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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  March 3, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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right now at 7:00, following breaking news of gunshots fired near a northern virginia school. now police have surrounded a home. the latest in a live report coming up. a school bus driver accused of forcing a teenager of selling her body for cash. >> and we have a verdict in the so-called baby fight club case but parents say that justice was not served. >> could this be winter's last hurrah? you can see the snow is starting to fall and coming down right here in d.c. as well. it won't be too long before the flakes are flying everywhere. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm bruce johnson. this won't be a big winter storm but it will be enough to annoy drivers. topper shutt has more on how much we can
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between now and in the morning so not a lot but heavier snow south of town and some of them will clip the northern and instead of moving up the coast, it will be a good snow and move out to sea. here's a look at the radar, snow filling in across much of the metro, frederick, silver spring, dale city, warrenton all reporting snow with temperatures above freezing. 39 downtown and 36 in gaithersburg and 36 in frederick. some of the these will make it below freezing by tomorrow morning thus, the yellow weather alert, a few, a few slick spots but not much snow will fall. this is the late
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in gaithersburg but i think more of a chance in la plata there. 10:00, snow across most of the area and temperatures above freezing. if you haven't done it, download our occupy for constant updates and closings and delays. we'll look ahead to the weekend coming up. >> thank you, topper. and the wake-up washington crew will be on the air half an hour earlier tomorrow, so make sure you are ready before heading out the door. 4:00 a.m., they will bring you the latest on the snow and traffic issues and delays. and we are following breaking news in northern virginia where police have surrounded a home. it all started 5 and a half hours ago with a report of a gunfire near a school. >> two men were then seen running into a residence. surae chinn is live at the scene on aspen some
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what do you see, surae? >> reporter: developments are still going on. police saw people ran into the home and in the process, they saw parked cars, and you can see the bullet hole there is, and the car next to it and shattered glass and the windows shot up. the guy who owned the cars said he just got home and ran into his home. we have the city of manassas's police chief here, and you are in the process of evacuating this block? >> we have. we have evacuated half a block to protect the community and we are working with the northern virginia gang task force and atf and police special operations. >> reporter: have you established communication with the people in the townhome? >> we have not. we have not attemp
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get here and are unsure if anyone is inside the residence at this point. at this point, it's being cautious for officers' safety and the reses -- residents in the community, being as cautious as we can. >> reporter: we understand there were high-powered weapons in. >> that's correct. we've have an anonymous tip there would be assault-style and military-grade weapons in the house, and we are taking every step possible for the officers and the community to be safe. >> reporter: thank you, chief. and they will be here for the long haul and you can see the lights set up here and the atf and state police are working hand and hand with the city. >> surae chinn, thank you, and give us a yell and we'll get back to you. a jury has found a second daycare worker guilt he have child cry
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academy in 2015. kierra spriggs is accused of feeding the children flaming hot cheetos and encouraging fighting and spraying hot water in their faces. two prince george's county men are charged with forcing a 16-year-old girl into prostitution. the suspects are saivon sharpe and raleigh mcc lam. detectives used an undercover operation to make an arrest. police say that the victim in the with johns at the red roof inn in groveville. the 15-year-old reportedly live inside a group home and ran away. >> in these cases, there are the possibilities of additional victims. we urge anyone who believes they are a victim to come forward. >> sharpe is behind bars and mcclam is
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new developments in the freddie gray trial. maryland's highest court heard statements. as issue is whether officer william porter can be forced to testify against his colleagues. porter is the only officer to be tried but the case end ended in a hung year and he will be retried but none of the other cases can proceed without deciding if the other officers can testify. and two masked men are seen walking through the hallway at the skyline towers apartment building last month. an employee found 35-year-old babt, nde fadahunsi's body the same day. police believe that the two people seen in the video murdered
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we have more on the 9news app so you can get a better look. and investigators say that 19-year-old sayed javid called 911 and lied about a stranger being in his home. he was there alone. when officers got there, he fired a gun but it turned out to be -- mitt romney said if donald trump is the republican candidate, then hillary clinton will be president. >> reporter: mitt romney delivering a speech in utah with one goal in mind: stopping donald trump from winning the republican presidential nomination. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> reporter: romney said that a
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trump nomination would be disasterrous for the country and the republican party. >> if we choose donald trump as a nominee the prospects for a safe and prosperous future is greatly diminished. >> mitt is smart and tough and sharp. >> reporter: trump endorsed romney in 2012 and now said he regret its. >> he begged for my endorsement. >> people are saying, please, get together to keep the front runner from winning and destroying the republican party. if we are going to beat donald trump, the field can't refrain broken. >> trump -- the remaining republican candidates will take shots at trump in tonight's gop debate that s
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detroit and airs on fox news. it will be the first time that trump will face megyn kelly since they clashed at the first debate in august. kelly said she doesn't expect trump to be combative. dr.ben carson will not be on the stage tonight. he said he sees no path forward for his campaign but stopped short of dropping out. sweet home chicago will have to wait. president obama said he will stay in washington after he leaves office. >> stay a couple of years, probably. transferring from middle to high school, so that's tough. >> oh, yeah. >> the obamas plan to hang around d.c. so youngest daughter sasha can finish high school. beyond that, the obamas have not decided where they will move after d.c. the last president to stay in town after leaving the white house was woodrow wilson nearly 100
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i didn't know that. >> i didn't, either. >> i had no idea. and it looks like someone else is staying in the d.c. area at least for the next year. what's next for kirk cousins
