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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  February 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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we deserve a break today and it looks as if we are getting it. good afternoon and thanks for joining us and i'm andr
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more with today's yellow weather alert. we had snow, ice, fog, and rain and it's about to move out. >> the last threat we will deal with today is potential for flooding near rivers, streams, and sides of roads and so much water moved through this morning on top of the snow that quickly melted. we have flood watches in an area of flood warnings in dc, prince george's and howard county until 2:00. as expected it's moving out of here and thankfully we will take it out because we don't need more of this messy weather. temperatures jumped. we woke up to frozen everything and then the temperatures jumped 20 degrees in two hours. slow to arrive above freezing but still melting out there but everyone else starting to see good melting. into the 40s now and light showers hanging around. through the beltan
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prince george's county and everyone else trying out. still a little cloudy but we will cease on this afternoon. flood watches and warnings in place, the area and break green is where you should be concerned if you are on the roads. we will look ahead the next few days and you will like what you will see coming up in a little bit. before the sun came up the roads and sidewalks were solid ice making a rough start for early commuters. now that the rain has started and moving out the ice is melting but still big problems across the dmv. we have the storm tracker nine checking conditions on rock creek parkway one of the areas prone to -- prone to flooding in weather like this. >> we've been out driving since 3:00 this morning through maryland and now we're in dc on rock creek parkway.
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this area is prone to flooding. anytime we get a lot of rain here is where it collects. the roads are much better than they were this morning. we had trouble walking much less driving with all the ice but now that the rain is year without water collecting on the roads in several spots in flooding in many areas. >> by my house it still icy and slushy. it's a little bit scary so i take it slow. >> not bad if you stay on main roads. clean off your car. people have ice flying off of it. >> reporter: a welcome change from this morning's dangerous conditions. many roads were solid sheet of ice. >> i live in a cul-de-sac and it goes up on a curve and you have to take your time. >> reporter: not out of the woods yet. melting snow and ice leads to more water on the roads and adding and rain flooding is the next problem. >> we have one area where water is collecting but out by me it's okay. just take your time.>> reporter: driving along rock creek parkway
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water collecting on the sides of the road and the creek itself is very high. good news is all the snow and ice on the road slowly melting away but don't get too confident and good to take it extra slow and count the days until spring. back to you. >> we're checking those days off so drive safely. a reminder if you come across deepwater don't try to drive through it. just be safe and turnaround. marylanders weren't you only ones feeling the storm. people the district had a tough time getting around and many side streets and sidewalks like everywhere else frozen over before melting began. mikea turner has this report. >> reporter: we seen it all in the last 48 hours. the wild pattern of letter. started with snow and freezing rain and ended up with ice and now it's raining. all of this making the morning commute difficult. >> it's terrible.
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>> reporter: calvin knows firsthand how streets and sidewalks were before the ice and snow started melting. he has a tree branch that he grabs while trying to keep his balance in chinatown. >> you have to be careful and creative. pay attention to your surroundings. >> reporter: he spent hours on the road making deliveries for the homeless and says no one should have to be out in this. >> i have to help people and have to make it happen. >> reporter: layers of ice were on almost anything like this one on six streets and also massachusetts avenue. ice took a while to melt on sidewalks. >> is pretty slippery in various parts. >> reporter: rain started to fall turning the snow and ice into slippery slush
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tough to get around and. >> you never know how sure your footing will be in any particular place. >> reporter: from the district mikea turner wusa9. >> we can help you stay on top of things for live weather radar and our 3 degree guarantee and extended forecast download the wusa9 news that. it's free. in prince george's county a man dead and homicide detectives searching for the killer. it happened around 11:00 last night at the intersection of greenbelt and mandan roads near to apartment complexes. police found the man suffering from gunshot wounds and he later died. no suspect automotive identified. a guilty plea expected today in connection to the 1975 disappearance of the lion sisters. this man is faced during perjury charges and his brother- in-law named a person of interest in the disappearance and presumed murders of the lion's sisters. they vanish from wheaton plaza mall 41 years ago and he is one of 12
