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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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shoulder-lengthed dreadlocks. investigators are still unclear whether he fled the scene on foot or in a car. again, two men shot to death in northeast washington. police are searching for a suspect. reporting live from northeast washington, andrea mccarren, wusa 9. >> all right, andrea, thank you. now, new details in the attack and robbery that left a marine badly injured. it happened at the mcdonald's in chinatown. and police have just released the video you are seeing right now of the attack allison barber joins us now from the va hospital with the latest on the attack. how is he doing, allison? >> reporter: i spoke to marquez just about an hour ago. he was supposed to speak to us on camera. but he's being held overnight for treatment. he tells me, ever since this attack happened, he has been having trouble remembering things. surveillance video, released by d.c. police, shows a group of young men, standi
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inside a mcdonald's on e street northwest. they're huddled together and talking. then a man this white tank top and jeans, walks out of the shot. you can see him walking out of the restaurant. he follows marquez outside. and hits him in the back of the head. marquez falls to the ground. as he lies on the ground, someone digs through his pocket. according to the police report, they stole $400 in cash and three credit cards. marquez was taken to the hospital that night. >> so chris marquez was released from the hospital the night this happened. but when he went back today, he was having different issues, like i said, with memory. so they've decided to keep him here overnight. he said he believes this is racially charged. he said that one suspect came up to him and called him a racist. he then said the suspects became agitated. reporting , livei'm
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barber. wusa 9. >> all of the trials connected too the death of freddie gray are being put on hold. this comes after the baltimore state's attorney's office requested a delay, until an appeals court determines whether officer william porter will be compelled to testify against the 5 other officers in the case. freddie gray suffered a severe spinal cord injury while in police custody last april. and he died a week later. the appeals court is expected to take up the matter next month. a murder mystery may be solved tonight. >> two men are charged with murdering a leesburg man, who was a jailhouse informant. eric gares and tarack mohammed. wusa 9's peggy fox was there to piece together this story for us. >> reporter: when osama elatari was found in murdered in his own pickup truck, here along this dess -- se
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kinds of theories sprung up. was it a hit? had someone hired someone to kill this former jailhouse informant. tonight, looks like there is no connection to this victim's colorful past and his murder. >> officers were called to the 9,000 block of armstrong lane. the victim was found inside of a pickup truck, suffering from a gunshot wound. he was pronounced dead. it was then-year-old osama elatari in his pickup truck. police say the two others and perhaps others, conspired to rob him. they allegedly abducted him and drove him to the 1600 block of armstrong lane in capitol heights, where he was robbed and killed. attorney bernie imrim represented -- grim represented alatari. >> everything was, the glass was always half full. >> he was a restauranteur and car collector. but he was more well known for his role in a ponzi scheme that managed to scam several banks out of several million dollars. in 2009, while stealing from
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marine, jorge torres, who told alatari, he had killed the navy petty officer amanda snell in a case that had gone cold. >> when he heard about the two children that were murdered and the fact that their father had been convicted of it and was on death row, you know, that really bothered him. >> reporter: alatari turned informant. jailhouse recordings he made put torres on trial for the double murder, freed an innocent man and sent another man to prison in a different case. his deal with authorities earned elatari an early release from his 12-year fraud conviction. and he walked out of prison in 2014. the trial of jorge torres, for the murder of those two girls in ohio, is coming up. and osama elatari was supposed to testify. he was looking forward
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testifying, even though he didn't have to, according to his deal. his attorney said the fact that he can't testify will definitely hurt the case. but he said they have dna. and he believes they will win a conviction in that case reporting live in upper marlboro, peggy fox, wusa 9. >> complicated for sure. charging documents call it a conspiracy to commit murders. police would not say whether more arrests are expected. they also won't tell us who, if anyone, will receive the $25,000 reward for information in the case. bizarre, new details tonight in the case of a 22 yearly teacher -- 22-year-old teacher's aide in prince george's county. deontae caraway is accused of shooting child porn. and detectives continued, one by one, to interview possible victims. bruce leshan is live in glen arden, with what he learned today. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, lesli, we told you that deontae caraway had a juvenile record
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missed when they hired him. but we're now getting details of that record. truth sometimes stranger than fiction. the details are particularly odd. >> reporter: parents at judge sylvannia woods elementary, had long suspected something was strange about teacher's aide, deontae caraway the but this dad was shocked to learn, the 22-year-old had allegedly solicited his own young daughter. >> he was taking video [ inaudible ] he would take a video of us naked. >> what did you say? >> i said no. >> did you tell anyone? >> yeah. i told my best friend. >> reporter: detectives are now interviewing that girl, as they build their case. and try to figure out how many children may have been victimized. each veteran sex abuse cavestigators are surprised
