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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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right now at 11, a night that changed two families forever. they were friends, but one is accused of killing the other after a holiday party took a wrong turn. i'm adam longo. >> and i'm lesli foster. the man who is accused of killing i -- learned he will not be prosecuted. it may be a relief, but it doesn't ease the pain. >> ellison barber ask live talking or or -- talking to or having talked to the man who fired the gun. >> reporter: frank taredo made the unusual decision to testify at his grand jury trial because he said he had absolutely no other options. >> i was supposed to go fishing that day with my kids, and he asked to come to the house. i
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fishing, it wouldn't have happened but those things didn't happen. >> reporter: frank and mario brought their families together for a small holiday party on december 22nd. >> it was a small flash, and i remained my sight, and he was on the ground. >> reporter: the problems started with alcohol. >> mario had quite a bit to drink, and in the course of the discussion, he became irate. >> reporter: he left the room, hoping perez would calm down, but instead things quickly escalated. >> we could hear him screaming, and fear came over me. i didn't know what was going to happen next. i went and grabbed my weapon, and i stood in front of my sons' door. >> reporter: his sons left as he was holding the gun. >> mario was
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-- agitated, and he threatened to kill us. if he would have gotten to me, with his size, and his skill, he would have killed me. >> reporter: prosecutors said it didn't have to have happen because perez was not harmed, but the grand jury believes him, and the state's attorney now says he does, too. >> it was self-defense in his own home. we are not going forward with any other charges. >> it's tragic for our family and tragic for mario's family. >> reporter: reporting live in rockville, i'm ellison barber, wusa 9. >> he said perez was an mma fighter and served in the marines and because of that background, he believed that perez was capable of violence. you are looking a
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tonight at the supreme court. the american flag is flying at half staff in honor of the late justice. so many people stood in line, they had to keep the door open later than planned. his body will eventually be moved for tomorrow's funeral. >> it was a day of powerful image as thousands including the president and first lady paid tribute. >> reporter: it was a much larger event than people suspected. the funeral tomorrow will be a smaller and more intimate affair, and the vice president is expected to be there and several other washington dignitaries, but not the president of the united states. the line of mourners outside of the supreme court stretched on
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today's viewing by hours to accommodate more people, among them fans of sntonin scalia's pros. >> he was the best writer on the court hands down, ever. >> he's been very influential on the last couple of years of my life. i felt like it was a historic opportunity to come out and carry the story on saying i was part of this. >> reporter: his casket was carried into a -- into the great haul this morning, placed before the eight remaining justices. >> reporter: his son, paul a catholic priest, said a prayer, and tomorrow he will deliver mass. the president and michelle obama arrived in the afternoon to pay their respects. >> reporter: the president has received some criticism on the right for choosing
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attend the conservative justice's funeral mass on saturday, but outside of the court tonight, mourners we spoke to said it was a nonissue. >> reporter: does that bother you? >> it doesn't. i think he's probably not going because he doesn't want to interfere with the whole proceedings and everything. >> some people are getting really upset about it, but the logistics of having him go would be insane. >> reporter: and this weekend the president will continue to boric on finding a nominee to replace justice scalia on the court. the white house said he would be working towards putting together a short list. as he was leaving the oval office, federal was snapped with him leaving with a large binder of research homework under his arms. garrett haake, wusa 9. >> be sure to watch wus a 9 throughout the day for special coverage of the funeral at 7:00 a.m. with wake up washington. if you can't be near th
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our app. it will be live streamed starting at 11:00 a.m. from prince george's county tonight, disturbing information about the school volunteer charged with recording child porn. a source tell us deonte carraway gave the is phones to many of his victim. he confessed to recording students performing sex acts at the elementary school. mr. president, a little help if you don't mind. the maryland governor asking the feds to declare last month's blizzard so state and local agencies can grab federal dollars to help offset the cost of preparing for the blizzard and cleaning up the mess it brought it. >> this could be one of the best weekends we ha
