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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  February 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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in. let's talk about temperatures. look at this line of demarkation. the blues, 40s -- >> we're going to go now to president obama who is hosting a summit of southeastern leaders and is expected to give some remarks about the recent supreme court vaceanlsz. let's -- vacancy. let's listen in. >> first of all, i want to reiterate heartfelt condolences to the scalia family. obviously justice scalia and i had different political orientations. and probably would have disagreed on the outcome of certain cases. but there's no doubt that he was a giant on the supreme court, helped to shape the legal landscape. he was, by all accounts, a good friend. and loved his family deeply. and so, you know, it's important before we rush into all the politics of this, to
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enormous contributions to the united states. and we are grateful, not only for his service but for his family's service. >> the constitution is pretty clear about what is supposed to happen now. when there is a vacancy on the supreme court, the president of the united states is to nominate someone. the senate is to consider that nomination and either they disapprove of that nominee, or that nominee is elevated to the supreme court. historically, this has not been viewed as a question. there's no unwritten law that says that it can only be done on off years. that's
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constitutional text. i'm amused when i hear people who claim to be strict interpreters of the constitution suddenly reading into it a whole series of provisions that are not there. there is more than enough time for the senate to consider in a thoughtful way, the record of a nominee that i present and to make a decision. and with respect to our process, we're going to do the same thing that we did with respect to justice kaigan's nomination. and justice sotomayor's nomination. we're going to find somebody who is an outstanding legal mind, somebody who cares deeply about our democracy and cares deeply about rule of law. there's not going to be any particular position on any particular issue that determines whether or not i am going to nominate them. but i will pres
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is indisputably qualified for the seat. and any fair-minded person, even somebody who disagreed with my politics would say -- would serve with honor and integrity on the court. now part of the problem that we have here is, we've almost gotten accustomed to how obstructionists, the senate has become when it comes to nominations. i mean, i've got 14 nominations that have been pending that were unanimously approved by the judiciary committee. so republicans and democrats on the judiciary committee, all agreed that they were well- qualified for the position. and yet, we can't get a vote on those individuals. so in some ways, this argument is just an extension of what we've seen in the senate generally. and not ju
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nominees. the basic function of government requires that the president of the united states, in his or her duties, has a team of people, cabinet secretaries, assistant secretaries, that can carry out the basic functions of government. it requires -- auto con -- the constitution requires that we carry out judges so they can carry out their functions as a separate branch of government. and the fact that we've almost grown acustommed -- accustomed to a situation that is almost unprecedented where every nomination is contested, everything is blocked, regardless of how qualified the person is, even when there's no ideological objection to them -- >> psi
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his most thorough comments yet on the passing of supreme court justice antonin scalia, and the resulting vacancy now on the supreme court. the president saying that the constitution is absolutely clear what has to happen next. >> and until that happens, the court will continue to operate in that split mode there, until the vacancy is filled. and of course, that is why everybody wants to know, who is going to potentially feel phil that seat. this will -- fill that seat. this will play out over time. we've heard about all the seasons in one day, here, topper. >> really have. and look at this map. look at the temperatures, ranging from the 50s, all the way to the 30s, back toward cumberland. you talk about the hard way to get the 3-degree guarantee. it's 49 at waldorf. still only 43 in frederick and fowtd in hagerstown. -- 40 in hagerstown. winds will subside. here's future cast. 10:00 tonight, everybody is still above freezing. that's good. 38 downtown. and i think quite frankly, everybody inside the beltway will not make it be
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there will be clouds from time to time. a little disturbance passes to the south. a little sprinkle or flurry possible into the neck by tomorrow morning. now we have temperatures in the burbs. niter in gaithersburg. 30 in fairfax. and 32 inlies burg. ? leesburg. by 8:00, we're still around freezing in frederick and manassas. and still clouds to the south. and by 10:00, everybody is back in the upper 30s to around 40. we will come back. we will talk about milder air over the weekend. but winter is still lurking. we'll explain. >> all right, topper. thank you. >> this teeter totter of temperatures, along with the rain, ice, snow. contributing to more potholes. you've seen them, you've hit them, you hate them. >> making quick repairs. of course that, caused some very serious backups. wusa 9's
