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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  February 22, 2016 3:05am-4:01am EST

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on. ruby never has come close to winning. cruz has lost two straight after victory in iowa. soon it will not be enough just to slow trump down. >> i am suspending my campaign. jeb bush finished fourth and broke. bush and allies spent more than $120 million never finished in the running and collected a paltry three delegates. john kasich helped drive bush out of the race, hopes to persuade voters he deserves a longer look. >> we have risen in the national polls. we are still strong. we have good grassroots. everybody just hang on. things are going to settle down. >> the campaign now heads to nevada which holds caucuses tuesday. a week after that, march 1, super tuesday fry marries where 25% of all available delegates will be awarded. >> major, thank you.
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for democrats, the road to super tuesday runs through south carolina next weekend. here's nancy cordes. >> we just won nevada! >> reporter: clinton headed for houston, texas one of a dozen states that will vote super tuesday, march 1. on face the nation, disappointed sanders tried to put his loss in context. >> weep lost in nevada by five points. a month ago we were 25 points behind. >> reporter: for clinton, a 4 hour blitz of the vegas strip paid off. >> yep, take that inside. most populous county by 10 ate'- points. >> final count, 190 for secretary clinton. and 81 people in the preference group for senator sanders. >> luisa morales is a maid the caesar's palace. >> president hillary clinton. >> why? >> she is inig
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so beautiful human. >> reporter: women, older voters and african-americans were key to clinton's victory. >> hillary! >> feel the bern. >> younger voters went once again for sanders. you need help right now with the debt you already have. clinton made this appeal to new graduates in her victory speech. that's why i have a plan. to cut your interest rates and cap payments so you never have to pay more than you can afford. >> sanders insists he will bounce back with wins on super tuesday. in oklahoma, colorado, minnesota, and his home state of vermont. >> we are going to see the results of one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. >> but first he will have to make up ground here in south carolina which holds its democratic primary next weekend. several thousand people have
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the south pacific nation of fiji recovering from one of the biggest storms ever recorded in the southern hemisphere. cyclone winston had wind up to 177 miles an hour. so far at least ten deaths reported. communications are still down. and rescue workers have yet to search the rubble of many destroyed homes. nearly 130 people were killed in a series of bombings in syria. the attacks in neighborhood in damascus and homs and came as secretary of state john kerry announced preliminary cease-fire. elizabeth palmer is in damascus. >> reporter: in the early afternoon, explosions from two car bombs ripped through a
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residential neighborhood in homs. this is a pro-assad area, the attack was clearly anti-government and isis has claimed responsibility. a few hours later in suburban damascus several more bombs went off. and isis says it planted them too. friday's cease-fire deadline proposed by the united states and russia came and went with no pause in the fighting. though all sides say they're still willing to negotiate a temporary truce. this weekend, president bashar al-assad said it publicly in an interview. but he doesn't trust the opposition fighters to lay done their arms and they certainly don't trust him. so the war grinds on. around syria's biggest city aleppo, russian planes and the syrian army are battling together in a huge offensive designed to cut off the opposition supply lines.
