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tv   Wusa 9 News Saturday at 7am  CBS  February 27, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EST

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this is "wake up washington" on wusa9. just when it looked like it was lights out on the exelon merger, power may have been turned on by the dc public service commission. today is a decade in the making. the return of streetcars to the nation's capital. wasn't worth the wait? mixed reactions, straight ahead. a cold start this morning. spring will blossom into tomorrow, believe it or not. i will have the details, coming up. welcome to "wake up washington." i'm nick diaz -- i'm nick giovanni. clear and cold? this weekend, a cold saturday and then tomorrow, much warmer. >> spring?
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it is called, as we mentioned and beautiful with the sun about to come up and it is amazing here in dc with this view. temperature-wise, it is chilly, 28 degrees. it feels like 22, so even colder. there are a few colds -- clouds, but around the beltway, it is in the 20s. 22 in waldorf and 28 in dc and 28 at chevy chase in rockville. as you wake up and are going out the door, dress in layers. it is a cold one. 20s and thursdays -- 20s and 30s. upper 40s for saturday and 62 tomorrow. a big jump in 24 hours and by monday, we are holding steady, near 60.
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the top of the rundown, a developing story which could impact life in the district for years to come. the dc public service commission rejected a proposed merger of pepco and chicago- based utility come exelon. the left over the possibility moving forward if both sides agree to the deal. the changes are geared toward improving service for customers. this morning, all parties are reviewing the recommendations and an answer is expected in the next few weeks. by this afternoon, you will see streetcars carrying passengers in the district. the streetcar line makes the debut around 10:00 this morning and will roll out the inaugural trip following a brief ceremony. a former pastor in dc police officer was sentenced to nearly two decades in prison for sexually abusing two teenage girls. darrell best abused a 16-year- old in his office at the god of second test ministers got of
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he abused a 17-year-old at police headquarters. fairfax county police identified a man wanted for raping a woman in mount vernon. they say edwin martinez broke into a woman's apartment last week, saturday morning. he attacked her and police said he might go by the name javier. recent child porn scandal in prince george's county sent shockwaves throughout the community. monday night at 11:00 p.m., wusa9's lesli foster will have a special report for friends and families. they sat down with three adult survivors and what they have to say is frank for people that rape children or are entrusted for their care. >> child sexual abuse is the cruelest crime you can commit on a kid. it's just like murder. you murder that kids heart. >> our special report on surviving child sex abuse airs monday night at 11:00.
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wusa9. will have an expert on hand to answer questions monday night and we what you to have a chance to join the conversation. on the campaign, the polls are open in south carolina. the democratic voters will decide who they want to represent them in november and the general election. donald trump stopped his closest rival in the tracks friday with an endorsement that surprised almost everyone. here's more from the white house. >>reporter: he was endorsing donald trump for president. former gop presidential candidate, chris christie endorsed donald trump saying he is the only one who can defeat the democrats. >> who is the best person to stop hillary clinton from getting inside the white house again? this is the best person to
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that. >>reporter: ted cruz was stunned when he found out about the endorsement during a campaign stop in nashville. later, he played it cool. >> listen come i think the endorsement was, no doubt, troubling news for the rubio campaign. >> what we are dealing with here, my friend, is a con artist. >>reporter: marco rubio has been attacking trump -- trump since the debate. >> once a joker, never a joker. it never, ever changes. >>reporter: the republicans have their sites set on super tuesday. the democrats have to make up for the south carolina primary, first. >> south carolina! >>reporter: hillary clinton is expected to easily win south carolina but is campaigning there until the very end. >> we are fighting to break down barriers wherever they may be. >>reporter: rival bernie sanders held a rally at a university. >> what this campaign is about, is taking a hard look at national priorities. >>reporter: south carolina voters go to the polls on saturday with their priorities. cbs news, the white house.
