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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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ridge. that goes until 11:00. the yellow you see is a seveesh norm warning. the red as you see fill the in is a tornado warning, fredericksburg and points north. this goes until 11:00, which means conditions are favorable for thunderstorms to contain tornadoes. even if we don't see a tornado, we're still looking at winds in excess of 30 miles per hour, and also flash flooding with heavy downpours. i think we'll be in pretty good shape, after about 9:00, 10:00. now, tornado safety. if we say there's a warn and it's in your area or you know someone, text them and say, go into the basement or an interior room. this is serious stuff. you want to protect yourself from flying debris. if you don't have a basement, go to an interior room or bathroom. east of 95. this saturday line that has now really taken shape. this is a monster line. this is february, folks. looks like july or june. hagerstown, all the way through warranton, with a lot of lightning and also
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thunderstorms. got warnings now. one in the southbound until 5:45. the first was until 5:15 in the same area. >> now we v. look at this -- we have -- look at this. still in the 40s north and west of town. but you two will eventually make it into the warm sector. as this warm air pushes across 95. this is what howard is talking b. one to the south. tornado warning. fredericksburg, spotsylvania, and stafford. >> i think it is showing better on ctv. >> tornado warning 5:15. culpepper and spatsvania. that includes a little of faulkier county. i'll tell you what, as this line moves eastward, we'll see this move northward. possible tornado southeast of charlottesville. that was at 4:24. tornado reported on the ground. got an eyewitness for that. and also, we have hail, wind, damage. also hail in between charlottesville and richmond. and we'll zoom back out. and this is
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around waverly, that hit about 2:30, 2:35 this afternoon. eventually closed a road, due to a possible tornado. we'll go back and do the 3d scan, maybe with velocity. >> i wanted to show you, where you had it. this whole area is under the gun right now. especially west of there. the winds on this. and this is the problem, got two tornado watch -- or two tornado warnings, you see them. one to the north and one to the south. i'm going to take them off, so we can start to look at a couple of things here. and we know there is a severe thunderstorm warning up for parts of loudoun and howard county until 5:30. but this say bigger threat now. and we have a tornado warning. as far as the structure of this storm. we'll look at it. we'll cross it here and show you, we've got some heights. can you see those heights are almost to 50,000 feet on these storms that are coming in there. i mean, that's 45, almost 50,000 feet so this is prolt --
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stuff we'd be looking in the summertime. for us to get this in february is some kind of serious weather we've got going on. that's one of the concerns. we have these tall thunderstorms going on right now. as far as the winds, let me just share the velocity very quickly here. this is the concern, where you have all of this wind going in opposite directions there. west of fredericksburg. and gold vain. and this is the concern, that these winds, whether they be tornadic or not. that can cause damage, nonetheless. we'll be tracking this carefully. topper, best we can tell, a warning culpepper and stafford. >> we have pictures now. this is around apomattics. look at this tornado. this was a very well formed tornado. something you might be more accustomed to seeing a little merther south or west of the
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remember, no state is immune from tornadic activity. keep that in mind. and we're talking about warnings now. they're coming fast and furious. so consequently, we wanted you to take cover and take this seriously. because this is a serious event. i want to go back into the radar for just a second if i can, back on 17 and i want to talk about where you need to take cover. i want to take a couple things off. take all the radar off, so we can kind of see what we're dealing with. so if you're inside these boxes, all right? you need to take cover. so we'll do the southern one most first. so fredericksburg, you're outside the box. but it's heading your way. spotszvania. -- spotsylvania, you're around 298. or 95, south. chancellor. also. we're going to move north. we're going to take care of this box to the north. stafford, you have the box. but this is essentially coming up 95, between gold vain and stafford
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95 south of stafford towards fredericksburg. you don't want to be anywhere near 95 right now, north or south of fredericksburg. i kind of want to point that out. those of the areas we're really concerned about. harts wood as well. i would take cover there. and mountain view road. these are some of the areas and if you know someone in these areas and you can text them or facebook them, say, i just heard this on the air. take cover. even highland home, you should probably also take cover as well. >> looks like brock road getting maybe a little bit of a tightening. go to cgat and get a little tightening with the wind in other directions i was talking about there. i don't know if you can see this or not. but it's in this area, where the winds seem to be twisting a little more now. this is moving off to the north and northeast. this looks like it will be crossing route 3 in the next few minutes there. near -- is that ellis ford road there?
