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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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the woods. >> reporter: as clean up began in force heavy machines picked up the pieces of broken homes and many felt grateful their homes were spared. >> just skipped right over them. . >> reporter: here in waverly, another woman is recovering in the hospital. pegy fox, wusa 9. >> thank you, peg. and an ef-3 tornado tore a path of destruction 13 miles long and killed one person. the governor said he believes as many as eight tornadoes touched down in the common welt yesterday. in some places, the only thing left of me
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foundation. in tappahannoc, it was confirmed to be an ef-3, but no one was killed. >> reporter: the first word everyone uses to describe what happened here in tappahannock is devastation and the second, miracle because it's hard to believe that no one was killed. >> i was devastated, devastated. >> reporter: it's hard for william dockry to look at what's left of his church which isn't much. it was demolished in what many believe was a tornado. >> that church right there has been here for years and years, just renovated. everything is gone. >> reporter: it could have been worse. the bible study was canceled for a good reason. good thing it was. >> it would have been
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bad. >> reporter: about 30 30 structure is damaged. >> i look over there, and i look and say how did anybody get out? how? >> reporter: neighbors say that this structure was picked up and thrown about 300 feet. a family of four was inside at the time. >> we heard somebody yelling, and come to find out it was a little girl stuck in the rubble there. >> reporter: danny mercer helped to pull the family out and get to the hospital. and this was a similar scene. the campbell family shows no more. incredibly, they are all going to be okay. >> he got up and started running and looking for everybody. and found my mom in the basement and got her out and my brother across the street. >> reporter: this is the only thing left standing. >>
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it's a bible. >> the search crews are still out looking for people today. but tap pahannock officials do believe that everyone they're looking for is accounted for. northern virginia was hit hard by the winds that brought down trees and power lines. utility crews have been working since last night to try and restore service to thousands of customers. dominion is hoping to get everyone back online by late tonight. we'll have a report in great falls, virginia. there is a big clean up in the cedar grove area of germantown in montgomery county, maryland. we have been keeping tabs there, and we go live to christ lutheran church for more. scott? >> reporter: just one big example of the trees down all over the place. look at this. probably a half a century old fir tree down here and the
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clean up, not nearly complete. terror in the voice of one man as the terror goes out last night in the cedar grove store. >> oh, man! >> reporter: and reaction as he took his first peek outside. >> look at this [bleep] [bleep] [bleep]. look at my car, dog. >> reporter: the store parking lot is filled with debris. here is the owner. >> it's a mess. i can't even open up. >> reporter: from sky9, he is just one of the homes damaged by falling trees and here, trees laid down like toothpicks. >> six or seven trees and it will take a long time to clean up. >> reporter: residents are resident marveling at the power 92 it was here and then it was gone. >> numerous, numerous trees came over and landed on the
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power lines, of course. >> it was just a loud storm and very sudden. >> reporter: that's the pastor of the church here. the power has been restored to all but a handful of the 800 people that were out and the clean up is underway. through all of this, nobody was hurt. reporting live in cedar grove, montgomery county, scott broom, wusa 9. >> thank you, scott. weather watchers recorded wind gusts close to 80 miles per hour near that location in germantown. and in northwest d.c., crews were working to remove that large tree that came down and brought down power line when is it toppled down this afternoon. fortunately, no homes or cars were hit but it's closed between 16th and 18th streets so that crews can cut up the tree and get it out of there. no more storms on the horizon but we have strong winds ou
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here and could there be more toppling trees? >> the winds barely got to 35 miles per hour but overnight, on the order of 25, 30 miles per hour. you have to get rid of the showers first and a couple of snowflakes, too, but nothing crazy heavy. looking at activity, rockville and germantown, barely enough to affect the roads, frankly. winds gusting to 43 miles per hour and gusts at 30 miles per hour downtown and about 30 miles per hour down to the south. so the winds will be a factor through the next 12-18 hours and then we get into the temperatures, the wind chill feels like 39 downtown and 32 in gaithersburg and 33 in leesburg, and i'm going to tell you to dress for the teens and 20s walking to the bus stop tomorrow morning with the kids. it will be cold if you want a walk after dinner. 38 in gaithersburg and