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allegedly stretches back to when he was a preteen. sources tell wusa 9, that when caraway was 12 years old, he sexually assaulted, not another child, but a 44-year-old man. a lawyer for some of the victims, says caraway, tried to pull the man's pants down. but what happened was serious enough that caraway was brought in for a juvenile court hearing. investigators say caraway himself was sexually assaulted, at age 10. and prosecutors think that assault might have arrested his development. >> i cannot trust nobody. i don't trust nobody anymore. >> investigators have found more than 80 different videos on caraway's phone and on his secured digital storage cards. they are going through every one of those videos, trying to figure out who is in them, where they were shot, what acts may have been committed in those videos. it is
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sensitive, difficult investigation. live in prince george's county, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> it is a painful course of action. that is for sure. bruce, thank you. investigators say one big challenge in this case is to balance the pain the children will go through, if they have to testify against their desire to convict caraway, and send him off to prison for a very long time. to the campaign trail now, and donald trump is taking on pope francis. an unusual war of words, breaking out. after the pontiff suggested that the billionaire isn't a christian, because he wants to build a wall between the u.s. and mexico. trump is blaming the mexican government for turning the pope against him. and he fired off this warning. >> if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, which, as everyone knows, is isis's ultimate trophy, i can promise you that the pope would have ly
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donald trump would have been president. >> trump said he isn't worried about losing support from catholics and he has no intention of reaching out to the vatican. well, the race for the white house, touching down in the shaw neighborhood in northwest washington today. that's where democratic presidential candidate, bernie sanders, met with several leaders of major civil rights groups from d.c., including the reverend al sharpton. the vermont senator listened at a round table. leaders talked about issues sharply affecting african americans. sanders then responded. >> in terms of voting rights. all of you know, better than the vast majority of the american people, the struggles that we have had in this country. the fight for basic voting rights. the demonstrations, the lynchings, the beatings. in order for african americans to achieve what one assumes all americans should have, the right to vote. >> reporter: sanders also talked about the water crisis in flint,
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attended a similar meeting in new york on tuesday. wusa 9's debra alfarone is looking at who african americans may be leaning closer to. that's coming up in our 6:00 hour. president obama is set to become the first u.s. president to visit cuba in more than 80 years. the white house made the announcement via twit ther morning. the trip is planned for next march 21st and 22nd. observe the president flies flies to argentina. officials say the president will press for more reforms when he reaches cuba. negligent homicide, back in the circuit court this weekend. 19-year-old sam ellis, was accompanied by his lawyer, mike mcauliffe. the player was in a horrific crash last june that killed alex murk and calvin lee. police say alcohol and speed were factors. in court, attorneys for ellis and the state set dates to
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the trial is set for april 11th. a howard county teacher was sentenced for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy. prosecutors say christopher fox, posed as a 16-year-old boy, when he met his victim online. the 37-year-old former teacher worked as a technology instructor at several howard county schools and was also a basketball coach at glen elen high school. two families are out of their homes tonight after a townhouse fire that happened in montgomery village. the flames broke out in one townhouse and spread to the neighboring home. this on brooke ridge court. one person was rushed to the hospital but is expected to make a full recovery. >> my sister, she went in and when she came back, she saw the smoke. so she just called us to get out. >> reporter: given the large amount of snow blocking entryways in the close proximity of the townhouses, firefightersy
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and the people displaced by the fire are staying with family. investigators are working right now to try to figure out how it started. the body of justice antonin scalia, will lie in repose tomorrow. the casket will arrive in front of the court just before 9:30 in the morning. after a private ceremony, members of the public are invited to pay their respects. president obama will be among the mourners. the funeral mass for justice scallia will be held saturday. gets under way at 11:00 a.m. at the basilica of the national shrine. d.c. street cars are finally ready to make their official debut. mayor muriel bowser treated that the first rides will be available starting next saturday, february 27th. the initial connection will affect the connection between 8th street. and the rides will be free until fares are set. we're justgetting started
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-- at 5:00. i feel defeated. you put me in a position where i can't even make an effective decision over my child's life. possible closing of a special high school. top? >> all right. a little chillier here today. here are the low temperatures tonight. a lot of folks get into the teens. north and west of town. maybe 19 in frederick. maybe even 18 in martinsburg. we'll talk about how the temps respond on your friday. and we'll talk more about the warmer weekend and a different timetable for next week's storm. plus, it was a shooting that left his father and young son hurt. tonight, d.c. police are looking for this man. and right after the break, the latest on a rockville investigation, where bad guys attacked two seniors.