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but somewhere in that vicinity, west of chancellor, is what we're mostly concerned about. see brock road there? >> howard, explain this game. this is like spin art to some people. we look at rotation. if a thunderstorm starts rotating, it can drop down and eventually become a tornado. >> red is away from the radar site. so we start to look and have a definite change in direction in a short period of time and short distance, that is, right there. as meteorologists, when we see that, we get concerned that we have spinning going on, within the storm itself. and that's why this has been a doppler-indicated tornado. we also have flood warnings that are going on to the north as well. and we know that. >> flooding dangers. go back to 17 for a second, scottie. i want to show you the model. this is the future cast and it's going to kind of track this line. this is now at 5:00. so now it's at 5:30. you see pretty much a solid line from frederick to
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by 6:00 -- the straddling 95. it does get across 95 at about 7:30. so you just have leftover, moderate to light rain. but it you're west of 95, you get to about 7:00 hour, you're going to be out of the woods in terms of severe weather. but our friends in southern maryland, calvert county. saint mary's county, even charles county, to some extent. also down toward the northern neck. you have to wait until about 8:00, 8:30 to get out of the woods in terms of severe weather. we'll vance it again. by 9:00, essentially, there across the bay. >> right. if you're in an apartment building, fay attention to this -- pay attention to this. and get to the lowest level of the building. hopefully there's a basement. but knowing where you are on the map could make the difference between a few hours of huddling
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>> most tornadoes work their way from southwest to northeast. most occur between throe:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., most move between 35 and 60 miles an hour. so if you know the county west of you, that can save your life. we're not trying to be dramatic. but if you know you're in fredericksburg and they have a tornado warning, you may think i need to get to an interior room if you're in spotsylvania. >> i'm looping the velocities here. and i know it's a little different. but you can almost see that spin here. which is now west of fredericksburg. and look like it's flattened out a little more in this frame here. tracking up toward northwest of fredericksburg. juan hart wood. berea. those areas i would take cover now. whatever this is, whether it just be a thunderstorm. strong straight-line winds or weak tornado. certainly, you want to be prepared for that as it approaches again. i believe it's heading toward hart wood, as
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and maybe up toward -- if it holds together, this would be up toward garrisonville. >> yep. in fact, let me go back to the cg17. and i tracked a couple of those for you. they're moving really fast. 50 to 60 miles an hour. we'll go back to 17. and we'll see the watch again. this saturday watch in red. it covers essentially everyone east of the blue ridge. the yellow, severe thunderstorm warnings. we're that's trying to downplay that. they're dangerous, too. gaithersburg, frederick, leesburg. please be advised. if you come across a flooded street, you know you shouldn't cross it, by car or by foot. the watch goes until 11:00. and the warnings go for a few more minutes. if we say there's a warning and some of the towns and some of the streets ring a bell, go to the basement. go to interior room. stay, waa from --a away from windows. you want to protect yourself from flying debris. that is the number 1 cause of injuries. here's a look at radar. and this saturday last hour, solid line, from hagerstown
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through culpepper. and this down here, with the more sydfrequent lightning. sometimes that's an indication of a stronger storm with frequent lightning. sometimes, not always. this is really, really heavy storms. severe storms to the northwest and west. less as you go north. air is a little more stable as you go north. these are the tornado warnings, still in effect. culpepper, faulkier, spotsylvania, stafford, until 5:15. so about five more minutes. but then we have another one. this one, until 5:45. that goes until 5:45. the green that you see, flood warnings in effect because of those storms. so we'll zoom in a little bit. here we are in fredericksburg, getting pretty rough now. heavy rain, frequent lightning. and it's not the place to be. you know someone on 95, trying to come down, toward fredericksburg. actually, between stafford and fredericksburg, not a good time. this storm itself is moving off to the northeast. as howie mentioned, at about 60 miles an
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garrisonville or triangle, or montclair, headed for daily city on our storm tracker, at about 5:42. you need to take cover. anywhere along 95. and just to the west of 95. this is where it's had -- heading. if you know there's tornado warnings in effect, in culpepper and spotsylvania, and stafford, and you live in prince william or fairfax. aha. that's to the south and west of you. they move northeastward. you need to start thinking about taking cover. and if you have anything small on your deck or patio, turn the tables upside down. bring stuff in if you can. stuff will be blowing around. even if we don't see a tornado, we'll probably see winds 30 to 40 miles per hour, with the strong southeast leer winds. again, on -- southeasterly winds. oops it's -- garrisonville at 5:43. dale city, at about 5:42. let's see some video from this storm from waverly. we showed you this earlier on the storm report.
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we have reports of three fatalities. hit about 2:30 to about 2:45. closed route 40 for a while. you can see this strung along the street there. that's one thing matakes it so dangerous. -- that makes it so dangerous. if a tree hits you, that's going to be fatal. thftion a pretty impressive storm in waverly. again, that was off to the southeast. southeast of richmond. >> hey, topper? >> yes. >> even watching some damage reports now and that was the one in waverly. near kent's store, at 4:44, there was a tornado reported on the ground there as well. this is the line of storms we're watching now. and i just wanted to take stuff off. and show you the boxes. i'm showing, one, two, three, four, five six. there are like seven or eight tornado warnings on this line. all the way going down to northern north carolina. this is one of the things that we'll be watching here as this line comes through. when we get a little spinups.
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this, sometimes you get very short-lived weak tornadoes. even a weak tornado can be very damaging. so it will spin up rather quickly on you and come on in and do their damage. ask then jump back up. and just be some straight line winds for some. let's go put the -- put the lightning and radar back on here. i know up in howard and frederick and loudoun, montgomery counties, we have a severe thunderstorm warning. with flash flood warning also for parts of loudoun county. and shenandoah valley. tornado warning got? approaching west of richmond now. and these other ones. it's going to be rocking and rolling, unfortunately around here. for a little while. it looks like it's starting to come down in the gold vain area as well. back towards areas of fredericksburg. and that tornado warning. look at the precip rate. 5 plus inches per hour now. >> i believe that. >> by the way, new tornado warning just got issued. you see that? >> yep. >> and toward the quantico area. >> boom, get ready. and ther
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warning. so this is pretty serious. >> 6:00 p.m. by the way. that's culpepper, prince william and stafford counties. that new tornado warning until 6:00 p.m. >> if you're in dale city now, you probably have a few minutes. but i would go ahead and hopefully you haven't done any afterschool activities. we talked about that on facebook mentions today. just cancel all afternoon stuff. but this saturday tornado warning now for fredericksburg, prince william, spotsylvania county. here's our future cast. it holds the line together. i don't know if you notice. but howard did the radar even wider than this at one time. but the line of storms goes north of hagerstown, well to the south of charlottesville, into north carolina. that's a big line of showers and storms by 6:00 p.m. we're seeing in the district, fairfax. and crossing over into the river. by 7:30. you should be okay, in terms of severe weather. still leftover showers.
