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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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right now out 11:00 the video of a confrontation in morgan has gone viral. now the man arrested with an assault on police tells his story. thank you for joining us. i'm jik15. >> and i'm adam longo. the video has a lot of people asking if the cops went too far. we're joined live with an interview you will only see on 9 tonight. >> reporter: the police were called out to year to club heaven and hell on 18th street saturday night around closing time to help with this unruly crowd. then they started making arrests as the situation started unfolding. all of it caught on tape. a bystander's cell phone video captures the struggle between police and 27-year-old
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handcuff the man they later describe as acting aggressively and volatile. he's swinging his fists wildly as officers pilon and hit back. >> [ shouting ] >> reporter: one officer uses pepper spray. today, police her to court hearing in which a judge ordered him to stay away from adams morgan. marquise colburt told me he was drunk and does not remember much.; remember if somebody said there is somebody drunk on the floor. the police never said come on police. they to start pushing me. i said, don't touch me. >> reporter: the police report says that you shoved a cop in the chest. >> he did not say on police their >> reporter: gracie lee anderson owns the bar two doors down from where the incident began and watched a spill out onto the sidewalk in front of her establishment. >> unfortunately, when you have that many people leaving a building
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know of what's happening, miscommunication, mayhem and pandemonium can break out. that's exactly what happened saturday. >> reporter: police also arrested two other participants who they say punched or pushed to them. both released today to a release -- to await trial. tonight, police tell me they are still investigating the incident. that video posted online will help, and so will video from the party cameras that at least one of those officers were wearing on saturday night. that has now been released, yet reporting in adams morgan, garrett haake, wusa9. >> thank you. to prince george's county where we are expecting the information in the unborn child port investigation there. local officials, the fbi, and a federal attorney and to holding his conference tomorrow afternoon to discuss deonte carraway who faces several counts of sex abuse and child porn involving students at jada sylvania woods elementary school in glen artisans. we will of course bring you breaking news on our free wusa9
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staying in prince george's county, two men under arrest for armed robbery after being busted in a police sting. the suspect used to buy and sell app like craigslist to find victims. wusa9's ellison barber is why the police headquarters with a warning. >> reporter: police are warning people to be careful when they shop. take a look at this app. it's called off her up. it is giving craigslist to mine for its money but police has also very attractive to criminals in order to stop some of them detectives post as customers. this capital heights neighborhood is where police say tyrone strickland and andre speller robbed two teenagers. they allegedly posted this ad on the app, offer up. when the teenagers showed up to buy the dirtbike they were met with a gun. a few days later, police responded to a similar ad reportedly posted by the same people and many strickland and speller on the exact same street. according to police, one of the men have this done with an extendedaz
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turn anything into something that. >> reporter: a shame, but maybe not a surprise. >> unfortunately in today's society, police are using these types of things to all people in their >> reporter: offer up the cells pretty much everything, from watches tissues to dirt bikes. anyone can be a seller or buyer. the app requires users to register with an email or facebook and on their website they outlined some safety tips, but none of it is foolproof. right now in prince george's, police say they are investigating seven robberies involving offer up. none of that deters wanda glenn. >> i've had a good experience we have met them in public. i feel very comfortable. and the lady that i was dealing with all their comfortable with me as well. one bad apple can't spoil the whole bunch. it's a shame that they have to be cautious in anything that you do.