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out there. >> heads up for tomorrow. we'll show you the video in just a second. but there are two major potholes down here. it's an exit ramp from the beltway to river road. i got a look at all kinds of potholes today. and i can tell you, no one is safe. >> reporter: normally, they just sit there, waiting to get their tire. but mario said this tire actually exploded, it hit a pothole so hard. >> the tire is not in bad shape, actually. it's a mitch len, which is -- michelin, which is a good tire. >> he said he's never had anything like that happen to him. that's right. the guy who fixes pothole wrecks. >> it was scary. left to right. you can't tell, when it's wet. >> reporter: that's why he tells me, he felt the teen bass -- passing by between connecticut and georgia
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>> like around 6:30, i saw four cars on the side. >> reporter: sorry for the shaking. but this is video of the quick repair the maryland highway administration made. spokesperson said they couldn't do much more. the problem in that stretch is not exactly new. google images from about four months ago, showed the same roadway already had significant pothole damage. last night's weather didn't exactly help. >> you get to freeze. and moisture in there. and the traffic hits it. and it opens up in the hole. >> he said he is just grateful he only had to replace a tire. others may not be as lucky. >> just be very careful and slow down. just pay attention to it. >> hopefully, he learned his lesson there. i can tell you, we are seeing a lot of potholes on overpasses. they obviously freeze a lot faster. so they're going through the restall packet as well. the good news, i'm told it
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up for resurfacing this year. the bad news, it's not expected to happen until spring or late spring. still gotta watch it on the roadways. back to you. >> and it will be slow when it does happen. it's ugly out there. >> we got all the information you need to report potholes. we also have how to make the best damage claims. breaking news out of fairfax county now. that's where the search is under way for a possible rabid raccoon. a woman says she was bitten by an animal today, on katia lane in springfield. happened this afternoon. and fairfax county police are warning people in the area to be on the lookout for animals that may be acting strange. two people are expected to be okay, after a car slammed by building here. it happened on rollins avenue in rockville. crews have since hauled the vehicle away. but you can see the damage left behind. broken glass, falling pictures and what appears to be parts from that car. a relative of the man charged in the disappearance of the lion sisters pled no contest today, to felony perjury charges.
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69-year-old leslie joseph ingle- king of alexandria, entered that plea in a bedford county courtroom. sheila disappeared from a shopping mall 40 years ago. a felony perjury charge carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. ingle-king is scheduled to be sentenced on the 7th. we're learning more about the funeral services for the late justice antonin scalia. his chair is draped in black. he will lie in repose at the solarium friday. and the public is invited to pay their respects from 10:00 in the morning until 8:30 at night. and as you just heard from president obama, the replacement for justice scalia has become a major talking point. a maryland swim coach is facing child pornography charges. police have arrested 45-year- old andre. investigators say a search of his home turned
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child pornography. he's also facing one count of displaying obscene matter to a minor. barbins was the head swimming coach at st. mary's college of maryland. the school said it is cooperating fully in the investigation. and an assistant coach is now in charge. [ no audio, please stand by ] >> i've ever had in my life. >> she worked on capitol hill and suffered in silence about her past. tonight, for the first time on television, she shares her life as an escort who worked for a notorious d.c. madame. gop candidates using local landmarks to appeal to voters in south carolina. a quick shot of cold. and then some great, warm weather is on the way. topper's full forecast is coming up. and right after the break, it is neighbor versus neighbor, in a battle over dog droppings.
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today marks 20 years. a marc commuter train crashes head-on into amtrak's capital limited in 1986. all eight passengers were students at the harpers ferry job corps center. investigators determined the marc engineers disregarded an approach signal and overran a stop signal just before the crash. >> right now, it is a disgusting problem, plaguing
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community. let me tell you something. if you're eating right now, slide on over to the mute button. because this story is very nasty. neighbors say dog feces and urine is dripping down onto their balconies from the neighbor upstairs. ooh. wusa 9 stephanie gailhard live in southeast d.c., to explain this ridiculous situation. steph? >> guys, this is really disgusting. i want to show you, take a look. it starts up there. the dog's feces and urine drips down onto this balcony right here, you're looking at. and the person who lives here recorded it all as it was happening. check it out. >> neighbor is washing the dog excrement again on my balcony. >> if you think that looks gross, it smells worse. >> i smell the stench of urine and feces. unbelievable. >> reporter: kita vanderpool says it's ruined her quality of life.