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in the upper 30s and low 40s and by morning, 28 in gaithersburg, and 30 in bowie. we'll come back and talk about a cold start to the weekend, and then big changes on the way. >> thank you, topper. the aftermath of the storm closed bw parkway with chopper 9 over the area between i-695 and i-95 because of the high water. last night's intense storm set a new record for rainfall. moving on, police are investigating the death of a man in frederick maryland. >> sky9 flew over the scene where an adult male was found in a creek off willowdale driver at willowdale park. we don't know what caused his death. police are withholding his name until they are able to reach
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out a fire today after flames broke out in building materials for a bridge under construction along i-270. a propane tank caught fire. it's believed that a heater sparked the flames. there were no injuries. several people are recovering from minor injuries after a car crashed into a building in rockville. an suv went through a brick wall and into an office on executive boulevard. the building expecter was called in and utilities were turned off as a precaution. police are working to determine who caused that driver to lose control. if the rain and flooding wasn't enough, d.c. water created this geyser at 14th and k streets this morning when crews were testing a shot valve. well, that shot water up in
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air. officials say it's something that they do regularly but routinely, it doesn't look like that. apparently it worked well. [laughter] we're just getting started on wusa 9news at 5:00, prosecuting a suspect and protecting the victim, tough decisions to come in the case against a prince george's county teacher's aid accused in a child porn investigation. >> a twitter battle between donald trump and mitt romney. we'll let you know what they are fighting about. >> and a metrobus driver coming to the rescue of a woman on board with vision problems.
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patrols days after a man was shot at the green line. >> we are learning more about metro's crime plan. >> reporter: the 16-year- oldallied ally -- 16-year-old alleged triggerman is here behind bars, charged as an adult in an armed robbery. now, metro is hoping to stop the attacks by doubling patrols in the, quote, power hour. >> i certainly hope so. >> reporter: riders hope that the new plan works and metro does, too. daytime officers on ot will overlap with the afternoon shift and there will be more police on patrol around the power hour from school dismissal until the early rush. >> it's always a good thing because kids seem to have nothing else to do but hang out and get in trouble. >> it will make the out of towners feel safer. >> the advantages that assist
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it's an important thing. >> reporter: it's not all of them but a few that stand out like these high schoolers caught on camera last month. police arrested six teens. >> people are much more disruptive in a public space than they used to be. >> reporter: expect more boots on the ground at many of the areas. >> it's terrible how these kids are being raised today. i don't blame metro at all. >> reporter: they have 250 patrol officers and 17 are responsible for transporting metro's money from the station, and they will be reassigned, return to patrol. and that job will be moved to a private security company for $1.2 million. >> delia, thank you, and part of the an
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about a dozen officers off the desk or light duty and placing them in station for increased visibility. we are told that the overtime for the officers is already in the budget. we just received new video of a metrobus driver hailed as a hero. he came to the aid of a 61-year- old visually impaired woman who was swarmed by a group of teen girl this is -- girls this week. they took her purse and the driver was able to get it back, and three of the girls were arrested. to campaign 2016 and the republican presidential hopefuls are gearing up for their last debate. donald trump is sure to be a target gearing up for the last debate before heading for the polls with super tuesday. nearly 600
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grabs. >> as a politician, you are used to counter punches. you say something. they say something. you say something to trump, he knocks you out. >> trump leads with 81, and 135 are eligible for tuesday, and the pressure is for ted cruz to win in his home state if he wants to stay in the race and trump lashing out at former presidential candidate mitt romney after romney suggested there is a bombshell of some sort in trump's unreleased tax returns. trump tweeted in return. romney fires back saying me thinks the donald doth protest too much. show voters your back taxes. isn't that fun? trump, by the way, supported romney in the
