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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  February 12, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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and we're going to tell you what the school failed to do. you don't drive drunk. that puts everybody at risk. my son is dead because of that. >> an emotion filled father. face-to-face with his son's killer for the first time. >> another round of snow closing in on the washington metro area. >> hello and thanks for joining us. i'm bruce johnson. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. several schools called off activities. here is topper shutt who is tracking where the snow showers are. >> we mentioned earlier, if you're home by 7:00, you're fine. that is the case. but a pretty good
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showers crossing over i 81. they extend down to i 66. essentially the heaviest between hagerstown and the panhandle. this is over the next two, three hours. here is a look at future cast. 7:30, snow showers back to the west through culpeper and through leesburg. temperatures in the 20s. by 10:00, mainly east of i-95 but hanging around prince george's county, charles county and st. mary's county and by midnight they are gone. we're looking at a critical time between now and 10:30 so if you're trying to get an early start on valentine's day tonight untreated roads will get slippery very quickly. they won't last long, 30 minutes, 45 minutes but untreated roads become slippery. the arctic air pours in
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talking about new arctic air coming in over the weekend. reminder, go to the app store. download our app. it is free. you can get radar, the seven- day forecast. speaking of that, we'll talk about more snow possibly on monday. prince george's county, we learned a teacher's aid had a juvenile record. >> the details are too traffic to report but he was 13. if the schools had employed a law enforcement officer for background checks orr asked to sign a waiver, they would have known about his history before they hired him. >> they are responsible as well. >> you're saying the county doesn't have one that does that? there is no way he could have missed that. >> we have learned there are two more alleged victims of child po
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caraway bringing the total to 14. police say the abuse took place at the elementary school and four other locations including his church where they found one alleged victim and suspect there may be more. police want to talk to the pastor before they release the name of the church. if any parents or community members have concerns or tips regarding him, the fbi is urging you to give them a call. that number is 1800 call fbi. you can find this information any time on the wusa 9 app. a former d.c. high school track coach pleaded guilty. he worked at the high school. the abuse happened betweenof 2013 and may of 2014. today he pleaded guilty to sevenouts of sexual abuse. each involved a different student. >> the man accused of being nearly three times over the limit when he struck and killed the police officer noah faced
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judge for the first time today. the 47-year-old was ordered held on a carry fur million dollars cash bail. he has three previous drunk driving arrests and on the night the officer was killed, they said he was nearly three times over the legal limit and had zan knacks in his system. he had been directing at a nearby hooters restaurant for three hours. after the hearing his father called the restaurant and some legislators accomplices. scott broom was there for the emotional news conference. >> his father said today he went to the cemetery to summon the courage to face cameras today. >> that is where i have to talk to my son, my wonderful son who was only 24 years old. >> he was swinging from profound sadness to anger as he called out accomplices in his death starting with the hoot ter's restaurant that served the suspect. >> i think
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to take more responsibility. hooters really does care, why is the corporate headquarters stepped up to the plate and donate a large chunk of money in noah's name to pad or the foundation that we're setting up? that would show me hooters cares but i haven't seen that. >> he called out liquor industry lobbyists and legislators proposing a proposal to put the lock in cars. >> there is one primary person who is blocking the common sense legislation associated with drunk driving. we need to do something about joseph f ba lair yo. they don't care about the people. they care about selling their alcohol. >> he called for a boycott of hugh ters and he begged maryland to swap in support of the interlock device bill. in rockville, scott broom, wusa 9. you can watch the full emotional interview from noah's dad right now
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app. well, a father and his two- year-old son will be okay after they were shot in the leg inside the barbershop in southeast. that is one block from the navy yard. the owner says three men with faces covered opened the doorway and started shooting directly at that father who had the toddler on his lap. >> it makes you don't even want to come out. it makes you not want to come out. it is not good that you have to live like that. >> police say the suspects took off in a white suv with no tags. anybody with information should contact d.c. police. a new development in the killing. he admitted to accidently shooting his friend. the 19-year-old's were hanging out at a friend's house when it happened. he died at a hospital several hours later. he has been charged with involuntary manslaughter
