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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  March 2, 2016 1:37am-2:08am EST

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tonight, erin andrews breaking down on the stand. >> you don't really realize how long four minutes is until it's your naks naked body. >> the espn co-host describing her constant fear after being filmed naked through a peephole. >> i look everywhere to sf ee i there's cameras.
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>> hear how the drama affected her relationship with her boyfriend. >> let's see you naked online with 17 million viewers. and is the bachelor engaged. his new bombshell after d the l-word to two women. we go directly to ben to find out what's really going on. >> i would get married tomorrow. also a blake shelton exclusive. >> let the past be the past and move on. >> his ups and downs this past year. >> what it's a divorce or new girlfriend, i can sing about it. plus, our exclusive former child star who blew the voice coaches away. >> there were moments when i was >> and kim richards sobriety struggle only we are with the beverly hills housewife tonight, did the death of her husband send her back to thebottle? >> when is the last time you had a
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for march 1, 2016. >> erin andrews testifies, oh, my god, i was naked all over the internet. >> she's suing the national marriott for $75 million after she was videotaped through a peephole in her hotel room. >> a computer expert testified that videotape has been watched by more than 16 million people. >> and erin told the court today has him pacted everything, even her love life. >> it was really sad, because i think he loved the other girl more. >> erin andrews teare testifying that the release of new videos onlineehaunts the relationship with her boyfriend, hoke pro jarrett stol. >> i don't want him to see this. >> andrews is suing her now convicted stalker and the national marriott for $75 million, arguing the hotel should have never allowed him to get a room next to hers when he made the videos.
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>> a lot of people say is it really worth $75 million? you know what? let's see you naked online with 17 million viewers. how about that? >> on cross-examination, the hotel's defense team suggested that erin's career didn't suf after the release of the peephole video, in fact it thr with numerous endorsements. >> everybody thought that i was doing for publicity and that ripped me apart. >> the 37-year-old sportscast erased into court today to a morning rain shower and her parents were back in court to support her. >> that jury saw not only what erin andrews has been through, but what her whole family has been through. >> today's testimony was so stressful, it appears erin andrews broke out in a r
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her husband is -- her stalker a manage who served 3 1/2 years in prison for m the videos in 2008. erin ltheft e courtroom yesterday, when two of his video depositions were played in court. >> he did engage in a little tricky, he went to the hotel, he used the hotel phone in house. >> if you from the house phone, the caller's name won't come up. >> erin testifies when she travels today, she goes through an elaborate safety prot >> i cover the peepholes and then i do a check of the room. i look everywhere. i look for lights, i look for red lights, i look for cameras. i check the bed, i check the alarm clock, i check the phone. i also will not stay in an adjoining room at all. >> erin also testified about her desire to one day have children. she says she worries about
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she'll explain that videotape not only to her kids, but also to her grand kids someday. bachelor ben dropped two bombshells last night when he told two women that he loves them. that is a cardinal sin on the the he'' not supposed to say the l-word until he puts a ring on it. >> when this was going on, i loved two women, with but now i'm ly in love with one and now it's going to stay that way for the rest of my life. >> it will be another two weeks before we get to the finale and finding out who won ben's heart. but last night's episode was plain aw >> i know i'm completely in love with you. >> i have known i was in love ywithorou f a while. >> that woman that you have chosen, have you addressed the being in love with two women? what's that like? >> it's not always easy, we put her through hell and back, but she's never ceased to love me and support me through it. >> ben took a
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jojo, lauren and kayla to the fantasy suite, but in the end, it was kayla who went home. >> i knew this was coming, but i still love him. >> i knew i didn't want to question the fantasy night because i felt at that time we did have did progress our relationship. # so i'm not dumb, he still has other women there and he has to say goodbye to people, and i know it was hard for him too. >> even though he officially an his official engagement to the love of his life tonight, we won't know for a couple more weeks. >> i want to show her off, i want to date her a while, i want to love on her in public. i don't want to push off the wedding, i don't think she does. my life is completely hers, and i'm excited about that commitment, am i going to get married tomorrow? soon. >> maybe blake shelton has found his gal. he was so cute holding han with gwen stefani at a "vanity fair" oscar party.
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he said he's working on a new album and itts going to be very personal. he said his whole life ended when his relationship ended with miranda lambert. >> it doesn't take rocket scientist, if you follow my career even a little bit or my life, you know what's happened with me in the last, gosh, eight or nine months and it's on there, it's all on the record. i mean you get to a point where you just got to, i think you just got to let the past be th past and move on. >> i found blake to be sincere, open even bringing up his divorce and writing about it himself. when it comes to his music, he always seems to pour his soul into every wo ♪ like i just stepped outside >> do you feel like it's healing in a way? i know a lot of people feel that way about music. >> i feel like i can put my life experiences, whether it's a divorce or my new girlfriend, whenni have music, i can write songs, i can sing about it.