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[000:16:00;00] to actually enjoy fresh air. i can't have my nieces and nephews come over to play. because the balcony is always contaminated. >> norma brooks says her balcony is contaminated, too. >> i don't want that. oh, my god. >> reporter: so i went two floors up to talk to vander pool about the droppings. >> is dad here, paul? >> he invited me in to talk. but didn't want to be on camera. he admitted to washing dog feces and urine, off of his balcony, at least once. vander pool says the problem has been ongoing for the last six months. she even took her concerns to city officials. >> i present the information also to department of health, to dcra, to other authorities, does still, they said, we have to be out here when he does it to cite him. >> reporter: she says he pours animal feces and urine off of his balcony, around midnight, when authorities are off the
5:17 pm
clock and has something. >> they have this attitude of, we'll get to it when we get to it. >> vander pool is taking travis to court next month. >> you need to stop. this is not right. you would not like someone pouring animal excrement onto you and causing you extra stress. it's just not right. >> reporter: i reached out to property management, as well as city officials about the neighbor's concerns. but so far, no one has called me back. reporting live in southeast, stephanie gale hart, wusa 9. >> let's hope they get a resolution in that case very soon. severe weather is under way in florida. uprooted trees, downed power lines, ripped roofs off of buildings. satellite video captured the mayhem in miami, where the national weather service is
5:18 pm
trying to determine whether it was a tornado that ripped wind gusts were about 65 miles an hour. a tractor-trailer overturned on i-95. tide up traffic for miles. and you can see what is left of a good year blimp hangar in pompano beach. they actually don't get that many tornadoes in south florida. they get more to the northern part of the state. could have been. could have been an ef zero. possible. we're looking at winds that could die down. and really a fairly nice end of the week. calm and quiet. talk about a tough day. temps range in the 50s to the 30s today. you can also track us by downloading our free app. it was a tough one today. no doubt about that. live look outside. 49 now. that's good. dew points in the low 30s, but above freezing. winds are still gusting to 23 miles an hour. but they will subside.
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we've got winds gusting to 30 in martinsburg. they these are actual observations. wind gusts to 30 in manassas. so some refreezing is possible in the suburbs tonight. not a widespread problem. just take it easy. especially walking on the driveway. bus stop temperatures, 28 to 40. but dry tomorrow. what a mess it was this morning at the bus stop. cold to chilly through the week. temps in the 40s. and milder and very nice over the weekend. i think the 50s are going to return. i know i had 60 yesterday. still in the 50s on saturday and sunday, with sunshine. 10:00 tonight. upper 30s downtown. we're knocking on the door of 32 in frederick and martinsburg. 33 there. 34 also in silver spring. 35 in fairfax. now be a few clouds rolled through, from time to time. especially down to the south. but by 6:00 a.m. in the morning. now we are 30 in gaithersburg and 31 in frederick. 28 in manassas, and 30 in fairfax, and 31 this dale city as well.
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so there will be some areas below freezing, briefly. much above freezing. maybe you're hanging around hagerstown. but for the most part, mid-30s am by lunchtime, kind of a chilly day. a few clouds from time to time. by 6:00 p.m., we're generally back in the 30s, north and west of town. and still 41 downtown. 41 in fredericksburg. and 41 also in laplate a. and 40 at andrews. by tonight, temperatures again, sneaking below freezing. not everywhere. but 31 in frederick, 31 also in uluny. -- aluny. wind gust tracker. by the time we get into the afternoon, winds will not be a factor at all. so for tonight, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. cold. just a few spots north and west. so inside the beltway, i think you'll stay above freezing tonight. day planner. notice the downtown temps above freezing to start. 34. 42 by 11:00. 44 by 1:00.
5:21 pm
d clouds and sun. so we'll say partly sunny. next three days, cold on thursday. 41. and then we're looking at 46, with chilly skies on friday. so next seven days, kept the 50s in. still a pretty good weekend. 56 on saturdayment 58 on sunday. -- saturday. mid-50s monday and here's what i mean. rain is lurking. rain or snow possible tuesday and wednesday. >> all right, top. thank you. flying to cuba is about to get a little easier.
