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tv   wusa 9 News at 5am  CBS  February 29, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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another one today. yeah. okay. especially by the afternoon. another one warm and feeling like spring. this is good news. we will see clouds and a shower possible before the lunch hour. the second half of the day a lot prettier. still breezy. winds out of the south- southwest 15 to 20 miles per hour. most of us are into the 50s. and the 60s today. again we have to go through first couple of stray showers. it will dissipate more than it is right now. 8:00 to 11:00 a few showers coming through and more and more sunshine for the afternoon. larry? thank you. traveling on the outer loop of the beltway between route one and wilson bridge. watch out for the left lane blocked as a result of an accident. we're not seeing delays. here is a live look from our traffic
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we are rocking and rolling along the beltway. our maryland town, good morning to you. guys. no issues out there. two officers remain in the hospital. >> a sad story. the two officers are expected to see involve. their partner, ashley guindon was shot and died from her injuries. we have more from the courthouse this morning. >> reporter: guindon was an army staff sergeant and worked at the pentagon. now, hamilton is a murder suspect behind bars. he will head to court for his
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appearance before a judge. the 32-year-old has no prior criminal record now capital murder and first degree murder for killing his 29-year-old wife, crystal, and then shooting that three officers who responded to the domestic call on saturday evening. 28-year-old office ashley guindon did not survive the attack. hamilton we're hold later turned himself into to police who responded following the shooting. hamilton will also be arraigned here in court on several gun charges including two counts of maliciously wounding police officers. we will have much more on the anyplace and his appearance in court coming up in the next half hour. reporting live, wusa 9. ♪ [ music ] ♪ the sound of bagpipes and smoke from candles filled the air on sunday night as a vin to remember the young officer
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killed during her first day of duty. the 28-year-old was on her very first shift on saturday and responded to the domestic violence call. she was shot and died that hospital. >> when one of us bleeds we all bleed. we are from the same family. >> guindon was sworn in just the day before. she start at prince william county police department as an intern four years ago. many of you asked how you can help the prince william county police department and the community. the police are saying they expect to announce in the coming days which way the public can help. we will pass that information on when we get it. an accident turned homicide investigation in charles county. good morning. i'm nikki burdine at the live desk. there was a motorcycle
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when they got there an overturned motorcycle on route 5. the driver was thousand off and pronounced dead at the scene. but there was a gunshot wound to his upper dody. the victim is not identified. if police know what happened they are not talking yet. they are asking for the public's help. if you were in the area of area of route 5 give them a call. back to you. investigators are trying to find the cause of a crash that killed three members of the same family. it happened saturday night at river and pile road. 18-year-old thomas was one of the victims. a senior at the high school and a member of the debate team. his father michael was also killed with his mother and a fourth passenger, a teen is fighting for her life. a small town in kansas is
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in mourning after a shooting rampage. yesterday a town hall and service were held in hesston to remember the three killed and wounded. and the uva students held in north korea speaks to the media. he was taken into custody last night for what he calls an anti- state crime. he apologized to the media for stealing a political banner from a staff-only section of the hotel where he was staying. >> i have been very by the korean government's humanitarian treatment of severe criminals like myself. and their very fair and square legal procedures. >> still no word on what charges the 21-year-old student is facing. music, language, sports could be off the tab
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fairfax county doesn't come to an agreement about the school budget. the money will go to the creasing teacher' salaries, improving buses and class sizes. but the board wants six times more. at a meeting this weekend. parents are saying their children's education could suffer because they are working with dated textbooks. leaders from the national preservation groups plan an announcement at 2:00. this is after a month long elcelebration of african- american achievement. howard's president and the president of the national trust for historic preservation will be on hand. leonardo dicaprio has this
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oscar. he took it home for his role in the rev aren't. >> this is his sixth nomination. this first win. heading to work -- heads up. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one.
