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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  March 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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following breaking news from montgomery county where police found dead gunshot victim on the campus of montgomery college. the unidentified male shot in the leg and ex
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somewhere else and drove to the campus. we caught up with students moments after the medics took away the victim. >> i was like there's no way there is a shooting because we didn't hear anything. i asked people in the hallway if they knew anything about a shooting. no one knows anything. i have a friend who's in a criminal justice class and said yes if you walk out you will see police. >> school officials insist no students were in danger. police say the victim not cooperating in the investigation. friends, family, and police from around the country pack a chapel in woodbridge virginia to pay their respects to prince william county officer aphis seat -- ashley guindon. she was gunned down saturday when responding to a domestic dispute and peggy fox joins us live from the service moments ago.
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massive show of support from law enforcement from around the region. the hylton memorial chapel holds 3500 seats in every seat is filled and brought in more seats. officers come local police departments, federal departments, sheriff departments, and fire departments have been touched by the death of the brookie officer ashley guindon. on her first day of duty she was killed and they are here to say goodbye. the family of fallen police officer ashley guindon arrived to the sound of an honor guard tribute. officers from police departments from around the country arrived to pay respect and showers -- show support to her family and the prince william police department. >> the state of new hampshire felt it was our duty to be here in support her and our agency. >> reporter: she waski
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county police department. >> she's a sister in law enforcement and were here to support the family. >> reporter: as she and two other officers answered a domestic violence call a suspect opened fire. >> this was the first one and it's tragic. >> reporter: hundreds of officers from as far away as illinois wait in line to attend the service. now ashley guindon as a native of massachusetts and will be laid to rest next to her father at st. thomas the apostle cemetery in west springfield massachusetts. live in woodbridge peggy fox wusa9. >> thank you peggy and if you'd like to watch the services we are streaming at live. just download the wusa app. it's super tuesday the busiest day of the 2016 primary season. voters in 12 states and one territory head to the polls in 10 states where democrats and republicans vote and virginia is in the category. alaska
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caucus and in colorado and american samoa just the democrats. 875 delegates at stake for the democrats and republicans 585 delegates. we have more with voters in virginia stake on one of the most interesting races in a long time. >> reporter: what is most interesting is that every voter we talked to surprise that the low voter turnout here at lowes island elementary insist darling especially since it's such a beautiful day. there was a rush when the doors first open at 6:00 this morning but slow trickle ever since. i can't tell you the voters we talked to determined are well informed. >> it's not only our privilege but our duty i think because not everyone in this world can vote. >> reporter:
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the polls minutes after it opened this morning. her candidate leading the democratic race according to polls which also show donald trump soaring above the competition. 30 percentage points over marco rubio. >> i agree with a lot of the message that trump is saying but i don't think is the right candidate to be president. >> reporter: the republican front-runner dogged by controversy after he failed to disavow an endorsement by david duke. that in his racy rhetoric are a reason why this man cast a ballot for trump in protest of the republican party.>> i think people are smart enough not to like him. >> as it pertains to trump i don't think he espouses the values ice port. >> it's hard to believe he's gotten this far and it's scary. >> reporter: let's break down the numbers for you
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lot of stake. 49 republican delegates and 95 democratic delegates up for grabs in the commonwealth of virginia. still plenty of time to head to the polls and they close at 7:00 tonight. in sterling delia goncalves wusa9. speaker of the house paul ryan speaking out over the donald trump kkk controversy and says if someone wants to be the nominee of the republican party they need to denounce any groups that don't comply with the principles of the party.>> we should be having a seriou debate about the policy needed to restore the american ideals. instead of the conversation over the last few days has been about white supremacist groups. >> ryan also says he plans to support the nominee of the republican party and trump to disavow david duke eventually on friday. you can follow super tuesday results coming in on the wusa9 app for free under
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android device in the app store. other things happening today the president will discuss the supreme court vacancy with gop leaders in the senate and republicans vowed to block anyone he nominates. they said the new president should name the next person to sit on the supreme court bench. apple encryption battle with the fbi goes to the capitol hill. the head of the fbi and apple executives will testify in this comes a day after a judge ruled the government cannot force apple to hack into locked iphone in a drug case. the decision could affect apple's dispute with the fbi over the san bernardino shooters . they have declassify the last will and testament of osama bin laden and in it he claimed to have $29 million of personal wealth and claimed he wanted most of it to go to the terrorist organization. he didn't want aof
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the well was more than 100 documents seized in the race where he was killed by u. s. special forces in 2011. the former teachers aide accused of sexually abusing children in prince george's county goes to court friday. deonte carraway facing 13 -- 13 counts. the victims were between the ages of nine and 12 years old. >> i think he should get the maximum whatever, the maximum. that's a grown man with kids. not with our kids. >> the videos were taken at judge sylvania woods elementary school, a church, and other locations in maryland that he could get up to 30 years for each charge of convicted. still ahead tearful testimony and how erin andrews found out she was secretly recorded getting undressed in a hotel room. a family tragedy and why are refugees says he will push on after losing his wife and daughter as they tried to escape the violence in syria.
