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tv   Wusa 9 News Saturday at 7am  CBS  March 5, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EST

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>> this is wake up washington on w usa-9. >> good morning. the gop establishment is scrambling to try to find a way to stop donald trump. at the local level, former d.c. mayor vincent gray made it official today, kicking off a campaign for his old city council seat. a lot of us might be done with the winter weather but is mother nature done with it? i will let you know shortly. i'm nick giovanni. he is daniel johnson. i tell you what, daniel, old
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yesterday. last hhoray. >> i think so. incurred warm is coming o our area. 35 in washington. right at freezing in gathersberg. satellite and radar combined, we're watching a clipper system to the west. that could bring you a few rain somehows over-- rain showers and snow showers overnight. but no accumulation. as we approach the midday hours, clouds will thicken up and maybe a rain shower as we head towards the late evening or a snow shower after midnight. no big deal from that system. 47 today. so mother nature making it feel chilly. tomorrow, slightly warmer, afternoon sunshine. and then
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monday. 62. i will be back in a few minutes with your 7-day forecast. nick. >> starting today caucus day in kansas for both republicans and democrats. kentucky and maine are holding democratic caucus. louisiana holds a primary. that's just the beginning. tomorrow maine moves forward with the republican caucus. and then sunday night, the democratic candidates head back to the debate stage in flint, michigan. you can watch that on cnn. in the midst of that, this morning the campaign is swinging through the county. they have been asking for the votes of activists. donald trump was supposed to speak today. but about that, trump says thanks but no
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actually pulled out at the last minute. i'll tell you what, based on the statement we read yesterday, it did not sound like the officials were happy about that news. >> reporter: well, i'll tell you what. he was supposed to speak at 8:30 this morning. but instead, he said, nope, forget it. i'm handing to kansas for the caucus in wichita for one last rally. there were two presidential candidates that spoke, ted cruz and marco rubio. they asked for the votes of the grass root activists. but donald trump says he is skipping out on the speech. it was a last minute plan after they heard of protests and disruptions. >> cruz is starting to catch him in kansas. so if he gets 20,000 votes in kansas, i would be happy. so he's going to do a big rally in kansas. i guess that's more important. >> i'm
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conservative and trump is a bigot. >> he is afraid that these people like myself are going to stand up in the auditorium and call him out for what he truly is, a con artist. >> reporter: now, yesterday, ben carson officially announced that his campaign for the oval office is over. and so we continue here for the scheduling of other speakers here as folks file in to c pac. back to you, nick. >> thank you. much appreciated. at the local level, today is the day that mayor gray officially kicks off his campaign for his old council seat. gray will face off against his former pre,
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results in today's super saturday primaries and caucasians, check out our mobile app. a public school teacher is accused of inappropriately touching a female student. eric petcow is charged withed in assault and battery. the investigation begin back in december. the former school teacher aid accused of videotaping himself sexually assaulting multiple students plead not guilty to 13 counts of porn. he did it during choir practice, inside private homes and the elementary school. he appeared calm and answered the judge's questions repeatedly with a loud and clear yes, sir. relatives of the victims went as they watched the
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proceedings. a proposed state law passed in the name of a fallen police officer, noah's law, convicts to keep drunk drivers from repeating the crime the second time. they would have to breathe into the device before starting the car. wizards were blown out by lebron james and the cavs last night. new discoveries reinforce the benefits of drinking coffee. cheers. and it's a pretty cold start this morning. waking up with temperatures in the 20s and 30s across the area. but how do 60s and 70s sound? i'll give you that forecast coming up after the break.