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impeding the investigation. family and friends get a second chance to pay respects to a harper county deputy killed in the line of duty. a stream of people attended the visitation for patrick daly yesterday. he was shot and killed last week while approaching a suspicious man. that man killed another deputy in this shootout and deputy daly's funerals tomorrow. president obama that announced today about his plans to nominate a replacement for antonin scalia a period scalia's body returned to virginia monday morning after he died in texas over the weekend from natural causes. he was 79 years old and with a history of heart disease. national public radio says he will lie in repose at the supreme court friday and his funeral will be at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception on saturday at 11 am. latest battle to fill the seat by a republican who takes president obama's place this week in south carolina in the primary stat
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charleston where voters go to the polls saturday. >> reporter: george w. bush took the stage in south carolina monday to help give his younger brothers campaign of booze. the former president gave a speech with thinly veiled jabs at donald trump. >> jeb is a man of humble, deep, and genuine faith. faith that reveals itself through good works not loud words. >> reporter: trump hit right back. >> why do you mentioned jeb bush? is not competitive but his brother came to try to make them competitive but i don't think it will happen. >> reporter: he reserves his deepest insults for ted cruz. >> he's an unstable died. i've never seen anyone lie as much as ted cruz. >> reporter: the attacks come days before saturday's republican primary in south carolina and first-time voters in the south go to the polls in the presidential campaign. this political science professor says the 2016 gop race
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is unusual. >> traditionally a candidate like cruz would be appealing in south carolina but this time donald trump is leading in all of the polls and traditionally he's not a candidate that south carolina voters would support. >> reporter: she predicts the republican field will narrow after saturday's primary results. craig boswell cbs news charleston south carolina. >> donald trump threatening to suit ted cruz over his eligibility to run for president. former u. s. secretary general boutros boutros-ghali has died. we heard he died at a hospital in cairo. he served as secretary general from 1992 to 1997 and his tenure backed with crises in luanda, angola, and yugoslavia. he is dead and age 93. coming up researchers layout another reason why going
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six people dead including two children and at least nine others injured after an early- morning gas explosion in russia. the five-story apartment building north of moscow caved in and rescue us. three people including a child are still trapped in the rubble. but it shows workers sifting through debris for survivors and police opened a criminal investigation to find the cause. mystery solved. lack of oversight being blamed for causing a blimp to break loose from the aberdeen proving ground in october. we were told batteries were never installed inside the deflation system that is supposed to sense when a blimp breaks free. it became snagged in trees in pennsylvania. blimps have been grounded at aberdeen ever since the incident and they like to start testing >>ain but funding is needed.
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a priest and a rabbi performing the same a wedding. interfaith marriage is the new normal. meet a new family and takes it to a new level. faith in our town tonight at 11:00. at this hour pope francis celebrating a mass for religious men and women in mexico.
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he took his message of peace to a hotspot of drug violence and poverty. in his homily he urged religious leaders to take a stand against organized crime. he was greeted by thousands and given a warm reception. on the fifth day of his pilgrimage to mexico the holy father will speak to 50,000 young people at the stadium event this afternoon. 58th annual grammy awards showcase more than music with artist using the spotlight to make a statement to pay tribute to music legends. kendrick lamar walked away with the most grammys but taylor swift got three trophies including the most prestigious award. terry is that the staple centers with the winners and highlights. >> reporter: pop queen taylor swift opened the 58th annual grammy awards and ruled the show winning the top prize. her 1989 earned her
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career grammy for album of the year. she urged young women to not let naysayers get in their way. >> focus on the work and don't let those people sidetrack you. >> reporter: mark ronson and bruno mars "uptown funk" won record of the year. stevie wonder song of the year nominees before announcing ed sheeran's thinking out loud the winner and best new artist meghan trainor couldn't hold back tears as she thanked her family.>> my mother and my father. >> reporter: this year's grammy stirred up a lot of emotions with performances that play tribute to some of the biggest icons and others use the microphone to make a statement. kendrick lamar sent a powerful message about racism with his rap that won him five grammys. the audience was brought to its feet by tributes that honored earth wind and fire's maurice white, eagles cofounder glenn frey, and blues legend b.b. king. ( music ) and lady gaga had the late
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back to life. ( music ) cbs news los angeles. >> ed sheeran alabama shakes and justin bieber among artists who won their first grammys monday that. in today's health alert organic milk and meat contain about 50% more omega-3 fatty acids than conventional products. omega threes are linked to improve cardiovascular health. organic meat has slightly lower concentrations of two saturated fats that are linked to heart disease while organic milk is higher in iron and vitamins than conventional milk. retirees who belong to book clubs and church groups may live longer. but each researchers tracked the habits of hundreds of people after they retired and found belonging to social and community groups is good for healthnd