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all right. welcome back. happy monday. hopefully, your monday is starting off all right. a gorgeous sunday. now today we're going to see a few showers out there. not everyone will see it. look at the new cast. areas to
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better chance. this is 8:00 in the morning. and this is 9:00 through the district. areas south, especially through damascus not as great of a chance. windy this afternoon and headed to the 60s with more and more sunshine through the afternoon hours. clouds and stray showers earlier between 8:00 and 11:00. over to you. >> thank you. 5:10 is your time. we have water main break repairs underway that will have an impact on the morning commute. now, mikea turner is live on hamilton street with more. >> reporter: good morning. larry. you can see behind me crews are busy fixing the headache for people in the area. this is
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38th avenue and work still well underway. two days later and the work continues on the 16-inch water main break. we posted the video of crews digging overnight. they are prepping the scene to tap the pipe and stop water flow. over the weekend a massive hole of rushing water. >> i was surprised. the activity like that or there. >> reporter: water flowed for 10 hours before crews could find the nearest valve to shut the water off for repairs. some of the pipes around here are 90 years old that could be the reason for the water main break that left area residents with lo water pressure over the weekend. >> good thing nobody got hurt. that section is always full with cars. >> reporter: and we're live here. back on the scene of
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water main break happened -- over the weekend. you can see on average they are taking between six and eight hours. you can see the roads are still closed off at this point in both directions. so factor that in before you head out the door. reporting live, mikea turner, wusa 9. >> all right. mikea, thank you very much. for our folks getting ready to head out the door, we're doing really good along the beltway. from a look at the maps this is metro. everything is running on schedule this morning. so no issues there. weather and traffic are back on the nines. over to you. >> thank you, larry. super tuesday is tomorrow.
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well, good morning. 5:18. you will be surprised this morning. i was getting ready to brace for cold, but it didn't happen. allyson has the details of the cold in a bit. a busy day ahead of the campaign trail. the latest cbs poll shows donald trump and hillary clinton leading in key stales. more than 1500 delegates are up for grabs in a dozen day tomorrow. super tuesday. >> it is here. >> hillary clinton travels to virginia ahead of the primary and hold a rally at george mason this afternoon. and hillary clinton spent her weekend campaigning in tennessee. another super tuesday state. on the republican side tickets are old out for donald trump's campaign event at radford university in virginia. he spent the weekend greeting voters in alabama, another super tuesday state and picked
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sessions. breaking down the super tuesday states. virginia is among 10 states holding republican and democratic primaries. stay informed with all of the latest information on super tuesday with tuesday with our wusa 9 app. and our voter guide. first alert weather time. allyson it is new this morning. >> yes it is. a little bit breezy. temperatures in the 50s. acouple of 4s. -- 40s. nice and comfortable. >> like yesterday. >> we had worse days for sure. not as picture perfect as it was yesterday. we will see clouds for the morning hours and then
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tomorrow is great as well. and then things take a turn for the worse. all right. nolook at the weather headlines. some people are just holding onto to we're more bit of snow. we can see a couple of more snow showers in the seven-day forecast. warm breezy conditions today. it is wednesday,ly tuesday night and early wednesday morning showers coming through. and even a rumble of thunder is possible. and cold enough that on friday a passing snow shower. that forecast is, we're watching it. so don't count, don't count on snow just yet. 53 degrees out there. yeah. pretty warm out there. temperatures into it 40s and 50s. and the showers will break apart a little bit as it is closer to the area. so areas north of the district have a better chance of seeing
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light and brief. clouds are the mape story -- main story. and very windy. not much to speak of here. but 10:00, pushing off through delmarva. the winds out on the west will allow the temperatures to soar. so clear skies tonight and tomorrow morning. here is the shower for tuesday night. a rumble of thunder is possible through wednesday morning and then the temperatures take a tumble through wednesday. 60s today and tomorrow. more sunshine tomorrow. and breezy today for -- super tuesday it looks great. 46 degrees by thursday after a couple of snow showers on friday. and a nice weekend in store. larry to you. thank you, allyson. if you are traveling on i-56 there is an accident on the eastbound side before the beltway with the right lane
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so watch out for that this morning. here is a live look from our traffic cam. just use caution into town this morning. back to the maps. if you take vre you're in good shape this morning. everything is running on schedule there. our pot hole patrol is on the move this morning trying to get them fixed for you.
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caught on tape, a man falls down a cliff in san diego.