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awhile. right to topper shutt for the details. >> it would be a nice weekend if we were in march or early april, but february, we are kind of stealing one, we really are. the temperatures upper 30s, and 20 degrees warmer to start tomorrow, 36 in gaithersburg, and 37 in manassas. by lunchtime, a few high and thin level clouds. 58 downtown, and 57 in silver spring, and by 10:00 tomorrow night, maybe a mild night, and at 10:00, temperatures around 50 in sterling, and in dale city, and we will go into sunday morning, and more clouds are coming in sunday, and i lowered temperatures a bit. nothing craze. by 1:00, showers to the south of us, and along i-81. bring clouds in earlier and showers earlier, and temperatures back into the 50s, but again, lowering temperatures a bit. want to track the showers with us? download our app. it's free, and you n
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radar and 3-degree guarantee, and speaking about the forecast, we will talk about next week's storm in a bit. newspaper headlines dubbed it the desired named streetcar. we have been watching the project slowly come to life, 9 years behind schedule, but we are 1 week away from the launch of the dc streetcar. next saturday will be the opening ceremony, and you could take the first right. mola, do people believe it will happen? >> reporter: adam, considering we have a decade behind schedule with the streetcar project, folks on 8th street, let's just say they are holding their applause for the streetcar launch, and we are about a week out from the launch, and folks say they believe it, but they still want to see it. >> reporter: the
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next week. yeah, yeah, we have heard it before. >> i do think it will happen. there's a date next week. >> reporter: the troll i wills have been operating for months making dry runs without passengers, and it has always been smooth. >> reporter: is that something you would use? >> maybe not. >> maybe use it if it's cold outside, and it's free. >> at beginning, curiosity, but at that, no. >> we have strong legs, and we will just walk in. we have another option to get up and down the street. >> reporter: where's the buzz? >> i think they may have taken the excitement out of it by delaying it so long and making it a fantasy more than reality it's a punch line now. >> i hope it's not a tourist trap. >> the district hopes it's not a boomdoggle. the current system only runs 10 blocks. >> streetcars? too much money, not a good investment. >> if they extended it, it could be useful this is the
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launching. >> it will cause too many problems with the traffic. >> reporter: if they can overcome hurdles or actually just start taking passenger, some folks see a little potential. >> the best part about it, it will bring more people to the businesses on 8th. that's what 8th street is all about. >> reporter: when the streetcars launch next week, and they start to take passengers, they will -- the rides will initially be free until the district can figure out a fair system and how they will charge passengers. mola lenghi. >> thank you, mola. one of dc's most iconic landmarks will be closed all weekend, the washington monument. a contractor accidently damaged the control box for the elevator. the park service says, no, it's not another mechanical failur
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waiting to hear when it will reopen next week. harper lee only wrote two books, but one earned her a pulitzer prize. harper lee died today. the book was published in 18960, an instant best seller, and lee found herself back in the spotlight last year with the publication of her second novel, "go set a watchman" and it set a 1-day sales record for adult fiction. started really just -- i was a mess. >> he went from doing drugs and drinking too much to becoming a big time evangelist, and now he leads one of the biggest churches. that's in tonight's faith in our town report. the justice report calls apple's
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terrorist's iphone a marketing strategy, but there's signs that a deal could be in the
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all this week we have been airing special reports about faith in our town. > tonight bruce introduces us to a local man who went from a drug addiction to
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of the largest churches. >> for all have been and fall short of the glory of god. >> reporter: he is one of the country's best known evangelists. >> reporter: he is at christian mcklain bible church. >> the living risen jesus christ. >> reporter: on sundays, an average 17,000 worshipers pack the church, the center of the sprawling $100 million complex. >> we just preach the bible. >> reporter: you never said i need a bigger church? >> no. i was sitting smoking dope is a major draw.