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>> always watching, always tracking. wusa 9's
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>> welcome back to wake up washington. howard bernstein was calling the snow winter's last gasp. >> most likely. it's never safe in march to say that winter is over because the last couple marches, we've had snow. let's take a look at the graphics and look at what is going on outside. it is cold temperature-wise, into the 30s. 35 in fairfax, 35 in d.c. temperaturing hovering above the freezing mark. as you head out the door, you will want to dress in layers. at least for the first half. temperatures in the 40s. then maybe a rain or snow shower as we head into the overnight hours tonight. no accumulation with that. and then tomorrow afternoon will be the better day of this weekend. clearing skies with a good amount of sunshine. and next week, wow, 60s and 70s coming to the fo
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quite some time. here is the clipper we're watching to the north and to the west. could bring us a little bit of rain and snow as we head into tonight. it looks like i'm leaning more towards the rain than the snow. we're waking up to clouds here across the area. most areas will continue to see an increase in clouds as we head through the day. what about this morning? 30 to 40 degrees. so on the cold side. clouds continue to increase throughout the day. and we will call it mostly cloudy. as we get into the afternoon, 44 to 49 degrees. and wind speeds out of the south/southeast between 5 and 10. here is a look at futurecast. you can already see some of the clouds increasing from the west. then we get into the mid 40s. clouds stick around. we won't see a lot of sunshine today. we can't rule out an isolated sprinkle during the midday hours. but the left chance of rain is late tonigh
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just after midnight. maybe parts of the area could see snow, especially north of d.c. the good news tomorrow, we warm up slightly. upper 50s to 50 and the sunshine comes back. highs today, 47 in washington. up towards pennsylvania, staying a bit on the chilly side. your 7-day forecast, 47 today. 51 tomorrow. afternoon sunshine. milder by monday. here is the good news. tuesday and wednesday, into the 70s. i think we could get even higher than 73. thursday, 70 as a cold front slides through. that gives us chances for showers. nick. >> still to come, wait until you here this. scientists are close to developing personalized treatments for cancer. why you might want to think twice about liking posts on facebook. wake up washington is back after this.
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like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >> good morning. it's a new month and we have a new reminder to get screened. march is colon rectal cancer awareness month. colon cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the united states and the second leading cause of death from cancer. it affects people in all racial and ethnic groups and most often found in people age 50 and older. among african-americans it is more deadly and can show up rl
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women are urged to get screened starting at age 45. if everyone gets a regular screening, six out of ten deaths from colon rectal cancer could be prevented. for almost eight years, first lady michelle obama has been saying let's move. we know that physical activity reduces your risk for a host of diseases like obesity, diabetes, some cancers and heart disease. did you know that physical activity while learning could make your children smarter. 500 second and third graders were looked at and found that math and spelling scores increased with active movement. so get moving and enjoy your weekend. thank you, andrea. running through other health headlines. researchers in london are
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step closer to ending cancer. scientists say if they locate specific markings in tumors, they could be able to direct a patient's immune system to target and eliminate the disease. this could lead to new treatments. the down side, with it being individually geared towards each patient, it would be very expensive. regular use of aspirin can henry deucing cancer. that's according to university of massachusetts hospital. they found that aspirin provides the best protection from colon cancer and other tumors of the gastrointestinal track. benefits from yogurt and large amounts of coffee. boston researchers found women who ate five or more servings of yogurt per week had lower blood pressure. they say coffee has anti- inflammatory properties that
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and a beautiful look outside here across the district. we are waking up to a little bit of cloudiness across the area. we will see the clouds increase throughout the day. here is a look at day planner. by 9:00, plenty of clouds sticking around. temperatures slightly below average, into the mid 40s. here is a look region-wide what we're expecting. 47 in d.c. warmer to the south and cooler to the north and east. your three-day forecast calling for upper 40s. no accumulation, no big deal. 51 tomorrow. skies continue to clear out. by monday, that begins our big warm-up. 62 monday. looking ahead and past that, we will likely go into the 70s. can't wait for that one. nick. the o.j. simpson murder trial. los angeles police are investigating the discovery of a knife years ago on property that simpson once
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a construction worker allegedly found the knife during demolition on the site. it was turned over to a police officer, three years after o.j. simpson was found not guilty. but the police department just recently learned about the knife. >> within the last month, lapd became aware of an item that was allegedly recovered by a citizen at the rockingham property, possibly during the demolition of the site. >> police say it's not clear why the officer waited nearly two decades to hand over the knife. investigators are testing it for dna evidence. in 1995, simpson was acquitted of the murders of nicole brown and ron goldman. the man accused of killing chandra levy's retrial was delaye
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so a new warning about liking things on facebook. scammers are taking advantage of people who reflectively click that like button. it's a scam called like pharming. it's to share a story for likes and shares. once a post gets a certain number of likes and shares, the person can edit it and add something malicious. it could launch malware that gets into your computer. so you're advised to go back and check your history of liked posts. if you find something that you never would have liked, it might have been changed. watch out for the really emotional stories or stories that say something amazing will happen to you if you like it. they are prime candidates for the scam. for more information, download our wusa 9 mobile app. you will get ways to clean up your facebook
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yourself. joey feek from joey plus rory has lost her fight against cancer. feek died at her home in indiana today. the singer found success when she paired up with her husband rory on the competition can you duet. in 2014, she was diagnosed with cancer, which continued to spread despite multiple treatments. the sports world is mourning the loss of bud collins. he was the voice of televised tennis for decades. he was well known for his colorful comments and even more colorful outfits like you see here. collins passed away after suffering from parkinson's disease and dementia. he was 86 years old. changing gears somewhat. apparently the world is running low on old aged single malt scotch. people are guzzling down
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record numbers and it's driving up prices. 7 grand for a 30-year-old whiskey. the aging process, it could be 15 years before this shortage is over. hate to break it to you. it is the final weekend of the regular season in college basketball. we will find out what is at stake for the terps. plus the wizards were embarrassed by lebron james last night. why they should consider themselves lucky this morning.
