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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  March 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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west. >> thank you. breaking news in freak direct county, maryland. three students at brunswick high school were investigated for sending text that appeared to threaten harm to students. >> the sheriff's department investigated and determined that the students never intended to threaten anyone. no charges were filed. a letter was sent home to parents saying the school takes all threats seriously. >> a lock down has been lifted at several schools in manassas city. two hispanic males were seen firing guns at vehicles. police recovered bullets and several vehicles were damaged but no one was hurt. students in the neighborhood were kept in schools until police determ iinedt was safe for them to leave. the gaunt men were not found. two men including a school bus driver are accused of pimping out a teenage girl forcing her into prostitution, advertising on
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section of back delia goncalves has how police caught up with the suspects. >> reporter: it starred with a phone call from the red roof inn plus. the 16-year-old girl called police. she was crying. she said she was a prostitute being held against her will and was afraid of her pimp. >> it was here in room 257 police say the girl was turning tricks, meeting up with johns, about four times in december. they would walk in, leave cash on the nightstand. $80 for 15 minutes. up to 400 bucks for two hours. her alleged people's, raleigh mcclam of upper marlboro, a father of three who said he drives school buses for prince george county and saivon sharpe, a 22-year-old who said he was her boyfriend. >> this victim was 16 years old. what you can -- what can you say about suspects preying on young people. >> they are placed in dangerous situat.
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up at the hotel, she changed her story. detectives pursued the case tracking the suspect online conducting an undercover sting operation where they could open per dated a meeting. february 26th the men were arrested charged with human trafficking and sex abuse of a minor. according to charging documents, the victim lived in a group home and was a chronic runway. >> there is always the possibility there are additional victims. we urge anyone that believes they are a victim to come forward. >> reporter: mcclam will be back in court next week. he faces up to 175 years behind bars. in rockville, delia goncalves, wusa 9. >> we contacted prince george schools but a spokesperson wouldn't comment on an employee status. mcclam is out on $100,000 bond. his accomplice is still behind bars. two american university students are headed to court following an off campus fraternity house party.
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the party in bethesda ended with police issuing alcohol citations to 110 underage drinkers. >> andrea mccarren is live with the details. 110? that is disturbing. >> reporter: when officers pulled up in front of this house, they saw two young men carrying an intoxicated 18-year- old girl to an uber. she was about to get a ride to the hospital to be treated for alcohol poisoning. 21-year-old jammy ton timon faces a march 10th court date after he allegedly slugged a police officer in the chest and eye. he became agitated after an officer asked him to leave the party. the fourth year student is the president of pi kappa alpha. >> i didn't know students lived there. i was surprised. that is not the type of
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>> reporter: the house is leased to tyler stein heart. he now faces 110 counts of providing alcohol to minors. sources say the inside of the house was trashed during the january 15th party with beer seeping through the ceiling into the basement. >> i had no idea that it had gotten that rowdy. >> reporter: police discovered 200 partygoers on the first floor. another 50 to 75 people were huddled in the garage. underage drinkers hid in closets, under beds and anywhere they could find when officers moved in. >> surprised at the number of policeman and cars on the streets. >> reporter: providing alcohol to minors is not a criminal offense in the state of maryland. so, steinhart is charged with civil offenses. he faces fines up to $2,500 per underage partygoer. he is
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$275,000 penalty. in recent weeks we record on alex and calvin's law that addresses the issue. it would increase the penalties for adults who host underage drinking parties and would include the possibilities of jail time. reporting live from bethesda, andrea mccarren, wuas 9. >> a spokesperson says the school met with each of the students cited and referred the cases to what is known as au student conduct. the outcomes for the fraternity will be made available to the au community but outcomes for individual students won't be made public. we are learning about the barricade situation that brought a fairfax county neighborhood to a standstill last night. a 19-year-old is charged with assault on an officer after he allegedly fired a starter revolver at the cops. officers ducked for cover since e