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before we go to break a live stream from hylton memorial chapel it'll where friends family and fellow officers pay final
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welcome back. the syrian migrant telling a tragic story this afternoon after marching with thousands of other towards the border crossing between greece and macedonia he says he lost his wife and daughter along the way and now he says he's making his way to the border alone. he says syrians and iraqis have been walking for miles to escape war but only to find an second ward. police believe they are closing in on t
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suspected of kidnapping his girlfriend and two young children in southern california. he led police on a slow speed chase across several highways and ran away after a standoff with officers that lasted four hours. the woman and children were unharmed. he looks like an auto repair man but augured -- organizers at the geneva motor show said a man dressed in a volkswagen uniform was a protester. the interested show during a presentation and he is seen coming on stage and said he was sent by the ceo to fix the car's engine. security officers led him out of the room quickly. up next the forecast with howard and could see snow by the end of the week. >> talk to believe. in the 60s and some in the low and mid 60s. beautiful afternoon but to systems coming our way and that's why tomorrow's cold will feel worse. we'll tell you about rain and potential slow coming up after the break. and live stream from hylton memorial chapel in woodbridge where family
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it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our fams ilieface. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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welcome back. 2 24-year-olds and hot water this afternoon accused and having sex in a car outside a fast food restaurant in harlan kentucky. the man was just released from jail and ended up back there an hour later. >> it was an awkward situation. luckily when i got there they were getting out of the vehicle and i said they've been in the vehicle the middle of the day. >> the couple admits they made a mistake. erin dr
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on the stand this morning suing a national hotel and the man who secretly recorded her in the new and posted the videos online. don champion has more from the courthouse in tennessee.>> it's a scandal. >> reporter: on the stand monday erin andrews relived the nightmare of finding out secretly shot nude videos of her hit the internet.>> i was those people were saying i was doing it for publicity. >> reporter: the fox sports contact is suing michael barrett the man who recorded the video and the franchise owner of marriott for $75 million. the hotel is where he recorded the video through a people and andrews testified she found out about the videos in july 2009 when a friend called her. >> he said there's a naked video of you on the internet. i said no there's not i don't do that. what are you talking about?
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>> she was hysterical. >> reporter: monday her mother testified about getting a call that night and the lingering effects of the video. >> she still has to travel and it makes her very nervous. >> reporter: video clips were paid in court monday and in them he describe renting hotel rooms to andrews to shoot the videos and the owner of the hotel maintains barrett is fully to blame. don champion cbs news.>> michael barrett spent 2 1/2 years and federal prison for recording the videos and hasn't shown up in court to fight the lawsuit. in honor of women's history month wallethub releasing a list on best and worst states for women's to live. the best three minnesota vermont and new hampshire. marilyn comes and seven west virginia 44th, nevada, south carolina and the wii via at the bottom. women in the district had the highest median earnings of more than $34,000 a year when st
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but pc has the highest rate of unemployment among women at 8.4%. real-life rosie the riveter's honored during women's month celebration in california. they work at a shipyard during world war ii and governor jerry brown helped organize the ceremony. official spoke about women and what they represent when women's work lives shifted dramatically. what is everyone talking about work today? nikki burdine has what is bottled worthy, cringe worthy, and on fire.>> reporter: savvy girl scouts and a bike that does laundry a look at what's trending today. illinois students finding a better way to connect with friends using sign language. sixth-grader was born deaf and relies heavily on sign language to community. his classmates decided to learn asl too and girl scouts in new mexico fund a great way to sell cookies outside of pot dispensary.