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>> well, let's just say it was a friday to forget for both the cavs and wizards. good news, they don't have time to sit and think about what happened last night. both get back to work tonight. a rare sight last night, the cavs trailing the rangers in the 3rd heard. this was th
7:24 am
denied by a matter of millimeters. so the cavs come back denied 3- 2 the final. here it is right here. just the sixth regulation loss at the verizon season for the season for the cavs. remember they just beat the cavs this past sunday. the difference last night was lebron james. suiting up, case in point, 1st quarter comes with a steal and scores. back down the court they go. james reading bradley beale like a book again. he will be cleared for takeoff again. to make matters worse, you skip to the 3rd quarter, wall tries to answer and goes down hard. hits the shot about tweaks the ankle in the process. he got back up and should be good to go tonight. the wizards will try to get back up themselves after a beat- down. the maryland women moving right along in
7:25 am
tournament. down by as many as 10 points, it was jones and walker leading the come back. part of a 16-2 run right there. slow and steady win the race. they roll 75-55 on the way to the conference semis this afternoon. on the men's side, this is the last weekend of the regular season as we mentioned. perhaps a last hooray for the team going up villanova. they are in danger of losing six straight for the first time since 2004 when they lost nine in a row to close out the season. a couple other prime time matchups to keep on your radar this weekend. louisville and virginia. miami and unc would have to lose today. maryland has a sunday showdown at indiana to close out the regular season. hoosiers secur
7:26 am
tuesday. still ahead, a former all pro ravens defender facing legal trouble this morning. plus, good news for maryland and the district. that's straight ahead on wake up washington. it's going to stay on the chilly side. we won't see a lot of sunshine today. mid-40s with a lot of clouds and maybe a little bit of inra tonight. bu
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>> this is wake up washington on wusa 9. >> taking a live look at what appears to be the national harbor here this morning. it's 7:28 on saturday. 35 to start outside. we cannot thank you enough to start your saturday with us this morning. we're talking about winter and spring collide. >> that's exactly right. a battle between spring and winter. we will see better weather coming. it is chilly, with temperatures into the mid 30s. bundle up as you head outside today. now, the rest of the afternoon is going to stay on the chilly side as well. we're looking at temperatures into the 30s right now. we're looking at 35 in washington. annapolis, 34 degrees. a clipper system is moving in from the west. you can see snow show
7:30 am
that is diving to the southwest. that is what could bring us a little bit of rain and snow as we head into the overnight. a live look outside. looking pretty good. but it's cloudy. bundle up. now, by the midday hours, we're looking at cloudy skies, 43 degrees. 45 by 4:00. and then maybe a rain drop as we head towards the evening time. mainly after dark. that will continue past midnight, with just a chance of a shower or flurry. then 51 degrees, skies clearing as we head into sunday. a bit milder there. day one of the big warm-up begins on monday. pleasant conditions and highs in the low 60s. so overall a good three-day forecast but it gets better in the 7-day. i will have that in a few minutes. don't count donald trump among them in prince george's
7:31 am
county this morning. cpac snubbed by trump. we will see how that's sitting with conference goers. >> reporter: good morning. yeah. this would have been trump's biggest speech yet at cpac. he comes every year. instead he's heading to kansas for a rally. marco rubio though will be speaking today at 11:30 in the potomac room. ben carson officially announced that he will no longer be running for the oval office and that his campaign is over. now, the presidential field is down to four. ted cruz and ohio governor john kasich also spoke at cpac yesterday. while some wanted to see trump and defended his decision, many say he wouldn't have been welcomed here anyway. >> he's afraid that these people like myself are going to stand up in that auditorium and call him out for who he truly is, a con artist. >> reporter: cpac certainly not
7:32 am
skipping out. i will tell you that the gaylord is probably breathing a big sigh of relief because of the potential of protests and demonstrations here and a huge line that wanted to see donald trump in person. live here at the gaylord national harbor, wusa 9. >> it will be interesting to see if that move pays off. we appreciate it. the next few days can make or break campaigns. every move being under the microscope. starting today, caucus day in kansas for republicans and democrats. kentucky and maine are holding republican caucuses. that's just the beginning. tomorrow maine moves forward with the democratic caucus that coincides with the republican caucus in puerto rico. then bernanke and hillary clinton head back to the debate stage in flint, michigan. you can watch that on cnn. of course for late breaking developments from the campaign trail and up to the minute results in the im