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you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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updating you now on a disturbing investigation in rockville that is under intense investigation right now. police tell us they have ruled out at least some of the suspicions neighbors there have been having. scott broom joining us live from the potockac subdivision. these two seniors were attacked in their own home. >> reporter: that's exactly what happened here. there's been a lot of chatter in the neighborhood after a couple of witnesses gave an account that they believe a city of rockville truck and two suspicious characters in a in or about park in the moments before this home invasion. today, police said at least the truck part of that account has been ruled out. >> they walked on another neighbor's house. the neighbor didn't let them in. >> some were reluctant to be identified. because of the fierce nature of the attack. and the knowledge no arrests had been made yet. wednesday, two masked
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on arlyle court. when a 77-year-old resident answered a ring at the door. the 77-year-old man was tied up. and his 86-year-old wife was held at gunpoint. the masked gunman then ransacked the house and fled. the couple's son talked to reporters after being sure his parents were okay. >> they knocked on the door and they thought it was a plumbing company or something like that. and they forced their way into the house. >> they had two pistols. >> reporter: meanwhile, witnesses say there were two suspicious men in the park, calling 911 before the incident. police say one account of two men leaving the area in a city of rockville pickup truck, has been, quote, "discredited." all right. so we've got the city of rockville truck, part of this case ruled out. we still have the account from
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knocked on the door of one neighbor. and that neighbor did not answer. they're continuing to check that out. police are describing the investigation at this time as very active. reporting live in rockville, scott broom, wusa 9. >> the suspects have been described only as african american men who were wearing markets. -- wearing masks. two suspects are behind bars. but d.c. police are looking for a third person wanted in the shooting of a toddler. here he is. ananthony chambers. investigators say chambers and two other men stormed into a southeast barber shop last week and opened fire, hitting a man and his 14-year-old child. two alleged gunmen, terrence atkinson and barry bloomfield are in police custody. the victims are expected to be okay. a northeast washington man is under arrest for a nightclub murder. 35-year-old antoine bird, being held for a fatal stabbing last month at the
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28-year-old robinson powell killed in that attack. court papers say powell accused bird of robbing him. police shut down the club for 96 hours after the violence. it is open now, after owners agree to cooperate, more closely with police. macarthur boulevard in the district is open again, after repairs have been made to a water main break. that roawas closed during the morning rush hour, because of the rupture of a 106-year-old pipe. about 20 homes in the palisades area were without water until those repairs were completed. >> i was in that area when that happened last night. they shut down the road. it was crazy. >> woe. >> yeah. it was crazy, crazy. >> it's going to get crazy cold tonight. >> and i've been looking ahead. >> i think we should focus on the weekend? am
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but 59. >> almost is good move -- enough. >> look at the 3-degree guarantee. i think we're okay. went for a high of 49 degrees am i think we're going to be all right. i think most of the temperatures north and west of town did hold in the 30s. but i think we're going to be okay downtown. we'll let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. and you can download our app. and track us that way as well. now, let's talk about a live look outside. through that michael and sons weather cam. looking at clear skies for the time being. down to 38 already at national. winds out of the north at 13. they will settle down later on tonight. headlines look like this. colder tonight, teens north and west of town. mainly in the 20s downtown. and bus stop temperatures, 18 to 34. but dry. so that's good. and no winds tomorrow. just chilly tomorrow. although there will be a lot of clouds around on friday. milder over the weekend. high temperatures around 60. yes. that's even with clouds coming in on sunday.
