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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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montgomery police tell us that this happened around 1:20 this afternoon. jordan's 77-year-old father, and 86-year-old mother were both inside at the time. police say two masked and armed suspects first knocked and then forced their way inside our live court home here. they ransacked the place. jordan said they maybe stole a guitar and other things. he didn't want to disclose that amount. here is what he told us outside. >> whoever did this, they will find out. or i will find out. and please don't do it again. because doing this to old people is not right. it's not right. >> jordan tells us, he lives here with his parents am. he believes this was random. it's interesting. a witness who gave us a description. that seems to match a description that jordan gave us. so we're still pushing with police for answers here. we're going to give u
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very latest. no arrests, though. two suspects police are looking for. very vague description here in rockville. >> and of course, if we have any updates, we'll update everybody at 7:00 and 11:00 tonight as well. south carolina governor nikki haley's decision to endorse marco rubio is trending on social media tonight. and according to the latest polls, rubio could use that boost, which is two days before the south carolina gop primary. donald trump holds a 2-1 lead over the second place florida republican. the billionaire defended his stance on harsh border methods saying he doesn't think they go far enough. >> they want to kill us. they want to come in our country. they want to knock out our cities and don't tell me it doesn't work. torture works. okay, folks? >> in the back of the pack, jeb bush is holding a series of town hall meetings to gain attraction. his numbers are near the bottom of the gop pool, in
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gop primary in south carolina would be held the very same day the democrats' caucus in nevada. polls show hillary clinton and bernie sanders are virtually neck and neck. clinton is now running television ads ahead of virginia. amid that first presidential primary. they began airing today in the richmond harkt. clinton currently holds a big lead. virginia will be one of 11 democratic primaries on super tuesday. >> meanwhile, a rapper's endorsement, setting off a firestorm this evening on social media, and raising tension between the clinton and sanders' campaigns. rapper killer mike told supporters yesterday that, quote, a uterus doesn't qualify you to be president of the united states. he also suggested that clinton would be slow to move on issues of racial justice. for the latest from the presidential campaign trail, check out the politics section on r
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conspiracy theories have gone into high gear as the funeral draws near. tonight, we take a look at the controversy and also talk to one of scallia's -- scalia's former clerks who will guard his body. it is tradition for law clerks to stay vigil to the body throughout the day and overnight for the funeral. >> the other thing, i think, that is shocking is to imagine the court without him now. it's just hard to picture it. and it's sad. >> it was a dream job for d.c. attorney rebecca tableson, who clerked for justice scalia, in 2011 and 2012. she had just recently graduated from yale law school and wanted to come back home. >> we got into a little fight in the interview. and i was so scared. i was like, oh, man, that is not going to get me the job. >> reporter: rebecca quickly learned, scalia loved the debate. >> this is what i think. who is with me? who is against me? and if you
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said you were against him, you could see his eyes light up a little bit. and like, good. let's get into this. >> it's his outspoken position on the high court that had some suggesting his political enemies were behind his death. and a state judge declared scalia dead over the phone, which is allowed by texas law. >> i mean, no autopsy being planned? >> you know, you're really talking about the balance of the court. that's big stuff. it's history. >> william richie, the homicide director of the police department said an autopsy could have put all of these questions questions to rest. >> if you're called to the scene to investigate a death, you will assume that that death is a homicide until your investigation proves otherwise. if the death scene was handled in an appropriate manner, we wouldn't be having this discussion. >> reporter: adding to that confusion. unlike fellow supreme court justices, williamp ruth bader ginsburg, whose battle with
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private. >> he knew i had twins 10 months ago. but i would have loved to have brought them by chambers. >> reporter: justice scalia's family said they do not want an autopsy. and family physician reportedly said that scallia did die of natural causes. the white house says president obama and first lady michelle obama will not attend the funeral but will visit the supreme court friday to pay their respects as justice antonin scalia lies in prere pose. muriel bowser, heading out this weekend, on a five-day exploratory mission to the communist nation. the goal is to see how the district of columbia and washington area could benefit from loosened trade restrictions and the resufnlings of -- resumption of commercial airlines to cuba. china has employed a missile system on
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spokespersonspokesperson said if true, it would further raise tension nathat region. evidence of china's militarization is now a serious concern. the white house says president obama will sign legislation, slapping north korea with more legislation. the new sanctions further punish north korea for its missile launch. the pentagon said they have destroyed million of isis dollars. a series of strikes targeted the cash collection areas. the bombings are part of the ability. car bomb killed at least 28 people and wounded 68 others in the capitol of anchorra. it's being described as a well- planned attack. the targeted vehicles. thus far, nobody claiming responsibility for that attack. death toll from this week's air strikes.