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in prince george's county. calvert county, saint mary's county, and also charles county. by 8:00, everything essentially cross the bay -- across the bay. extreme southern maryland. and our friends. >> just want to update that. that is for prince william, stafford, fredericksburg, spotsylvania, until 6:00. this guy is moving at 55 miles an hour. so you do not want to be in a car right now. you want to be off the road, unfortunately, at 5:14. we know a lot of people who are sitting on i-95. >> back up just a little bit, howie. so we know the warning is here. and encompasses quantico and dale city. but look further head to the district and to alexandria and fairfax. now saturday time to start saying, okay, i need to have a plan. get the kids together. pets together. this is moving. i mean, hauling at 55, 60 miles per hour. which would indicate to us, sometimes by translational winds, you could get st
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to 50. whether we have a stall spin of tornado. this is pretty serious. goitda tell you. -- gotta tell you. especially for february. >> i think this in western stafford they're really lookath. >> yes. >> so you have this change in wind direction. we're thinking spinners could pop up. >> could be just pretty strong straight-line winds. again, we talk about spinners. if they push you here and pushes you somewhere else, they tend to spend. and that's what happens in the thunderstorm. we get the spinning. >> look at that. there you go. 63 miles per hour. with the forward movement, and the possibility of tornadoes, i think we're going to see winds, 40 to 50, maybe 60 miles per hour, with this. and again, gold vain. stafford. and it's moving essentially northeast ward. so dale city, get ready. whether or not you have a tornado coming your way. you're going to have high winds. and we'll zoom in a little now. get really os
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poplar road. helfin. and garrison road. you have some winds. but i think the strongest winds are just to your west. >> topper, explain gate to gate, for those who may not know it. >> gate-to-gate shear is essentially a term where you have change in wind speed, between two points. and a lot of times, they are straight-line. sometimes they're not. sometimes they do have rotation. and sometimes they can spin up a tornado. but doesn't mean it's always at the ground level. some of them are a little above us. 60-mile-per-hour winds could be at 1500 feet or 5,000 feet. but any time we see gate-to- gate at 63, we take note because they could be at the surface. and i think with this type of situation, howard, it probably will be pretty close to the surface. >> and if we just look where it's moving. it's moving toward the northeast. as you said, roseville, this may pass on the west side of garrisonville, the way it's moving at the moment. and up towards -- >> david's crossroads.
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maybe over towards dumfries. >> yes. >> a little sparse population until you get really up toward prince william, if i'm not mistaken. >> thankfully. even baseron road -- garrison road. remember, the line is going to move west to east. individual storms are going to move up to the north and to the east. so kind of a dual thing there. we have tornado warnings in effect. this is until 6:00 p.m. and this includes fredericksburg and culpepper and prince william and stafford. and we have another one that is going to go until 5:45. down to the south in fredericksburg and spotsylvania and stafford. what did these storms do earlier? take you to waverly, virginia. southeast of richmond. devastation in this little community. with what we have now. three possible fatalities. and when you see, you know, debris strung along like this, it's a pretty intense storm. also, you can kind of see all the trees that are down. it's hard to
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but there are some trees down. and this hit about 2:30, to about 2:35. in sussex county. again, southeast of richmond. now, the good news is, that storm has gone -- lifted north of us and didn't cause any problems. the bad news is, a second line has developed to the west. and that's what has prompted the new tornado warnings and the new severe thunderstorm warnings for that matter. >> and all sorts of flood warnings off to the west. picked up a quick inch of rain. flood warnings in loudoun, clark. >> warren, faulkier, jefferson and west virginia, along with eastern berkeley. you could really come across rapidly rising waters in a situation like this, where we've got rainfall rates. and we've seen them. instantaneous rates. 4, 5, 6 inches an hour. >> and don't -- we say it all the time. don't cross a flooded street by car or by foot for that matter. this is the watch. goes until 11:00. covers everyone east of the blue ridge. and when we start ta
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warnings, you need to make a plan. go to the basement, interior room. stay away from windows and protect yourself from flying debris. you saw the debris, strewn across the street. so here is dopple and look at this line. extends north of hagerstown, all the way down to fredericksburg. howard, that is an impressive line for april. february, it's kind of crazy. at this point. also, the lightning. where you see the lightning, essentially good correlation of a stronger storm. just a funnel cloud there, northwest of fred fredericksburg, at about 5:12, reported. so that was spotted. >> right. the funnel cloud was spotted. we've got doppler-indicated tornado. nothing that we know of on the ground, thankfully, and let's hope it stays that way. >> okay. >> yeah. sometimes they don't come all the way to the ground. that's what a funnel cloud is. it is a little area of rotation that does not make it to the ground. here we have the warning in effect for the city of er
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and this is also stafford county, until 5:45. and a new one up to the north of that. up toward dale city and stafford. so right along 95 is not the place to be right now. this is the one that extends until 6:00 p.m. it does include prince williams county. and also stafford and spotsylvania county. this is live. you can see the dark clouds off to the -- what i assume is south or west. not sure which way, it's you south, 95. yeah, i think it's south. we're looking south. that would make some sense because that's where the darker clouds are. that's where radar is showing all of the heavier storms. exit 126. if you haven't left, i would wait and maybe not go down 95 now. if you're going up 70, okay, you can probably make that. but i would not go south of town, especially through stafford, dale city or even towards fredericksburg. that's where the warnings