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with chronic pain like fibromyalgia may benefit from acupuncture according to researchers in europe. patients with nine consecutive weeks of acupuncture sessions reported significantly less pain even up to a year later. more than a dozen families left picking up pieces after a swift moving blaze came through their apartment complex. flames broke out at 4:00 this morning your houston and residents being done neighbors doors to make sure everyone got out safely. parts of the south cleaning up after severe weather including tornadoes moving through monday. an apparent tornado plow through the town of johnsonville tossing debris everyw. here loin frida dash cam video from a car of a sheriff's deputy shows a twister on the ground. in alabama this man rode out the storm in the hallway of his home. >> we got in the home and covered up and heard the rumbling and just like that it was gone. >> the weather wreaked ha
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with air travel across the country and flightaware reports 1000 flights were delayed monday and problems still could affect travelers today. this is the yellow weather alert day. now here's wusa9's first alert weather. >> the day is getting better. >> for everybody especially those in the southeast. we missed the severe weather so that's great because we had enough problems with ice and snow. finally across the eastern seaboard a big sigh of relief the next few days. it's getting better. still cloudy with some showers but it should weaken. >> we've seen worse. >> a wild 24 hours. snow to freezing rain, and even flooding potential. we will deal with the rest of the afternoon, through the middle of the afternoon watch out for water starting to rise and
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is a lot of standing water so be cautious of that. it exits the region and we could say goodbye to that and i don't think we'll have a hard time saying goodbye. some light showers near gaithersburg and this is a light compared to what we saw moved through the right side of the beltway through prince george's county along 50 and now heading into anne arundel county. we will be dried by the middle of the afternoon. the flood warning and bright green is until 2:00 so be cautious of streams or creeks in your region. kind of ugly out there but we will see sunshine before the sun goes down later today. temperatures not so bad. we saw 20 degree jump earlier this morning in just a few hours and now holding steady at 46.
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the temperatures will increase a little bit as the sun comes up this afternoon but we will see temperatures take a dive the next few days. nothing very drastic. temperatures varied across the region but holding on near 50s in southern maryland and windy morning. breezy at times but not too bad. 34 martinsburg. 36 winchester. 39 leesburg. futurecast one thing to note the westerly winds through the mountains will have snow showers a few days. today and tomorrow and then winding down. cloudy skies now but skies clear up a little bit by 3:00 with the westerly wind increasing temperature a little bit. by 7:00 tonight dry so if you had to add -- head out this morning the drive home is easier. snow showers through the maryland panhandle into west virginia. tomorrow morning 7:30 a few isolated spots below freezing.
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we should state 32 or warmer tomorrow. sunshine mixed in with a good amount of clouds and a few stray showers not really even worth mentioning compared to the amount of rain we already went through. snow showers through the mountains and by thursday a cool down. into the lower 40s. cold like it was over the weekend and just a few degrees below average. then temperatures start to climb for friday, saturday, and sunday. our first hint of spring this weekend and we don't have a lot of precipitation except for the stray showers tomorrow until monday. 52 degrees today and rain continues to taper off. 46 tomorrow and 41 thursday. here is your seven-day forecast. 49 friday. 60 degrees on saturday. and then 57 sunday. a few showers on monday. we will be right back after this.
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i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings.
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we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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from a call girl to a staffer on capitol hill. a former sex worker speaks out for wusa9 news at 5:00. a scam artist found shot to death in prince george's county. why someone may have wanted him dead. faith in our town continues with how they are trying to get millenials in the pews. that's it for wusa9 news and we
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>> neil: [ groans ] >> devon: hey. >> neil: hey. >> devon: are you all right? >> neil: no, i just, uh -- yeah. i-i lost my balance. that's all. >> devon: are you sure? >> neil: yeah. >> devon: have you been drinking? >> neil: no. no. of course not. not tonight. no. listen, you're embarrassing me. don't make a scene. go back to hilary and let me dust off my pride in peace. okay? go. >> jack: hey. >> neil: hey. oh, jack. yeah, you, uh -- [ chuckles ] you missed the floor show. >> jack: how much have you had to drink? >> natalie: this day is supposed to be about feeling the love, right? [ chuckles ] that guy looks miserable. and she doesn't look like she's getting what she wants. your date bailed. and your date is late as in


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