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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  February 22, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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right now at 7. the search is on and there is a sketch of who possibly raped a woman inside her own home. >> plus, more than a dozen bald eagles found dead on a maryland farm. investigators believe they know what led to the record setting death. first, three men are accused of attacking an uber driver after he ended their ride. >> thanks for joining us, i'm bruce johnson. >> and i'm jan jeffco. >> what may have triggered the attack. >> reporter: this started out like any other ordinary uber ride. it quickly turned violent when passengers started cracking open beers and then the driver was hit with a beer bottle. these thre
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attacking an uber driver. sonny drives for uber and horrified to learn a fellow passenger was attacked. >> it is sad. >> reporter: police say the uber driver picked up 6 passengers and they started to drink alcohol in the uber. when a passenger refused to stop. the uber driver pulled over and the driver was hit with a beer bottle and the window shattered. >> i think it is disgusting the behavior. >> i hope they throw the book at them. >> do you ever feel for your safety? >> yes. the main thing i'm concerned about and thinking is this guy going to be okay? is going to be safe from me or not. so that's the main thing. >> as for the uber driver that was attacked, he
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his face and a bump on his head and thankfully he will be okay. reporting in arlington. stephanie gearhart. the three men that attacked the uber driver was rained. the last we heard they are behind bars. >> an official with uber from michigan said a passenger was complaining about the driver driving air radically. dalton has confessed to gunning down six people. the 45-year-old appeared in court via a video feed to face 6 counts of murder. dalton did pass a background check. >> police are hoping the sketch will lead to a quick arrest in the rape of a woman in her own apartment. it happened at the mallard apartments in mt. vernon
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did it. >> police at the complex handing out a flyer that some residents say looks like a homeless man that they have seen sleeping in the laundry room. late this afternoon police went door to door with new information about the rape that happened over the weekend. >> it is terrible. i know, i understand. oh, my gosh. i listened. >> reporter: the 50-year-old woman raped by a stranger in her own apartment has given the police a description and here is the sketch. >> the victim when she saw the sketch and completed, it was adamant that was our guy and appears to be hispanic 5'2" and 5'5" and small build. >> the rapist broke in to the apartment. >> the woman called police
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the incident has people on edge. >> it makes you think about moving. >> the victim has lived here a long time. so have other residents of the mallard apartments off of route one in mount vernon. >> we have homeless people. we don't know if he was involved. that may be the case. >> very safe. this area is good. >> reporter: in the mount vernon peggy fox. you can find the app on our and we have the phone number for police that want to call police. local leaders will join an attorney and f.b.i. to discuss deantrey careway. he recorded 17 children in sexual acts. a
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pushing her little boy is not responsible. that is what a judge ruled for romechia simms. she pushed the little boy for 40 hours straight and he died from dehydration. >> the mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia. >> it won't go away. it has given the state of maryland for people suffering with mental illnesses. >> it is a wake-up call to all folks that have mental illness. there is no post mental need to take care of this illness because tragedies can happen. >> simms can stay out of jail as long as she continues the county treatment plan. >> we have a story out of prince george for an app called offer up. u
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things that you want to sell secondhand. two men used the app to commit armed robbery. tyrone strictlan, jr. and andre speller are accused of uploading fake posts claiming that they were selling various items. once they met with potential buyers, they pulled out guns and robbed the victims. it is going to and messy couple of days. enough rain for yellow weather alerts. tracking how that rain could impact the commute. but better than snow. yes. we are looking at a messy commute tomorrow. now, temperatures will be cold but we don't see any snow. a couple flakes possible in fredericks and cumberland but this is 6:00 a.m. on the future cast. i-66 south and route 50 south, you will have rain already. 37 gaithersburg and 49 in fairfax. by 8:00, there is your weather in fredericksburg. temperatures above
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38 in sterling and by 10:00, we got rain everywhere. just a miserable morning. fredericksburg 32 and only about 40 in buoy. by lunchtime you need your umbrella, you will need it taking the kids to the bus stop. 43 downtown with steady to moderate rain across the board. we will talk about when the rain will taper off to showers and why we had to wish a weather alert on wednesday for a different reason. thank you. we got breaking news out of hawaii. a 16-year-old injured in last week's helicopter crash died. he suffered critical injuries when the chopper plunged into the water. four others were hurt. the
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investigating. merrill bowser is in cuba exploring ties with cuba. met with the mayor of havana administrators from the university. in. >> celebrating the nation's first president. according to the park services web page, the monument elevators were closed until furtherness. last week a contractor accidentally damaged the elevator control box. the park stresses that this is not another mechanical failure following break downs last year. one of the top stories on wusa9 app is taking the social media by storm. >> my favorite story is about 10 6-year-old woman that got a chance to meet president obama. she was so excited
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a little dance. >> how are you? >> i'm fine. >> that's right virginia mclauren. her big day happened last week's black history month. the program says mclauren was plucked from the line and introduced to the president and first lady michelle obama. and what we can learn from her. >> live for the lord. love people. treat people like you want to be treated. you will live longer. >> there you have it. that's the secret. virginia mclauren born in 1909 in south carolina and her army was a veteran and died in 1941. ms. mclauren turns 107 next month. i love those words of wisdom, we can learn so much from them. you are excited because she is from your home state. >> and my grandpa loves her as well. a big shakeup to starbucks. a pr
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starbuckses perks. the coffee change is changing how customers rack up the free items through the royalty reward programs in april. customers will earn stars based on how much they spend rather than for each transaction. a big deal. right now customers earn a free item after 12 visits. possibly spending as little as $24. but with this new system, customers will have to spend about $62 before getta