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>> gwen's been thinking about her man too and he's sweet talking about halo. she tweeted on instagram, #bestpresentever. >> i actually got her a horse and got myself a horse at the same time, because gwe loves riding and she loves horses. >> and you can expect to see more of their chemistry, now that "the voice" is back. >> gwen stefani is my mentor this season and it was to the easiest to ask ever. >> it didn't a lot to convince her? >> i answered my phone somebody said, hey, you need to pick a mentor for this season. this season, you talk about an absolute legendary musical icon, and that she's been a judges on that show. hey, are you going to be my mentor? sure. gwen said she'll do it. >> he's the ambassador for the brand and considered part of the family. >> ifr
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the fact that they came to me and i got a chance to taste it and they told me that they wanted me to be a part of the making of it, you know, it's like, gosh, you know, that's -- i like vodka. >> we know you do, blake. congratulations. >> thank you, sis. it's good hanging out with you. in fact i was teasing him saying, every time we do an interview together, he's holding a red cup and i know what's in it. did you see this on "the voice" last n can you believe that's the star of "curly sue?" well, coup, we're wi her ahn grown up flashing back to her "e.t" intervie at the precious age of 6. >> i would like to do a lovely screen. >> what does that even mean? and on en affleck's giant back tattoo? >> and my interview with troubled housewife chem richards, nothing is off limits. >> i have told you more today than i will probably tell anybody ever again. and we're looking at ome of the most stunning beauty looks
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really lo they're all totally wearable trends. what is your favorite part about your beauty lips? >> i'm just trying to go for a more natural look. >> let's call it barely there makeup. >> the color of this dress is so beautiful, we wanted to have something that pops. >> from kate bo to brie larsen and reese witherspoon can't say enough about the lipstick shades. >> there's actually a science to picture perfect brows, as you can see he our brow expert shaped her brows andgn alied them to inner corners of her eyes. they gave her some extra definition in a liner. so you can have red carpet ready brows every day. >> and to complement those sand standout brows, the standout
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h a team of expes who treat only cancer. every stage. every day. its not one thing we do. it's the only thing we do. start at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. exclusive, britney spears goes fem fatal. >> fetorg those sexy black and white inst pictures she's been posting. she's in a body suit with gart belt, stockings and stilettos. she's posing for v magazine a's 100th issue with barely clothed fi model brandon white hoisting her up. >> well, britney has a new album coming out, there is no release date yet and she just added 24 re
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in las vegas, tickets go on sale for that on friday. that's actually the theater she shares with jennifer lopez. >> they take turns usi and you how j-l ben affleck has that huge tattoo covering his entire back. >> there is no tattoo. >> it's awful. >> shocker, phoenix doesn't fly with his ex-fiance. >> i tell him, what are you doing? >> this after ben's estranged wife jen garner went easier on his tat in "vanity fair." >> shejust kind of said, bless his heart. >> tattoos always have too many colors. >> j-lo who dated affleck in 2002 and broke an engagement in 2005. >> they shouldn't be so colorful. >> yes. >> they should be, like, cooler, i don't know. >> jenny from left hand in hand waving at autograph hungry fans. >>
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>> but will she say i do again? >> we don't talk about it much. it's always been a dream of mine, you know what i to grow old with somebody, to have a marriage that lasts like we both die like "the notebook." >> we talked about the great loves of her life. she told me they were ben, diddy and her ex-husbands judd and mark anthony. >> the thing i love about jennifer is that she is in love with love. she's like a girl after my own heart. >> i knew you were going to say that. a woman suffering through some heart break recently, kim ri and coming up, the beverly hills housewife in tears over her husband's death. then from child star to addiction to a second shot at fame. we speak to a grown up "curly sue about her struggle to make it to the vo >> how much were you drinking and which drugs were you drugs of choice? >> that's next.
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remember that cute little girl who starred as curly sue 25 years ago? you're not going to believe what she's doing now. she actually pulled off a shocker on "the voice
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last night, cam. >> she went through some tough times after being a child star, but allison told me it was a dream come true to finally fulfill her lifelong passion of becoming a singe ♪ i feel so bad i got a worried mind ♪ >> how nervous were you? >> it's so nerve-racking? it's in sane, it's your shot, it's your time, you have 90 seconds. >> with allison's future hanging in the balance, look what happens just 24 seconds into her song. ♪ i'm going back someday ♪ come what may to blue bayou >> are you aware of that? >> sthonei ly, kiwas nd of blacked out the whole time. i cculdn't think about huge superstars staring at me. the thought of coming back into the business and taki risk, what if it didn't work out? >> allison is coming back in the business she started in as a toddler.