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one more reason the syrian government may be dragging its heels on a truce. but the pressure jeff is building. president obama's expected to speak with russian president vladamir putin in the coming days to hammer out details of some kind of pause in this war. >> liz, thank you. the dalai lama had reassuring words for followers speaking in minneapolis. he said he is in good health despite undergoing treatment for a prostate condition at mayo clinic. the dalai lama is 80 years old. >> catholic diocese asked pastors to cut ties with girl scout troops. the church says it's concerned about the scouts positions on social issues. here's jamie yukes. >> reporter: for almost 100 years, the girl scouts of missouri and arch diocese of st. louis have partnered in leadership programs for young women. today, nearly 4,000 scouts meet in st. louis parishes. this week the archbishop disbanded catholic committee on
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girl scouts because of ongoing concerns that the organization exhibits a troubling pattern of behavior increasingly incompatible with our catholic values. >> things like abortion advocacy with their groups -- >> brian miller -- >> push for things like values, same-sex marriage or transgender issue keeps coming up. that is something with our catholic faith. as we try to educate our youth, obviously, there is a bit of a conflict there. >> reporter: in the letter the archbishop says girl scouts promote role models in conflict, gloria steinam and betty friedan. reaction came fast. one woman said as a catholic, i am disgusted by the archbishop's letter. i hope the parish will continue girl scouts. another wrote -- amen. thank you, archbishop carlson. on the church's on line question and answer section there is a post asking can i buy girl scout cookies. the response -- each person mu
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act in accord with their conscience. the girl scouts of eastern missouri says on its website it val use its long standing partnerships with religious organizations and remains committed to being an inclusive group. bonnie bartakowski, the ceo. >> we work to build girls of courage, confidence and character who truly make our world a better place. >> reporter: jeff, the archbishop does not call for a ban on girl scouts. he is creating a catholic committee for girls formation that will promote catholic values and leadership. >> jamie, than you. up next here, the police unions calling for a beyonce boycott. and an historic photo finish at the daytona 500. the "cbs overnight news" will be right back.
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not everyone enjoyed beyonce's performance at the super bowl. some police unions are calling on officers to boycott her concerts over what they say is a
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dangerous message. jericka duncan has this story. ♪ okay, lady now let's get in formation ♪ >> reporter: because beyonce and her dancers danced in tribute to the black panther party known for confrontations with police, some law enforcement officials say the mega star is out of line. ♪ take what's mine >> reporter: javier ortiz is with the miami fraternal order of police. >> we are not going to put up with her anti-police message. ♪ i work hard >> reporter: parts of her music video, a young black boy puts his hand up in front of police. the words stop shooting us appear graffiti. and now, some police union heads are calling on officers to refuse to work beyonce's concerts for her upcoming world tour. which is sold out in 16 cities. the president of nashville's fraternal order of police said we ask officers to refuse to support the efforts of artists who promote a false narrative of
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law enforcement attacks on black citizens. new york sergeant's association, as a celebrity figure, beyonce should take greater responsibility in her divisive actions that further complicate relationships between communities of color and the members of law enforcement. but they are not suggesting a boycott. >> tampa's police department made light of the controversy with this tweet. that says, officers have been in formation for days, signing up to keep the beehive save. last october, director quinton tarantino condemned police brutality saying he was on the side of the murdered. the nypd took offense and encouraged people to boycott the hateful eight. jeff, that movie ended up grossing more than $131 million worldwide. >> jericka, thank you. after 500 miles decided by inches. here is the extraordinary end t
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the daytona 500. denney hamlin taking it from martin truexx jr. at the wire. look at that. that takes skill and luck. it is the closest finish in the history of the daytona 500. up next here, a life-saving device used by the military now ready to help civilians.
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a company in oregon developed a way to save the lives of gunshot victims. technology effective in war zones. here's demarco morgan. >> insert the applicator into the wound. >> reporter: it looks like a turkey baster. >> the sponges are deployed this way. >> reporter: designed to save lives. >> they begin to expand and
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site of the bleeding. >> reporter: he works for medvedics, and their device is called exstat. meant to absorb blood and exert pressure on trauma wound. to stop bleeding. the fda cleared it for military use in 2014 and u.s. special operations purchased hundreds. >> they couldn't get bleeding to stop in his leg and used the exstat dressing. >> reporter: a combat medic with special operations. sims says it is a tough art to pack a wound using traditional method to stop the bleeding. >> it might take you four, five minutes to get the wound taken care of. with exstat it takes 10, 20 seconds to get all the dressing in place. in december of last year the fda cleared exstat for civilian use. during events like san bernardino, and other mass shootings. in addition to natural disasters and car accidents, the time saved to stop bleeding scan be
3:24 am
spent assessing other vitals. if it just increases survival by a couple percent and you expand to civilian population talking thousand of people that don't bleed to death that would have bled to death. >> reporter: exstat costs several hundred per applicator, a price the company starts reducing after roll out this month. demarco morgan, cbs news, new york. a mega bus ride went terribly wrong outside of chicago. the back of the bus caught fire and appears part of it exploded. it was all documented on twitter by "the new york times" frugal traveler lucas peterson. nobody was hurt. several passengers reported losing their belongings. still ahead, tourists who raced to the rescue when a helicopter went down.