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switch to better. switch to fios. turning to campaign 2016 now. where republican presidential candidates use landmarks to appeal to south carolina voters. donald trump, making a campaign stop at a restaurant that has been a bather -- gathering place for if decades. senator cruz making his proposal to expand the military, aboard a world war ii aircraft carrier. >> the nation must be ready for the possibility of multiple, near simultaneous conflicts. >> reporter: former president
5:25 pm
bill clinton, stumping for his wife. let's talk consumer news now. the u.s. and cuba, sign off on a pact to restore commercial airlines service between the two countries for the first time since the cuban revolution. now, this deal allows more than 100 daily flights to the caribbean island. u.s. airlines are required to get permission from regulators to fly specific routes. and u.s. travelers have to certify that their trip is for one of 12 purposes, other than tourism. oil prices ticked up as saudi arabia, russia, and two other oil producers agreed to freeze production. a glut of crude, combined with less global demand, has sent oil prices much lower. and that sparked a massive sell- off in stock markets. the deal does not include iran the good news here is prices at the pump are at decade lows, at least for now. stir a startup out of samsung's
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creative i.o. smart footwear. it detects your balance and posture. that information is sent to apps that offers ways to imbrew your workout. even golf spring. priced at $150 and $200. new developments for the maryland college president who dismissed two presidents after his controversial comments on underperforming students. a musical protest in fairfax, as parents, students and teachers, demand full funding for the school's budget. and she once worked as an escort for the d.c. madame. right after the break, the secrets in shame for a former call girl, who worked her way
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to capitol hill. only on wusa 9 tonight, a former capitol hills staffer is sharing the secret she kept from her friends and colleagues for years. >> natasha gwynns was a paid escort, working for the woman who later became famous as the d.c. madam. wusa 9's andrea mccarren has more on her remarkable story. >> reporter: adam and lesli, natasha grimes is fake taking all of that adverse itin her life and turning -- adverse itin her life and turning it towards others. dedicated to helping young
5:30 pm
people prov expit thrive -- profit and thrive. >> it was the biggest secret i've ever had in my lives. >> reporter: while she walks the halls congress, no one knew for years before, she had been meeting strangers for sex in d.c. hotel rooms. >> i carried a lot of shame and regret. >> natasha was just 20, when she left behind a family, torn apart by addiction and violence. nobody grows up and says, i want to be a professional sex worker. nobody says i want to be a drug addict. nobody says, i want to live in a homeless shelter. >> but natasha endured all of that. to survive, she started working for the woman later known as the d.c. mam. >> she's just a woman who organized sex and preyed upon young women's vulnerability. >> even the nicest of hotels had the sleaziest of men. being next to someone you don't know, makes your skin crawl. you wonder, how did this happen? and how can i get out of it?
5:31 pm
>> reporter: not only did and earned a college degree. landed several jobs on capitol hill, including a position as front office manager for senator harry reid. >> our supporters have been absolutely phenomenal. >> reporter: this week, she's launching a nonprofit, called her resiliency center. it will help young women, 18 to 25, get housings, healthcare, education and employment. >> this is an amazing start. >> she's assembling in office, the same way she's rebuilding her life. >> again, this is the proudest i've everybody felt, and the most successful i've ever felt in my entire life. >> reporter: a key component of her resiliency center will be mentors. they'll provide the kind of support and guidance that was absolutely critical to natasha, to help stop her suffering in silence. reporting live from capitol
5:32 pm
hill, andrea mccarron, wusa 9. >> it's a powerful story. center, including a fundraiser that is happening tonight, in a northwest washington art gallery, you can check out more on our wusa 9 app. a crash and explosion here in chevy chase this morning. investigators say an ambulance hit a utility pole and then burst into flames. it happened near western avenue and harrison street, about 4:40. no one was injured. but we still don't know what caused the crash. and in prince george's county, someone is recovering. investigators tweeted out this picture of the fires on 37th avenue. those flames started in the basement and then traveled to the upper floors. no one was home at the time. the firefighter hurt his ankle and was taken to the hospital. it's not clear what caused the fire there. in maryland, the panera restaurant, where a deputy was shot and killed, reopened today. senior deputy patrick daly was killed last week, as he approached 68-year-old david
5:33 pm
evans in the abingdon restaurants. deputiesdeputies shot and killed deputy mark loveston a block away. people have brought flowers, balloons and cards in honor of the fallen deputies. funeral is tomorrow. tonight, a group of students are protesting the county's budget. peggy fox joins us live from that protest at the county buildings. and we can hear something a little interesting coming from there. >> absolutely. we've got about 400 people here. we've got students, parents. teachers. all lessening -- listening to performances by students. these people have been fired up today because they are sick and tired of the cuts to the fairfax county school system. it has faced cuts since 2008. today, the 2017 pr budget was presented. and it would mean a huge deficit to the schools.
