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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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her. >> reporter: the 28-year-old was killed on her first day of work. >> to show that we care. and it's also important for the police department to know that we care and we're here. and we're together. and we're a big family. >> reporter: some 3,000 officers and their families stood at attention. >> emergency traffic only. >> reporter: as a prince william county dispatcher gave the final call for the rookie officer. >> calling, 11:45. this is the final call for 1145, officer ashley gwenden, february 27th, 2016. may you rest in peace. >> reporter: officer gwenden, who earned a bachelor's degree in aeronat call science and served in served in the -- served in the marine corps.
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>> needed to be here? >> yes. >> reporter: a large police escort guided gwenden's hearse and her family away. though only a day on the job. >> many here consider her a true hero. >> reporter: ashley gwenden will be buried in massachusetts, where she was born. she will be laid to rest next to her father. reporting live at hilton memorial chapel, peggy fox, wusa 9. and i'm andrea mccarren live across the street from the church, where community members gathered to pay their respects. >> first of all, i do love anyone who is protecting us. and this little girl, it was pretty bad. >> the young police officer's death has broken her heart. >> to me, it's just one
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saddest things i had ever heard. especially when i heard it was her first day on the job. >> one by one, prince george's county police came. >> you have to be there for each other. live life, and make the most of it. because you never know. >> reporter: ironically, it often takes a tragedy like this for residents to express their gratitude for those who served. >> i was raised to appreciate those who put their life on the line. whether it be an officer or military. i appreciate them all. >> as devastating as it is, i just wanted to come and pay my respects. >> reporter: when wesley wright looked across the street at the enormous turnout, he saw a community coming together. he saw hope. >> it is an extremely dangerous job. and we just can't take each day for granted. >> reporter: and those two prince william county police officers who were shot and seriously wounded in that ambush, remain at a nova fairfax hospital. both are
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reporting live from woodbridge, andrea mccarren, wusa 9. >> all right, andrea. thank you. a reminder of the risks of the job and the gratitude of a community. the wounded officers andrea just mentioned are guindon's field training officer, 33-year- old david mccowan and jesse hempin, who is 31. we have new information on the man accused of shooting officer guindon and crystal hamilton. court documents show ronald hamilton was arrested in 2006 for allegedly pulling a loaded gun on a man in a parking lot in tennessee. it started when the victim apparently yelled at hamilton for driving too close to him and his girlfriend. hamilton was charged but not convicted of aggravated assault. and tonight at 11 7:00, there will be a vigil for crystal hamilton. and our mowa lengy will be there live -- moa lengy will be there live. to super
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and the two highest-ranking republicans blasting donald trump. even though the new york billionaire is set to sweep nearly every state tonight. voters in a dozen states are headed to the polls, including virginia, which is likely to be a battleground state this fall. bruce, we know they shut down some of the school districts today, because they were expecting a lot of people. what do we know about turnout? >> reporter: it seems to be steady and solid. one thing you can say about all the nastiness and mud-slinging of this campaign, it seems to be bringing people out to vote. >> i feel like the election has just gotten out of hand. it's gotten to be so silly, fighting against things that should be. >> reporter: in this bellwether precinct, in a bellwether county, in a bellwether state, plenty of disillusionment. >> you know what they say about men with small hands. >>
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campaign is going. >> i think it's a bit of a joke right now, to be honest with you upon. >> polls say donald trump will sweep virginia. a tracking survey had him more than a dozen points ahead of marco rubio. but we talked to 20 voters at the greenway election precinct, and could not find a single one who said he was voting for the billionaire. >> i do not like donald trump. >> we found a few cruz supporters. >> his record on life and second amendment. >> reporter: lots of rubio fans. >> this is the first time i've ever voted in a primary. and that's how strongly i feel. >> reporter: but no one for trump. >> i'm concerned for our country, if he wins. i'm concerned for him if he wins. >> if trump wins? >> yeah. >> on the democratic side, the real clear politics, polling average, suggest hillary clinton -- >> virginia is clinton country. >> reporter: will beat bernie sanders in virginia by 21 points. and she has even stronger support in the