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early to say whether he would consider kristi for a running mate and we will standby for that. stay with wusa9 for the latest developments as we go towards super tuesday. download the wusa9 mobile app for important updates whenever you need them. 7:06 and "wake up washington" is following the latest on the condition of yoko ono. she was rushed to a new york hospital last night and will have more coming up. daniel johnson is back to let us
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♪ new fresh step with the power of febreze. odor control worth celebrating. always watching, always tracking, wusa9 first alert weather. welcome back to "wake up washington." 28 degrees to start or saturday. >> it will climb in the mid-to low 40s. another chilly day. it will not feel cold, we take away the wind speeds. it has been windy. finally, goodbye to
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conditions. a look at the nation, quiet and the only active weather is across the pacific northwest with a few flurries just to the west along the appalachian mountains. that won't amount to anything and none of the snow will make it here. appalachian mountains protect us , a lot of the time and that is what keeps the clouds and snow showers to thwee . we are looking at beautiful, sunny skies up and down i-95 and we will keep it that way through the day. it will be a cool day but the winds are much calmer as we go into the rest of the weekend. we talk about a lot of sunshine today and tomorrow. tomorrow, it will be spring lake and we go to wintertime weather today, to springlike weather tomorrow and we will keep it going into the beginning of march, which is tuesday, by the way. do not put away your jackets just yet. winter is not done and i will show you why in the 7 day forecast. temperature-wise, 20s and 30s. 21 in ss
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culpepper is in the teens. 25 in hagerstown and 23 in westminster. dress in layers this morning. into the afternoon, we warm up a little bit. 23-33 this morning and partly to mostly sunny and quite cold and the winds will be between five and 10. this afternoon, we warm up slightly and a lot of sunshine. is stellar afternoon with plenty of bright sunshine out there and blue skies. here's a look at temperatures in the futurecast and whether we thick clouds. there could be clouds along the appalachians with that system. it will get into the mid-40s through the aftern7m>oon. into tonight, temps drop off into the 30s, but not nearly as cold as what we wake up to this morning. look at tomorrow. we warm up nicely. one reason is winds shift south and southwest to bumpus up to 60 degrees
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61 in manassas and 63 in culpeper and cooler across eastern shore with temperatures in the 50s. beautiful blue skies and a lot of sunshine expected into today and tomorrow. what about the rest of the week? monday, we look at temperatures around 60, holding steady and tuesday, democratic and republican primaries, super suit -- super tuesday. if you live in virginia, go out and vote. 63 and perfect for it with scattered showers likely into wednesday and turning cooler with a snowflake in the 7 day forecast. temperatures drop by friday with the coastal system nearby. we all know the benefits of staying active. had, new research suggests that moving could improve the way you learn. his heart might be frail but his courage is migh
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good morning. too little or too much >>reporter: when it comes to sleep, getting it right could really -- could result in the less risk of stroke. those with seven or eight hours per night were less likely to have experienced a stroke by 25%. those who slept more than eight hours were 146% more likely to have suffered a stroke.
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short sleepers with less than seven hours per night were 22% more likely to report having a stroke. you may not know this, but women have more strokes than men and strokes and heart disease kill more women than all cancer combined. silver lining partnerships and asw present the annual go red for women heart disease awareness charity fundraiser this evening to benefit the american heart association. the theme this year is going to honor survivors of heart disease and stroke. get complementary screenings, health and wellness tips and hear from wellness speakers. there will be dance fitness demos, raffles, prizes and more. 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. at north laurel community center on whiskey bottom road. for more information check our website at or our free app for android and apple devices. i'm andrea roane. have a good weekend.
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difference. researchers in st. louis found a 5% weight loss could spike the biggest health benefits. even 10 pounds in a person weighing 200 could cut diabetes and heart disease risk. it improved metabolic function, also. no evidence of a link between sleep deprivation and depression. doctors in california say a gene they have been tracking and mice might explain how mood disorders can be triggered by biological clock changes. an odor -- a new study finds anxious and depressed parents may have kids were fussy eaters. that is according to researchers in the netherlands attract family members to find the more anxious parents were during pregnancy, the more likely preschoolers would be picky eaters. researchers found a link between migraine headaches and irritable bowel syndrome. more than half of patients with migraines and more than one quarter with tension headaches also d
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american academy of neurology. new research could mean fewer hospital visits for children with asthma. the study found children sent home with prescription medications make fewer visits back to the e.r. for asthma. boston university researchers found almost 40% of pediatric patients were not able to get prescriptions filled in a timely manner. apparently, students would do physical activities while learning math and spelling score higher on tests, compared to students sitting at a desk. the study appears in the journal of pediatrics and they looked at nearly 502nd and third graders. the end result? get out and move is the take away. february is national heart month and there is an 11-year- old montgomery county boy weeks from surgery that will hopefully save his life. a congenital heart disease is being battled by eric grantham. here is more on how the mother is trying to comfort her son through open-heart surgery and keep a roof over his head.