5:34 pm
the superintendent says, and these people say, it's enough to fully fund the schools. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: orchestra and band students practice for tonight's rally, to show county supervisors what is at stake. >> to get rid of the fourth grade program would be really severing the tree at the roots. and that's what we're trying to prevent. >> reporter: the fourth grade strings program is in danger of being cut. it's where oakton high school june, zander day started. >> 60% of them started in fourth grade strings. and that's where they learned how to read music. that's where they learned how much music meant to them. they loved it so much they continued. >> zander plans to study music in college. >> my dream is to be a flutist in a symphony orchestra. >> other kids may not have the same opportunity at such a young age. the fourth grade strings program was identified in a list of cuts to reach a massive deficit. >> we were a little ahead of the main melody.
5:35 pm
>> max openheim for his job but for the kids. >> once you start cutting music programs, it's a slippery slope. >> last month, superintendent karen garza said the schools had been through enough cuts. she made none in her budget and instead, asked the county to fill the deficit and fully fund schools. but today, the county executive proposed a budget that would lead the schools with a $68 million shortfall. >> we were worried that we're at risk of losing the high quality of our program here. and why a lot of people move to this area. >> reporter: parents are even saying they'll back tax increases, such as a meal tax to keep the schools funded. >> i will do whatever it takes to fully fund the budget of the school. >> reporter: and many of these folks might get behind a meals pack, they try to get them to vote on it. but this fight is just
5:36 pm
beginning. live in fairfax, peggy x, >> the sweetest sounds, coming from that fight, though. peggy, thank you. public hearings on the budget will take place in april. at the end of the month, the board will adopt the spending plan. more turmoil at mount st. mary's college in maryland. the faculty voted 87-3 friday calling for president simon newman to resign by 9:00 a.m. yesterday. president's day came and went yesterday, and he is still there. newman came under fire for comments he made about freshmen and the abrupt firing of a staff member. it is sure to come up again when the faculty meets this week. adele said while she sounded a little flat last night at the grammys. and there's one small problem with marco rubio's new campaign ad. and these ladies on the right support hillary clinton,
5:37 pm
whether she likes it or not. some folks tonight will about low freezing. but not everyone. 33 downtown. but 29 in gaithersburg. 30 in bowie. 29 in fairfax. and even 29 in hagerstown. we'll come back and talk about how quickly rebound. and the weekend.
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switch to better. switch to fios. how about we track what's trending tonight. kick things off with a gap in marco rubio's new ad. >> it's morning again in america. >> or perhaps morning again near america. turns out, the skyline you see in the background is actually in canada. the vancouver sun reports it is unmistakably vancouver, pointing out several landmarks like the harbor center tower. plus, the tribune reports that the flag you see there on the tugboats, well, it appears to be canadian. the videographer said he shot the footage in august. he believes the campaign paid about $80. staffers say there is no plan to pull the ad. >> go out with your iphone and shoot some video. come on. workers at the famed bunny ranch in nevada are supporting
5:41 pm
hillary clinton in a that they're calling hookers for hillary. who wouldn't get behind. that the owner of the brothel came up with the idea, one sex worker said she supports hillary because she's cracking down on domestic violence. the democratic caucuses are this saturday. adele is shaking off last night's performance at the grammys. >> she seemed to struggle to hit the song's high note. ♪ [ music ] ♪ give me a memory i can use ♪ ♪ take me by the hand while we do what lovers do ♪ >> well, it turns out that the piano mike fell onto the piano strings and that's what the guitar sound was. that's kind of what adele tweeted out. then she tweeted out, expletives happen. the whole thing threw her off a little bit.
