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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  February 23, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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c1 anacostia . right now at 7:00, a teacher's aide allegedly caught in the act. and the release of federal porn charges. >> just to prove everyone wrong. beaten and robbed, the decorated marine attacked at a mcdonald's focuses on the future as police clap cuffs on the suspect. >> and flames rip through a storage unit as helpless owners look on. >> and a yellow weather alert, heavy rain and the worst yet to come. the search is on for two men wanted in a metro train shooting. police tweeted this photo in hopes that someone could help track them down. thank you for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm bruce johnson. a man is in stable condition
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line this afternoon. two suspects, both teenagers, are in custody. >> reporter: a metro transit police spokesperson tells us that they believe the 15-year- old is the alleged shooter here. >> i don't know what it's gonna take for the kids to wake up and see you know, you doing it to each other. >> reporter: police believe it was an attempted robbery or a robbery that led to someone firing one shot at a 24-year- old moon a green line train after it stopped on the platform on the way to greenbelt. police say that the victim was conscious and breathing. >> they were having an incident with the people getting punched and hit on the train. that was bad enough, and this is just like terrible. >> reporter: police broadcast surveillance images of the suspects to the area. police spotted and nabbed the two near the south capitol street bridge. >> thank god it was fast like that, but
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not, you know, results that fast. >> reporter: trains were running on one track during the time of the incident, and serving back up and running here at the anacostia station. stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> the metro car where the shooting occurred has been parked in the train yard. anyone with information should contact metro transit police with the in info on the wusa 9 app. and a homicide investigation estate skyline towers in falls church after a building employee discovered a man's body it. appears that the victim was shot to death. we hope to learn more later this evening. the school volunteer accused of making child porn in a prince george's county school is facing federal charges. there are explicit details on what deonte carraway allegedly did with students
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school. the 22-year-old could be spending his life in bars. >> reporter: carraway could face a minimum of 120 years behind bars. >> carries the maximum sentence of life on each count but more significantly, each count of seduction of child pornography carrying a manned teriy sentence of 15 years in federal prison. >> reporter: prosecutors say that 22-year-old carraway would likely spend his life in prison if convicted. but the federal charges aren't the only ones he faces. the grand jury indicted him on a state level. the fbi continues to investigate and say that the charges could grow. >> we have identified and disclosed 17 victims. at this point, it's an ongoing investigation. know that police detectives and federal agents have conducted going on 200 forensic interviews. >> reporter: acco
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documents he didn't just film the students performing acts on each other but filmed himself with them as well. and at one incidents, prosecutors say that he threatened his victim after they refused to take off their clothes. when the child resisted, he said he would report them to the principal or police. >> i think that illustrates the evil, really that, we see in these cases. a defendant is actively trying to undermine the authority figures that typically children would go to when this occurs, and i think that's why it's especially important for the parents to be alert and prepare your children for the possibility to be confronted with this. >> reporter: because this is an ongoing investigation, there are a number of unanswered questions. one thing that came up is whether or not carraway shared any of the video with other people or online. the fbi did not have a concrete answer but it's something that they're continuing to
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into. reporting in greenbelt, allison barber, wusa 9. >> investigators are asking anyone with information to give them a call saying in this case, nothing is too small or insignificant. the number is 1-800-call-fbi and we have this information on our free wusa 9 app. right now, fire investigators are working to pin down the cause of a 3 alarm fire in upper marlboro that shut down a stretch of 301 for 3 hours. the self storage called fort knox caught fire before noon. witnesses say they were shaken while watching a man who was apparently trying to put the fire out by himself. >> he might be trying to go back in there, but we called 911 as soon as we saw he wasn't going to put that out. >> you should know that the man was not hurt. the build handwriting no -- building had