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baltimore police are on the hunt for the gunman who killed a man in the public city works building. it's believed that they got into a fight in the locker room area that then escalated into the building and ended with the man dying. today, the nats announced they're extending the netting that stops foul balls from flying into the fans. itll
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dugouts meaning no foul balls for the kids that gather there at the end of the inning. at least four other teams are doing the same thing. it's officially official. the redskins tweeted this picture of quarterback kirk cousins signing the franchise contract with a big smile on his face for good reason. that pile of papers is worth $20 million for one year. that's right. a 1-year deal, and now they have until july 15th to negotiate a long-term contract. he helped washington to win the nfc east last season. >> how does he get paid? weekly? >> monthly or direct deposit, through a corporation? [laughter] how much will it cost to fix the arlington memorial bridge and how soon it could close for
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>> this is live radar. a little bit of snow towards leesburg, and the heaviest activity, man s to the south of us. we feel come back and explain that and look ahead to the
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announced it will patch up the arlington memorial bridge one last time but the $5 million fix up will last only five years and then it needs a complete re-do. the deck is supposed to be 11" of solid concrete but bridge inspectors took out a sample and half of it crumbled. they say they have to re- construct the bridge or it will close and become a footbridge. >> to put context in this, the national park service, all 410 national parks have just $250 million for the transportation projects. >> i think it's worth the $250 million to restore the bridge. >> tell affect my -- it will affect my bike commute and
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>> the traffic delays closing the bridge would cost $75 million. >> wow. nasa astronaut scott kelly is probably sitting in his chair after his first home- cooked meal in a year coming back after 340 days straight. he added this will help to pave the way for an eventual mission to fares. >> this is the latest achievement in our country's space program but it's not the last. there will be more. it's in the dna of our country to explore, and we must never stop. >> nasa wants to put astronauts on the red planet in 2030. over the weeks and months, doctors will examine kelly to see what the impact the mission had on his health. the start of the iditarod race will kickoff this saturday with 80 teams this year. the trail takes
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dogs on a nearly 1000- mile trek across alaska. and we are seeing snow here already. >> don't freak out. we are already seeing flakes. and i keep saying this but it could be a night storm. >> you could find a night storm. >> 4-8" with a nice bow on top of it. but, instead, closer to nothing. a live look outside with a little bit of snow reported at the airport and still 39, winds out of the south at 10 gusting to 21. notice the dew points are coming up a bit and will go higher and temps will fall lower and i think the suburbs will end up below freezing by tomorrow morning thus the yellow weather alert and thus the pocket of slick spots tomorrow morning. this is the radar in the last hour. if you look carefully and you can see the darker blues here.
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hard to believe we're talking about heavier snow south of town in march but we are. a little heavier snow moving northeastward. so this is probably the best chance of seeing the heavier band of snow overnight into early tomorrow morning as the storm pulls away, and some of the models try and put a band to montgomery and frederick and loudoun county, not sold on that but still talking about 1" or so, and these will move across the northern neck and southern maryland. right now, this is live with snow in dale city and quantico and silver spring and gaps in the radar, too. it's not snowing everywhere. light snow, 1-2" and bus stop temperatures in the 30s and there could be slick spots. temps below freezing early in the morning and that's your yellow weather alert, and then chilly and then some
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sun tomorrow. typical march. some in the morning and some in the afternoon and everything is melted in the afternoon. 37 downtown and snow in gaithersburg and frederick and we're close to the 32-degree mark. so notice the gap in the southeast. it's the not a big storm but a little bit of snow left over, and that's it. the temps will be critical, 31 in leeburg and sterling and 31 in bowie, so it will be a littley bit -- little bit slick. but then it will move out to sea. and by 1:00, generally temperatures back in the low 40s with sunshine and more sunshine by evening. so the day planner goes like this, snow to start and increasing sun and 40 by 1:00 p.m. saturday, another quick system, not a huge
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shower and upper 40s, sunshine and 50s. 60 on monday and near 70 on tuesday and low 70s on wednesday and showers on thursday, and i don't think we'll see too many complaints, low 60s again. in college park, closing out the regular season with a look ahead at what they need to do to propel themselves into the postseason. as we head into break, the video making its way around the world, the 15-second clip of a vet comforting a crying puppy was viewing 10 million times. the puppy is with a new family and the worker has even gotten
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the maryland terrapins play host to illinois tonight to close out
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at home. perhaps the emotion of the night will propel this team to a victory. earlier, i caught up with johnny holliday to see what this team needs to do heading into the postseason. >> i think losing 3 out of 4 will get their attention real quick. you know, all is not rosie in college park but i think sometimes, the knock on melo because he is missing shots, i think that's unfair because the kid does so many other things. he is a great free throw shooter and doubles the team almost every time he gets the ball and has to fight to get to the basket and in double figures almost every day. i think if they just go back to what got them to 23 wins, the record's 28, so they got a lot of wins that can still come. i think they will be okay. >> reporter: a victory tonight will give the terps the coveted double bye in the big 10 so a lot online as they
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tonight, is george clooney quitting acting? >> as you age on screen, you can't stay in front of the camera. >> what he says about the unforgiving camera and what role did amal play? why his da on screen could be numbered? >> and are katy perry and orlando bloom moving in together? after their sexy hawaiian vacation, we have the new shots in new york, while they could be house hunting. plus to the real housewives of celebrity plastic surgeons. >> being married a plastic surgeon is every woman's dream. >> is it a bad idea to operate on your own wife? >> it did not go smoothly. what happened to '80s heart throb andrew mccarthy. i>> kofnd us jt faded away. at we're with the forbrmer packer now.


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