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>>reporter: inside a playroom at children's national health system, eric grantham draws his favorite picture. it holds special meaning. >> i'm drawing cars. >>reporter: eric, who has autism is spiritual and artistic. he has a passion for art. gospel music and jesus runs deep with him. >> i love the lord. >>reporter: is a good day for the fifth-grader, who experienced his share of bad ones. days that kept his mother, linda, running back and forth to the hospital. >> for two years, eric wood complain off and on about chest pain. >>reporter: that wasn't the only issue. lung infections would come and go and shortness of breath and extreme fatigue. after months of complications, doctors discovered eric has congenital heart disease. something no one knew he was
7:19 am
>> there was not enough blood flow going to his lungs or too much going to the lungs. >>reporter: it is often progressive and hard to detect in the anyone until adulthood. he said the condition is prevalent in patients with other abnormalities. >> and eric's case, it got to the point where it was identifiable because the heart was a large. >>reporter: on april 13, eric will undergo open-heart surgery and it will take up to three hours and recovery will be six weeks. eric met a number of prominent people including dc male -- dc mayor muriel bowser and kirk franklin, who offered prayer. >> he prayed for me. >>reporter: from the district, usa nine. on the date of the surgery, supporters will wear t-shirts that say i am an advocate for eric grantham. the plans for a benefit nc
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eric and his mom. after nine years, the anticipated streetcars in dc will carry passengers along the eighth street corridor. surae chinn is live to wait for this moment. you found mixed reactions from the project, nine years later? >>reporter: yes. nine years later, the day has actually come for the 2.4-mile transit system streetcars in dc. i have one of these people anticipating to ride the streetcar. we have scott, the owner of a restaurant on eighth street, argonaut tavern. and you live in the area? >> correct. i live about one half block away from here. >>reporter: tell me, you can think of a lot of adjectives. a waste of money? over budget and delaying? what are your thoughts? >> i think it will be worth it, in the long run. the big thing is that this is just the start.
7:21 am
we need to connect these to the river and minnesota avenue and to go downtown. the stretch that is here right now will benefit, i think, a lot of the restaurants and bars in the area. is a form of transit, it has to be connected to the rest of the city. >>reporter: your thoughts, being a restaurant owner when businesses are closed because of the construction of the streetcar? >> it was rough. we had construction on one side or the other of our building for a good two years. the important thing to realize is it wasn't just the tracks being laid. there were no sidewalks and infrastructure and lighting. eighth street got a facelift and the streetcar is an added bonus. >>reporter: there were a lot of safety issues. cars were being too close to the streetcar and parked cars were colliding with streetcars. a fire, in fact. is safety an issue or a concern? >> with everything new, it will be an issue.
