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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  March 1, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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right now at 7:00, saying good-bye to a prinwice lliam county police officer killed during her first day on the job. and a look back at the last time the police department lost one of its own in the line of duty. winter is not over yet. we are tracking the next cold blast and snow flurry by the end of the week. today, the redskins say they like that and they are willing to pay. we'll tell you the price tag to keep kirk cousins on the team. first, tonight, it is super tuesday. polls are just closing and we are already getting some results. polls in virginia, vermont just closed. let's go with the breaking news details. who won? >> cbs news is ready to project hillary clinton as the winner in virginia. hillary clinton
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virginia primary. cbs news projects clinton had campaigned here heavily in the old dominion state. poll has her leading by as much as 20 points coming down to the wire. hillary clinton projected to be the winner in virginia on the democratic side. still none on the republican side. and in georgia, cbs is also projecting hillary clinton to win, the second biggest prize after texas. she led by double digits through much of the polling process. she is expected that her win was pushed along by african americans who we saw out in south carolina. also a win for bernie sanders. sanders will win his home state of vermont. not a contested primary. not contested at all. i'm not sure that hill
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but bernie sanders winning in vermont tonight. remains to be seen if sanders can pick up any other state tonight. but obviously -- we are seeing turnout numbers at around 30%, 20%, depending upon the county. fairfax numbers split about 14% dems, 14% republicans. similar numbers in loudoun. of course n 2012, really only mitt romney on the ballot in virginia with the stakes much lower at that stage in the race. but anecdotally, we are seeing reports of increased republican turnout in some areas, but, tonight, still too early to tell exactly what turnout picture will look like in virginia. >> garrett, let's talk about the republicans very quickly because we still have john kasich and ben carson still in the race but does not look like they'll get any of
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of ohio later. who will drop out? >> reporter: neither of those will be expected to pick up any delegates. castism is expected to get his home state of ohio and he also place add big ad buy in michigan. it's doubtless that will get out of the race. ben carson is holding his events in baltimore, his hometown. his campaign has not released any other campaign theents week beyond attending a debate later this week and calling for the other candidates to meet him there to talk about the tone in the race. they don't see him winning the nomination. what happens with carson going forward is an interesting question tonight. >> all right. garrett, live in our newsroom check on the results. we'll go back to you periodically through the night as we get the results in. republican john kasich had a super tuesday rally today in arlington. heke
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university law school and explained why he would not join other candidates in slamming donald trump. >> you will not beat donald trump by insulting him because all you do is enrage his supporters and make them even more firmly committed because of permanent insulting attacks. that's not how you win. >> the oi governor predicted-- ohio governor predicted he will pick up a few states and also a win in ohio. >> and texas is the big prize there today. and ted cruz is expected to win there. 155 republican delegates are up for grabs. polls suggest that senator ted cruz from texas will win texas. and cruz said that a win is a must. >> any candidate who cannot win his home state
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>> there are 222 delegates to win in the democratic race there. clinton has polled well with hispanics, but low turnout could favor sanders. >> there are 865 democratic delegates at state in 11 states. clinton has a commanding lead in six of those primaries. you can get the w such a 9 app and we'll push out an alert any time a winner is declared. and crystal hamilton's sorry vigil is held right now in woodbridge. >> the vigil is underway, just getting started behind me
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we want to give them a little bit of space. roughly, 50 to 70 family members are here, sharing story, shedding tears. even more people are expected to arrive at this make shift memorial where folks are laying flowers and messages and pictures and lighting candles outside of the house here where she was killed here this weekend along with officer guindon. as we know, her husband, 32- year-old ronald hamilton has been charged with her murder along with the murder of officer guindon responding to a domestic disturbance call here. according to hamilton's sister and one of her best friend, there was a history of domestic abuse of the crystal' friend tell us that crystal endured years of abuse. the couple has an 11-year-old son who was home at the time of the shooting. he was not hurt. we are told that he is safe and