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you may have seen the dramatic video of a sightseeing helicopter crashing last week in hawaii. we are hearing from the people who witnessed the crash but also raced to the rescue. here's chris martinez. >> reporter: the video captures the moment a tourist helicopter plunged from the sky. what it doesn't show is the daring rescue that came after sean winrick put down his camera. >> bunch of people jumped in the water. we tried to help the survivors. >> reporter: among them, juan valerio, he and his family were
3:28 am
harbor bar memorial when he witnessed the crash and instinct took over. >> ran in with my clothes. swam out as fast as i could to the helicopter. valerio found a woman. as he swam with her to shore. the lady started yelling, "please help my son. he is only 15 years old. he is stuck in the helicopter. please get him out." >> reporter: he says the teen was still strapped in his seat as the the helicopter began sinking. it took rescuers nearly ten minutes to free the boy and bring him to shore where valerio's wife, a critical care nurse was waiting. >> we need to do what we can for this young boy. >> we were all strangers to one another. we didn't know each other. but everybody collectively was able to work really well with one another. >> reporter: the pilot and family of four canadian tourists all survived. as for valerio's family they never made it to the memorial. but their two sons got a valuable lesson about bravery and courage. >> makes me feel very proud that i know now that they could do that. i could do that.
3:29 am
anything could happen. any second is precious. >> reporter: chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. that's the "cbs overnight news" for this monday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back with us later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm jeff glor.
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>> announcer: this is the "cbs overnight news." welcome to the "cbs overnight news," i'm jeff glor. presidential campaign trail tomorrow in nevada which hold republican party caucuses. saturday's democratic caucuses saw hillary clinton beat back a challenge. from bernie sanders. clinton got 53% to sander's 47%. for the republicans, saturday's prmary in north carolina gave primary in south carolina gave donald trump another win. trump garnered 33% of the vote. marco rubio and ted cruz, second and third respectively. jeb bush finished disappointing fourth and left the race. >> every day americans test the boundaries of freedom and achieve more than what they could have ever dreamed. but over the last seven years, our nation's bright light has become little more than a flicker. we have retreated from the world
3:31 am
the american values that have brought peace and opportunity are fading. that is not the america we know and love. america is a country that thinks big, acts boldly, and leads without apology. it will be up to the next president to restore that kind of leadership. i am proud of the campaign that we have run to unify our country. and to advocate conservative solutions. but the people of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina have spoken. and i really respect their decision. so, tonight, i am suspending my campaign. yeah, yeah. thank you. [ applause ] >> john dickerson discussed the gop race with donald trump for "face the nation."
3:32 am
nomination to lose? >> i don't think so. look, i am dealing with very, very talented people, smart people. good people. and, you know i think, you know they will be competing. we have a competition. i had a great victory yesterday, south carolina amazing. new hampshire was amazing. you know the size of the victories i think were incredible. yesterday i won every delegate. won all seven congressional districts on top of having a big margin. so that was a great victory. no, we are now off to nevada. go to atlanta tonight. making a big speech in front of many thousands of people. then i go to nevada where i will be for a couple of days. i have a lot of property out there, lot of great employees. i think i should do well in nevada. >> if you didn't get the nomination, you would be shocked? >> i wouldn't be shocked. look, again, i am competing against professional politicians. senators, top of the line. i know ben carson is still in. a terrific guy. talented guy. competing against a lot of very good people. sou
3:33 am
certainly i am leading. no question. but we have got a long way to go. >> marco rubio says now the campaign is in this phase you have to be more specific about your foreign policy vision and knowledge? >> i think i have great knowledge of foreign policy, frankly. despite what some people said, i was always against the war in iraq. and a lot of people weren't. they just got on the bandwagon recently because it was a disaster. i think i have great knowledge of, for military. i think i have better vision for syria than a lot of great military geniuses saying how to fight the war with syria. in my opinion doing just the opposite. are we going to start world war iii over syria. be there for the next 40 years. been there for 15 years in the middle east. much more than that probably. we have spent $4 trillion, maybe more than that. it is time to -- to do something about it.