7:22 am
i personally found that traffic is better down eighth street. cars don't double park anymore. people that live in the city are used to parallel parking. i think it takes -- it's a learning curve for people coming to the city, to know how to parallel park. >> thank you, scotch. in the next 20 minutes we will talk with the transit expert who said the streetcar was a bad idea. live on eighth street northeast, surae chinn, wusa9. >> some mixed reactions. we appreciate it. another day and another milestone for alex ovechkin. harsh words for the wizard. a close call
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montreal and there wasn't even a team in their rearview. they hope it stays that way against the wild, down 2- one in the third. ovechin does what he does from there. goal number 40 on the season. the eighth time he hit the milestone in his career and the cavs logged their 45th win, matching last year's total. lackadaisical, words that don't belong with the team making a playoff push. that's how the washington post sums up the washington's day at the office. catch up before the half and no one could catch before the buzzer went coast-to-coast making it a four-point game at the break and back out of the locker room, the wizards were plus two and called it wall-to- wall coverage before the clock hit zero. 11 assists and two rebound shy of the third triple-double this month. the wizards survived thanks
7:26 am
one of three and keep in mind that was against the worst team in basketball at this point. a better for the big ten brewing. maryland is going to the land of the boilermakers. number two in the nation for the terps and number 10 in the last two weeks. they have stopped their slide, it seems, and it keeps them and hunt for the conference crown. in indiana, the coach felt like the terps when a good place going to purdue. we will see if they stay that way. big east, this is it for dsr on top of the hilltop. more like verizon center, but you get the reference. rivera about to suit up for his final home game as a whole you. the season didn't work out like they had in mind. but, he is do a proper sendoff ranked sixth on the all-time list of scores and number one for three pointers made. the redskins spend th
7:27 am
future of the franchise. the found out that more money to spend on their roster. $5.8million to rollover from unused space last season. the question is, will they spend it on the quarterback, we want to point out that the team actually has cousins on the trade block. at this point, the general consensus is one of the the teams tags will be placed on him. either the franchise tag or the transition tag. that was first reported by espn and there is a difference of about $2 million between the tags. the contract talks continue. new details about pregnant women in this country who have the
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so, where do you want to start? i think this is a pretty good place. ♪ is folgers in your cup we are following two new stories on "wake up washington." the first is out of new york city. yoko ono is resting on hospital. she was experiencing flulike systems -- symptoms and went to the doctor. they said she suffered a stroke, but they said that is not true. start catching a ride on the district knew streetcars. the streetcars make their debut after 10 years of delays and setbacks. the phase of this $200 million dc streetcar project opens today and you can ride for free. the question is, what should you be wearing as you go outside? we take a ok
7:31 am
now with a beautiful shot and as we made it to sunrise, beautiful state of the day. clear and cold. welcome to "wake up washington" and it won't stay cold for long? >> yes. we will be on the chilly side for the end of february and into tomorrow, spring weather coming. it will go up by 15-20 degrees. beautiful conditions. let's get to it. beautiful is the word of the day. look outside. as we pan across the district, temperatures are in the 20s. cold to start and 28 is the temperature. it feels like 22 with a brisk wind. the winds will eventually come down into the afternoon with 20 when in manassas, waldorf 22 and culpepper, a cold spot at 20 degrees. there is are live shot of your day planner calling for a lot of sunshine and it will stay on
7:32 am
slightly colder than normal. tomorrow, throw it out the door. we are going well above average with 62 degrees and much warmer, feeling like spring and into monday, quite mild and around 60 degrees. no chance for rain or snow over the next several days. back to you. daniel, thank you. before super tuesday, south carolina is one of the top stories. it will be in the palmetto state and the voting polls are open with democrats going to the polls to cast their vote for who they want to represent the party in the presidential race, come november. bernie sanders and friday traveling from one campaign stop to another, trying to sway undecided voters. hillary clinton, it looks like, is expected to easily win the democratic primary in the palmetto state. will find out in a matter of hours how it plays out. the political world is trying to analyze what happened yesterday. the trump campaign stopped in texas and new jersey
7:33 am
and former heated rival, chris christie, through his support behind the gop front runner. christie said he believes trump is only republican who can defeat both democratic candidates. endorsement caught both ted cruz and marco rubio little off guard. >> listen come i think the endorsement was no doubt troubling news for the rubio campaign. >> what we are dealing with here, my friends, is a con artist. >> of course, ted cruz saying that texas would be the crown jewel of super tuesday. but as we look somma does, some animals believe rubio may have gained ground from trump during the attacks in tuesday's debate. trump wasted no time instilling the limelight away from his challengers. super tuesday is a few days away and virginia will be among those choosing a nominee. the questions were asked, can anyone beat trump in virginia? >>reporter:
7:34 am
the pack heading into super tuesday and the critical primary state is virginia, where it's easy to find loyal supporters. what you like about trump? >> he is on us. he says it like it is and what all of us are thinking. he has enough balls to say it. >>reporter: marco rubio's numbers lysergic and his only six points behind trump in virginia and ted cruz is a few points behind him. >> can trump bring his less educated voters to the polls in sufficient numbers to beat back the rising rubio tied? >>reporter: political analyst jeremy mayer -- >> trump will not win fairfax, the largest voting population in virginia. is not going to lose fairfax because it's well-educated, it's also very diverse, even among republicans. >>reporter: this statement. >> total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> and has had an effect. >>reporter: would you vote for trump, or not? >> i am muslim, no. >>reporter: the prince william county chair is