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coming up at 5:30, a former mexican president is responding to trump's demands for a wall on the border and who want they want to see win the election and why. the intense rain last night is to blame for a wall inside a house. the person inside believed that the rain at a construction site next door contributed to the problem. >> initially found cracks and everything in my bathroom and then in my bedroom. basically made most of my windows ajar, because they were slightly open. from there, i stepped over to check it out closer, and that's when i heard something. i was fearful and looked into everything, and everybody got out. >> a building inspector was called in to determine the extent of the damage. five people living in the home
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can return. so we talked about the tornado that did considerable damage in virginia but the rain in town? >> unbelievable. the flooding continued after midnight and the tornado in waverly, it touched down between 2:31 and 2:41 and the warning at 2:37, and the winds at 110 miles per hour. >> do we know why there was a delay? >> we do not. but they will be looking into that. it was not issued here in philly but they like to give you lead time. okay. 3-degree guarantee, doing pretty good today. at least for the 3-degree guarantee. [laughter] 57 last night for the high and i think we'll be okay. i think it's fallen since then. right now, a live look outside. 46 right now and the dew point's back in the 20s, and look at the winds, still
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so the wind chills will be a factor tonight if you're going out and certainly tomorrow morning at the bus stop. here's a look at first alert live doppler over the last hour. you can see an area of sprinkles. we talked about sprinkles and a couple of wet snowflakes. i saw a couple of them today, and yes, it can snow at 44, 45, and this is live with a little bit of activity, light, and 46 downtown, further south, a couple of sprinkles in manassas, warrenton, i-66, a couple of sprinkles and southern maryland, a couple of sprinkles as well. clearing, breezy and colder. the bus stop temperatures, 28 to 36 and with the breezes, wind chills, teens, and 20s, and cold and dry finishing the week and a warm finish to th
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9:30 tonight, 38 in gaithersburg and 39 in manassas and 40 40 in sterling and downtown. by 9:00, still cold, and things are not going to skyrocket up here. 34 in manassas and even at 9:00, the wind chills in the teens and 20s. 1:00, walking to lunch, bundle up. 42 in fredericks burg and fort -- fredericksburg and 32 in hagerstown and cumberland and by 10:00 tomorrow night, looking at temperatures back in the upper 20s and low 30s. it looks like tomorrow night we'll bottom out in the low 20s in the suburbs. 6:00 a.m. in the morning, here's what i mean about the wind il
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downtown. by 9:00, still feels like it's in the 20s and for tonight, clearing, breezing, and colder, 28 to 34. the wind chill factor, the day planner, 30, 30, 30, and maybe 40 by 1:00, maybe. saturday, cold and then boom, 51 on sunday with sunshine. that's awesome. monday, upper 50s. 60 on tuesday, march in like a lamb and 50 wednesday and thursday. >> topper, thank you. still ahead why some british lawmakers don't want the redskins to play across the pond.
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tv-commercial tv-commercial
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some members of parliament in england are calling on the washington redskins to change their name confirming that the nfl received a strongly worded letter from two british lawmakers expressing frustration with the team's name. washington is scheduled to play the cincinnati bengals in
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letter said that the name could cause issues in terms of television coverage and they're calling on the nfl to send another team to the game. let's talk consumer news. abercrombie and fitch carries a new label, named the most hated company in america. the plan to turn around sales isn't happening. and a jury has ordered johnson & johnson to pay $72 million to the family of an alabama woman. the attorneys argue that the baby powder and gem min hygiene -- feminine hygiene powder that jacqueline smith used for years caused her ovarian dancer. the suit claims that j and j lied to th
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safety of the product. and uber is saying it will create self-driving cars saying that the goal is to study the impact of technology and transportation incities. what a planeful of passengers did that broke this little boy's heart. >> and fighting back against intimidation, dozens of d.c. residents facing eviction take to the streets. >> after the break, prosecuting the teacher in the child porn case. >> and are your kids really safe riding around the store? we expose the injuries causeed by shopping carts are and how
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to the latest on the teacher's aide accused of molesting kids and producing child porn inside an elementary school. >> the prosecutor is trying to balance interests in sending deonte carraway for a long time and the trauma that the which were might have to go through if they have to
5:29 pm