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similar to the real thing. they recovered pellet guns and the starter pistol from inside the home. he initially reported there was an intruder inside. it was false. the whole thing happened after a fight between javid and his father earlier in the day. another republican heavyweight is campaigning against donald trump. mitt romney slammed the billionaire. the former presidential candidate did it with strong language. donald trump then later delivered a counter blow. >> donald trump i guess a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worth less as a degree from trump university. >> mitt is a choke artist. >> the remaining republican presidential candidates are expected to target trump during the debate tonight in detroit. it will be the first time he has faced megyn kelly since
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republican debate in august. a g.o.p. concern at one of the biggest events for conservatives. many of the young foot soldiers at the national harbor fear the trump romney divide could cost them what they thought was a likely victory. trump supporters think the pest say mists are crazy. lawyers in the freddie gray case navigating unchartered legal waters fighting over whether one police officer could be forced to testify against his colleagues before his own fate has been decided by a jury. the whole case is on hold while the highest appeals court decides what to do. scott broom is live in annapolis where a panel of judges got conflicting information. >> they did. the stakes couldn't be higher. this is the policeman conduct case that left baltimore in flames. depending on the outcome at the court of appeals
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to the prosecution's case against the six officers in ashes as well. reporter: for the first time all six baltimore city police officers charged in the death of freddie gray appeared in one courtroom. one, officer william porter appealing a judge's order forcing him to testify against two others. >> we are in very unchartered waters here. >> reporter: porter's attorney says his client's rights against self-incrimination will be trampled if he is forced to testify even though the officer has been granted immunity. >> every time he gets up on the stand he subjects himself to a perjury charge. >> assistant attorney general carrie williams said the opposite is true because immunity will limit the prosecutor's case. they are not talking about what may be a legal disaster in the making if the court of appeals rules against her. in december most by's debut case against porter ended in a
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decide whether porter was responsible for freddie gray's death by ignoring cries for help after gray was injured in a police van ride. >> it has been -- >> reporter: doug colbert suggests all of this is delaying the inevitable. >> i think the defense has done what defense lawyers should do. they have made creative and strong arguments and they have gotten far in delaying the case, but i expect that we will get back to the trial portion shortly. what is clear is the prosecutors clearly need porter's testimony in an attempt to convict the other officers. they are asking him, compelling him to give the testimony before he has had a second trial, a very unusual legal situation. all of this is in the hands of this seven judge panel. the court of appeals court in maryland, they have not told us when they will make a decision. the
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against the other officers, first against officer caesar goodson, the van driver, followed by the others in quick succession once this decision is made. reporting live at the court of appeals in annapolis, scott broom, wusa 9. porter is scheduled to be tried in june. a department of public works employee was shot and killed in baltimore. it happened inside a building that water and sewer maintenance crews use. they believe the shooter is a city employee. the victim and the gunman knew each other and an argument proceeded the shooting. new information on a homicide investigation in falls church. fairfax police released this video from the skyline towers on seminary avenue. police need to find and speak to the two people you are about to see. the victim, 35-year-old was found shot to death on february 24th. investigators do not
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this was a random event. a new warning about memorial bridge. >> the park service saying that the span linking washington to virginia needs an overhaul or it could be closed down by 2021. steel supports on the 84-year- old bridge are rusting through and the concrete decking has been reduced to gravel. a permanent repair job comes with a $250 million price tag. that is money the park service says it doesn't have. >> we have five years until the bridge would need to close. if we can't do a total reconstruction. >> 68,000 cars a day cross arlington memorial bridge. they have to find another route. >> a $5 million temporary fix is currently underway at the memorial bridge. the work should keep it open for another five years. anything beyond that, goes though, is still in question. we are just getting started on wuas 9 news at 5:00. a warning for parents after a fairfax teen dies from an apparent drug
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>> police hoping this new video of a gunman robbing a bank will bring a serial crook to justice. >> topper is back with more on the snow heading our way tonight. >> up next, why not all parents are happy after a day care worker is found guilty of abusing toddlers. as a small business owner, you know things have a way of moving fast. but if your network can't keep up, it can really slow you down. so switch to the 100% fiber optic network of verizon fios. you'll get 99.9% network reliability, and the fastest wi-fi available. for a network that moves as fast as your business. right now, upgrade to fios 50 meg or higher internet and phone and get $250 back. call or go online today. small business is better on a better network.
