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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  February 16, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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right now at 7:00, a new top cop in prince george's county has a new plan. >> building up dreams by tearing down walls. the other white house in d.c. that's restoring faith in our town. and a rumble on the roads, we'll tell you where the potholes are so bad it caused one man's tire to explode. but first, weather continues to make a mess for drivers. instead of snow or ice, it was flooding. >> we had road closed signs along brookville road and georgia avenue. the water came too hard and too fast and forced engineers to pump it back out. and it was moving under the bottom of the
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burn road. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm bruce johnson, and many of us have gone through weather overload. topper shutt is looking at where the icy patches will be. topper? not all of us will be below freezing but some of you will. the temperatures, well above freezing. 39 in gaithersburg and 45 downtown and 43 in fairfax and 42 in bowie. no problems at the moment. but by morning, 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, it's 30 in gaithersburg. 32 in bowie. 31 in fairfax. even weight in manassas and 32 in la plata. so outside the beltway, many folks will make it below freezing. many potholes could fill with
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8:00, generally above breezying south of town and around freezing at gaithersburg and frederick and silver spring. we'll come back and look at how long it will stay on the cool side and look at the weekend. the increasing temps followed by the melting create problems. >> as stephanie ramirez reports, craters are just about everywhere already. >> reporter: moral low, they sit there waiting to eat your tire but this mechanic said that tire exploded it was hit so hard. >> see how bad it is? >> reporter: in 20 years of working tires, he said he never seen anything like this happen to him, that's right, the guy that fixes cars. >> it was like boom. >> reporter: it was on the
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inner beltway between connecticut and georgia avenues. >> i saw like eight cars on the side with tires. i mean, i could see the tires were messed up. >> reporter: google image s show that 4 months ago there was already pothole damage. >> you get the freeze-thaw and the moisture and traffic opens a hole. >> reporter: we're noticing that the ground is opening up closer to overpasses. >> you have to be very careful and slow down and be paying attention. >> reporter: stephanie ramirez, wusa mine. >> and you can file a blame to possibly be reimbursed. there is no guarantee that you will be paid back but you can give it a go on the
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and the county council u -- unanimously confirmed the new poarm's rince george's top cop. and he is continuing to dig for answers in the case of a teacher's aide making child porn in an elementary school in glenarden. >> my main concern is did he work with anyone else? how did he finance this? that will tell us if there are additional victims we're not aware of. >> he is a local guy and his dad was also a cop. he said he is committed to building a department that reflects the county's diversity. a member of the board of education will go on trial accused of stealing school lunches. it was found that lynette mundy applied for and got free lunches even though he was paid more
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the lunches are usually $2.65 a day, the district has taken a big step towards putting more ambulances on the street. they have reached an agreement with a private ambulance company to supplement the city's fleet of american medical response base inside colorado. crews will handle calls involving less serious injuries or illnesses pleaing up the ambulances for more emergency calls. hundreds are in fairfax and are using beautiful music to drive their point home. these young performers are all fairfax county school children. parentsand students are rallying for more funding for the
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the billion includes a 3% increase but the superintendent said that schools need twice that. otherwise, programs like music, sport, and language immersion could get cut. >> it gives us amazing performers taught at amazing 62s by amazing teachers. we are here to fight for funding to sustain the quality of our schools. >> they want supervisors to find the funds to fill a $68 million deficit. a meal tax is an option. supreme court justice scalia will lie in repose in the great hall of the supreme court this friday. the public is invited to pay respects from 10:30:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. a funeral will be held on saturday. scalia passed away last welcome on the trip to texas. an unexpected vacancy is now at the center of a political war. president obama will nominate a