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already. 29 downtown. 25, gaithersburg. 26 in sterling. 27 in fairfax. and by morning, most of us in the low 20s, even upper teens here and there. and notice the cloud, just entering, cumberland and romney. they'll overspread the metro area by morning. 31 this n fredericksburg. still 20s north and west. 26 in olney. and 29 in silver spring. as we get into the lunchtime hour, clouds begin to pull away. nothing is going to fall through the clouds. clouds roll through, 41 by nanasas. and by 6:00, we're clearing out. temps not quite as cold tomorrow at all. upper 30s tomorrow night. if you have plans, it's not going to get bitterly cold. for tonight, then, clear to partly cloudy. lows 18 to 28. winds will become light. on the day planner, then. 20s to start. 30 at 9:00. 36 at 11:0
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and 41 by 1:00 p.m. the next few days, saturday warmer, 59. i'm attempted to put 50. but i'd rather undersell this. we have showers coming in the evening, but still a pretty good day. 52 monday. 48 tuesday. clouds come in tuesday. our storm is now mainly wednesday, wednesday night storm. it's a colder solution, a weekend solution. rain and/or snow, wednesday, wednesday night, beginning with snow with a high in the 40s. >> we've got something to look forward to. a new proposal to give you more cable choices passes one hurdle. and we'll tell what you is really in that parmesan cheese. might make you think twice before you sprinkle. >> i don't want to know. >> you do. plus, could apple help the fbi bust into an iphone, even if they wanted to?
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could apple hack into the iphone, used by one of the san bernardino killers even if it wanted to? so far, apple is snubbing the order to help
5:26 pm
the device. a top inside official said apple could theoretically rewrite the software if it wanted to. they have compelling yet competing interests. >> apple is saying, even if you promise you're only going to use it once, it's going to get used again and again. >> google's ceo sent out a series of tweets, supporting apple. lawyers for the tech giants say they are prepared to take the case all the way to the supreme court. all right. you want to know about this? before you start preparing for dinner tonight, it is greated on -- grated on salads, and pasta. but some fill with it with wood pulp. the industry said 2 to 4% is acceptable. but tests found that two brands, one made by jewel osco, and the other made by wal-mart, contain considerably more. between 8% of the cellulose filler.
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now, the fda says it takes economic fraud seriously. >> i know you didn't want to know that. but now you do. the proposal would allow you to buy from a provider. in a vote, they begin public comment on this proposed rule. the final vote is expected before the end of the year. straight ahead, a police department giving kanye west the opportunity to get out of that massive, multimillion dollar debt he was exceed being earlier this week. pope francis may be willing to idconser an emergency exemption on one of the church's most controversial positions. and parents are fired up over the possible cowtion closing of a very u -- clos
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shutting down a school before they even give it a shot. that's what some say is happening to one prince george's county high school, slated to be closed. >> delia don -- delia goncalves has more. >> reporter: that's right. parents say the stakes are high. if we don't pay for high school now, they say, we'll pay for jail later. it's extreme. but an example of just how serious a problem parents consider this move. a move they say that is happening right under their noses. >> actions that i see going on right now, tells me,
5:31 pm
head, it's a done deal. and that's a crime. >> sharon sims says teachers at the former military academy have been given marching orders to start packing up. >> if you are going to have a vote that has not happened, then why are you doing this? >> reporter: the school board could vote to close forestville high school, at the end of this school year, studying low enrollments with less than 800 students. >> if it does, i really wouldn't be surprised because everyone is talking about it lately. >> reporter: the move is part of the county's master plan to free up the school. but alumni argue the county's boundaries and removal of the top-ranking military academy are the reasons behind the low numbers. >> you strategically wanted it to be underenrolled so you could send out this message. >> so you think they did it on purpose? >> that's what i think. >> lashaun jax is -- jackson is
5:32 pm
daughter. >> at 4:00 in the morning, she's up, like, mom, what school am i going to go to? you put me in a position where i can't even make an effective decision in my child's life. >> reporter: if the school closes, the 800 students will be split between two schools here in the area. suitland high school and potomac. this is not a done deal yet. there say public comment hearing scheduled for next tuesday. and the community will have a vigil here at the school at 5:00 prior to that meeting. >> thanks, delia. the school board is scheduled to vote on the proposal next thursday. police are considering possible charges connected to a school bus in howard county. it happened on route 1. a apparently car rear-ended bus, which is on its way to a private school. the driver of the car and three students were taken to the hospital as a precaution. the remaining students were put on another bus and ta
5:33 pm
