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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  March 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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lane. at 270 right now clarksburg. this accident. that's the latest. andrea, mike. back to you. sure feels like friday, doesn't it, good morning. washington. >> right now, 6:00 a.m., this former prince george's county teacher aide is getting set to go before a judge. donald trump has a tenuious relationship with the truth. >> anyone whoever deserved to be attacked, it is donald trump. >> party's over and the gop republican debate turns into a slugfest once again. a family's farewell, he
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virginia police officer gunned downon tothe south and east. more west of town the national weather service has dropped for what's the winter weather advisories. they are in effect a little while longer. then the counties in white in the northern neck and also st. mary's, most are winter storm warnings. you can see the snow is presenting down to the south here. in western charles and most of prince george's now, we're not picking up much in
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doppler activity here. outside our been down in maryland checking conditions. thankfully, wet roads this morning. >> reporter: wet roadways coming down, and robert is talking about, people are driving at the speed limit or a little bit under. here in clinton the snow has stopped falling. two inches total. the only place it has stuck it is the grass, bushes and trees and on top of cars and at the gas station most people are doing the right thing and brushing the snow off the top of their cars. >> and i was also clearing the snow off my vehicle. you know, the person behind me. but i tried to keep it clear. so i could be
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>> reporter: r in the . lm of your handea just download the wusa 9 app. developing this morning the prince george's county man accused of sexually abusing over a dozen children will make his first appearance in federal court. >> mikea turner is live this morning on what charges caraway is facing this morning. >> reporter: mike, andrea, good morning to you. caraway is facing serious federal charges. he is up against 13 counts of sexual exploitations of a miner to produce child porn. and 11 of the possible victims were between the ages of 9 and 12 years old.
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answers. answers that authorities have been digging for. caraway has told a lot. he is facing a slew of state and federal charges. caraway will appear in u.s. district court today at 2:00 p.m. reporting live, mikea turner, wusa 9. campaign 2016 continues. the republican candidates for president took part in the first debate since super tuesday and boy was it libelee. they knew each other well after 11 times debating. ted cruz, and marco rubio paid a little bit attention to each other and they started lobbying insults at donald trump. in thursday's debate. they are questioning the frontrunner's honesty, and donald
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>> donald p he. >> all right. the bain detroit, donald trump they would relunk if he wins. we are working on getting more details at this hour about a car into a hotel in prince george's county overnight. emergency crews responded to the holiday inn express around 11:00. the driverdi suffer injuries. as soon as we get more details we will pass them along on-air and on our mobile app. right now, a man hunt is underway after gunfire erupts inside of the baltimore department of public works leaving one man dead. police
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teacher has been convicted of gillie. shdaycare workers at mini land academy known for making toddlers fight each other. have your dialing finger ready. coming up -- your last chance to win $1000.
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6:09 more like a yellow alert morning. in the forecast couple of hours we will drop the yellow alert. light snow in washington, d.c. not amounting to much. every is melting on the road surface. but in southern maryland, reports of three to five inches. we are still seeing some of the snow that is presenting there. and snow
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and towards northwestern nts. robert altman is in ft car fire
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33 degrees. snow peoff for most of us. an interestingrt fraylong with full forecast in a moment. andrea, all right. this is interesting. breaking news into the live desk. north korea's military on standby for nuclear strikes. kim jong-un is saying that his weapons are ready to fire. this is in the wake of a u.n. sanction in conjunction to the nuclear test and rocket launch. that's the latest from the live desk. uncle sam wants you and you, the u.s. military beginning recruitment of women
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they have made changes to again they have joined advocates backing c.e.o. going on today. >> well, according to canadians not enough. prime minister trudeau made the remarks after asking canadians what they don't like about the u.s. you can see the full interview here on wusa 9. he will be in washington next week. >> ouch. >> we have to step it up. >> well, remember the americans that want to go to canada. >> he will have
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company. all right. this morning we start with some attention than the players. they currently have 1,000 right guys. we have been there stopping with a -- shopping with an -- another can by difficult. now, boys and husbands and
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shopping spree. >> i ha appreciated the tv screen. it goes ys. >> all right. >> yeah. >> be a man. also trending an 11-year- old showing tiger woods how it is done at this own golf course. look at this video, taylor is invited to take the shot. look at this, makes the most of the opportunity. hole-in-one. yeah. the crowd went wild, and so did mr. woods. tiger taking notes. >> does the kid have his tour card. got a trending story. share it with us on social