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moment. and this is still a tornado warning as well, including triangle and dale city, until 6:00 p.m. that includes prince williams county. and again, that's just south of you in fairfax county. so likely, these are going to be extended northward. we showed you the gate-to-gate shear. they can still be 50-mile-per- hour winds. here's future cast. and it does hold this together pretty well. in fact, very well, considering it's february. hagerstown, leesburg, manassas. culpepper. soleid line. that's 5:30 today. in about eight minutes. by 6:00 p.m., it goes right through, fairfax county, montgomery county. begins to exit the western part of loudoun county. and it begins to cross over 95. so you folks in southern maryland, had round 1 today. it's going to be round 2. by about 7:00. now, we have the heaviest activity. prince william county. southeastern sections of montgomery county. maybe as far west of silver
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but hammer time now in charles county. and also down toward the northern neck. we get to the 8:00, 9:00 hour. this now 8:00 p.m. now, la plata, waldorf. if you're going to have a rough ride, going toward annapolis in the next day or so. if you can go quickly, go quickly. don't speed. obviously. if not, just stay, do extra work. >> hey, topper -- >> by 1:30, we're all se >> i want to give you the timetable on this little tracker and let you know what we're expecting. the core of this doppler- indicated tornado. looks like it's west of quantico now. west of fredericksburg. it's moving, 55, 60 miles an hour. this is at 55 miles per hour. conservative, dale city. 5:44. fairfax, 5:49. d.c. rockville, 6:08. so we're tracking these storms as they move off to the northeast. and i may even want to draw that a little more to the east than i was doing. so maybe re
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direction. we put it toward mount vernon. silver spring at 6:02. again, we have been tracking doppler indicated funnel cloud. gust negligence excess of 50 mile -- gusts in excess of 50 miles an hour, maybe over 60 with these storms approaching dale city, and quantico city. manassas, you've got heavy downpours with lightning and thunder as well, tracking toward you. but this saturday line we were watching. because there are all sorts ever tornado warnings up and down this line, that first one we're tracking goes until 5:45. that's south of fredericksburg. one ahead of it goes until 6:00. culpepper, prince william and stafford. you folks in southern fairfax. this will be knocking on your door step any minute. >> yeah. that's good. we go back to 17 for a second. i want to track some
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and kind of keep folks --ue know, you can call some folks, facebook them, text them. just to keep them out of harm's way here. this is doppler, this is actual imaging over the last hour. crossed over the river into frederick county. and also northwestern -- about to go into northwestern montgomery county. temps, kind of cold here. look at 63 in gaithersburg, and 51 in hagerstown. these are the warnings. tornado warnings in effect. and this is the northern most one, which includes spotsylvania and stafford, until 6:00. and also the city of fredericksburg. we'll zoom in a little more. dale city, we're under the warning. we've got heavy rain. but not particularly in the tornado warning. even if you're anywhere in this area, don't have to be in the fan to take cover. just sort of keep that in mind. burke, anon dale, pison. and mclane is about 5:55. howard just mentioned, even if
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going to see winds of 40 to 50 to 60 mileas know hour. >> i just want to underscore the warnings you're putting in here, topper and the danger that these potential tornadoes, inching closer to the metro area do pose. this is video from the town of waverly, which is sussex county. that's south and east of petersburg. so south and east of richmond. virginia state police reporting reporting that three people were killed after a suspected tornado moved through that area. the main roads going into that town, route 160 and 40 are closed because of debris. virginia state police, also reporting five structures reported damage. there wasn't anyone that actually reported seeing a tornado yet. they are still investigating that. they are working to figure that identity right now. and also in aper mattics. virginia police saying they are responding to reports of damage
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they can't take any emergency calls at this time. they're working to do that. working to restore the phones right now. >> also, there's also sad news. it's sad to lose three people in any way. but apparently there is a small child confirmed in the deaths of those three. apparently when a mobile home this is what wtvr is reporting via twitter right now. >> we say it. have a plan. and also, seconds count. we tweeted that earlier. if you know the warnings are off to the south and to the west, you live northeast, again, take cover. most storms move northeastward. most tornadoes occur between 3:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. and seconds matter. >> topper, to that point, saw the warning that includes quantico and dale city, moving through parts of spotsylvania. since it's moving northeast, do you anticipate more storms? >> yeah. on storm tracker. it's going
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and eventually through anon dale and python's corner. and even mclane at 5:55. so yeah, we are kind of concerned about this. as it goes on the west side of the inner and outer loop of the beltway. and we don't want to be in a car. hopefully we've kept you folks off of 95 and kept your loved ones off 95. because going south and a mess. now, as we go into the next hour, critical paths and routes are going to be west on 66th. not a good idea. really. down 29 not a good idea. so if you can, just stay where you are. and wait for this to pass. it's going to pass fairly quickly. i think west of town, it will be through by about 7:30, 8:00. burke at 5:36. another eight minutes or so. north springfield, i-41. anon dale at i-44. and lake barcroft at 5:48. tyson at 5:51.