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>> reporter: police have outlined a number of ways both buyers and sellers can stay safe when using this type of marketplace. we have all of those letters on our website of the busiest thing they say to do is try to do the transaction in a public space, somewhere like a shopping center. reporting live in palmer park, ellison barber, tran01. >> thank you. in a statement, a spokesperson for offer up total wusa9 they do not tolerate criminal activity and that they have worked closely with police on the investigations. a yellow weather alert in effect for tomorrow. and the next day. >> let's get right to gmail topper shutt. top, we are talking about a rainy, messy morning commute. >> better rain dance now i suppose. tomorrow morning will be a tough commute. by 6:00 a.m., this is futurecast. eventually, rain. i-66 s. edward 56 s. amateurs 30s to 40s. 38 in manassas, 40 in fredericksburg. by 8:00 now the rain rose more than two montgomery county past brockville, test 270, gaithersburg
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temperatures till mid to upper 30s, that's it. by 10:00, rain essentially everywhere. not much difference in temps. 38 frederick, 42 inch -- la plata, 42 in buoy. a raw data mother by lunchtime temps in the low 40s. maybe 39 in hagerstown the rain across the board, some of it locally moderate. reminder download our app, it is free. go to the app store, search wusa9 pretty good radar, 30 guarantee an extended forecast. he will come back with a 7-day forecast in a bit. new information on the uber driver in kalamazoo, michigan charged in a series of deadly shootings. police say jason dalton confessed to running down -- or, gunning down, we should say, able at random. dalton appeared in court to face six counts of murder. a judge denied bond. uber us as a passenger complained that dalton was driving erratically saturday night and are before the shootings began. the company says dalton did
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to clean, no record. police in the district are investigating a fatal shooting that happened in the 4500 block of coral street northeast. this happened around 5:30 tonight. we only know that the victim is an adult male, no word yet on who he is, or who shot and killed him. police are investigating another act of violence, this one involving teens at a metro bus stop. after four teenagers attacked the 61-year-old woman and grabbed her purse, a metro bus driver spring into action. let's get right to wusa9's mola lenghi and southwest dc with more on what happened there. >> reporter: the 61-year-old woman got outside the bus outside the metro station, then, her for alleged attackers followed her off the bus. it didn't take long. as soon as the 61-year-old visually impaired woman all just got off of the metro bus monday afternoon outlaw popoff station, four teenage girls attacked
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the face, before trying to run away. then it did not take long for the bus driver to spring into action, running off the bus and after the wusa9's -- teens. metro officials say the girls ran into the station where they were cornered and eventually caught. robbery with force and violence, resisting arrest, salt on an officer and fare innovation, a 16-year-old will be charged, 216-year-olds will be charged, a fourth will not. mac the 61-year-old visually impaired woman suffered bruising to her face. she was checked out at a local hospital expected to be okay. by the way she did get her purse back. live at the metro plaza, i'm mola lenghi for tran01. in montgomery county a 19- year-old woman is accused of driving drunk as she crashed into a beer and wine store on route 55 and gaithersburg. investigators say after the crash of men in the passenger seat climbed behind the wheel and
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up with both of them. >> reporter: a mother from pushing her dead tosser in a swing has been found not criminally responsible in her son's death. detectives say romechia simms was suffering from an episode of schizophrenia last may as she pushed her 3-year-old, ji'aire lee, in a swing for 40 hours at a playground in la plata. the child died of hypothermia and dehydration. under a plea agreement, simms will receive supervised mental health treatment, no time in prison or a mental health institution. in fairfax county we just got off the phone with police report no arrests in a rape in the mount vernon area. that rape -- rapist broke into the home of the 35-year-old to saturday on the mallard apartments near route 1. he threatened her, assaulted her, and took off. the victim was able to give police
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investigators have been distributing this sketch in the neighborhood, hoping to turn up new leads. and, this in fairfax county, two boys at glasgow middle school have been charged with sexual battery on a female classmate. police say the assault took place last november on a school bus parked outside of the school. these boys are 11 and 12 years old. police say bus surveillance video shows the boy scrubbing the girl several times on her breasts and behind. it appears the driver was not on board at the time. i say every time, no tears. but you never get used to this. >> and emotional homecoming as rescued puppies arrive on a plane. meet the local group behind these very special flights. up next. earlier this evening at the national portrait gallery, president frank underwood had his official portrait unveiled. i'm tommy mcfly. we take you inside on tran01. we have seen her