7:35 am
virginia campaign trip. >> to have a problem about muslims coming to the country, the statement he made? >> i don't agree with mr. trump and everything. >>reporter: he said he will help build trump's relations with the muslim community. >> they are bringing drugs, they are bring in crime. their rape is. >>reporter: about that statement? >> is absolutely right. a lot of people are coming illegally and they're convicted of crimes in the federal government still want to port them. >>reporter: republican party chair said the gop will stand by the nominee. >> we will support the nominee, whoever it may be. >>reporter: that means raising money and knocking on doors. >> that was peggy fox reporting. democrats are holding a presidential primary in virginia, as well, next tuesday. you don't have to register by either party, but you have to be a registered voter and bring a valid id with you. po
7:36 am
until 7:00 p.m. plan accordingly. stay with wusa for the latest developments as we speak toward super tuesday and download our wusa9 mobile app with breaking news, live coverage and important updates, whenever you need them. we will go to prince county. a big sewage spill put the spotlight back on a troubled pumping station in fort washington. nearly 1 million gallons overflowed after heavy rain during the middle of the week. frustrated neighbors it is the history of long spells in the neighborhood. upgrading the station as part of a larger project to fix the sewer system and port washington and accokeek in construction has begun. federal health officials reveal new information about the zika virus this morning. the mosquito borne virus is spreading quickly in latin america and the caribbean. the centers for disease control said several pregnant women in the u.s. are now infected. >>reporter: samantha had just found out she was pregnant when she traveled to honduras around christmas.
7:37 am
weeks later she had fever and flulike symptoms. she tested positive for the zika virus. she was nine weeks and she miscarried. >> it was really hard. >>reporter: the virus was found in the placenta but there is no way to know what caused her miscarriage. the cdc said it has confirmed nine pregnant women with the zika virus in the u.s. all were infected while traveling to areas where the virus circulates. of those cases, two had healthy babies and two had miscarriages and two terminated their pregnancies. one child was born with severe microcephaly, condition that leaves babies with abnormally small heads. the zika virus has been linked to thousands of cases of microcephaly in brazil. >> what is clear, of the six women infected in the first trimester, two had spontaneous miscarriages and at least
7:38 am
affected by microcephaly. >>reporter: the cdc said doctors are continuing to monitor the two remaining u.s. pregnancies, which so far, appear to be without complications. earlier this week, u.s. health officials said they are investigating more than one dozen reports of sexually transmitted cases. >> this is more than we anticipated. >>reporter: the cdc recommends men recently traveled to zika infected areas use condoms or abstain from sex if their partner is pregnant. cbs news, new york. cdc officials are investigating 10 additional cases, we've learned, pregnant women with zika. ♪ take a look at what is trending. real maybe six months away but the athletes are gearing up for the competition, already. some of the gymnasts on the u.s. women's team showed f
7:39 am
commercial for under armour. no trending online, it appeared heas t same time that two athletes said they would not appear in real. we are said to report one of the morning traditions changed for millions of americans. daniel is back to let us know what we
7:40 am
7:41 am
good saturday morning. i'm larry miller. county, murray avenue will be closed between irving street and audrey lane from now until june 30 for road repairs. watch out for that and consider alternate routes. for those taking the metro this week and, the orange and blue will run every 20 minutes in silver, every 10 minutes between reston
7:42 am
the green and red line every 12- 24 minutes on the yellow line, regular service between huntington and mount vernon square. i will see you monday morning at 4:25. have a good one. always watching and tracking, wusa9 first alert weather. 7:42 and we are inching closer to that finish line for winter. >> that is right. we will wrap this up over the next several weeks. winter does not want to end, just yet. a cold start this morning and we have an the seven day forecast, even some snow. >> a little bit of everything. well, it is the winter season and feels like it this morning. it is 28 in the district. 21 in manassas and in orange county 25 degrees and tappahannock has all the tornado damage. temperatures are well into the 20s in gaithersburg. what to expect for the rest of your weekend? a bit of a tale of two different seasons. it is cool today with wins, and that is the go
7:43 am
as we go to the rest of the weekend, we keep sunshine and warm up tomorrow, drastically. temperatures will feel like spring starting tomorrow and as we kicked off the march season, which officially begins on tuesday, it will be well into the 60s across dc and virginia and maryland. as mentioned, winter is not over, yet. if you remember last march, and snow systems pushed through and we are watching one system that could bring a little more snow by the end of next week. we will get to that, coming up. it is pretty quiet across the midsection of the nation. a few flurries west of the appalachians. . in the metro area, we are clear and cold and you can see some clouds across western suburbs and they will overall, disappeared, over the next several hours and lead to a beautiful day today with rectangular conditions. a cold start-3
7:44 am
by the afternoon, we warm up a little bit. 42-48 and a few degrees warmer than yesterday. 's the breeze is, around 10 miles per hour. into the overnight, turns a little bit colder. look at this -- some could hold around 40 degrees overnight and that is a 20-degree increase compared to what we wake up to this morning. 20s and 30s early and the rest of the day, 44 degrees for the high temperature in many areas. mid-40s tomorrow and it will change to sunshine and the sunshine will dominate and winds shift with 60 degrees coming. here's a look at the seven day forecast. conditions looking great. springlike, especially starting tomorrow. into early next week, march 1st is super tuesday in virginia. go out to vote. no excuse not to. the weather is looking perfect at 63 degrees in a chance for showers on wednesday and maybe snow into friday.