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community. >> we've come too far not to vote. too many lives lost. >> reporter: now, i just checked a couple of minutes ago, in some 236 democrats had voted some 341 republicans at this precinct. that's a 36% turnout, which is way better than average. live in leesburg, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> and you know it will get busier, the deeper we go into the evening. polls are open until 7:00. of course as people start heading home from work, they start to get even busier. governor kasich held a rally today. the republican presidential hopeful, looking to rally voters there at george mason university. kasich predicting his campaign will get a big boost, once he wins the primary in his home state of ohio, which doesn't happen for another two weeks. donald trump was targeting those ohio voters today. >> the billionaire appeared with chris christie in colu
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the gop trying to stop strump's momentum were also making their case. senator marco rubio said donald trump would be an embarrassment to america. senator ted cruz made his pitch after voting in his home state of texas. >> you're among those 65% of republicans who recognize that donald trump could be a disaster, as the nominee. then i ask you to join us, even if you're thinking of another candidate. >> reporter: hillary clinton has a commanding lead over bernie sanders in six southern states that are voting today. the vermont senator is hoping to pull off an upset in minnesota. nobody is upset about the gorgeous march 1st day out there. hope you had some time to get out. and take it all in. we've got a quick blast of winter headed our way. oh, topper, first alert meteorologist topper shutt. you can change that. that's the end of the week, right? >> it is march. it is, however, welcome. happy
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comprised of march, april, and may. but as you know, we get snow in march. not that uncommon. sometimes we get big snows. that's not going to happen. cold air already in place. so we're getting rid of this mild air late tonight and tomorrow. and by 6:00 thursday, clouds overspread the d.c. area, very, very quickly. in fact, i think snow could be breaking out in cumberland and romney, west virginia by nightfall. and by 11:30 at night, we have rain, mix of snow across most of the metro area. again, service temperatures marginal. atmosphereically, it will probably support snow. in terms of accumulation, not much at all. by 5:30 in the morning on friday, we could see some leftover rain showers, certainly south and east of town, also north up toward baltimore, a little bit of snow, north and west of town. and that begins to move on out. by 11:00, perhaps snow showers as we get more of a northwesterly flow behind the system. so essentially, the bulk of the moisture is going to stay to
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the south. and cold air marginal. but this could be the last hurrah in terms of snow. we'll talk about that in a minute. >> sounds good. thanks, top. a police officer who shot and killed a man last year. between the corridor union station. will not face charges. the u.s. attorney's office made that announcement today, citing insufficient evidence. investigators say the officer shot william wilson after he stabbed a woman, then refused to drop his knife. that woman has a restraining order against wilson. the district of columbia is one step closer to paying at- risk people not to commit crimes. today, the d.c. council unanimously passed kenyon mcduffy's crime prevention bill. the idea is to identify teens and adults at highest risk for committing and being victims of violent crimes. those individualsed would then be placed in a stipend type program that places feli skills. we are just
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started. a police chase, deadly shooting and protests. new details on a bizarre incident out of rural, virginia. >> students at montgomery college, questioning their safety after the lack of information, following a bloody incident. and new concerns tonight about the t-firsever pill aimed at helping women's sex drive. and right after the break. you like that? the redskins bust a move to keep kirk cousins wearing the burgundy and gold. your daughter wants to stay organic.
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the burgundy and gold took a gamble last season. ditching robert the third. and kirk cousins as quarterback. >> of course that paid on both sides. now, washington is pressing their luck.