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you mean dated on breaking news. manassas city police have a house surrounded on aspen place. they believe two armed men may be holed up. schools were locked down earlier after they received reports of two firing guns at vehicles. they were sent home. police received a tip that
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there are automatic weapons and potentially explosive material in the home. we are following it closely. the verdict is in, guilty for one of two die care workers known for feeding toddlers fiery cheetos and spraying water in their faces. surae chinn joins us. we understand not all the parents are happy about the verdict. >> reporter: disappointment in the courtroom. some of the parents walked out and burst into tears because kiara spriggs faced 53 counts. the jury found her guilty of nine charges then the judge through out 3 on a technicality. one parent pointed a finger at the defendant and said you are a monster then said to the jury none of those
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happened to my kids. >> reporter: kiara spriggs accused of feeding children flaming cheetos. >> i have to live with my kids and what happened to my kids every day. >> reporter: this parent said spriggs snapped rubber bands on their wrist and encouraged them to fight, tripped them and bit a child's finger and hit children with objects until their knuckles were beat red. children ages 1 and 2 were mistreated. parents of 11 children have come forward about the abuse that happened in an 8 month period in 2013. sarah jordan was convicted in february on 7 felonies and
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misdemeanor accounts of child abuse. she sprayed a waterhouse full blast in their face and dumping buckets of water on them and made them laugh. the children are four and 5 years old. the parents are still dealing with the emotional scars. the jury is deliberating on sentencing. kara has been found guilty on six counts of varying degrees of child abuse facing 22 years in prison. learn in manassas, wusa 9. >> the codefendant will be sentenced in may and faces 41 years. montgomery county police hope crystal clear surveillance video will lead them to a possible serial bank robber. you can see the suspect there displaying a gun taking money from the teller at the pnc bank last month. less than an hour later they believe the gunman robbed an
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he could be linked to two other bank heists in montgomery county. topper, we hope this is the last hooray for winter. >> it probably will be the last chance for accumulating snow. we average a trace of snow in april. >> something inside of you is dying slowly. >> it is. >> you can tell, can't you. would have been a nice snow if we went up the coast. three-degree guarantee. no midnight high. straightforward. high of 43, which is pretty cold. average high is 51. i will let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. clouds are here. a couple of flakes north and west of town. down to 40. dew points are still in the teens. dry air mass which means as we see the moisture fall through the clouds, this temperatur
5:19 pm
they will come together, the wet bulb and around 30, 31 degrees. the radar, we widened it out. it looks good. the first batch will be rain and snow mix. temps above freezing. we get a shadowing effect from the precipitation to the west. mountains aren't big but enough to shadow it. not much on the front side. by the time the area of low pressure develops and moves away, we don't get much on the back side either. here it is closer to town. we see a couple of flakes north of montgomery county. heavier activity, such as it is, back to the west. 66, warrenton and winchester and i-81 flakes are flying, hay market, front royal light snow showers occurring. for tonight, light snow overnight. a trace to two inches. that's it. that means zero to two inches. there could be a few slick
5:20 pm
spots. yellow alert early tomorrow morning. canceled probably around 9:00, 10:00. lots of afternoon sun. it will be a distant memory by this time tomorrow. 10:30 on futurecast. there is the snow. that may be the most of it. 35 leesburg. 36 downtown. 36 -- 35 in silver spring and 34 in bowie. by morning, a little bit of snow here and there. notice the heaviest activity to the south and east. that will be closer to the storm and heavier activity. you folks could see a couple of inches down to the northern neck and a little rain as well. by 6:00 in the morning, a little bit of snow gaithersburg, leesburg, upper 20s, low 30s. nothing crazy heavy then by 9:00 everything is gone in the metro. now back to rain in southern maryland then by 1:00 breaks in the clouds back to hagerstown and temperatures by now back up to the low 40s. on the day planner, a little snow to start.