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gun charges. changes won't be made in fairfax county after the apparent cover up after the shooting of john gear. he witnessed the fatal shooting father hands of police officer adam torrez. the police department and county leaders refused to release the officer's name and details of the shooting until ordered to do so by a judge. public outrage had them a point a review commission. stewart was on that commission. he is worried tonight the most important changes won't be ever made. >> the people elected new the police shot an unarmed man in unjust circumstances and they participated in the coverup of those facts. >> ner have been changes in the some of the most important areas which is transparency. >> the commission submitted its report at the end of the 2015. today the ar
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status of each of the commissions recommendations will be posted. we have new information on the oil spill. new information just in. they admitted they are responsible. the coastguard announced earlier today three oil samples matched the power company's substation. that sheen stretched eight miles from the bridge to the river. so far 21 birds have died. another 32 have been rescued and rehabilitated. we do not know how much actually went into the river. our bigger concern is what the overall impact. >> the coastguard does ask that you call the national responses center if you see more oil on the river. that is on our wusa 9 app. that clean up could take several weeks. pushing one but ten on your car could cost you your life. the deadly dangers of keyless cars. you'll only see it on wu
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>> pope francis packs his bags again. how he made history in cuba today after the break. >> a bit later, a little girl's life taken just far too soon. hear from her emotional mother in the story you'll only
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another candidate had dropped out of the race for president. it is former virginia governor jim gilmore. the government never managed to gain wide support. meanwhile, donald trump still packing them in. check out the long lines for folks who waited to get into a trump rally that is about to get under way in florida. >> both clinton and sanders are both attending a dinner by the democratic farmer labor party in minnesota. >> the man averaged with a
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because he was israeli. columbus police shot and kid killed that man. all will survive. they are not sure why he went on that rampage. right now pope francis on his way to mexico. he made a brief stop in cuba where he had a historic meeting with the russian orthodox church. he will have several stops across the country and juarez across the border from el paso. the pope will address tough issues including drugs, violence and poverty. >> police officers spread some love on the streets. we'll share their valentine's day message after the break. yellow weather alert until midnight. we're tracking snow showers through washington county and toward frederick and frederick county and brunswick and middletown. we'll traf thick and talk about
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colder air. dangerous windchills and more snow possibly on monday. >> it doesn't get any easier than this. watch monday morning beginning at
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prosecutors in prince george county getting ready to charge the driver who hit the girl two years ago. >> the best
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with was misdemeanor charges. she was in the crosswalk with her grandmother and had the signal on route. the 56-year-old driver of the van made a left turn but did not see them and hit grandma and ran over that little girl. her mom spoke today about her little girl. >> he took my child. he took everything away from me and all he is going to do is get a fine. he gets his license back and he moves on with his life? >> it is hard where you build your life upon something and it is taken away so sudden. he should have been watching the road. >> five charges are pending including failing to stop and negligent driving. all armies demeanor charges with fines up to $500.60 days in jail for one of the charges. they cannot comment because the investigation is still open. in d.c. today health experts from around the world gathered to address the
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virus. there is growing evidence of the mosquito-borne virus and the birth defects for babies to be born with small heads and brains. they do not know how long someone remains infected but researchers are working to figure that out. there is no vague seen but most will not even know they have it. there are nearly 80 cases confirmed in the u.s. and one in maryland, virginia and the district. a ticket is not a ticket at all. in this case it is the police department's version of a valentine's day card and to drive safely for the weekend. >> what is the problem? >> no problem at all. just making sure you drive safe and buckled up and not on their phone without a proper hands free device. >> and what is up? >> much better than a ticket