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kristen berset has more. >> they have been searching for stability. while kirk cousins has just one full season under his belt, they found themselves in a little tough spot this season. pay the man a little money, even though he's unproven or let him go. of course they didn't want to do the latter, so they gambled again. they placed nonexclusive franchise tag on cousins. the nonexclusive part means another team could still and after cousins. however, that team must hand over two first-round picks, draft picks, if he signs with them. washington is banking on the fact that no team is that desperate. the franchise tag keeps cousins in d.c. for now and allows them more time to negotiate a long- term deal. they have until july 15th. but what kind of leverage does this give captain kirk? i'll have more on this later in the show. >> all
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a search is under way for a bank robber in prince george's county. witnesses say ape man, armed with a knife, jumped the counter of the bb&t bank on dillingham square. after getting away with an undetermined amount of cash, that robber was last seen headed into some woods along old bridge road. >> tonight, several montgomery county college students are upset and they are questioning their safety. >> they want to know why it took so long to find out about a gunshot victim who ended up on campus. wusa 9's stephanie ramirez, live on campus right now. steph, do we know exactly what happened? >> reporter: well, adam, police tell us the shooting didn't happen on campus. the actual victim approached the -- let me start this over again. i'm sorry. the shooting didn't happen on campus, but the victim was brought here. they were trying to find help. then this happened. the news here, making students very nervous, thinking that at one point there was an active shooter on campus. >> i was like, what?
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>> i don't know why security would put it in capital letters, that it didn't happen here. because we're still concerned about ourselves. >> reporter: these are the reactions tuesday to e-mails and tweets like this one, saying there was not a shooting on the rockville campus today. the tweets came in some 40 minutes after police responded to the 911 call of a person shot in lot 9 at montgomery college. police say a man shot in the leg off campus jumped in front of a car, trying to get help. that driver, a student, then drove the victim here. students watching as the scene unfolded. >> i saw enough, i'm kind of shocked that i didn't get an alert on my phone. >> no one knows anything. so my friend literally told me, i'm in a criminal justice class. she told me, brian, you have to walk out here. you'll see police officers. i'm like, what? >> reporter: why did it take the college so long to notify their students. i asked a spokesman who said police made it very clear there were no threats.
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they want to prepare the community without causing faultfalse alarm or concern. but many students didn't know this at the time. and are still saying it's not acceptable. >> i could have walked out here. >> i think if something happens, i would rather they alert the students. so we can take precautions. instead of waiting. >> reporter: this this been an active shooter, they said they would send out communication immediately. but there was no threat. stephanie ramir ramirez, wusa 9. >> the victim is in early to mid20s and suffered nonlife- threatening injuries. to prince george's county now. pothole blitz. crews hitting the streets to repair all the damage left behind by winter. snow, ice and salt. there are plenty of potholes to fix up. they say drivers shou
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alert and stay alert for crews who will be working on the roads. i'm sure they're enjoying it. they have to be, right? because it's enjoyable weather. >> pretty weather. can we just rejoice about the day? >> we ask. meteorologically. >> but he's not going to let us. because he wants to talk about the potential for -- >> i think we have to keep grounded in reality here. >> i think -- >> just continue to take our moment today. >> we can continue to live the dream if you want. >> okay. you can live in the dream if you want. but things are going to change. let's talk about the march almanac. this will give you hope. march 1st, average high and low is 51 and 33. but look what happens by the end of the month. it's 62. and 42. pretty wet month as you might expect. over an inch and a half of snow, officially at the airport, at nashville. but a little over 2 or 3 inches out towards dulles. highest temperature, 42,
