. hd, sophomore, keon boyd hits three free throws with seconds left. and woodson hangs on to win, 78- 77. still undefeated. to college lacrosse now. terps women are the two-time defending champs. only five starters will return last season. the bar is set awfully high in college park. >> it's a new year. last year was amazing. and the year before that was as well. and we were able to celebrate the national championship at the end. and now we look at this year. and i've got a new team. it's a new journey, excited for new opportunities and chances that lie ahead. and we're going to fight with this group to try to be the best group of people we can be. and the best team we can be as well. >> any time i get the excuse to say, show me the money, i do it. and that's what bryce harper is degree to be yelling at the nats when he's a free agent. but you know, the way time is goin
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you know it. raining mvp. just 23 years of age. will only make $5 million this season, which is a bargain, when he could demand, wait for it, $400 million through his next deal. harper was on the grant and danny show today. and he was asked about making 400 stacks. >> i just try to, you know, play the years out, and do everything i can to help my team win. but don't sell me short. that's what you're doing right now to me. so don't do that. >> you may be thinking, even more than 4 million. >> don't sell me short. >> that's it for our news at 6:00. the cbs evening news is next. >> see you back here for the only local news at 7:00.
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>> pelley: republicans fight for the christian right and prepare for our cbs debate. tempers flare between the democrats. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. >> pelley: also tonight, a low blow of cold in much of america. the pope's pilgrimage to mexico. greyhound racing may be neither the end of its run. and steve hartman at a museum of love. >> i built it for other people to see, but it's for me, too. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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