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firefighter was burned at a fire at this house. this video tweeted by the fire department shows heavy smoke coming from the top windows. one firefighter was burned when his helmet got knocked off and hot embers or melted plastic fell on his head. more rain and maybe a thunderstorm is on the way. chief meteorologist topper shutt is tracking the rain. hey, top. yeah. we had numerous reports in louisiana, and this is the area crossing portions of alabama and into mississippi and headed towards georgia. nothing crazy like that will happen tonight. we are still in the cold sector, but at this point at this time, we could be rocking and rolling. here's a look at the radar, most of the showers pushing north of baltimore. the radar won't show
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drizzle. 37 in frederick and 37 in hagerstown. still 34 downtown, so just a miserable, miserable evening, really. let's talk about the flood watch. it doesn't quite get to pla plata, but you could have heavy rain in st. charles and calvert counties. in addition to this, we have a freezing rain advisory, not really concerned about this, but i'll show it to you. frederick and washington county through the panhandle of west virginia until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. we'll come back and talk about the timetable for the possible thunderstorms and talk about when we snap back to winter. >> thank you, topper. d.c. police arrested two teens suspected of attacking a decorated marine outside of a mcdonald's. today, we sat down with the victim hours after police made the announcement. >> he said despite the ordeal, he is
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>> reporter: the veteran marine is focusing on recovery. 11 days ago outside this mcdonald's, police say teens robbed him and beat him. the shocking video shows the brutal beating of veteran marine chris marquez outside a d.c. mcdonald's. two teens were arrested for the assault and robbery. >> bad apples, but, yeah. this is amazing. >> reporter: police continue to investigate and are looking for a third suspect. the marine believes the attack on him was racially motivated. >> it helped create awareness of what's taking place around the country, and it keeps me from feeling sorry for myself. i saw my friends get killed in front of me. i saw them lose their limbs an
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a victim. >> reporter: doctors diagnosed him with a traumatic brain injury. >> i was very angry watching the video, and it's still hard to watch the video and knowing it's out there. >> reporter: because of the injuries, his doctors encouraged him to drop a class at american university to get more rest. despite that, he is still scheduled to graduate on time in december. wusa9. and good luck to him. the goal is 40-dollar, 40 -- $40,000 to help him out. we have more on our website. a change in tradition at the naval could. the difference you'll notice
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this year's graduation. >> also, the race for the white house will bring a former president back to the dmv. who is due in town tomorrow? that story after the
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the tug-of-war between apple and the fbi led to protests and rallies across the country today. some gathered outside fbi headquarters in d.c., and they rallied in support of apple that is refusing to help unlock the iphone that belonged to a killer in the san bernardino terror attack. the fbi said that the phone could hold key information and bill gates actually supports the fbi in that. and apple said it could set a precedents making personal devices less secure. we're one week away from super tuesday when virginia and
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primaries. tomorrow, former president bill clinton will be in alexandria to speak on behalf of his wife at 3:15 in the afternoon and then to richmond in the evening. and donald trump is a heavy favorite with a double-digit lead in the polls and marco rubio and ted cruz, they're fighting for second place. the candidates have been criss crossing the states looking for support. ourwusa9 app has a section dedicated to the latest results. the naval academy has a change in policy regarding midshipmen and what they wear at graduation. no shirts or shoes. they will wear identical uniforms to their male counterparts. this affects only graduation. a spokesman said that the graduation ceremony is
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the importance of uniformity, a team concept and naval academy tradition. >> you good with that? >> i'm good with it. >> okay. oh, baby. the twins are beating the odds seeing double and double again, a look at the unbelievable bundle of joy is after the weather. top that, topper. i can't top that, but we have freezing rain advisories north of town. i don't think anyone gets below freezing. 41 downtown remains flat. 36 in frederick and 37 in gaithersburg, and 38 in fairfax. i think we're in good shape. it's a miserable night, a little fog, a little drizzle. we'll come back and talk the prospect of thunderstorms.