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they set up shop outside a medical marijuana shop in new mexico and sold more than 60 boxes. the leader says the location is against scout rules. it's a game most children dread getting braces but one dog doesn't feel bad about his smile. this dog was having trouble closing his mouth and stopped eating but fortunately her dad is a specialist in veterinary dentistry and fitted him with braces. he only needs to wear them a few weeks. it's no secret a trip to the vet can be a scary experience especially for puppies and that's the case for this baltimore puppy who was terrified after waking up from surgery but inanimate -- animal shelter worker held it and made it better. sometimes there aren't enough hours in the day but we can combine two things to save time, washing clothes and working out. thanks to a chinese invention called the bike washing machine, when you ride the bike the pedalingti
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rotate. two birds with one stone. that's trending this afternoon. nikki burdine and back to you. >> checkout the wusa mobile app for more information. a climber in the adirondack mountains says he will be glad in spring when the ice melts and he made it another year. don miller has been scaling the ice for 38 winners and still wary of slipping and other dangers. >> i'm scared all the time. i'm alive because i'm a negative thinker. i figure something will go wrong so i always have a backup plan. >> negative thinking and still does it. 62-year-old climber introduced to the sport with lake placid prep school where he is a teacher. beautiful pictures. kids outside today and gorges. >> for now but tomorrow and friday i don't think so. too chilly around here the next few days. thursday will get you going
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with the day planner. sunny skies and breezes picking up. winds lighter but going into the mid-60s at this point. drop off into the lower 60s by 4:00 and this evening clouds pick up especially by 7:00 or 8:00. in western maryland or easter west virginia up by 7:00 you'll see showers. showers around here at 10:00 ward 11:00 overnight. first time i'm showing this on my twitter and facebook feeds but the allergy index. pollen in the moderate categories and maple one of the earliest pollinators. whether headline rain showers tonight and we'll see that system in a moment. windy and colder tomorrow. transfer 30s tomorrow because wind chills likely only in the 30s. 60s today with feel colder tomorrow. some snow thursday night north and west of town but not a lot. a trace to maybe an in
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highest threat north and west of the sea. winds picking up and gusts almost at 30 mi./h. leesburg 28. a lot of areas are gusting between 15 to go 25 miles per hour. winds out of the south pumping up temperatures. mid-60s fredericksburg. 63 in dc. cooler on the bay with water temps in the 40s and 50s for annapolis. shenandoah valley looking good low to mid 60s. 63 officially dry air and humidity and 2 . lower 30s there are still some cold air in canada in the northern u. s. into minnesota towards new england a tough time making progress cell. it will get further south but storm system's moving west to east across the country and you see it on the pacific ocean with this big storm, the big storm on the west as
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coming through the midwest. things moving west to east. cold air behind it. for the most part we are in march so tough to get extended cold spells and even if it snows tougher to stick around long. nice and sunny now futurecast chose clouds thickening up and by 7:00 garrett county fees shower and 8:00 shenandoah valley western suppers by 9:00. at 1:00 a.m. back edge coming around frederick and leesburg. into culpeper and then by forgot 30 tomorrow morning most showers east and south through southern maryland and eastern shore. cold breeze blowing tomorrow and temperatures in the 40s in the afternoon it feels more like the 30s. attention turns to 30 at thursday night a little bit of snow especially the northern half of the area and south it could be wet snow instead of rain but not a lot.
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as we go through the period i want to show you most will be north and west of us. maybe an inch and a couple spots like damascus and leesburg at winchester but overnight thursday night, friday morning most edges out of the region. today 64. 40s tonight and tomorrow 48. it will feel colder than that. 42 thursday and chilly. snow thursday night into early friday morning and lingering showers. saturday 46 a few flurries and back in the 50s by sunday. we will be back with more right after this.
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>> victor: what's this? >> victoria: it's just proof that you're not the man that i thought you were. marco annicelli, dad. go ahead -- try to explain your way out of this. >> victor: sweetheart, people tell all kinds of stories about me. haven't you learned that yet? >> adam: probably want to check and see what's on that disc before you dismiss it. >> victor: don't listen to your brother. he's bitter because i just relieved him of his duties at newman enterprises. >> adam: oh, i see. okay. nice spin. is that how it went? except i left on my own accord. it was my choice. >> victoria: i guess you're rewriting history again. doesn't surprise me. >> victor: what fabrications have got you so upset? >> victoria: dad, these are not fabrications. you hired a criminal to impersonate jack -- to take over his company and his home and his wife. what can you possibly say to justy


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