5:21 pm
40 by 1:00 p.m. on saturday, clouds come in. could see a rain or snow shower saturday night, chilly, 48. cool but nice on sunday, 50. next seven days, nothing changes much. 60 monday. 70 tuesday. 72 wednesday. next chance ofwe shors is thursday. even then temperatures in the low 60s. >> thank you, topper. top airlines compete to fly you to cuba. and a dream job if you love netflix and instagram. we will have details in the consumer alert. >> and something strange happened to scott kelly's body after spending a year in space.
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after his record 340 days in space. kelly landed in houston overnight after coming home to kazakstan from space. scientists will study the effects that a year of zero gravity had on him. the astronaut did reportedly grow two inches while up there on that 340 days. >> topper likes that. >> on the iss. topper says he is going to space. are you sure you are not already there. in consumer alert, the top u.s. airlines want a piece of the new cuban travel market. they submitted applications to the u.s. government to fly scheduled flights to cuba. they are vying for a handful of slots. google started testing a hands
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of popular shows and netflix or rig begin analysis. tag three of your best pictures with #graham masters 3 by sunday. a virginia man was inspired to help the people of flint, michigan. now he needs your help. desean wright put out the call for bottled water because he has experienced homelessness and hard times and he knows how important giving back is. he was surprised when he collected almost a thousand cases. now the company that was going to ship them pulled out. if you want to help desean, check out the story on our wusa 9 news app. gnats making the ballpark safer for fans. >> calls for a traffic light where three family members died in a crash.
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a citadel high school student died from an apparent drug overdose. >> it was first reported as a heroin overdose but the family said that is not true. peggy fox joining us from centerville high school where students are trying to cope today. >> reporter: alexia springer was a junior. she
5:30 pm
morning. fair fangs county students had the day off because of the primary. she had a friend spend the night. that friend made the horrific discovery. a grieving family strug r struggles to understand what happened to 17-year-old alexia springer. >> a friend reported her 17- year-old friend was found unresponsive in the morning. >> reporter: rescue crews were called. she was already dead. >> it's suspected that it could be opiate drug. we have to wait for the lag results before we know what it is. >> reporter: police would not say whether the suspected opie cross were pills or anything else but alexi i can't springer's sister said it was definitely not heroin and her sister did not use heroin. she described the death as a tragic accident. >> i think everybody still thinks it won't happen to them. >> reporter: peggy cook, the community service board director of residential treatment says parents need to
5:31 pm
their teenagers to become addicted to opiates. >> they start with pills that they are getting from parents, out of medicine cabinets, sometimes they are presiped it themselves. it doesn't take long to get hooked and then you need them. >> reporter: when high tide supply of oxycontin or other painkillers run dry they turn to something more dangerous. >> if you can't get the pills you move to heroin. it's cheaper. >> reporter: cook had people come in for detox carrying full bottles of painkillers that were prescribed by doctors. cook says if you have prescription painkillers in your home keep them locked up. if they are expired, throw them away. it's not worth a kid's life having extra pills around. reporting live, peggy fox. >> if you sut
5:32 pm
opiates or heroin, there is help available. in virginia call your local community services board. funeral services held today for three members of a bethesda family killed in a car crash. michael, allah sandra and tampa mass died in the wreck at pyle and river roads. the 15-year-old daughter suffered serious injuries. the driver of the car that hit them also survived. that bethesda residents say the intersection needs a traffic light. when andrea mccarren tracked drivers with a speed gun, she found they were going faster than the speed limit. a student started a petition that urges the maryland highway administration to put up the spotlight. melody said it would make it safer for everyone. e
5:33 pm
4,000 signatures. the university of maryland is expelling a fraternity. the department of fraternity and sorority life is revoking it because of hazing and other incidents. tke's national organization says it supports the university's decision to revoke the chapter's charter. a charles county correctional officer is charged with having sex with an inmate. the sheriff's office said jason arnold had a relationship with a woman last july. the crime is a misdemeanor. arnold is suspended with pay and a waiting trial. the it staffer that set up hillary clinton's private e- mail server has been granted immunity. he is cooperating with the fbi. investigators are looking into clinton's use of a private e- mail server while secretar
5:34 pm
state. a lawyer for oscar pistorius said south africa's highest court dismissed the appeal of his murder conviction. that moves for the court to sentence him. he killed his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, in his home in 2013. a big well womb come home at the d.c. national guard armory. members of the 276 military company returned after a ten month deployment in kuwait. it was the 7th trip abroad since the terrorist taatcks. national guard soldiers assisted in managing the facility during the latest deployment. the washington nationals take new steps to protect the fans. the team is announcing that it will extend the netting. this spring the netting will reach the end of the dogout. safety became a greater concern after several fans were injured by foul balls last year. here is a question for
5:35 pm
bananza or a bad idea. the newest food craze. >> looks like play dough. >> a corporal takes down a naked guy that went berserk on pcp. that is why we are saluting endsor tonight. >> here is one model of how much snow will fall. not much. a trace to two inches. i think everyone sees less than an inch. the heaviest down to the south and east. i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow.