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really bad there, and it moves eastward and northward, and we could hear a rumble of thunder tomorrow. let's start with the 3-degree guarantee. it felt good, the cold air held and went for a high of 46. tonight at 11, we'll find out you -- how we did, 15 out of 16 i think. the temperature, 44 and it's gone up a bit. it's a miserable evening with the winds. the doppler doesn't pick up the drizzle. we're just in the drizzle phase right now and drizzle and showers over might. the bus stop temperatures, another raw start, 34-44 and wet and the heavy stuff will not be in the morning like this morning. it will be in the afternoon. both commutes will be wet and warmer with thunderstorms by wednesday evening with temperatures pushing 60 by about this
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so 10:00 tonight you can take a walk but it will be kind of chilly, not crazy wet, though, just drizzle. 39 also in sterling and low 40s downtown. now, by morning, we could see showers begin to lift up, temperatures about where they were when you went to bed, 39 in gaithersburg and 38 in olney and hagerstown. by 8:30, 9:00, a little more widespread activity west of town, maybe 40 in win chester with showers and rain and 44 downtown, and 1:00, i think this is ahead of itself. i think the warm air will get here but i don't think it will get here by tomorrow at lunchtime. we've seen it over and over. the warm front will buckle and buckle and make it here at about 6:00 tomorrow night. 3:00, 3:30, showers and storms developing down to the south of fredericksburg. i get that. and they roll through by 6:00, 7:00 and a rumble of thunder i
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think is likely. 60 in leesburg by 6:00 tomorrow and 57 as far north as hagerstown, a wild and weird day for february. on the day planner, 40s to start and 48 by 11:00 and 50 by 1:00 p.m. and warmer by evening. now on thursday, breezy and chilly and a midtime high of 60, and breezy and cold on friday and only 43 and dry. chilly on saturday, dry and milder on sunday, upper 50s and cold once again next tuesday. so nice that the good lord did it twice or in this case, five times. >> identical twins from utah have given birth to a total of four sets of twins. schedule delivered in 2010 and a year later, her sister, carrie, also delivered a set of twins. this time around, they decided to go through the joys of motherhood together.
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gave birth to a second set of twins. >> growing up, we were always super close. i think the more we can do together, the more exciting it's been. >> this is like lightning striking twice. carrie has a middle child who is not a twin. so they have 9 kids, five years or younger. both used invitro treatments but doctors say that you are more likely to be struck by lightning have been have two twins give birth to twins twice. wow. got that? >> yeah. ryan zimmerman fighting back, not taking this sitting down. no, no. he has maintained this image and been a quiet guy, a private guy and is thrust in the spotlight and it was a bombshell that accused several sports stars of using performance-enhancing drugs. he spoke about the allegations today including what he's doing to keep this
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ryan zimmer man is a fan favorite here and he is one of the faces of the washington nationals franchise. so it caught everybody by surprise this off season when he was linked to performance- enhancing drugs on an al- jazeera documentary including zim who once again refuted the claim saying he never met the physician named in the piece which was since recanted and that he never used peds. zim has opened a defamation lawsuit that will open his private life. he said it's a necessity. >> it's really, really hard to win these cases but i think it's my responsibilities, not only to clear my name but if i do this and whether i win or lose on
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i felt a responsibility because i am able to fight it and maybe stop this from happening to one person after me, then it would be worth it, me filing suit and me opening myself up to everything that filing a suit opens you up to, i don't really think there is much of a stronger i guess action for me to take than saying, here you go. come look at me. >> all right. so baseball's spring training means the players pack up their families and their lives and relocate for a month. for some, that means the whole family. check out atlanta braves' first baseman freddie freeman. see the animal in the bottom corner? that's his cat, nala, chilling on the car ride down to florida. i had never seen a cat sit in a car like that. i have to put my
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crate and take him out and he has molted everywhere. that cat is ready to get to florida. >> all of us are ready to go. >> have a great evening, everybody. >> bye.
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tonight inside andrews new $75 million court case. >> her most private moments recorded through a peephole. >> why she's now bringing the hotel for the stalking scandal. then inside charlie sheen's legatal bwitle th denise richards. >> $55,000 a month tax free. >> her allegations of death threats, disturbing texts. >> kaley cuoco and kloe kardashian getting totally candid about their breakups. also jennifer garner after her split, did her new faith based message help her heal? >> the most important thing is to be reminded of all that ly


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