7:45 am
saturday. a different twist on the same old scam to steal your personal information. lesli foster said this time, they are dangling health insurance coverage to lure you in. >>reporter: con artists are sending out robocalls that appear to be about health insurance and the health insurance marketplace. the federal trade commission said those calls are just fishing scams. they have local area code and comes with a recorded message that says you need to buy health insurance or you face a fine. it tells you to press the number one where you are central person who claims to work for the law and then the task is to ask for your full name, date of birth, social security and other information. a big red flag. hang up and report the call to the ftc. you can always go to to get information in your state. don't fall for this one. lesli foster, wusa9.
7:46 am
some other news, starbucks customers are going to cry into their cup of joe, perhaps. they're changing the loyalty rewards program and starting in april, customers earn stars based on how much they spent, rather than a transaction. customers now earn a free item after 12 visit, passes belief -- possibly spending as little as $24. with the new system, they will spend $62 before getting a freebie. a popular pet travel program expanded beyond the trial phase on amtrak. starting this weekend, passengers with cats and small dogs can catch a ride. pets cannot be more than 25 pounds and they have to ride underneath the owners seat in a carrier. there only allowed on some trains and trips seven hours or less. >> i travel so much for work during the week that when i can travel on the weekend, i can bring my little buddy with me. it's easy. >> you have to reserve a place for your pitch. there are five spots designated for the pets. the pet tickets fotr
7:47 am
in the books. streetcars will be carried in dc. surae chinn is live and joins us . the question, are people feeling like it was worth the wait? >>reporter: you know, the ceilings -- feelings are mixed and i love that. a decade of distress, or whatever, it pretty much sums it up. they are setting up for the official start of dc streetcars in the district at 10:00. the running of the streetcars will be gone for the public. market is here, and i -- an expert on land transit systems, a competitive institute. tell me. you are not a fan? >> you might say i'm a skeptic of the dc streetcar and the systems, general. >>reporter: you called it inefficient and obsolete form of urban transportation, why? >> there was a reason we we are up the tr
7:48 am
and 60s. we develop something superior called a transit bus. the main problem was streetcars is they are expensive relative to the alternatives. we also have a problem that they only can move backwards and forwards. if you have a double parked truck or stalled out car, you have to wait until a tow truck can move it. a bus can maneuver around it. >>reporter: we have seen that. you can think of a lot of negative adjectives and it's easy to criticize such a poorly planned and executed system. what about the vision 20 years from now to connect 37 miles of streetcars? >> i think the grand vision of 37 miles is unlikely to occur. think it's important to remember what is really going on. vdot basically admitted it's not about improving transportation comments about boosting property values in the corridor. it is a time when we have a housing affordability problem in the dict
7:49 am
goal of the district of department of transportation shouldn't be raising rents for people having a hard time paying them. >>reporter: good ideas here and the expert is here with us. whether you like it or not, it begins at 10:00 today and you can ride the dc streetcar free for the next six months and float towards until they figure out how to charge people and what to charge. live in the northeast, surae chinn, wusa9. >> some excitement and some skepticism. we appreciate that report. using
7:50 am
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welcome back to "wake up washington." one year ago, dc lawmakers voted to partially legalize marijuana. one of them and instrumental in getting it on the ballot said the fight is far from over. >> the excitement was really -- i mean -- it was unbelievable. >>reporter: alan amsterdam and his business partner didn't just support initiative 71, they drafted it. in 2011, police raided their store and seized thousands of dollars worth of glassware which prosecutors said violated the city paraphernalia laws. >> we were upset with what happened. we wanted to make a change and make paraphernalia legal in
7:53 am