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and it's going to continue to move toward mont gom montgomery county. again, geography is important. we talk about this all the time. know your geography. 5:30. look at the line, still holding together. when you see the magenta or purple there, that's intense. either rainfall or hail. that's an intense line. that's about 5:30. by 6:00 p.m. now, you've got a problem going up 270. and still have a problem going down 95. and you're going to have a problem soon going east of town, out to 50 and into southern maryland, down 301 and 5. by 7:00 p.m., la plata, wal dor of, not a -- waldorf not a good place to be. and la plata county, not the best place to be either. it still may have light shower, back towards leesburg and manassas. but once you get to 7:00 tonight, you folks in manassas, sterling, leesburg, and frederick, can take a g
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by 8:00, still hanging on. calvert county, and saint mary's county, and also, a good portion of charles county. and finally moves across by about 9:00. straggler showers. but by 1:30, we're in good shape. >> topper? >> yes. >> just dished out a thunderstorm warning for the entire metro area. d.c., charles prince george's, montgomery, fairfax. just about everybody in the immediate metro is under severe thunderstorm warning. that's better than a tornado warning. getting reports of damage also coming in from that line when it was down. in toward stafford, virginia. north/northeast of hivlin. we know there's been a history of at least wind damage with this. we've had a reported funnel cloud as well. so these are things that we're watching as this storm system is coming now right in toward the d.c. metro. and this is a concern that is going to pack strong winds. even if
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treated as a tornado warning. >> but that's good news. i think we can take a little comfort in that. it's just a question right now of severe thunderstorm warning. which is serious. don't get us wrong about that. all right. here are some of the reports now that howie was mentioning. down to the south, down 95. let's see this is probably the one around fredericksburg. funnel clouds reported at 5:12. >> to the north of that. we have funnel clouds reported west of fredericksburg as well. and fortunately, nothing reported. no storm reports north of that just yet. but charlottesville, we have flooding. this is the other tornado possible. southeast of charlottesville. earlier, about 4:24. it was reported on the ground. >> and then we will go back. and this is the deadly tornado, in waverly. at
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>> we're concerned not so much about a tornado. but still with wind gusts that could gust in excess of 60 miles an hour. that certainly would be throwing a lot of stuff around that isn't bolted down. >> this is 235. that's the storm report. adam mentioned, they closed at 460, due to the strewn-about debris that is running through right there. >> plenty of torrential rain. watch out for high water, once the line passes. could take several hours for that water to recede. >> yeah. no doubt. i'm going to go back to the radar here. and widen it a little bit. this -- look how -- look howard. harrisburg to richmond? are you kidding me? >> and we're getting reports out toward inwood, west virginia. starting to see sunshine there. >> i believe that. >> this will quickly pass. and you may have a couple of rainbow reports coming in. >> i bet it will happen. here's the heavy activity.
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in. a little lightning now. 66 around fairfax. and look at this now. to the north of dale city. feel that lightning? that's a little troubling in terms of lightning. let's see what we have in terms of hits. so just south of burke. and north of dale city, we've got some pretty serious -- pretty serious lit ning at this point. so lightning is dangerous, too. you know, any time you hear thunder, you could be struck by lightning. so you want to take cover as well. lakewood estates. maybe pursele road could have some hail. certainly heavy rainfall. manassas drive, up toward clifton. and up toward clifton. got moderate rain. could be heavy soon. as it works its way to the northeast. hunter, reston, earns and parkway. get off of it. dean wood. route 7 going out. fairfax. >> you were talking about hail. i've got the hail trac
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on cg18. while i'm showing you that. lesli, you've got some information. >> apparently, there's some buses being held at two prince williams county schools. ripin middle school. i hope i'm saying that correct. and feather stone elementary school. so the school system there wants us to hopefully get that information out immediately. so if you are looking for children or wondering what's going on, or you're supposed to be seeing a school bus in the area, they're being held right now because of the severe weather that you and topper have been talking about. >> what have we got? something just popped up. >> until 6:00, that tornado warning still in effect. we have a half mile north of the stafford county building. also want to point out the hail. dark blue. an inch and a quarter. all of this in the medium to dark plu. >> are you down into -- >>
5:35 pm
this is just getting into prince william county right now. >> show the hail around manassas. southeast of manassas. west of the stadium. >> not that much news. it's probably pretty small here half inch or less. got to be severe enough to qualify for that. we're not seeing that. but certainly seeing plenty of action. let's go to velocity, top. one of the things we have been tracking is this really strong line of winds. this is one of the reasons we've had the severe thunderstorms. see that sharp, sharp line that we're looking at here in the area? it's going to draw a circle here. but let me -- i'll get a line for you. >> okay. >> that's coming right here. that line really marks, i bee,
5:36 pm
are shifting, right on that. cutting through fairfax. >> could be a straight line. >> and you see a very sharp line there. and what we have been worried about, and some funnel clouds have been reporting, a little spinup on that. but imagine if you could row. and you see the eddies. that's exactly what the atmosphere is doing right now. so we've got winds, which are -- >> put some shear on that. >> coming down that way and going that way. these are things that we look for. and some of the winds that are popping up. we've seen some earlier in the 50, 60-mile-an-hour range. this is better in the sense that it's not as strong, as far as the rotation. when we see the gate to gate. that's the change in the wind direction i don't see anything at the moment, screaming
5:37 pm
>> going back to 17 for a second. got a rainfall rate here of two and a quarter, to three inches. south of leesburg. flooding is going to be an issue. again, we don't want to downplay that. so we don't have a tornado warning, could still have flood warnings. they're just as dangerous. and we always say this. don't cross a flooded street by car or by foot. now, i'm going to zoom across here a little bit. there's nothing over here now. and we're going to go into the waldorf area. and into charles county. bur we think this is going to get across here shortly. and garrett haake, our own garrett haake is down there in the shihe storm tracker 9. he is in waldorf now. and this the line of showers and thunderstorms that will be rolling his way, as we go through the next hour. >> and this is really a bow echo, we're looking at here. if you're back on cg18, i think you can see it. coming through fairfax county, approag
5:38 pm
this is going to come through and potentially have damaging wind gusts. it's just a couple minutes away in quantico as well. so what we see what looks like a nice, straight line. that's a bow echo. and i'll draw it out for you one more time. this line right here, coming right there. forget the arrow. but that's bowing out. a sign of strong winds that this line of storms is producing. >> right. and could be a straight line. we have impressive clouds. this is at college park. mr. broom has this for us. and m broom, -- mr. broom, you're still okay for for a while. but get ready. about in the next half hour or so, you, too, will have some. going out 66, not a good idea right now. and these storms are just hauling. so they're going to cross over into potomac at 5:55. gaitherss burg, at about 6:09. and eventually, olney at about 6:15.