5:18 pm
month. certainly was a nice start. march came in like a lamb. will it go out like a lamb? forecasting a high today of 61. not really excited about that. but we shall see tonight at 11:00. right now, we're okay. 60. winds are now picking up, south and southeast, gusting at 22. and it will be gusting. winds could go. winds at 30 miles an hour. windy, but dry. windy and breezy, colder tomorrow. and yes, some light rain or snow thursday night into friday morning. little, if any accumulation. the heaviest activity goes south of us. 9:30 tonight. walking the dog. get in by 9:00, 9:30. already, we have showers off to the west. in cumberland and romney. temperatures are mild in 50s. this is what will happen. temperatures in the 50s tomorrow. but dress in the 30s. look how fast everything went through. between 9:
5:19 pm
everything is across the bay and out into the atlantic ocean. that's pretty impressive. 49 downtown. 46 in sterling. 46 in manassas. by thursday, things don't go up much. we have 41 downtown. 41 in silver spring. and 40 in bowie. by lunchtime, notice the arrow, northwest winds. it's going to be a blustery day tomorrow. wind chills, again, addressed for the 30s. by 6:00 p.m., already falling back into the 30s, north and west of town. 38 in leesburg. looking at about 41 in la plata. but clear. and by 10:00 tomorrow night, we're already below freezing in places like gaithersburg, rockville, and olney. 31 also in cumberland at 10:00. much, much colder night tomorrow night, as winds die down and skies clear. tonight, mostly cloudy or windy. or becoming mostly cloudy and windy, with chilly showers. look at the winds. west/northwest at 15 to 30, with higher gusts. day planner looks like
5:20 pm
notice, the temps keep falling. and only 43 at 11:00. and only crawling back up to 45 at 1:00. but again, with the winds dressed for the 30s. thursday, clouds come in pretty quickly. light rain or snow could be here by 9:00, 10:00 thursday night. 44. 33 with rain or snow showers on friday. we'll monitor friday for your yellow alert day. next seven days. weekend is okay. just a little cool and chillo saturday. low 50s on sunday. low 60s on monday. you guys can dream again. upper 60s, next tuesday. >> we dig it. top, thank you. will president obama sit down with the senate leaders to talk about the vacancies over the supreme court? >> they are at odds. the republicans maintain scalia's seat should remain vacant, until the next president is elected. it appears president obama had little success, changing their minds. >> but they were adamant. and they said, no, we're not going to do this at all. wee
5:21 pm
never been done before. never in the history of the country has anything like this happened, where they won't be with the person, they simply won't hold hearings. >> no matter the odds, president obama vows to send a supreme court nomination to the senate, within the next few weeks. straight ahead, new details on osama bin laden, after the release of his last will and testament. metro says farewell to paper cars. ask new information about a hidden danger found in millions of reals around the country. check out the fresh new look on mcdonald's mcpick 2 menu! try a flaky filet-o-fish made with sustainably sourced fish,
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switch to better. switch to fios. i'll see you at home. the egg mcmuffin. made with a fresh cracked egg and real butter. only at mcdonald's. i'm lovin it. a grand jury scrgz finds -- investigation finds two bishops covered up the abuse by catholic priests for decades. a 147-page. up to 50 pedophile police were cited. pennsylvania says none of the criminal acts will be prosecuted because the priests have either died, statutes of limitations have expired or
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testify. details of osama bin laden's last will and testament released today. he claimed to have $29 million in personal wealth, according to recently declassified documents, bin laden wanted most of his fortune to be used in a terrorist jihad for the sake of allaw. -- allah. it was among the paperwork seized in a seal raid. veteran riders could say goodbye to the paper fare cards. starting sunday, march 6th, you'll only be able to use the metro cards. metro rail will have machines to transfer paper balance to a smart fare card. or go to any metro sales office to make the transition from paper to plastic through the end of june. court and kids are a dangerous combination. and today marks two years since little mack thomas died in the corded blinds in his .