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course. they said this kind of interactive builds better relations with the citizens they serve. valentine's day could have a lot of seeing of red because according to bank rate, the average celebration complete with roses, chocolates, champagne, jewelry, a nice dinner, $512. are you kidding me? the average american will spend $147 on their sweet ty this weekend. the price of jewelry has been dropping. valentine's day is the fourth biggest shopping event on the retail calendar topped only by christmas, back to school and mother's day. i'll be the first to say it can be a big waste of money. >> let's get to weather before she asks us. >> i think it is a big waste of money too. everything is jacked up. all the prices. >> i wouldn't call it a waste but -- it is february. you need
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>> i do want to mention this. i pulled a tick off gibby last night. you have to keep your flea and tick medicine all year round. yesterday was the coldest date ever here 15 below. a live look outside. a fun weather fact everyday. follow me on twitter. 28 right now. it has gone down from 29. dewpoints coming up a little bit. winds south, southeast at 6. the front still to our west, a trough really. you can see from hagerstown 1 southbound crossing 66 into culpeper, a pretty good line of snow showers. they don't last long. they look intense for 35, 40 minutes much like summer line and then they move out. hagerstown, leesburg on your doorstep, a couple flakes. the heaviest by far and away is
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to the west of frederick toward middletown and up toward downsville and shepherds town. everything pushing off to the east southeast at 15 miles per hour. yellow weather alert tonight for snow showers. critical time, now through 10:30 tonight. less than an inch but you know anything untreated will get slippery quickly. dangerous windchills on saturday. then snow monday. mainly rain tuesday. i'm fighting that a little bit. the system may be weaker to keep the cold air in here longer and produce a wintry mix into tuesday. we'll let you know. 10:00 tonight, there are your snow showers. prince george's county. 26 in all. 26 in silver spring and 27 ma nasties. by morning it is cold. these are actual temperatures. 15 in gaithersburg. by 9:30 temperatures in the teens. you d
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tomorrow. we call them streamers north of dca round 70. best chance for snow showers. it has been snowing for days west of thetive side in the oakland area. 9:30 tomorrow. temperatures in the teens. let's talk about windchills. 6:00a.m. tomorrow windchills below zero in many locations. by 10:00, still below zero. 2 below gaithersburg. by 1:00, still below zero. hagerstown 4 below. limit your thyme outside and watch the pets. get them inside. >> teens to start. 20 by 11:00. 21 with clouds by 1 p.m. cold, but dry for valentine's day. clouds come in sunday night. snow on monday. no tout about that. accumulating snow on monday. next seven days, question is how much moisture is left and how much will turn to rain on tuesday. snow showers wednesday. cold on thursday. mid-50s next friday. >> hey it is the all-star
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weekend in the nba. wizards are sending one guy to toronto. the obviou
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ngo. now wusa 9 game on sports brought to you by extend ty. it has not been the best of times for the wizards. struggling but one guy not, john wall making his third straight all-star appearance this weekend in toronto. wall averaging a double-double. ten assists in the first half of the year. the wizards 23-28 record. the other night in new york, 41- 10 that loss to golden state. they will reserve all-star game sunday night in toronto. remember the titans? >> tonight it is gridiron glory days on the mind as families, alumni gathering early to watch remember the tight tans. the coaches are being inducted in the hall of fame. there
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>> reporter: here tonight with the legendary coach herman boone receiving this black for the hall of fame. what stands out in your mind on that special night from that 1971 season? >> the most important thing that stands out in my mind that kids started coming from three different school toss put their differences a side and in doing so they were able to trust one another and that trust became the emotion that brought those kids together. i believe many people say that trust became the emotion that bonded it. >> speaking of hats, ovechkin had a hat trick last night. when a player scores a hat trick, fans throw a hat on the ice but that is usually at home, but there were fans in minnesota that threw their hats on the ice. he tweeted i shall
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caps hat. thank you for honoring on the road. he will take care of you. >> this is the team to take it all, right? >> you hope so. >> okay.
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tonight, kanye versus taylor, the new face-off over this song. ♪ i like me and taylor might still have sex ♪ >> we're inside the grammy bad blood battleground. >> taylor smut smith is opening the g writes. she mention him like he mentioned her? >> the he said/she said feud. plus hear what the kardashian clan is saying about the controversy. >> our kris jenner exclusive, opening up about the oj miniseries. >> the last family vacation photo. >> do you still keep in touch with nicole and oj's kids? barry manilow's hospital scare. complications after emergency surgery. we have the latest on his health tonight. plus bradley cooper's


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