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and republicans said they will block anyone that the president chooses. >> historically, this has not been viewed as a question. >> this is not just another election. it isn't. we were reminded of that on saturday with the passing of justice scalia. >> a staffer for senator mike lee tweeted that the chances of a president successfully appointing scalia's successor were less than zero. right now, pope francis will head back to mexico city for his last day there, wrapping up his trip with a heavy focus on the country's drug and crime crisis. his talked about fighting injustice and tomorrow, he will travel to a border town across from el paso, texas, juarez, once dubbed the murder capital of the rl
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rebounding and violence is dropping. an unexpected visitor today. montgomery county fire officials tweeted photo of a car in a building. you can see from the pictures that the driver went straight through the front door. no one in the building was hurt but the driver and passenger did have minor injuries. police were trying to figure out how thishappened and why. and the building inspector is looking for structural damage. thousands of competitors and now down to a few lucky dogs, a preview of tonight's best in show is after the break. >> the provision is it would be a place where we awakened dreams and developed radical dreamers. the d.c. dream center, a special look at the multimillion dollar facility one church is building for (elephant sound)
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we've had nasty weather the last few days but fog like in florida. experts said that a tornado touched down in miami-dade county where it uprooted trees and knocked down power lines and flipped a tractor trailer. a lot of destruction but no injuries reported. christmas is 10 months away, but the toy makers are showing off the newest creations that could be popular under the treat. the toy fair wrapped up today in new york city, and the star wars toy is a big hit. you can see why. the children can use their mind to control this. the toy market is a $24 billion a year industry. anything star wars will be a big hit. >> i'll take a drone. >> i'll keep that in mind. a big fight tonight in the westminster
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best in show. and the total number of breeds invited will be 199. westminster dates back to 1877, and get this. it's the second oldest continuous sporting event in the entire country surpassed only by the kentucky derby. >> hm. how about that? some of us will get below freezing tonight. low temperatures, 29 in gaithersburg, 30 in bowie and 33 downtown and the southern suburbs, tweapt or 30 in fredericksburg and 30, 31 around waldorf. we'll come back and talk about how warm it will be tomorrow and if the winds will die down and look ahead to a crazy 7 day. we have it all. the grammys are continuing to hit a high note on social media. today, if you want a recap of what all happened, you can check out the top 8 must know moment professor last night on the free wusa
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all this week, we are showcasing how being safe plays a role in our town, and to d.c., a living monument, a place for at-risk youth and residents can get hopes and jobs for so
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lives and dreams are made. it's a dream come true for this pastor and artist. >> it was a 30-year vacant, abandoned eyesore in the community. this isn't the dream but this is the foundation for the dream. >> reporter: they are the foundations for the new d.c. dream center. >> the vision is it would be a place where we awakened dreams and developed radical dreamers. >> reporter: under cruxz in a high crime neighborhood, the dream for the center began behind it. 20 years old, it was known as the southeast white house a few miles south of pennsylvania avenue from the real white house. >> what we do here is foster and build the community and expand the community. >> reporter: the staff of volunteers has served thousands of d.c. rez denteds like this single mom and her two girls. >> i remember one time i was
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violence situation and they helped me. >> reporter: and alicia's daughter graduated and went to college after 13 years in the mentoring program. so a lot of success stories? >> oh, many success stories. the southwest white house is there from beginning to end. >> reporter: in the south where hope has become habit, turning lives around right here like this man getting out of prison just two years ago. >> i did 7 years. >> reporter: for what? >> robbery, burglary, possession of a firearm. >> reporter: now, he's building a new dream. that's him right there, part of the construction team on the dream center. >> i've been here two months and the white house has gotten me two jobs. >> part what we do with people is tear down walls and rebuild up dreams. >> reporter: after he became part of the team from the national community church, he