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many parents are still not aware of this hidden danger in the home. children can strangle when their little heads get caught in the cords. the chairman of the cpc says cordless is best. >> they provide the peace of mind that your children are not going to have their lives taken by these products. >> they will be talking about many of the cordless opening options you see here. at an international product safety event in d.c. and he says there's been progress. ikea and target have phased corded blinds out of their stores. wal-mart, lowe's and home depot are looking to do the same thing in the next few years. fbi taking center stage. a d.c. girl who vanished without a trace. more trotests after a man -- protests after a man dies. follow
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a 20-year-old winchester man is dead, after being pursued by police. >> investigators say he shot himself. his family, though, says he had never committed suicide. live in winchester, where a protest is under way. people are protesting to show their support for the victim. i want you guys to take a look. you can see folks out here, holding up signs tonight. calling for justice. also, this
5:30 pm
shirts, getting their message out there. >> he was climbing the fence when he got shot. and it's like, we just seen his body hit the ground. >> kayla freezeien said she watched horrified. >> i stood there and i watched. after two minutes, the boy came back to life and was shaking. and they ripped his clothes off and started doing cpr again. and then he was gone. >> witnesses and family say police shot delondre minifield. >> i want all of the information about my son. all of it. all of it. >> he was my best friend. >> winchester police say two men were fighting on roosevelt boulevard sunday. and minifield ran from police. officers followed him and say minifield committed suicide. people who never even met him are protesting in downtown winchester for the second day in a row. >> there's a lot of things in
5:31 pm
virginia state police to investigate. initial investigation showed they did not fire their guns. >> do you think his gun went off accidentally? >> if you ask half the world, who puts a gun in their pocket without the safety on? who? >> reporter: as the investigation continues, loved ones are remembering his life. >> he's a nice person. he's good with kids because my daughter loved him. >> it's just sad. he didn't deserve to die. and he definitely didn't commit suicide. >> reporter: his family says winchester police do not wear body cameras. reporting live tonight in winchester, stephanie gailhard, wusa 9. >> the medical examiner in manassas is conducting an autopsy. today marks the two-year villain easierary of the disappearance of relishia rud. >> the 8-year-old was last seen on surveillance video, with a janitor, back on
5:32 pm
2014. that janitor, chal eel ta -- khalil tatum took his own life after that disappearance was reported. rudd has never been found. her family held a celebration of life for her over the weekend. the driver of a tractor- trailer died not far from his home. 59-year-old carl neil of dickerson died when his car hit a guardrail and into flames. it happened about 10:30 last night. that road is used by a lot of commuters to get to 270. it was closed today, while crews used it to get to a crash. two murders of two virginia college students. uva sophomore, hannah graham was abducted in 2014. morgan harrington was attending virginia tech in 2009, when she disappeared in charlotteville. her mother said she is reliev
5:33 pm
long and drawnout trial. serving three life terms. his hearing is tomorrow afternoon, in charlottesville. a search is under way for a man who escaped from a virginia mental health facility. workers noticed 33-year-old michael marshall had escaped from the false church quality yesterday. he's known to exhibit violent behavior. a detention order had been issued for marshall's immediate apprehension and return. officials say he has ties to the centerville and sterling areas. a search is under way for a missing police dog, in prince george's county. milo, a black labrador, ran away from his handler sunday in woodbridge. he's wearing a choke collar with his service badge and vaccination tag attached. he also has a black nylon strap that buckles across the top of his back. new information stemming from the battle between the fbi and apple. the government wants the high- tech giant to hack the iphone, belonging to one of the
5:34 pm
bernardino shooters. well, testifying observe congress, fbi director james comey says the request is specific only to syed farook's phone. >> this case is not about the fbi, apple, congress, not about anything other than trying to do a competent investigation inang ongoing active case. that said, of course, any decision by a judge in any forum, is going to be potentially precedential. >> reporter: they argue it will lead to a broad encroachment on private security. today's hearings comes a day after the new york said they cannot force them to unlock an iphone in the san bearn -- san bernardino case. the only fda-libido drug for women.