went to an attorney and got an initiative written up. 70% of the voters voted for initiative 71. >>reporter: when it passed, amsterdam said one of the biggest things they hope to see was a drop in the number of arrests. they have. since 2014, dc police arrested 2680 people for marijuana and the 2015, they arrested 408. is a major drop in -- and one amsterdam is pleased with. it's that is not enough. >> there are people in jail suffering. this is one baby step at a larger picture to empty the prison system of nonviolent cannabis violators. >>reporter: when it comes to legislation, amsterdam said there's more to come. >> we are waiting for the mayor and city council to come back with a task force to tell us more about the cannabis clubs, public use, whether ticketed events or places where people consume tobacco or cannabis. the task force will come back
7:54 am
recommendations and we will find out what the recommendations are. >>reporter: ellison barber, wusa9. >> amsterdam said he and his business partner trying to put pressure on the council to fully legalize marijuana and tax and regulate it like they do in colorado. it may be an uphill battle. last year, congress included a provision to specifically prohibit marijuana sales in the district. the man is sentenced to three years in prison. he had a police officer while driving under the influence of alcohol. in october last year, officer michael murphy conducted a traffic stop and as you see in germantown, 35-year-old saunders sped toward him. his rib was cracked and saunders drove from the scene but stopped about 1 mile away. former dc police officer is sentenced to 18 years in prison for sexually abusing two teenaged girls. they say durell best abused a 16-year-old girl at the got a second chance ministry
7:55 am
was senior pastor and his they say he abused a 17-year-old inside his office at police headquarters. he were a police uniform, badge and gun during both assaults. yoko ono is expected to be released from a new york city hospital today pick she was hospitalized yesterday evening suffering from flulike symptoms. the representative for the 83- year-old widow of john lennon said that she did not have a stroke, which was originally reported when news broke of her illness. the national park service is looking for help dealing with the problem. a bison problem. it seems like the 2-ton animals are destroying water sources, vegetation, soil and alter logical sites and parks out west. officials plan to you sharpshooters to capture some of the bison roaming the far northern region -- regions of the grand canyon. today,
7:56 am
northeast dc. dc streetcars will run today starting at 10:00 a.m. they are setting up for the big ceremony and we had one decade of drama and $200 million later, the streetcars will be open for the public and they will actually have riders on board, starting today. live in northeast, surae chinn, wusa9. also today, democrats in south carolina go to the polls to make the pick for the party's presidential nominee. hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders spent friday campaigning across the palmetto state. many expect hillary clinton to win and win big. sanders doesn't even seem to expect to win. during one-stop, he conceded there are some states where going to lose. the new movie about the former first lady jacqueline kennedy onassis begins filming today. the filming for the movie starring natalie portman
7:57 am
be prepared for intermittent street closures on 17th street between e and constitution avenue. a friendly heads up. if you go outside, keep in mind that you might want to wear a jacket. dress in layers for the morning a tomorrow, or tonight, take off one layer and tomorrow, we are shorts and flip flops. >> there it is! let's take a look at the planner. a chilly day today and tonight, little warmer, right around 40. here is the 7 day forecast. it gets warmer into tomorrow and the beginning of next week and colder with maybe some rain and snow friday. bundle up today and we will see you tomorrow. thank you for spending your saturday with us on "wake up washington."
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for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning, it's february 27th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." a showdown today in the democratic presidential primary in south carolina. hillary clinton looks for a boost over bernie sanders in the states she lost eight years ago after years of alleged corruption, a new day for the world's biggest sport and counting down to tomorrow's oscars. we will take a look at the contenders and the controversy


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