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cliff rescue caught on video. aman was pulled to safety after he fell off a cliff. he was flying a toy plane and it crashed into the rocks below and went after it. he lost his footing and fell 20 feet and broke his leg. he is expected to be okay. the rise of the humans mercedes-benz is watching out humans for robots. they not handle the complexity of customized options offered to customers. they process 1500 tons of steel a day and churns out 400,000 vehicles a year. ben and jerries is going vegan. they will be made with ice al
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allyson, take it away. >> okay. pretty comfortable out there. you will not need the heavy coat today. headed back to the 60s. look where we are starting firefighter into the 50s.
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come back to work every day and put the uniform back on and start, start to do your job. >> a community looks forward as they remember a young police officer lost too soon. and coming clean, the vatican addresses year of sexual abuse allegations among their leaders. and we'll tell you how to get around a massive water main break going on all weekend. good morning. abeautiful start to your workweek. welcome to wusa 9. i'm andrea roane. >> just terrific. why don't i need a heavy coat? you don't. weather and traffic. >> larry miller with a heads up on the water main break and meteorologist allyson rae starts off the week with
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not too bad. don't put the winter coats him back of the closet yet. we are seeing clouds and stray showers come on through the morning hours. the second half of today is looking better than the first half. the temperatures 40s and 50s across the board. acouple of showers possible for the maryland panhandle and areas off to the north. this is between now and 11:00 in the morning. breezy conditions and dryer and sunnier for the afternoon. the showers are light and brief. not yellow alert worthy. a lot of sunshine this afternoon headed back to the springlike condition. back to you. >> thank you. 5:30 is your time right now. abit of an issue where we have an accident currently in place. a live look from our traffic camera shows what is going on. we are able to see
5:31 am
working to get more details in terms of the accident. we can give you a better estimate on wha-- when we can get this to wrap up shortly. back to the maps right now. traveling around the beltway. you're looking a smooth commute with no issues. good to go. back on the 9s and an update how things are shaping up on metro. apossible delay on the orange line. that is coming up. over to you. we continue to follow a developing story out of woodbridge, virginia. an army staff sergeant, the son of assume and -- accuse of killing an officer is expected to be arraigned on murder charges. >> ronald hamilton opened fire on officers killing ashley guindon on her very first day on the
5:32 am
last night to remember the young officer. >> we live in prince william county. we wanted to show or support for this officer, ashley, so that they would know that the community is behind them. >> such a sad story. we are live in front of the courthouse with what we know so far. >> ronald hamilton is waking up in a jail cell this early morning and in a couple of hours escorted here to the courthouse and face a judge for the first time on first degree and capital murder charges. the 32-year-old was involved in a domestic dispute with his wife. an army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon with no prior record. his wife called
5:33 am
evening after that dispute, unfortunately, she was killed before police arrived. when officers did arrive, he allegedly fired at the officers. 28-year-old officer ashley guindon did not survive the attack. hamilton, we're told turned himself in. he will also respond to gun charges. much more coming up in the next half hour. reporting live, wusa 9. >> thank you. 5:33. five ku klux klan members arrested following a violent bromin california have been released. evidence shows they were acting in self-defense. seven people in jail were beating, attacking the klans men
5:34 am
alarge group of counter protesters started the altercation. seven suspects wanted in connection with a carjacking saturday afternoon in wheaten. it happened at claireton road. five to seven suspects strongarmed the victim and took his car. that car a golden honda oddsey with maryland tags. take a good look at this picture. 27-year-old nicholas messy. if you spot him call police at once. he disappeared from his home around 6:30 yesterday evening. police are saying he might be in need of help. he was seen wearing a black special olympic jacket, blue jeans and glasses. supporters of the family leave measure will be making their
5:35 am
montgomery county. there is a news conference at the silver springs civic center. there would be a state-run insurance fund for workers who need to take care of a child or family member. the press conference is set for 10:00 a.m. no access no choice opens at the museum of reproductive healthcare at the mall at 11:00. the display is timed to open in advance of a texas abortion case before the supreme court. the group ultraviolet is organizing the show that runs through friday. the team behind a uterus transplant is going to share reports this week. the patient is in stable condition. it came from a decreased organ donor. the operation at the cleveland clinic is the firstomp its kind in u.s. medical history. the d.c. mayor is
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celebrate leap day with a visit to the leap academy. learn, earn, advance and prosper. the trains d.c. residents for jobs in the washington, d.c. government and allows them to earn wages and work experience.