3:34 am
isis out. you have got to knock isis out. >> let me ask you about your position on iraq war. referred to that a lot. this week everybody has gone through the things you said. seems like it was more muted your opposition to the war. everybody knows when you say something it is pretty clear what you mean. on iraq it was a little bit more muddled than you have been making it seem? >> john, i wasn't a politician. i had no even thought of being a politician. nobody talked to me about war, should we do the war or not? not like now where every day you are asked question as but things. and i spoke with howard stern, a friend of mine on his show. this was many, maybe months before. talking about. i said, yeah, i don't know. i was thinking abut it. i didn't think about it. when the war started. actually joe scarborough called yesterday and put something out. where basically it is on my side. that was early on. before the fact. it was very early on. he interviewed me years again at the very beginning. that was just put out yesterday evening.
3:35 am
i think joe for that. look, i was against it. i was against it very early. we shouldn't have been in there. i think it is probably perhaps the worst mistake we have ever made. first of all, they didn't knock down the world trade center. it wasn't iraq. it was other people without mentioning names. other people. some day they ought to open the report and find out. it was other people that knocked down the world trade center. it's, you know, no reason to go into it big now. it was a horrible mistake that unfortunately shouldn't have done it. we have lost trillions. thousand of lives. wounded warriors i love all over the place. and, here's the other part. iran is taking over iraq. they wanted it for decades. decades. decade. they're taking it over. as the you sit there. i sit here. they're going in. taking over. walk in. do what they want. essentially already taken it over. >> last week when the pope made his remarks questioning your christianity. you said, no leader especially a relis
3:36 am
right to question another man's religion or faith. just last week, you questioned ted cruz's christianity tin the course of the campaign may have helped you win south carolina. why i it okay for you and not okay for the pope? >> no, i never questioned ted's -- anything having to do with his religion. i just said, you can't lie and hold up a bible. you can't do that. you just can't do that. it is not appropriate. i was tough on him on that. because things were said about me that were not true. and marco rubio actually said that he lied. i have never seen another politician to another politician that he lied. i guess it happens. marco gave me cover. he said the same thing. he said it during the debate that he was lying. so i just said you can't say things which are lies and claim christianity. you can't do it. i just don't think it's good. i'm not questioning his christianity. i think it is inappropriate to hold up the bible and lie.
3:37 am
carolina? >> well, i am asked that question so much. i just don't know. i was first in a state of shock. i have never seen the pope talk about something as unimportant as donald trump. i was like, the pope is talking about me? this can't be happening? and then i said -- good or bad? they said it is bad. i said, oh. this was the day before the election. i said the pope is saying bad things about me the day before the election? and then, i gathered myself. and i realized it had to do with illegal immigration. he was opposed to, my measures which is basically creating a border the i came out very strongly that we want a border. the mexican government probably convinced him that, you know, donald trump was saying not nice things about the border. i think it worked out well. don't think it was a positive. i think it was probably neutral. don't think it was negative. could have been a tremendous negative. turned out to be probably neutral. i don't think it was a positive. and the pope was very nice by thy.
3:38 am
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the difference is easy to absorb. marco rubio and ted cruz remain behind donald trump in the race for the gop nomination. both with over 22% of the vote. rubio slightly ahead in south carolina's primary. both men spoke with john dickerson. >> senator, you are saying it is now a three-man race. means to get to nomination you have to get past donald trump. is that going to happen or make that happen? >> you have to make that happen. the dynamic to this point, donald trump in the 30s, high 20s. part of the electorate says they're not voting for him. divided among five or seven people. as the five or seven people continues to narrow down. it will make the race clearer. and clearer. of course, we have to earn the vote. there are people, supporting donald trump we belie
3:41 am
win over as well. it is a smaller race and field today than last night. i think practically speaking it is down to three people who are still running. full-scale campaigns. i have respect for governor carson. he will stay in continue to fight. i know john kasich is out there. spend a week in michigan. today alone in three states. we are going to continue to campaign everywhere. we feel really good about this if any one wants to joint effort. we need their help. >> how will you take the voters away from donald trump as you say? what is your argument? >> here is our argument. i am realistic. in 2010. ran for the senate five years ago. been there five years. enough time to know the damage barack obama has done to the country.