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the dc area is the saving grace for animals in need of homes. >> shelters are so full especially in the midwest and felt that rescue groups bring cats and dogs here to save their lives. tonight, wusa9's nikki burdine drives along one of those rescue missions. >> reporter: drew is one of those dogs looking for his forever home. he came to the area through a program called pilots and tran18. >> this is a video of our first puppy. >> reporter: you would not know it by looking at their faces, but these little guys have had a rough start at life. their journey began in painesville, ohio. >> we are going to have a good trip, aren't we? >> it will take them to frederick, maryland. >> reporter: before the puppies arrive, it's a mixed bag
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emotion. >> these people do not deserve to have animals. >> reporter: sadness for where they have been. >> these puppies had to be taken away from their mom at four weeks old. >> reporter: regret for those they couldn't save. >> their dad was just a shot and killed because they did not want to deal with it. >> reporter: and anxiety for what's to come. >> oh, i can't wait until i hold them. >> reporter: and then, the best emotion. one that can only come from puppies. >> oh, hey, guys. oh, my gosh. you guys are such a blessing. they are safe! they are safe! i say every time, no tears. but you never get used to this. >> reporter: it is all thanks to a team of people, an organization called pilots and paws. >> oh, they are confused. >> reporter: it starts with a plea for help online. where volunteer pilots like mel etheridge can sign up. >> you did not want him so he was going to hit them over e
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>> reporter: when mel heard their story, he knew he had to do something. >> i got to pick them up and drop them off. >> reporter: tomorrow's promise, a rescue group in maryland, agreed to take them. and here we are. >> you absolutely never get used to not having tears of joy, of rescue. it does not save every dog which we would love to do. but, it saves these 5'4" right now. so, one dog at a time, and we sure can make a difference. >> reporter: drew is the last puppy in a letter waiting for adoption. his four siblings have already been adopted and are in training to become search and rescue and therapy dogs. go to our wusa9 mobile app to get more information on how to apply. you could also learn how to volunteer for pilots and paws. i'm nikki burdine withdrew wanted to adopt them, wusa9.
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>> certainly ready to get down and get out of here. for sure. tonight, president frank underwood, yes, as in kevin spacey's "house of cards" character unveiled his portrait at the national portrait gallery. >> the painting is by british artist, jonathan now. it goes on display wednesday and stays through october. it is part of the festivities for the season 4 premiere on netflix. our own tommy mcfly was there with the cast of "cards" on the red carpet. >> that's the thing about "house of cards," whether your independent, republican or democrat it's the one thing in dc to get people to shut up and left. why is that? >> when i have a hat on i look like a banker. nobody wants to talk to a banker. >> they want to be really cool. >> we are rock stars in this town and it is different when we come to dc. it's awesome. >> it's fun when doug samper walks around. the bar,
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that's him. >> tell me what you are not. are you a birthday clown? >> i'm not a birthday clown. >> fast food shop? >> not a fast food shop. >> see, we are learning things here with tran15. this morning and starbucks i did say hello to a lot of people. they recognized me and starbucks. >> frank underwood, and goes to face from "scream," how are they the same and how are they different? >> frank underwood is protectable. ghost face is holding a knife like, look, i'm a serial killer. frank underwood is not doing that. >> reporter: "house of cards" premieres on march 4 and present underwood's portrait on display for the next six months. i'm tommy mcfly, wusa9. >> an interesting comparison between frank underwood and the ac
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march 4. frank underwood is the first fictional president to have a commissioned portrait at the national gallery. >> but they are of course rock stars in washington. >> soak it in. quite an adventure for dc woman who is 106 years old. first she became a hit with the president and first lady, the real president and first lady. >> now she's a hit on social media. if you need monday motivation, check out this video that has gone viral. it is pure joy. >> how are you? >> i'm fine. >> oh, so nice to see you. >> that is virginia mclaurin. her big day happened at last week's black history month program at the white house. mrs. mclaurin was plucked from the line and introduced to the president as well as first lady michelle obama, and today we asked her, at 106, what is the secret to living a long farm a