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doctors without borders hospital in northern syria, now up to 25. >> the 16 who were killed including a child and nine hospital staffs, convoyed the trucks, food, medicine supplies. a mobile clinic is tending to the wounded civilians. and the u.n. sponsored part of a cease-fire agreement last week. and approved just yesterday by the syrian government. a federal judge has ordered apple to decrypt an iphone that belonged to one of the killers in the san bernardino terror attack. but apple said it plans to fight all the way to the supreme court. federal investigators say the phone could contain key evidence about the attack, how it was planed and who helped. but apple ceo tim cook said the judge's order is, quote, an unprecedented step which threatens the security of our customers. new york city mayor bill de blasio said safety should not be second to profit. >> these companies, whether they mean
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unfortunately making it easier for the devilish to do their plots. >> they say every single time law enforcement needs access to the smart phone the case does not have to go through the courts. prince george's county police, identified a 17th victim of a teacher's aide, accused of producing child porn inside of glen arden, maryland. they pointed out that maryland is the only state in the country where there is no penalty for teachers for failing to report a reasonable suspicion that a child has been abuse. a lawyer for some of the victims say students, parents parents and teachers had all gone to principal michelle williams with their concerns about deontae caraway. >> it's a massive problem. it would be like having laws against speeding and speed limits. but if you break that law, there's
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>> reporter: principal michelle williams remains on paid leave and is not talking to the media. tire -- a woman who had her unborn baby cut from her womb was in court. she survived a horrible ordeal. her baby died. she responded to a craigslist ad for maternity clothes. wilkens choked and stabbed her and used a kitchen e knifto cut out the baby. the suspect has been charged with unlawful termination of a pregnancy. late former mayor, marion berry. >> up next, pope francis shows his support for migrants on the border. cold tonight. everybody makes it to at least tweeze freezing -- to freezing. and mostly 20s. ine downtown, about 28
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rebound from the 20s tomorrow morning. and looking ahead to the weekend. good news there. and to the big storm next week.
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pope francis is wrapping up his visit to mexico. tad today -- today, he wraps up his visit to juarez. in a short while, he's going to celebrate mass at the juarez fairgrounds, just 50 yards from
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are expected to attend. and tonight, the pope will board a flight back to rome. the fight to honor the late marion berry heats up. >> some say berry deserves a memorial, just not at their school. the alumni is orchinizing a meet -- organizing a meeting to keep it as is. some say he was a racist. but alumni say there is much more behind the name. >> we want the history to stay blue along with the name. mighty blue. >> marion berry has done more for this city than anyone else. so in honoring him, if that's the way they're going to honor him, that would be great. >> the price tag to change the price said blue to marion berry would cost about $275,000. aside from blue, other options include a statue
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mayor bowser will have the final say. two calls of dogs falling through the ice in the span of just one hour. later tonight, at 11:00, it's a stigma they deal with every day muslims, alarmed by acts of terrorism, being carried out in the name of their religion. tonight, i'llic i'll take you to a local mosque, where follow
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get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. electricians were at an apartment complex, where a dog was electrocuted. 7-year-old lakey was in a that had become -- courtroom that had become electrocuted. >> i didn't know what was going on. my dog just quit moving. but i didn't know that. if i had just picked her up, she would be all right. >> they did not respond to allegations that previous complaints about sh
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area have been ignored for months. she claims her son and another man were also shot shocked in the electrocution that killed her dog. now to a story of dogs on the loose and falling through the ice. thanks to the heroism of firefighters in our area. two dogs in separate cases were rescued. >> well done there. one was in lake tho row. >> reporter: tutsy fell into the icy water. while roughly east of here, another dog had to be rescued at a lake in restin. >> angel, the chow dog, frantic and scared as neighbors try to comfort her. >> reporter: angel. she won't bite you. >> reporter: christina evans heard the first yelp and called 911. >> in the water -- half in the water, half on the ice. >> struggling?