testlify against him. >> reporter: yeah. they can choose where they go to testify against their accusers, and it can take months to get ready. >> started babysitting our boys when they were 3, 5, and 7. >> reporter: michelle moved away from maryland where her young son was sexually abused by his babysitter for years. >> what was best for our family was to be open and honest and admit to what happened, and counseling for the children, and make sure this didn't happen again. >> reporter: she was prepared to have all three of her boys in court against the abuser. >> this was a young man who was demonstrating predator behavior. >> reporter: in the end, they did not have to face hi
5:30 pm
think it would have been additional trauma? >> no. i don't think so. >> it's my job to get the family to feel like they can talk to me. >> reporter: the baltimore child abuse center has special interview rooms so that the child can sit here and tell their story just once to a social worker and the rest of the investigative team can watch on closed-circuit tv. after that forensic interview, counselors can spend months getting children ready to testify. but they might be scared when they get there. >> of course. it's a terrifying experience but they can reduce the possibility of abuse. >> reporter: the children are welcome to take a stuffed animal or a toy to court with them and they have a counselor often at their side. >> amazingly brave to talk in front of their abusers. >> they're
5:31 pm
>> reporter: but sometimes, children simply are not strong enough to testify. in that case, police and prosecutors have to make tough decisions about how to move forward. wusa9. >> of course, it's so tough because they have to retell the story and it can traumatize them. thank you. and the children may not even have to testify to prove the child porn charge against carraway. but the rules are different? different in state court. dozens of d.c. residents are facing eviction and took to the streets in protest. the tenants crossed the bridge into arlington to make their voices heard outside of their landlord's offices. bush company is trying to demolish the rent bs
5:32 pm
luxury living. >> i tell them, stop dragging this out and get it solved so we can all move o we are just asking for a fair, reasonable price for our building. >> the only way for the tenants to stay is collectively purchase the building for $800,000 for unit, a price they say they can't afford. they say that the company is using intimidation tactics to get them out of the building. more campaign 2016 news. the president of mexico has tough words for donald trump, asked about his plan to build a wall at the u.s.-mexican border. >> i'm not going to pay for that [bleep] wall. he should pay for it. he's got the money. >> well, as you might have guessed, trump responded on twitter tweeting
5:33 pm
president of mexico horribly used the f word when discussing the wall. he must a pal jiez. if i did that, there would be an uproar. apple is kicking up the battle a notch against the f.b.i. the new york times are reporting that the engineers are working on a security measure to make it impossible for the government to break into an iphone. the judge ordered apple to help the fbi to unlock a phone used by one of the san bernardino killers. ceotim cook said if they break in one iphone, millions of customers around the world will be vulnerable. on facebook, a story getting a lot of attention after an ugly incident on a plane. >> the boy and his parents were heading home after a bucket list trip to the northwest. see, the 7-year-old's father has terminal cancer. after boarding the plane, giovanni had an allergic reaction and
5:34 pm
takeoff. the family was told they had to get off the plane. when they stood up to leave, the people at the back of the plane started clapping. >> my dad was sick. i was sad this has to be a memory with my dad. >> you know, i was looking at the people and like -- it was like get out of here. >> where was their humanity? allegiant airlines contacted the family and apologized for what happened. so a drunk monkey on a rampage. he has a knife and the high dollar swag inside this
5:35 pm
oscar gift bag. >> staying alive is more than just a song. andrea mccarron shows us a life- saving cpr technique next. >> colder tonight, and everybody, essentially 32 or below. 32 downtown and 29 for the overnight low in manassas, and 28 in frederick and we'll
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we hope this next story may change your life or save someone else's. the simple steps to perform bystander or hands only cpr. >> we have a salute to paramedics who save lives on a regular basis. >> reporter: if you see someone in distress, check to see if they are breathing. if not, call
5:39 pm
to get involved because they don't know what to do. >> reporter: ie n thnext 60 seconds, you will learn. it's bystander cpr. and it involves a disco classic, the bee gee's staying alive is the perfect tempo with the crest compression at 100 beats for minute. >> put the heel of your land -- hand in the middle of the chest and push down hard and fast straight over. >> call 911. >> reporter: with the help of our colleague. our talented instructors have lost count of how many lives they have already saved. >> it's spectacular. >> reporter: with two nd
5:40 pm