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dollar project. when complete, it will have an indoor basketball court, a dance studio, a cafe, a rooftop deck and even a recording studio. >> so we can have 10, 20 darrens. we want more stories like that. >> this place will be built because of the generosity of volunteers and people part of the community. it's not government coming in and doing it and not 1 single person but multiple people live manage and around this community with a vision to see the dream happen. >> we got a new day coming. >> sure do. the dream center will open in fall 2016. the price tag, more than $4 million. d.c.'s national community church has been able to raise a lot of that through church donations and offerings which is incredible. there is plenty of opportunities to learn more about the dream center and the church and how
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ourwusa9 mobile app has all the information for you right there. and tonight at 11:00, how important is it for you to have your significant other to be of the same faith? bruce johnson will take a look at how couples of different religions are raising their children. faith in our town tonight at 11:00 on wusa 9. all right. one of the tougher days to get the 3-degree guarantee. i went for a high of 50 today. we had highs in the 50s and 40s and 30s. how did we do? we'll talk about that tonight at 11:00 or you can download our app. a live look outside at the weathercam, temps still above freezing downtown, 44 and winds have calmed down west northwest at 10 and gusting up to 30 earlier, and they'll not be a factor overnight. temperatures, 15 degrees warmer than we were this time 24 hours ago. the whole eastern seaboard is
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warmer as the arctic air left. some refreezing a little bit, especially in the beltway but not arctic air. bus stop temperatures, 20 to 40 and dry or the metro was this morning. and cold to chilly for the rest of the week and temps in the 40s. milder and nice in the weekend and temps back in the 50s on saturday and sunday. 10:00 tonight, a few clouds off to the west and 40 downtown and for the most part above freezing. 35 in frederick and hagerstown and by morning, a lot of us right at the freezing mark. 29 in manassas and 32 in la plata and 30 in gaithersburg and 29 in olney and some areas below freezing. at 9:00, crawling up a bit, and above freezing around hagerstown
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36 in dumfries and 37 downtown. in the low 40s tomorrow and downtown, low to mid-40s tomorrow. i took the sprinkle out but it could be a sprinkle or a flurry tomorrow and 6:00, temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s. on the day planner, nobody's below freezing here on one. and 34 to start and 37 at 9:00. 42 at 11:00 and 44 at 1:00 p.m. with partly sunny skies. periods of sun and clouds, and we'll make thursday cold, and friday, sunny. 50son saturday and sunday and monday and this is what i meant by we got something for everybody. back to rain and snow possible. george washington university's sports history goes beyond basketball. after the break, meet
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the school's football team
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when you think of college football, you think of maryland and georgetown, maybe howard? did you know that george washington university at 1 time haa pretty good team? we go back to the colonial's glory days. >> reporter: we learned about gw's past by accident, interviewing a man who spent 88 years in football including four years here as a colonial. from 1888 on, george washington had a football team. >> we played a murderous schedule and we opened up with the university of virginia which was an excellent football team at the. >> reporter: he played for the football team in the 1950s as we interviewed him as a high school football coach, for 64 years,
7:27 pm
back to football, it's been six decades since the science major was on the gw gridiron but he remember its well. >> wake forest, duke. duke used to be at 1 time in the top 10. people don't realize at one time duke was unbelievable. >> reporter: he played against the future nfl star of the boston patriots and his college coach, bear bryant, yes, the future alabama head coach. >> you couldn't beat the bear. the bear was there. the bear was one heck of a coach. >> reporter: the team had ups and downs but did see postseason action winning the sun bowl in 1957. gw played their last football game thanksgiving day 1966. the board of trustees voted to do away with football because of lack of attendance. keep in mind, that was before there was metro. diane roberts, wusa 9 sport as soon as who knew? he was
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>> what? pretty awesome. >> very cool. that's all for the news at 7:00. lesli and adam back at 11:00. we hope you have
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tonight witness grammy greatness with "e.t." >> oh, my god! backstage with taylor swift after taking on kanye. >> they are going to be people who will try to take credit. >> what her girl squad only told us. >> she should have stormed that stage, kanye style. >> the taylor moments you haven't seen, whispers to selena, a late night hookup with calvin harris. >> we'll tell you how lady gaga pulled off her bowie performance. with we go backstage with all the mayhem and the o stage missteps. and lionel ritchie tells us about his big night. finally saying hello to adele and his star studded tribute.


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