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love people. treat people like you want to be treated. you will live long. >> the golden rules. get the cake and birthday candles ready, because mrs. mclaurin turns 107 next month. so, the key to aging well is to keep moving and don't stop. >> she had a smile the whole time but she was loving that. >> so cute. this is our favorite story of the day. >> she volunteers 40 hours a week. she is really incredible. >> she is amazing. >> the president was saying, slow down. take it easy. let's talk about the 30 guarantee. we were concerned and for good reason. we went for a high of 50. remember, i said that i saw 54 on my car coming in. fortunately, the high was 53. 15 of the last
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if i've look outside, our weather cam, 44 rinow. dewpoint above freezing. that is the good thing. nobody will fall below freezing. looking at arena vent, yes, couple of what snowflakes out side, maybe in frederick, hagerstown, cumberland, that's about it. winds become northeasterly tomorrow. here's where the rain is, richmond and southward. it has a ways to go but no shortage of moisture. covered the entire state of north carolina back into tennessee as well. it will be here by dawn. yellow weather alerts tomorrow and wednesday. busstop temperatures, 34 to 42, rainy and raw. a miserable morning. the good news is when you pick the kids up it should be more of scattered showers. rain and shelves tuesday, wednesday, heaviest rain i think will be tomorrow night. excuse me, wednesday nights. possibly even thunderstorms wednesday night. how about that? futurecast 6:00 a.m., essentially rain, i-65 s. and root five -- 41, passed
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by lunchtime rain re. is frederick 41. 44 in fredericksburg, 43 in manassas. rain and a northeast flow. notice the winds, that is the arrow, generally northeast flow, pretty good equalizer in terms of temperatures. by 6:00, it kind of thins out to just showers. 44 downtown. still only 42 and gaithersburg and 42 in frederick. by this time tomorrow night, a few showers but more rain gutter to the south. temperatures pretty uniform again. some opportunities to low 40s, maybe 42 in dale city and down toward dale city. now, 41 across the board at 9:00. 7:00, only 42 at 11:00 and 43 at 10:00. temps to move much at op-ed wednesday, here's the deal. 40 is going to be the high for the day. i think the high will eventually be 59 or 60 be
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thursday, leftover snow and rain showers, temperatures 50, but the high will be temperatures just after midnight, probably 59 but dress for 50. next seven days, kind of cool but a nice finish to the week, 45 or so friday. upper 40s saturday. back in the 50s sunday, okay, and back near 60 monday. >> we're just about out of the boy here. >> we are, and getting warmer. >> there is no perfect ability to college hoops. >> it's crazy this year. there is no dominant number one in week after week the polls are changing. it's going to be interesting. >> march madness. >> differently going to be the madness, that's for sure. continues to be a crazier one week from the next. the rankings all jumbled purdue never know what is going to happen. a look at tonight's upset. plus, some local high school teams,
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tonight, high school basketball tran31, bragging rights on the line between dematha and st. john to bring an even regular series into tonight's coes
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the game, harvey looks for the shot, thinks it. the cadets with a nice hefty lead, though. maryland commit, anthony cohen, going head to head with mcdonald's all-american , good spin move and the rim, the crowd like that one, for sure. cohen, 21 points and seven assists, helped lead st. john's to a 71-57 court storming victory. the ladies of the big night as well, paul the six in action seeking their third straight w cac title, taking on the cadets. st. john's putting in early panthers lead, junior asia mcrae muscles her way to the basket. up by six. but, senior pittsburgh command, jasmine whitney, show championship experience in the big stage with buckets like this. paul the sixth with a 70-61 win, they hoist the hardware
11:27 pm
upper-level, terrapins number nine in the coaches polls, thanks to two losses to unranked teams. the virginia cavaliers, however, move up to the number three spot. however, may not last very long. tony bennett and the cavaliers visiting 12th-ranked miami tonight. the hurricanes led for most of the game here, gavin reid with the three, gives the cane the eight point lead, reed with a career-high 28 points. bad time to miss his first shot of the half. he was 8-8, that would have given virginia delete. brogdon with 28 points, here's the shot he missed. the rest of the team, 33 points combined. miami outlasts virginia, 64-61. you always remember your first. first car, first love. tonight was mike richards first. it was his first goal as a washington capit
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