chances of survive from as 5% to as high as 60%. >> that's just incredible. >> that's a fantastic lesson. i took a first aid course a couple of weeks ago with a couple of people from the station. you can actually help someone who is in peril. it comes in handy. and you can send an e-mail to our service dog in training for a wounded warrior, bunch. he has his own e-mail; bunce@ wusa and dusty baker is talking about his most famous invention. that's after the break. >> what one survivor has to do
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you have to keep track of the evidence that could help catch your attacker to make sure that no one throws it away. deborah is sprucing us to a woman today trying to change that. >> reporter: lesli and adam, she's succeeding and is looking for a bill introduced in the senate this week making her reality of trying to track down her own rape kit a thing of the past. every rape survivor grapples with moving forward. >> every six months, i have to race against a ticking clock. >> reporter: amanda winter was sexually assaulted in massachusetts more than a year ago and went to the hospital and underwent a rape examine and found out that her kit would be thrown out in six months if
5:45 pm
forward with prosecution. >> i had to wait for a time when i was ready. >> reporter: but the harvard graduate said she wanted to get the info from police and applied to extend the 6-month deadline. >> couldn't forward an e-mail confirmation or mail it. >> reporter: she actual he had to go to the police department to get the confirmation. so she started a national civil rights non-profit to fight for the sexual assault survivor's bill of rights. one goal? to match the deadline to each state's statute of limitations. the bill will be in congress this week. >> i want people to see this is so large. there are 25 million survivors in the united states. accept injustice. and i am
5:46 pm
injustice. >> she said that research shows in maryland, they don't throw it away. they will keep it up to a year, and they told me there are two bills pending in the general assembly and hold anonymous tips for about two years. >> what a tough and agonizing situation. what to do? >> reporter: exactly, and she tells me she is not moving forward with prosecution right now, but she has consulted with a lawyer who said maybe a few years. it will be a tough situation and it's excruciating. she wants the time to come up with her decision. >> well, you want her to be empowered as all other victims of sex assault. >> reporter: absolutely, and there are millions of them. >> deb, thank you. we are going through and looking at pi
5:47 pm
video that you posted of the storm that is swept through the virginia and the district and maryland. peggy fox and many of you shared many of yours. and we are always looking for your storm footage, whether pictures or a status report or video. you can remember if you take them take them like this, horizontal not vertically. it turns out better on tv, and we do want to put this on tv. this here from burks, virginia, hail, not brave enough to go out into it, and why would you? step out on the patio, and you have nickel-sized hail falling on the patio. and also, the issue that we were reporting on last night was the flooding on the roads, landover hills on route 50. you can see the cars creeping long as the water gets higher and higher and this video goes
5:48 pm
on, and you could see that the water comes up considerably and have movement to it. here is a tree down in fairfax, river road and stafford. it turned into a river of its own and ended last night with a beautiful rainbow a lot of uf saw with the sun -- you saw with the sun to the west. topper? we'll talk about current conditions. it's chilly but not crazy cold just yet. a live look outside on the weather am can a, 46 and winds gusting to 30, and they will be a factor through tonight and tomorrow, maybe not as strong tomorrow but figure on the wind chills in the teens and 20s tomorrow morning in the bus stop. here's the radar, just sprinkles here and there, and a couple of wet snowflakes, too, north of frederick and i-70. looking at frederick
5:49 pm
damascus and flakes into hagerstown. yes, it can snow with the temperatures in the 40s. down south and i-95 past quantico and fredericksburg, nothing heavy. clearing tonight, breezy and colder and most of us below freezing. the bus stop temperatures, 28 to 36 and wind chills in the teens and 20s in the morning and a cold and dry finish to the week and a cold start to the weekend. cold on saturday but a nice warm finish for the weekend, the better of the two days, sunday. and 37 in gaithersburg, 48 -- 38 in silver spring and fairfax. in the morning, we will have 20s. 29 in martinsburg and by midmorning, not that warm with a strong northwesterly wind. so dress for the 30s all day tomorrow, and by lunchtime, a cold one for lunch. only 40 downtown and 39 in frederick, and -- excuse me, 39
5:50 pm
in fairfax and 37 in frederick and 38 in bowie. 6:00, the temperatures back in the 30s, and tomorrow night will be colder and most folks back in the 20s. so on the day planner, 38 by 11:00 and 40 with sunshine by 1:00. saturday, cold and brisk, 45. then 61, much, much warmer on sunday, a great day. the 7 day, upper 50s on monday and 60s on tuesday and a few clouds. march rolls in like a lamb. a couple of showers on wednesday and thursday, cooler but highs near 50. >> not bad. thank you. turning to the controversy on the lavish gift bags the nominees are taking home after the oscars. >> should you have to pay for it if it's a gift? it includes a 10-day trip