5:42 pm
>> i have to say, she still the recording academy took responsibility for the mishap, saying that to adele's credit, she killed it. to the winners. taylor swift taking home the top prize, album of the year, for "1989". mark runson and bruno mars, won uptown funk. and kendrick lamar picking up five grammys. tesla and radio flyer are teaming up on an electric model for kids. it has working headlines and music. and comes in three colors, red, silver and blue. the difference between this one and the adult model, besides the size, is the speed. the kid version goes about, oh, 6 miles per hour. but it starts at $500. so, you know -- >> driving around then? >> we could pool our resources. >> you want extra horse power, we could ride one to work.
5:43 pm
latest on contract talks for when will he sign on the dotted line? >> or will he? >> and after the break. how churchers are trying to get millennial ♪
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pnc wealth management team. in today's faith in our town report. spiritual leaders across the country know they need to bring in young people, especially in order to survive. >> but as nikki burdine shows us, that is easier said than done. >> millennials, people between the ages of 18 and 33 are one of the most coveted groups in any industry. tv shows want them. political parties and yes, religious institutions. but getting young people to a brick-and-mortar church, that can take some out of the box thinking. ♪ [ music ] >> amy maxwell, after finding a place to live, next on her list was a place to worship. >> i looked at that. >> her concerns are typical, among many millennials. pastor todd is with vine
5:47 pm
domestic church. >> many i spoke th interested in faith, spirituality, and even in jesus. they're interested in spirituality, but not in church. >> 41% believe religion is important. but only 40% attend a religious service. the question is why? >> i always hear three things. they think church is irrelevant to their life. that church is hip crate crit cal -- hypocrital, or the clinch is only interested in their money. >> they're looking for more community involvement and social activism. >> they want to go somewhere and have a relationship with the people there. >> this age group is also looking for more than just the standard church experience. across the river of the
5:48 pm
catholic church, and doing just this, archdiocese told theology on tap, over a beer or glass of wine, young people talk, faith, marriage, finance. you name it. >> i think it's the idea that we meet people where they are at. >> it's easy to go, hey, do you want to go to a bar with me? there's going to be a talk and people are more open to that. then hey, do you want to go to a mass. >> nikki bur burdine, wusa 9. >> nikki will take us to a church that was just down to 10 members. how they've transformed into a thriving place of wor suspect. first, tonight, ground has been broken to help at-risk youth all right. a little colder tonight.
5:49 pm
temps are going tonight, as opposed to rise like they did last night. still 49. winds are still gusting to 23 miles an hour. the west/northwest. but they will subside after midnight. how much warmer is it now than it was this time 24 hours ago? 20 degrees warmer for us. 31 warmer in providence than it was the same time yesterday. so all of the east coast had much milder air push in tonight and today. some refreezing in the suburbs tonight. temperatures for the bus stop, 28 to 40. again, winds not a problem. and it will be dry this morning. cold to chilly through the rest of the week. temperatures in the 40s. and milder and nice over the weekend, with the 50s returning. here is the future cast. you can walk the dog tonight. temperatures in the 30s. but by the time we get to 10:00, we're pretty close to freezing in frederick and martinsburg and manassas, 34. still upper 30s downtown. a few clouds come in overnight. a little system passes to our south.
5:50 pm
yes, you might see a sprinkle or flurrwn by early morning, this is 6:00 a.m. the bushes will be below freezing. 30 in gaithersburg. 30 in fairfax. by 9:00, generally, above freezing now. maybe hanging out at 32 in leigherstown and martinsburg. but closer in the mid-30s. by lunchtime, low to mid-40s. just a few clouds. again, winds not a factor. by 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. we're back in the 30s north and west. and low 40s downtown. so pretty typical day. day planner starts off at 34 downtown. 42 by 11:00. and 44 by 1:00 p.m. thursday, we're going to call thursday cold. our averages are going up now. so 41 is cold. we're advertising about 46 now. and we'll just keep friday sunny, but chilly also 46. next seven days, saturday and sunday, we're in the 50s with sunshine. monday, we're still in the 50s. tuesday and wednesday, we're watching another coastal storm. temperatures in the 30s.
5:51 pm
rain or snow possible. now, wusa 9 game on sports, with kristen berset. starting today, nfl teams can officially use the franchise tax on one of their impending free agents. scott mccluen said they would use it on quarterback curt cousins if necessary. but that could cost them around $20 million. mccluen said last month, he would like to strike a long- term deal with cousins. however, the way talks seem to be going lately, who knows what's going to happen? according to espn's adam cheffer, talks have ceased wno further talks scheduled. however, i just spoke with cbs's nfl insider about 20 minutes ago. he said talks are still ongoing. but the sides are very far apart. and cousins could very well get the franchise tag. one local high school basketball program is looking to make history. the warriors are trying to become the first team in d.c.