school. an electrical malfunction being blamed for another apartment fire in falls church. everybody inside got out safely. investigators believe the fire started in a basement apartment. >> mourners are paying their respects to a harford county sheriff's deputy, killed in the line of duty. the viewing for mark loggedon, a 16-year veteran of the force is under way in joppa, maryland. the same area where services were held for a deputy. both men were shot before responding deputies shot and killed the suspect. mount st. mary's university. it stems from the remark about underperforming freshmen and the firing of two supervisors. the move was widely interpreted as retaliation for criticism of the administration. georgetown's faculty voted unanimously to join
5:34 pm
of st. mary's in condemning the dismissal of the professors. following an uproar, newman reinstated the teachers. and they returned to work yesterday. concerns about the zika virus. may have pope francis reconsidering the catholic church's anti-contraceptive stance. zika is especially dangerous for pregnant women and has been linked to birth defects. pope francis said he may be open to leaving an emergency exception but did rule -- exception for contraception, but he did rule out abortion, calling it evil. repaying a controversial sex abuse settlement. cosby said that's because she cooperated with police who reopened the case last year. the lawsuit stems from the 2006 settlement, which barred andrea constad from voluntarily discussing the case with law enforcement. the suit claims
5:35 pm
constad lives in canada, she had no obligation to discuss the case. look at the trending stories. remember earlier this week, when kanye west tweeted that he was $53 million in debt? >> yeah. you know, the philly police department, they're stepping up to give him some help. the department tweeted@kanye west this morning. listen. we're hiring. the starting salary is $497,000. you could be debt-free by the year 2132. because they're givers. check out this epic geography fail. head in hand. happened earlier this week. >> gondola ride through venice! >> yeah. >> let's check your geography knowledge. what country do you think we're sending you to? >> paris. [ laughter ] france --
5:36 pm
>> oh -- >> what country? >> italy. >> paris. >> oh, man. >> that's not good. why did -- what prompted sajack to even ask him that to begin with? like he knew something might have been going on? >> i don't know. because they give away the answer in the answer. >> that poor young man was set up for failure. right after the break, a local bakery, helping wounded warriors, cook up some new skills. andrea mccarren and her service dog bunts, take us there next. temperatures tomorrow, a little warmer. but we'll say a chilly end to the week. 46 in manassas. 44 in leesburg. 47 in fredericksburg. about 46 in fairfax. and 47 in silver spring. we'll come back and talk about the weekend. no real change thrtion. but we do have changes about
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a local business is making a profound difference in the lives of our
5:40 pm
and their families. >> through their six-month program, dog tag bakery is giving wounded veterans, their spouses their dreevment service dog in training take us to georgetown. >> small cappuccino. >> reporter: this neighborhood bakery is as unique as its dog tag chandelier. beyond the brownies and the cakes are military veterans, spouses and caregivers. they're here to learn every aspect of running a small business. >> this is brandon. >> this program is a godsend for my family. >> reporter: shea mason is an army veteran, army spouse, and now the primary caregiver to her wounded warrior husband. >> now, i kind of feel like i can breathe. and that there are people who -- really care. >> maybe it's dog tag bakery. >> she's found help and hope flu dog -- through
5:41 pm
bakery. >> the program goes well yngd this bakery. upstairs is a classroom, where georgetown professors provide weekly less owns -- lessons on topics, including entrepreneurship and finances. >> the support and energy is phenomenal here. >> peter scott is an army veteran and wounded warrior. >> this is a program that will help lead me to a place where i can succeed and kind of find my niche or my safe place. >> reporter: like many returning service members, he struggled to reenter the work force. battled isolation and despair. it's great to have a community that can help build us back up. >> they're not looking for a handout. not looking for someone to feel bad for them. they're coming in here. they might have had a disability. they might have gone through a spouse or caregiver. they're here because they want to move forward with their life. >> reporter: war has taken its toll, but not their dreams. in georgetown,
5:42 pm
wusa 9. >> and if you know a service member, police officer, or firefighter who serves our community and might like a visit from bunts. just e-mail bunts at at w -- bunts@ wusa and check out our wusa 9news app. we are looking forward to going there sometime soon. >> i was just wondering why there were paw prints on my keyboard. now i know the answer. contracts continue. we're looking at possibilities for kirk cousins. what does it mean if the frrgundy and gold don't use the anchise tag. is it the end of you like that era? we'll explain coming up. >> don't like that. right after the break. it's a church viewed with suspicion by some outsiders. the faithful of this d.c. institution tell us what
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
a lot of churches, temples and synagogues have left the city over the years to follow their congregations into the washington suburbs. >> in our series, faith in the town.