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this is what the then "star search" winner told us at age 6. >> i would like to do a big screen, th's e bst thing i want to be so bad. >> i want to be on the big screen. did she ever, at 8 starring in "parenthood" and at 10 starring in "curly sue." do you feel like you missed out on some of your childhood because of that? >> honestly i don't, i think my parents made a real effort in making life as normal as possible. i had friends and i was an average, normal k it was after that that things got wonkie. >> she made her way to broadway. drugs and alcohol started taking their toll. >> i kind of did anything and everything i could get my hands on towards the end, whatever would numb the pain. >> what was one of your
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times? >> i was definitely drinking and using every day. that was the lowest point. >> she's now eight years sober, a wife and a full-time mom of 2. >> my children sort of grounded me. they brought me into a different place. and i would never be able to have created these lives if i hadn't changed mine. >> how about those pipes? a right now allison is close friends with another former child star, jody sweeten from "full house" making a little bit of a come back of her own, but allison said that they have been there for each other through the years. on a child reality star kim richards, last time we sat down with her she had just completed rehab follow her arrest after a beverly hills hotel. since then she's been arrested for shoplifting and dealt with the death of her husband and best friend. now she's about to make her debut on a high intensity reality show.
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st seb ober? i asked her about it. >> don't tell me to do, i'm defending myself. >> i'm defending myself. walking into it was not what i expected. >> [ bleep ]. >> was there some concern being in that kind of environment, as you were dealing with your sobriety, and all of a sudden you're cast in an environment where people are drinking and there's madness going on. >> it wasn't tempting for me in an if anything, when you see something like that, you almost go, thank god it's not me. >> it'kes li kim's repeating the realiiy tv cycle of madness, and she's also bringing her daughter into it. not like the mother-daughter rendition. so kim's nemesis this time isn't lisa kyle or lisa renna, it's heidi montague. >> how are you going to be stopped from getting to that point? >> i didn't say i was. >> if you did, let's have an honest moment.
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>> there's no telling that i'm not going to go like, ahhh! >> right now kim's in recovery and goes to weekly meetings. she's trying to heal, but it's very clear she's still r the pain of losing her ex-husband and best f monte brenson.h >> he was glad he was going first, because if i went first, he couldn't bear it then he had to be here. >> what were you final words with monte? >> i said i love you, and i felt him kind of leave. and it was shocking. i didn't ex >> you were holding him? >> uh-huh. you were right there holding him? >> yeah. >> how did that affect you? how did it affect your life, your sobriety? when is the last time you had a drin >> let me just say my recovery is going amazing. it really is >> after nearly a year, kim returns to "the real housewives" tonight to face off with kyle. but i ou
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down to clear up some rumors. there was even speculation that you were at some point homeless. what was that got? >> i'm living in a $400 a night hotel in santa monica, overlooking the beach, and people are lake, she's homeless. aaw. it's hardly homeless. >> and while drunken cat fights, the images of kim everyone knows we all hope her tough journey will turn and have a happy ending. >> i have told you today more than i will ever tell anybody again, this is the last time i want to discuss my recovery publicly. i want to get it out there that i'm in recovery and it's mean and it's nobody's business. >> what do use you think? >> i want to believe her. >> it looks like the car is headed the right direction, she's just got to keep it on the road, but we're definitely rooting for kim. certainly wish her the best. well, tomorrow we are diving in lives of another reality show couple. that's teresa and joe giudice's last interview before he goes to
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his 42-month prison sentence. but are they really keeping a united front? that's tomorrow.
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disease. that's all a on join us tomorrow because we're investigating hollywood nanny sex scandals. >> there's been a few. ben and jen, blane and gavin. and we're getting c stories from real life nannies who work for the star >> we are hollywood a's best kept secrets, i have gotten every offer you can think of. >> very interesting story, see you t
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[ cheers and applause ] not just to people who look one way, worship one way, or even think one way. [ applause ] >> we can disagree on a democracy. that's what a democracy is about. but i hope all of us agree that we are going to not allow billionaires and their super pacs to destroy american democracy. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: sanders took home trophies of his own. he won in vermont, oklahoma, minnesota, colorado. and he certainly has the money to keep going. but the reality is, norah, it would take some kind of major change the trajectory of the race. >> nancy cordes, thank you very much. the "cbs overnight news" will be right back.


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