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tonight wusa 9 service dog introduces us to a sheriffs corporal that will soon be honored for his heroism. >> you will
5:39 pm
in akon. >> here is andrea mccarren. >> reporter: you are looking at the dramatic rescue from last june after strong currents swept a boat full of teenagers over this damage. >> tunnel vision where you don't think about her, see or hear anything else and focus on what needs to be done. >> corporal dave ensor catapulted into action. >> didn't surprise me a bit. if something needs to be done, dave will do what needs to be done. >> reporter: he risked his own life to save others. it began as a birthday celebration for one of the teens. in the end, they survived. >> i don't see myself as a hero. i didn't know do anything that anybody else wouldn't have done. >> his versatility and quick thinking make him stand out. in august he was the first to arrive in a neighborhood where a large naked man was out
5:40 pm
control after taking pcp. the 6'5" inch 250-pound man kept pointing imagine near rifles at police. >> when we rolled up, you noticed the neighbors on both sides of the street in the windows filming. whether we did everything right or not, it had the potential to look bad. >> reporter: sensing the man may have a military background, he ordered the man to do push- ups. remarkably he did and was promptly handcuffed without independent. >> i even -- incident. >> i enjoy doing what i can to make this place better for everybody. >> reporter: andrea mccarren. >> he is known to reach into his own pocket to buy dinner for hungry children whose parents have been arrested. he is among the police officers and firefighters who will be honored next tuesday morning at a frederick county public safety awards. it will be coemceed by andrea mccarren and the service dog
5:41 pm
she is raising for una woded warrior. for information or you would like to attend, check out our 9 news app. the college basketball season is winding down. senior night for the terps. a live report from college park coming up. >> what was written on this couple's restaurant receipt that has them fuming. >> after the break, target's new strategy i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. new strategy my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest... but i thought it would be too expensive... who's that, jenny? no kate...turns out they have a deal that cost me even less than my slow service. and it's 100 megs ...i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. we're out of 2% then i thought, maybe other things could be better. i heard that.