5:35 pm
flabaseren. but a new study questions the safety of the judge. saying the fda approved a marginally acceptable drug in the face of unnecessary uncertainty about its dangers. dr. terry arula weighed in this morning. >> reporter: this review basically said the same thing. looked at eight studies b6,000 women. and found that if on average, a woman has 2.5 sexually satisfying events per month. this increased it to 5. but. >> the doctor went on to say it comes with risk of sleepiness, dizziness, nausea, and fatigue. lack of sleep could have you reaching for junk food. just like if you smoke pot. >> reporter: sleep-deprived people wolfed down 300 more calories per day, than folks who were getting a good night's sleep. researchers discovered that brains without enough shut eye,
5:36 pm
similar to those found in marijuana. so if you're smoking weed and if you don't get enough sleep, you pretty much need to go to your doctor immediately. >> is that why we go home and snack at night because we're sleep deprived? >> could be. >> doritos, wine and cheese? >> that's on your list. turning now, a toddler wanders through traffic on a busy street. we'll tell you what happened moments before that has made us cringe. and the bizarre reason a college has banned the sale of energy drinks. and j-lo's unkind review of ben affleck's back tatted. -- tat. cold air moves in. still pleasant right now. cold front is going to roll through. 39 in frederick. 40 in gaithersburg. 40 in bowie. and also in fairfax. we'll come back and talk about snowflakes. still in the
5:37 pm
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we are tracking what is trending tonight. and why wouldn't we be? a toddler is safe after falling out of a van in clina. he gets up. just goes down the road. >> get that baby. >> see the guy walking behind, recorded the whole
5:40 pm
the camera, pulled over, picked up the kid and handed him off to his grandfather, who was too busy doing something to notice the child had tumbled out of the van. >> how does that happen? >> brillbrillianted. a college in vermont is banning the sale of energy drinks, saying they lead to high risk sex. >> next monday, you won't find drinks like red bull, rock star, and five-hour energy for sale. a panel of faculty staff, and students approved the ban. studies have linked those energy drinks with various health risks. but high-risk sex is not one of them. students, though, can still buy the drinks. off campus. >> there is an entire list of things that i cannot say about that story. let's move on. >> so we will. the rolling stones are getting ready to make history in cuba. ♪ [ music ]
5:41 pm
the stones set to play a free concert in havana, on march 26th. the cuban government once persecuted young people for listening to rock music. the rolling stones will take the stage, three days after president obama visits havana. this next story is getting a few chuckles on facebook. >> j-lo calls former lover ben affleck's bat tat awful. he's got back tat and back fat. here's the offending inc. -- ink. jennifer said the phoenix has too many colors on it, and they should be cooler. lopez and affleck dated for a year and a half, which included a last-minute wedding cancellation in the year 2000. and if you're asking what is trending, this is not what we said was trending. this is what you said was trending. >> yeah. he's batman now. do you think he really cares what
5:42 pm
tattoos all over you. then they go down. like gravity pulls it all the time. >> maybe it won't look good. but who know. >> let the man be his own man. price on kirk cousin's head. what does it mean for his future? they're not trying to noc him off. more on kirk cousins coming up. >> something a little more serious. grave injustice. we get results for d.c. family members angry
5:43 pm
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grief has turned to anger for one d.c. family, more than a year after they buried their loved ones. the pain lingers in the heart and in stone. tonight, our call 4 action team calls on a grave injustice, at the cemetery. >> this is like an open wound. that this won't heal. >> reporter: this is queen johnson's resting place. beloved sister to 92-year-old tessy, and aunt to lynn taylor- moore. but look closely at her gravestone. and you'll see something incomplete. she died back in november 2014. one year and three months ago. >> the date of death is missing. >> i'm going to look
5:46 pm
file. >> look up the file and i'll call you back. no, they didn't call back. >> this is one of my favorites. >> the queen of their family was not one to leave a task undone. before alzheimer's set in, she paid nearly 18 -- $15,000 for a -- $18,000 for a spot near her husband. after more than a year with waiting and no answers, her family reached out to us for help to carry out queen's wishes. >> when you're not giving any real answers as to why it hasn't been done. you just left so frustrated. just so helpless. >> what was nafee supposed -- that fee supposed to be? >> reporter: the office didn't want to talk on camera. but told us about a $210 additional fee to inscribe the date of death on a marker. she claims miscommunication for the problem but promised to make it right with no extra charge to the family. >> if any additional dollars were due, we should have been told that