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our free wusa 9 app, it's free. the fbi is working with local jurisdictions to investigate who may be available for a series of threats at 7 high schools across northern virginia. the threats were received at high schools. the threats were also received at george mason. owe firms say there's no sign that any of the threats were actually credible. four of the seven high schools were in fair tax county. two police officers who were shot and wounded while responding to a domestic dispute last month are doing well. the police department sent out a tweet that said the officers are recovering. fellow officer ashley gwindin was shot and killed during the incident as well as crystal hamilton, a residence. her husband ronald hamilton is now facing mu
7:34 am
he is being held without bond. a d.c. man was sentenced to ten years in prison for shooting at two off duty police officers while in traffic. he hit and wounded one of them. the 29-year-old was drinking tequila and using marijuana and molly the night of the shootings back in 2014. raven linebacker terrell suggs is facing charges this morning. he was arrested after police received a 911 call about a car crash. >> reporter: wjz tracked down body cam video from police showing terrell suggs being arrested early friday morning. >> put your hands behind your back. okay. >> yeah. >> am i being arrested? >> yes, you are. >> reporter: it happened around 2:00 a.m. in scottsdale. police received a call about a crash and followed a trail of liquid to a white bmw
7:35 am
nearby parking lot dented. that's where police find suggs. >> how is it going? what's your name. >> take a seat. >> reporter: and begin questioning him. >> what is going on. >> nothing. >> so you have no clue why i'm here. >> yeah. the car right there. >> reporter: suggs stated he was driving when he got tired. >> i passed out. just being tired. >> okay. >> and it hopped up and hit the curb. and i woke up and tried to straighten it out. >> the officers become suspicious. >> what have you had to drink tonight. >> absolutely nothing. >> any illegal drugs. >> absolutely nothing. >> suggs gets frustrated. >> if you do your research, i'm an athlete. we get a bad rap. driving without a license is not good. >> reporter: officers conducted dui tests on the linebacker which was neglect testify but arrested him on traffic
7:36 am
>> what am i being arrested for? >> three things. one, a suspended driver's license and driving. >> okay. >> two, for leaving the scene of a collision. okay. and three, criminal damage for damaging the wall. >> we will stay on top of this. we can tell you that he has had prior off-field issues. in 2009 he was accused of domestic assault but never charged. in 2012, he had to surrender his license after his fiance filed a court order against him. this video shows an officer slapping and kicking a teen in a school. the same officer had been fired by the site's sheriff's department in 2003 after he and another deputy beat and used a stun gun on a man they mistook for a bank robber. on april 27th, the supreme court will hear arguments in
7:37 am
corruption conviction. mcdonald and his wife were found guilty of performing political favors for more than $165,000 in gifts and loans. mcdonald's lawyers argued he was convicted based on an overly broad definition of bribery. a decision is expected by the end of june. a bald eagle hit by a car is being treated at a rehab center in boyd. it was rescued from some woods. >> i decided to name her trust after what this country was founded on, the statement in god we trust. >> and the eagle is scheduled to go for x-rays today. wildlife officials will have to rehab it before it's released back in the wild. how about relief from blizzard 2016. the district is going to get federal henry covering from the
7:38 am
president obama had signed the paperwork. the budget is $6 million but it spent $50 million during the blizzard. contract drivers who operated the plows are still waiting to get paid. maryland is also going to get federal money to supplement the storm recovery. the emergency management agency says the money will go to the state, the city of baltimore and 18 county governments. maryland's house of delegates voted to recover furniture from the governor's mansion to be put up for public auction. now, the bill was filed after former governor o'malley spent $10,000 for 54 pieces of furniture that initially cost taxpayers more than 60 grand. still ahead, google offers time and money to help stop the spread of the zika virus. when you east fast food, do you really know what