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in north carolina. >> i was smoking dope, dropping lsd, space mess. >> reporter: he saids it was an evangelist who introduced him to the bible and jesus christ. >> i looked into his eyes and knew he had what i was looking for. >> reporter: in 1980 he was the pastor at mcklain bible. it started with five families and eventually grew to a congregation so biggings it was able to buy 43-acres of land and that mass complex once owned by the national wildlife federation. the nearly $100 million mortgage? it was recently paid off. >> in my life, my faith is everything to me. >> reporter: roxie and matthew hokansmith met at their university. >> i came from a
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christ when i was 13 at this church. >> i didn't grow up in a church. there was always something missing. mega church has mega resources starting with an annual budget of more than $30 million and a staff of more than 250 people, and there is a ministry here for every need, none sends out more than what is inside of the house that sits on the main campus. jill's house is named for lon and his wife's special needs daughter. >> i was so broken that i couldn't fix it. every father feels that responsibility to fix it for his children. i got more and more broken hearted, and it was like god enabled me. >> reporter: it's a safe, fun place full of activities, and they can spend the night or weekend giving their
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much needed time for themselves. >> 80% of marriages with a special needs child end in divorce because the measures are so horrible if on the marriage. we want to preserve those families and those houses. >> reporter: this is a separate nonprofit from the church. they have satellite churches with plans to expand into southeast dc. bruce johnson, wusa 9. >> fascinating. our series continues into the weekend. tomorrow night at 11, nikki goes to an area church that was down to 10 members, and now it's a thriving place of worship today. the justice department is suggesting a compromise in the dispute with apple. the battle is over an encrypted iphone used by a gunman in the mass shootings in california the government said they are willing to allow ap toll retain possession of and later destroy specialized so
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to help the fbi hack into the phone. a cup of joe can help you sober up after a night of drinking. >> my friends, it's a friday night delight. a new study shows hot brew could also undo some of the damage done by alcohol. british researchers found a few cups of coffee every day cuts the serosis of the liver. you will getting over your hangover and bouncing off the walls. >> you will be fully caffeinated. >> but your liver will be good. >> i'm hoping the same is true for tea. >> that's what i was thinking, too, as i'm drinking tea. >> you would have thought the british would study tea before coffee. >> too late. >> we are in for a pretty fab weekend. >> we are. bringing in the clouds early on saturday, and it has not
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>> you said it's almost 60? >> that's all i need to say. the 3-degree guarantee. feeling good today, and we did pretty well, even though the models were all over the place. 42 for the actual high, and remember, one model went 39 to 49. all right, live look outside, and it's still 40. dew points are coming up. winds are turning out of the south, eventually southwest. last night temperatures fell like a stone. more like spring, quite frankly. saturday, great, and there's afternoon and evening rain on sunday. sunday morning looking okay. pleasant to cool start to the week, and then it looks like the rain is tuesday into wednesday, although, this last little model i looked at may actually have the storm wednesday into thursday. join mr. bernstein, and he will keep you posted. there will be
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the bottles are all over the place. temperature in the 30s, not cold at all. at 10:00, almost near 50 despite the clouds. 50 to culpepper. 49 in silver spring, and 1:00, upper 40s to near 60, and then there will be some clouds. you grill out everywhere by tomorrow. 10:00, 24 hours from now. 53 downtown, and 50 in manassas, and pretty good deal. day planner, 30s, and 50s by 11:00, and almost 60 by 1:00 p.m. sunday, afternoon hours, evening rain. 57, knocking temperatures down a bit. pleasant on monday, and 50. the next 7 days, okay, showers, rain on tuesday, wednesday, possibly thursday, and then chilly again next friday that does look like rain. >> oh, all right! >> so
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how about some friday night high school hoops? poolsville and churchill nearing the end of the regular season. in the spotlight tonight, the featured game of the week, and here's greg olson with more on this matchup tonight. >> reporter: senior night at churchill high. >> senior night is always emotional we have five outstanding seniors this year. >> but the jr. lady bulldogs led the charge. coco leading the charge. i found darian copen the former standout on the diamond back at his alma mater
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daughter play. >> i think she would have scored 25 points tonight if she had my genes, but tonight she scored what, 6 points? probably her mom. >> reporter: poolville made it interesting with buckets like this but the senior had sharp shooting like another number 30. seth curry that did the trick. >> the atmosphere of the team is incredible. we knew it would be a big game, and we really pushed through at the end. >> reporter: it was really special for the two head coaches who played against each other and then together in college. grace olsen, wusa 9 sports. general reminder, sunday, 11:30 a.m., before the big michigan and maryland game, timing off at 1:00 right here on wusa 9. the terps need it badly after the loss in minnesota.
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time, jonathan papelbon did not gain any fans, and in fact he lost most of them. i'm surprised he's still on the team, but he is owed so much money. the chokeout was none too pr, ettybut down in florida today, papelbon was trying to wipe the slate clean. >> me and bryce, we are both good. i apologized to him and my teamma tes,and with what happened last year, i was in the wrong. >> all right, morris is making his wizards' debut against the pistons and his twin brother marcus. thwi
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team looking to lock up an olympic birth. 12 minutes, team usa with the only goal they need. usa wins it 5-0. and they are headed to rio for the summer olympics it will be here before you know it. >> there's champions
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know better sleep with sleep number. ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. we leave you with this tonight. 61degrees over the weekend. loving that.
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have a great night. >> love it. have a great weekend. see you monday. >> jon: stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> stephen: hey! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome to "the late show."


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