5:51 pm
israel and the combined value is $200,000. now some are all about the product placement. >> to have them wearing your jewelry or t-shirt or showing up at your resort, it's worth far more than the price of the product they're giving away. >> this year, the academy filed a lawsuit over the bundles of goodies saying that they use the oscar name to promote the bag even though it's not affiliated. look at this, a knife- wielding monkey, a frightening incident at a bar in brazil. where else it would happen, adams morgan? after guzzling booze, the monkey chased patrons around the bar with a knife and then made its way on to the roof and will just start drunkenly stabbing the shingles. yeah. crews were ab
5:52 pm
nefarious monkey. >> and then he did the whip and nae nae. spring training is officially in full swing. the nationals held their first full squad practice today, the first under manager dusty baker. after being introduced last year, baker is finally back in major league camp with what he suspects will be his final team bringing entashusim to the franchise. he is a colorful guy, and as frank hanrahan found out, and frank, it's not as warm as we thought? >> reporter: i should have brought my light fleece. it's sunny but a little windy. the first full day here for the
5:53 pm
roster in vierra. dusty baker, a youthful 66 years of age and trying to get the nationals back to where they expect to be and that's to the playoffs. dusty is known for many things including the way he loves to gnaw at toothpicks during the games, and he wants to stop chewing tobacco and wears the heavy wristbands. he said he has skinny arms, and how about this? he was part of celebratory lore. he received the first high five in the 70s with the l.a. dodgers. >> hit my 30th homerun, next to the last bat of the season, and jr richard, my nemesis. and he held his hand up and i hit his hand and next thing you know -- i didn't start it. he started it. i don't knows understand and then someone else said he
5:54 pm
i don't know. >> reporter: so that's the high five and this is the original high five. upthere it is. that's the high 5 from the cents and now -- 70s and now it's a fist bump. >> a lot of cool people doing that. >> i sense a controversy brewing over the origin of the i-5. coming up at 6:00, we'll go live to fairfax county where residents are cleaning up the damage from last night's storm 52 and a look at whether millennials will support hillary or bernie sanders. >> but first, how much is too
5:55 pm
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parents and educators are resigned to the idea that homework is just part of learning and succeeding in school. >> but when did it become too much? >> reporter: the living room here is now set up as a classroom. >> we'll convince someone to change their mind. >> reporter: two years ago, this new yorker started home schooling her sons and niece. >> everything was reading, writing, word work, math. >> it was very hard and i didn't like to do homewo
5:58 pm
too much homework, some say it leaves too little time for kids to be kids. >> you want to help kids manage their time. >> reporter: dr. jamie showered a clinical psychologist with the child mind institute and said that younger children should get no more than 20 minutes a day, in line with the national recommendation of 10 to 20 minutes for night from the first grade and by 12th grade, it's 120 minutes for night. >> the attention span is sport and they need to be doing other things. they need to be mastering tasks like making and being with friends. >> they expose themselves to everything. >> reporter: like museums, the park, women, and music lessons so that the kids can enjoy being kids. she
5:59 pm
in ed commission. >> -- education. >> and she is prepared to teach the children through high school. coming up,ic pg up after the storms. >> and a battle over the nomination of the new supreme court justice moves from the floor of the senate to the steps of the high court. thank you for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm bruce johnson. a curfew is in effect tonight in waverly, virginia where a tornado killed three people including a young boy. it was on the ground for six full minutes before the warning was issued. heartbroken relatives are spoking out about the child. >> reporter: this is where the family lived before the tornado. their mobile home now gone. neighbors say it was like it blew up and then was thrown in pieces across the street. the bodies of the three people
6:00 pm
inside were found about a .25 of a mile away. ernest turner's nephew, larry, was died along with his girlfriend's 2-year-old son and 26-year-old nephew. >> oh, just a little baby. >> my heart broke with the baby boy. >> reporter: it hit a swath through waverly, damaging homes and a church and lifting up the trailer. david lives across from the trailer. >> right there on the corner, and came across right there, kitty corner across the street. >> reporter: he took cover in the storm shelter. his home was spared. >> we found the two adult men and the fire guys found the baby on the other side of the woods. >> reporter: as clean up began, heavy machines


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