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the storm owpictures this morning. like this from ctyhas three inc it is melting off the pavement. this is another one from renee, four inches and -- ej and prince fredrick, five inches on the picnic table. this is the area seeing a little bit of a band of snow. this is one band of snow that is coming in through fredrick city, but the brunt of what is left of the snow, we have a few very light flurries in washington, d.c., the brunt of what is len
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charles and the northern te and rain-snow mix. this will be gruntreated surfaces, with temperatures in spas in 30 and even in leesburg we certainly could have some isolated slick areas. so today we're going to get the 44. and tomorrow 46. rain and snow showers on saturday night. and sunday 50 with more sunshine. and next week -- oh -- can't get here soon enough. monday 62. and beautiful on tuesday and rain. and rain by thursday. all right. issues this morning. definitely. more in maryland where it has
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not rained that much. bunot
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andrews and college park
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this morning our wusa 9 service dog introduces us to a fredrick county sheriff's office corporal who will be honored soon. >> only on wusa 9, you are about to see extraordinary footage. >> reporter: you're looking at the dramatic rescue that unfolded last june after strong colonels swept a boat full of teens over the dam. plunging nine people into the water. >> you have tunnel vision. you don't hear or
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else and surise me a bit. >> he risked end, th all surviv >> i don't see myself as a hero. >> his verse tillie and quick thinking made him standout. in august, he was the first to arrive in a neighborhood where a large naked man was out of control after taking pcp. the 6-5, 250-pound man chempointing imaginary rifles at police. >> we rolled up and the neighbors on both sides of the street and their winnows -- filled, so whether we did everything right or not it had the potentia
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>> the man may ng on yourcureach into his own pocket and buy dinner for kids. >> police officers gratations. topping the news at 6:30. we are tracking the snow and how it is moving out.
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and we're tacking the snow that is pulling away. the left a lot of wet roads an
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metro and more the eastern shore. and totaltwa expect delays continuing the 27 otherwise not bad at all.
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chances are you will see wet sted on our website. n th now, good morning. welcome to friday, i'm mike hydeck. >> i'm andrea roane. >> developing this morning the suspect in the prince george's county school case will be headed to court. >> he will make his first appearance before a judge this morning. mikea turner is live. mikea. >> reporter: mike, andrea, caraway will have a lot to say in court today. he has poken up quite a bit
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he arrives and appea iinditemen students to engage in sexual act with him and each other and he videotaped it. the actions happened between october of 2015 and february fust of this year, today caraway will go before a federal judge to talk about allegations against him. the most recent suit claims that caraway who direc as youth choir hit or punched the victim and other choir members to get them to perform sexual acts. now, others are he
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responsibility. >> i don't think that one perso actions. >> reporter: eight-hour standoff in prince william county. police are saying that gonzales fired shots into a passing vehicle. witnesses are saying he and another man ran into a house. officers got into the home to find gonzales had escaped. he was later arrested near the mall. and police are hoping that this surveillance video leads them to a bank robbery. the suspect is displaying a gun and taking money
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bank last month. less r could be former to at least two cellmate lied in the first trial. the trial of a teacher accused of soliciting a minor for sex will get underway. the boy he thought he was talking to was a cop. kemp was an english teacher in howard county. for a few more hours this morning we
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alert. it is nally has stuck to the ground here. just mostly wet patches and a little bit under. h the only place where the snow has stuck this morning is on the trees and bushes and grass. so pretty to look at it, it is not impacting your drives, but is sticking to the roofs of cars when the snows brush the snow off of the top of your car. so it hood to
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behind you. reporting live, cameron >>mpson, wusa 9.
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on first alert doppler the storm is pulling areas. we have a slip of slight snow in carol and fredrick counties. down into st. mary's, snow is really getting a lot lighter there. most of the roads are wet in spite of snow totals four, five, six inches. the snow and the win today, partly cloudy skies, and 40 to 45. even the slick spas will mel off -- melt off quickly. robert altman, what
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powerful relief from your most frustrating nasal alleourgy sy® okay. here we go. >> here we go. welcome back to "wake up washington." it is fun, but we are tube gib away the last $1,000 in our 20k in 20 days the ninth caller who can answere
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correctly. is getting ready to have asince big family reunion. so all of our winners in our 20 day-20k sweeps takes -- sweepstakes. >> all right. thank you, tammy.