5:39 pm
next few minutes, do it. if not, i would not go up 270. because this is going to go right across 270. and once you go far enough north, we already have pretty bad storms well up in 270. once you cross frederick. frederick is just getting hammered right now. another warning coming out. and we'll see? >> yeah. we'll check that in just a second. >> and we'll see what that is. as howard mentioned, the severe thunderstorm warning covers most of the metro area. olno, rockville, silver spring, until 6:15. and fairfax and upper marlboro, and a good portion of prince george's county as well. we have a flood warning, flash flood warning out toward clark and faulkier and jefferson, out until 8:00 tonight. a lots of prongs with this. flash flood watches in effect. straight-lines in effect. and also the possibility of
5:40 pm
warning for fredericksburg, spotsylvania, and stafford, that's going to be allowed to expire at 5:45. i just want to point out, we have severe thunderstorms going down 95f. you're in fredericksburg, think you're going to run south and get out of this? no. stay put. this going to go through richmond and peters burg. then our friends in the northern and southern end of maryland will have to deal with this as well. that's what we're tracking right now. and that's the problem with this. so we're getting this storm. and boy, it's really coming down outside, come is loud, too, here in washington. you can see -- >> this is kind of cool. go back to 17. i'll just put the shear on. and there's your little bow that you were talking about, howard. >> right. and that's the damage line we're talking about now. >> that could dog some damage. doesn't have to be a tornado. not going to use the "d" word. but there could be straight- line winds here. but that shear here is reported 60 miles
5:41 pm
may or may not be hitting the ground. i don't know what level it is. but that's pretty intense winds right there. thal cause damage. we'll zoom in a little bit. and that was right around dale city. and we'll zoom up a little bit here. and we'll talk about some shear. now, into fairfax county, crossing -- crossing over into prince williams county. we have lightning. blinding rains, approaching fairfax and the beltway in the next few minutes. would you want to be commuting at the moment. >> i don't think so. >> maybe stay longer in your office. wherever you are. an extra hour or two. you don't want to be out in this. >> no. and i'm going to track this whole bow echo here if i can. it's now just moved. now over 95. dale city, and over toward quantico. and get ready. oldtown. almost everyone in our viewing area is going to see these winds. and let's see. old toin at 5:59. okay. maybe
5:42 pm
that. i'd say maybe 55 miles an hour. >> i don't know if it's going to be adjusted or not. probably not. >> let's redo that again. we had a slow speed there. so this whole area, almost like a straight-line batch of winds is going to move eastward. so now, we're going to say, d.c., 5:57. waldorf, 6:03. lorton at about 5:48. about 5 minutes from now, in lorton. >> we can switch it over to c any 18. this bow -- cg18. this bow echo we're watching it now. western montgomery. through fairfax. potomac. seeing a lot of lightning with this system as well, as it extends into fairfax. and back toward the stafford area. so this whole area, we continue
5:43 pm
northeast at this speed. booking now. with torrential rains. severe thunderstorm warnings now. thankfully. tornado warning until 6:00 p.m. but we have been tracking that one. and that one, thankfully, looks like it is going to be allowed to expire at this point. if it hasn't been canceled. not still there for culpepper and fredericksburg and stafford. top, i'm not seeing the spin. i'm seeing the wind, but not the spin. >> i agree. we're not seeing the shear. but we are seeing pretty good winds with this. in fact, i'm going to kind of -- >> a lot of lightning. >> a lot of lightning. and when there's lightning, usually, that's a stronger storm. i'm degree to track this again. >> what month is this? >> yeah. it's crazy. it would be pretty impressive if it were april or june, quite frankly. here is the shear we talked about. and we're going to just kind of track this for you again. and we'll extend it a little further. this is going to be a pretty intense wind gust. pretty quick. but waldorf
5:44 pm
tyson here shortly. mount vernon, at 5:53. there's clinton at about 6:04. these are, where you see the purple here, magenta? these are pretty intense -- these are pretty intense winds. in fact, we're looking at the potential winds up to 50. maybe even 60 miles an hour. so there's your shear at 55 miles an hour. that's south of 123. i'm going to move north. i will lose that value. but i will move north now, into fairfax. very close to i-66. and 50. and let's see what we have. this is 58. miles an hour. right there. >> we're looking at the weather chair. see some lightning in the distance. the flag, though. it's still pretty flat. when these winds kick in. i wonder if that thing is going to be picked off the pole. let's hope the pole stays in one piece with these winds. we're going to go
5:45 pm
the just check the velistity. -- velocity. it's still straight. >> tysons. the beltway there. 66 on the dulles toll road there. and eventually, it will cross the river here. almost in toward montgomery county as well. east of dean wood and great falls there. so potomac and glen. and rushville and dorrenstown. this should be on you in about 15 minutes or so. >> and take these straight-line winds seriously, too. and the lightning, too. there's a ton of lightning in these. i have a backup on 19. the tornado warning for the city of fredericksburg and prince william and spotsylvania until 6:00. but the severe thunderstorm warning will continue for a while. for arlington and for the immediate metro area. >> speaking of arlington. looks like that bow echo is just about to enter arlington right e,