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and welcome back. off to a mild start out here. temperatures in the 40s and 50s for most of us. a little bit breezy today. in fact turning windy this afternoon. winds out of the west- southwest, you can see how they turnout of the northwest. asmall or a weak disturbance, that will bring a few very light brief showers between 8:00
5:40 am
not has beautiful as it was yesterday. however, during the afternoon, we will see a lot more sunshine. so it will be just as warm and sunny to end the day. it is the first half of the day today looking at a few extra clouds out there. all-in-all the spring weather is continuing today and tomorrow. not the case for the rest of the seven-day forecast. we will go through the details how cold it will get on the seven-day forecast. that is coming up in a bit. larry. thank you. we are moving around the melt way with no major issues to slow you down. moderate issues of 95 that is the virginia side northbound towards the springfield interchange. and moderate conditions on 295 traveling southbound towards the 11th street bridge. and metro commuters a delay on the orange line this morning. so just at 10 to 15 minutes to
5:41 am
buses on schedule this morning. here is a live look on 295 as you make your way into town. the moderate volume on the southbound side. but we're still issue and problem free. for the traffic out there it is till moving. that's good news. the next time we see you, how things are shaping up on marc and vre. one of the stars from bay watch returns.
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good morning, everyone. a live look at the jefferson memorial there. 53 degrees that is warm for february. it is not even 6:00 a.m. after a nice day coming up. >>
5:45 am
windy, but we can deal with it. a cease-fire brought quiet it syria in years. russia has grounded the planes in syria. the islamic state group is not part of the cease-fire. they launched a suicide truck bombing in central syria. today 200 police officers who work in the district will be honored for their service. local and federal cops will be recognized by the u.s. attorney. they responded to high-profile cases like the navy yard shooting and the international search for the teacher who was wanted on charges. his name is edward buyers, 36-year-old, and a navy s.e.a.l. today, president barack obama will award him the metal of honor. he is the senior chief
5:46 am
warfare operator. on one of his many combat tours in afghanistan he reduced an american hostage from the taliban in 2012. he already had five bronze stars and two purple hearts. a cyberattack into the i.r.s. is worse than not. scammers gained access to more than 700,000 accounts, that's more than double previously estimated. the information stolen includes data that could be used to file a false tax return and collect a refund. the i.r.s. is mailing notifications to effected taxpayers. one of the pope's top advisors is saying the catholic church made mistakes allowing children to be
5:47 am
molested. the cardinal's testimony is a sig significant show of credibility. repairs are still going on at a massive water main break. this pipe burst on friday. >> the sanitary commission had to call in crews from out-of- town to fix the problem that is impacting a lot of people in the area. >> mikea turner is live on when this may be done. good morning. >> reporter: they will be breezy here for several hours. if you take a look behind me, the work is still underway. you are looking at crews from new jersey and also vw, sse, they are out here, still a lot of work ahead. wsse first got the call about a 16-inch water main break. the valves were no easy find. the results that water that spewed into a sinkhole for 10 ig
5:48 am
frustrated, but concerned. >> good thing nobody was hurt. nobody, that section is full with cars. >> reporter: the managers at apartment close by were afraid that the residents would be without water. that was not the case. now, that was not the case, but customers in the area where -- when it broke that did lose some of their water service. and other people the low water pressure. wsse called in the crews from new jersey because this process requires a special procedure. as far as the pipes in the area, many of them 90 years old. so the age of the pipe could be the cause for much of the issues happening here this morning. as far as road closures. hamilton street at 38th every is closed and will be for a while. reporting live, mikea turner, wusa 9. after one day on
5:49 am
day off, just over 10 minutes dc streetcars will run for the first time during the week we. after a decade of delays service started on saturday on h street. they will run monday through thursday. there is no sunday service. you can ride it for free until aphaeresism is put -- fair system is put into place. entrances at a couple of metro tailses -- stations so crews can replace escalators. riders will be able to use or entrances. they aren't expected to wrap up until next winter. metro plans to replace 21 or escalators this year.