5:52 pm
in 31 years to go undefe they took care of the regular season with a thrilling 1-point victory over theodore roosevelt. that gave the regular season title. but now, they turn their focus to the post season. they take on washington, math and science tech thursday. a team they beat easily to start the season. coach heinz said the team has exceeded even his own expectations. >> we're expected to be ranked at this point at number 1 in the season. but you know, i feel like the guys right now are kind of bracing us. they kind of want to prove it. >> it's hard work. nobody slept. coach gets in their head. said, there's no slacking. it happened. we came out when we did. 27-0 you always have some neighborhood toughness on the team. laz last game came down to free throws. so they've had the close games
5:53 pm
am but good luck >> win and you're in. keep going. >> they got their head and heart in this. >> they do. and you can really feel it from them. >> thanks. coming up at 6:00, with bruce and jan. why a republican planned to block president obama's supreme court nomination, no matter how it is, could end up backfiring. also, at 6:00, republican presidential candidates making
5:54 pm
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switch to better. switch to fios. now to a murder case in prince george's county that is anything but routine. the victim is a well-known collector of ferraris who once owned a regional restaurant. >> he was also part of the major league financial scam artist and jailhouse informant who helped to solve a high- profile murder. now, osama alasary is dead. and they're not saying much about the case. scott broom is in ashburn where alasary lived. and that's where he is looking into his crite quite remarkable background. >> yeah. extremely remarkable in a really bizarre case. this former restauranteur, car collector, scammer and snitch. reported missing by his family here in ashburg, virginia. thursday the 11th. heurn today -- turned up dead
5:57 pm
outside marlboro >> , asan was found dead saturday afternoon. inside his flashy new dodge ram pickup truck, outside the beltway in front of an abandoned home. he had been shot to death. and investigators have been silent on the case since. but alatari has a remarkable background. a flashy collector of fast cars in northern virginia, who once owned a chain of steakhouses under another name. >> turned out, alatari's flash which included this mansion was a fraud. >> he had managed to scam several banks out of $71 million in a ponzi scheme that focused on fake insurance. alatari met this man. former marine jose torres. who said he killed a young officer named amanda snow in a case that had gone cold. torres then admitted to killing
5:58 pm
two young alatari then snitched. this put him on death row, freed another man and sent other -- man to prison in another case. it earned alatari a 12-year release on a fraud conviction. and she's been free since 2014. but clearly someone wanted him dead and succeeded. >> his family took a pass on talking to me about this, saying with some former business partners, i tried to get in contact with a complex character nonetheless but he's a person who chillt committed crimes and also put a serial killer behind bars for life on death row. obviously someone wanted him dead. and now his death is at the center of the murder mystery. >> and prince george's county police really want to solve this one. they are offering a $25,000
5:59 pm
reward for information about alatari's right now, at 6:00. by unanimous vote. prince george's county police chief takes over. >> republican presidential candidates turn up the attacks as they try to sway south carolina's undecided voters. >> president barack obama a short time ago, reiterates he will submit a nominee for the supreme court to replace the late justice scalia. senate republicans called on the president to follow the constitution. >> good evening. i'm bruce johnson. >> and i'm jan jeffcoat. >> the funeral service for justice antonin antonin scalia will be held this weekend. he passed away unexpectedly during a hunting trip. this is now at the center of a political war, with senate republicans, announcing they will block anyone he nominateds. >> reporter: justicanton -- justice antonin alscia's death over the weekend.
6:00 pm
he will president obama says he will nominate a replacement in due time. >> the senate is to consider that nomination and either they disapprove of that nominee, or that nominee is elevated to the supreme court historically, this has not been viewed as a question. >> reporter: the nomination has now become a major talking point on the presidential campaign trail. >> this election is not just another election. it isn't. we were reminded of that on saturday, with the passing of justice scalia. >> senate republicans, led by majority leader, mitch mcconnell, say the american people should have a voice in this election. and that the next president should be the one to decide. >> let's have a hearing. let's hear from our constituents what they think. and then vote. not the no vote at all.


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