5:46 pm
it's economic through with a lot of wind. ask salona village. bailey's. through anon dale now. this is what we're watching. 60-plus, straight-line winds. which will do the damage. let me draw right on it for you. this line right here, which is moving off toward the east/northeast. this thing is moving that way. so toward georgetown. at 55, 60 miles an hour. that's the concern. >> and that is -- i mean, that's a problem. that will be straight-line winds. and they'll do damage it's like a gust going through the summer. it will do damage. maybe not tornadic. but it will do damage. i'm going to take the key in ray second. but we're going to go to ns
5:47 pm
tysons. 71, howard. >> that's serious. >> i would say get folks off the second story. two-story homes. >> yeah, you got stall trees around you? just stay downstairs. trees can come down. we have wind, rain. even without the rain, we can get trees knocked down by the wind. >> thank goodness the canopy is there. i'm going to load this up and we'll track the shear. because it seems now less of a threat of tornadic activity. but still a very good threat of shear. and that's, you know, just -- could be just as damaging. sometimes we'll get small tornadoes with winds less than 60 miles an hour. here's first warning doppler. again, it this president president bush pushing through frederick. fairfax county. approaching th
5:48 pm
as howard mentioned earlier, don't think you can outrun it down the 95 at this point. you really can't. we can have 17 and it will be awesome. here's the line. beginning to move through frederick county. again through loudoun county. but now hammering the west side of the beltway. and western sections of mont gomry county. poolsville, bethesda -- pool poolesville. it's not weakening. but intensifying as it moves. this is the severe thunderstorm warning for the district in arlington. this is the tornado warning that will continue for fredericksburg, spots vain spotsylvania until 6:00. >> intensifying as it moves. it's moving into warm environment. this was coming into colder air that never got dislodged. now hitting temps which got into the 60s. and that may have give it more oomph. heavy rain, 123.
5:49 pm
tysons. all right. route 50, 236 and to the west of alexandria. again, this is severe thunderstorm warning. the immediate metro area, what we call a bread basket. this is the shear now, from tysons to lorton. last time we checked, it was a 71 mile-mile-per-hour wind shear. waldorf at about 6:02. >> and we had a report of three- quarter inches of hail. it's at same line. but intense lightning. and intense winds. we just gotta get through this. i think we'll be in better shape, once this passes. >> again, if you're in d.c. or bethesda, fairfax, or mcclane, mount vernorn. -- mount vernon. probably ought to get off the second story. bring the kids down to the basement. these are pretty intense lines. these are values with 50 to 70- mile-per-hour winds with just a straight shear. 7:00 now, about 11
5:50 pm
metro. by 7:00, they're essentially on the other side of i-95. still hanging on eastern montgomery county. but essentially, you're okay now in leesburg and frederick and manassas and culpepper. still kind of hanging around fredericksburg, until about 8:00 tonight. you've got a ways to wait, before you go south on 95 tonight. by 8:00, now they're going to be over in charles county and la plata, and waldorf. going to be a mess. 50, and 301 ask route 5, into southern maryland, across the nice bridge, into the northern neck. then it gets out of here consider very issue very quickly. and we're in good shape until about 10:00 at night. >> while we're tracking these lines. the it happened warning no longer in effect. they canceled it early. >> good. >> now we're dealing with straight-line wins. which can be damaging. but we don't have the threat of the tornadoes at t
5:51 pm
criteria. >> maybe 240 miles. >> i guess 250. >> to be the "d" word. not going to mention the d word. but with that said, strong winds. straight-line winds, too. from frederick, southward. look at all the lightning now in d.c. rk west side -- west side of d.c. rainfall rates, 1 to 4 inches an hour. looking at flooding also a possibility. if you look carefully at this map, see the green out to the east of frederick and leesburg. that is a flood warning. not a severe thunderstorm warning. so we have all kinds of warnings onut here. driving out toward glen arden. i believe this is in the shihe storm tracker 9. and i think your main threats there will be around 7:30. maybe 7:17 to 7:45. as it moves eastward. it is moving quickly. whole line not
5:52 pm
60 miles an hour. these are the severe thunderstorm warnings in effect. right now, that's all we have in the immediate metro area, is that correct, howard? >> yes. no longer tornado warnings with a ton of lightning coming up. >> something south of fredericksburg. >> yeah. that's an older one. >> yeah. that is. and i believe that's more in the richmond area. >> it is. >> just south of fredericksburg. >> but if we're in cg18, if we can. we have to watch this because this is going to track toward port royal. maybe up 301. the way it's going. that's a concern that we could see this storm potentially track into southern parts of maryland here. >> right. and we have southern maryland covered. we're out in waldorf. we're ready. >> haven't had much activity, once you get past. >> so this is going to move across the district. anc., points west.