5:50 am
winter yesterday. but is. we took the kids to church and taped outside -- stayed outside for four hours. >> we took a walk in the park. >> everybody was outside. if you were inside, i don't know, maybe you were not feeling well. it was beautiful. today we have mild temperatures. tomorrow and we still have mild temperatures and then breakout the jackets again. i know, hard to take. here is your weather headlines. another good day today. however, clouds move in and a stray shower for the morning hours. the second half of the day looks getter -- better than the first half. warm and breezy. springlike this afternoon. the temperatures back to the 60s. tomorrow it is great. sunshine and into the 60s again. and things start to change on tuesday and wednesday. showers will come through and a rumble of thunder through the mountains and a little bit
5:51 am
off. so much so we could look at snow showers on friday. this forecast has a lot of problems with it. we're tracking friday's system. doesn't look like a big snow producer to push on through. just a couple of flurries, however keeping a close eye on it. all right. 53 degrees. winds are out of the south- southwest. so here is our look at satellite and radar. this will come through this morning and break a part greatly as it does so. so, just a few stray showers for the district and to the north. tomorrow 62. and then tuesday night into wednesday we have the shower comes on through. and a rumble of thunder and the temperatures start to fall off a little bit. not for too long. just a chilly cold snap. 38 degrees on friday. and you will see a snow shower come through. but the weekend the
5:52 am
all right. larry. over to you. thank you. marc trains and vre commuters are rocking and rolling this morning. a live look shows you how things are shaping up. weather and traffic back on the 9s. over to you. >> thank you, larry. five days left in our 20k in 20 days sweepstakes.
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the oscars are a wrndap a everyone can talk about leo. the jokes can stop. put the internet didn't let him off that easy. okay. let's take a look. the tag board.
5:54 am
back to you. >> at the oscars. the brothers if you have not seen them. >> they have everywhere. >> they create another show, real estate and remodel theirs
5:55 am
and they created a traffic back up. >> tommy was in the middle of it. all right. he is joining us in the studios. good morning. >> good morning. so jonathan and drew scott, the property brothers were in dulles for the property garden show. apacked house. before they talked renovations, there was a sit done interview. >> in reality my mom didn't know there were twins. no ultrasounds. >> the heavens sang when i came out? >> i was born, the doctor left. and the nurse was like there is another one. >> and draw was born to my mother saying ( bleep ). we would love to come to washington, d.c. there is amazing deversity in the -- amazing diversity and the housing structure and styles -- >> how could to do
5:56 am
makeover. >> which one? >> i think the washington monument could use curves. >> make it covey? >> i feel like the national park service will have a couple of questions about the renovation. look at this crowd. apacked house. so incredible to see everyone come out for the property brothers. and a shot out this morning -- they grabbed me in the crowd and said we watch "wake up washington" avenue morning. we're trying to win part of that 20k in 20 days. i said watch after 6:00 a.m. this morning. >> good advice. thank you. coming up on
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head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one. good morning. happy monday. things are looking pretty good today. it is warm. however, we will see clouds push on in and a brief shower this morning. pretty gusty as well. the showers are starting to despite as they make their way off to the east. just a few quick showers and then get back to the sunshine and 60s. however it will remain breezy through the afternoon. headed back to the 60s and, you don't need the
6:00 am
morning. you will later on this week. the seven-day forecast is coming up. sky 9 is over the scene to give us a look. we have been telling you about the situation for the past hour. a lot of progress being made. the scene right now a lot calmer than what it was about a half hour ago. they will get the cleared shortly. traveling along the beltway you will not find problems. still doing well on the inner and outer loop. those traveling on the parkway here is a live look. again things are still fairly quiet. the volume and traffic will pick up shortly. the news starts right now. monday is here. "wake up washington." >> and the man accused of killing a rookie police officer and his wife will go before a prince william county judge this morning. we are live with the latest. >> breaking news overnight, a university of virginia student been held


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