5:46 pm
faith has a long history of fighting for the needs of its congregation. >> reporter: you're not going to forget this church. whether you're talking housing, jobs, college scholarships or stopping major highway construction projects from coming right through the middle of the neighborhood. biebl -- bible front line has been there -- baseball way has been on the front line. >> baseball way has been part of the nation's capital for 90 years. within a short walk of the u.s. capitol. and that was by design. after a sidewalk preacher, named smallwood williams, took his ministry from the streets and tents and store fronts to new jersey and new york avenue to northwest. >> we believe in shouting. we dance. we speak in tongues. >> come on, somebody praise god now. >> we are a praising church. >> reporter: ronald
5:47 pm
>> that is the actual first building. >> reporter: it's no accident uthe bible way is still -- no accident the bible way is still in the center. where others have been forced to close their doors for lack of new converts. >> this is where god has called us to be. we're continuing to build. >> reporter: he means that literally. they have built about 4,000 housing community units in the surrounding community. >> we have built one, two, three, four, five buildings. and i believe there is more on the drawing board. >> reporter: despite its success, the church of some 2,000 members is still viewed with suspicion by many outsideirs. >> the church at that time was viewed as holy rollers. and there was a presumption of, who are these people? >> when people of faith
5:48 pm
goal from the beginning was to meet the spiritual and material needs of the congregation. >> not far from bible way church is a new wal-mart store on 8th street. but long before there was this wal-mart. this area was a food desert. the bible way started its own grocery store. >> that's our job, to be ready to meet people where they are. >> reporter: the church is a prison ministry, drug ministry, scholarship for youths and a facebook page for reaching young people. >> why am i here on this earth? >> reporter: williams william jones, 25, married. applauds his church for its homeless ministry. >> there are people here off the street. there are people here that get free meals. >> reporter: bible way leaders have been known to take on the government. decades ago, the church stopped the federal government from building interstate 95 through the nation's capital. the church claimed at the time that
5:49 pm
hurt families. the church stopped project, with help from community leaders and activists. that's why today, interstate 95 runs around the city and not through it. >> what do you say to people who say faith is a weakness? >> look at them again and say, god has got you covered. >> what do you say? >> i say without faith it's impossible to please god. >> god has got you covered! [ laughter ] >> reporter: bible way has been on new jersey avenue since 1946. but if it's to survive, the pastor says, the church will have to diversify, as the neighborhoods around it are changing. their flashes -- neighbors are becoming white and much younger. ahead at 6:00 tonight, dr. martin luther king once complained that our places are worship are among the most segregated in the country. we'll show you what some interfaith leaders are talking about. we'll talk about it at 6:00.
5:50 pm
tracking. first alert weather. all right. live look outside. it is brisk. but bright still. a temperature down to 38. indoor humidity. winds north at 13. even colder tonight. some teens, north and west of town. bus stop temperatures. 18 to 34. but dry. and no wind chills tomorrow morning. just chilly on friday. pretty good finish to the week. a lot of clouds, especially in the morning. and milder over the weekend. with temperatures around 60. despite clouds coming in sunday. so 10:00 tonight, you want to walk the dog, you can. temperatures in the 20s, though. 25 in gaithersburg. 27 in silver spring. by morning, clouds begin to approach martins burg and winchester. temperatures low 20s. maybe 21 in gaithersburg. and about 23 in bowie. by 9:00, mostly cloudy skies. nothing falling from the skies. but still mostly cloudy. 29 in manassas. 29 in lees burg.