3:42 am
but while i am realistic. i am optimistic about our future. a few things. if we do them we'll have the greatest era. i detailed what the things are. specifically. if you are running to be president. you can't tell people you will make america great again. explain policy wise. we are not going to win a general election with a candidate who refuses to detail policy. donald has time to do that. we can half a policy debate about whose idea are better. i believe that once people begin to understand what is at stake here, that we have a chance here, not just to make our country great, but greater than its have ever in we have a plan to do it. that will influence voters, not to mention, coalesce those who were with some one else around us. >> you want donald trump to be specific, offer more policies. people have been asking about that from him for months. in the polls what it shows the that voters seem to be flocking to him they think he is the stronger candidate on issues of national security. are people wrong? how do you convince them they're not right to be for donald trump
3:43 am
because he is stronger? >> i think strong rhetoric and strong action are two separate thing thousands. any one can use tough words. go over the top and say things that sound strong. sounding strong is not enough. you have to know how you will do it. look at some policies he talked about they would not make america stronger. views on vladamir putin are troubling. i don't think he understand who vladamir putin is or what he is freeing to do. these are the things that i think in detal you understand. when you are commander-in-chief, you are commander-in-chief on day one. you don't get like a six month grace period. the world does ptd -- doesn't stop and say -- let's wait till the president catches up before we challenge america. you have to know what you are doing on your first day there. look, this is not an attack tore anything of the nature. just a simple observation. if you want to be president. you have to detail specific public policy. i don't think from this point forward in the campaign, voters will be as tolerant of the lack of that as the they have been up to now. >> what else other than vladamir putin would you expect specific
3:44 am
policy from him on? >> i mean on everything. health care. we all agree we will repeal obama care. what will you replace it with. we have detailed. he has the not. again on, issues of energy. how will we utilize our energy resources. what's the role of the federal government? what justices would you appoint to the supreme court not just because a vacancy now, at least one or two potentially in four to eight years. on virtually every major issue before the country. that tips the natural pursue of the federal government. important to have specificity about what you are going to do if you want to be the president. >> you said last night your campaign was defying expectations in south carolina. wasn't the expectation that you should have done better in south carolina given the large share of conservatives in the state. and the large share of those who self identify as evangelical christians. >> john, look at the first two primaries. started in iowa. the media said we don't have a chance. couldn't win.
3:45 am
we won -- won overwhelming victory in iowa. big, big margin. went to new hampshire. all the media said, a conservative could not compete in a moderate new england state. we won a third place finish in new hampshire. we went to south carolina where a week ago, donald trump had a 20-point dominating lead. we ended up closing that gap tremendously. and finishing with effectively tied for second place. that combination what that has done to the race. at this point. we have seen the field narrow dramatically. there is only one strong conservative who has a path to winning. that is having the effect of unifying conservatives nationally and teeing us up for nevada and special for super tuesday in nine days. that was all t always our plan. >> let me ask you a question about evangelical voters, their poll shows they went for donald trump over you. do you think he questioned your christianity during the course of the south carolina campaign? >> listen, there is no doubt
3:46 am
personal and nasty. both of them when you point to their records, they follow the same pattern. they've scream, liar, liar, liar. they impugn your integrity. attack your character. as you know, from the beginning of the campaign. nearly a year now i have consistently refused to respond in kind. not going to impugn them. any one's integrity, or attack their character, i will happily praise both donald trump and marco rubio as men who i admire. as people who, not going to go personal with them. but i do think we should be focused on substance and record. if you want a candidate who opposes amnesty, citizenship for 12 million people here. i am the only candidate who opposes that. you want a candidate who led the fight against obama care, who will lift the burders on small businesses and barack jobs. the only candidate with the proven record. if you want a candidate to
3:47 am
religious liberty. second amount. and appoint constitutionalists to the court. i'm the only candidate with the record. that's why conservatives are uniting behind our campaign. if they want to continue with the attacks that's their prerogative. we will stay focused on the substance. i think that's what the voters want and deserve. >> substance of immigration and building a wall. you and donald trump want the same thing. he had a lot of experience in the business world executing get things done as a b businessman. what would you say to a voter. you may share the same goals with donald trump on this, but you lack that experience of executed the way he has in the private sector. >> listen, i have joked more than once on the campaign trail i am going to build a wall. i have somebody in mind to build it. there is no doubt that if you wanted a building contractor donald would be a strong contender for that. the question we have here is who is a leader on this issue. you know back in 2013. when we were having the epic battle on amnesty.