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>> most of us staying with just a chance for rain, maybe some snow showers for our northern counties. skies will be clearing as we head into tomorrow afternoon. so tomorrow is probably the better of the two weekend days if you have any plans. don't cancel any weekend plans though. no washouts. next week is looking terrific. probably one of the best 7-day forecasts i have made in quite some time. i'm looking forward to show you that coming up. the nation as a whole not bad. showers out towards california. clearing skies. and warmer temperatures down across the south. but this is the clipper system that could bring us winter's last gasp as we head into
7:43 am
tonight. could bring us rain showers and a few snow flurries. the appalachian mountains is going to break apart this system. it will bring in the clouds throughout the morning hours. we are already cloudy in many spots. 30 to 40 degrees early this morning as you step out the door. this afternoon, 44 to 49. warming up a little bit. but that's still below average. so we stay on the chilly side. 41 by 11:00 in d.c. lots of clouds though. most of the showers stay to our west until after dark. that's when they cross through 95 and head towards the eastern shore during the early morning hours. finally the sun comes back tomorrow. 47 degrees for the high today. 48 down in richmond. the next 7 days looking fantastic. monday is day one of the big warm-up. 70 on tuesday. just a beautiful afternoon. and it gets even bett
7:44 am
believe it or not, by wednesday. showers arrive thursday evening. nick. >> daniel, it's time we talk about big business, my friend in our saturday consumer alert. fortune magazine is out with the 100 best companies to work for. google ranks number one for the 7th time in ten years. wagmans made the list at number 4. and hilton hotels at 56. keeping with google, it is donating $1 million to combat the spread of the zika virus. the tech giant will help scientists to determine where it will hit next with large amounts of data. zika virus is spread through mosquito bites and has spread throughout latin america. the touchless system includes a hands-free toilet, faucet and garbage can. ultraviolet light is used to kill germs. boeing filed a patent but ys
7:45 am
before it's offered on flights. the thought is pretty comforting. then there's a movie merger in the works. amc looking to buy carmic cinemas. it would make amc the largest movie operator in the world. amc was bought by a chinese company back in 2012. and this morning customers at subway restaurants can order sandwiches with ingredients without antibiotics. why public health officials think reducing antibiotics will make consumers safer. >> treat your body right with the delicious chicken sandwich from subway. >> reporter: on tuesday, subway began
7:46 am
with chicken raised without antibiotics. by 2025, all of the meat in the restaurants will be antibiotic free. >> this is definitely not a fad. >> reporter: the director of food policy initiatives at cop assumers -- consumers union welcomes the change. >> it is getting seriously worse. >> is there any danger to consumers from meat that doesn't have antibiotics in it? >> absolutely none. >> reporter: the danger is not the antibiotics but the super bugs. the drug resistant germs enter the food supply. according to the cdc, 23,000 people die from super bugs every year. >> we're at the beginning of potential catastrophe. even a simple cut could become infected and have a deadly staff infection. >> reporter: in september, a chport graded 25 fast food
7:47 am
antibiotics in their meat. last week, in-n-out burger is looking to phase out antibiotics from the meat supply but didn't specify a timeline. farmers use antibiotics to keep livestock healthy. but wall street journal reporter bundy says the restaurants may eventually force their hand. >> they will turn to their chicken suppliers, to their pork suppliers and say we need you to give us meat that has been raised without antibiotics. >> the price of these meals probably will not go up much, if at all. they seem to be making changes without having price increases to the consumer. >> maybe that's why it is a growing trend right now. how about this story? inside a crumpled paper bag in
7:48 am
baseball card find of a lifetime. a family found 7 cobb cards while going through the attic of a recently deceased family member. this find is nothing short of a miracle. >> this ty cobb card is associated with the series. they are distributed with tobacco products. before this find, there were only 15 known cards. to fine 7 in one shot is miraculous. >> the family who discovered the cards has actually asked to remain anonymous. the cards are valued at more than $1 million. >> yeah. tell you what, that is a pricey find. >> we place a high value on pet pics. a lot of
7:49 am