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we are putting the finishing touches on the 6:00 story. lauralee was an advocate for so many with disabilities. >> one of the advocates is courage. she wasn't expected to live when she was born with a severe heart defect. >> her inspiring story after 6:00. spend more, sell more. that is the target announced to help the way you shop at their stores and
5:45 pm
>> >> target wants to make shopping a seamless experience. a tap of the app or click on the web site. >> click pick it up. >> technology is target's focus to enhance customer service before and during check out. >> focusing on online ordering for guests that have a lot of things going on in their busy day. have it available at the store when they pick it up in about two hours. >> reporter: target is making it a plan to be ultimate one stop place for shoppers. >> easier to shop. why not. >> reporter: target's aim to be a more digitally focused retailer is part of the transformation. they want to be a major player in the grocery game. >> guests are determining they want more organic products, more natural, fresher items. >> reporter: jennifer hong says that helps her save on food costs. >> i don't think whole foods will lower but having
5:46 pm
nice. >> reporter: target is trying to position that need as customers buying patterns change. and target will start a test phase of the services in about 25 area stores in los angeles this spring. no word on when it will rule out to other locations across the country. let's get to some of the stories trending tonight. two words on a restaurant receipt or lighting up social media. >> a texas couple posted this picture of their receipt from i hope with the words black people typed onthe top. ariana brown and her boyfriend say they are not going to be heading back to the restaurant any time soon. strangely enough the couple says their server was a black guy. >> this is not a joke. this is serious. i hurt people's feelings. >> i am upset, angry. makes no sense. >> i hope has apologized. the server apologized saying it was a slip up. he was not trying
5:47 pm
anyone. check this out, bagels are cool. rainbow are something else. >> we waited for an hour and a half for these that we saw on facebook. >> i'm sorry. i don't think the story is about rainbow bagels. i think it's about how that person stood in line for an hour and half to get one. >> it looks like play dough. they are selling about a thousand a day. some of the flavors are cotton candy. >> not in a bagel. >> they hand roll them and say they will never be mass produced hens the reason you have to wait a long time to get your own. >> i'm not sure. i do like cotton candy. a family nearly tossed a million dollar fine through the trash. after rummaging through the home of a desqueezed relative, a los angeles fa
5:48 pm
cards chilling in an old paper bag. experts authenticated the find thought to be worth more than a million dollars. the cards were likely printed between 1909 and 1911. until now only 15 of those ty cobb cards are known to exist. >> do you have baseball cards. >> they are in the garage, in the box. >> don't throw them away. >> they go with me move to move to move. no reason to throw them way just yet. a team made up of refugees will participate in the summer olympics. >> 43 athletes can compete with as many as 10 that could make the trip. a swimmer that left syria on an inflatable boat is among those athletes. >> to montgomery, texas. golf shot from an 11-year-old boy invited to take the first shot on a tiger woods designed course. tiger woods is there
5:49 pm
obama. whole hole inwon. the crowd went wild. 81-yard par 3. woods designed it for families to play. of the top? >> that's nice. pressure. lucky i could hit the ball if tiger was watching me. dew points are coming up. starting to see more moisture, saturation in the atmosphere. winds southeast at 10. here is the radar. widened it out. a little bit of precipitation working from charlottesville up 95 and a break in the precip, the shadowing effect and more action back to the west of us and southwest. we will zoom in. we have a little activity north of town. we are going up 270. not major problems. 66, rain and snow showers past fairfax county and way out 7 you will get snow showers as well. everything moving to the north and east. it will continue to roll over the metro area. heaviest
5:50 pm
be, use the term lightly, will be about 10:00 tonight until 4:00 a.m. in the morning. a trace to two inches. i'm favoring a trace. bus stop temps 30s. some of the bushes get -- burbs get below freezing. 10:00, 10:30, you want to walk the dog you can. it will be snowing a bit. temperatures above freezing. that is good in terms of cutting down on accumulation. a hole in the precip around laplata and a big hole to the west. this is where most of the precipitation will be early in the morning as it pulls out to sea. a couple of snow showers through montgomery, fairfax and leesburg. a couple of slick spots, yes, but not a huge event. not prowable. not sleddable. i don't think
5:51 pm
meter either. 40 downtown. 40 in silver spring and fairfax. more breaks in the clouds by 6:00. a couple of showers may develop in the shenandoah valley by this time tomorrow with temperatures above freezing. snow shutting off by 7:00. back up to 40. increasing sun by 1:00. into saturday and sunday a couple of rain or snow showers possible saturday night, 48. kind of cool sunday, but sunny, 50. then here comes spring. 60 monday. 70 tuesday. low 70s wednesday. dry. good time to wash the car. low 60s thursday with showers returning. now wusa 9 game on sports brought 20u by ex finiti. >> fear the turtle report. terps hosting illinois. time