5:47 pm
all of a sudden, that's the reason that's given. seems kind of weak. >> three weeks after our visit, a final salute to queen was etched in stone. dignity delayed, but not denied. >> i feel very grateful to call for action. because without you guys, i don't think we would have been able to get this resolved. >> now, lynn taylor-moore and her mother tessy are concerned about other families that may be in their same situation. maryland department of labor's office of cemetery oversight received 17 complaints last year about fort lincoln. five of them were related to memorials. all of them have been closed and resoffed. -- resolved. if you have a problem that needs help. call for our action team of volunteers. file a complaint online. after spending nearly a year on the international space station, astronaut, scott
5:48 pm
returns tonight. >> about 11:30, kelly will touch down in kazakhstan. the two examined how a long- term stay at a microgravity environment impacts the body and mind. kelly spent 340 days in space. that is a record for an american. >> and back here on earth, gorgeous weather. >> gorgeous. >> he'll have to come down to earth, so to speak. >> he can tell us what it really looks like. super face. >> 340 days without rain. >> of course, that would drive me crazy, to live in l.a., actually. i want to be in the weather, not above the weather. >> that's why you're here. and he was there. >> right. exactly. many other reasons, too. let's start with a live look outside. what a great way to start march. our first day of meteorological spring, which is comprised of march, april and may. still 60 now. winds picking up. south/southeast. gusting to 22. get
5:49 pm
windy with showers, late tonight. bus stop temperatures in the 40s. but with the winds, it's going to feel like it's in the 30s. good news is, it will be dry. windy, breezy and just colder on wednesday. then light rain or snow possible thursday night and into friday. not a big deal at this point. perhaps some accumulation on grassy surfaces, well north and west of town. but that even might be stretching it. kind of a shame, too. maybe our last hurrah, so to speak. temperatures in the 50s. tomorrow's high, going to be midnight temperature. still 56. at 9:30. and then this just blasts through overnight. you might hear the rumble of thunder. and everything rolls all the way across the metro area, across the bay. and out to sea. by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. temps left in the mid-40s to low 40s. by 9:00, 39, gaithersburg. still 41 in leesburg and sterling. with the wind, it's going to feel like it's in the 30s all day. going to be
5:50 pm
march day, kind of more typical than what we experienced today. walking to lunch. low to mid-40s. still, 41 in frederick now. 42 in places like gaithersburg, and rockville and olney. about 43 also in bowie. by 6:00, temps start going back into the 30s, north and west of town. and by tomorrow night, 10:00, 10:30, many of the burbs will be below freezing. real cold night tomorrow. winds will diminish. low movement. looking -- humidity. looking at a cold walk after dinner tomorrow night. no doubt about that. temperatures this. is a forecasted wind chill. feels like 32 in frederick. 38 downtown. doesn't get much better. by 1:00, feels like a 33 in gaithers burg, and 37 downtown. and by evening, now we got some upper 20s for wind chills in places like hagerstown and gaithersburg. so again, address for the 30s tomorrow. blustery. so 40s across the board to start. they don't go up much. 43 at 11:00.
5:51 pm
so thursday, clouds come in quickly. light rain or snow, overnight on thursday. maybe here as early as 10:00 at night. and then we're looking at light rain or snow showers on friday. temperatures go back in the low 40s. we will monitor that for a yellow weather alert day. now, the next seven days. saturday, perfectly nice. just chilly. highs near 50. but with sunshine. 53 on sunday. low 50s, and then look at this. low 60s on monday. and upper 60s with sunshine next tuesday. it's a business. and the team is going to operate with that mindset. and you know, this is my first time going through that process in the nfl. so it's new to me. and i don't know a whole lot about it. so we'll see how it goes. >> that was kirk cousins, after washington's play-off loss to greenbay. when all of the speculation kicked into high gear, as to
5:52 pm
d.c. today, we got a clearer picture when the team decided to use the nonexclusive franchise tag. that means cousins would earn close to $20 million this year if they can't agree on a long- term deal. that is a 2,923% raise over last year's salary. now, a team can still try and sign cousins. but they would have to fork over two first round draft picks in change. or cousins can take the $20 million and hope to have a great year. right now, cousins has all the leverage. >> he has the hammer. and it's difficult for a player to give up that hammer. and he has to. especially if he knows that franchise tag is $20 million for one season chvment is the kind of earning potential he hasn't had. remember, this kid played last year. the redskins have had him for a totality of his contract. now the pendulum has swung the other way. now as