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hear more from friends and family who are at the vigil here tonight and tonight at 11:00 on wusa 9. >> thank you. mean time, thousands of police officers and complete strangers gathered today to say good-bye to the other victim in saturday's shooting. for rookie police officer ashley guindon. >> calling 1145. this is the final call for 1145. officer ashley guindon, in the watch, february 27th, 2016. may you rest in peace. >> just a mass of show of support for officer guindon and the prince william county police department. law enforcement from around the region and ten states came to honor the 20-year-old who was killed the day after she graduated from
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academy. >> to me, that was just one of the sat d saddest things i ever heard, especially when i heard that was the first day on a job. >> it is a dangerous job. just truly thankful for their service and we just can't take each day for granted. >> to show the support that we all care and it's also important for the police department to know that we care and we're here and we are together and we are a big family. large police escort guided guindon's hearse and her family away. she will be buried in massachusetts ashley guindon is the second person, prince william police officer to be killed. >> first was a member of the s.w.a.t. team killed 25 years ago on thanksgiving day. the scene was 25 years ago. thousands of police officers from around the country were there when officer phillip michael pennington was laid to rest. the 35-year-old prince william county cop had
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november 22nd as he and fellow s.w.a.t. team members confronted a man for the shooting of a sheriff dep at this. the suspect with a rifle shot and killed michael pennington. other s.w.a.t. team members shot and killed him. >> the last time i saw him, from what i remember, he had a smile on him. his wife was at the funeral. five years after his death, she was sworn in as a police officer. >> my son and i loved michael so much. >> he knew about the dangers of being on the s.w.a.t. team. 11 months earlier, he had been shot and wounded during a drug rai.d the 11 year veteran refused tyke another assign many. november 22nd, 1990, thanksgiving day, phillip michael pennington became the first prince william county police officer killed in the line of
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a school in manassas, virginia, the phillip michael pennington school grates 1 through 8, named after the first police officer in prince william county killed. the two deputies wounded remain at inova fairfax hospital. both have more surgeries to endure. they are expected to survive. and why some montgomery county students are angry about a shooting that happened off campus. we'll come back and talk about when the flakes will start to fly again. and getting paid not to commit a crime. the next step in the bill that was passed today by the d.c.
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you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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several students are questioning the safety at montgomery college, upset that it was hours before they learned about a shooting. the shooting did not help on campus. a victim jumped in front of a montgomery college student's car asking for help. the student drove the victim to campus where police responded. the students watched police work for about 40 minutes before receiving alerts informing them there was not an active shooter on campus. >> i could have been walking out here and could have been involved, too. >> as soon as something happens, i would rather the alert to students so we are aware of it, can take precautions instead of like waiting later. >> a montgomery county spokesperson said that police informed them there was no threat and wanted to put out accurate information without causing cause for alarm. the students said that was too lane. and the d.c. council approved a bill that
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teen teenagers and young adults some stipends if they take some classes and stay out of trouble. the core belief is that poverty, stress and mental health issues lead to crime. it's modeled to a bill that a reduce crime bill in richmond, california. crews fanned out across the county to fill potholes. you can find more information on our free wusa 9 app how much is an nfl quarterback worth? the redskins made a move to lock him down for now. we'll tell you how much it will cost the team and how long. and the next chance for flurries after the break and it's coming up pretty soon. you are tc
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your only
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we have super tuesday update out of virginia. new democratic numbers coming into the newsroom. 60% of the vote in and clinton has 1338. 39% -- clinton has 60% of