here we go. start us off, daniel. >> look at this dog. cooper has been practicing his real donald trump impression. >> oh, my. >> while watching the debate apparently. >> cooper has the hair. good place to start. >> then there's this. happy saturday from kay woods. i'm awake but my furry pal is not a morning person. staying behind the covers right about now. 35 degrees, not a bad idea. >> not at all. if you're heading out, bindle up. this one is bundled up. is that a rabbit? yeah. dynamic duo hanging out. who else have we got? a lazy sunday morning, saturday morning. it's that kind of weekend. just cuddle up with a stuffed animal there. my sweet frazier simone
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7:52 am
>> happening today, cpac, the conservative political action conference at the gaylord hotel at the national harbor in prince george's county, the no- show is donald trump. instead he is heading to
7:53 am
wichita, kansas before the kansas caucus. some are defending his decision not to here. many others say he would not have been welcomed here. cpac is not pleased with the decision but the hotel may be breathing a sigh of relief because of the chance of protesters. >> today is the day also at the local level former d.c. mayor gray officially kicks off his campaign for his old council seat. the announcement is scheduled for 1:00 this afternoon at the house of praise in northeast. gray will face off against his former protege, yvette alexander who gray endorsed back in 2007. today more than 1,000 d.c. residents and nonprofits are coming together to bring attention to the need of affordable housing in the district. at 10:00 this morning, the coalition for nonprofit housing and economic development ho
7:54 am
the housing for all rally. the goal is to raise $100,000 to improve rent control laws and expand rent and home purchasing programs. the mayor is among those scheduled to speak. the annual bridge crossing jubilee is in full swing in selma. president obama and former president bush took part in the 50th celebration last year. organizers say the jubilee is about the energy it generates, not the crowds. >> it fuels the energy from one year to the other. it's not about numbers. it's about the spirit and about the message. we are still fighting for the right to vote. immigration rights. minimum wage. it's a continuation of the struggle what was so hard fought for 50 years o.
7:55 am
march 7th. law enforcement officers respond to emergencies every day. every now and then, there is a 911 call which leads to an encounter of the cutest kind, some would say. that is exactly what happened to a greenville county deputy when a toddler called needing some unexpected help. >> she can find anything that she wants on youtube. >> reporter: when you're 2 years old, it's usually a challenge to pick a favorite toy or pick a color to draw with. >> hello. greenville county 911. >> reporter: so much so that she called 911 to help with her pants. >> the door opened up and she comes running out to the front with half a pant leg on. and she is just like hey. >> reporter: a natural with kids, she lent a hand. >> i ended up sitting down on the stairs and lp
7:56 am
and then it was almost like a reward. she just wanted a hug. >> reporter: needles to say when the mom got the call at work, she was a little surprised. >> came home to oh, the police helped your daughter put pants on. i was like oh, okay. aleah is no stranger to cell phones and had talked about 911 before. today aleah is supporting a new pair of jeans. she loss got a new friend out of the deal. >> do you want to be a police officer now. >> reporter: in a job that deputies too often have to respond to tragedy, she is grateful for the moment to pause, grab a picture or a hug before hitting the road. >> and last year, the greenville county sheriff's office responded to more than 250,000
7:57 am
911 calls. you can't draw up a better transition from winter to spring. >> i have been saying it all day. one of the best 7-day forecasts in a long time. it's rare when you have snow and 70s in your 7-day forecast. that's what we have. the sun is back tomorrow afternoon. still cool. and then as we go into next week, that's the huge warm-up. 70s. >> all right. so something for everyone to enjoy. on that note, we will be here today and tomorrow. hope you will join us again tomorrow morning. can't thank you enough for starting your saturday right here on wake up washington. >> have a fantastic day.
7:58 am
it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our fams ilieface. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it's march 5th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." one of the biggest cases of the 20th century is dug up again. why a knife believed buried on o.j. simpson's property has sent law enforcement scrambling. also, donald trump pulls out of a key conservative conference, while ben carson uses the event to drop out of the presidential race entirely. a young award-winning country star loses her courageous battle with cancer. and the case for driverless cars. from safety to savings.


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