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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 630 PM  CBS  February 28, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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tragedy in virginia. a police officer on her first day on the job gunned down. >> it was really scary. responding to a 911 call. police say that wife is now dead too. the husband an army staff sergeant now in custody. hello i'm debra alfarone. also a part of this story, two other prince william county police officers are recovering from gunshot wounds. it all played out yesterday around this time in a woodbridge neighborhood that neighbors say was close knit. we have team coverage of this developing story. stephanie ramirez is live
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a vigil happens live with the fallen police officer ashley guindon. >> reporter: debra throughout the day a memorial has been popping up for ashley guindon. flags lowered to half staff. she had just begun to serve this community. >> the tributes poured in for ashley guindon. she had just been sworn in on friday, but has a history with the force. and obtained a masters from the field. she also served six years in the reserves. guindon graduated from police basic trng
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for personal reasons. police chief hudson said she reapplied and was hired two weeks ago. >> she had a passion to serve others to go beyond herself. >> reporter: guindon and two other officers responded to this home for a domestic violence call. but the suspect fired. guindon died from her injuries. the suspect was taken into custody. police alleged that he was fighting with the wife and she was the one who called police. she's been identified as 29- year-old crystal hamilton. police also found the couple's 11-year-old son inside, unhurt, with other family members. hamilton is an active u.s. army staff sergeant with no
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criminal history. as for the two other officers, jesse hempton and mccuwen are expected to recover. >> as americans we should be appalled. these men and women go out to serve us. and they deserve more than what they are getting. >> reporter: officer guindon's death is only the fourth in prince william county history, but the second officer to be killed feloniously as they put it in the line of duty. as for the suspect he faces first degree and capital murder among other charges. he is likely to seek the death penalty, but is undecided. hamilton remains in custody being held without bond and will appear in court tomorrow. live from manassas cameron thompson wusa9. >> vigil is set to begin at 7:00 for officer guindon and stephanie gailhard is live there. stephanie? >> reporter: tonight will be a touching tribute
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people are starting to arrive for that candlelight vigil, which gets underway in half an hour at 7:00. people are starting to come by. as you can see they left flowers on her police cruiser. the police chief said earlier today police work was in her blood and she wanted to make a difference serving this community. she was responding to a domestic violence call in virginia. people who never met her are here tonight to remember her life. >> we brought plowers here. whenever you have a loss of life that it will affect people. >> they're in the line of duty and it is
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it's definitely heartbreaking to say the least. >> reporter: again the vigil here tonight starts in half an hour. reporting live tonight stephanie gailhard wusa9. >> we'll have more for you on that later at 11:00. three members of a family are dead. his 53-year-old wife and 18- year-old son thomas, all killed in that crash on saturday night. the car was making a left turn when it collided with the bmw. turning to the weather now.
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bernstein. so tell us. >> reporter: the next couple of days will be pretty good. hey those temperatures are great, very comfortable evening. right on the bay, but we are 62 in town. so it is not bad at all. the rain moving through may sweet out tomorrow in the 40s. and highs in
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a better chance for rain midweek. >> thank you, howard. an update on the water main break we reported in hyattsville. the water is still flowing at 38th avenue and hamilton street in hyattsville. the break happened friday night causing a huge sink hole. now the wsoc says that a special crew will have to be brought in from new jersey to help block that line in order to stop the watt flow. the crew is expected to get here in just a few hours. a final push for the presidential candidates ahead of super tuesday. the latest on the roads
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as we approach super tuesday, the hopefuls are out on the cam pain trail. and campaigning in richmond. he doesn't think that trump will win the nomination, but it will splinter us in a way that we may never recover. trump has not been treated well. they also say that they intend to apply to th
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expected to make a campaign stop in texas. >> senator cruz needs a big win. this weekend in georgia, they warn conservative that the trump train could be unstoppable. >> hillary clinton is looking forward to capturing the nomination. rallying several supporters in nashville. >> and sanders is keeping his focus on super tuesday. he told some 6,000 supporters that nothing would please
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more. what is the weather going