5:53 pm
inches per hour. again, a severe thunderstorm warning for potentially, the entire metro area. until 6:15. we're look live now at the weather terrace. >> those are some 6 1/2 inch per hour rainfall rates i'm just picking up here. >> could be contaminated by small hail. but that's impressive. this is, i don't know, weather terrace. and you can see the flag still at half mast. still starting to really now pick up in intensity. so the storms are just entering northwest d.c., coming out of fairfax county. they're still hammering fairfax county. around tysons and also mclane. and also potomac. and it will also roll right across over toward east-west highway. and also college park. so we are looking at another couple of hours, at least, of intense activity as we go through the evening hours. >> and topper, looks like we could have hail in the lorton area, moving up toward springfield and alexandria. three-quarter of an inch t
5:54 pm
-- an inch and a quarter. west of mount vernon. blue area, that is right around the lorton vicinity, headed toward fran i don't francon -- frab conia. >> franconia. you might be hit with heavy rain. might even have hail. rockville. messup 270. pass the spur. lightning, tremendous amount of lightning as well. as it moves, as howard mentioned, into warmer air. and the atmosphere is pretty unstable. certain prarnls we were looking at. and i have to tell you, for february, i was impressed last night, howard. >> that's a good 15 degrees above our average for this time of year. and we have all of these upper level conditions that we haven't talked about much. but this is very much like a spring storm. not a february storm. >> and a lot of people don't like snow. when the storm goes this far west, this is what we get. we're on the warm, unstable side of the storm. this is going to bring snow to chicago and detroit. but brings us
5:55 pm
and severe weather also into the deep south. last night, and on the gulf coast the night before. >> you can just see the leading edge of this rain now, getting right to downtown d.c., capitol hill, toward columbia heights. and national is just about to get to the heavy part. i know you've had light rain. but this is really where the heart of the storm is coming now. fall presidency church. picking up down toward franconia. if you're over in alexandria, national harbor. this stuff is just going to plow over you, the next 20 or 30 minutes or so. >> i can't imagine getting home right now. just a mess of a commute. a live shot of the weather terrace. and winds are picking up a little bit. nothing crazy yet. but the real high winds and the shear we just showed you are west of our area. there's a little gust there. a little lightning. okay. that's good. i'd keep the camera right there. that's good. you can see the lightning to the west. eventually, we're looking southwest. and thatwh
5:56 pm
are. so we're going to see the flag. >> oh, the camera is not -- oh, okay. that's a good point. i said, hey, don't move the camera. i like the shot. and they're like, camera guy is not moving it. the wind is. so i was like, okay, okay. all right, tom, i won't blame you for the camera. i like that. it's moving southwest. we don't have the building in the way. you can see the lightning from time to time. and again, lightning is an indicator of how intense the storms can be. it's not always a one-to-one correlation. but generally speaking, the more lightning, the stronger the storm. and howard and i were talking about the tops of these storms, earlier today, that were 30 to 40 to 50,000 feet, which is incredible for summer, let alone now what is late february. >> let's see if we can see some of the tops of these storms, which are cutting right across the area here. it is a pretty impressive line. we're still talking. did you see that, topper? >> what did we have tops on? >> over 50,000 feet here. just west ofhe
5:57 pm
>> so you can imagine how we would have hail in this as well. it is a lot easier to get hail this time of year and also, severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for areas up to the north now. we've got in carol, frederick, harford, howard county, montgomery, baltimore. north side of the storm. the concern there is going to be for the partial potential winds. and anybody on this line is looking at the potential for very damaging winds, which could be in excess of 60 miles an hour. and no doubt, we have been seeing some of that. in fact, germantown had a gust of 64 miles an hour at 5:45 as that line came through. >> so howard, just leave that up for a minute. so you see where it says, 60,000 feet? and that's sort of the top of the line, around 55,000 feet. once you pop north of that, or above that, so to speak, wer
5:58 pm
that's it. we're looking at the very top of the trop sphere right now. and weather essentially occurs in that little thin -- relatively thin skin around the earth. as the high of 60,000 feet. in the wintertime, maybe 20,000, 30,000 feet. these are very, very impressive storms. they really are. we've got reports now, national weather service employee. falls church, fairfax, three- quarters of an inch size hail. penny sized. also, report by a trained spotter. southwest of springfield. also about three-quarters inch. about penny sized as well. and we got a new report in. montgomery county. wind gust of 64 miles per hour. so howard, that's -- that's making sense. it is just north germantown. mezonet. 64-mile-per-hour wind. at about 5:45. so that is setting up nicely, with the shear that we showed you. and we showed you the values with that shear, anywhere from,
5:59 pm
you know, 50 to 71 miles per hour. here's the shear now. go back to 17. we're going to make howard go back identification. but he's not sick. so that's okay. >> notice the shear is not continuous anymore. or contiguous. it's kind of broken up a little bit. so that actually is good. i still think that's 18, scott. i really do. there we go. see how it's no longer extending as far as it would. maybe they're weakening across the river. tbhaw report in germantown -- but that report in germantown of winds over 50 miles an hour, really impressive. we're looking at winds up to 60 miles an hour here in the next few minutes in places like clinton and d.c. and waldorf. mr. bern bernstein on --r.
6:00 pm
terrace. >> this torrential downpour. with the hail coming down. this stuff is coming down in buckets, topper. >> whoa. >> i'm not going to be out here long. i don't have waterproof pants. we'll put it to you that way. but we have at least pea-sized hail coming in at the moment. >> get inside. we can hear the rumble of thunder. i don't want you out there. >> was that lightning, too? did we see lightning? >> yeah. there's a little lightning. i'm zooming in now where howard was. and there's a little bit of lightning. so -- >> can we put that hail in context, too? have you ever seen anything like that this time of year? >> well, good question, adam. i don't think i can remember hail in february. not that uncommon to get the rumble of thunder. as a matter of fact, we had rumble of thunder sunday morning. so here's where we are now. here's the storm moving through right now. wisconsin avenue. fox hall road. beach drive northwest and western. these pr


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