3:48 am
when marco rubio joined with barack obama and chuck schumer and harry reid to push amnesty. i led the fight against it, standing shoulder to shoulder with jeff sessions and steve king and millions of americans. donald trump was nowhere to be found. he was tweeting support for amnesty a couple years ago. even now if you ask donald he wants to citizenship. 12 million people here illegally. deport them. let them come back in with citizenship. if listen, if you are a steelworker, truck driver. drives down your wages, take as way your job. we need to fight for the working men and women not monied new york interests. >> the "cbs overnight news" will be right back.
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bernie sanders finished behind hillary clinton in the saturday nevada caucuses. sanders also appeared on "face the nation." >> senator start with the south carolina primary. you said last night you think you have an excellent chance on super tuesday. are you skipping your chances in south carolina? >> well, john, i am talking to you from columbia, south carolina. we have a major rally. we are not skipping over anything. but i think after south carolina, we have 11 states, we stand a good chance of winning a number of those states. we think we have a whole lot of momentum. we lost yesterday in nevada by five points. a month ago we were 25 points behind. if you look at national polls. the numbers are tightening up. in some cases we are ahead nationally.
3:52 am
country are responding to our message of a rigged economy, a corrupt campaign. finance system and broken criminal justice system i'm feeling quite good. >> how should people judge the sanders campaign. you have come a long way. your message has influenced hillary clinton a great deal. should people say where are some big wins for bernie sanders? or hey, this is a message campaign. and let the message continue through the contests? >> this is not a message campaign the we are in the race to win. i think on super tuesday for example, you will see major victories. john as you know. most people know. these primary elections and caucus elections are proportional. and that means it is not winner take off.
3:53 am
nevada got 19 delegates. we got 15. we will need 2400 to win. a state-by-state process. and we are going to win big states on super tuesday. >> in the cbs poll of nevada caucus goers, 90% thought hillary clinton had the right experience to be president. only abut 10% said you had the right experience. how do you change that feeling? >> well, i think we have, remember when we started this campaign. hillary clinton is almost universally known. she was a first lady. secretary of state. a senator. i am a senator from the very small great state of vermont. not a lot of people know me. they don't know my experience the my 25 years in congress. eight years as mayor of city of burlington. get the word out. making progress. a long way to go. people have got to understand the agenda that we are fighting for. this is a senator who has taken on every powerful special interest, whether wall street or the drug companies, military industrial complex. the more people know our record the better we do. i d
3:54 am
yesterday to the best of my knowledge we actually won the latino vote in nevada. major breakthrough reaching out to a diverse nation. >> that is a major break through. hillary clinton, however won among african-american voters, a large portion of the electorate in south carolina. you don't seem to be making inroads and the clock is ticking? >> we are making inroads. we are doing better. interestingly. a lot of the polling i see is not along racial lines but generational lines. we are doing better and better among younger people. not so well among older people. african-american, white, or latino. we have a lot of work to do. but i think when the african-american community understands my record, on criminal justice, economics the agenda. raising minimum wage to $15 an hour. dealing with the fact we have more people shamefully than any other country on earth.
3:55 am
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