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the prince william county police department mourning the death of one of their own tonight, a vigil for ashley guindon will take place just hours from now after responding to the domestic dispute. hamilton shot and killed his wife. assault and weapons charges, both remain hospitalized, expected to survive. during this difficult time. police say that they do expect to announce in the coming days ways for which the public could help. we'll pass the information as soon as we
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such a sad day around here, but i mean changing gears to weather, it is just something to be happy about, my goodness, what a day. >> yes, well above average. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. a lot of folks were out in georgetown. >> were you out running today? >> i was working and tweeting, which is kind of lame for me. but look at them. they are having those short sleeves. that might not be a warm day in july, but oh late february that it will be really nice. we will show you what's happening here at this hour with those highs today into the mid-60s in town. we've gotten up to the 70- degree mark along the eastern shore as they would stay
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60s with those water temperatures in the lower 40s. we are down in the lower 50s in most spots by the bay a little colder. but we are looking really good if you have any plans this evening. winds are gusty at 25 miles an hour and that barometer is falling. weather headlines, the early shower is all that we're worried about tomorrow. by wednesday that may be a yellow weather alert day to bring in the rain showers. trying to get more data, but keep that in mind for wednesday. one thing that we're seeing, they are moving fast, west to east as you can see them line
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moving on shore. they will see the mild pacific here as they will also get that rain. bringing in a mix of rain and snow in the great lakes moving east. showers are really increasing in indiana this evening. that'll be moving in our direction. nice and mild and overnight tonight, they will be in the 40s, that's it. tomorrow morning we will watch this. they will get squeezed out of the mountains. but they might be able to squeeze in one or two. the sunshine will be breezy and then we will wait for the next system, gathering some strength here on wednesday. looks like a pretty good snow amount here. the 40s tonight a clear start. southwest at 10. now tomorrow morning again that shower is passing
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the 40s and the 50s. most of us will not see any rain with more of those southerly afternoons. 56 to 64. 52 is the forecast high for tomorrow. the three-degree guarantee for tuesday and monday and tuesday. and tuesday looks better though. then wednesday looks wet potentially. we will be turning chilly for the second half of the workweek. >> wow, what a difference. >> yeah. >> what do you think of that? >> i like it a lot. you know what i like too? the capitals with the great test. any champion with them on the road. could they get it done
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and the matinee in chi-town. the finals preview against chicago. incredible hand-eye coordination with the very next goal. all alone against the easy goal. we are all tied up. the right place at the right time. that will be the game winner. they lose 3-2. get this they decided they needed to rest. or the coaching staff make the decision? i'm thinking that lebron did. people paid money to come see this guy play as he is going to rest. but they are taking it to the cavaliers, looked like
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wreck. wizards taking on the cavs. the big game check it out. 13 assists for the all star. and he would score with the three pointer here. the double-double. and still on the bench. that it will be too win for lebron. we'll take that. all right for maryland, facing minnesota. the terps win. a big game with the triple. cruising, the big night for the high in points. they roll 110-77 straight big 10 title. congratulates to them. it's been a strange ride once a budding super star injury that has been an
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entering their 7th season. hard to bereavement he's always been soft spoken. very shy. in fact that he was known for his look and he would shave it off last season and he likes the fact that he would walk around for the most part unrecognizable. >> also refreshing as i feel like you could go wherever you want. without people not necessarily wanting to take pictures or make the big scene whatever, but i like it shaved off right now. >> they usually double take. it's just funny to me. >> i get it all the time. for the orioles that it will be even more. but as the orders come down from up high, no more pie
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apparently the band comes for safety onreass. i'm trying to figure out what are the safety reasons in your eye or something? that i don't know. but you're right. you thought it was nice. check it out the final round here. good expression there to make their put. our boy would say that they will need to win their honda classics. less than two months away for the masters with their coverage right here starting on april 7. get ready for that. that is very classy. >> yes, on sunday morning or sunday evening maybe. >> i like that speaking of sunday evening. >> yeah. tomorrow an early shower, breezy, 62. look at these on the primary days. the weather alert on wednesday
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they will begin on tuesday. >> yes. for me that it will be spring. >> yes. really beautiful out there today. we'll be updating the top stories throughout the night. you can get any updates here tonight as we will be on at 11:07. you definitely want to wait those seven minutes for us because we're working hard. we'll see you later tonight. have a good evening.
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