5:51 pm
28 in leesburg. temperatures go back to mid- 40s. not a bad finish to the week. day planner looks like this. 20s to start. clouds increasing. 30 by 11:00. 36 by 11:00. and 41, mostly cloudy bysen:00 p.m. there are your showers. sunday, 59. maybe a leftover shower. clouds come in tuesday. rain or snow wednesday. only 43. maybe a little snow thursday, then clearing out. temperatures in the mid- to upper 40s. it's a business. and the team is going to operate with that mindset. and you know, this is my first time going through that process in the nfl. so it's new to me. and i don't know a whole lot about it. so we'll see how it goes. >> that was washington quarterback kirk cousins. following the play-offs. we expected the co
5:52 pm
and it appears that is what is going to happen. the two most likely scenarios, of course, the franchise tag now. whether or not the burgundy and gold decide to use the tag, they still have until mid-july to work out a long everlong- term deal. jason tells us why not using that tag could potentially backfire. >> i'd be very surprised if it went that route. because you're really running the risk of a, just losing them ute right. and -- outright. and having the market drive up the price, even more than he may have signed for. now, when he's talking to one physically. not that there would be 32 teams interested. but there would be 3 to 5 that would have legitimate interest in him. only takes one team. a team like cleveland. has a massive amount of cap space. tahas this johnny manziel debacle. what if they think it makes
5:53 pm
cousins. and cuts johnny manziel? is that smarter? not picking up your horrible defense and hoping that the kid develops over the next few years? so i don't see the redskins making that decision. he makes sense with them. he became a face in the franchise the fact that dan snyder has never been able to get it right in the quarterback position. no matter how hard he tries. letting cousins walk. and go somewhere else and play for 15, 16 million. and what's the plan b? there is no realistic plan b. bidding war for sam bradford with the eagles? not making another rg3 trade. that backfired on them. what's the plan b. >> that's a good questio
5:54 pm
it's not so much the money. because we know he's going to get paid. it's the structure, the details of the contract that really might be some of the sticking points. >> sounds like, as long as he doesn't get hurt in the off season. cousins is driving this whole thing. . >> completely. >>we have full control. >> we like that. coming up at 6:00, with bruce and jan. donald trump comes out swinging at pope francis, after the pope was asked to comment on trump's politics. the battle to win reverend al sharpton, brings democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders to d.c. and police have a new weapon in
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
community policing is not a new idea. but it is a shift in direction for the nypd. >> jamie yuccas walked the beat to show us how the evolution is working. >> reporter: the nypd is the largest police department in the country. but bronx resident, angela lloyd says, there's tension between the people who live here and the people who protect them. >> a lot of the people are negative towards the police because -- i guess they feel like there's some good cops, some bad cops. >> reporter: recent high- profile cases like freddie gray in baltimore, laquan mcdonald in chicago and gray have sprained relationships. they have approved the hiring of 13
5:58 pm
is redistricting every precinct into neighborhoods. >> we need to change the business. we need to evolve. if we're not evolving, we're not moving forward. >> the city first used the strategy back in the 1990s to try to reverse three decades of rising crime rates. >> they now plot their stops instead of waiting for calls. >> how are you doing. >> today, they're handing out flyers of a robbery suspect. while also connecting with the community. >> do have to make an arrest. do have to write summons. the fact that they're doing all of that. but make its a lot better. >> they now spend more time out of their carthan in it. >> nobody can say hi to a car am. >> reporter: for a program to truly work, officers want everyone to participate in moving forward. people like lloyd are on board. >> it may lighten us up from being so harsh on them. >> reporter: it's a change at
5:59 pm
jamie yuccas, cbs news, bronx, new york. >> now, the officers say they get more calls now to their cell phones after connecting and handing out those business cards. >> they say it often leads to tips that solve crimes. right now at 6:00, police release video of a highly- decorated marine veteran, being attacked and robbed at a d.c. mcdonald's. democratic candidate bernie sanders comes to d.c. >> first, snack down in the middle of -- smackdown in the middle of a dispute. the pope and donald trump, in a war of words. seems like everyone is weighing in on this, except the white house. i'm bruce johnson. >> and i'm jeff jan -- jan jeffcoat. they called had am a pol -- a politician. that reporter then proceeded to ask whether an american catholic could, quote vote for someone who nt
6:00 pm
wall. >> the response came as he was flying to the vatican after he prayed at the mexican border, for those trying to droz it. he said a person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not a christian. >> the wall is just the tip of an iceberg that mr. trump is not a christian. he obviously has not read a bible before -- 2 corinthians. >> trump said he would not allow christianity to be consistently attacked and weakened. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith -- >> i'm not a fan of the pope anyway. i was raised southern baptist. >> the feud between the donald and the pope was one of the top trending stories all day on twitter. sandra schneider wrote, i was taught in school not to judge others. i believe the pope has forgotten that.


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