5:52 pm
>> sports anchor joins us with the unique story of one maryland senior. hey, kristin. >> reporter: big game for the terps against illinois looking to finish strong into the tournament. it's about the seniors and the team's unsung heros so to speak. vernon rome graduated but instead of going to medical school he returned to get his masters and joined the team as a walk on. this is emotiobenal cause it's his last one but one that he says was worth fighting for. >> i had to go to the coach. he said you know you are not getting two senior days. i said we will see about that. i am
5:53 pm
days. >> reporter: the senior leadership is a big part of the team's success. a win tonight, a double bye in the big ten tournament. that is huge. a moment ago i caught up with the boys of the maryland terrapins to see what they needed to do to catch fire. >> you had a rough stretch. a lot of tough games. they dropped them recent. if you go back to being the kind of team you know you can be and play the way they played before, they will be fine. the emotion of this senior night will be something very special for these kids. but they win the game tonight, they got a double bye in the big ten tournament. that's the idea, stay out of the other games. you want that double bye. >> reporter: the atmosphere is exciting. home finale, a lot at stake and it's senior night. we will hear later in the show. back to you guys. >> opening up
5:54 pm
you can hear it. >> thanks, kristen. when bruce joins me at 6:00, mitt romney's dire warning to republicans. we will have reaction. >> at 6:00 president obama making his most definitive statement yet about his immediate future after leaving the white house. >> but up next, federal agents say the gun show robbery caught on camera is as a small business owner, here's one thing you can rely on:
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police in texas arrested three of the suspects involved in a brazen robbery of a houston gun store. the thieves got in and out in just over two minutes. >> reporter: nothing subtle about this one. it's 4:30 in the morning and a group of thieves use a black pickup truck to relationship out the front doors and smash into carter's country guns and ammo. roughly ten of them scatter inside grabbing as many guns and rifles as they could carry. they had something of a plan. one suspect using a hammer to smash through the glass cases having guns while other follow behind him stuffing them in bags. another suspect targets the long guns off the rack behind the counter. they took at least 50 weapons. in a little more than two minutes they were gone. investigators say the group switched vehicles about a block away and
5:58 pm
darkness. this was such a rush job police found weapons left behind lying on the street outside the store. law enforcement officials say stolen weapons like these are often sold on the black market. criminals buying and selling guns to other criminals. >> you got another criminal element that needs firearms to commit their crimes sometimes associated with the drug trade or robberies. >> reporter: investigators say there is another disturbing issue. gun stores smash and grabs are more common. >> we are seeing an uptick not only here in the husband stone, harris county area but uptick across the country. >> mark strassman reporting there. in addition to making multiple arrests, houston police and atf agents recovered several firearms stolen from the store. at 6:00 -- . >> donald trump is a phony, a
5:59 pm
>> former republican nominee mitt romney lashes out at donald trump. trump is quick to fire back. >> a school bus driver is charged with pimping out a 16- year-old girl. >> whether a baltimore court can decide if a cop can be forced to testify in the freddie gray case. winter is not over. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning there could be snow on the ground across the area. topper shutt is tracking it on first alert doppler. >> you can see most of the activity is west and south of us. if you look down to the south around atlanta, orange, reds, yellow. that is where the center of the storm is, actually. the storm will take a good track getting to off hatteras. instead of going up the coast, it will go out to sea. we will be on the fringe of this particular system. we will zoom in. flakes flying to the west of town especially you
6:00 pm
frederick and out i-66 once you get past fairfax county, rained and snow showers working up 95, frederickburg northward. no problems when you leave the terps game either. temperature-wise above freezing in frederick. 36 gaithersburg. how much snow? here is one computer model. not a lot. .3, .2. zero. a trace to 2 inches should sum it up with the heaviest amounts south and east of town. we will come back and tell you if the sun appears over the weekend and when it will start to finally warm up. >> topper, thank you. to stay on top of the approaching snow and keep up with the latest closings and alerts, download the free wusa app. our team will be on the air at 4:00 a.m. to help you navigate any of the trouble spots in the morning. we have an update on some breaking news that we have been following all evening. manassas city police surrounding a house on aspen place where they believ


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