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>> republican candidate john kaisch is continuing his tour in virginia. here is a look. he had a similar event in fairfax at george mason university. the trip started with advice from his mom and determined women that campaigned for him. john kaisch says he is used to be an underdog and he is the right pick for president. >> i do now how to fix the country and it is solving problems and having experience to get the job done and to get america lifted again, okay? >> virginia holds its presidential primary next tuesday. happening now. famous fake president frank underwood is in town. several people from the house of cards getting ready to hit the red carp. for the premier screening of season four. we will have a
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tomorrow morning on wakeup washington. season four of house of cards topper. in. >> everybody stays above freezing 45 in downtown and maybe close to freezing in frederick and 36 in fairfax. who should see a couple of snowflakes tomorrow morning. for being so cute, these guys have had it rough. they need a forever home. it is not that
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that's tonight at 11. so far criminal investigators have not ruled out foul play and the largest mass death of bald eagles recorded in maryland. >> they spent today searching property near fredericksburg near 13 of the protected birds were found dead saturday. they believe that someone poisoned the eagles and not sure if it was intentional or by accident. investigators have not found the source for that poisoning yet. neighbor glen breeder was walking on the property when he saw the first of the dead birds. it is our bird. it is our country. something or somebody has taken another piece of it away. the shocked property owner called in natural resources police. a combined reward for information is now up to $10,000. so beautiful. the
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on the potomac is on the wild. tri-state build rescue is taking care of the geese scrubbing off the oil and nursing them back to health. the river is cleaner and 21 birds are strong enough to fly. the organize still rehabbing several other geese. they should be released later this week. it was a good day to do this, too. dry. not as cold as it has been. in. >> not bad. temperatures above average. the average high will be 50. in. >> finally. right? >> let's start with the 3- degree guarantee. we went 50 today and a little nervous. reading 54 in the car. did we make it to within 3 degrees. join us at 11. download our app and can track us that way. down to 47 and dew points well above freezing and wind turning southeast today and will turn more and become st
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northeast tomorrow. cold raw day tomorrow. can't emphasize that enough. here is where the rain is originating from the carolinas. you can see the yellow here and there and thunderstorms possible down through south carolina and tomorrow a big area of severe weather in the panhandle. the rain will get in here by tomorrow morning. so good enough for yellow weather alert tuesday and a second storm behind that, good enough for weather alert on wednesday. bus stop temperatures 32. raw and cold and a couple of snowflakes. and hagerstown and even winchester and damascus. rain event folk. both commutes will be wet tomorrow and showers on wednesday. so we have a heavier rain tomorrow morning and showers on wednesday and rain and thunderstorms wednesday night as the warm front pushes through and temperatures in the 50s. in the meantime chilly, 44, 10:00 on future cast. dry
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walk after dinner, by 6:00 a.m. rain in damascus and fredericksburg with temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. and by 9:00 there is a snowflake out towards hagerstown and temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. by 1:00, good area of solid rain. 43 downtown and 42 in buoy and 42 in fairfax and by 6:00, the rain tapers off with temperatures in the low 40s. a real raw marsh like day. day planner, 41 to start and 42 and we climb to 43 and at 1:00. it will be a really chilly day tomorrow. wednesday yellow weather alert for showers and then thunderstorms at night, 48, 50 and a leftover rain shower on thursday. chilly on friday and a good end to the week. upper 40s on saturday and mid- 50s on sunday and look at that next
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and talking about tiger woods, is he coming back? >> i don't know. >> tiger woods tournament returns in june. will the host be able to make the trip? the latest on the surgery. sports is next. and if you are looking for a reason to celebrate tonight. it is national margarita day. it has been on twitter all day. you can check out the top margarita
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now, w usa9, game on sports, with kristen berset. brought to you by xfinity. >> the golf tournament returns to the congressional country club returns in june. will the host be well enough to play. tiger woods has had a major set back after his 3rd surgery. difficult for him
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sit without pain. but today, his agent, mark steinberg refuted those reports saying they are ridiculous and false. tiger is continuing with the rehab and couldn't give a time frame for a return. tiger has not played since last august. wyndham championship. we will see as the months go on. maryland's men's basketball team ended their two skid with a four point win over michigan. touch and go. the terps had a 16 point lead but then came out sloppy in the second half however they did end up with the victory. i caught up with mark sturgeon that said there was positives but the turnovers, all 18 continue to plague his team. those turnovers in the first half led to eight la.
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that so we will continue to work on that. i got some ideas and didn't have enough time between minnesota and here. we will have a week to practice. it is coming at a good time as we head in the post-season where we can have a week to go back to the basics. and try to get better. a win cures everything. and next up, the ac c tournament returns to dc since 2005 where virginia will take center stage. the ac c features the u.s. capital or so they thought. looks similar. there is a pick of st. paul's cathedral in london. you see the similarities. the capital building was modeled after st. paul's. >> but it is still not. >> no. it is not. the terps. do you see them in the final four possibly
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tonight, new kardashian backlash. what happened after kris general jenner w booed in front of thousands. >> and kanye breaks up a violent paparazzi brawl. >> wait until you see the crazy way he brok te uphe plus, we have the first photo of kim and kanye's baby boy. st. west. then exclusive photos of bill cosby's wife before testifying in her husband's defamation case. what does camille cosby know? "e.t" is on the scene. >> a really star's plastic surge with the "e.t" cameras rolling. the bandages is here. plus our weekend with katie cuoco and she tells us how sh gets that sick butt. >> i just throw the calories right back in. >> and billy idol, rick


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