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animal, they're very scared. >> reporter: station 25 in restin, suited up and with training in ice cres rescue -- ice rescue, save the dog. >> we knew we had to get in there and get a hand on the dog. >> at windmill park -- >> it's causting. it's exhausting. >> ludenant chris cordec was chipping through a quarter inch of ice. to reach the cocker spaniel, 75 feet ai wavment. >> just keep your eye on the prize and keep swimming and make it out to the dog. >> the bog was so scared -- dog was so scared, she bit her rescuer on the lip. >> she just nipped my face. she was scared. >> reporter: another firefighter slid on the ice and got tootsie on solid ground. >> they were here within eight minutes. and the dog was out of the water. and it was a successful rescue. >> i'm a lover of animals. and it was nice to see that, you know, this
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was safe to see another day. >> reporter: both dogs are doing fine this evening, after spending tens of 15 minutes in that icy water. tootsie is being cared for by dog sitters. the owner is out of town. but information we're getting is it was on a leash. >> while tootsie may have originally been on a lease, angel, the chow was not. and they say it would be safer for everyone following the rules. >> that's good advice. >> indeed. talk about this warm up. saw some sun today. >> not a bad day. and 50s over the weekend. that hasn't changed. we have a couple of clouds and late showers. let's start with the 3-degree guarantee. i'm sweating this one literally. i went 46 for a high. i hit 50 in my car. but we'll see if we made it. you can also download
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down to 43 now. dew point in the 20s. fairly dry air mass. winds out of the north at about 13. tonight, everybody will fall 32 degrees or lower. in fact, most of us will fall into the -- in the 20s. bus stop temperatures, 24 to 34. dry. not much wind chill tomorrow. cold on thursday. and then just chilly on friday. actually, friday will be seasonable. but just a little chilly. and then, and then, milder over the weekend 50s will roll in. i'm still looking at new data for next week's storm. it could be a big storm. right now, we're lacking cold air. so prepare for at this point, a lot of rain. or mostly rain. 10:00 tonight. 32 in gaithers burg. 36 downtown. low to mid-30s just about everywhere. by, say, 6:00 a.m., most folks in the 20s. silver spring, 25. fairfax, 25. 26, 27. as far south as fredericksburg and 28 in la plata. pretty much clear skies. by 9:00, 30 downtown. upper 20s in the burbs. and by luncht
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temperatures generally in the 30s. this is 1:00 p.m. so 33 maybe in gaithersburg. i think these numbers are a little low. more like 35 in gaithersburg. more like 39 downtown. and by 6:00, we start falling again this time tomorrow night. back in the upper 20s and low 30s. so day planner goes like this. temps don't move a lot. 29 to start. 33 at 11:00. 36 at 1:00 p.m. now, friday chilly, but a nice day. just a few clouds. warm front busts through. 44. and that warm front pays dividends. 57 saturday. milder with a few clouds. next seven days. okay, couple of showers possible sunday still 58 degrees. nice monday. cold rain tuesday. could begin as snow. rain on wednesday could end as snow wednesday night and even into thursday morning. maybe a prolonged
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earlier today, we sat down with cbs sports insider, jason lacaforeat his home and picked his brain a little bit about the burgundy and gold. talks between curt cousins and the team are slow but ongoing. everything is in the early stages. but of course, cousins has all the bargaining power. >> the first deadline here is the deadline to apply this. both sides would rather have a long-term deal. at this point, cousins is negotiating off a one-year minimum at $20 million. >> either way, he's getting paid. >> what
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iii. can't say 100 until he gets cut. where would he end up? dallas, houston. jason throws a wild card into the mix. so san francisco 49ers. >> i think chip kelly and r.g.3 for a year or two could be interesting. say what you want about chip kelly. he had a lot of failures in philadelphia. but got 30 touchdowns and four interceptions. rg3 has a lot more upside. a lot more diverse skill sets. >> valid point. interesting developments this week, as the maryland terrapins prepare for a potential bounceback game against minnesota. gophers today, dismissed a senior, carlos morris from their team, for detrimental behavior. and of course, the terps are going to be without freshman diamond stone, who was suspended by the team for this behavior last weekend. it's a tough loss, but no one on the team is holding a grudge. >> a moment or
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and he was just trying to be real aggressive. and he was upset. and we told him, we understand. this isn't just a learning experience for him. >> right now, every one of us is locked in and dialed in on the betterment of the team. and he's totally invested. i think he's going to be our biggest cheerleader as well. >> reminder, join us sunday for game on as we preview the terps' matchup, live from the xfinity center. >> i thought that last game by melo was an anomaly. >> we've seen that from him, though. even if he has a low-scoring game. we'll see what happens. >> temperatures bouncing back as well. >> back in the 50s the big storm next week. primarily rain. >> all right. >> rain. >> primarily. >> we'll talk more about primarily at 7:00. >> we'll
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>> pelley: the battle lines of privacy are drawn. apple refuses a court order to hack the phone of the san bernardino terrorists. also tonight, criminal hackers have seized a hospital's computer system, and they're holding it for ransom. trump talks up torture to fight terror. >> torture works, okay, folks. >> pelley: and a veteran who saw so much death get the gift of life. >> probably the best wake-up call in the history of wake-up calls. >> pelley: so why won't the v.a. pay for the treatment? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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