5:53 pm
bryce harper declared already this spring, the mets are the team to beat. well, it appears that mets are already winning in spring training, with perhaps the most outrageous player. keiona ses pitpides -- sessionpides. this time, he's literally sporting horsepower. sespedis arrived on horse this morning. seems to be a ranchhand is the theme this week. because on saturday, sespedis went to the st. louis fair and paid $7,000 for a prize-winning pig. >> to do what with? >> there's a lot of speculation about that. >> will the pig survive -- >> that's what everybody is asking. >> end up on a plate? >> the money goes to help the 4h club in the area. going to a good cause. but some people aren't sure what will happen to the pig! and the horse, where ar
5:54 pm
>> looks like there was a spot for him. how outrageous can you really get? >> doesn't sound like he's done. >> no. >> thanks, kristen. the polls are set to start closing in about an hour. can anyone knock off hillary clinton and 61ald trump, in -- donald trump, in tonight's super tuesday primary. and a county clerk, who foiled a robbery, decides he wants to fight crime for a living. up next, another emotional day of testimony from sportscaster aaron andrews in her civil suit against the hotel, where a stalker secretly recorded her.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
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5:57 pm
another tearful day of testimony for sportscaster erin andrews. >> she filed a $75 million civil suit against a stalker and the hotel where he secretly recorded her. >> reporter: an emotional erin andrews returned to the witness stand tuesday, as she described how the stalker secretly recorded a nude video of her, changed her life. >> you don't realize how long four minutes is, until it's your naked body. >> reporter: the sports caster is suing the national marriott and may -- michael barrett, who admitted taping her through apeople hole and posting it online. >> what really hurts me most is when girls, high school and
5:58 pm
they say, i want to be erin andrews, except for the marriott stalker thing. and i can't control that. and that's every day. >> reporter: the video has been seen nearly 17 million times. during cross-examination, a defense attorney pointed out that she has picked up major endorsements and jobs since the incident. >> you have done very well in your career since 2009. >> yes. [ inaudible ] >> yes. >> reporter: but andrews says she's emotionally traum traumatized and always on guard. >> as soon as i get to a hotel, no matter what city or state i'm in, i tell them i want to be moved from the room i was prebooked in. >> reporter: the hotel says what happened to andrews is terrible, but that the stalker is to blame. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> and that stalker pleaded guilty in 2010. >> he was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison. right now, at 6:00, voter turnout is high on super tuesday, from texas
5:59 pm
and predicting possibly record numbers as people vote on the presidential nominee. >> thousands turn out for an emotional farewell to a prince william county police officer, shot and killed on her first day on the job. also coming up, a store clerk, fired for standing up to a pair of robbers, now wants to fight crime for a living. good evening. i'm bruce johnson. >> and i'm jan jeffcoat. hashtag, super tuesday, trending on facebook and twitter. it is the single busiest day of the 2016 primary season. for the democrats, 865 delegates are up for grabs. on the republican side, they're vying for 595 delegates, with the biggest prize of the day, for both parties, being texas. texas is the only state that republican front runner donald trump is not expected to win. most of his 155 gop delegates are expected to go to texas senator ted cruz. >> vote being in virginia -- voting in virginia ends in about an hour.
6:00 pm
donald trump and hillary clinton will clean up in the commonwealth, where some 95 democratic delegates are up for grabs. our bruce leshan is up in leesburg. bruce, tell us, what does the turnout look like? >> reporter: a whole the of -- lot of people turning up now. better than usual. all of the nastiness and mud slings of this campaign seems to have convinced a lot of people to turn out to vote, even if some of them are unhappy with their choices. >> it's a little frustrating at this point. >> this is the first time schoolteacher leah holly has ever voted in a primary. >> get out. get out. out. >> reporter: it's donald trump that is driving her to the polls. she wants to vote against him. >> i'm concerned for our country, if he wins. i'm concerned for him if he wins. >> if trump wins. >> plenty of voters are disgusted with the way the campaign has been going. >> you know what they say about men with small hands


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