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attacks will have impact on dei cbs news investigate into the wounded warrior projects. they are demanding accountable. we take a run with the professional ballroom dancer who lost part of other leg in the boston marathon bombing. she is gearing up to run this year's marathon. i'm so inspired by her. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. >> you were keeping up with her pretty well. good chase. >> yeah, we had a nice time after a nice time together. >> we are looking forward to that story. well, "cbs thor
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talking about it, we're ary int sanders will michigan on this saturday. it starts at 8:00 p.m. and hillary clinton is leading bernie sanderses. ted cruz and ben carson will be in prince georges county. carson is expected to talk to the conservative group about the future of this campaign. he skipped the republican debate after a poor showing on super tuesday. the bunk -- uncle of the fallen virginia police officer is sharing the story. >> ashley guindon was killed last weekend. she is a massachusetts native. >> i want people to know
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an incredible person she was and fath on monday troop-year- old hamilton is accused of shooting guinde electric chair if the state cannot find lethal injection drugs is closer to approval. the spokesperson for the governor, a democratic, is saying he has -- he has decline today stay if he would support that bill. the following two breaking stories at the live desk. overnight, noah's law was ufproved by maryland's house judiciary committee in annapolis. this is named at noah, the montgomery county police officer killed by a suspected
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it calls for be heard on thursday. and also breaking nelatest from like desk. >> awsty. a virginia man inspired to help the people of flint, michigan, now he needs your help. >> wright put owl the call for bottled water for flint's michigan's residents because he experienced homelessness and hard times in his life. he was surprised when he collected a thousand cases of water. through the company that was going to ship the water pulled out. if you want to help him. go to
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he could r tia few slick spots and one strip of snow is coming from the northwest here, from westminster to fredrick here in maryland. the storm itself is leaving. this is the last
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going on. that is the today. highs 40 to 45 so melting. right now, temperatures in the lower 30s. we could see slick spots on an elevated surface. anything that is not treated. 33 at the airport. feeling like 25 with a wind at nine. there is the storm system winding down and pulling away. as that paleways it will take the snow with it, by 9:00, mostly cloudy skies here, and breaks as we get into the afternoon and then partly cloudy skies conditions to finish out the day. toon,
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skies. and clouds tomorrow, by the way, give mixing in. blustery. 46 tomorrow and sunday, milder, 50ish. there is the romaybe a slick spot here and there. southbound 270, accident is moving in towards the area is gone. but delays continue through 80. a19-minute drive. the beltway is not too bad. 95 in towards the area of 270 per normal. and southbound 299 starting
6:53 am
right lane. no is moving busy moving into the district. jefferson memorial. the heavier traffic moving in across the freeway and also on the westbound side. that's the latest from the traffic andrea, mike, over to you. >> thank you, robert. say good-bye to the paper cards on metro. you can transfer your balance
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june 30th. hotels at a flight flew into th record books completing the longest flight from dubai to new zealand nonstop, it took more than 17 hours. the force is all over again, the latest "star wars" movie will be available for digital download on april 1st. no fooling. the film shattered box office records in december bringing in over $926 million in the united states alone. $2billion worldwide. four times the launch was subbed now spacex falcon nine is expected to blast off tonight. >> all right.
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stthe p i'm live outside of the u.s. district court. the teachers aide accused of sexual abusing students and filming acts will be in color today. he will share the details th sexually abusing several students and facing 13 federal charges of child exploitation of a manor. the victims between 9 and 11 years old. that is the latest. mikea turner, wusa 9. i'm cameron thompson in clinton, maryland. we are tracking the snow this morning. an hour ago coming
6:56 am
heincar, take an extra 30 seconds and snbrst where the four and five inch totals across the northern neck. we're looking at highs today of 44. so if you don't get the pretty pictures taken soon they will be gone. rain and snow showers on saturday night and spring next week. >> we'll take it. could have been worse this morning really. outer loot beltway is the heavier area from 95. and had is
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county this morning. things are ligin
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it is friday, march 4th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." blistering attacks dominate a vulgar gop debate. we ask donald trump about the backlash to his campaign. the wounded warrior project is losing support from big donors. new developments in a she lost her leg in the boston marathon bombing but that hasn't slowed her down. we will meet the woman preparing to run this year's race. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. he referred to my hand of basketball, something else must be small. i guarantee you, there is no


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