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of the vote. >> on the republican side of the virginia primary, donald trump now garner 40% of the vote to marco rubio's 25%. ted cruz at 20%. this is 1% of precincts reporting. we'll get an update on that later for you. we'll go to garrett who is live in our newsroom tracking all the numbers for you. caught on camera. a disturbing story from china. a toddler fell out of the truck of a moving van. his father was driving and didn't even notice. this is unbelievable. a nearby car picked up that little boy and reunited him with his grandfather. i can't believe that that whole thing was captured. oh, my gosh. i just -- i just -- we are thankful that he is safe. >> thank god that he is smart you have to get up. >> he was not hurt, thank goodness for that. the grandfather was so
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my goodness erin andrews returned to the witness stand in her $75 million civil lawsuit. the man convict of secretly recording her and posting it online is named in the lawsuit along with the marriott nashville. she explained how the video affected her work life. >> i just walk into the coach's offices and sit down and talk to them and i felt like everybody was looking at me like, they've seen the video. and i just want to do everything i could to be normal again. >> the marriott corporation has responded to the lawsuit saying that what happened to andrews is terrible but the stalker is to blame, not them. always watching, always tracking. wusa 9's first alert weather. d.c.'s most accurate. >> always tracking we have a flurry that we are track in the forecast right now. >> oh, yeah. >> could be
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last hurrah. i knew that would disappoints you. >> let's start with the march almanach. average high during the first today, 51 and 33. look at what happens by the end of the month. average rise to 52 and 42. pretty wet month as you might expect. over an inch half of snow officially on average at national. and about three inches north and west of town. highest recorded temp, 92. lowest, 4 above. so it could be crazy month. battle between spring and winter. live look outside. still 56 grease. winds out of the south and southeast at 9. they're going to pick up behind this front tonight. windy conditions, showers tonight. perhaps a rumble of thunder as well. bus stop temperatures in the 40s. but with the wind, dress for the 30s bundle the kids up tomorrow. windy, breezy, colder tomorrow. temperatures will make i had into
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a real march-like day. light rain or snow thursday night into friday morning. not real excited about this, maybe a little tiny accumulation on grassy surfaces well authorities and west of town 10:00, a couple of sprinkles. future cast bringing some rain early. but by and large, by 10:00, most of the showers are around i-81. look at what happens by midnight. they come flying through here. notice the yellows and oranges, that's actually the precipitation activities. look around here. races across the bay into the atlantic ocean. a dry commute, temperature in the low to mid-20s, blustery. even by 9:00, tells fall back into the upper 40s. gaithersburg, rockville. lunchtime, low to mid-40s. that's it. again,ss
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42 at 11:00 and 45 by 1:00 p.m. thursday, clouds come in quickly. light rain or snow well above midnight. weekend okay. chilly on saturday. nice on sunday, back in the low 60s monday. upper 60s, near 70 on tuesday. we'll be ba ♪ we're about to show you an incredibly low fare. like all our fares, you get two free bags and zero change fees. because what's the point of an incredibly low fare if you're just going to stack fees on top of it?
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we've got new primary numbers out of virginia. >> let's go to garrett haig. va numbers with 2% reporting. hillary clinton at 61% to 38% over bernie sanders. of course, cbs news already predicting a hillary clinton win. these numbers mirror closely the polls that we have seen here which shows hillary clinton breaking away from sanders, using african american votessers breaking heavily towards her. you can see the value of the big endorsements
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seating senators. republicans, donald trump with 40% of the votes, marco rubio with 25% and ted cruz 19. when you look at the numbers, that's not as bad for marco rubio here these are the southern counties reporting. when we go back to closer to here, that may be a better night for marco rubio. the burgundy and gold decided to keep cousins but by placing the franchise team, that left the door a little open. other teams can talk to cousins but they'll have to give up o
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tonight, erin andrews breaking down on the stand. >> you don't really realize how long four minutes is until it's your naks naked body. >> the espn co-host describing her constant fear after being filmed naked through a peephole. >> i look everywhere to i seef there's cameras. >> hear how the drama affected her relationship with her boyfriend. >> let's see you naked online with 17 million viewers. and is the bachelor engaged. his new bombshell after d the l-word to two women. we go directly to ben to find out what's really going on. >> i would get married tomorrow. also a blake shelton exclusive. >> let the past be the past and move on. >> his ups and downs this past year. >> what it's a divorce or new girlfriend, i can sing about it. plus, our exclus


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